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Ecstatic Erotic Massage


Ecstatic Erotic Massage

Click to watch this Mira video!

If there’s anyone in this world who deserves a thorough sensual ecstatic erotic massage it’s beautiful Mira here! She and her man were relaxing together and then…READ MORE

Erotic Coupling Massage


Erotic Coupling Massage

Click to watch this Charlotta video!

There’s something amazing about a couple who really know how to explore and pleasure each other, especially when it’s filmed like this Erotic Coupling Massage…READ MORE

Sensual Stimulation Massage


Sensual Stimulation Massage

Click to watch this Ariel video!

It’s amazing to see a truly talented masseuse working her magic, especially when her client is a gorgeous slender woman like Ariel with her perfect flawless…READ MORE

Prolonged Erection massage


Prolonged Erection massage

Click to watch this video!

This guy is all about edging and after watching this prolonged erection massage you might just be a convert yourself! Edging, if you’re not already aware, is…READ MORE

Sensual Sex Massage


Sensual Sex Massage

Click to watch this Serena L video!

It’s always nice to finish out a year on a high note and man, beautiful Serena L is certainly doing that in this seductive scene! It’s a sensual sex massage (try…READ MORE

Chocolate Orgasm Massage


Chocolate Orgasm Massage

Click to watch this Lynn & Valerie video!

This update was from a few years back but I don’t believe it ever made it up on here so I thought hey why not give you guys a Friday treat! Beautiful Lynn here…READ MORE

Tantric Path Massage


Tantric Path Massage

Click to watch this video!

Prepare for total body consciousness as you experience a Tantric Path Massage in all its glory…or just enjoy watching a beautiful woman giving a slow sensual…READ MORE

Charlotta Milking Massage


Charlotta Milking Massage

Click to watch this Charlotta video!

This Charlotta milking video is one that just kind of slipped through the cracks on me. I usually post every single Hegre Art video that involves anything…READ MORE

Couples Tantric Awakening


Couples Tantric Awakening

Click to watch this Charlotta video!

I’ve heard of Tantric sex but from what I can tell it’s like regular sex, only super slow. Well maybe it’s more than that, it sure seems like Charlotta and her man here are enjoying the sensations in this Hegre Art update called Couples Tantric Awakening! They stare deeply into each others eyes before undressing and spending the afternoon together, rolling around and exploring each others bodies with fingers, tongues and more…they do seem to have some kind of crazy cosmic connection and are bringing each other to the peaks of ecstasy! Charlotta is absolutely gorgeous too, slender and beautiful with big full breasts and a nice tight firm ass, and she obviously knows her way around a cock as she strokes and tickles and teases this guy.

Four Hands Penis Massage


Four Hands Penis Massage

Click to watch this video!

If I remember right, Lingam is a sanskrit word for Wand…that’ll give you a hint as to what a Lingam Massage is, right? Spoiler alert, it’s basically a handjob. Anyway in this Hegre Art video we see not one but two beautiful horny nude masseuses giving this guy a 4 hands penis massage, and they’re not just any girls…they’re smokin hot twins with perfect tits and stunning faces! This lucky dude must have paid a pretty penny when he showed up at the massage parlor for this kind of treatment but evidently he’s not having buyers remorse lol! Watch these two hotties looking like a couple of dreams cum true as htey give this guy four hands’ worth of pleasure…

Sexual Healing Massage


Sexual Healing Massage

Click to watch this Serena L video!

Sometimes a girl just needs a little Sexual Healing Massage…this chick Serena L for instance was feeling all tense and tight and wound up all the time, she realized she just needed some release and relaxation so she headed to Hegre Art to make this beautiful steamy erotic update! The guy slid his fingers all over that tight fit oiled nude body of hers, penetrating Serena’s pussy and ass with fingers and thumb and bringing her to the peaks of pleasure before penetrating her deep and hard with his cock to send her moaning and gasping over the edge! Hegre really knows their stuff, their shoots are always erotic delights and this one is no exception…enjoy this steamy sensual scene as this beautiful girl gets every inch of her body pleasured!

Fine Art Erotic Massage


Fine Art Erotic Massage

Click to watch this video!

What could be more relaxing and sensual than a gorgeous nude woman sliding her oiled up body all over your own, rubbing your big hard cock between her breasts and in her hands…well that’s what you’re in store for here thanks to Hegre Art in a scene they call Fine Art Erotic Massage! The girl doing the massaging never quite shows her whole face but you can see that she’s gorgeous and man oh man can you see that her body is perfect…she oils herself up and uses every inch of her body to rub this guy until his cock is rock hard and ready to roll, which is when she…well, you’ll just have to see for yourself on Hegre but man trust me, it’s worth it!

Penis Teasing Massage


Penis Teasing Massage

Click to watch this Charlotta video!

As plenty of guys can attest, sometimes it’s what’s NOT done that really drives a fella crazy…anticipation and teasing can take an erotic experience to a whole new level and that’s just what’s going on in this Hegre Art update called Penis Teasing Massage, fittingly enough! Gorgeous busty masseuse Charlotta here uses not only her hands but also her big perfect boobs and her mouth to tantalize this oiled-up fella on the massage table, driving him wild and then….well I guess you’ll just have to join up to see exactly how she manages to release all his tensions, but trust me it’s a sight to behold! Hegre videos are always sensual artistic erotic experiences, not just gratuitous stuff that you’ll forget about an hour later…hop on in and see what you think.

Serena in Loving Touch


Serena in Loving Touch

Click to watch this Serena video!

You can always tell when a couple on camera have that something special, that loving touch that turns a wham-bam-thank-you-maam situation into a sensual erotic experience and that’s just what Serena and Marco bring to the table in this Hegre Art update! The two of them are in bed making sweet passionate love and look like they’re just completely unaware of the camera moving around them capturing every moment…they’re totally engrossed in the moment and lost in each others’ eyes as Serena spreads her legs to take her man’s cock inside, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him tight and close for this steamy red hot hardcore scene. Sometimes there’s more to fucking than just fucking!

Sexual Exploration Massage


Sexual Exploration Massage

Click to watch this video!

In what I would say is one of the most erotic and sensual updates they’ve ever posted, Hegre Art is presenting this Sexual Exploration Massage for you to enjoy! I’m not sure who the girl is being massaged since she’s got a blindfold on but she is absolutely hot as hell…this guy slides his oiled-up hands all over her body, gently squeezing her breasts and slipping his hands down between her thighs as her own hands brush against his large black cock. As his crank gets harder with the attention she starts stroking him more and more, and soon he’s giving her an interior massage as he fucks her from behind slow and deep! It’s a red hot hardcore massage from the reigning champs of massages, the one and only Hegre Art…enjoy.

Same Sex Oral Massage


Same Sex Oral Massage

Click to see Serena and Emily on Hegre Art!

When it comes to steamy sensual massage nobody does it better than Hegre Art, and this update is a perfect example of that! They call this scene Same Sex Oral Massage and Emily here is enjoying every erotic beautiful second of the action…her girlfriend Serena is introducing her to the pleasure that can be had at the hands and fingers and tongue of another woman, one who understands the sensations that a woman’s body receives and knows how to bring relaxation and pleasure to sore muscles and take a partner to the peaks of sexual excitement at the same time! Serena gently kisses every inch of Emily’s tender lean body as her hands glide expertly over her skin, relieving tension and eliciting gasps and moans as she teases and tongues that pussy to wetness! Emily holds out as long as possible but soon she’s nearly screaming with orgasmic climax while we watch every second of the fun.

Loving Lingam Massage


Loving Lingam Massage

Click to see Serena on Hegre Art!

It’s been awhile since we checked in on Hegre Art to see what hotness they have going on there…this time we get to see this gorgeous girl Serena giving this guy a Loving Lingam Massage…if you’re not familiar with a Lingam massage, it means basically a dick rubdown and if that doesn’t sound like a good time then you might want to check your pulse. Lingam is apparently the Sanskrit word for the penis and it translates to Wand Of Light…and in this hot update Serena is basically doing a little Merlin action with this guy’s wand! She rubs and licks it and pays extra close attention to every inch as she uses her fingers and breasts and mouth and lips and of course her tongue to rock this guy’s world! It’s more than just a blowjob or a handjob, it’s like combining both of them into this Voltron of sexiness and it’s done sensually and artistically as only Hegre can do.

Serena Returns Oral Massage


Serena Returns Oral Massage

Click to see Serena on Hegre Art!

This week kind of takes off from last week… Instead of Serena receiving oral sex again she is giving it to this guy. I am pretty sure he is about to get a blowjob like we have never seen before. This is like tantric stuff so I imagine it’s going to be super slow and drawn out but in the end he is cumming. The only reason I say that is because from that last video he is explaining it and these two seem really into that kind of stuff. The video doesn’t show Serena giving much head at all if you want to see the full video you literally are just going to have to join their site because Hegre doesn’t share their videos with anyone but their members.

Serena Honouring Oral


Serena Honouring Oral

Click to see Serena on Hegre Art!

There are times this erotic porn shit just goes a little to far and well this might a little to far for most. But If you’re into really erotica things then well this might just be for you. It’s very like spiritual too and empowering. I felt stupid even saying that stuff on a porn site, but Hegre Art has made me. This basically just starts with a guy who is a tantric yoga guy and he is explaining what he will be doing in the video. Basically his whole goal is to make Serena here feel her orgasmic energy. Serena does find that energy as she is being eaten out and at the very end of the video you can see her just about to orgasm. These guys don’t really give out big long videos, if you like this type of porn you should just join their site because there is nothing like this.

Double Orgasm Massage


Double Orgasm Massage

Click to see Emily on Hegre Art!

Right off the bat with this Hegre Art update we know we’re in for a delicious treat…for one thing it features stunning Emily in the nude in her hotel room getting that flawless body oiled up and rubbed by a masseuse, and for another thing the title of the update is Double Orgasm Massage! She had spent a long hard day in front of the camera and was pretty beat, it’s a lot harder to pose and model in such precise ways and follow all the instruction from the photographers, being rushed around to makeup and wardrobe, and by the end of the day Emily was just exhausted. She headed up to her room and ordered up a little room service massage but was definitely not expecting a thorough deep erotic lesbian experience like this! Emily’s got a perfect tight little ass and an even tighter pussy as this masseuse slowly and skillfully slides her fingers inside, taking Emily to the heights of erotic pleasure as she reached orgasmic peaks again and again! If you like seeing young gorgeous women getting rubbed down until they are moaning and screaming with pleasure as they cum, Hegre Art is for you and this is one that definitely should not be missed.

Total Touch Massage



Click to see Argent on Hegre Art!

Is the world gettin you down a bit, maybe it’s been a long hard week at work already and you’re ready for complete relaxation…this guy was ready to let his cares slip away as he slipped inside beautiful Argent…these sensual lovers started out in a soft embrace, before this guy penetrated her beautiful tight pussy with that big hard black cock! When he was rock hard she gave him what she calls the Total Touch Massage, using just about every part of her body (inside and out!) to rub and caress and massage his oiled body, paying extra special attention to that hard erect dick. Argent has skilled soft strong hands and a downright spectacular body as she stands there in the nude, bringing this guy to the peaks of pleasure again and again without letting him go quite over the edge…it’s a sensual passionate Hegre Art massage and will leave you as breathless as it did this guy when his massage was over! Talk about the happiest of endings…

Potent POV Massage


Potent pov massage hegre

Who in this world wouldn’t want to get a massage from the gorgeous girls of Hegre Art! They’re sexy as hell and they really do know what they’re doing with specialized masseuse training and plenty of enthusiasm…in this update called Potent POV Massage we get a drivers-seat look at the proceedings as this guy gets his huge dark dick oiled up and stroked and caressed, the girl using her talented hands to bring him to the edge of ecstasy again and again, never quite taking him over the brink…it’s a technique guaranteed to blow any guy’s mind (not to mention load) and it’s quite the experience to see it from a first-person perspective! Hegre Art has cemented their position as having the hottest massage videos on the net if you ask me, and this is a good example of why that is. They call it a lingam massage which I guess is fancy talk for a handjob, but this is certainly so much more than just your average handy! I think this masseuse’s name is Bara by the way, I did a little digging around because I was curious about the girl behind the hands…and man oh man you should see the fireworks when she finally brings him to orgasm!

Pure Pleasure Massage


Pure pleasure massage on hegre art

Sometimes people go in for a massage because of a specific problem like they were injured in a car accident or something but in this Hegre Art update it’s a Pure Pleasure Massage as stunning model Charlotta lays on the table nude while beautiful masseuse Zana expertly slides her hands all over her smooth skin, cupping her perky breasts and gently gliding her fingers over her tight ass and down between her thighs to slowly bring Charlotta to the peaks of ecstasy! This incredible beauty closes her eyes, gasping slightly as Zana’s fingers dip between her pussy lips and tickle her clit…Charlotta’s long slender legs slowly part almost of their own accord, accepting Zana’s touch. Hegre has had some damn fine massages on the site, they excel at showing every angle of these unearthly beauties getting massaged and having mind blowing shuddering orgasms but honestly I think this might be the best one I’ve seen! Maybe it’s because Charlotta is so gorgeous, she and Zana seem to have a real connection too…chemistry goes a long way in a scene with two beautiful women like this.

Mesmerizing Penis Massage


Mesmerizing penis massage on hegre art

This guy is enjoying a magnificent rubdown from a beautiful nude woman…Charlotta here is a great masseuse with strong talented hands and a body like a dream! It’s hard to imagine being relaxed with those big perfect breasts in your face but I guess the rubdown this guy is getting is so wonderful that he’s enjoying it on like ten different levels. This Hegre Art update is called Mesmerizing Penis Massage and it is pretty mesmerizing watching this beautiful woman stroking and rubbing and teasing the guy’s huge hard black cock, making it stand at attention and pumping and stroking the guy until he…well, you’ll just have to see! Seeing her lily white fair skin against his dark oiled body is already pretty erotic so having her give him an incredible dick-rub is just icing on the cake. Hegre Art always has the hottest massages, I don’t know where they found all these gorgeous masseuses, Charlotta here is truly a goddess!

Self Loving Massage


Hegre self loving massage

Come along for the journey as incredibly gorgoeus babe Charlotta takes some time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to get to know herself better in this Hegre Art video called Self Loving Massage! Charlotta is completely nude and lays on a yoga mat type table or something, exploring every inch of her body with her fingers and finding spots she didn’t even know she had that thrilled her with chills and shudders of pleasure…but that was nothing compared to the sensations she had with her favorite toy, the magic wand vibrator! Her eyes fluttered closed and her back arched as she moaned and brought herself to some huge orgasms, bringing us along with her to the peaks of pleasure as she made her clit sing. Figuratively speaking. This girl is incredibly beautiful with a perfect body, there’s just no other words for it…stunning from head to toe and without a hint of self-consciousness or shame about masturbating in front of us, it’s a beautiful scene and definitely worth checking out!

Awakening The Senses Massage


Hegre art awakening the senses

At its core a good massage is all about awakening the senses as well as relaxing and comforting sore muscles, and in this Hegre Art update we get to see a beautiful woman getting her mind and body aligned and awakened! It’s a joy to behold too because this girl is absolutely incredibly gorgeous with a perfect body as she lies there nude on the massage table, getting oil rubbed into her skin and having her senses tickled and tantalized by Bara’s skilled hands. Seeing this girl Katia in all her glory with those perfect breasts and equally perfect ass getting rubbed and oiled and squeezed and caressed is unspeakably sensual and at the same time relaxing, just the way the massage itself should be! Turn the lights down a bit and grab a glass of wine and just enjoy this soothing and also incredibly hot lesbian massage, courtesy of Hegre Art…they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to body pleasure.

Ultimate Penis Massage


Ultimate penis massage on hegre art

Well they call this the Ultimate Penis Massage on Hegre Art and for the most part I can’t disagree, with Charlotta looking hot as hell and giving this guy some cock attention he won’t soon forget, sliding her hands over his dick and playing with his balls and basically bringing him to the edge of ecstasy again and again to drive him nuts and relax him at the same time! Some of the techniques she uses are a little, uh, unusual if you ask me, like when she smacks his cock with a paddle or when she ties a cord around his balls to give them some gentle tugs while she plays with his crank. Apparently she gets pretty turned on herself and ends up masturbating her dripping wet pussy…not very professional for a masseuse if you ask me but hey I guess I’ll let it slide just this once.

Sensitive Stimulation Massage


Hegre art sensual masasge

I’ve gotta say, I’ve never had a rubdown where the masseuse grabbed my balls between her hands and rubbed them like she was polishing some fine china or something, but then again I’ve never had a Hegre Art type massage like this! They call this update a Sensitive Stimulation Massage and yeah I can imagine it can get pretty sensitive…I suppose it helps that the masseuse is Charlotta and she’s gorgeous and completely naked sitting on the guy’s chest; if I was gonna have my berries rubbed like this I’d want it to be eased by the sight of a gorgeous perfect tight ass in my face too I guess. There’s no sex in this video clip, just a dude getting a full-body massage by a beautiful girl who pays extra special attention to his most senstive of areas with both hands and I’m sure it feels incredible but man oh man I’m glad for once that I’m watching the video and not partaking in the fun.

Uncontrolled Ejaculation Massage


Hegre art ejaculation

It always amazes me that there are people out there who still believe that female ejaculation is a myth…well for those poor sad individuals I present this Hegre Art update entitled Uncontrolled Ejaculation Massage! If the name didn’t already describe things pretty fucking well I guess I’ll just explain that this teen hottie gets a massage and ends up squirting all over the place. She’s 18 years old and is a virgin who has never had an orgasm in her life, much less squirted…but thanks to the skillful hands and magic vibrating wand of the Hegre masseuse she cums all over the massage table! It’s incredible to watch a beautiful woman orgasming like this but even hotter when it’s an innocent teen who has never cummed before, feeling the sensations run through her perfect tight body for the first time. Absolutely hot as hell.

Ecstatic Vaginal Massage


Noma massaged hegre art

It’s been a little while since I’ve given you guys a massage scene from Hegre Art, so I figured it was high time and that you’d suffered enough withdrawal, it’s time to get your relax on and take a load off. Join Noma here as she gets her perfect body taken to the heights of pleasure, courtesy of the skillful hands of the Hegre masseuse! Some sites you’ll see do massage scenes that look about as real as a video of Bigfoot waterskiing but not here, Hegre has the real jam and their masseuses obviously legitimately know what they’re doing! I’m not sure which masseuse is doing the work in this ecstatic vaginal massage but Noma looks like she’s being taken to a whole other plane of existence as she gets her tight pussy gently fingered and rubbed and expertly pleasured until she has an incredible earth-shaking orgasm (or five)! Keep an eye on her face as she gets taken to the heights of physical joy, it’s pretty amazing.

Femdom Rubdown


Femdom massage hegre

If you’re ready to explore your kinky side of things and you think you can handle the heat, it might just be time to head to Hegre Art and check out this Bondage FemDom Massage scene featuring the lovely and seductive Mistress Flora! Her ‘client’ is securely strapped down in the nude, his cock already stiffening with anticipation before she even lays a finger on his body. She relaxes him with her skillful hands, rubbing the soreness out of his muscles and brushing his cock with her lips and fingertips to make it rock hard as he lay helpless, waiting for her to let him release his tension with a mind-shattering orgasm! The Hegre massages are always incredible, and this one even more so as it gets into the realm of BDSM…my favorite part is when Flora is standing over him, grinding her pussy onto his mouth as he lay blindfolded and immobile. Hot as hell.

Flora and Zaika


Hegre art water lesbians

This is some kind of damn paradise we’re looking at right now ladies and gentlemen…Flora and Zaika are two gorgeous European brunette beauties with supermodel bodies and a complete lack of clothing, and they’re hanging out naked in the water embracing like lesbian lovers in this Hegre Art photoshoot! These girls are hot as hell if you’re ok with small asses and a few ribs showing….they’re gorgeous and are loving each others company in this hot saspphic photoset.

Erotic Beauty Massage


Erotic beauty massage for hegre art

Blonde gorgeous Milena gets strapped into the special modified doctor’s chair and man I bet she wishes every trip to the doctor was like this! She gets her body brought to the peaks of physical pleasure and lets her mind roll with the flow as the skilled masseuse tantalizes and touches every inch of that sexy body, running her hands over Milena’s small perky beautiful boobies and down her smooth legs, traveling back up to caress and electrify that tight hairy pussy until she’s so wet she can barely take it! She holds on for dear life as the masseuse starts to tickle and stimulate her clit, bringing waves of pleasure until finally she has a nice orgasm and lets the thrills of ecstasy run through her body as she moans and bucks her hips! Hegre Art presents this hot lesbian update called Erotic Beauty Massage, I bet Milena can barely wait for her next ‘checkup’!

Coxy the Siren


Coxy for Hegre Art

The title of this Hegre Art photoshoot implies that blonde seductress Coxy is a mermaid but cmon now you can clearly see her legs…if anything she could be a Siren or something, luring boats to their doom as they crashed into hidden obstacles while trying to get closer to her beauty! I wouldn’t blame a sailor either for turning his wheel her way, she’s got those big perfect breasts, long lean legs and a supermodel face…just fucking gorgeous and she looks great wet as she poses next to a tree limb or something waist-deep in the water!

Seductive Sensual Massage


Seductive sensual massage emily hegre art

There’s nothing more erotic than a seductive sensual massage, and nobody knows massage better than Hegre Art! Beautiful Emily looks like she’s being transported to another world by the magic of the lovely masseuse’s skillful hands as she lays back, enjoying the sensation of those hands oiling up her lily-white nude body, rubbing all the tension out of her arms and legs before moving to her perfect breasts, then down her slender body (maybe playing a little xylophone number as she rippled over those ribs) to caress and penetrate her pussy. Emily shuddered and arched her back as she climaxed, letting those fingers do their work and experiencing some amazing orgasms in this hot lesbian video! If you don’t mind a few bones here and there, Emily is just incredible to watch as she reaches the peaks of physical pleasure.

Oily Lingam Massage


Hegre art oily lingam massage

I had never heard of a Lingam massage before checking out this Hegre Art massage video and I’m sorry for straight up posting a photo of a dick up above but hear me out…apparently ‘lingam’ is the Sankrit word for a cock and a Lingam massage is basically a slow handjob where you focus on your breathing. How cool is that? Especially when it’s being done by a hot chick who has her hands all oiled up like in this video…can you imagine how good that must feel to have your crank slowly pumped by a talented massage therapist while you slowly breathe and relax?

Erotic Room Service Massage


Erotic Room Service Massage Hegre

It was a lonely sort of an evening and Emily was feeling not only a little stressed but a little horny as well so she decided to go ahead and treat herself, dialing the front desk and ordering up the special massage package. Soon her cute masseuse was in the room and right off the bat you could feel the sparks flying in this Hegre Art update! Emily loved every moment of this erotic room service massage, from getting her beautiful breasts lathered up and caressed to having her wet pussy pleasured in ways she had only fantasized about…and it’s all caught on camera for us to enjoy and maybe even learn a lesson or two from in terms of pleasuring a woman’s body!

Sensual Sports Massage


Hegre sports massage

I don’t know this chick’s name but she has the body of an athlete and looks like she is loving the hell out of this Hegre Art sensual sports massage she’s receiving at the hands (get it?) of her hot lesbian masseuse. Every inch of that gorgeous lean toned body is lovingly caressed and touched, simultaneously releasing tensions and stress while bringing her to the heights of ecstasy. With her pretty face and perky tits as well as those long smooth legs I bet the line of people hoping to become her personal massage therapist would wrap around the block!

Double Thai Oil Massage


Double Thai Oil Massage Hegre Art

Thailand must be one awesome place! I mean it looks beautiful from this surrounding and then the ability to just go to a resort and get a massage like this! That’s what I am talking about! These two girls getting the massage look awesome especially those round asses of theirs. I tried to figure out what these models names were but it was too damn hard sorry. The video is really short but that’s just how Hegre Art rolls there video is meant for members only, I hope you can understand.

Fenna Spasm Orgasm


Spams Orgasm Fenna

The cute redhead here is Fenna from Hegre Art and you can’t really tell because she is laying on her back but she actually has a nice rack. You’re not going to see a lot of this because she does spend most of her time kind of relaxing while her pussy gets a crazy good massage. The girl giving her the massage is to remain anonymous but this is her serious full time job. Girls want to have happy ending massages but they don’t want a guy trying to stick their dick in their pussies or anything so they high this female masseuse who knows exactly what they want and gives it to them. She does it in a very sensual way too that I just don’t think us guys could replicate. In the video Fenna has a body shaking orgasm, you can just see the pure bliss she gets from it as well.

Nude in paradise


Hegre Art paradise nudes

Talk about spending a day in paradise! These four are all part of the gorgeous Hegre Art model team and they’re spending the day at the beach, lazing around in the water in the nude and letting it run down their perfect bodies. Have you ever seen a quartet of naked girls so attractive? A total of eight perfect perky breasts, three shaved pussies and one landing strip, all ready to blow your mind and blow your wad. Which one is your favorite? I prefer the tall one, myself, but they’re all amazing.

Black & White Massage


White and Black Breast Massage

Here is another Hegre Art video you guys might want to check out. This one is called Black and White Breast Massage. It starts Valerie (the black girl) and Fenna. I have never actually seen another gallery with Fenna before so she is kind of a mystery to me. She does have a great set of tits though I mean you guys can see that for yourself. The gallery is nice and erotic like all massage videos are from Hegre Art. Make sure to check out the site after you are done watching the video for many many more free previews.

Power Orgasm


Kiki Power Massage

Kiki is back in the massage chair for Hegre Art this time in a scene called Power Orgasm. She has been in two other Hegre Art massage scene that I can think about one called “Screaming Volcano Orgasm” and “Screaming Anal Enema Massage”. Hegre Art only gives out really short videos for their promo material because the real stuff is strictly reserved for people who pay the premium to be a member of their site. This is one of the few sites that I really do like because their content quality is amazing and they do have woman you just don’t see other places. Kiki for example is a girl I have only seen on Hegre. They don’t do any real hardcore stuff but these massage videos they put out are pretty intense because they really just do a good job focusing on the female orgasm. This site is much more art then it is porn I will say that for those of you who are looking for porn this is NOT for you.

Triple Magic Orgasm


Valerie Hegre Art

You know Valentines Day is coming up and it would probably be a really good gift if you got her a Hitachi massager. It seems to be a girls best friend but warning you might do this and no longer have a girlfriend / wife. You will become obsolete and then pretty much only used for taking out the trash that would suck. On second thought just stick with the flowers and chocolate I think. The girl having the Triple Magic Orgasm in this Hegre Art massage video is Valerie. She is a sexy black girl who is actually one of the members favorite models. These members love themselves a exotic girl, but in all fairness Valerie is fucking hot she has a great body!

Forced Orgasm


Leyla Forced Orgasm Massage

The beautiful Leyla is getting a forced orgasm massage in this Hegre Art massage video. I love the plain nude photography and the masturbation videos that Hegre does but I am not going to lie his massage section is definitely the best. This site has so much depth to it that you are bound (pun intended) to find something you like. In this massage scene you can see that Leyla here was put in cuffs and foot cuffs as well while a girl finger bangs her pussy hitting the g-spot as only a true professional can. She wasn’t just g-spot fucking her though she was also rubbing Leyla’s clit so that she can have a orgasm from both places at the same time!

Creaming Mike


Flora Hegre Art Creaming Mike

This is from Hegre Art and if you are really into actual erotica this is the only site for you. The gallery features a cute model named Flora who is seeing her first big cock and she is tasked with “creaming” Mike. I think that Hegre is foreign and he creaming actually means oiling but who knows. I watched this video and I can’t decide if these two actually had sex during the course of their photoshoot or if it was all simulated. I know that Flora would have been down to get fucked by this thing I mean just look at how happy that face is!

Labia Loving Massage


Labia Loving Massage Hegre Art

I have a beautiful new massage scene from Hegre Art featuring the girl with the most meaty pussy you will ever see Dominika. I know some people don’t like it but in this gallery I think you will. Fabi here is a world renowned massage theripist but she specializes in tantric massages. So in this gallery she gives Dominika and that big labia of her the massage it has always deserved! The name of the video is Labia Loving Massage and that’s because she just teases it, rubbing it gently and fast kind of building Dominika up. She builds her up for a earth shaking orgasm that you just have to see, it’s amazing.

Nude Thai Massage


Nude Thai Massage

I think that Hegre Art had to have taken a bunch of their models over to Thailand or something because in their massage section they have been having a lot of Thai massages. This one features a gorgeous model with a perfect pussy as you can see here named Zaika. She starts off naked like all Thai massage and then just gets a very sensual rub down from her breasts to her ass she gets it all and throughly enjoys it!

Tropical Touch Massage


Hegre art tropical touch

I’m not sure what the name of this blonde hottie is so if you guys know feel free to drop me a line. She is having a fantastic time in this update from Hegre Art though as she gets the massage of her life! She is receiving the tropical touch as she gets her head massaged as well as her gorgeous nude body in the traditional Thai style, and it’s fantastic to see such a perfect female form be pampered and caressed like this…very sensual, very relaxing, very sexy!

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