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Blonde Loves Video Games


Dixie belle on my gf

This hot blonde is a big fan of sex and video games and in this submission from My GF she gets to have fun with both of those things! She’s in her boyfriend’s dorm room riding his cock with that sweet pussy, pounding a downright gorgeous ass up and down as she pumps his meat with her hole in reverse cowgirl position…you don’t get to see it in this little clip but I took a look at the full video and she starts playing around with various gaming controllers, sticking them on top of her butt and whatnot. We get all kinds of views of this hottie and I don’t know if it’s what made her get into porn or not but she’s done a handful of other hardcore stuff since this was shot, her name is Dixie Belle so if you can’t get enough of that tight wet pussy of hers you’re in luck!

Poolside Blow Inside Fuck


Poolside Blow, Inside Fuck

This chick from My GF is one classy bitch yo. She is sitting out getting her tan on with those big natural tits of hers just hanging out. She is pretty damn hot I am not going to lie and she isn’t just good looking too she loves to fuck. When her boyfriend brings out the camera she knows what he wants. So she starts to suck his dick and he is getting some good footage. He is about to blow his load so he stops her and tells her he wants to fuck and this is where she becomes classy. She says he can’t get that pussy unless they go inside and sure enough this mother fucker is running straight to the door and opening that shit up for her. They fuck on the bed and he busts all over that sexy little body of hers, great homemade video and I hope you guys enjoy!

Ariana Marie


Ariana marie for my gf

If you ever wondered what gorgeous Ariana Marie gets up to in her spare time when she’s not heating up the camera for her shoots, wonder no more! She hooked us up with these photos and video clips from her and her boyfriend spending a little time together just relaxing but also getting into some hot hard fucking…can you really blame the guy? She’s absolutely stunning and has a body like a dream with those perky titties and perfect ass, not to mention her beautiful face. He looks pretty stoked on life as she kisses him and sucks his big dick before spreading her legs to get that tight wet pussy penetrated to the hilt…some guys get all the luck I guess, he not only has an incredibly gorgeous and permanently horny girlfriend, he also has a big thick dick to pleasure her with! This hardcore update is coming your way from My GF and speaking of coming your way, this guy shoots his load right onto that beautiful face to finish off this Pussy Playdate.

Asian Girlfriend


Mygf asian broad

I don’t know what kind of life lottery this asshole won but he’s got a huge cock and a sexy Asian girlfriend who is horny as hell and doesn’t mind the fact that he’s recording them having sex! She starts out by popping his dino-dick into her mouth for a nice blowjob before turning around and riding him good and hard, bouncing her hot round ass up and down as she slammed herself onto his cock! I don’t know what this hottie did to piss the guy off, maybe she cheated on him or something because she seems super horny all the time, but he sent this footage in to My GF as an exclusive so we all get to see this amateur chick get her hole nailed.

Big Latina Tits


Latina my gf big tits

This Latina honey has some curves on her like a real woman and she likes to have her body worked by a real man! That’s just what she gets in this home video submission on My GF after showing off those big round titties of hers. With a magnificent rack like that if she’s on this site on the Bang Bros network you know she’s going to be putting out like a champ and sure enough, soon she has her mouth full of cock followed in short order by her tight meaty pussy as she rides her way to ecstasy. Her boyfriend likes being ridden but likes that round juicy ass of hers even better so he flips her around to fuck her doggystyle to finish off this hot amateur fuckfest!

Busty amateur sex


Mygf hardcore brunette

Apparently this guy and his brunette girlfriend missed each other because they hopped right into bed and she wrapped her legs around him as they kissed! He had set up the camera and Im glad he did because we get to see this sexy babe in action…she’s got nice big titties and gives a decent blowjob, sucking the dick of this guy with the stupid haircut before he slid inside her shaved pussy, fucking her as she lay on the bed with her big boobs bouncing so hard she had to hold on to them! The video features the guy’s ass a little more than I’d prefer but still it’s some pretty hot amateur action and it’s exclusive to MyGF, so check it on out. I guess this guy likes it when other people watch his girlfriend get fucked, and who are we to stand in the way of love?

Tight and Pierced


Tight and Pierced

Here is a Ex Girlfriend that a guy submitted to My GF that has such a great pussy I don’t know how he could let it go. He is getting revenge on her so I imagine she did something very fucked up. She is nice and thick with a big ass but this pierced pussy of hers is the real winner. This is a real homemade sex tape so the camera work is so bad it hurts. It’s almost all point of view but the good thing about this is that he zooms in on this nice pussy and let’s be honest that’s what we want to see!

Loving Big Black Cock


My GF Loving Black Cock

You know the saying is once you go black you never go back and I wonder if that was the case for this girl. The guy she is fucking in this homemade sex tape was her boyfriend at the time and she let him tape them getting their bang on. Once she cheated on him though they broke up and part of the break up was him getting revenge on her by selling her tape to My GF. The video is a lot of POV and at times they shoot them fucking through the mirror that’s kind of what you see here. The good thing for the girl though is there isn’t a lot of clear pictures of her so she might remain anonymous for all time, the tattoo does give her away for all those who know about it though.

Shake That Fat Ass


Busty Latina My GF

This guy has it good let me tell you! First of all he has a big ass, big tit Latina girlfriend. Second this girl cooks for him and third look at what he gets away with in the sex arena of his life! This guy just sits back has his girlfriend gets him in the mood. What you need to check out is this video and see them fucking on the balcony of their apartment. At least I think they are fucking or he could just be fucking this girls thick thighs I honestly can’t tell. The video is from a site called My GF. Many of you have probably heard of revenge sites by now and this is one of those sites. So if you have a girl you want to get revenge on you can always submit your sex tape to them and MyGF will even pay you!

Vacation Pussy


Mygf Vacation Pussy

There is like laws when you go on vacation with a girlfriend of yours and that’s that you are getting laid! It’s not the like everyday at home sex this is the special stuff and that’s exactly what you are seeing in this episode of MyGF. The girl does just ride him as always she turns around and gives him a view of that perfect ass with a cute little g-string tanline. She rides nice and good but that is actually after some of the best head she probably has ever given this guy, taking him balls deep and not even choking!

Busty Latina Fucked


Latina MyGF

You get a nice little homemade sex tape this morning from me and I hope I get a lot of thank emails! This scene is from My GF and it features a gorgeous busty latina girl. Those are not fake tits those are just super nice perky big tits. The guy just sets down the camera on the night stand and fucks his girlfriend how he normally would and I think that’s what makes a good amateur sex tape. There is a lot of scenes that My GF has that is POV and that shit is always really hard to watch because the guys holding the camera and total amateurs and they’re not to concerned with quality as it is filmed for their own eyes. Well My GF ends up buying these tapes from people and that’s how we are able to watch them, so if you have a tape you want to sell to either get revenge or just make some money send it in and see if they give you a offer.

GF Bathroom Blow


Rub A Dub Dub

This girl is quite the little cutie wouldn’t you guys say? She is taking a bath when her boyfriend walks in with the camera and coaxes her out of the tub on on to the floor. She puts down a towel for her knees and the guy definitely knows he’s getting his dick sucked. She is really good with that tongue and can get him balls deep which is when you know you’re having a good blowjob. She pays attention to his nuts rubbing them and sucking them. The video is of just her giving head I am not quite sure what happens in the rest of the scene for that I would have to find it in the members area of MyGF and yes, I am a member there.

Going The Extra Mile


Mygf Extra Mile

This new sex tape from My GF shows a girl that I wish all girls where like. She is actively trying to get her boyfriend to fuck her. Breaking out lingerie, the video recorder whatever it takes to get him in the mood. There is basically two sex tapes in one in this submission to MyGF. The first one she is in this red lingerie and then the second one you get to see her trying out anal beads. She doesn’t let him fuck her in the ass though she just gives him a great show. Once he is ready he bangs that sweet pussy until she cum, it’s hot sex but isn’t amateur homemade sex tapes always really good?

Morning Sex


Morning Sex My GF

I have for you a amateur sex gallery that will definitely make you wish that you had a girlfriend like this guy did once upon a time! This girl wakes up her boyfriend with a camera in his face telling him to start recording her because she is going to suck his dick, no brainer he grabs the camera and she goes to town. Head isn’t enough for this guy so he puts down the camera and gives his GF a good bang. If you would like to see the full video of this then just head over to MyGF the #1 site for ex girlfriend porn.

Hot Ass Latina


Mygf Hot Latina

It takes a very hot Latina girl to get me posting a solo masturbation scene that is homemade. This girl made a little going away present for her man and it’s over her fucking herself with a big double sided dildo on the side of the pool. She has big ole titties as you can see with awesome tanlines and just the perfect fit body. Her boyfriend had to go away for work and while he was away she cheated on him that’s why his personal tapes are now available for us all to watch on MyGF. If you have any sex tapes of your girlfriend that broke your heart submit them to MyGF because they will pay you cash!

Vacation Sex Tape


Vacation Sex Tape

Here is a vacation sex tape for you guys from My GF. You know it happens all around the world when you go on vacation with your parter your getting lucky it’s just the cost of taking them on a trip. In this scene this guy filmed himself fucking is BBW girlfriend and she was all for it because they where going to spend the rest of their life together. That did not end up happening and now we can all view this big black cock fucking this BBW chick pounding that pussy until she screamed with ecstasy.

Honeymoon Sex Tape


MyGF Homemade Videos

This is a homemade sex tape for you guys I do believe that it’s of this couples honey moon but I didn’t really read the description of the video probably the same thing most of you guys are doing right now. Anyways the get their fuck on the guy uses a condom probably because he didn’t really trust his wife in the first place. Anyways and you probably guess they are now divorce and their sex tape has made it on to MyGF a site to get revenge on sluts like this girl!

Sex On A Boat!


Boat Sex MyGF

This is a pretty lame picture I picked by it’s a great gallery from MyGF so make sure to check it out even if this picture doesn’t look that great. The scene takes place on a boat with a hot Latina girl that has some nice big natural tits and a thick body. These two take turns giving each other oral sex and then the guy puts the camera down and bangs out a cumshot while she lays on the edge of the boat. I don’t know how a couple could not bang on a boat when nobody else is around, it just seems natural to me.

Latina Loves Sex Tapes


Homemade Sex Tapes By My GF

I had to do a little arrow for you guys on this preview image to show how much this girl cums when she is being fucked. I mean her boyfriend has a condom on so I know it’s not him! He must have been with her for sometime because he sure knows how to bang her. This gallery is from MyGF and features pictures from 4 different sex tapes this guy submitted of his Latina girlfriend and a video from my favorite of the 4.

Cutie Cleans Up


Ex GF Bathroom

This is a homemade sex tape that you guys can see on My GF as of today. The girls name is a mystery because it was submitted by her boyfriend but you have to admit she is pretty damn hot. The boyfriend walks into the hotel bathroom where his girlfriend is taking a bath. He somehow convinces her to get out of it and start sucking on his cock. I guess she is a really good girlfriend because not only did she do that but then he went into the bedroom and fucked her anyway he wanted until he finally busted his nut.

ExGf With A Body


Mygf Nice Body

Here is a scene I found on MyGF that features a pretty hot chick with just a awesome body. She has just gorgeous natural tits and a nice tight pussy to match that you guys are definitely going to like. I don’t think this couple had been together long when they shot the video because she still made him wear a condom but it doesn’t matter because he fucked that pussy good and she loved it.

Brittany Sex Tape


Brittany My GF

This video isn’t the highest quality thing you will ever see but it was a home made sex tape so you have to give it some slack. The video was submitted to My GF and aparently the girls name is Brittany and well I bet she isn’t too happy with this being viewed by everyone. The couple films themselves walking on the beach and they make it back to the house and of course she lets him film them fucking. The sex is awesome becuase it’s between a couple who actually love each other and that’s just something you can’t fake.

Giant Knockers


My GF Giant Knockers

This girl met my requirements to be on the site they’re pretty simple, Giant Knockers and a Killer Face. This is a scene from My GF so you know this girl is a total amateur just fucking her boyfriend while he films it. She is a little chubby I would call her a BBW even but man are those big natural tits hot to look at as she rides dick, it just does it for me!

Cuties First Time


Cuties First Time MyGF

The first time a girl has sex is something they will always remember, well this girl really wanted to remember because she filmed it! This is a new scene from MyGF called Cuties First Time and you get to see her nice tight pussy getting fucked by her boyfriend for the first time. She thought she was going to marry this guy that’s why she fucked him, but I guess things didn’t work out because her sex tape is now on My GF. She might have just got addicted to the cock and ended up cheating on him or something that’s what I think happened.

The “O” Face


My GF The O Face

This girl has probably the ugliest “O” face I have ever seen in my life but she has a banging body and you can’t blame a girl for that she really cant help it. In this home made sex tape from My GF you get to see this banging babe fucking her boyfriend and having so many orgasms I really lost count. You guys will love her she has perfect natural tits as you can see that are pierced an amazing tight pussy and she is a total amateur so enjoy!

Playing Dress Up


My GF Playing Dress Up

This girl gets her boyfriend all hot and bothered by trying on sexy clothes for him. She then gets on her knees and starts giving him head, what a good girlfriend! I mean these two obviously aren’t dating anymore because this guy submitted the sex tape to My GF for some cash. I mean let’s pretend it’s a happy ending and they just needed some cash so that’s why this video is on there, I did my good deed for the day!

Kinky Office Sex


Mygf Office Fuck

I don’t know how this guy could let a girl like this go! She gave him two presents for the price of one with this video. He was there to pick her up at the office and he walks in to her masturbating. He doesn’t know she is filming it because she gave him the tape on valentines as another present. The presents she didn’t mean to give him was the money he ended up selling this tape for to My GF!

Fuck That Pussy Hard


Mygf Fuck The Shit Out Of It

This is a awesome gallery from MyGF called Fuck The Shit Out Of It because well the girl literally says that at one point during her fuck session with her boyfriend. This is one of those girls that is super nice in her real life but as soon as you put a dick in her she goes crazy, my favorite type of girl!

Shortie Wants Some


Shortie Wants Some

This is a a new update from My GF called Shortie Wants Some. They call it that because the video starts with this girl just begging her boyfriend to fuck her. He finally agrees after she starts to suck his dick (nice move bro). She rides him until he is about to cum, so he bends her over and fucks her hard doggystyle and pulls out and bust all over that cute face of hers.

Getting Right To It


MyGF Getting Right To It

Here is a awesome girl riding some dick reverse cowgirl on MyGF. The name of the scene is Getting Right To It because their tape doesn’t start with the typical kissing / pussy eating kind of thing it starts with this guy railing his girl on the couch. What I bet happened is he is fucking her grabs the camera and then just starts rolling. She doesn’t have him stop because she wants the dick more then the camera to stop recording, but now that her sex tape is on the Internet I but she is rethinking all of that.

Cuties In Charge


Mygf Cuties In Charge

This is a MyGF episode called Cuties In Charge in which you can see this cute thing getting fucked and is not the way she wants. So instead of just letting him do it his way she takes control and jumps on top and rides him nice and good!

What An Ass


What an Ass

I usually see these submitted sex tapes and don’t really feel sorry for the chick, but this one is a little different. The girl is just so sweet and I can’t believe this guy fucked her like this well both ways! She takes the dick riding him until he cums all over that pretty face. That’s probably the best part because she doesn’t want to get a facial but he tells her she is so well she gets on her knees and takes it. For those of you who like the specifics when I post galleries this scene is from MyGF and its called What An Ass.

GF Drowning In Cum


My GF Drowning In Cum

This girlfriend gets one of the 7 epic facials of porn I mean that’s why My GF called it Drowning In Cum. I think this guy has been storing up his load because when he busts it was huge! The girl takes a hard pounding the whole sex tape and she loves every second of it I think she especially enjoyed getting fucked doggystyle because she does orgasm during that part. If you love home made sex tapes check this scene out because it’s one of my favorites.

This Girls Horny


This Girls Horny My GF

This girl is super horny her name is, well I don’t know because she is a total amateur! The girl is a little chubby I know but some guys like a little cushion for the pushin. This girl does a good job riding dick that’s why I posted the long part of the video where she is doing that. If you don’t like homemade sex tapes that don’t check it out because its that kind of porn scene and that’s the only thing you will find on MyGF.

Ride Him Girl!


Mygf Reverse Cowgirl

Here is a slutty chick who wanted her boyfriend to film her riding his dick on the couch! Something must have happened to their relationship because the guy ended up submitted the tape to MyGF and that’s were I got this gallery. If you like amateur porn check them out they have some really awesome scenes and this is definitely one of them!

Office Pussy


Office Pussy

I am going to say this girl from MyGF is a little goth, she isn’t wearing anything goth but that pale skin is a dead give away isn’t it? This scene has this beautiful babe at her boyfriends office fucking him right there because well its his birthday of course. In the video you get to see her riding his dick in his office chair its a must see so make sure to click play on the video!

Giggle Attack


Giggle Attack on The Sack

This girl is super cute but she is one of those girls who is having so much fun during sex that she starts to giggle. I for one am not for this, but I mean I guess some people might like it. That’s why My GF named the episode Giggle Attack on the Sack. I do like how she is giggle and sucking on her boyfriends balls it probably added a little vibration to make it feel even better.

Pool Pussy


Pool Pussy My GF

This girl has a perfect pussy with a little bit of peach fuzz on it and then those amazing natural tits. I also like the fact that she has tan lines I don’t know about you guys but see a chick with tanlines fucking is pretty damn hot. This scene is from My GF and they called it Pool Pussy because the home made sex tape starts out with her boyfriend filming her swimming in the apartment pool.

Banging Blondie


Banging Blondie MyGF

This is a scene from MyGf called Banging Blondie, because well one she is super hot and two you get to see her fucking! My GF is a great site were you will pretty much find all amateur porn all done in pretty good quality and the sex is always great. I like seeing amateur porn but sometimes the quality is just too low so you can’t enjoy it that’s how My GF has distanced itself from the other Ex Girlfriend sites out there.

Blonde on Blonde


Blonde on Blonde

Here is a nice little lesbian sex scene from My GF they called it Blonde and Blonde. The way it all got started is this girls boyfriend who is on top in the 69 position told her boyfriend she wanted to have a threesome. He had a better idea and said why don’t you and your friend have lesbian sex while I watch, and she dug it and he took a video tape of the whole escapade.

Beauty and the Geek


Mygf Beauty and the Geek

I don’t know if its very nice calling this guy a geek, I mean he is nailing this hot girl of his so thats not super geeky. The girl has nice big natural tits and its totally that girl next door that we all love. The video is just him straight up fucking her missionary. He actually fucks her until he has to cum and then he pulls out and drops a load on her face that was their birth control method according to this guy. They ended up breaking up because she cheated on him with his best friend so thats why we have these nude pictures and sex videos of her because he is getting her back.

Dildo and the Blonde


Dildo and the blonde

I posted another gallery of this girl some time ago and she was just banging herself with a vibrator. Well, My GF came out with another scene of her and this time she is fucking her boyfriend in the bathroom. They setup a camera on a tripod and just fuck each other until both of them had orgasms. Its a really good video and I am sure you guys are going to love it!

This girl in a hot masturbation scene for My GF

Hot Masturbation


Gf Masturbating

This is a hot masturbation scene from My GF and it features this sexy little thing! The site as a whole like a girls you will not recognize many of them are super hot and most of the sex tapes have been sold to My GF from guys just trying to get revenge on cheating girlfriends. This scene shows a girlfriend that is just trying to turn on her boyfriend by fucking herself really good with a dildo.

Down and Dirty


Gf Revenge Down and Dirty

I like this gallery from My GF the name of the scene is Down and Dirty and I wish this girl was a pornstar because then I could find more sex scenes of her. Unfortunately MyGF is only amateur sex tapes so this is the only scene we probably will ever see of her. She has a nice fit body with some small tan lines and she a pretty innocent looking face in my opinion.

This Weeks Snatch


This Weeks Snatch

This weeks My GF Update is pretty damn hot as you can see here! She has some awesome tan lines and you don’t have to worry she isn’t just getting naked she actually fucks too! You get to see those big tits wrapped around a cock which I always like to see. This girl just has a awesome body and seeing her ride a cock is well, a real pleasure.

Anal Attack


Anal Attack MyGF

I love a good anal sex scene and My GF is delivering on that once again! This scene is called Anal Attack and its of a guy and his ex girlfriend just doing it and then the girl asks him to put it in her ass. I am not sure, but I think this chick likes it up the butt more then in her pussy!

Blondie Banger


Blondie Banger

This is a MyGF scene and its called Blondie Banger and it features this little ass getting fucked in a hotel room. She has some fake tits that are pretty nice and really has that girl next door look to me besides the fake tits. There are some outdoor picture that this couple took as well as some during their sex scene which they sold to My GF.

Trinity My GF


Trinity St Clair MyGF

Here we have a super petite girl named Trinity St. Clair on MyGF getting fucked and sucking dick at the same time. This isn’t just your average sex scene though because Trinity is one of those rare chicks who like it up the butt better then in her pussy. She says its because her pussy is just too tight and it doesn’t feel good but up her ass she loves it a lot. So in this gallery you get to see her riding dick with it in her ass and her loving every second of it.

2 Girls 1 Price


Mygf Two Girls

These are some nice natural tits her name is well I don’t know because she is a amateur. This scene is from My GF and the name of the scene is Two Girls For The Price Of One and I have no idea why its actually called that. If you like seeing these two kiss like this picture then your really going to like seeing them eat each other out and you are only a couple of clicks away from watching the full video.

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