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Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen and her hot wife are naked in bed showing how they like to make out and make love in this sexy shoot…these lesbians are gorgeous and busty and…(Offsite Gallery)

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen

Now, I don’t really know why they decided to name this photoshoot ‘Chunky’…for one thing it makes me think of soup and that is making me hungry for lunch, but for another thing it’s not like Jelena Jensen here is a tubbo or anything! She does have some curves to her swerve but there’s no way in hell I’d describe that incredible body of hers as chunky. Busty, sure, gorgeous, definitely…she’s got those huge sexy titties and nice hips and an amazing big round juicy booty that looks great as she slips off her sheer yellow panties to show off every inch of that body! Add to that the fact that she’s stunning and has long dark flowing hair and you’ve got yourself a winner, brother.

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen

I think this shoot featuring Jelena Jensen was created a while ago because she looks a bit different now, but man it is hot as hell so let’s take a trip down mammary lane shall we! Jelena has on her fishnet top that lets those nipples peek right out as she grabs her huge tits…those boobs of hers are legendary and Jelena knows how to use them to her best advantage! She’s got her tiny little skirt on that barely covers her round juicy ass and is just made out of sex from head to toe…she juggles those big boobies and flashes her butt, that fishnet lingerie doesn’t exactly leave a whole lot to the imagination so she has plenty of opportunity to play around and show off the goods in these sexy photos!

Taylor Vixen and Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen Taylor Vixen

Jelena Jensen has a great site and it’s not just her, which is nice…for a little variety sometimes she brings in a friend and in this photoshoot she’s posing with her sexy girlfriend Taylor Vixen! These lesbian honeys are getting busy caresssing each others bodies and sucking each others boobs as they lounge nude by the poolside. It’s simply two gorgeous women getting naked and getting sapphic in some great photos!

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen Extra Credit

Jelena Jensen is getting little extra credit from her teach in this hot new sex gallery for her site! The guy is actually her boyfriend or husband I am not quite sure but he is in every sex scene she does so it must be someone she actually likes. It makes it that much better though because she actually loves the guy she is fucking. The pictures and the video are of two separate things on this gallery because I couldn’t find anything matching for you guys! The video is of Jelena giving a handjob and then the pictures are of the school room sex scene that you see pictured here.

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen ddf busty

Jelena Jensen shows off her incredible huge soft full titties in this gallery from DDF Busty, and the rest of her gorgeous body is nothing to sneeze at either! She pulls off her thong panties and lets us look at her perfect pussy and that nice round booty in these hot photos.

Jelena Jensen


I’m jealous

Far be it from me to be jealous about someone else’s good fortune but I kind of want to punch the guy in this gallery. Watching him plug Jelena Jensen’s hot tight pussy with one of her favorite sex toys is great and all, but I’d really rather it be me. You’ll understand when you see.

Erotic Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen Sexy

This is a very erotic picture gallery of Jelena Jensen, and then I have a video that teases her hardcore stuff she does only on her webcam. Jelena Jensen is one of the few solo girl sites you guys should check out because well, you get to see her fuck and you will find that no were else I promise you go ahead and search for Jelena Jensen hardcore you won’t find anything.

Jelena Jensen Naked


Jelena Jensen Nude

I thought I should post a gallery of Jelena Jensen for you guys so you can be reminded that you can see Jelena Jensen in a hardcore fucking scene if you want to. Jelena does live cam shows of her fucking her boyfriend for her members only. If you want to see for yourself then just look that the banners in the gallery, its taken from her tour in the videos section.

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen some good Jelena Jensen, and this one is really a kick ass gallery of that busty babe that is surely topping the favorites list of some of you. No longer sporting a sexy bikini and some beads, this sexy brunette strips out of some lingerie and shows off her bushy pussy.

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen

I was almost worried that I wouldn’t find some great stuff from Jelena Jensen to share with you guys, but thankfully some guy at Digital Desire grabbed her up and got some incredibly hot shots of her in an outdoor scene while she strips down and shows off her big tits and all of her delicate curves.

Jelena Jensen


Big Boobs and a Campfire

Waking up from a good night’s rest, this erotic babe looks to be very horny. Jelena Jensen is such a hot and busty babe that I would have seriously problems telling her if she put her tent up wrong. It just wouldn’t matter at all. Check out this hot gallery of her getting her camp on.

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen is the kind of woman that’s made for Digital Desire. She has huge natural tits, a great ass, and she’s really just hot as hell in general. Not only that, but she also happens to have that aura of classiness that you’d expect a glamour babe to have.

Jelena Jensen Fucking


Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen has a nice hairy pussy some gorgeous all natural tits has that thick look to her she is the complete package I love this girl. If you like her as much as I do then you will be very excited to hear that she is going to be doing a live hardcore show on webcam on the 14th of October so you have to become a member before that date to see it I hear its something that you can not miss. I can imagine seeing Jelena Jensen fucking is a pretty magical thing.

Jelena Jensen Hardcore


Jelena Jensen Hardcore Show

Jelena Jensen is doing it again! She is doing a hardcore show TODAY August 19th at 10pmEST so check out her site in the webcam section so you can see that I am not fucking with you there is a show today and as you will see from the past update they are hardcore! Jelena Jensen does not do any hardcore outside of her members area. She only fucks her boyfriend on webcam every once in a while for the members that want to see that and this is one of those times so check it out now!

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen

Yes, hot babes can be video game nerds too! There are a lot of women that play Guitar Hero, for instance, like Jelena Jensen. Of course, most women don’t play it naked, and they certainly don’t have boobs that are nearly as big or sexy as Jelena’s, but that’s just what sets her apart. Her chest is totally natural and her smiles are genuine, because she just loves getting naked for us all!

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen

Yes, it’s true, Jelena Jensen has finally started doing hardcore on her personal site. I wouldn’t have belived it either, but in these tough times, everybody has to do what they can to get ahead, or in this case, to give great head! In this photo set, she’s naked outside and masturbating before she goes in for her big day. She’s gt such a great body, it’s really amazing to see her doing hardcore now.

Jelena Jensen



Jelena Jensen just open up the doors on her new site and she is coming out with both guns firing. She is sporting her natural hairy pussy in this pictures set and showing off those all natural big cans of her this girl is a total babe, and has a great site so go check her out.

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen

I’m going to speak to you openly here in this post. I think that Jelena Jensen is one of the hottest babes that’s ever made her way onto the internet, and she’s got some serious competition in that department, let me tell you. We get the privilege of watching her strip off a bikini and play with her completely natural D-cup tits. Flawless breasts, a nice face, Jelena Jensen really is the complete package.

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen

This photo set is an extra large collection of photos of hot, busty brunette Jelena Jensen. She starts out wearing some pink lingerie but that charade doesn’t lasty very long before she exposes her wonderful breasts and hard nipples.

Jelena Jensen



Now those are some tits right there guys. This girls name is Jelena Jensen, and she has done hardcore porn I think, I could find out but I will let you guys do that. Jelena has a nice hairy pussy as well with that jet black hair she is amazing. This picture set has tons of pictures she starts off fully clothed and then gets naked at the end.

Jelena Jensen



This babes name is Jelena Jensen she is from Penthouse. Jelena is a really good looking exotic girl and she has some of the best tits. Jelena is all natural and her tits hang on that nice thick frame of her just perfectly, do enjoy these tits as I have.

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen

Gorgeous ass beautiful everyone in the free world would fuck her Jelena Jensen. This babe starts off out on the beach with a bikini but then takes everything off and it will just make your dick and your eyes very happy. I think the world would be a better place if everyone got to see this girl naked.

Jelena Jensen



Here we have Jelena Jensen posing in leather lingerie. She doesn’t wear any slip and seems to enjoy showing us her tight looking pleasure hole! What I like most about this stunning babe are her really big natural breasts! The pictures are provided by Twistys and the gallery can be found on!

Jelena Jensen


Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen has all natural curves. On this gallery she has black hair, isn’t she actually a brunette? I don’t think that she’s naturally black-haired but however she looks really sexy on this gallery, especially her boobs catched my attention! You know I’m a boobie lover…

Jelena Blowjob


Jelena Jensen Blowjob

For those of you who like the oral sex more particularly blowjobs this gallery of Jelena Jensen is going to do it for you. I have her in two different cases giving a blowjob, the pictures have her giving a blowjob in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. The video however is of her taking a shower and working some cum out of her boyfriends dick in there with her and and that sexy mouth of hers also.

Jelena On The Courts


Court Fun

They’re not playing tennis but they’re definitely having some fun! Jelena Jensen’s bending over and letting her tennis coach jerk off onto her pretty ass, and it’s a lovely sight. I’d give my left pinky finger to stroke off onto this girl’s hot body, and I’d let her beat me at tennis too.

Jelena Oral Sex


Jelena Jensen Pussy Eaten

Here is a gallery of Jelena Jensen getting her pussy eaten out by her boyfriend for her personal site. If you have never seen a hardcore scene of Jelena before your missing out seeing a girl with perfect natural tits fucked, is something of pure beauty. This scene is pretty much all orgasm sex, with some fingering I bet the full scene breaks out into hardcore but Jelena is pretty guarded with that stuff its for members only.

Jelena Spreads


Bend her over

Lets be honest, everyone who looks at this gallery is going to want to bend Jelena Jensen over and explore her tight pussy while she squirms and squeals and pushing back against their thrusting hips. And that’s okay; it’s exactly what Jelena would want. So don’t feel ashamed about it.

Ava Addams & Jelena


Lingerie Lesbians

These two were just supposed to get together and look at lingerie but things have a way of getting out of control. They were both just so hot for each other that soon they were stripping down to their panties and feverishly licking each other out like their lives depended on it.

Jelena Fucking


Jelena Jensen Fucking

This is a really hot babe and you guys probably have seen her before but never like this. This is Jelena Jensen riding her boyfriends cock in some amazing point of view porn. If you guys like this you have to check out all the kinky stuff she does on her live webcam shows with her members.

Jelena DD Girl


Jelena Jensen

What better than a hot busty woman wearing a fishnet dress? Well, Jelena knows. It’s when that babe makes sure the dress is short enough to show off her hot ass and she purposefully uncovers those great tits so you can see them in all of their glory. Too bad Digital Desire won’t share Jelena, I’d love to have her for even a day.

Aria and Jelena


Aria and Jelena

Today is one of the greatest days in big tits porn history, because it’s the first ever meeting between Aria Giovanni and Jelena Jensen on DDF Busty. When you get two girls with tits as big as they have together, you’ve got a recipe for sexy even if neither oen takes their clothes off. Luckily for us, they barely even bother with clothes to begin with! These two sexy babes just can’t keep their hands off of each other’s tits.

Jelena From Penthouse



Here is sexy exotic model. Shes nice and think, with some huge boobies and a big ass. She has a hairy bush, but is very stripped, kinda in a wide landing stip, there are plenty of pictures here so check em out.

Hardcore Hiker


Jelena Jensen Hardcore Hiker

In this gallery for Jelena Jensen personal website you get to see her and her boyfriend go out for a hike and just stop in the middle of the trail and have sex. Jelena is looking really good right now nice and fit but she somehow kept those amazing big natural tits of hers. If you didn’t know when you join her site every once in a while she does a live webcam show with her members where she has hardcore sex and I hear it’s one of the best live show on the Internet.

Poolside Sex


Jelena Jensen Poolside Sex

Just because I have forgot to post some new Jelena Jensen stuff doesn’t mean she stop doing her site! I am just stupid and forgot all about her until I saw this amazing gallery of her today. She is in a see through white bikini getting fucked poolside. I love that she just slides the bikini bottoms to the side and has him fuck her like that its just hot to me, and I think it will be for you guys too.

Mirror Sex


She wants a mirror

Jelena Jensen likes to have sex in a room with mirrors so no matter which way she turns her head she’s forced to watch herself being pounded by hard cock. She gets worked over by this guy real good and then he busts a full load right on her tits, which is exactly where she wants it.

Shower Sex


Jelena Jelena Shower Sex

Well I don’t know if you guys know this or not but I am quite the procrastinator, so its a little late notice but not to late but Jelena Jensen is having a live hardcore show TODAY, November 12th at 7 and 8pm EST. So if you want to check out Jelena fucking live on webcam then join now today and you will see this awesome hardcore action and you can put in request to her while Jelena is fucking. This gallery is Jelena Jensen fucking in the shower, its a hot gallery but nothing compared to a live feed of it!

Explicite Art


Teen Sucks Cock

This French teen may not be a Jelena Jensen but she has an amazing sense of humor and she’ll do anything to have a cock buried in her throat. In this gallery, we get a great look as this goofy teen gets her every desire, right down to getting her tight teen pussy licked while she sucks dick.

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