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Nature Fuck


Nature Fuck

Click to see Jade Nile on Crazy College GFs!

Some women just get immediately all creamy in the panties when they get out in the great outdoors, whether that’s just going for a picnic in the park or going for a hike on a beautiful summer day like sexy Jade Nile here did with her boyfriend. They were the only ones at the trailhead and speaking of head, this guy was in the mood for some sucky-sucky so he talked Jade into getting on her knees and giving him a blowjob, she figured hey why not and since he happened to have his video camera there too it turned into an all out hardcore sex tape! The dude ended up bending Jade over to fuck that sweet college girl pussy from behind, feeling the sun on their skin as they fucked right out in the open before hurrying home and sending the footage in to Crazy College GFs!

Lights Camera Action


Ccgfs lights camera action sydney cole

You know that old trick people talk about where a guy will cut a hole in the bottom of his popcorn tub at the movies and stick his crank inside so his girlfriend reaches in for a snack and gets a handful of cock by accident…hell of an icebreaker! I always thought it was just a legend and nobody ever actually pulled the trick off but I’m about to eat my words because of this Crazy College GFs update called Lights Camera Action! Gorgeous Sydney Cole and her boyfriend were at the movies on campus and he actually tried the popcorn trick, and apparently it was a good move because she smiled over at him and held on when she felt his big hard dick! Soon she was sucking him off and apparently some of the other college students in the audience saw them going at it, I know I’d be a little distracted if that happened during a movie I was at. All the blowjob action got Sydney all turned on and soon she was on her back on the seats getting that tight wet pussy pounded, trying to keep it quiet but somebody snitched and the usher came over to break things up (and probably jerked off thinking about it later on)!

Stretch Position


Kelsi monroe on ccgfs

This dude was watching his gorgeous girlfriend Kelsi Monroe stretching out while just wearing her little black panties…she liked the attention and didn’t mind him recording her with his video camera so she got even sexier, stripping out of her panties and putting on some knee high striped tube socks that looked great on those sexy legs! Kelsi showed off her flexibility, teasing with that big round perfect ass until the guy just couldn’t take it anymore and whipped out his dick for Kelsi to suck and lick and then jump on top of in this Crazy College GFs update called Stretch Position! Kelsi has a fucking magnificent butt and she puts it to work in this hardcore action, using her flexibility to drive this guy wild and taking his dick deep in her wet little pussy until the guy blasted a load of cum all over her back and those sexy round buttcheeks! Also check out those tanlines Kelsi has on her butt, can you just imagine seeing this hottie on the beach in a little bikini getting that tan? Man oh man.

Photo Shoot


Crazy college gfs photo shoot

This chick Cassidy Klein wanted to make a sexy photo shoot for her boyfriend as a surprise and her photographer buddy was more than happy to take the photos! Things got hotter and hotter as the shoot progressed, until eventually Cassidy was totally naked and getting pretty wet in the pussy…the lust was contagious apparently because the cameraman whipped out his cock and laid it next to Cassidy’s cute face, asking her to pretend it was her boyfriend! She couldn’t resist taking his cock in her mouth, sucking him off and licking that dick up and down…his photo assistant Natalie Monroe came back to the set and found the two naked and was pretty taken aback at first, but then got pretty horny herself and joined in on the fun for this Crazy College GFs update turning it into a hot hardcore threesome! I get the feeling that Cassidy’s boyfriend isn’t going to end up getting this photo shoot as a surprise present after all but if he does, the ‘surprise’ part is definitely gonna be there!

The Rave


Ccgfs with karlee gray

I know you guys have seen raver girls partying half-dressed and fantasized about seeing them totally naked and getting fucked…well now’s your chance to see those fantasies cum to life as Crazy College GFs brings you this hot update called The Rave! The party had ended but the afterparty was getting into full swing as these hot college girls and their boyfriends spilled out into the parking lot and kept things rolling…the girls were shaking their asses and titties and looking hot as hell, especially this hottie Karlee Grey here! She didn’t mind being naked in public or being recorded sucking her boyfriend’s cock, licking and sucking him up and down before he just turned her around, tugged her panties down and started banging that sweet tight wet pussy right in front of the whole crowd! Everyone went apeshit of course, cheering them on and dancing and these two loved the attention…he pounded her hard and deep and then blasted his load all over her pussy to finish things off with a bang!

Fountain Fun


Crazy college gfs fountain funm

Sexy blonde Brooke Summers was spending the day with her boyfriend, they were just hanging out and seeing the sights of their city…Brooke had on her tiny little booty shorts and her man couldn’t stop staring at her ass, can’t say I blame him for that! He made a wish tossing some coins into a fountain and it soon came true in this Crazy College GFs update called Fountain Fun as Brooke gave him a blowjob right out in public and then bent over with her perfect round ass in the air to get fucked next to a chainlink fence, right out where just about anybody could see them. I guess Brooke just loves getting a nice deep dicking and she doesn’t care who sees it, and obviously her boyfriend doesn’t mind being seen in public fucking a sexy horny beautiful blonde! That ass of Brooke’s is a thing of beauty by the way, seeing her get fucked doggystyle like this is like a dream cum true.

Double Decker Blow


Double decker blowjob ccgfs

It’s fun sometimes when you’re in a city for the first time, or even if you’ve lived there for years, to take a bus tour and get a new perspective on things! Gorgeous Lola Foxx and her boyfriend were riding around town on a double level bus checking out some of the landmarks of their beloved hometown…the guy got a little bored though and figured hey, he’s got his video camera going anyway, why not have some fun! He asked Lola to suck his cock and seeing as how she gets off on being naughty in public she soon had his dick in her mouth as she pumped him up and down, getting him hard as a rock. Lola loves giving a nice oral session and in this Crazy College GFs update she gives this guy a Double Decker Blow, letting the wind whip through her hair as they rode around with the other tourists on board completely oblivious! Or maybe not so oblivious, as you can see in the thumbnail above…just don’t tell Lola that everybody around them knew she had her perky tits out and sucked her man off until she got a mouthful of cum to swallow!

Graduation Day


Ccgfs with alex chance

It’s graduation day and this one lucky babe named Alex Chance is about to graduation Cum Laudly in this Crazy College GFs update! After talking some of her hot college girl friends to flash their sweet titties for a few pictures she meets up with her longtime friend (but not boyfriend) for a little last-minute fun before they all went their separate ways. There’s always someone you have your eye on through the college experience and sometimes it’s just not in the cards for it to turn into anything, but rather than a lifetime of regrets Alex decides to give into temptation just this once by sucking and fucking his big hard cock in his car (and on his hood!) while he records the whole thing for posterity and future late-night reminiscing, if you know what I mean! Alex is a hottie with a body, that’s for sure…sweet spankable ass, nice big bouncy titties and of course blowjob skills this guy will be thinking about for years to cum. Watch that sweet pussy of hers get pounded before the guy blasts a load all over her!

Sara Luvv His Jersey


Sara luvv on ccgfs

Gorgeous Sara Luvv was getting ready to head to soccer practice but her boyfriend had some better ideas…she got gussied up in his football jersey and a pair of thong panties, stretching out to put that perfect tight ass on display and drive her boy crazy! Speaking of crazy, this update called His Jersey is from Crazy College GFs and Sara definitely goes nuts for his nuts as she sucks him off and then gets her sweet tight pussy pounded until she has a huge orgasm that had her head back and eyes closed, moaning like crazy before her guy finally pulled out and busted nut all over her tight nubile body! She might have gotten in trouble with the coach for being late but I’m sure they can figure out an appropriate punishment…but that’s a story for another update sometime I guess!

Lick It Good


Ccgfs suck it good

Sexy blonde college girl Brandy thought she was gonna be tricky and set up a little video recorder to tape her and her boyfriend getting it on but once he showed up and was feeding her his big hard cock he glanced over and pretty much saw a potted plant with a sign that said NOT A CAMERA, turns out Brandy’s maybe not the brightest bulb in the lamp. He was a little annoyed for a second but then realized he could use it to make a little POV sextape so he grabbed the camera, recording Brandy licking and sucking on his dong before spreading her legs and giving that sweet teen pussy of hers a nice hard deep dicking, then turned her over to pound her doggystyle before blasting a big creamy load of cum all over her pretty face! This Crazy College GFs episode is called Lick It Good and Brandy certainly does that, she might not be the best prankster in the world but she does give a hell of a blowjob and looks hot as hell getting that tight wet pussy of hers drilled!

Bubble Bath


Bubble bath for ccgfs

When you were a teenager growing up did you ever have your parents go out of town and invite your friends over, do you remember how freaked out you were about keeping the house clean and not letting your folks know you broke the house rules? That’s basically what’s going on in this Crazy College GFs update as Chloe invited her cute college girlfriends over and they ended up getting naked and hopping into the tub for a Bubble Bath. One of the girls mentioned she had never been naked with other chicks before and had certainly never taken a bath with other girls, so her friends took the opportunity to introduce her to all kinds of things as they all ended up making out and fingering and licking pussy in this smokin hot sapphic scene! These lesbians all ended up tongue-deep in poontang and having the time of their lives…it’s a good thing it was rainy out that day so the girls had to stay indoors and it’s definitely a good thing one of the chicks had a video camera to capture the whole thing and send it in to Crazy College GFs for us!

Fun Times


Crazy college gfs fun times

Imagine you’re at a party having some drinks and having a good time, you’ve been hitting on this sexy blonde girl all night and things seem like they’re going pretty well, you hit it off and have been talking and whatnot and as the party winds down it doesn’t look like she’s planning on going anywhere. People are starting to pass out all over the place but this girl is getting more and more into you and suddenly she looks around and asks if you want to have some fun! OK imagination time is over, that’s probably never happened to you and damn well never happened to me but it DID happen to this guy and luckily he videotaped the rest of the night! His blonde girlfriend got on her knees and gave him a nice blowjob right out in the open and then got more brave, bending over with that sexy ass in the air and inviting him to fuck her doggystyle right then and there until he shot his cum all over that sweet pussy of hers! This party girl is always up for some fun times and I’m glad the footage got sent in to Crazy College GFs so we could all check it out too.

Special Check Out


Ccgfs special check out redhead

When this gorgeous redhead’s boyfriend met up with her at the library while she was trying to study he had his video camera in hand and was trying to talk her into flashing those sweet titties of hers! I guess persistence pays off because eventually she agreed to give him a quiet blowjob if he turned off the camera…lucky for us he’s a liar and kept things rolling because we get to see this seriously smokin hot ginger sucking cock and then getting her round firm ass out, bending over and getting fucked in the stacks while some old lady was walking right past in the next aisle over! This hottie was down to get pounded pretty much in public, I guess that qualifies her for being on Crazy College GFs…well that and teh fact that she’s beautiful with a sexy tight body, nice tan lines and perfect tits! After fucking that tight wet hole the guy shot his load inside a book and put it back on the shelf…somebody is gonna have a special check out for sure!

Girl Time


Ccgfs girl time lesbians

I’ve heard of college girls getting horny and going lesbian occasionally but I never thought it would be like this! Crazy College GFs brings us this submitted video of five horny hotties in little sexy bikinis after a day at the beach playing in the sun…soon they’re all showering and flashing and making out while the cameras rolled! They’d been goofing around all day but you know how sometimes a little fun playtime can turn into some serious sexual tension and I think all five of these girls had been getting pretty turned on all day long and the evening was time for it all to cum out in a big way! Soon they were all naked and licking pussy and fingering each other and bringing each other to nice big shuddering orgasms until it was just a big pile of horny college girls in this sexy lesbian orgy called Girl Time. There’s more perky titties and tight sexy ass and pussy here than you can shake your stick at but you should probably try for yourself!

Team Spirit


Crazy college gfs episode team spirit

Now this is what I call a tailgate party! These college kids were celebrating their team with a nice big party at the park, grilling up some food and having plenty of drinks and the girls showed off their titties to get team spirit in full effect. In the middle of the party this chick Tara snuck off with her guy pal and when some guys with a video camera headed out to see where he went they found the two out on one side of the cars with the guy balls-deep in Tara’s mouth! They recorded the blowjob and then the guy turned Tara over to fuck her from behind on the hood of a car, pounding that sweet tight amateur pussy in this Crazy College GFs episode before busting his load of cum all over her! If you’re in the mood for hot horny college girls showing off their perky tits you’re in luck because these girls love being watched and have the bodies to back it up…and if you’ve got a hankering for hot hardcore fucking and sucking action Tara took care of that for you too!

Lick Lick


Ccgfs lick lick kimmy lee

Best friends Kimmy Lee and Bree were going to make a dance video to put on some social media site or whatever but the video they ended up making in this Crazy College GFs submission called Lick Lick was way more fun! Kimmy had always had a bit of a lust-crush on her friend and seeing her tight body moving and bouncing around was driving her crazy…soon she couldn’t take any more and decided to go for it, popping her big juicy titties out of her top and daring her friend to follow suit! Of course Bree did and soon the girls were making out like they’d been lesbian lovers for years, kissing and caressing each other and then taking turns licking each others wet pussy! These two both have sexy tight bodies with nice round asses and shaved lickable pussies, and Kimmy has those big bouncy titties going on as well…Bree’s tits are nice but aren’t quite so big, so I guess you get a good little variety here from CCGFs! These coeds just couldn’t resist licking slit, and since the camera was already rolling we’re in luck! Or should I say in lick?

Pool Party


Pool party on crazy college gfs

Now this is what a hot summer pool party should be! Crazy College GFs presents this submission from a dude named Zach who went to this pool party and met a hot college girl named Zoey Cortez …they hit it off and made plans to meet up later that night but soon they were making out by the poolside and when a wet tshirt party started in the water everyone was looking the other way so they took advantage, with Zoey getting down and giving him a blowjob right out in the open! I don’t know if anyone was the wiser but they might have gotten caught or something because the footage cuts to the hotel room later on, where Zoey continued sucking him off until he busted nut all over her face. We get some great footage of the wet tshirt contest too as these hot horny honeys stripped down and showed off their perky titties and sweet round asses while the music bumped!

Bounce And Lick


Crazy college gfs bounce and lick

Have you ever driven past a kid’s birthday party and seen a huge bouncy castle and been like ‘damn I wish I could play in a bouncy castle, especially with some naked lesbian hotties’? Well your day has come, because Miali and her friends Dakota, Ashlynn, Mia and Abby got into a bouncycastle sometime and started bouncing around in their panties, but as soon as one girl started taking her top off the nudity began and the party kicked up about ten notches! As these naked nubile hotties bounced around they got all sweaty and worked up and soon they were eating each other out and licking each other up and down…hopefully their neighborhood isn’t too quiet because a gaggle of hot moaning lesbian beauties would wake up the neighbors for sure! Not that I think they’d mind seeing these girls nose-deep in each others’ coochies…I know if I was one of the neighbors I wouldn’t shut the party down, I’d be more likely to grab a bag of popcorn and a lawnchair and go check out the fun! I don’t know if the boyfriend of one of these chicks cheated on her or got mad that she was licking twat or something but apparently the footage of this bounce and lick party got sent in to Crazy College GFs, at least now we can enjoy it too!

Check Please


Crazy college gfs check please

Beautiful college girl Roxanne was having lunch with her two guy pals but she made the mistake of getting up to go to the restroom…while she was gone they of course started messing with her food, rubbing their balls all over her salad and pouring a bunch of salt and pepper in her milkshake, gross stuff like that. When she got back they were both giggling away like idiots and of course spilled the beans about the food so she pushed her plate aside and took one sip of her milkshake and about spat it right back out! She realized what they did and bet one of the guys he couldn’t down the whole thing in one go while she had her big tits out to cheer him on…if he could she said she’d give him a blowjob right there in the diner! Well with a prize like that of course this guy choked down that nasty shake and Roxanne stayed true to her word, leaning over on the bench to suck this guy’s cock until he came in her mouth! This submitted video is from Crazy College GFs and it’s called Check Please…this Roxanne girl is smokin hot with her big boobs and fun personality!

Sexy Beauty


Ccgfs sexy beauty

Some people can handle separation for a bit from their significant other and some can’t…Nysha here gets so pent up from being away from her boyfriend for extended periods of time that she just can’t stand it and has to make a little video to send him and let him know she was horny as hell and thinking of him! I guess that’s preferable to going out and fucking some other guy I guess…especially since this way we get to see the footage that got sent in to Crazy College GFs! This girl is sexy as hell to begin with but add to that her accent and she’s just unstoppable…watch Nysha strip out of her big tshirt-slash-dress and hang out naked in the shallow end of the pool, splashing water all over her perfect breasts and that sweet fuckable ass! I guess she set up the camera on a tripod, otherwise she had some friend of hers hold it or something. This girl is hot as hell, her boyfriend is nuts if he spends a single minute more than necessary away from home if she’s waiting there naked and horny like this.

Some Car Fun


Lucy tyler ccgfs

This hot blonde college girl needed a ride from her friend but there was a price to pay…you know how it used to be ‘grass gas or ass nobody rides for free’, now it’s ‘show me your hole is the name of the toll’! Actually I just made that up but it’s pretty fuckin catchy if you ask me, maybe that’ll catch on and make me a million dollars from bumperstickers and whatnot. In the meantime though until that check shows up in the mail let’s watch this update from Crazy College GFs as this guy has some car fun with his hot horny friend! She was willing to show those perfect perky boobies before the ride and flashes her pussy during the ride, and when the driver pops wood she seals the deal to get a ride across town by grabbing his crank like a stickshift and then sucking him off as he drove around (secretly he was probably going around the block over and over). Seems like a fair price to pay, especially when the guy submits the video to this website for us to enjoy!

Ass Flasher


Ass flasher on ccgfs

This would have been a hell of a day to skip class…this gorgeous college babe walked up to the professor’s desk and tugged her panties down, pulling her skirt up and flashing her perfect ass for the whole class to see! Everyone pulled out their cellphones and tablets and whatever else they had handy to capture the moment! She has an amazing butt and a very nice looking pussy and you just know she’s going to fuck pretty much every classmate in there at some point or other! That’s just how this chick rolls and is how she got on Crazy College GFs…and there were plenty of photos from all her classmates, not to mention video, to send in as a submission for the site! I guess this girl is just an exhibitionist to the core, she loves it when her friends see that round juicy peach of an ass and loves the thrill she gets knowing her teacher is none the wiser as he talks to her about her crappy homework.

My First Try


Ccgfs my first try

Some girls love getting fucked in the ass and some hate it, but the real shame is when a girl never tries it at all! That’s where this coed was at the beginning of this Crazy College GFs update called My First Try, giving anal play a whirl with a dildo while her horny boyfriend filmed it. She gave it the old college try, if you will, working it slowly into her browneye and riding it a bit…her boyfriend go so turned on he wanted to replace the toy with his cock and fuck her in that sweet round ass but she said no, so he had to make do with a blowjob and a normal style pussy fuck, not that he was complaining if you know what I mean. With those big tits of hers along with her pretty face and that round juicy booty she’s a winner no matter how you slice it, and this guy took advantage of the opportunity to fuck that sweet hole and then shoot his load all over her butt!

Naked Rider


Ccgfs naked rider

Some girls just lose their minds about motorcycles…this girl really wanted to go for a ride on this guy’s bike but he said the only way he’d do it was if she stripped down naked! She went for it, making sure to put her helmet on because hey if the bike went down she wanted to make sure that brainpan would be A-OK even if the rest of her body was completely unprotected, good thinking I say. Anyway this chick certainly lives up to the sitename Crazy College GFs in this submission, going for a nude ride through the city streets like a modern day Lady Godiva, and I guess the thrill of showing off her sweet round ass and titties to the entire world got her all turned on because as soon as the ride was over she had the biker’s cock in her mouth! Her friend kept the cameras rolling as she sucked him off, then headed inside to fuck his brains out.

Park Quickie


Park Quickie Crazy College GFs

This couple is fucking for real crazy. This is a new scene from that new site I have been sharing with you guys called Crazy College GFs. They want to fuck in public I guess so they don’t do the normal thing like everyone else who wants to do this and wait til night. Nope they go out during a game of lacrosse I think and fucking behind a tree. I mean it’s kind of a big tree but not that big! This guy of course has to get his dick sucked so he is hard then he bends his girl down and pumps one out. He doesn’t take him long I am surprised he was able to nut at all with all the pressure. I will say the video is so shitty. I mean the camera work is terrible the guy is holding the camera and rickety and it’s hard to watch. It’s real amateur porn though and that’s what you sign up for when you like this type of stuff. I will continue to post new videos from this site as they come out but for now enjoy seeing this hottie bent over and fucked. Oh, I wanted to mention how prepared these guys where! When he nuts he doesn’t just have her pull back her panties and they walk away they brought a towel, I guess they’re actually learning something in college!

Me In My Dorm


Daisy crazy college gfs

Beautiful Asian coed Daisy Summers was missing her boyfriend pretty fiercely since he had been out of town for over a month, so she decided to send him a ‘care package’ so to speak…she went into her dorm room and made a little self-shot video to send him of her getting naked and masturbating that perfect tight body of hers! What he DIDN’T know was that she also invited a friend over to take pictures of her doing the filming, so not only did he get a little present but thanks to Crazy College GFs we also get to see the photos of this sexy horny college girl pleasuring her sweet pussy!

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