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Rise And Shine


Teanna trump passion hd

I’m pretty sure any guy with a dick in his pants would have the Rise part of Rise And Shine down pat, if you follow me…that’s the name of this Passion HD update featuring Teanna Trump, and she’s ready to make anyone rise! The shine part comes shortly thereafter when she polishes this guy’s cock with her tongue as she grinds her pussy into his face for a nice 69 before going for a ride on his meat. What a way to start the day, am I right? Fucking a beautiful exotic hottie like Teanna while she moans and bobs up and down, seeing that perfect ass in front of you, it’s better then a couple cups of coffee that’s for sure. I think this is Teanna’s first update with Passion HD but man I already can’t wait until the next one!

Sex With Glasses


X art sex with glasses

It’s pretty much an established science fact that sex with glasses on is basically the best…at least it prevents you from getting a shot of cum in the eye if you take a facial! Spoiler alert, blonde newcomer Sammy takes a facial in this X-art update…not because she’s afraid of cum though, she even licks off that man-cream from her spex! She’s cute as hell all through this photoshoot with those perky little boobies as she licks and sucks her lucky fella in bed wearing her knee high socks and white panties. He seems to be loving every second of it, especially when she spreads those long thin legs to get her pussy wrecked!

Kendall Karson


Kendall karson on porn fidelity

New Years Eve is always a time for making a change and this time Ryan Madison made a resolution to fuck a gorgeous stranger….well OK maybe that’s not much of a change from his normal style. Anyway, this Porn Fidelity update features Kendall Karson as the New Years Lay as she pops off her dress and pops Ryan’s big dick in her fuck hole! For some reason she keeps kissing different mirrors as he plows her from behind, I guess she just caught sight of her beautiful face and couldn’t resist…can’t say I blame her. Kendall gets fucked nice and hard as Ryan loves to do, before getting a nice facial cumshot which she plays with before licking her fingers and swallowing it down!



Ecg lacey

Sexy shy Southern girl Lacey is a 19 year old hottie with a pretty face, totally bangin body and slightly nervous demeanor…it turns out she was a virgin until pretty recently and is now making up for lost time by going to Exploited College Girls to get her freak on! She has also never used a toy, which is bewildering but somethign that will be remedied pretty quickly as you know if you’ve seen any updates from this site before. Lacey seems to dig having her clit tickled with a toy but doesn’t orgasm from it, so the guy has her drop down and get to sucking to keep the ball rolling so to speak. She wants him to fuck her slowly which he does but that sweet tight pussy of hers feels so nice he barely gets balls deep before shooting a huge load all over her face!

Miss Teen Colorado Runner-up


Miss Teen Colorado Runner Up

I am pretty sure you guys are going to like this new Girls Do Porn video! They once again found a pageant contestant, this one though didn’t win she is Miss Teen Colorado Runner Up, not sure which you but you guys can figure that out if you want. The only thing I care about is that we get to see her fucked in this amazing video! She has the perfect body with big natural tits a flat stomach and a perfect little ass. As if that’s not enough she spreads her legs and she will show you one of the tightest pussies they have ever had on Girls Do Porn. Once I saw how tight it was I thought for sure she was going to be complaining the whole time about how much this guys huge dick hurts her pussy. Not even a peep out of her she fucking loved it. She in fact said fuck more times then they did in the Wolf of Wall Street LOL! The guys knew she was going to be big too because they didn’t do the usual facial scene they went the extra mile and gave this beauty a creampie. Well done girls do porn I am literally standing up and clapping right now, Bravo… Bravo!

Taylor Whyte


Povd taylor whyyte

Imagine waking up next to beautiful blonde temptress Taylor Whyte…and then stop imagining because thanks to POVD you don’t need to, they bring you right into the bedroom! Watch from a first person perspective as Taylor gets up to bring you a cup of coffee to wake you up and if the coffee’s not enough, maybe the blowjob she’s dishing out will do the trick! She sucks your big thick cock until it’s nice and hard, then bends over and offers up that sweet ass and tight wet pussy to pound from behind. The quality of the video is incredible, and if you have a decent pair of headphones make sure you put them on because the audio makes it even more real! I can’t wait to see more from this site, they have some of the hottest girls on there and this is seriously the next best thing to actually being there fucking them. Plus here you don’t even have to give them a ride home after you shoot a facial onto them!

Ashley Is A Hot Number


Xart a hot number with ashley

Now, I know you already basically saw this set a few weeks back as just a photoshoot from X-art called All I Want Is but hey now that the video is released I figured it was well worth a second look, know what I mean? To refresh your memory, we’ve got the gorgeous redhead vixen Ashley here in her black sheer thigh high stockings sucking and fucking her lucky big-dicked boyfriend as they roll around in bed together…I didn’t want to just put the same photos back up again so these are a bunch of screenshots from the full video, you can see the clip of it here too (you’re welcome)! Ashley is fucking gorgeous as are pretty much all of the models from this site, but if you have a thing for redheads (which I do) she’s even hotter still. Just look at that perfect butt as she bends over on her hands and knees to suck her guy’s prong and you’ll see what I mean…there’s something about a redhead’s ass that just takes the breath away. She’s a hot number, that’s for damn sure.

Aubrielle Summer


Aubrielle Summer Mofos

Someone told sexy pornstar Aubrielle Summer that she needed to spice up her love life a little but they didn’t take into account the fact that Aubrielle isn’t exactly the sharpest pencil in the case…what Aubrielle did, and you can see it in this Mofos photoshoot as she spreads her legs naked on the kitchen counter and slides some spice bottles from the rack up inside her pussy! Masturbating with Italian seasonings, now that’s what I call spicing things up…actually it’s not but damn, Aubrielle has a fucking smokin hot body so I’m not gonna be the one to tell her she’s gone soft in the head!

Hannah Kinney


Hannah Kinney on ZIshy

She might look a little like a referee in this Zishy update with her striped dress but it cannot be denied that Hannah Kinney is absolutely fucking hot as hell…from her supermodel face to those big lovely titties to an ass that has gotta be seen to be believed, this girl is just a stunner. She never quite gets naked enough to show off the goods, as per Zishy’s modus operandi, but she does lift up the back of her dress to give us a perfect view of that amazing smooth round butt! She has just the hints of tanlines on her cheeks back there so apparently she spends the summers doing some bikini lounging, the thought of which is almost too much for the mind to bear.

Presley Dawson


Presley Dawson Twistys

Alright now I know you know who Presley Dawson is…if not, go ahead and do a search on the searchbar above, I’ll wait. Actually fuck it no I won’t, you’ll be spending hours going through her photoshoots drooling over this gorgeous perky petite babe! This is a photoshoot from Twistys featuring Presley with her hair all puffed out getting naked and masturbating with one of her favorite toys, showing off those perky little boobies before bending over to fuck herself!



Roxanne for ALS Scan

The name of this ALS Scan photoshoot is ‘Bench Warmer’ but man I’d put Roxanne in the starting lineup any day of the week if you ask me! This petite hottie strips out of her pretty red dress out on the lawn in the sunshine before hopping up onto the lawn bench, spreading those skinny legs and pounding her pussy wtih her fingers and a big dildo! Makes me miss summer, that’s for damn sure…can’t wait til this cold-ass winter is over and sunbathing is back in style, especially if there are girls with tight little bodies like Roxanne here hanging around. Look at that butt, you could bounce quarters off it all day long!

Alyssa Arce


Alyssa Arce

I guess Alyssa Arce is a model for some agency or other, which is a little surprising to me…not because she’s ugly because hell no she’s not, she’s fucking gorgeous, but she has huge tits in relation to her small frame! Normally that would be like ten thumbs up in the plus column but for fashion models big boobs are frowned upon…pretty stupid eh? Well, Alyssa is making the most of it by going to renowned photographer and noted douchebag Terry Richardson. The guy is a walking pile of assholes if you read up on some of the stuff he’s done but I can’t deny the dude can take a hot photo of a hot girl…for instance check out these shots of Alyssa getting those huge breasts out and lounging on a big wooden chair!

Gabriella Paltrova


Gabriella paltrova porn fidelity

Sexy brunette Gabriella Paltrova has a problem…she just can’t stop thinking about dick! She’s gotten into trouble in the past for stealing other girls’ boyfriends and for cheating on her own guys, so she swore off dick for good. After meeting Ryan Madison though she can’t help but feel those lustful desires bubbling up from her past and she finally unleashes her inner fuckbeast! To thine own self be true, especially when it means this gorgeous babe is getting those perky tits out and getting led around by a collar before getting fucked all night long by Ryan’s big hard dick for Porn Fidelity! The name of the set is A Slut Within, and I guess that’s just what Gabriella finds inside herself when she allows her passions to be fulfilled.

Jamie Jackson


Jamie jackson on pawg

I’m not sure what the Bah Hum Bug santa hat is about, all perched on Jamie Jackson‘s sweet round ass like you can see above, but hey she’s got a fine booty so any excuse to take pictures of it I guess! She’s the featured model for this update from PAWG, part of the Bang Bros network of sites, so you know you’re in for some bootylicious treats! Speaking of which, some girls seem to just kind of put up with guys licking them from behind but Jamie fucking loves it so much she keeps reaching back to shove the guy’s face into her crack! This is a girl who knows what she likes and knows how to get it…watch Jamie suck this lucky dude’s big dick and then go for a ride, bouncing her bodacious booty up and down on his ballstick, riding him deep and hard before he erupts in a big load of cum all over her lovely face.

Trinity St Clair Fuck Club


Trinity st clair porn goes pro

If you weren’t already put firmly into the Trinity St Clair fan club after her previous offering on Porn Goes Pro, I think this update might change your mind! She’s gotten a boob job in the meantime apparently or else went through a hell of a localized growth spurt! In this update called the Trinity Fuck Club (wanna be a member? I bet you do) she’s putting on a hell of a show, swinging around on the stripper pole and spreading those long gorgeous legs in her thigh high fishnets before crawling towards you and sucking your cock! She basically does eveyrthing you wish a stripper would do, from licking your cock to bending over and spreading those ass cheeks to lower her pussy onto your prong! Trinity looks hotter than ever in this update, hopefully she’ll be back for round three soon.

Spiritual Women


Rainia belle zishy glasses

This Zishy update is called Spiritual Women and if there’s anything in this world that can make a guy believe in a higher power it might just be those big beautiful breasts of Lilith Lust (also known as Rainia Belle if you’ll recall)! She’s been on the site before and looks incredible each time but this might just take the cake…I’ve got a soft spot for nerdy girls and Lilith’s orange glasses are looking mighty fine if you ask me, especially when she pulls up her shirt to give us a little underboob action! Huge tits, a perfect ass (which we get to see in all its glory, which isn’t all that common on this site) and a stunning face all come together in a perfect storm of hotness for this update. It’s almost like there was a little divine intervention involved, hmmm?

All In India


Hd love all in india

Early one morning India Summer was feeling a little thirsty so she wandered into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Her boyfriend got a glimpse of her wearing her robe and he couldn’t stop staring at the way the thin fabric clung to those sweet curves, not that I blame him! If I had a horny MILF girlfriend like India I’d be staring at that ass too…she doesn’t seem to mind the attention though; she drops her robe and turns to face him, showing off those perky titties and then grabbing his stiffening cock to give a nice blowjob! I don’t usually go for the mature types of girls but man, India is definitely an exception…she’s got a smokin hot body and the experience to know what to do with it, and in this HD Love update called All In India she gets to show her stuff!



Jessica on backroom casting couch

Looks like the Backroom Casting Couch guy rolled up a winner this time! This is Jessica, a hot and sexy MILF of a blonde with huge tits and a nice round juicy ass, not to mention legs like a damn stallion! This amateur babe is a massage therapist so she knows how to take care of a guy with her hands, but after watching this update it looks like she knows how to give a good massage using her mouth, pussy and ass as well. The regular sex is fine but man I’d have to go out on a limb and say the anal is the highlight of this update. She loves a good buttfucking and is good at it, I guess she’s got a few years of experience under her belt and has put her time to good use!



Angie on Femjoy

It’s a golden morning on Femjoy as beautiful brunette Angie lounges on a chair in the bedroom in her panties and a throw-on shirt…soon the throw-on becomes a slip-off as she lets it drop down to show off those big beautiful breasts with a smile, spreading her legs and taking her panties off to give us a nice look at her shaved pussy! This girl is seductive as hell and with a body like that she can basically get any man or woman she wants! There’s something about those eyes that just draws you in and there’s definitely something about her tits and ass that will keep you there once she’s got her hands on you!

Lien on Nutabu


Lien on Nutabu

I haven’t checked out this site Nutabu much but after taking a look at this, I think I’m going to have to! In the fashion district of Budapest, Lien is looking like a supermodel in public and getting kinky as hell in private, fisting herself and gaping her pussy for us, not to mention sucking and fucking a big dildo. This gorgeous model loves the attention and isn’t afraid of pushing her limits, learning what she can and can’t and won’t do and finding out what makes herself tick by pushing all her buttons! Make your fantasies of an exotic and forbidden tryst with a spectacularly beautiful woman come true with this hot photo and video shoot…this is the kind of thing you dream about but never expect to see captured on camera.

Talinka and David


Talinka Sexart

Cute little Talinka and her boyfriend David are featured in this Sex Art update as they spend a little time together on the bed sans clothes, kissing and touching each other as they roll around on the hippie sheets. Talinka has a tiny little butt and a tight little pussy and this guy takes care of both with this tongue, fingers and cock! Well, he doesn’t fuck her in the ass I guess but he does lick it and finger it and he does give that sweet little pussy of hers a good hard pounding. She’s tiny, flexible and horny as hell and is definitely worth checking out as she gets her fuckhole filled up with hard dick!

India Anal


India Summer Big Mouthfuls

Talk about big mouthfuls…India Summer can barely fit her lips around this huge meatbat! She doesn’t seem to have much trouble taking it deep in her pussy and her ass though, so what does that tell you. This update from the Bang Bros network of sites has it all…a gorgeous pornstar with nice tits and a round juicy booty getting a faceful of dick and then getting fucked in the ass while still wearing her panties, sounds like a hell of a Wednesday morning to me! That ass of hers is just amazing by the way…it’s no wonder this guy went straight for the anal action, with a beautiful rump like that it’s hard to concentrate on anything else.

Gea Swinging


Gea for Met Art

Sexy Gea A is doing a little swinging in this Met Art update…not that she’s married and fooling around mind you, she’s on an actual swing wearing just panties and a sheer top! She feels a little overdressed regardless apparently though so she whips off what little clothing she had on and swings around completely nude, then bends over to give us a nice view of that tight little pussy and firm spankable ass! This girl is smokin hot in that girl-next-door way with great tits and an even better butt, and she looks like she’s down for a little fun in the bedroom after she gets done playing on her swing.

AJ Has a Affair


AJ Applegate Fucks Neighbor

AJ Applegate just started setting up her theater room and when she needs some help mounting the projector she calls over her neighbor who is always willing to help. When he has his hands over his head trying to get the projected in place he almost falls and AJ helps top that but in doing so she puts a hand on his dick. Once she feels how big her neighbor is she doesn’t even care that he is married she just wants that dick in her mouth. So while he is still holding onto the projector she unzip his pants and starts to give him oral sex. He half heartedly tells her he is married and can’t be doing this but then he just shuts his mouth and enjoys the blowjob. They fuck and in the end he fills AJ’s asshole with a bunch of cum and AJ pushes into her butt just cause she loves to feel cum. AJ has one amazing big fat ass, so if you’re a butt man check this chick out and if you wanted to see more of her check out AJApplegate.ORG, it’s a fan site of hers.

Teanna Trump Brazzers


Teanna Trump Brazzers

What a awesome perfect ass that Teanna Trump has am I right or what? Here she is in a video from Brazzers called Grounded. It shows Teanna getting caught banging her boyfriend by her mother. She is forbidden from ever seeing him again but she never said anything about the Gardner. Teanna is just a horny 18 year old who wants a big dick in her pussy and that’s it. So when she see’s this guy raking up some leaves she shows him she is looking for him to put in some other work. It’s pretty obvious when a girl is standing naked in her room fingering for you to come over. Once he comes over she drops to her knees and gives him a blowjob. He sneak into the bedroom where Teanna rides that dick like she has been dreaming about for some time now.

Pussy On The Rocks


Alexis adams pussy on the rocks

The bathroom is underrated as a place for the sexy to go down, if you ask me…some people are in the know though, like Alexis Adams and her Cro-Magnon lover in this Fantasy HD update! They start out with the guy rubbing ice all over her tits and sliding his hands down over her gorgeous ass, not to mention splashing water onto her nude body in the bathtub. Soon they need a little more cushion for their pushin’ though so they head to the bedroom where he proceeds to slide his huge cock hilt-deep into her sweet hole! Alexis has gorgeous breasts and a nice round ass…hot as hell and she looks like a blast in the sack as well. The title of this update is Pussy On The Rocks which I guess is a reference to the ice cubes at the beginning of the scene.

Under My Skin


Babes network under my skin

In this Babes network update called Under My Skin we’ve got beautiful Latina hottie Megan Salinas doing what she does best…taking a man’s hard cock in the mouth! She gives a fantastic blowjob with that pretty mouth of hers, especially when she’s got her perfect breasts out. She sucks him hard and deep before laying down and spreading her long smooth legs and getting pounded in that sweet pussy of hers! She’s a chick who knows how to fuck, we’ve seen that for damn sure over the past year or two, I mean cmon check it out! Watch this beautiful goddess get her pussy pounded, fingered and licked.

Ria Rodriguez Poolside


Ria rodriguez in the crack

It’s cold and nasty and snowy outside but through the magic of the Internet we get instantly transported to the poolside with beautiful Latina hottie Ria Rodriguez as she pops off her blue bikini and white polka dot top and lounges on a red patio chair, showing off that sexy tight butt and masturbating for us, bringing us to within inches of her sweet wet pussy! In The Crack always takes you right up to the action with some of the hottest women in the business…we’ve been nose-deep in Ria’s hole before as you can see in this update, but it’s always nice to pay a return visit to such a sexy and seductive sweetheart.

Sugar Is Sweeter


Passion hd sugar is sweeter

In this update from Passion HD, beautiful blonde Samantha Nixon is hanging out in the kitchen with her date when he dips a finger into the sugarbowl and offers it to her…she licks it off and soon they’re kissing and his hands are wandering down to those big beautiful tits of hers. She makes things a little easier by whipping off her shirt and when she does, watch the guy rub his hands together like some kind of mad scientist or something, it’s hilarious! Can’t say I blame him though, those boobs are amazing and soon he’s got then in his mouth and her pants are coming off…Samantha looks like a hell of a first date as she rides his big hard cock, then bends over to get her pussy slammed from behind before taking a facial cumshot that frosts her from chin to hairline! Looks like most of it got on her forehead actually, that’s gotta be a little awkward. The title of the update is Sugar Is Sweeter and this is Samantha’s first time on the site but I can’t imagine it’ll be her last!



Danielle for backroom casting couch

Does it count as a MILF if the girl is only 20 years old? The answer to that will determine whether Danielle here is a MILF or not…she has 2 kids so she’s definitely a mom, and from the looks of things she’s a good time in the sack so I’m pretty sure she’s meeting the requirements! She’s here at Backroom Casting Couch with her weird cackling laugh and loud orgasmic moaning getting her pussy and ass pounded before taking a creampie, which she doesn’t seem to mind at all. I guess she’s taken loads before if her kids are any indication so she’s had some practice…she also has practice giving blowjobs from the looks of things, this girl has got some skills! She seems like she came straight from the trailer park and she had a fantastic time getting her pussy pounded and taking the guy’s dick in her butt for some anal fun too.

Hit The Shower


Cfnm show hit the showers

When this guy opened his door and found three gorgeous women wearing just towels asking him to hit the showers with them, his feet probably started working like Fred Flintstone in his hurry to get to the locker room! When they were all stripped down and ready to shower they all took off their towels at the same time and surprise surprise, the dude was the only one naked, the girls were in their underwear laughing their asses off at him! He was pretty mortified but I’d say they more than made up for their little goof in this CFNM Show update as they give him a little treat with their mouths and hands…watch Alina Li, Marina Angel and Lily Love sucking and tugging this guy’s tool until he shoots a creamy load for them!



Clover on Nubiles

Her dress might look like a kindergartener was let loose on it with a pair of scissors but that only adds to the hotness of this Nubiles photoshoot featuring Clover! Her nipples peek right through the little holes all over her dress and that perfect ass of hers is pretty clearly visible through the fabric. It’s even more visible when the dress comes off and she’s posing naked, bending over and showing off her sweet tight little pussy for us! Perky tits, great butt, beautiful face, that’s pretty much hit all the checkboxes on the hot list as far as I’m concerned.

Aletta Ocean


Aletta Ocean on Tugjobs

If you’re into natural girls without silicone and whatnot you might want to just jog on because Aletta Ocean has had a little work done here and there…I mean take one look at those huge round tits and you’ll see what I mean. Add to that the fact that Aletta’s lips are plumped up with botox until they’re basically dick-sucking pillows and you’ve got a winner, especially when she’s doing her thing for the Bang Bros site Tugjobs! This big breasted beauty takes this guy’s meat in her mouth and sucks him off and tittyfucks him until he finally shoots his load into her mouth!



Victoria on Babes

Victoria is like a cat, she loves to stare out the window at the world going by but doesn’t really want to head outside all too often, she’s just way too cozy and comfortable in the house as she strips down and grabs her big full breasts! She just loves cupping her own boobs and feeling their soft firmness in her hands, in fact she likes it so much she just lays back and spreads her legs to give us a great view of that gorgeous tight pussy in this Babes photoshoot! Victoria has an incredible ass and the aforementioned great pair of boobs, not to mention a beautiful and serene face.

Courtney Stodden Topless


Courtney Stodden

I didn’t even recognize Courtney Stodden at first, she used to have that platinum blonde hair when she was married to the creepy guy from Green Mile and X Files. Now she’s got huge fake tits, long wavy brown hair and is posing topless here for some UK magazine! You can’t quite see her nipples because of her strategically arranged hair but hey she’s still looking pretty hot if you’re into slutty pornstar-looking chicks…I particularly like the tiny thong panties and sexy sheer black thigh-high stockings! I have the feeling this girl’s 15 minutes of fame are well and truly over, but it’ll be interesting to see what she does as she gets more desperate for attention.

Stairway Lesbians


Lesbians on the stairs

The Errotica Archives presents this photoshoot of two gorgeous lesbians hanging out on a stairway, which looks like it’s in Mexico or something. These girls are both hot as hell with tight little butts, great perky tits and smiles that say they know you’re watching them and that they love it. Watch these girls completely nude making out and caressing each other, sliding hands over smooth skin and grabbing ass and just generally looking smokin hot! These two don’t seem 100% lesbian to me just from the way they’re posing together, which makes me think they might be smiling like that because they’re thinking of a big hard cock to share.

Get Wild At Home


X art get wild at home with jenna

Watch gorgeous Jenna and her guy pal James get wild at home in this hot X-art update! He was just lounging on the floor reading a magazine when Jenna came into the room wearing just her tshirt with no panties on…she stripped down and basically jumped on top of him, kissing her guy and convincing him that clothes are a pretty bad idea for him too so soon they’re both naked and things are really steaming up! Jenna keeps her knee high socks on as she lifts her leg and gets her pussy pounded, moaning and writhing on the floor as he slips his meat deep inside her wet hole. It’s a hot and steamy hardcore update from a site known for having gorgeous girls, so you know you’re in for a treat.

Mckenzie Lee


Porn fidelity mckenzie lee

Christmas has come and gone but let’s check in on how it went down around the Porn Fidelity house with Ryan and Kelly Madison…Kelly left Ryan a note saying there was a special present for him under the tree and when he went and checked it out he found beautiful McKenzie Lee all tied up and gagged! Best present ever…he wasted no time in putting his new gift to good use, taking the gag off her mouth and replacing it with his big dick to facefuck her before bending her over the couch and pounding her wet pussy hard and fast just like she likes it! Those big tits of hers bounce as he pummels her vag, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her gorgeous body as she screams and moans.

Real Life Part 6


Teen fidelity real life 6 with caroline ray

Some girls like to giggle and play around before getting down to business even if they know they want to get fucked but not Caroline Ray…this girl knows what she wants and knows what she’s gotta do to get it, and as soon as she shows up at the Teen Fidelity house she wastes no time in stripping down naked and getting a mouthful of Ryan Madison’s big cock! Caroline is gorgeous and has a fantastic personality which we get to see in this update, Part 6 of their Real Life series, and man those titties of hers are just mesmerizingly hot! She’s got a smokin hot face but when she’s topless the eyes just instantly drop down to her boobies and stay there…at least until she turns around and you get a look at that sexy round ass of hers. Incidentally I wouldn’t have pegged Caroline as having a hairy bush but man it does look a little forested down there, we get a good look at her bush as she gets her tight wet teen pussy pounded!

Ava Taylor


Ava taylor on casting couch x

Some girls love the sex, some love the money, but Ava Taylor here is all about the fame! She wants everyone to know her name so she’s ready to make her way into the adult industry…pretty interesting attitude and man when you couple it with that perfect body of hers she’s got a real chance to make it huge in this industry! She’s got perfect tits, an incredible ass and a beautiful face with dorky glasses that she finally takes off as she bends over and gets her wet hole pounded on Casting Couch X! The casting director seems to be having a hell of a good time fucking the hell out of this gorgeous young lady, finally shooting a facial onto her that frosts her whole face. I bet she wishes she kept those glasses on now, huh?

French Maid


Bryci french maid

You’ve surely seen Bryci by now of course, with those huge tits and gorgeous face and perfect ass she’s been getting legions of fans…well get ready to have your head erupted because now she’s getting into hardcore! That sweet pussy you’ve been lusting after is getting filled up with cock and she’s got it all on film. Check it out quick though, I’m not sure we’re actually supposed to have this sex tape, we’ll try to keep it up as long as we can. Bryci makes a gorgeous french maid as she does a little dusting, getting her big round breasts out and spreading her long legs to play with herself, sliding her hands up over her thigh high white stockings and masturbating before her guy pal slips his cock into her mouth and wet pussy! She even uses her feather duster to tickle her clit and fuck herself…that cunt is like a magnet for the eyes, you just can’t help but stare as she gets her hole pounded by her fingers or her toys or her man’s hard cock!

AJ Applegate Anal Trekking


Aj applegate porn fidelity

AJ Applegate and Ryan Madison had gone on a nice hike in the late afternoon and as it started getting a little darker they realized there was nobody around in the park, so the clothes started dropping off! AJ’s shorts and panties dropped to the ground and she took his cock in her mouth, then turned around to get her pussy penetrated from behind…the sensation of having his big hard dick sliding into her got her so turned on she whispered in his ear and they headed to the nearest hotel room where Ryan proceeded to give her the pounding of a lifetime! He slid every inch of his cock into her pussy and got those nipples of hers all perked up and standing at attention before going for the backdoor, penetrating her ass for a nice anal session before AJ finally took his cock back in her mouth and got a load shot down her throat. This Porn Fidelity update is called Anal Trekking and hopefully their little hikes will become a regular occurance as long as they all end up like this!



Exploited college girls jennifer

Alright let’s get this out of the way right off the bat…Jennifer here has fucking incredible tits. They’re not exactly natural but cmon, this is a hell of a boob job! Her nipples are pierced too and that’s always a plus, I hear it makes them super sensitive to temperature and touch. This girl is at the Exploited College Girls studio to earn herself a little extra spending cash and all she has to do is something she loves doing anyway! Turns out she’s hornier than a ten peckered owl and she’s feeling extra randy, her pussy already wet when she drops her panties and gets fingered. She hops onto her hands and knees and sucks the cameraman’s cock, getting it nice and rock hard before going for a ride! She gets fucked in every position she can manage, those big breasts bobbing and jiggling as she gets pounded to orgasm. Finally she takes his load onto her tits and into her mouth…this girl has a hell of a future ahead of her if she decides to get full-time into porn!

Beautiful Booty


WLT Beautiful Booty

On We Live Together we get to see some of the hottest lesbians in the business getting naked and getting freaky deaky in the comfort of their own home, giving us a glimpse at what goes on behind closed doors for these horny sapphic babes! In this episode, Zoey grabs and tongues Dani’s beautiful booty, licking her good before they get into a hot 69 and just devour each others pussy, all on camera for us to enjoy! Both of these girls have amazing bodies but man, that ass of dark-haired Dani’s is just fucking phenomenal…who wouldn’t love to spend a week buried face-deep in that?

Leanne In White


Leanne Crow white lingerie

If you know Leanne Crow I think you already know what this little writeup is going to be about…and if you don’t know Leanne Crow, one look at her pictures will probably give you a good idea! In this photoshoot from her own website Leanne is showing off her pride and joy, those two enormous melons she has hanging in front of her, as she strips off her white bra! I always feel kind of sorry for Leanne’s bras, their life expectancy must be measured in hours instead of months…I mean how can just a flimsy piece of fabric hope to hold up against huge beautiful tits like hers?



Roxana DDF Busty

Fans of big juicy jugs rejoice, because lovely Roxana is here from DDF Busty to brighten up your (probably wet and cold and dark) Monday! She’s ready to take a shower and invited us in to watch as she sprays down those huge soft breasts, letting the water cascade down her curves as she gives her pussy a little attention as well. Soon the tub is filling up and she settles in for a nice soapy soak, getting her titties squeaky clean and even making little foam beards for her perky nipples for fun. It certainly looks like Roxana loves having big boobs, there’s never a dull moment with those jugs in front of her!

Florence Dolce


Florence Dolce

Tired of all the wet and rain and snow and darkness that January’s been tossing our way? Time for a little relaxation by the sea with a gorgeous chocolate goddess named Florence Dolce, courtesy of Digital Desire! She’s absolutely stunning and has a great set of perky boobies, plus a butt that looks tight as a drum…she must do a lot of bicycling or something because that ass is toned and firm and small and powerful, from the looks of it. Florence is stripping down by the oceanside on a dock or something, enjoying the warm sunshine on her smooth flawless skin and looking sexy as all hell as she puts on a huge wide-brimmed sun hat and unleashes her perfect tits upon the world!

Lexi Belle Nurse


Lexi Belle nurse

Hopefully this is one of the benefits of Obamacare, getting a bunch of sexy horny nurses like Lexi Belle here to give the patients a little much-needed extra attention! She gives this guy a very thorough exam with her hands and mouth and tongue before letting him take her pulse with his cock as he buries it in her cunt, fucking her on the examination table in this hot Penthouse photoshoot! I guess it’s a pretty good setup though, if he has a heart attack from all the excitement he’ll be good as new, the ER is just a few doors down. Lexi looks hot as hell in her nurse outfit by the way, it suits her…watch this sexy blonde getting her pussy pounded and then take a load of cum on her perky tits!

Stephy Parker


Stephy Parker from Cosmid

I post Cosmid galleries every once in a while and I think I should really change that. They have some really unique girls to me. They’re kind of like Zishy but Cosmid actually shows nudity. This is a site that you want to join if you just like seeing naked girls I think you might get a masturbation video every once in a while but it’s more about nudity for this site. Well nudity and find real girl next door type of girls. That’s what I think Cosmid is probably the best out, they find that girl next door and they get her naked for us and for that I tip my hat to you guys. Now let’s get back to get back to this gallery her name is Stephy Parker and she is a total first time and simply beautiful.

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