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Money Talks wings


Money Talks wings contest

We all love eating wings but it just gets so messy, so when these hot lesbians decided to have a wing-eating contest on the Reality Kings site Money Talks they figured that the best way to keep from getting all sloppy was to strip down nude! I don’t know who won the contest but we get to see these hot chicks topless getting down on some wings, and that’s always fun.

Money Talks


Money Talks

This girl really wanted to get herself some dick, so she basically grabbed a guy and pulled him back to the closet to drill her. After she sucks on his hard cock for a few minutes, he bends her over the table and fucks her brains out!

Money Talks


Money Talks

This is a hardcore fucking gallery from Money Talks that is part of the Reality Kings network of sites you get when you just join one. This blonde chick has nice big floppy naturals tits that bounce all around as she gets fucked in different positions. She also gets those boobies titty fucked in the first video.

Money Talks Porn


Money Talks

This is probably one of the most original ideas I have seen someone come out with in a long time. The website is kind of like a game show the make people doing some crazy stuff for money like you will see in some of these videos they are doing the naked Olympics it looks like. Then at the end of the show they usually get a couple girls to suck a dick or get fucked for some cash.

Money Talks



Girl showing that money really talks, gets a wade of cash to suck a guy off in the kitchen of the bar.

Money Hungry


Money Hungry Reality Kings

I first wanted to post this site because of the cute blond girl in the van getting fucked by a strap-on on a guys chest (weird I know) but then I saw this chick who gets paid some cash to fuck a guy in a clothing store she shops at and she was actually the real winner to me! This girl has a nice round ass and some sexy tanlines she is a real catch. The site its from is Money Talks a site you get access too when you join the Reality Kings network. There is also another scene that takes place during the filming of this money talk episode and thats a hot blond dressed up like a turkey getting fucked by two guys, pretty funny all in all and actually damn hot as well!

Eva Lovia White Lace


Eva Lovia White Lace Lingerie

I should play like guess these boobs and pussy series on the site, that’s really a good idea but I am too lazy to make that happen I think. This girl right here just started doing hardcore does that help you out at all? Well if that doesn’t then nothing will her name is Eva Lovia and this gallery of her is for her personal site. I could have posted a hardcore scene of her but sometimes I like to just see a girl naked and Eva is definitely a girl I just want to see naked. She has nice small tits and I love her hairy pussy too plus you guys don’t even get to see it here she has one of the best asses on the internet. Plus look at her tan lines for that pussy I mean she takes care of this body of hers, I mean at this point it’s her money maker. Another reason I posted this is because she did come out with another hardcore scene today from Money Talks. She hit the streets and found a girl to come back to a hotel room and have a threesome with her. Along with a bunch of random people showing her their private parts.

Isabella De Santos


Isabella De Santos

It looks like Isabella De Santos is making a few dreams come true in this scene from the Reality Kings network site Money Talks as she and her gorgeous girlfriend join forces to suck and fuck this dude’s big fat hard cock! The girls take turns sucking him off and then going for a ride, and looking magnificent the whole time…Isabella has these knee high rainbow socks on that just look cute as hell and she keeps them on while she gets that tight wet pussy pounded, hopefully the guy doesn’t get epilepsy from those stripey legs bouncing all over the place! Isabella is a gorgeous Latina with a great ass and she definitely puts it to work in this hot fuck scene.

Serena Torres


Serena Torres money talks

The thing with the adult industry is that there are tons of girls who might not be the hottest chicks on the block but they’re willing to take ten dicks in the ass at once or whatever so they make a name for themselves. Serena Torres, on the other hand, is totally smokin hot so when she shows up on a site like Money Talks it’s always a pleasure…watch this gorgeous little Latina hottie strip off her teal dress and show her little yellow thong panties in a sporting goods store before sucking cock and getting pounded and eating pussy in a hot hardcore threesome!

Rikki Nyx Rides


Rikki Nyx Reality Kings

I have another gallery for you guys of Rikki Nyx, it’s on Reality Kings once again but this time it’s for their site 8th Street Latinas. Rikki does some fucking in this scene as you can see and my favorite part of the video is definitely this one pictures here where she is squating on this guys big dick riding it up and down. I don’t think it’s just me who likes it though because Rikki sure did a lot of moaning when she was riding that dick.

Rikki Nyx on Money Talks By Reality Kings

Ass Flash


Money Talks Ass Flash

This is a pretty cool update because it has on this girl named Nyx Rikki who many of you should recognize as FTV Girls Rikki! This time though Money Talks has her sucking and fucking for a bunch of cash. Seeing that nice pussy fucked and those big naturals bouncing as it’s happening is exactly what I needed to see today! It just puts a smile on my face watching Money Talks scene, there is always some humor and then super hot amateurs doing things they wouldn’t normally do but the money made them do it!

Bar Bang Boneanza


Bar Bang Reality Kings Money Talks

That’s some pretty hot sex right there isn’t it, nice thick blonde girl picked up and banged super hard it doesn’t get much better. This scene is from Money Talks and that’s were the gallery goes but that’s just cause I want you guys to check out all the crazy things people have done for money on the site! This sex scene was the last in multiple mini segments of people doing crazy things for money. Granted, that having sex in a bar in front of people is probably the most insane but there is also a part in this video were a guy gets a remote control helicopter attached to his dick and has to endure 15 minutes of it flying around pretty funny huh?

Public Pussy


public pussy money talks

This is a scene from Money Talks called Public Pussy and it features two amateur girls that you see pictured here getting paid some cash to have lesbian sex in the backroom of a business. The girls pretend like this is the first time they have ever done anything like this but they sure seem good at licking pussy for first timers. The girl getting licked in this picture has the most amazing perfect pussy you will ever see just check out picture 12! I forgot to mention in this beginning of this video the Money Talks crew is walking the street and they pay a couple of hot girls to give themselves a cameltoe and show it so make sure to check that out!

Frosty Fucked


Fucking Frosty

I just thought that this was such a unusual gallery I had to post it, its from Money talks which is a site you get access to when you join Reality Kings. Basically on the Money Talks website you get the funny with the porn as you will see in this scene. The girl hosts gets this snow board chick to fuck frost for some money.

Happy Halloween!


Money Talks Halloween

I have a couple of gallery to wish you a happy Halloween this year, the first one is from Money Talks the episode name is “On Fire”. They had some really hot girls with perfect round asses get them air brushed like a pumpkin, then a lucky guy got paid to pick which one he would like to fuck and do it on camera.

Sunni Mayweather


Sunni Mayweather

Money Talks gets Sunni Mayweather to put on the worlds smallest bathing suite or a piece of string if your not stupid. This is from Money Talks a porn site that is also a funny site as well. They get random people on the street to do crazy stuff, because everyone has a price!

Petite Girl Fucked


Petite Girl

I thought this girl was just too damn cute not to post a gallery of. I don’t know her name but she is nice and petite and she is from one of the Reality Kings websites Money Talks. So if you buy a membership to Reality Kings you can get access to bunch of different sites I think 22 to be exact, and Money Talks is one of them. They have new updates every day and their porn is amazing one of the best out there so give them a look.

Lilly Kingston


Lilly Kingston

At Reality Kings, Money Talks and bullshit walks! I’d say the money has done the talking in this case, because I can’t honestly think of any other circumstances under which a pornstar like Lilly Kingston would be fucking Frosty the Snowman. I mean, that’s what it looks like to me. Probably plenty of other snowmen that would give her a deep dicking, or carroting, or whatever the hell snowmen have.




This is the second to last thumb on the second row of 3pic the site I am sending you too. This is a girl from Money Talks, she got paid some cash to show that tight bald pussy of hers and I would like to thank her for it.

Anal Creampie For Diamond


Anal Creampie For Diamond

Just another day for the beautiful ebony MILF Diamond Jackson when it comes to this Bang Bros scene. The only thing that might be a little different is that she let this Bang Bros guy go ahead and cum inside of her pussy! Anal creampies are a cumshot that you just don’t see many places but Diamond here doesn’t shy away from them. Judging just from the porn videos of hers that I have watched I am going to guess that Diamond here doesn’t just do porn for the money, I think she is just a really sexy girl. The way she talks during her porn scenes and then just how much pleasure she gets from the fucking whether it’s in her black pussy or in her tight ass like this video she just likes it all. There isn’t just anal in this scene so check it out because it really just has a little something for everyone, and it’s pretty long!

Hot Bartender


Hot Bartender

Watch This Girls Do Porn Video

I am having a really hard time making up names for each of these girls nowadays, but this girls name came easy to me. She is 21 years old and she is a bartender somewhere I am going to guess Texas if I had to. It was easy because I just know if I was drinking and saw this girl as my bartender I would make it my mission to get in her pants. She would get way to much money from me because I would tip her way to much and at the end of the night I would get no pussy because you know that shit happens to her all the time. Sure enough when Girls Do Porn asked her if she gets hit on a lot she said “too much”. There is one guy that made it happen though, or maybe one of her coworkers because she talks about the craziest places she has ever had sex before and one of those is at he bar. While it was open. That’s some crazy shit right there isn’t it? Well at first one this girl is getting fucked I thought she was just going to be quiet throughout the whole video but she started moaning and stuff as she got more and more into it. By the end of the video you can hear how wet her pussy is. Her favorite possion and favorite part of her whole scene was when she was fucked missionary. We need to mark this girl as one of the few woman in the world who doesn’t desire doggystyle sex. She said she likes it of course all girls like it. I have posted so many Girls Do Porn galleries over the years and I have learned many things about the sluts of the world but the #1 fact I have for you guys is they love it from behind plain and simple!

Jessie Law First Scene


Jessie Law First Scene

Click to see Jessie Law on My Very First Time!

So the site My Very First Time is still pretty new but there has been enough updates on there that we can pretty much draw some conclusions…for instance, usually the chicks on the site are already pornstars and are pushing their boundaries a little by trying out something they had never done before on camera, like getting fucked in the ass or taking multiple guys at once, that sort of thing. This time though it’s a little different…meet sexy newcomer Jessie Law, she’s a total cutie who went to Harvard and is now jumping into the porn industry! She comes from a wealthy family so she’s grown up in a pretty soft little cushion of existence I would say, and I think her move into the porn world now is a rebellion against that. What better way to give the middle finger to a privileged big-money upbringing and stale safe soft life than by getting fucked on camera while the whole world watches am I right? This is Jessie’s first scene and she decided to do it on My Very First Time, and we all get a front row seat to all the fun! She seems a little nervous at first as she introduces herself and talks a little about her situation, but once she gets naked and takes this guy’s big thick dick in her tight little cunt she turns into a total horny honey! She gets fucked hard and begs the guy to pound her harder and deeper, talking dirty and asking him to call her his little slut and a little whore, and she ends up on her knees taking a big cum facial to welcome her to the industry. Hopefully her daddy doesn’t mind too much!

Gorgeous Local Girl BTS


Gorgeous local girl bts gdp

It was a little less than a year ago that we posted about this gorgeous local girl for the first time (she also came back for round two) but with a face and body like she’s got I wouldn’t be surprised if she stuck in your memory. Girls Do Porn has hands-down the hottest amateur chicks I’ve seen on the net getting naked and getting fucked, they knock it out of the park each and every week…sometimes they have to go a little far afield flying a girl in from across the country but sometimes there’s a horny hottie right in their hometown who wants to make her very first adult video on GDP! This girl was a bit nervous at first but the combination of money and adventure and the promise of a nice hard fuck tickled her curiosity and man oh man I’m glad she decided to take the plunge. If you haven’t hopped onto the brand new members’ area yet make sure you check it out, they’ve got all kinds of fun new features…my favorite new feature is probably the BTS (behind-the-scenes) footage they have available, you get to see a little glimpse behind the scenes getting to know the girls a little better, hearing how they feel about their shoot during breaks partway through, and of course getting a little post-game interview so to speak. For instance this gorgeous local girl talks about how much she likes this guy’s cock and we get some extra footage of her sucking him off, then rinsing off that beautiful tight body in the shower afterwards. It’s a nice little supplement to a red hot hardcore shoot, and a mighty nice feature that Girls Do Porn provides to their members!

Subway Ass


Subway ass

When you get hammered and pass out or just plain fall asleep on the subway you’re putting your own dignity on the line, as you can see in the thumbnail above…this chick dozed off and before you know it her friend in the yoga pants is flashing her ass next to her face and getting another friend to take their picture! A nice keepsake and of course that ass is pretty impressive…but Ernie from Ernie’s House Of Whoopass chooses instead to focus on the poster behind them advertising some new app to send money around or something! Ernie loves fixating on some minor detail and ignoring the hot amateurs in his pictures, it’s pretty funny. Plus, every day he updates on the site he talks about interesting stuff, it’s always worth checking out even if you don’t count the hot girls with tits and ass flashing that he always posts! If you’ve got a batch of sites you check on the daily make sure you add this one to it, you’ll thank me pretty much every single day.



Sarah for net video girls

Man they’ve picked a doozie for this update from Net Video Girls…this chick’s name is Sarah and she’s a piece of work alright. She does some cat-sitting to make a little money and pay the rent, she says she doesn’t take care of dogs because they’re too smart. It’s pretty obvious the guy is laughing his ass off at her but he passes it off as being a little goofed up on happy-pills…anyway, once he gets his shit together he plays the old ‘calendar shoot audition’ hook and she totally buys it. He has to talk her into it quite a bit but after a while she agrees to strip down and show her body in a bikini, and for a crazy cat lady in the making she actually looks pretty damn hot! She’s got great tits and a spectacular ass and she shows it off for this guy and for us. Eventually he even talks her into sucking his cock and stripping down completely to masturbate, he doesn’t fuck her like he usually does with the amateur hotties he brings in but maybe she’ll be back and will get her pussy pounded…I know I wouldn’t mind seeing those very nice tits again, that’s for sure!

Wanna Be Pornstar


Want To Be Pornstar

I think this girl is kind of a want to be pornstar. She says she is just doing it to make money, and the guy from Girls Do Porn says she almost flaked but watch the video. First the bleach blonde hair, fake tits I see you wanna be pornstar. Then the fact that she is cheating on a boyfriend to make this film, once again I have her pegged. The thing that really makes me believe it is the way she talks when she is being fucked. She is the girl that says things like “Oh you like that tight pussy”, “I am about to cum” alright she wasn’t bluffing about that. I don’t know if she can cut it though because that tight little pussy of hers couldn’t handle a hour long fucking from this guys big cock! Maybe with some practice she could be up to snuff, she didn’t express some interest in doing anal so hopefully they will bring her back for a anal sex scene!



Scarlett Exploited College Girls

Scarlett is a southern bell that loves herself some dick. The problem is she talks this huge game about how much she loves sex and then the guy from Exploited College Girls asked how much she had sex and she was like once a week. He then guessed that she had a boyfriend and sure enough sure does! He doesn’t know she is fucking some other guy for money but it’s his own fault he says no to this girl when she asks to have sex! She is a little cum fiend and there is proof of this at the end of the video when the dude shoots a huge load of cum in her mouth and before he can say “don’t swallow” she had swallowed.



Backroom Casting Couch Jojo

This is Jojo she is looking for money lets be honest. That’s why she is on the dating site that Rick found her on and that’s why she is on Backroom Casting Couch. The thing is Jojo could probably actually be a pornstar in real life but she met the wrong person for sure. She talks to Rick on the couch telling him all about herself because she was told that’s what the producer what to hear. My favorite story is the one where she talks about all the girls she has slept with 22 to be exact. The second best one is her talking about the 2 male / male / girl threesome she had both of which the guys DP’d her. Since Rick heard that he made a note to get her to do anal after he had fucked her for a bit and sure enough he asked and she obeyed.

Natalie Heart


Natalie Heart Casting Couch X

Does anyone want to see the first scene that Natalie Heart (A.K.A Jaslene Jade) made? It was for none other then Casting Couch X. She went to this nude photoshoot thinking the only thing that she was going to do was show off her awesome tight pussy and her even more awesome perky tits. Well the guy she was interview with actually works in porn and he had a different idea how to make this girl some money. So he talks her into making her first sex tape which he then goes on to show other studios and she becomes the star she is today. If you think her pussy is tight now then you have to check out this scene because it’s before all the guys in the porn industry got to fuck her so it was nice and small.

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