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Mischa Amateur Allure


Mischa Brooks Amateur Allure

I have my favorite gallery of the day which comes from Amateur Allure and they have the beautiful Mischa Brooks sucking and fucking. Mischa still keeps her day job as a rental car lady but she just keeps getting more and more poplular I have a feeling that job isn’t going to last long. Msicha loves to fuck and you can see when she rides him reverse cowgirl she is really good at it!

Mischa from Reality Kings In A Scene Called Touch Me

Jessie Rogers Allure


Jessie Rogers Amateur Allure

I am surprised it has taken me this long to post this scene of Jessie Rogers on Amateur Allure. It’s seriously super hot and one of the best scenes she has ever done. If you want to see the full video just head over to Amateur Allure and join up its really worth every penny. For those of you who are not familiar with Jessie she has the perfect bubble butt as you see here and seeing her ride cock is like watching Mozart play the piano it’s amazing!

Holly Michaels


Amateur Allure Holly Michaels

This is another kind of well known pornstar on Amateur Allure her name is Holly Michaels. I really like Holly because of those big puffy tits of hers! She is so pretty and I am glad Amateur Allure picked her for their holiday special. She fucks Thomas in this gallery he like came out of retirement to get a piece of this hot ass and I don’t blame him and once you watch the video you won’t either this chick knows how to suck and fuck!



Annikka Amateur Allure

So I have been forgetting to update Amateur Allure category on the site so today your going to get three updates and all of them are really awesome. This one is of a round ass babe named Annikka, weird spelling of the name I know but hey that’s how they spell it! She is super sweet and seems like a cool chick, you get to see her fucking and sucking and swallowing multiple loads of cum in that sexy mouth of hers.



Summer Amateur Allure

We have a chick named Summer here from Amateur Allure for you guys she has nice big plump lips which everyone thinks what that would feel like wrap around your own dick. Well from the looks of it in this video its pretty nice she loves to give head and probably loves it so much because she knows she is awesome at it!

Lola Foxx


Lola Foxx Amateur Allure

If I didn’t have a College Rules gallery going up today this Lola Foxx gallery from Amateur Allure totally would have been number one! This scene is super hot mostly because they have a hottie like Lola Foxx and that nice round ass of hers. She does a great job swallowing two different loads from the guys at Amateur Allure and man does she know how to fuck just check out this free video I have attached to the gallery.

Sheena Amateur Allure


amateur allure sheena

This nice ass belongs to Sheena she is a amateur chick you guys can see giving head and fucking on a site called Amateur Allure. Most of you guys who visit this site all the time know tha tjust by the quality of this picture but for the new guys its really a wesome site and you have to check it out!



Dylan Amateur Allure

This is my favorite girl of all the updates from Amateur Allure I did today. This girls name is Dylan but I had to cheat and see if she has done any other scenes before Amateur Allure so I figured out her stage name and its Madison Spears. Dylan fucks and sucks in this scene and seeing that big dick go in that tight pussy of hers is everything I wanted and more. If you would like to see all the scene that this girl has put out just click on her pictures off to the right when you are viewing the gallery.

Abby Princess Leia


Abby Amateur Allure Leia

This is the Halloween update for Amateur Allure and it features Abby dressed up like Princess Leia. She pulls off a good Leia probably better then most girls. I love Abby for her nice round ass and amazing fit body. In this gallery you get to fulfill your StarWars fantasy by seeing the Princess banged out in all kinds of positions.

Abby’s first time on Amateur Allure
Abby second time on Amateur Allure the Valentines update
Abby’s third visit to Amateur Allure in a sexy Peach dress

Heather Amateur Allure


Heather Amateur Allure

This is a girl you guys will see nowhere else except for Amateur Allure because well Ray picked up Heather at his favorite clothing store. If you listen to the interview at the beginning of the video you will hear her mention it. Heather is a very innocent girl she has actually never even swallowed a load of cum before, she says she will try it and well she did a damn good job at it for being a “first timer”. Heather is a exotic check I don’t know exactly what she is but I am going to take a guess and probably offend a couple of you guys I say she is a Latina what do you guys think?

Riley Reid Returns


Riley Reid Returns To Amateur Allure

She is just cute as a button is she not? Her name is Riley Reid and this is her second scene she has done for Amateur Allure. This one is just as good as her last if not better! She knows what she is doing and man does she just go crazy when their is a dick inside her. Watch the video for the part were she is riding Ray’s cock on the couch its probably the hottest 3 minutes of video I have ever seen!

Riley Reid’s first time on Amateur Allure

MaeLynn Returns


Maelynn Returns To Amateur Allure

I have a couple of models on this Amateur Allure Tuesday that are returning to the site and MaeLynn is the first of those girls. She is in this very sex tight white dress, that she does her first cumshot in. She just pulls up her dress, and lets him fuck her like that until he finishes on her pretty face. Like all Amateur Allure scenes there is two cumshots so in the second one MaeLynn gets completely naked and rides some dick until he cums for the second time in one day.

MaeLynn first time on Amateur Allure



Hope Amateur Allure

I am going to have a little Amateur Allure catch up today and the first girl of that catch up is Hope. You should be pretty stoked because Hope is damn hot and she is the first of the updates so that means I probably have girls better then her. I know its hard to believe but I think its true, I am sure there is going to be plenty of you who disagree with me. Hope has a awesome body with nice small tits and picture number 12 is probably the hottest picture of the set check it out. The pictures like always isn’t the real star check out the video its amazing, but what Amateur Allure video isn’t.

Riley Reid


Riley Reid on Amateur Allure

Riley Reid is an 18 year cum junky who found a place where her freaky side is not only embraced, but celebrated. Amateur Allure invited Riley over to handle some cock and swallow some cum, and she was all too excited to accept.

Mary Jane Returns to Amateur Allure


Mary Jane Johnson Returns to Amateur Allure

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… There just aren’t enough redhead teens out there on the internet to satisfy demand. We get so many requests here that I even fudge in the dyed redheads just to help tide you guys over. Today we got a sexy little number named Mary Jane Johnson and she is returning for her second tour on Amateur Allure.

Amateur Allure Amber Returns


Amber from Amateur Allure Returns

Amber returns to Amateur Allure after Thomas promises her that she will get all the cum she can handle. Check out the video, by the end of this teaser she’s downed 2 loads and begs for me. Nothing hotter than a dyed in the wool cum slut who just loves cock.



Krystal Amateur Allure

This is Krystal and she is from Amateur Allure so that means you get to see her swallowing cum and giving head as well as fucking. The scene is really good you can tell she is a total amateur and in the full video she tells about how the only time she actually gets dick is when her and girl girlfriend (that’s right she is a lesbian) bring home a guy from the club.

Myla Returns


Myla Amateur Allure

Its our lucky day today fella’s because Myla from Amateur Allure has some back for another scene with them! This time instead of swallowing the cum she takes it all over that gorgeous face of hers! The hardcore action is amazing and you can just tell that Myla here loves to fuck watch the full video for proof of that!
Myla First Appearance on Amateur Allure



Adelyn Amateur Allure

This is a very cute redhead her name is Adelyn and you can see her fucking and sucking in this Amateur Allure scene! The girl has a nice pussy and a really cool personality I wish I could have shown you more of the video! If you haven’t ever seen the Amateur Allure site check it out there are tons of girls you will see no where else!



Veronica Amateur Allure

How would you like a gorgeous petite thing like this girl Veronica latched onto your balls like this? She is so sexy and she has a little bit of Spanish accent which I just love. Being Latina you probably expect her to have a round ass and well you should because she does! This is just a awesome hardcore scene and its from Amateur Allure so if you want to see the full video I suggest you join their site.



Presley Amateur Allure

Days like these when Amateur Allure comes out with such hot update I am just glad I have a membership to their site so I don’t have to watch samples like I have in this gallery. This scene of Presley is one of the hottest scenes I have ever seen! She is so cute with nice little perky titties and how innocent she is at first, but once he breaks out his cock she becomes a freak.



Cassandra Amateur Allure

Somehow in my flurry of updates last week I forgot to update Cassandra from Amateur Allure. I had this gallery all made and everything but I just didn’t post it damn. So today is your lucky day because I am doubling up on the Amateur Allure. This girl has a nice tight pussy as you can see here but her nipples are super cute! They are super small but with just huge puffy nipples. Cassandra is very very cute and you are going to love this gallery so check it out.

Sasha on Allure


Sasha Hall Amateur Allure

I have another gallery for you guys from Sasha Hall and she is on Amateur Allure this time! Its such a great gallery and you will see that when you check out the video and the pictures as well. Sasha Hall is just a super cute girl with a nice round ass that looks good bouncing up and down on a cock.



Amateur Allure Stephani

Two days in a row with a Amateur Allure gallery man I treat you guys too well. This beautiful I mean BEAUTIFUL babes name is Stephani and many of you may know her as Stephanie Moretti. She comes on to Amateur Allure for the first time and I think he just blew this guys mind (and his dick). She gave a amazing blowjob and fucked with the best of him, any guy that gets to bang this chick is just lucky in my book.

Abby Third Visit


Amateur Allure Abby

The members at Amateur Allure just can’t get enough of this pretty girl Abby so they get bringing her back and being a member of Amateur Allure you have me to thank I guess, and a couple others I suppose. This is Abby and this is her third visit and during this scene she takes another two loads and a super hard pussy pounding as you will in the video I posted in this gallery.
Abby’s First Scene With Amateur Allure
Abby’s Return Visit To Amateur Allure

Mary Jane


Amateur Allure Mary Jane

I have posted a couple of gallery of Mary Jane before and you can see those under the related galleries down below this post. Here is Mary Jane on Amateur Allure in a amazing hardcore gallery that has her swallowing two different loads and giving lots of head which she says she likes to do! The fucking is also really hot during this scene because Mary Jane can orgasms during sex which always makes for a top notch sex scene.
Maggie doing Anal on Exploited College Girls
Maggie first time on Exploited College Girls
Mary Jane on Fucked Hard 18

Erin Returns


Erin Returns To Amateur Allure

I was pretty sure Amateur Allure would ask Erin to return to another shoot I mean I can’t see how she was not the members favorite girl to be on recently. Erin is super cute and this time she doesn’t just swallow two loads she gets one splattered all over that pretty face of hers. Erin has a perfect pussy and she just loves to fuck you will see it in the video. I don’t know what it is but seeing a nice tight pussy fucked by a big dick just does it for me so enjoy!
Amateur Allure Erins first time on Amateur Allure



Amateur Allure Lyla

This is the brand new Amateur Allure gallery with a chick name Lyla she is tall nice and flexible and she knows how to deep throat a cock. Lyla is amazing at giving a blowjob she sucks Thomas balls a lot which he just loves and I am sure all guys do when they are getting their dick suck. Lyla takes on two different cum shots swallowing each and every one of them.



Amateur Allure Ashleigh

Well for my favorite gallery today I have one of my favorite sites of course Amateur Allure and the model who is on it this week is Ashleigh. She has a really beautiful face as you can see here and she takes two different loads and swallows both of them! I guess she must be on a protein diet or something because she sure insisted on swallowing those loads.



Amateur Allure Maelynn

This is MaeLynn from Amateur Allure and she is just down right beautiful. Like almost all the girls that come on Amateur Allure she is dressed to the nines and sucking a mean dick while all decked out. MaeLynn takes two different cumshots in this update from Amateur Allure and each one of them she swallows because thats what this site is all about.

Hilary Returns


Amateur Allure Hilary

This is the return of Hilary on Amateur Allure you can see her first scene by click on that like right there. In this one you get to see Hilary take a massive I mean massive facial and then for her second cum scene she just sucks him off and he dumps it in her mouth and she swallows. There is some good fucking in this gallery and there is just something about seeing a really cute girl like Hilary with a load of cum on her face that is hot.



Amateur Allure Myla

This is Myla from Amateur Allure and she is just super cute, and very innocent from the Interview she did at the beginning of this scene. She just likes to fuck it seem wants to be fucked by a guy with a big dick and who knows how to use it. Ray from Amateur Allure does just that and I think probably giving her the fucking of her life.



Amateur Allure Natalia

This is a nice little round ass for you guys her name is Natalia she is from Amateur Allure. I know some of you may be thinking “oh, he didn’t show the head she is probably a butterface”, WRONG! She is really hot I just liked this picture too much not to post it. In this gallery you get it all a nice long video as well as some very erotic pictures of Natalia here fucking and sucking and swallowing a load of cum as a little cherry on top for you guys.



Amateur Allure Trinity

I could write a whole book about how awesome this gallery is of Trinity from Amateur Allure but I will try to keep it short. Trinity as you can see here is probably the hottest petite girl that has every done a hardcore scene before and of course Amateur Allure is the one to bring her into the world of porn. If seeing her fuck and suck and swallow cum isn’t enough in this gallery you also get to see Trinity doing anal, and why are they doing anal? Because Trinity loves anal, she is one of those girls who is able to orgasm from it what can I say I think she is the perfect girl for every girl on this earth.



Sofia Amateur Allure

What a awesome body on Sofia from Amateur Allure right here. She has a perfect round ass on her and I just love her small little tits she is gorgeous. Here is a really high quality scene of her giving head and getting fucked, its more of a erotic site but you get to enjoy seeing each and every girl on the site swallowing cum like the naughty girls they are!



Amateur Allure Hadley

This is a perfect pair of titties is it not? The girl who these belong to is from Amateur Allure and her name is Hadley. I have never heard a girl named that before but lets not let it take away from hot hot she is! This girl sucks a mean dick, and gives Ray a run for his money thats for sure. She sucks him until he is ready to cum and he dumps it in her mouth and makes her swallow. Like every Amateur Allure scene one cumshot just isn’t enough so Ray goes back at it pounding her pussy and then dumps another load in her sexy mouth.



Amateur Allure Toni

This girl is actually really cute, but I just posted this picture because I am pretty sure every guy visiting this site would like to bang that nice pussy am I right or am I right? Her name is Toni and she is shooting on Amateur Allure so you know she is sucking a lot of dick, and swallowing at least two loads of cum in the full video.



Hilary Amateur Allure

This is Hilary from Amateur Allure and she is just so damn cute I had to post her gallery! I usually post all of Amateur Allure stuff though because well there porn is just a step above the rest I me look at the quality! The great thing about amateur allure is that every single one of the girls swallows cum and loves it!



Amateur Allure Amber

This is not only a awesome pussy getting fucked but Amateur Allure Amber is actually really hot too! Your just going to have to check out the gallery for face pictures but she is the full package in my opinion. She has nice big tits, they are fake but still awesome and she does a great job in this scene for Amateur Allure I just love the quality of this site its really above everyone else.

Samantha Saint


Amateur Allure Samantha Saint

What a hot little body this girl has, this is Amateur Allure Samantha Saint and your just going to love this scene. I don’t think anyone has shot Samantha and she has looked this good before. I love her pierced nipples and pussy and I think the pussy being pierced is what makes it so she is able to cum so easily during sex you will know what I am talking about if you join the site and check out this full video.



Rosalie Amateur Allure

I have a very cute piece of ass for you guys here today this is Amateur Allure Rosalie and let me tell you she has a awesome update. This girl loves to be fucked, and she is really good at pleasing a cock. You will see her give some of the best head you have ever seen in this video, and if you are in to high quality porno there is really nobody like Amateur Allure.

Abby Returns


Abby Returns To Amateur Allure

We are all lucky because today Abby returned to Amateur Allure. If you missed her first scene you can see that by clicking here. This one is a valentines day theme, and it has her getting two cumshots. The first one she just takes it down her throat, the other one the guy pulls out from fucking her and just paints that cute teen face with a lot of cum just check it out for yourself!

Zoe Returns


Amateur Allure Zoe

I have some very erotic hardcore porn for you guys today of Zoe from Amateur Allure. This is her second time on the site, you can see her first time by clicking here, it was when she has short hair and it wasn’t red. I definitely like better with long hair and the red hair is a big bonus to me as well. I love that she has one of those meaty pussies, and Thomas takes full advantage of it fucking her pussy more then he has her sucking his dick.



Amateur Allure Whitney

This gorgeous blonde amateur is Whitney from Amateur Allure the best place to find new girls, who are not pornstars or have ever been in the adult industry before! I think this girl is super cute with a nice petite body and man does she know how to suck a dick! She loves being fucked her eyes keep rolling in the back of her head because she is enjoying it so much. If you like your porn really high quality then seriously it doesn’t get any better then this site right here check it out for yourself.

Kyleigh Ann


Amateur Allure Kyleigh Ann

I have a very cute southern bell for you guys today, Amateur Allure Kyleigh Ann is the girl I am talking about. She is super cute and for you guys that like 18 to 19 year olds here is one for you! She is just 19 years old and she still has braces on, which I find kind of hot! She gives Ray a good sucking and swallows two huge loads from him in the short time she was there.



Amateur Allure Shay

I don’t know if Amateur Allure goes out and find girls with perfect pussies, but they seem to have a lot more then any other site I can think of. This is Shay from Amateur Allure coming on for her very first hardcore scene, and she pretty much has it all nice pussy, awesome ass and a cute face. She is great at giving head, and loves to be fucked which makes for a really good scene on Amateur Allure.

Alyssa B


Alyssa B Amateur Allure

This sexy set of legs belongs to Alyssa B on Amateur Allure. She comes on to show off how good she is at sucking cock, and well she is pretty awesome. Thomas does have to teach her a thing or two about deepthroating but other then that this girl is the total sexual package. She loves to fuck, and loves to get down on her knees on bob on your cock even more!

Lexi Belle


Lexi Belle

Its not everyday that Amateur Allure gets a pornstar on their site but I really like when they do. This Amateur Allure scene of Lexi Belle has to be my most favorite scene she has sever done. I mean honestly look at how amazing Lexi looks in this picture, and I have to mention how much I love that hairy bush of hers.

Mila Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Mila

This is Mila from Amateur Allure and many of you will remember her previous appearances on Amateur Allure which you can see here and here. She is back on this time for a little Christmas special. I had to post her again because well, she has a amazing pussy and seeing that little thing get fucked is always a pleasure. I know some of you are probably sick of this Christmas theme porno but it shouldn’t last much longer I promise.

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