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Passion HD Holly Michaels Tasha Reign


Passion hd malibu passion

Welcome to Malibu where the breezes are sweet and soft, just like the skin of lovely Holly Michaels and Tasha Reign in this Passion HD update. They start out surveying the ocean together, kissing passionately before heading inside to get down to some hot lesbian action! Before they get too deep into each others’ holes though, their guy friend shows up and drops his pants for a nice blowjob before fucking both of these hotties one after the other. Malibu Passion is flowing free and easy in this hot hardcore threesome scene!

Holly & Melody


Melody and Melody Deep Hot Fun

This is a really awesome gallery from Passion HD it’s called Deep Hot Fun. It’s a anal creampie scene and Melody Jordan is the one getting her pussy filled with cum. Melody also does anal in this scene but honestly when does she not, this girl is a total anal freak. The resident pornstar Holly Michaels is in this threesome and she just makes it that much better. She starts off but loosening up Melody Jordan’s ass by putting a butt plug in her and licking her pussy. That gets her in the mood for anal faster then anything else. These girls are total freaks I can see that just by how into this threesome they are. It’s not a job for them they’re just enjoying having sex. Holly gets fucked in her tight pussy first and once the guy has got that a little loose he moves to Melody ass and that thing just stays tight! These girls are nice compliment to one another both have awesome tits and big round asses, thick thighs all that you can ask for in a woman.

Passion Is Served


Holly Michaels Passion HD

Another day another Holly Michaels scene from Passion HD! I love that these guy just keep making scenes with this busty vixen. She has it all big natural tits and the best looking pussy in porn. In this new scene called “Passion Is Served” you get to see her getting fucked in what looks like a Japanese garden. I mean it has that little bridge and bamboo what else could it be? I want you to check out some of the pictures I have in this gallery because Holly does a pretty weird thing when sucking a guys dick I have seen her do it a couple of times now. She grabs his balls and his dick and almost makes like a hot dog and sucks them both at the same time, I bet it feels amazing. It’s picture 24 if you want to see what I am talking about. The video ends with Holly bent over the railing of the garden and receiving a nice little creampie, my favorite kind of ending for her!

Holly Michaels DP’d


Holly Michaels DP

I didn’t think I would ever see a erotic double penetration scene but Passion HD has made it happen! This scene is called Double Passion and I feel like I have posted a scene before named that but I am not sure. This is like the 30th time that Holly Michaels has been on Passion HD and it’s not the first time that she has fucked two guys on that site. This is the first time though she has had a guy in her ass and in her pussy at the same time and I think that’s for the entire site. That’s pretty awesome that they started doing this kind of stuff they always do a lot more “hardcore” things then other erotica site but double penetration is probably the most extreme I have seen from them, maybe they’re going outside of the bun, errr box.

Yoga Butt W/ Holly


Holly Michaels Yoga Butt

Did you guys ever wonder how Holly Michaels got that perfect butt of hers? Well in this new Passion HD scene she shares with you how, it’s Yoga of course! People are called a butt like this a “Yoga Butt” now because there are just so many girls out there who have them. W hat really sets Holly apart is those big natural tits that she has you all know that by now. She is by far the most requested girl on Passion HD that’s why they have shot so many scenes with her. The stunt cock walks in on Holly doing a little yoga and it just turns him on so much that he sticks his head between those thick thighs and eats her pussy nice and good. Holly bends over touches those toes and gets fucked doggystyle in one amazing video that ends in a creampie, Holly’s favorite.

Double Passion


Holly Michaels Double Passion

This is a little bit of a deceiving gallery because it looks like from the pictures like Holly Michaels is just have sex / anal sex with one guy but that is not the case. I could only get pictures from that segment of the video but if you watch the video at one point she is fucking two guys at the same time. There is no DPing going on one guy is just fucking her doggystyle in her pussy and the other is getting his cock sucked. The guy getting his cock sucked was getting the best blowjob of his life or something because Holly made him bust super fast. I also want to talk about this sexy little outfit that Holly has on. It is like a braless bra you know what I am saying? What it does do those is keep those nice full natural tits of Hollys looking perky. I love some big floppy tits don’t get me wrong but this is a nice way to “dress” them up, it’s kind of like lingerie for the breasts. I just looked up how many times Holly Michaels has been on Passion HD and it’s 24, so if you like her you will find tons of her stuff on their site!

Holly Caught


Holly Michaels Caught Red Handed

You guys get to see a little erotic bondage scene, yes that does exist. Especially at Passion HD I think they have a couple of scenes like this now. This one stars Holly Michaels and those big tits of hers are looking super sexy in this gallery. There is pussy eating, deep throat blowjobs and then he ties her up and fucks the shit out of her doggystyle. Passion HD is probably my most favorite site in the whole world so just do me a favor check it out and verify that I am right, I love being right.

Natalia & Holly


Holly Michaels and Natalia Starr

I have a new scene from Passion HD features like the Passion HD contract star Holly Michaels (she is in a lot of scenes with them) and a new girl named Natalia Starr. Both of these girls are completely natural and both have amazing natural titties! This girl Natalia is to die for with her blue eyes and blonde hair, she is righ tup my alley. If you like passioniate high quality porn then you guys need to check out this site Passion HD because it’s all of that and so much more. The name of this episode is called Shared Passion because both of these girls do a great job sharing in their threesome, it’s how a threesome is suppose to go down!

Awaken By Passion


Holly Michaels Awaken By Passion

I have lost count how many scenes Passion HD has of Holly Michaels! It’s a fucking lot though and here is another awesome scene to add to the mix. It’s called Awaken By Passion. Holly wakes up in her bed naked with no sheets or anything she must be cold, but she is more horny then cold. She goes down stairs and gets to sucking some cock so her man can get hard enough to fuck her. I have a feeling that they did it last night as well but when your girl is as hot as Holly is you have no problem fucking her anytime she wants. Passion HD is the only place you should go if you like Holly Michaels because as I said earlier they have so many erotic scenes of her I can’t even count that high.

Holly & Dani


Holly Michaels and Dani Daniels

Here is the gorgeous Holly Michaels getting her pussy eaten out while the beautiful Dani Daniels rides this guys cock. It’s a amazing Passion HD scene called Sweet Candy. I was going to save this as a Christmas present to you guys but Christmas is coming early this year for you guys! Holly is like a staple on Passion HD they have a least one new scene with her a month but Dani Daniels is kind of new to this hardcore scene. If you guys didn’t know Dani used to just to like nudes and lesbian sex scenes but just recently made the switch to full boy / girl. I have always though Dani had the perfect body and now seeing her fuck I know that she has everything a guy wants and more. These two matched up together in a video is just perfect and I know you guys are going to love it.

Holly Anal


Anal Holy Michaels Passion HD

I don’t know what the deal is with Passion HD and the scenes always starting off with someone waking someone up! That is besides the point though because you guys get to see Holly Michaels in an amazing hardcore anal sex scene! The name of this scene is Anal Persuasion and she starts off with a little glass toy in her ass and her sitting on her guys face getting her pussy eaten out. I think she thoroughly enjoyed that. This video is really good because its not as slow and romantic as a lot of Passion HD scenes the guy really is into fucking Holly in the ass and he doesn’t hold back just watch and you will see what I am talking about.

Holly & Anissa


Anissa Kate Holly Michaels

I have a nice titty gallery for all you boob lovers out there! This scene is from a super erotic site called Passion HD and it stars Holly Michaels and Anissa Kate. They are not just having lesbian sex nope these two have two different guys to fuck. They take turns riding whatever cock they feel like and then when the guys are about to cum they put their faces together and both take facials from both guys. I guess these girls really do believe that sharing is caring. The name of this episode is Private Show if you where looking to find more from this update.

Key To Passion


Holly Michaels Passion HD Key To Passion

Holly Michaels is back on Passion HD for the hundred thousand time and once again she delivers! The name of the scene is the key to passion and I think the key is just being Holly Michaels because man does she just love the cock. I think that is why Passion HD has her on so much because she has such a banging natural body and on top of that she loves to fuck! I like when she is in the hallway taking it from behind and she grabs her ankles really shows off just how flexible she is and I just didn’t know that.

Anikka & Holly


Holly Michaels and Anikka Albrite

It looks like Passion HD made one of my dreams come true. They got the gorgeous round ass of Anikka Albrite and those big natural tits of Holly Michaels in the same scene together! This scene is called friends with benefits and it’s out of this world out! I mean these pornstars are everything you want in a girl that’s for sure. The guy who gets to fuck both of these girls is seriously one of the luckiest guys in the world. If you like erotic passionate porn there is only one site to go and that’s Passion HD so make sure to take the tour today!

Holly Direct Approach


Holly Michaels Passion HD

As you can see this fine pussy that belongs to Holly Michaels gets a nice little creampie in a scene called Direct Approach by Passion HD. Passion HD has been coming out with a lot of scenes with this gorgeous model and for that I am not mad. They seem to do that every once in a while, find a model that members love and just rattle off a couple of news scenes of her a month. Holly has big natural tits a nice tight pussy and she loves to be banged just check it out!

Holly Michaels


Holly Michaels Passion HD

This is a gorgeous sex scene from Passion HD called Sexy Headlines. It starts a busty model named Holly Michaels and this is actually her first time on their site! I am sure she wants to come back though after the sex she received here. I mean look at her getting her pussy eaten out on the kitchen counter top I am pretty sure she really liked that. The couple just moves around the kitchen fucking standing up and on a table chair as well it’s really really hot!

True Voyeur


True voyeur with holly michaels passion hd

In this Passion HD update called True Voyeur you get to look in on an intimate afternoon with Holly Michaels and her man…they start out just relaxing on the couch with the guy idly brushing his hand over her thigh and between her legs to play with her bush a little, but they don’t stay relaxed for long! Once Holly’s libido gets fired up there’s no stopping her and soon those big tits of hers are swinging to the rhythm of her man’s big hard cock plowing her wet pussy from behind…I always thought Holly was one of the hottest girls on Passion HD and this update certainly isn’t changing my mind about it…take a look at just a few of her other updates and see what you think for yourself! Here’s scene1 and scene2 and let’s not forget scene3. Enjoy!

Sexy Music


Sexy music holly michaels passion hd

There’s a magical quality about music that just tends to make clothes melt away from women, so if you have any kind of skill handling an instrument it’s like a cheat code for getting into a girl’s pants! In this Passion HD update for instance, the guy isn’t exactly good looking but he can play acoustic guitar a little and that sexy music is more than enough to make Holly Michaels get wet down south. She hears him plinking around on the six-string and hops into his lap to enjoy the music, and before long she can feel his cock get harder as she sits there, so she shows him how well SHE can handle an instrument! Her skin flute skills are beyond compare so in no time he was hard as a rock, and we get to see that it’s not just the guitar she digs him for…his dong is enormous and thick and looks just right to Holly, who takes it in her pussy to the hilt! She fucks him on the couch there in the living room until he shoots his load right into her mouth for a nice facial ending.

Washed Away


Holly Michaels Passion HD

Holly Michaels and Madison Chandler are starring in a little group sex scene if you will. Each really has their own dick to fuck but they every once in a while will team up on a guy. Holly and Madison start things off in this Passion HD scene by just getting each other in the mood by kissing and what not. Then the guys come out tnad get to work eating these beautiful girls pussies. It’s pretty impressive that Holly and Madison were able to get these guy to cum almost the exact same time. The guys unload all over those pretty faces of theirs, and then they go back to work giving the girls oral in hops of making them have a real orgasm on camera.

Good Clean Fun


Holly Michaels Passion HD

I don’t know how many girls would consider having anal sex “Good Clean Fun” but Holly Michaels does and that’s why we love her! This scene is as clean as it possibly could be Passion HD even makes this anal scene look like art if you ask me! Holly Michaels has been on quite a roll recently when it comes to making a Passion HD update she has been in 3 of the last 4 updates for them. Don’t worry though Passion HD doesn’t update once a week like most porn sites these guys do it like 3 or 4 times a week so you get a bunch of different girls every single week, it’s quite nice (yes I am a member).

Love Ties


Holly Michaels Passion HD Love Ties

How perfect is Holly Michaels skin! That’s a weird thing to say but that’s what I first thought when I saw this picture. This is a scene from Passion HD and they call it Love Ties. Passion HD has a lot of scenes with Holly Michaels and with a body like hers I don’t blame them for doing it she just makes good porn. Holly has big natural tits and a nice round ass so she basically looks good from every single angle. If having a great ass and tits isn’t good enough just check out picture number 14 and tell me that isn’t one amazing tight pussy as well, man this girl has it going on!

Deep Throat Weekend


Holly Michaels Passion HD

In this episode from Passion HD you get to see Holly Michaels giving up her pussy and much much more. The name of the scene is Deep Throat Weekend because Holly treats the stunt cock to some of the best deep throat head you can get in porn. I would rather fuck those big natural tits of Holly’s but she probably gets sick of that so that’s why she learned to deep throat. It’s not just a blowjob gallery don’t worry you get to see it all and in High Definition to make things even better.

Shower Sex


Phd shower sex

Gorgeous big breasted pornstar Holly Michaels is all fucking wet in the shower in more ways than one when this Passion HD update starts off! She’s busy masturbating, rubbing that sweet pussy with her fingers…I guess even she isn’t immune to the powers of her nude body, she just had to get her hands all over herself. Her man rolled in and found her there twiddling her skittle and of course joined in on the fun, getting that huge cock out and slipping it into her mouth and then fucking her…shower sex is fun and all but these two needed a little more elbow room so they headed to the bedroom where he proceeded to teach that pussy a lesson with his meatbat, fucking her nice and hard and making those big perfect tits go for a very bouncy ride before giving Holly a big facial to remember the day by.

A Day Off


Passion hd day off holly michaels

Sometimes a girl’s gotta take a day off from the hustle and bustle of the real world and just take a me-day, a day of pampering and luxury and that’s just what hot honey Holly Michaels is up to in this Passion HD update! She goes in for a massage and gets so into the sensation of having her big perfect breasts and the rest of her gorgeous body oiled up and rubbed down that she can’t help but want her masseuse’s stiff cock in her mouth! She sucks him hard and then gets on hands and knees to get that wet pussy pounded from behind…her tits look awesome all the time but especially when they’re swinging as she gets fucked doggystyle! I guess this turned into another workday as she gets fucked but hey I suppose old habits die hard, Holly is a pornstar through and through so she can’t help but start thinking about sex when her clothes come off! Speaking of coming, this masseuse shoots his load all over her chest after tittyfucking those big perfect boobs to finish things off. Keep an eye out for the bit where Holly is twerking as she rides his cock, it’s pretty amazing!

Deepthroat For Breakfast


Passion hd deepthroat holly michaels

Gorgeous bombshell Holly Michaels was feeling a little peckish one morning, she couldn’t decide what to eat and then realized what she really wanted was a heaping helping of Deepthroat For Breakfast! Luckily her man was amenable to the idea so she was soon nose-to-balls on his cock, bobbing that pretty face up and down and sucking him until he was quivering rock hard and ready to give that sweet wet pussy of hers the fucking of a lifetime. I know we’ve seen Holly get her hole worked a whoooole bunch of times but she’s still gorgeous and I love seeing new updates come from her camp! That supermodel face with those big juicy titties and perfect round fuckable ass all cum together to make one glorious whole (and one glorious hole) and she always looks like she’s having fun getting banged, this Passion HD update being no exception.

Domestic DP


Holly Michaels Domestic DP

Holly Michaels is once again doing a DP for Passion HD. This time it’s called Domestic DP and it’s really fucking hot. The first time Holly tried a DP the guy came to fast and she never actually got to do it. The second time she had a for real DP which was good but not quite like this one. I think practice makes perfect everyone agrees with that so I will say this one is probably the best. She takes a really hard pounding with one guy in her ass and the other in that tight pussy of hers. I don’t know how these guys keep a hard on with their dicks bumping into each other maybe just a shit load of viagra or something LOL! Anyways the scene ends with Holly getting fucked in her ass super hard while she is blowing this other guy, her suck job makes him cum and he busts all over that pretty face and the other guy just fucks her ass until he cums. The amount of scenes with Holly are going to take a steep decline now that she isn’t exclusive to Passion HD so enjoy these amazing videos of her while you can fella’s!

Walk Into Sex


Passion hd holly michaels walk into sex

She does a lot of shoots for Passion HD but I don’t think anyone could get tired of seeing beautiful Holly Michaels getting naked and getting fucked, do you? She has a beautiful face, a nice round juicy ass and of course those big perfect tits that swing back and forth as she gets her pussy pounded! This update is called Walk Into Sex and things start out with Holly oversleeping for her workout, lying in bed with that perfect ass in full view…her trainer wonders where she is and comes to her house, and when her nude on the bed he can’t help but pounce! Holly gets her hole filled with the guy’s huge hard cock so I guess she got her workout in today after all…at least the aerobic part of it! She finishes things off with a nice tittyfuck that leads right into a good creamy facial.

Deep Pressure


Passion hd deep pressure holly michaels

When Holly Michaels asked for a long hard massage she made sure to request some deep pressure to really get her kinks out, so to speak…I guess the masseuse took her at her word because in this Passion HD update he gave her the full service! First he oiled up that beautiful nude body of hers, spending a littl extra time on her huge tits and round ass, before slipping his cock into her mouth and pussy. She still felt a little tight though so soon he had Holly on her hands and knees, easing his big dick into her tight ass for some awesome anal action! She’s got an incredible butt and it looks like it would be a dream come true to fuck that sexy round ass like this. Some guys get all the luck. Holly certainly seems to be enjoying her day at the ‘spa’ though, as she pounds that cock harder and harder until he shoots his load into her ass for a nice anal creampie finish!

Best of Both Worlds


Passion hd best of both worlds

We might call it cheating but Holly Michaels calls it getting the best of both worlds! Her main boyfriend has a fat bankroll but her guy on the side has a huge cock, so who is she to choose? Well spoiler alert, she goes for both…her boyfriend pops the question with a huge diamond ring and of course she says yes and fucks his brains out, and then her side dude calls her up for a bootycall and she says yes and fucks his brains out too! It’s all on camera for us to enjoy from Passion HD…Holly has one of the hottest bodies in the adult business if you ask me, I just can’t get enough of those huge soft full breasts and her sexy round ass and hopefully that goes double for you guys. She’s gorgeous, horny and apparently doesn’t give two shits about being monogamous so hey who knows, maybe you’ve got a shot too! If you end up banging this babe though don’t let me know, I’ll be jealous as hell.

Best Friend Fun


Passion hd anikka holly best friend fun

When the Passion HD chicks have a friendship it’s for life, and it’s closer than most friends get…Holly Michaels and Anikka Albrite for instance are good friends who happen to love getting off whether it’s with just each other like lesbians or sharing a mutual guy friend, which is what they do in this latest update entitled Best Friend Fun! Holly was just lying bored in bed and sent Anikka a text of her big round tits, and Anikka knew some good times were in store as she started masturbating and thinking about Holly’s pussy. By the time the stunning brunette came over Anikka already had her panties off and was ready to go with her guy pal, who was more than happy to pleasure two hot pussies for the price of none! The girls take turns getting fucked by that big dick and licking each others slits until finally the guy had to pull out of Holly’s wet hole and shoot his load all over her ass and slit, which Anikka was happy to lick clean.

Deep Cleaning


Holly michaels deep cleaning passion hd

Somebody needs to find out what agency sent this maid, because Holly Michaels is looking incredibly hot as she gives the house a nice deep cleaning in this Passion HD update! She’s in her sexy French maid outfit giving the downstairs a nice dusting and ‘accidentally’ showing off her ass and panties to the man of the house, who soon can’t take it anymore and pins her against the wall of the stairway, kissing and groping her and basically ripping her clothes off. They head to the bedroom to get down to some serious fucking and I don’t know if Holly has ever looked hotter…those huge tits of hers bounce to the rhythm and her ass looks incredible as she gets fucked in every position they can think of, moaning with pleasure until finally the guy gives her a facial as he shoots his load in her mouth and all over her pretty face. Looks like she has some more cleaning to do now! Holly is absolutely gorgeous so if you want to check out more of her I can’t say I blame you…we have a bunch of her updates here on the site if you’d like to see!

Bath Time


Passion hd bath time

Ah, it’s the best time of the day for Holly Michaels…namely, bath time! Not because she tends to get dirty, she just likes to get naked and get her gorgeous body all wet and slick. If her guy friend happens to be in the tub at the same time, well that’s just a bonus! Or more like boners…he pops wood of course as anyone would if a nude Holly hopped into their tub with her big perfect breasts and that gorgeous face, and slides his dick into her mouth before heading to the bedroom to really get down to business and fuck like beasts in this hardcore update from Passion HD!

Hide and Seek


Holly Michaels Hide and Seek

We always see Holly Michaels and talk about how hot her big natural tits are but what about that perfect pussy of hers! I mean just look at this picture and tell me you would want you dick to just fall asleep in that thing. She has a nice hairy bush as well that makes it unique from other pornstars in my opinion. I mean most of them always keep it shaved but not Holly. Holly Michaels has more Passion HD scenes that any other model and for that we should all count ourselves lucky! Here is another one called “Hide and Seek” we can add to that list. It’s a facial scene that has Holly hiding in her bra and panties waiting for her boyfriend to get home. Once he gets home she shows off that banging body of hers and blind folds him. She leads him into the other room where she starts to use a big pink dildo on herself. She tells him to take off the blindfold and he watches her fuck herself a bit before he goes ahead and does it himself. The sex is great but every Holly Michaels scene is top notch, anyways get to watching already and make sure to thank these guys by at least visiting their site! Make sure to check out all Holly Miacheal’s Passion HD scenes if you have a chance!

Flower Trail


Holly Michaels Flower Trail

Passion HD when tall out in this little video for their site! They got Holly Michaels a huge diamond ring gave her a walk way of flowers they did it all. The video is suppose to be a little sex session you have with your girl after you ask her to marry you. I mean it’s almost a given then you get pussy after you put a rock on her finger. Holly doesn’t just give her guy that normal sex instead she fucks him like he has never been fucked before. It’s great because after he bust in nut her her butt hole Passion HD got her to say “I Do”. Nice touch and well done guys, you’re the leader in erotica for a reason!

Top Model


Holly Michaels Top Model

This is the new Holly Michaels scene from Passion HD it’s called “Top Model”. She is definitely their top model because she has been on their site 35+ times now! Can you believe that, I bet nobody else can boast that many Holly Michaels scenes. In this gallery she is literally doing some modeling and the guy she fucks is well the guy taking the sex pictures of her. It’s a pretty hot scene that involves a prop you don’t see much in porn, a latter. The guy climbs up there and gets his dick sucked. He ends up cumming right on Holly’s face from that later, a great angle to get her face completely covered a salty man milk.

Merry XXXMas


Holly Michaels Merry XXXmas

I am going to spoil some of you guys’ Christmas present this year. Some of you are going to get anal sex for Christmas. This happens all the time and it’s usually because your girl can’t think of anything else you will want so she knows that will make you happy. The busty Holly Michaels is giving up her asshole once again in a Passion HD scene and this one is really good because she rides dick with it in her butt and that right there takes a anal queen! I think she has done a couple of anal scene for Passion HD the only other one I can think of off the top of my head is the Anal Persuasion scene she did for them. So everyone get in the Christmas spirit and watch this awesome anal scene from one of the better sites on the Internet and make sure to show them some love by visiting their tour.

Moist Physique


Holly Michaels Moist Physique

I think that Passion HD needs to hire someone just to think of titles for their scenes! I mean this new Holly Michaels scene is called “Moist Physique” ewwww! I don’t even know what that means but I am not banging a girl who has a moist physique. Only way that is okay is after a good sex session and she is all sweaty that I can kind of deal with but I like my girls not sweaty LOL! Alright enough with that now because this is very hot I mean how can it not be with this set of perfect natural tits right? There is a reason they have Holly Michaels on their site so much and that’s because she has a killer body and man does she make a good porn video.

Precious Flowers


Holly Michaels Precious Flowers

This is Holly Michaels getting fucked in a bathtub full of flowers and that pussy she is eating belongs to the gorgeous Madison Ivy. There are so many good picture in this new Passion HD update called Precious Flowers but you guys probably don’t care about pictures so let’s talk video. The video is long and it starts off with these two gorgeous pornstars just eating each other out and basically having lesbian sex. I feel when you’re not really a lesbian there just comes a point when you are like “this is fun but I want cock now” and that’s what happens to these two girls. Some lucky guy comes out and fucks both of these girls, I wonder how they decided who got to go first! It’s a incredible scene but I think I say that every time I am talking about a Passion HD scene.

All Warmed Up


Holly Michaels All Warmed Up

In in this new Passion HD scene called All Warmed Up you get to see Holly Michaels come back from a little yoga in a sexy little leotard and go right to the bedroom to wake up her boyfriend with some sex. She shows off a yoga pose or two while she is getting her pussy eaten out and riding his dick. There are definitely some very interesting positions in this one. If you like seeing Holly Michaels fucked definitely check out the Passion HD tour because they have like 10 scene with her now and they’re all amazing!

Stairway To Bliss


Holly Michaels Stairway To Bliss

This is a good way to start off a weekend with a brand spanking new gallery from Passion HD. It’s not just any model either it’s probably one of their most popular and that model is Holly Michaels! She is getting a little bit of a massage in this scene which is great because I love seeing that juicy ass and big tits squeezed. The scene ends with this guy fucking her missionary until he is about to cum and then he pulls out and just covers that perfectly shaved pussy of hers. Passion HD is definitely one of my favorite sites and now is the time to join because they are updating their site like 3+ times a week now that’s just crazy! I mean these videos are really high quality it must be costing them a fortune to make this stuff!

Rocking It


Holly Michaels Rocking It

Holly Michaels is definitely “Rocking It” in this new update from Passion HD. I think she might be the most filmed model for Passion HD which I would think would be a pretty big deal being that they are one of the best porn sites on the Internet. This scene has some really great parts but probably my favorite is when Holly gets on her knees and lets her man fuck those big natural tits of hers. Every time I see her breasts I just want to fuck them and finally a guy did it!

Sharing Is Caring


Holly Michaels and Lizz Tayler Passion HD

There is something beautiful about a hot threesome and that’s something Passion HD definitely knows as they have shot many for their site. This is a brand new one that they just released of Holly Michaels and Lizz Tayler. The first go down on each other and that gets the guy nice and hard to do some fucking. The guy cums in Lizz’s pussy giving her a creampie that Holly is okay with eating out of her pussy, that dirty little slut!

Make It Zippy


Holly Michaels Make It Zippy

Passion HD is going crazy for Holly Michaels! This is her second scene in less then like 3 days I think! The name of the scene is Make It Zippy because her and her boyfriend are suppose to be going out. He saw her putting on her little black g-string thong and her tight white dress and couldn’t help himself. He talks her into a quick fuck session where he busts his load as fast as he can because these two got to get going!

Holly Michaels in Deep Throat Weekend by Passion HD
Holly Michaels In Sexy Headlines by Passion HD
Jessie Rogers and Holly Michaels have a threesome on Passion HD

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