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Dani Jensen


Dani Jensen

Click to watch this Dani Jensen video!

Buckle up your seatbelts because you’re in store for one of the most gorgeous redheaded MILFs in the adult world…Dani Jensen is here to make those fantasies of…READ MORE

Dani Jensen


Dani Jensen

Click to watch this Dani Jensen video!

This dude was at home punching the clown in his bedroom watching some porn and his busty redhead stepmom Dani Jensen happened to walk past the door…she got a…READ MORE

Dani Jensen


Dani Jensen

Click to watch this Dani Jensen video!

Get ready for some redhead action with beautiful Dani Jensen…she’s a stunning redheaded hottie with big juicy bouncy titties and is getting all dripping wet in…READ MORE

Dani Jensen Romantic Aggression


Dani Jensen Romantic Aggression II Porn Fidelity

You guys are really lucky because I saw this Dani Daniels scene on Porn Fidelity and I totally thought it was this one and just skipped over it. Then I realized that it’s a totally different scene in fact this is for a very romantic series that Porn Fidelity has called Romantic Aggression. I think you’re going to like it because Dani looks amazing of course and it has that really high quality look to it and the sex is just so damn sensual I don’t know how you can’t love it. In fact that isn’t even the best part! The best part is that you get to see Dani’s perfect hairy pussy filled up with cum. Dani doesn’t just let any guy cum inside of her pussy she has to know them and her and Ryan have a good thing going with each other. I am sure Ryan asks his wife every week if he can call up Dani and bang her because their chemistry is just too great to even deny. I like that it’s by a fire and they’re just having intense sex. No weird positions or anything like that in fact it’s a lot with just Dani on her back legs spread wide and Ryan pounding away.

Dani Jensen and Natalie Heart


Povd dani daniels natalie heart

Hold on to your hats and britches you guys because there’s a brand new site coming down the tubes of the Internet and I think you’re gonna dig it! The site is called POVD and it’s got some pretty awesome stuff going on. If you watch porn with headphones on (and who doesn’t nowadays) you’ll be treated to moans and gasps coming from all around you with 3d audio and of course the picture and video quality is top shelf. These hardcore scenes are shot in POV style so you get to basically sit in the driver’s seat and watch what it’s like to fuck these gorgeous pornstars…in this scene for instance you’re sliding that huge cock of yours into Dani Jensen and Natalie Heart, two of the sexiest dames around!

*UPDATE* I know I posted this a couple months ago but now I’ve got the video clip for you, definitely worth another look! Enjoy.

Dani Jensen


Threesome fun

Here are some nice photographs of two horny young girls having some fun with each other. They also let the luckiest guy who ever lived step into the action and he seems to really be enjoying plowing all of these eager young holes. I wish I could trade places with him.

Dani Jensen


Dani Jensen

Here is Dani Jensen this is from her new gallery over at Nud3. They are a great model directory for those of you who know the girls you like you can just go there and see all the porno videos they have of your favorite pornstar like Dani Jensen here.

Dani Jensen


Dani Jensen

Here is the beautiful Dani Jensen sucking on some dick for Facial Fest. In this gallery you can see her fucking as well facial fest is not just about blowjobs but they also fuck there as well. Dani Jensen is one of my favorite teen starlets out right now she is just so damn cute and she is a natural redhead teen, you just don’t get to see that very often! Dani Jensen has some great little tits and perfect fit body I love this girl and I hope you guys do too!

Dani Jensen



Dani Jensen here for Innocent High. I have never posted a gallery from them but its a pretty awesome site, it has very hot teen starlets dressed up as school girls playing scenes that always end in them fucking their teacher. I had to post this one because Dani Jensen is just all kinds of hot and I thought this hardcore scene was really good so enjoy, the video of Dani Jensen this is also very good.

Dani Jensen


Dani Jensen

A cute blue-eyed teen named Dani Jensen sucks a big hard dick and gets her pussy pummeled by it in this gallery. She has tiny tits, but she definitely knows how to work a dick. Watch her take the load all over her face!

Dani Jensen


Dani Jensen

So I haven’t led off a day with a redhead in a while, and I figured, hey, why don’t I do just that today? So I went looking, and I found this petite little redheaded babe from Digital Desire named Dani Jensen. She’s got tiny tits and a cute little ass, plus we get to see her pussy and who the heck doesn’t like pussy?

Dani Does The Help


Dani Jensen Sex Art

Dani Jensen is pretending to be one of those super spoiled girls who is spending the days out in the sun in some lavish vacation spot. Well she doesn’t have her man with her so she settles for masturbating and once she has her orgasm she just goes to sleep. This is a Sex Art fantasy after all, so the Concierge finds her asleep naked on her couch in her cabana. He walks her up and gets to fucking that sweet pussy of hers, this guys job got a whole lot better don’t you think!

Dani Cole & Brynn Tyler


Dani Cole and Brynn Tyler

I have two beautiful young starlets Dani Cole and Brynn Tyler in a very intresting lesbian sex scene. They are on a site called Fucking Machines and in this gallery the eat each other out and all but then they turn to the big guns the machines when they want to give each other orgasms. So they both get fucked by machines and have some amazing g-spot orgasms.

Aidra Fox


Aidra Fox on Teens Love Huge Cocks

Anytime I have a pornstar that ends in the ‘x’ letter I almost always put out ‘xxx’. I have just been running this site too long I think. With that being said I can’t tell you how hard it is to type Aidra Fox right now LOL! Anyways, this is her new Reality Kings scene this time for a site I really love called Teens Love Huge Cocks. I don’t really know why they named it that because honestly these girls are always 20+ but hey I bet they had no problem registering that domain. Aidra has been on Reality Kings once before in a We Live Together video called Pussy Pumping. That one was good but let’s be honest we didn’t really want to see her eating out Dani Jensen we wanted to see her having a threesome with Dani. Well that’s not happening but you are seeing a hardcore scene with her and man is she fucking hot. She has a nice round ass and some tits that just sit on body perfectly. The video definitely has the look that Teens Loves Huge Cocks always does something I can’t even put into words what it is. It’s just one of those sites that I can spot from a picture because it’s so unique. I guess some other Reality Kings scenes look like it, likes the last Monster Curves scene they put out. The video starts off a little different from the other videos I have posted. I like to usually just get straight to the action but today I am giving you a little bit of Aidra personality because she is just a really cute and fun girl, I think it will make you enjoy seeing her fucked just that much more.

Submissive Slave


Fantasy hd submissive slave

Redheaded sub Dani Jensen was waiting very patiently in her dungeon cage for her Master to come home and let her out to play, and she has been such a good submissive slave he does just that in this Fantasy HD update! Have you ever fantasized about having a beautiful woman just waiting to serve your every need like Dani does in this update? Well now’s your chance to explore it as this horny slut crawls out on her hands and knees in her stockings, garter belt, corset and thong panties to pleasure her Master’s huge cock. She had better do a good job with her hands, lips, tongue and pussy or she’s getting thrown right back into the box with no supper! Well, luckily for Dani she has some pretty good skills as she gives a nice blowjob and gets fucked in her ass and pussy, because after the anal sex he gives her a nice protein shake as a special treat, shooting his load all over that gorgeous face of hers. It’s a hot fetishy BDSM update featuring a sexy stunning ginger, how can you go wrong? If you’d like to see this redhead in something a little more vanilla, check out this hot threesome update she did a few months back on the same site.

Spa Sex


Karlie montana spa sex fantasy hd

We all have daydreams about waking up in a luxury resort with perfect weather, perfect water and the perfect someone to spend the day with. It’s a mental image that makes a dull workday go by a little faster, and now thanks to Fantasy HD and Karlie Montana we can actually see it with our eyes instead of just imagining it! This sexy stunner wakes up to the sound of the winds gently blowing and the birds chirping and gets ready for her busy day of relaxing at the pool by slipping on her skimpy bikini. Heading down to one of the outdoor rock tubs she meets up with her guy and they kiss passionately, letting their hands slip down underwater with hers grabbing his huge hard cock and tickling her soft nicely-trimmed pussy! Soon they’re done with the teasing, and Karlie mounts on top of him to ride that dick while the water splashes around them and the sun shines on their skin. It’s a hot outdoor session of spa sex that ends with the redhead leaning back to get her face splashed with a big facial cumshot! This isn’t the first time Kylie has heated up the camera…did you guys happen to see her hot Twister Sex threesome with Dani Jensen?

Passion Dance


Passion hd dani jensen passion dance

Lay back and let gorgeous redhead Dani Jensen regale you with a little thing she likes to call the Passion Dance! She wanted to give her man a little something special so she put on her favorite song, slipped on her thigh high legwarmers, lacy panties and tiny top and gave him the lapdance of his life for Passion HD! She slid her ass up and down on his crotch, feeling him get harder and harder until finally they both gave up on the clothing and got into some hot hardcore action right there in the living room. She worked her pussy up and down on his big dick, sliding effortlessly into the heights of ecstasy until with a strong moan he came deep inside that wet hole for a nice creampie finish! She dipped her fingers into her pussy and licked them clean to have a taste of his seed, already planning out her next seductive dance number. Dani has been on Passion HD before too, and her scenes are always incredibly sexy…see for yourself!

Mother Stepdaughter Threesome


Fantasy hd mother stepdaughter threesome

It might be a little taboo but it’s definitely within the law…chances are you’ve had a fantasy about fucking a mother-stepdaughter duo and now thanks to Fantasy HD you can see what it’s like! Cute redhead Dani Jensen has just turned 18 and her stepmom, busty milf Janet Mason, has hired a fake cop to come by and give her a little birthday surprise! He puts her up against the wall like a perp and gives her a ‘patdown’, paying special attention to between her thighs, before whipping off his uniform and unholstering his weapon…a big thick cock! Dani gets cuffed up and fucked and Janet joins in the fun, getting those big tits out and teaching her stepdaughter a thing or two about taking care of a dick. This hot mother-stepdaughter threesome doesn’t end til they’ve both worked a huge load out of that pring by sucking and fucking the ‘officer’ right there in the living room!

Twister Sex


Dani and Karlie Fantasy HD

Dani Jensen and Karlie Montana are having sex in some very weird positions as you can see from this image. The reason is is they’re having a little game of twister sex. It seems like Dani might be getting the short end of the stick in this exchange having to suck a guys dick in a position like that, Dani is at least getting her pussy and ass licked! The girls start off playing in just their bikini’s and then loose clothes as the game goes on. I have to say that Karlie Montana is looking really hot in her black and yellow bikini I mean that ass is to die for. Dani can’t even help but to give it a couple of spanks. This is the second time that Dani has been in a scene where she has been teamed up with a redhead and I love the trend. Two redheads is always better then one I checked. The video is presented by Fantasy HD a new erotica site that focuses on men’s fantasies.

High Spirits


Dani Jensen Passion HD

These two are having sex in a high rise condo but the thing is I see buildings a little taller then them all around. I want to know if someone was just eating lunch on the old break room and look over and saw these two fucking. I mean Passion HD didn’t exactly close the blinds or anything they were just fucking for all those guys to see. The name of this erotic hardcore scene with Dani Jensen is called High Spirits. She has been on their site 6 times now I can’t even believe that have so many of her, the members must be in love. I have always loved her petite little body and am really glad she hasn’t got a boob job or anything like that, she still doesn’t even look like a pornstar and she has been around for a really long time!

Summer Passion


Dani Jensen Summer Passion

This is the petite model of all petite models! Her name is Dani Jensen she is actually a natural redhead but she dye’s it a little bit to make it that vibrant red. This is a very erotic scene from Passion HD called Summer Passion that I just know you guys are going to love. Dani Jensen has super small tits, but they are cute and you guys know that some people really dig this shit. She has never looked better then she does in this gallery and if you watch the video I think you’re going to like it. I don’t think there are going to find much better porn then Passion HD but that’s just me.

Sushi Party


Sushi Party Passion HD

This is probably the greatest “Sushi Party” that was over thrown sure it’s only three people but they are having way more fun then I do at parties! This scene is a very erotic update from Passion HD with two models I am definitely a big fan of. The girl riding dick in this picture is Dani Jensen and then Dani is massaging the pussy of the busty April O’Neil. The girls take turns on the cock because sharing is caring and they have learned that throughout their porn careers.

Code Red


Dani Jensen Code Red Passion HD

I have for you a very flexible (as you can see) pornstar by the name of Dani Jensen. She is getting fucked in this amazing new scene from Passion HD called Code Red. Dani has a great ass with amazing small tits and I just love seeing her getting fucked in these flexible positions. She is just constantly grabbing her legs and spreading them apart as far as they will go so this guy can penetrate her deeper. Passion HD is consistantly putting out some of the most amazing porn out there so make sure to take a tour of their site, it’s something you will not regret.

Passion HD Sexual Nature With Dani Jensen and Zoey
Passion HD Red Velvet With Dani Jensen and Lia



Dani Jensen Babes Network

So it looks like Babes Network is going to do about two hardcore updates a week so that’s probably how often you will see them if not more. This new update that came out today is Dani Jensen in a scene called Lucky. Dani has a gorgeous round ass and is looking sexy as hell in this black lingerie. The scene is very erotic and the quality just cannot be match, watch the short preview video for proof of that. I might post more galleries from their site but it seems you guys like this hardcore stuff more then their solo masturbation scene or even their lesbian sex scenes.

Sexual Nature


Dani and Zoey From Passion HD

You get to see two beautiful redhead models in this gallery and they’re both redheads like for real! You know how you can tell right? It’s the ole saying if the carpet matches the drapes then it’s a real redhead. The other models you see getting fucked in this new Passion HD scene called Sexual Nature is Dani Jensen and Zoey Nixon. Dani is the one taking this dick in this particular picture so you know exactly who is who. Passion HD has done this a couple of times putting two hot redheads together in the same scene and like the last one this one too is a big winner for me.

Red Velvet


Red Velvet Passion HD

If there is such a thing as a platinum blonde then Dani Jensen and Lia are platinum redheads I mean I don’t think hair can get redder then that. In this amazing Passion HD gallery you get to see these two girls have one hell of a threesome. I love when you watch threesome where everybody knows what they’re doing. Instead of Lia just watching and rubbing her pussy she is instead getting no pleasure but sitting on her knees and sucking his balls while he fucks Dani in the air. That’s how a threesome is suppose to be done ladies, just keep one girl on the balls / eating pussy and the other chick is getting fucked!

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