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Lela Star Creampie Ride


Lela Star Creampie Ride

I am always on top of my Lela Star porn so here is her brand new scene fresh off the presses. I didn’t make the gallery but as you guys all know that’s because I am lazy. This scene is a creampie scene in which Lela actually get it while she is riding his guys cock. Well to be fair he kind of just grabs onto her big fat ass and fucks her from below and cums in her pussy but she was riding him right before that! This is more of a erotic scene then most of the stuff you get when you watch a Bang Bros scene. There is just a small story that goes with it and that is Lela here hasn’t seen her man in some time and the first the she wants to do when he gets home is fuck of course. That right there is a good girl I must say so!

Lela Star


Lela Star

I’m sure this chick Lela Star always has a line of guys waiting to sample that sweet MILF pussy of hers, but she’s got her eyes set on this one particular dude. Apparently she snuck into the guy’s house and is trying on all his wife’s clothes, he was freaking out but there’s just something about these crazy chicks because soon he was balls-deep in her wet horny pussy! She looked even better in that lingerie than his wife did apparently, with that big fat round juicy booty of hers popping out…he meant to just give her the boot from the house but couldn’t resist whipping out his cock and giving her a nice deep hard fuck before his ol’ lady came home! Hopefully she doesn’t notice another woman’s been wearing her naughty things…

Lela Star As Kim K


Lela Star as Kim K

That ass that Lela star has seriously just keeps growing and growing doesn’t it? Well Brazzers wanted her to look like Kim K I guess and she took that to heart because she is getting damn close. She is nice and thick and her ass actually might be better now then the real Kim LOL. In this episode Kim K is fucking a paparazzi something I am pretty sure she wouldn’t do ever but who knows she fucked Ray J I mean that means she could pretty much fuck anyone I guess. The video is from Brazzers and it’s really well done Brazzers puts in a lot of effort to their porn one of the few sites you can say that about. This isn’t the first time they have done a “Kim K” porn scene either. Remember when they do the play on Kim’s “Break The Internet” magazine cover? The guys over there but really love themselves some Kim they sure do parody her a lot!

Lela Star Needs Release


Lela Star Needs Release

Lela Star is playing a high powered business woman and like probably all business woman she needs some release. So she sits down at her computer and starts to rub one out when her computer suddenly dies. This gets her into one of her moods and she is yelling for her IT guy to come fix this shit. She gives him until after she gets back to lunch to fix it. When she walks into her office she doesn’t see him anywhere so she just picks up where she left off, after all she had already taken off her panties so she sits in her chair comes to her favorite site and starts to rub on her clit. The thing is the IT worker was under her desk and so he is watching as she is fingering her beautiful looking pussy. He bumps his head on the desk and Lela finds him under there she is super pissed. She tells him to get the fuck out and that he is fired. Right before he is leaving though Lela has a great idea. She is super horny and could use some cock so she tells this guy to get naked. Trying to save his job he does and she pushes him against the desk as you see in this picture and starts to fuck him. This guy can’t even believe he is fucking this gorgeous MILF and grabs on to that fat ass of hers and starts to pound away. Lela goes all out fucking her employee even letting him cum inside of her pussy and in the end this shrewd business woman still fires his ass even after the great fuck he gave her.

Lela Star Is Back


Lela Star on Brazzers

I mean how long has it been since you have seen a new Lela Star scene? It’s been a really long time for me and I look at porn sites all day long basically. Brazzers has been looking to get her back for some time and they finally ponied up the money to get her to do a scene and they didn’t miss spend it! They had her do a creampie scene, that for those of you who don’t know is like one of the hardest things to get a pornstar to do so you can imagine what it took. Lela Star here has a fake butt I mean she has to, it’s just too damn big for her little petite body. You know she went into a plastic surgeon and told him she wanted that Kim Kardashain ass and man did he deliver… This video shows off her giant butt perfectly and the video even highlights some of the positions that are best when viewing a beautiful butt like this. I hope that Lela is like fully back in porn and not just doing this one scene I could really use her back in the rotation on all the big sites. This is definitely a video you’re going to want to watch so stop reading and get to watching!

Lela Star and artwork


Lela Star on Twistys

Sure, Lela Star is gorgeous with her huge tits and that petite body, but I’m a little distracted by where she’s posing in this Twistys photoshoot…from the looks of things it’s at a museum or something on one of those benches in the middle of the room. Maybe she’s trying to distract the other patrons from looking at the terrible art on the shelves behind her…seems like a pretty good idea to me!

Lela Star Creampie


Lela creampied

Lela Star is used to being filled with hard throbbing cock but it’s not very often that the guy stays in when he blows his load. This time her tight wet pussy felt so good the guy couldn’t be bothered to bust on her face; he filled her up like a champ and believe me she was very happy.

Lela Star


Lesbians and assholes

Watching girls eat each others assholes never gets old. They get riled up, the panties get pulled down and the ass cheeks get spread open, and then it’s all questing fingers and tongues and moaning with delight as they pleasure each other in their most sinful place.

Lela Star


Lela Star's Bikini

Amazing dark haired exotic beauty Lela Star shows us why women should be covered in gold, right before stripping down and showing us why they’re even hotter with it off. Finding galleries of Lela never fails to disappoint and her private galleries are worth even more of the trouble.

Lela Star Bikini


Lela Star

If it’s one thing I always liked about Lela Star, it’s that she does amazing things with her mouth and face. Normally, I’d just look through a gallery of insanely hot women and admire the tits and ass but Lela has really got that orgasm face going on and she employs it in several photos and it’s hot as hell.

Lela Star Twistys


Lela Star

Lela Star always seems to have this really hot exotic look to her that makes her one of the hotest bitches out there, fake boobs besides the point. Her tits stand out just perfectly on her chest and I wouldn’t have them any other way, especially not when she’s got that fine ass to back them up.

Lela Star


Lela Star

Lela Star is what’s known in her neighborhood as a good time, since she’s always up for a sexy romp. Over at a friend’s house, she strips on out of her tight sexy jeans and reveals her animal print lingerie, but those big tits of her want out, and so she takes everything off.

Lela Star


Lela Star

If there’s one person you’d expect to know their way around a woman’s body, it’s a pornstar like Lela Star. She brought a nice redheaded lesbian friend over to Stunners today, and Lela just can’t keep her hands off of her body. Of course, the feeling is mutual, so there’s a lot of kissing and touching and groping in this set, ending in a glorious lesbian 69 at the end of the gallery. I wonder which babe got off first?

Lela Star



This is a beautiful gallery from Digital Desire of the lovely Lela Star. She is looking amazing showing her big fake tits and that slender hour glass figure she has. She does take off her panties and shows some pussy but Digital Desire censors it, you have to be a member to see some pussy at Digital Desire. If you would like to see some of Lela Star free movies then just go and check out nude.

Lela Star


Lela Star

Twistys is the home of some of the hottest babes online, and they have been for quite a few years now. Hey, when you can get a girl like Lela Star to come in and get naked for you, you’re doing something right. She’s got really big tits and I’d say a pretty perfect pussy too. This Latina girl is as sexy as it gets!

Lela Star


Lela Star

Big latina boobs! Now that I’ve got your attention for this final post of the day, let me follow it up by saying that Lela Star looks flat out amazing in this Wicked Weasel bikini. I’ve always liked those, and when you put a girl with big boobs in one, well, that’s just perfect.

Lela Star


Lela Star

There are no bones about it in this gallery, Lela Star got herself some big new titties and she’s eager to put them on display. Thse things really are massive, I might say they’re a little too big even. Okay, that’s a lie, there’s actually no such thing as tits that are too big for me. Ha, got you there, didn’t I?

Lela Star


Lela Star

It’s easy to see why Lela Star got that name: she’s actually a celestial body composed of hydrogen and helium engaged in a massive nuclear fusion reaction. I am, of course, just kidding. I guess she got the name from her tattoo or something. She certainly has a heavenly body though, this hot babe has some really nice tits and I enjoy looking at them.

Lela Star


Lela Star

Twistys Treat of the Month for July, Lela Star, posing erotically outside. It’s easy to see where the Star part of her name comes from, since she’s got one tattooed on her side. Honestly, I’m paying way more attention to her boobs tham her stomach in this set.

Lela Star Nude


Lela Star

here is Lela star in a very glamorous set of her with a hose getting all wet. This picture set was shot for Danni where you can fill all your babe needs. In this set Lela starts by just wetting herself down and then she starts to let the water run on her pussy.

Lela Star



This is Lela Star in a Bikini shot for the website Danni. She is striking up some poses in this picture set you get some real good looks of every inch of her nude body, and man are those shades set to stun or what?

Lela Pornstar


Lela Star Naekd

Lela Star is a pornstar that just recently decided that she was only going to fuck for her own website. Here is a picture set of the gorgeous porn star with a small little t-shirt on the give you some under boob cleavage of her. Lela is in some sexy little panties with some high heels on showing off those nice long legs of hers.

Mia Lelani Anal Sex


Mia Lelani Anal Sex Pure mature

The MILF superstar Mia Lelani is getting her butt filled with a dick in this new anal sex scene from Pure Mature. It’s a episode called Breaking In The New Place. I think all guys would be moving as often as they could if they got to have anal sex in the new place. It’s a great tradition that all woman should probably start. This is her very first time on Pure Mature and it’s quite a way to start you have to admit. They start off on the couch with Mia between his legs sucking on his balls and then deep throating that cock. I wanted to see her take his whole dick in her mouth and then go after the balls. That’s something that would blow my mind. I haven’t seen it often but from how easily Mia was able to deep throat this guy I think she could have done it.

Mia Lelani Mr. Anal


Mia Lelani Mr. Anal

I got you the new anal sex scene from Bang Bros for their Mr. Anal site. The exotic pornstar you see here is Mia Lelani and she loves a good anal sex session. The video starts with her riding a cock while the guy loosens up the ass to get ready for his big dick. They finally are able to get this huge double sided dildo in it while she rides him and man is it impressive. I think once a girl likes anal they really just can’t fuck without something in their butt. The rumor is it makes orgasm just that much better. You will see a couple of them if you guys ever whip out your credit cards and become members of Bang Bros. They have so many scenes for Mr. Anal now that there is bound to be a couple of them who cum.

Lela Petite Body


Lela Star

You know her and love her, and today she wants you to see her pretty ass! Lela Star’s got a nice, tight, fuckable asshole that demands your attention. Make sure you don’t disappoint her, because she’s one of those goddess where you only get one shot and you need to make it count.

Lela’s Backside


Lela’s Back

Lela Star is back again to remind us that she’s the hottest thing on the planet. What I like about Lela is that she’s always trying out sexy new outfits and this one is no exception; it’s black and lacy and looks perfect against her flawless skin. Oh and of course she ends up nude in this set!

Lela Tan Bed Fuck


Lela and her dong

Lela Star lucked out and scored herself a hot guy to spend the day with. They decided to forgo all the lead up and just get right down to what they both wanted: hardcore fucking and sucking. Sounded like a good plan to us, and we captured every erotic moment and now we’re sharing.

Pinup Files Lela


More Lela

We all know and love Lela Star but since nobody can seem to get enough of her we are once again bringing you a stunning gallery of this hot little piece of ass. Check out that hot bronze body and just sit back and think about all the things you could do to it if you only had twenty minutes.

Lele Star Hustler


Lela Star

Here we have the gorgeous Lela Star on Hustler. She is one of the more famous pornstars I know of, and you know she is famous for a reason. Lela Star is just damn hot, has always had a perfect body and just a gorgeous face. Enjoy these nudes of her and check out the rest of the site there, they have a lot of awesome celebrity nude pictures and what not.

Nikki Nine


Nikki Nine Gets Her Man Back

I do believe this beautiful MILF is new to the porn industry. Her name is Nikki Nine and when I google her there is a whole other person that shows up. I mean it could be she just changed a whole bunch but I just am not buying that. This Nikki girl has an amazing body I especially like her ass. It nice and round and big, what more can you ask for really. Her tits are nice too but those are fake and you know I love some fake titties but anyone can get those. I guess you can get fake asses nowadays but most girls don’t do that. Only porn chick I can think of is Lela Star. Anyways this scene is from Brazzers and she is showing up at an engagement party. Her ex boyfriend is getting married and it somehow has made her want to get him back so she goes there with that intent. The guy freaks out when he see’s her and brings her inside. She tells him that she wants him back and that he is making a big mistake. He isn’t buying what she is saying so she goes with her trump card. She lifts up her skirt and shows that perfect bald pussy that she knows he is missing, turns around and shows her perfect ass and then flashes her titties. This guy is in love once again and his lust takes over and he fucks her in the room he was suppose to share with his soon to be wife.

FT5 Zoo Episode


Mia Lelani

I think the star of this Fuck Team Five episode has to be Mia Lelani she just has a great set of tits on her and she fucks awesome. The girls take a van to the zoo in Los Angeles trying to find some guys who are willing to have some group sex with them. After a lot of searching, more then you would think because what guy in their right mind wouldn’t want to put their dick in one of these hot pornstars, they finally find some dudes to fuck.

Bridgette B


Bridgette B

Bridgette B is such a awesome pornstar that she only needs one name doesn’t even bother with a last name its just Bridgette! In this update from Fuck Team Five you can see a awesome video of Bridgette B, Mia Lelani and Luscious Lopez fucking a guy that bagged their groceries! The guy ends up getting caught by his manager and the end of the video and he runs into the woods its pretty funny. Fuck Team 5 is the only site I know of where real pornstars go and find average Joe guys and fuck their brains out like they always wanted.

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