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Kyleigh Ann


Amateur Allure Kyleigh Ann

I have a very cute southern bell for you guys today, Amateur Allure Kyleigh Ann is the girl I am talking about. She is super cute and for you guys that like 18 to 19 year olds here is one for you! She is just 19 years old and she still has braces on, which I find kind of hot! She gives Ray a good sucking and swallows two huge loads from him in the short time she was there.



Amateur Allure Shay

I don’t know if Amateur Allure goes out and find girls with perfect pussies, but they seem to have a lot more then any other site I can think of. This is Shay from Amateur Allure coming on for her very first hardcore scene, and she pretty much has it all nice pussy, awesome ass and a cute face. She is great at giving head, and loves to be fucked which makes for a really good scene on Amateur Allure.

Alyssa B


Alyssa B Amateur Allure

This sexy set of legs belongs to Alyssa B on Amateur Allure. She comes on to show off how good she is at sucking cock, and well she is pretty awesome. Thomas does have to teach her a thing or two about deepthroating but other then that this girl is the total sexual package. She loves to fuck, and loves to get down on her knees on bob on your cock even more!

Lexi Belle


Lexi Belle

Its not everyday that Amateur Allure gets a pornstar on their site but I really like when they do. This Amateur Allure scene of Lexi Belle has to be my most favorite scene she has sever done. I mean honestly look at how amazing Lexi looks in this picture, and I have to mention how much I love that hairy bush of hers.

Mila Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Mila

This is Mila from Amateur Allure and many of you will remember her previous appearances on Amateur Allure which you can see here and here. She is back on this time for a little Christmas special. I had to post her again because well, she has a amazing pussy and seeing that little thing get fucked is always a pleasure. I know some of you are probably sick of this Christmas theme porno but it shouldn’t last much longer I promise.

Kara Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Kara

This beautiful babe is Kara from Amateur Allure and your really going to like her first hardcore scene she has ever done. She says she is only going to do this kind of thing a couple of times so Amateur Allure might be the only people to get her scenes because you know how they like to have the girls back for multiple shoots. This one Kara is with Ray and he gives her the wood pounding that sweet pussy until its nice and wet and then he cums in her mouth twice in one scene!

Abby Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Abby

I was pretty excited when I saw that this weeks update for Amateur Allure! Having Abby on Amateur Allure really made my day, and I think its going to make yours when you check out this hot gallery from this bubbly girl. She has nice perky natural tits, and a perfect bald pussy. In the video she even says how much she loves to fuck!

Ariana Returns


Amateur Allure Ariana

We the Holiday season coming up Amateur Allure is getting their girls all nice and festive. This Amateur Allure girl Ariana has been on one time before, you can see that gallery by clicking that link. She looks absolutely stunning in this little red dress, and man does she loves sucking cock. In this scene she swallows two loads from the same guy, what a trooper she was!

Kim Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Kim

Well Kim from Amateur Allure is back, so that probably means you guys should get up to speed and see Kim’s first scene. They always say the the sequel is never as good as the original well I submit this gallery to you guys proving that theory wrong. This scene is awesome, it has Kim getting a facial and then sucking Thomas off until he cums in her mouth.

Sadie Amateur Allure


Sadie Amateur Allure

This nice bald pussy belong to Sadie from Amateur Allure. She has nice small perky tits and is a redhead which you know we don’t get to see much. She has that very dark red hair though, so I don’t know if some of you redhead fans are going to like that. In this gallery you get some full hardcore action including video of her swallowing two huge loads of cum from the same guy.

Erin Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Erin

This has moved up to one of my favorite galleries of all time, its Erin from Amateur Allure and let me tell you guys this girl is the real deal. She is super cool, you can tell that by the interview at the beginning of the scene. Then when it comes to fucking this girl loves to take the cock and she loves to give blowjobs and swallow cum. What a winner this chick is if you want to check out more of her galleries just look for Katie Jordan over at

Jessi Amateur Allure


Jessi Amateur Allure

This perfect tight pussy belongs to Jessi from Amateur Allure. If you missed her first time on amateur allure you need to check that out. The first time was with Ray this update Thomas from Amateur Allure wanted to slip his dick into that perfect pussy. He has her give him head and then he fucks that sweet pussy until she cums.

Charlie Ann


Amateur Allure Charlie Ann

This beautiful redhead is Charlie Ann from Amateur Allure. Charlie has a perfect tight pussy on her and its a total bonus that she is a redhead. If you guys have never enjoyed a Amateur Allure scene before let me tell you its a very erotic edit they do, and the blowjob scenes is what makes the scene really amazing!

Jenny Amateur Allure


Jenny Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure has done it again with this new babe, she is really cool as you will see in the video and man does she love to be fucked. This is Amateur Allure Jenny and this update just came out so its hot off the press. If you like really well done porn, then please check these guys out they are really good a blowjob stuff if thats what you like to see your girls doing.

Robin Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Robin

Well this is Robin from Amateur Allure and let me tell you if I was a girl I would be mad because this girl took all the hot and kept it for herself. Robin has a gorgeous face you can see right here, and then just take a look a her picture to see her amazing tight pussy and perfect I mean perfect tits.

Amateur Allure Kim


Amateur Allure Kim

This nice rack belongs to Kim from Amateur Allure, and she is a very hot Indian girl that I think a lot of you are going to like. She is fucking Thomas from Amateur Allure in this gallery and she takes his dick all the way in her mouth balls deep, and then lets him fuck her from behind which is actually what you see right here.

Amateur Allure Talia


Amateur Allure Talia

Amateur Allure Talia is a oldie but a goodie if you ask me. This update was recently remastered so that basically means that its a little more high quality then it used to be. I love this gallery because its her first hardcore scene she ever did, and in this scenes she doesn’t have any tattoo’s like in her later ones.



Amateur Allure Kaycee

Amateur Allure always is just above the rest when it comes to getting fresh models. I mean check out this gallery for Kaycee from Amateur Allure. I bet you guys will not find her on any other site, go ahead and look. Amateur Allure has amazing hardcore videos and pictures of all their models and they have been around so long they have a nice archive of content with a lot of girls you will only see on their site.

Amateur Allure Gigi


Amateur Allure Gigi

What a cute ass girl this is? This is Gigi from Amateur Allure and it is my pleasure today to bring her to you. She gives a blowjob and then lets Ray put his huge cock in her tight little pussy. I think Gigi could get fucked for 3 hours straight and not mind she loves the cock that much.

Amateur Allure Racquel


Amateur Allure Racquel

This is a amazing picture is it not! I would love to put my dick in that nice wet juicy pussy. This beautiful vagina belongs to Racquel who is from Amateur Allure. This is Racquel second time being on the site and this time she got to go on a little vacation to Hawaii or something like that. Racquel can deep throat a cock like I haven’t seen before, she gives such amazing blowjobs check just out the nice long video I have on this gallery.

Amateur Allure Zoe


Amateur Allure Zoe

This beautiful girl is Zoe from Amateur Allure and in this gallery you get a nice video that highlights her time on Amateur Allure and then their very erotic pictures that they took. This site is the best amateur blowjob site on the Internet and the really do get girls that nobody else is able to get I don’t know how they do it but they do!

Amateur Allure Jackie


Amateur Allure Jackie

Here is the new Amateur Allure babe for you guys this week, her name is Jackie and here she is in this picture giving Thomas some awesome head. This girl is very tall and looks like she has something in her (besides Thomas) that I just can’t put my finger on. The video is just a quick glance and some of the hardcore porno they did in their scene, and then the pictures are just very erotic as far as hardcore porno goes.

Edie Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Edie

Amateur Allure new update this week is Edie she is a hot Latin babe at least I think she is. She has a nice tight pussy and its shaved fro us. She sucks off Ray and licks his balls before he gives her a nice loud in the mouth which she swallows like a good girl. If you follow Amateur Allure you know they always do two cumshots with all the girls that come on there. So the second cumshot for Edie was Ray fucking her until he cums on top of her pussy and then feeds her the cum so none of his sperm goes to waste.

Jessie AmateurAllure


Amateur Allure Jessie

This girl Jessie from Amateur Allure is the reason I created a perfect pussies category because her vagina is just amazing. The great thing about this gallery is not only do you get to see the tight pussy like in this picture but you also get to see it fucked in the video and in the pictures so stop reading and starting watching!

Lailani Is Back


Amateur Allure Lailani

This is Lailani from Amateur Allure and if you’re a fan of these guys like we are you will know this is not the first time that Lailani has been on the site. This is actually Lailani 8th time being on this site, and its funny to see how much she has change from her very first porn scene she ever did to now. She has huge fake tits, she sure can fuck better now and just seems a lot more in to fucking then the first time she did it with Amateur Allure.



Alexa Amateur Allure

This is Alexa from Amateur Allure letting Ray’s big dick lay on her face while she sucks on his balls. Ray brings her the ruckus fucking her nice and hard in doggystyle and in straight up missionairy. Then Ray sprays a huge load in her mouth for her to swallow for his first cumshot. His second one he fucks her until he is ready to cum then puts it on her stomach for her to eat off.

Lynn Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Lynn

This is Lynn from Amateur Allure and she is a exotic babe maybe with some Indian in her. She has a beautiful face and just this perfect bubble butt that you will see a couple of nice pictures of. I posted this picture because I thought it was the most erotic, watch the video of her giving head and fucking.

Scarlett from Allure


Amateur Allure Scarlett

This is my second Amateur Allure gallery today I know, but I feel a little behind so I had to make sure to catch up. This is the very recent update from Amateur Allure of Scarlett. She is a tall sexy blonde with a amazing tight pussy and gorgeous face. She gives Thomas a blowjob and then lets him enter that sweet pussy of hers. She takes a huge load in the mouth and swallows it like she says she always does, what a good girl.

Jeatta Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Jeatta

Here is another redhead for you guys, this one comes from Amateur Allure and the girls name is Jeatta. In this gallery Jeatta sucks off Ray and swallows a huge load of cum. Then the two go at it again fucking in a behind the scenes video, were Ray ends up cumming all over Jeatta flat stomach.

Amateur Allure Arryn


Amateur Allure Arryn

Arryn is finally back fro Amateur Allure and this is quite a update as you will see in the video I have posted her. The pictures are of course amazing as always, they are super sensual with great lighting and amazing hardcore action. Arryn can suck a dick like I have never seen before, and she loves being fucked in that bald tight pussy of hers.

Amateur Allure Ariana


Amateur Allure Ariana

This beautiful Latin babe is Ariana and she comes to us today from Amateur Allure. In her scene on Amateur Allure you will be able to see her fuck and suck and swallow two different loads form the same lucky guy. Amateur Allure is a great site to see hardcore babes he high quality videos and pictures. Amateur Allure always has hot girls as you can see from the Amateur Allure model directory.

Amateur Allure Mila


Amateur Allure Mila

This is not this girls first time on Amateur Allure her name is Mila you can see her other update here. She came back on Amateur Allure for something a little more excited then her last two cumshots she took for Amateur Allure that went down her throat. This time she takes a huge facial and you will see in the last picture its so big its drips down her face!

Amateur Allure Lexi


Amateur Allure Lexi

This is Lexi from Amateur Allure and she has been on once before. Girls that come back to Amateur Allure always get a nice big facial and this is no exception. Lexi does what she needs to do to make Ray cum and when he does that pretty teen face is just covered in cum.

Amateur Allure Aimee


Amateur Allure Aimee

Aimme has a nice set of tits, they are fake but I think they look good on her skinny body. She has come on Amateur Allure once before, and that was actually the first time she had ever fucked on camera. Since then she has done a couple of other sites, but she has come back to were it all first started.

Amateur Allure Gioia


Gioia Amateur Allure

This cute teen is Gioia weird name I know, but this girl can fuck really good and she doesn’t mind swallowing your cum so she sounds like a perfect girl to me. She has a nice pussy on her with nice thick legs and a plump ass your going to love this girl getting down and dirty on Amateur Allure.

Amateur Allure Jen


Amateur Allure Jen

This is Jen from Amateur Allure, she has some lovely big natural tits with long nipples that I love oh so much. She gives a great blowjob to Ray, and then gives him a solid ride as she fucks him until he gives her a huge sticky facial.

Perfect Pussy


Perfect Pussy

I think this is a pretty perfect pussy if you ask me. It comes from Amateur Allure and that means you get to see it fucked in their members area! I just have a little tease for you guys of this girl her name is Carmina doing some deep throat dick sucking and then doing some fucking as well I hope you guys enjoy.

Amateur Allure Cathy


Amateur Allure Cathy

This is Cathy from Amateur Allure I think she is very innocent looking and I like that a lot about her. In this gallery you get to see Cathy do it all, getting on her knees and giving Ray a amazing blowjob and then bending over and letting him penetrate her from behind.

Amateur Allure Nicole


Amateur Allure Nicole

If you want to see this girl humping a dick instead of a couch that this gallery is for you, if you want to see her humping a couch well then this picture is for you. This is a awesome Amateur Allure gallery of Nicole a model who has been on before but has came back to get a facial from Thomas and he does just that a huge stick one!

Arryn Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Arryn

This is Arryn from Amateur Allure isn’t she just so damn cute? She does a awesome job in the hardcore sex scene with them, her personality really shined through. This girl is a real deal 18 year old who has never done a hardcore scene before so you are really lucky that Amateur Allure paid this girl top dollar to get her on their site.

Amateur Allure Mila


Amateur Allure Mila

Sometimes I think I forget how great Amateur Allure pictures are I mean look at this very erotic picture of Mila perfect tight pussy. If you want to see that pussy get fucked then you are in luck I have a little video you guys can check out and of course there is a nice close up picture as well.

Aimee Addison


Amateur Allure Aimee

I think there is a lot of first going on these last couple of posts I have done! This is Aimee Addison sweet legs and she is on the ground giving Thomas from Amateur Allure a blowjob. Many of you will know Aimee Addison from all of her softcore modeling that she has done, well the money was right with Amateur Allure and they got her to do her very first hadcore scene so enjoy it its a first like many of the other girls that come on here.

Amateur Allure Trudy


Amateur Allure Trudy

Trudy may be an amateur, but this cute slut is not shy when it comes to sucking cock. She has such a fuckable looking mouth, but let us not forget that this petite brunette has a sexy ass and hot pussy that is just begging to be fucked. Be sure to check out the short clip of her getting her throat fucked!

Amateur Allure Kayleigh


Amateur Allure Kayleigh

Amateur Allure just got a sexy model to come back to their site her name is Kayleigh. Its probably one of my favorite sex scenes just because of how flexible that Kayleigh is. Those bright blue eyes looking into the camera as she is giving head is also something that just really will get your rocks off check it out for yourself!

Amateur Allure Angelica


Amateur Allure Angelica

When I think about blowjobs, and this is something that I spend a great deal of my time thinking about, I always end up focusing on Amateur Allure. I don’t know if it’s the lighting or the composition or what, but their photos always look really nice, and additionally, it seems like they manage to find the best cocksuckers out there.

Jen Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Jen

Well I bring you a girl who’s tits laugh in gravities face! Her name is Jen and she comes from Amateur Allure she is a sexy babe and really gets her pussy pounded by Ray. In this gallery there is some nice closeups of the hardcore action and the video is another sexy piece of porno from Amateur Allure.

Amateur Allure Kelsey


Amateur Allure Kelsey

Porn sites that have a particular style always make me happy, because glamour photos are great and all but a little variety makes things so much better. Amateur Allure has a very distinct style, where they use soft lighting and lots of closeups to make sure you get to see every last detail of both the girls and the sex they’re having. Kelsey is particularly good at sucking a dick, just look at how far she inhales it in the seventh picture.

Amateur Allure Yasmine


Amateur Allure Yasmine

Its always nice to just see a perfect pussy like Yasmine here from Amateur Allure. Its another thing to see this perfect pussy getting railed which you will see if you just check out the gallery. Amateur Allure is probably the best amateur hardcore / blowjob site you can find so if you are sick of working for you porn and have some extra cash join these guys, there is actually a sale going on right now as well!

Jane Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Jane

This girl has her legs spread apart laying down just waiting for a dick to enter her. Thomas from Amateur Allure of course gives her what she wants a nice fucking. He then blows to loads in this girls mouth and she loves every ounce of his man shake.

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