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Hot Skinny Teen Coed


Hot Skinny Teen Coed

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One look at this gorgeous strawberry blonde teen and you’ll recognize her, she’s smokin hot and was on GDP not too long ago making her very first adult…READ MORE




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Meet beautiful dark haired amateur Suzy, a cute 19 year old with great eyes who showed up in a pair of little shorts that show those sexy legs of hers…she’s a…READ MORE




Click to see Nicki on FTV Girls!

Hang on to your pantaloons because this chick Nicki is definitely easy on the eyes! She’s a mere 18 years young and is a first timer who wants to make her way into the adult industry…and what better place to make her first stop than at FTV Girls! This sexy spinner (she’s only 5’2″) is a bit shy to start things off but once she gets into the swing of things she is an absolute dream come true. She’s a high school cheerleader so she shows off some of her skills doing cartwheels and stuff, then goes for a totally nude jog through the park past some very surprised (but certainly not angry) onlookers! Nicki has fantastic natural C-cup breasts and a firm, fit, toned body that looks incredible in clothes and twice as good out of them. FTV always seems to bring out the breast…err BEST…in a girl and Nicki is no exception to that, letting us in on her fun personality and enjoying her stunning teen beauty at the same time. You’re in store for tons of teasing, in public and in private, plenty of orgasmic masturbation fun and even some venturing into the world of kink as Nicki spreads those sexy legs and fucks herself with a….well, you’ll just have to see for yourself LOL. Trust me, it’s hot as hell and this girl is a stunner from start to finish, a true beauty in true FTV style.




Click to see Yhivi on Amateur Allure!

Yhivi here is only 19 years old, has a cute schoolgirl look to her and apparently she LOVES to give head! That got the attention of Amateur Allure and they brought this hottie in with a quickness…they were probably congratulating themselves on that decision real fast when she showed up in her schoolgirl uniform, pulling her top open to flash those perky little titties and pulling her white panties aside to get her fingers on that tight pink petite pussy as she giggled! Once the guy whipped out his cock you can see that she wasn’t kidding, Yhivi really does absolutely love sucking dick and she gives this guy a magnificent blowjob before bending over to get that teen pussy fucked from behind! That snatch looks tight as a drum and Yhivi is loving every moment as she gets pounded, pressing her face into the cushions with that sexy ass in the air…doggystyle seems to be her favorite position if you ask me! Yhivi ends up taking a nice load of cum in her mouth to swallow down before heading back out…she’s gotta get back to class or she’ll be in big trouble!

Naveen Ora


Naveen Ora

Click to see Naveen Ora on Amateur Allure!

It’s been a good bit since this update actually went live so I apologize for that, but man oh man it was worth the wait if you ask me…if you’ve seen stunning Naveen Ora around, you’ll already know how red hot this girl is and it’s extra hot seeing her making her first babysteps into the adult industry in this Amateur Allure shoot! She’s got her little kitty ears on and is horny as hell, shooting her very first video here and getting that sexy mouth and even sexier pussy filled up with this guy’s big hard dick. Naveen loves giving head and does it up right in this shoot, licking and sucking that cock and looking up with those beautiful eyes of hers, fluttering her long eyelashes…soon she’s hiking up her dress and wrapping those skinny legs around this guy, pulling him close and getting that sweet tight teen pussy pounded hard and deep! I can’t say I’ve ever seen a kitty wearing a neo green dress but hey she’s more than hot enough to pull it off…watch Naveen get pounded and take multiple loads down her throat as she swallows this guy’s cum.

Skyler Nicole Rides


Skyler Nicole Round and Brown

I have never posted this black girl on the site before because well there just isn’t many black sites worth joining because nobody updates there is however one. It’s Round and Brown and it’s part of the Reality Kings network so that’s what really makes it worth it. They don’t update it every week but when they do it’s always amazing just check out this round ass right here. It belongs to a girl named Skyler Nicole. She spends the first part of the video just showing the guys how perfect her little butt is then she goes inside and fucks the shit out of this guy. She rides his dick for a really long time and that’s because it’s just magic seeing her do it. She is only 19 but this girl has the dick riding ability of a seasoned pro! Just watch the video and tell me you wouldn’t want this chocolate goddes bobbin up and down on your cock.

Tight Ass Teen


Girls do porn zigzag skirt

This girl is 18 for sure…I mean it’s no big secret that some sites claim their girls are 18 years old but when you look at them it’s pretty obvious that they’re at least in their mid or late 20s. This chick though is 18 (turning 19 in a couple of months) for sure, her shyness and sweet sort of innocence scream 18 if you ask me. She’s doing her very first adult video here on Girls Do Porn and is doing it for the money of course but also because it sounds fun, and I think that’s just swell…she’s 18 and legal, why not explore her sexuality a bit! She admits she’s a bit selfish in the sexual arena and doesn’t like sharing so I guess we won’t be seeing her get into any threesomes anytime soon…also she says she doesn’t do anal because of the pain and that’s a shame because she’s got a great ass! After her initial interview she’s ready to get this party started but can’t quite seem to get the hang of unbuttoning the guy’s shorts, maybe she’s still a little nervous or something. Once he tugs them down and she takes his cock in her mouth though I think she settles down a little, licking and sucking that big dick before stripping naked and taking him inside her tight little hole! If you ask me the best part is when she’s riding him cowgirl style with her perfect tight ass towards us…that butt is pretty amazing. I’m not sure if it’s just something on my end by the way but it seems like the audio for this update was really quiet, I had to crank things up a bit to hear what was being said which really fucked with me when I switched back to music afterwards, just a word of caution for you guys!

Natalie Monroe


Natalie monroe on ccx

Beautiful brunette Natalie Monroe is trying to make her way into the porn industry and has chosen Casting Couch X to be her springboard. Not a bad choice, plenty of beautiful and successful models have gotten their start there and with those perky tits I wouldn’t be surprised if Natalie gets mighty popular! This horny teen is a bit of a nerd and that definitely works in her favor…she’s not sure what she wants to do after school and is pretty much trying out porn to save money. From the way she moans and groans I’d say she’s getting into it because she loves to get fucked too though! Watch this horny hottie ride cock, give a nice blowjob and get that sweet pussy pounded from behind before getting a huge facial that basically frosts her entire face and into her hair. A nice introduction to the industry for this sweetheart!

Foxy Di


Foxy Di

Sexy little farmer’s daughter Foxy Di would tempt any horny farmhand in this photoshoot from the DDF network as she hangs out in the barn on some bales of hay, stripping down and showing off those round perky titties and her sweet tight little pussy! This girl is gorgeous and has a sexy teen body and from the look on her face this hottie is horny as hell and ready to get wrangled, if you catch my drift.



Maria Sweet Teen Pussy

Maria has a thing for 80’s fashion apparently when it comes to the color of her little neon green dress but I’m gonna wager that she doesn’t remember much of that decade…this teen hottie has a skinny little tight body that she loves showing off though so let’s ignore the neon colors for now. She’s all decked out in her plastic beads but they’re not just for wearing on her wrist and neck, she also likes to stuff them in her tight little fuck-hole! This photoshoot is from Sweet Teen Pussy if you hadn’t already guessed…Maria is looking fine as hell with that nice fresh body.

FTV Leia


Ftv girls introducing leia

Cute little Leia just turned 18 and is excited about getting into the adult industry but didn’t want to start out with anything too hardcore…and a great way to ease into the industry, so to speak, is with FTV Girls! They’ve been around a long time and are trustworthy, plus the quality is second to none and the girls always seem to have a great time shooting for the site so it seems like a solid choice. Sure enough, Leia seems to thrive on exploring her sexuality in her introductory photo and video shoots, getting naked on camera and even masturbating to orgasm for the first time ever! She explores her boundaries with some anal fingering, some truly huge toys to test her limits, all kinds of fun stuff and it’s all here for us to enjoy! This teen cutie looks like she had a great time so I’m looking forward to seeing her get into all kinds of mischief in the future.

Enthusiastic Lia


Casting couch x with lia ezra

Lia Ezra is a cute and bubbly 19 year old who is enthusiastic and excited to get into the adult industry just as a nice change of pace from normal life and man, it’s great that she chose this path because she is seriously hot as hell! Her face is gorgeous but man I think probably her best feature is that pair of perfect titties she’s packing…the nipples are just puffy enough and get erect like gumdrops when she gets turned on, and this girl gets turned on pretty easily from the looks of things! She’s even got the support of her boyfriend to get into porn which is a little unusual but hey, anything to avoid drama and regret down the line…watching Lia get that sweet teen pussy pounded good and hard in this Casting Couch X update, I think her boyfriend is pretty much the last thing on her mind! I don’t know if she’s ever gotten a nice hard fucking like this, but she looks like she’s down for more as she rides that cock hard until the casting director gives her a nice facial that she takes without flinching. Keep an eye out for this girl, I think she’s gonna make waves!

Medina for Femjoy


Medina on the rocks femjoy

It’s time to take a trip out to the sea, not to a white sandy beach but to the jutting jagged rocks that sailors always fear…and fear with good reason, because there are beautiful sirens on the shore that would call to them and draw seamen to a watery grave! You can imagine how easy that would be for Medina from this Femjoy update, she is absolutely gorgeous with a perfect nude body and a beautiful innocent fresh face as she lounges on the rocks and basks in the sun. Her perky breasts and sexy round ass shine like beacons in the sunlight, so she’d better be careful or she’ll cause some shipwrecks herself! Unless that’s been her plan the whole time…I knew that face looked a little too angelic to trust!

Happy Birthday


Girls do porn happy birthday

Sometimes when a girl says she’s 18 years old on a porn site she’s obviously more like 28…actually that happens a lot of the time. On Girls Do Porn though they keep it legit, this girl actually is 18 years old…she turns 19 in a month so this shoot is her little birthday present for herself! She says she’s a little nervous for her first adult shoot but she seems pretty relaxed to me, I think she was looking forward quite a bit to a good hard long fuck and that’s just what she got! She looks like a fashion model or something in her pretty dress with those gorgeous features…maybe it’s her slightly downturned eyes that made me think she looked relaxed, she just can’t help it. She could be getting eaten by a shark and she’d still look like she was watching paint dry…this girl is wicked pretty though and fucks like a champ, slamming that tight firm ass up and down on the guy’s dick as she gets her teen pussy worked until finally taking a huge load all over her tits and stomach!



Massage girls 18 with alison

Teen hottie Alison says she likes to please the boys, and in this update from Massage Girls 18 we get to see just how she means! She’s got a sexy tight little petite body and a cute face that actually reminds me of the singer Jewel back in the day, and she is ready to give her version of a massage. She doesn’t beat around the bush, so to speak, and goes right for the guy’s cock through the sheet, rubbing and squeezing him and pulling off her top to show her perky little boobies to get him good and hard! She might be a teenager but she knows how this massage game works as she bobs her head up and down on that hard shaft. I think you can tell that she maybe doesn’t have a whole lot of experience yet with guys, but she’s eager to learn and to try new things so I think she’s only going to get better in this industry. Not the massage industry mind you, her rubdowns suck, but she does look like a good time in the sack!

Tight Teen Hanna


Hanna for exploited college girls

I don’t know if it’s something they put in the water or what, but it always seems like when girls from North Carolina show up for these kinds of casting calls (or fake casting calls, as the case may be) they’re almost always hot as hell! Hanna here is certainly no exception; she’s got an adorable hint of an accent, cute brown eyes, a nice pair of tits and if the Exploited College Girls videographer is to be believed, probably the tightest pussy he’s ever fucked. From watching I’ve gotta say, I believe him…she looks like a hell of a fuck with that cute teen pussy as she spreads her lean legs! Unlike some of the girls who show up at these casting calls I think Hanna here might have a career ahead of her in the porn biz, if she keeps her looks and that tight little package in full force…after giving her pink fuckhole a nice going-over the cameraman is so turned on he busts his nut all over her back and man it’s a huge load she gets! Hopefully someone brings her a towel soon but man she’s not going to need any lotion for her back anytime soon with that protein treatment. What’s weird is that apparently her parents encouraged her to get into the porn business, I mean I’m a little removed from society but that’s not normal is it?

Teen Models Teena


Teena for Teen Models

She already looked pretty cute in a bikini but when Teena pulled it off and showed off that body for Teen Models we got to see how sexy she was, especially if you like long gangly legs that she would love to wrap around a guy! The only thing is that she has a couple lines under her eyes, which is a shame for a chick just getting started in this business…hopefully she was just tired that day and wasn’t already getting used up by the industry. It would be a shame, she could be such a hottie!

Ava Sparxx


Casting couch x ava sparxx

The guys at Casting Couch X have done it again…this time hot teen honey Ava Sparxx is making her studio debut, pulling off her tiny tight shorts to show off an ass that is nothing less than amazing. They’ve seen their share of fine butts in that studio I’m sure but when a great one comes along it’s a thing of beauty. Ava has that sweet teen body in full effect in this hardcore fuck scene, perky little titties and all and she makes some great squeaky moans as she gets her tight pussy pounded! Some of the hottest parts of the video shoot are POV so you can imagine what it must be like to slam this 18 year old Southern girl’s wet little hole. From the sounds of things she came about ten times while the guy railed her, making his glass table squeak almost as loud as she was…the only thing that’s a little off-putting is the sunburn she’s got, which is peeling in a bunch of places on that otherwise perfect body. I guess she just likes hanging out on the beaches looking for cute guys or something.

Nataly Von


Nataly Von on Nubiles

Nataly Von is adorable in her pigtails, pink shirt and white stockings but quickly goes from innocent teen babysitter to horny hottie when she strips down nude and starts masturbating her tight shaved pussy in this Nubiles update! What an ass on this chick.

Felicia 18 and Busty


Felicia on 18 and Busty

This is an example of the website’s title basically telling the story…this gallery is from 18 and Busty and that’s just what you get! A gorgeous redhead teen named Felicia is hanging out in the tub and is showing off her huge perfect round 36F tits with a smile, squeezing and rubbing those big melons for us before getting into a little masturbation. What’s nice is that it’s not just her tits, she’s got a pretty face and an incredible round ass, not to mention a shaved pussy that she loves to play with!

Alice March


Alice March Massage Girls 18

Alice March shows up to give the guy from Massage Girls 18 a erotic massage in a dress like she is ready to go to prom. I like that she found a little red thong to match her dress though that was cute. Alice is just a nice a petite girl with a bubble butt that you’re going to enjoy seeing getting fucked. She gives the guy a nice little massage and starts her “happy ending” by stroking his cock to get it hard. Once she gets it hard she doesn’t even waste time sucking on it instead she just jumps up and starts to ride him. After quite some time of fucking the guy just wants to end it so he puts her in the missionary position and pounds away until he cums.

Schoolgirl geek cutie


Catie Minx schoolgirl

OK sure, we’ve all seen a billion cute girls wearing a schoolgirl outfit and looking sexy but Catie Minx is really doin it up right in this update from her own solo website! She’s got that sweet and innocent look that says she’s never had detention in her life but that body language and of course her sweet perky little titties and ass that say she’s ready to make it count in this photoshoot! Watch her bend over and show off what must be one of the top ten asses in the world.

Alice March Featherlight


Alice March Featherlight

This nice round teen ass belong to Alice March who is a petite girl with just a sexy little body. The name of the X Art scene is featherlight just because of how petite this girl is. I don’t think the guy takes much advantage of the fact that he is fucking such a petite girl but I will say the video is very erotic. This is the very first time that Alice has been on X Art and you would suspect that she would do like a masturbation video or something like that to ease into X Art. They started off with a BANG though, see what I did there? Anyways if you like what you see take the X Art tour to see even more porn just like this video you see here.

Catie Minx pink love


Catie Minx loves pink

I don’t know what school the Wildcats play for but man they sure seem to have a hot student body if Catie Minx is any indication! This sexy and adorable brunette is waering her jersey top and tiny little denim shorts that show off her gorgeous little ass nicely, but she really gets into things when she strips completely nude. With an ass and bald pussy and perky little boobies like Catie’s got she has every right to be grinning in every shot!

Passion Play


Passion Play

This is another Lacy Channing scene from Passion HD. This is the third time she has been on Passion HD the first two scenes where Secret Valentine and Young and Restless. This episode is called Passion Play and it starts off with Lacy taking off her pants and panties and walking up stairs to go get some dick. It’s crazy how sexy Lacy looking walking up those stairs with nothing on so you get a really good view of that firm teen butt of hers. She finds her man upstairs and goes on the couch lays down pretty much naked now that she has unbotton her shirt so you can see her nice firm perky tits. The sex begins right there on the couch with her getting her pussy eaten out. The scene ends with the guy pulling out his cock from her pussy and then giving her some cum on her face and in her mouth too, she needs to get some protein you know!

Nubiles Gina Gerson


Nubiles with Gina Gerson

This petite teen hottie is Gina Gerson and she’s here to show that big things cum in small packages! Watch her grab this older guy’s dick out of his pants and give him a nice blowjob before getting her tight teen pussy licked and fucked for Nubiles. She doesn’t even bother taking off her clothing, she just pushes it to her waist like a belt as she gets that bald pussy rammed!

Lily Carter Creampie


Lily Carter Amateur Creampies

The guy who runs Amateur Creampies knows what he is doing! He got Lily Carter to his apartment and he isn’t letting her go home with only fucking her once! He tells her that he is going to shut off the camera and they’re going to have some fun just the two of them. Well he didn’t tell the truth because he turns them back on and shows all the members round two with this gorgeous model. He fucks her nice and hard and then gives yet again another creampie! This is the best possible site to join if you like seeing guys cum in the girls pussy, they have been around forever and it has that homemade sex tape feel that I know so many of you love.

Lacy Teen Fidelity


Lacy Channing Teen Fidelity

It’s been a while since my last Teen Fidelity gallery so I thought I would hook you up with a awesome video of Lacy Channing getting fucked. This is her first time on Teen Fidelity but with the way Ryan fucked her I wouldn’t be surprised if she begged him to cum back. Lacy is new to porn and has that fresh look that I am always looking for. Nice “teen” body with firm tits and a tight ass a lot of people would just die to fuck her. Well this is probably as close as you are going to get some close your eyes and pretend that your Ryan here.

Playboy Samantha Pirie


Samantha Pirie for Playboy

Someone might want to mention to Samantha Pirie that generally you should remove your panties BEFORE you get into the tub for a bath. Actually scratch that…the fact that she has those dripping wet panties on still is actually mighty hot, and the fact that she’s cute as hell with perky perfect boobs is just icing on the cake! She’s posing for Playboy in this solo update as she gets all wet and soapy in the steamy hot bath water.

Amateur babe photos


Amateur porn photos

It’s a whol new cavalcade of hot amateur babes showing off their sexy nude bodies and getting into some serious hardcore sex with their boyfriends and girlfriends! Whatever you’re into seeing, be it lingerie or hardcore fucking or lesbian pussy licking or just a hot nude babe, some chick is doing it right now and the evidence is right here in this photo collection.

Clover The Naturist


Clover The Naturist

This gallery actually looks more like it’s from Met-Art then it does X Art but I assure you this is were you will find the full gallery. It only looks like that because of the location being a rocky beach and Clover being naked the entire time during this shoot. She has a beautiful body with just the most perfect golden tan you will ever see. She has no tanlines so this girl go butt naked in the tanning bed or on the beach whenever she is doing it. Clover as you can see has one of those tight little teen asses that everyone must love and then a nice set of small tits. She is a real beauty and if you enjoy just seeing a nude girl this will do it for you.

Hanky Panky Xenia Deli


Hanky Panky Xenia Deli

I’ll take a slice or two of that Deli meat, please and thank you! Gorgeous model Xenia Deli is the Hanky Panky featured girl and she is making the most of it, showing off that sexy underwear front, back, and side to side. She has a great butt and these panties show it to its best advantage, but the fun doesn’t stop there! She’s also got those perky little boobies and a beautiful face and you know what? She’s a hot girl showing off in sexy underwear. What more can be said? Just go take a look at the photos already.

Nubiles Marta


Marta on Nubiles

Marta is a gorgeous and sexy skinny teen with an amazing body that she just loves showing off…she’s hanging out in her bedroom in her frilly top and panties, and decides to do a little striptease for us, pulling her underwear aside to give a peek at her tight shaved pussy before getting completely nude! Between those sexy tanlines on her firm little butt to the way she’s rubbing and fingering her wet hole in this Nubiles gallery it’s a wonder anyone gets any work done around here.

Lacy Channing


Lacy Channing Fucked Hard 18

I predicted that Lacy Channing was going to make a name for herself in porn and it looks like I am right. She has been on a couple of my favorite sites now but just today she came out with a new scene on my absolute favorite porn site Fucked Hard 18. She is getting a “free” massage to with this guy because he needs a girl to make a instructional video on how to give a massage. Lacy however isn’t just getting a rub down she is getting fucked and fucked HARD! The sex is hot and that meay little pussy of Lacy’s is just quivering after this guy gets through with her, I bet she will be coming back for seconds.

Secret Valentine


Lacy Channing Secret Valentine

I have a beautiful woman for you guys to check out her name is Lacy Channing. I posted her first Passion HD scene a while back and this is the second one. It’s called Secret Valentine and her boyfriend comes home with a box of chocolates hoping to surprise her with them. Little does he know that she has a way better surprise then a stupid box of chocolates! She comes out wearing a bright red bra and panties set and is looking to amazing if you ask me. She then gives him a really good fucking just letting him lay back and enjoy his self.

Melissa Matters


Melissa Matters Fuckedhard18

You guys remember Melissa Matters at all? She still has a solo site with her where she is now doing hardcore on it and what not. It looks like she is venturing out and doing scenes for other sites and I found one of them! It’s from my favorite massage site Fucked Hard 18. Melissa doesn’t just get fucked hard in this video but she also gets a creampie! You don’t even see her boyfriend giving her a creampie on her site! I don’t know if the guy from FuckedHard18 even asked if he could cum in her pussy or he just did it either way I don’t really care because it happened! Melissa doesn’t seem pissed about it but she is just on a high from having so many orgasms I think.

Working Out Together


X Art Working Out Together

I don’t think this guy is getting much of a workout while fucking Kristen. I mean he did eat out her pussy so he had to bend down but after he got her wet she pretty much did all the work. There was a little bit during the video in which he bent her over and fucked her doggystyle that had to have been a workout… I mean he was banging her pretty hard. The video is kind of short but erotic has hell, I know you guys love this site so I don’t need to beg you to watch the video. Kristen is a new model for X Art, slender blonde and a set of small perky tits. She is that 18 to 19 year old we all love to see having sex, X Art always keeps a girl like that in their stable.

Breakfast Together


Lara Breakfast Together

Have to love perky tits like the pair on this girl Lara. She is in a erotic porn video from Nubile Films called Breakfast Together. I want you guys to check out the pictures in this gallery because they’re not actually picture. They are just screen captures from the highest quality version of this video. Pretty crazy right? I like that about Nubile Films a lot just how high quality all there stuff is. When I first saw the video I knew that I had seen this girl Lara before but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I was looking through the site and found it! Lara was on FTV Girls but doing nothing as hardcore as this scene.

Madison Morgan


Madison Morgan I Know That Girl

You guys remember this girl Madison Morgan at all? I posted a Amateur Allure gallery of her a long time ago and everyone fucking loved it. Then she was gone I couldn’t find a scene of her anywhere! Then just today I saw I Know That Girl having this one and I realized it was her! She can ride a mean dick just watch the video its pretty much of her riding all reverse cowgirl like you see in this picture. I Know That Girl films most of their stuff like it’s a homemade sex tape so this is just like that, which I kind of like.

Madden Camper Nudes


meet madden camper top

When most people take a camper out for a vacation they tend to ride inside them, using them as shelter…well, if you take a look at Madden (of the site Meet Madden) she takes things in a different direction, hanging out on top of the damn thing in her underwear! She’s walking around in her thong, posing in the sun and bending over to show off that sexy ass of hers, just enjoying the day like crazy.

Naomi West


Naomi West Amateur Allure

It looks as though Amateur Allure has asked Naomi West back to do another scene! That’s is pretty dope because this girl is fucking hot. She has a nice liittle meaty pussy and man did the dress her up super cute in this update. She is in this small little golden mini dress / skirt I don’t really know what to call it cause I am not that into fashion. If you guys missed the first time she was on Amateur Allure make sure to check that out because you need to start in chronological order! Scene she took two loads in the mouth the first time in this update she closes her mouth and tells the guy to just cum on her face. He does just that and then scrapes it off her face and feeds it to her. What a dirty little slut, I love it!



Bang bus chloe

This cute petite blonde is named Chloe and she’s the latest passenger on the Bang Bus! This site (part of the Bang Bros network) takes hot amateur babes on board and goes for a drive while they go for a ride, in more ways than one. Chloe strips down and takes her fellow passenger’s cock in her mouth before stuffing it in her tight pussy, fucking him like crazy as they tool around the streets past tons of unsuspecting people. Chloe handles the corners like a champ, fucking the guy hard until he busts a nut all over her pretty face.

Unforgettable View


X-art unforgettable view addison

Sometimes a girl just has to spend a little time alone and explore herself…in the case of Addison, she chose to do it while wearing a bikini and sitting in a spot with an unforgettable view! The best view though is the one we’ve got of Addison herself as she pulls her bikini bottoms aside to masturbate with her eyes closed in ecstasy. As she rubs her pussy and nears orgasm she doesn’t realize she has an audience, a mysterious man who watches her from a distance…but not for long! I have the feeling we’ll be seeing a Part 2 for this X-art update pretty soon.

Busty Jenny


Jenny 18 and Busty

The site might be called 18 and Busty but they let 19 year old Jenny on board simply because of those huge full lovely titties of hers! She’s still a teen so I say hell with it, 19 is close enough…especially with those boobs, but the fact that she’s stripping nude and masturbating her shaved pussy doesn’t hurt either.

Baby & Anneli


Xart loving angels

Two stunningly gorgeous nude blonde lesbians making out and licking each others nipples and pussies? Yes please, sign me right the hell up! Join sexy Anneli and Baby as they spend some intimate time together in this hot update from X-art entitled Loving Angels. They do look rather angelic as they’re bathed in sunlight…I thought they were in a boxing ring or something at first but I guess it’s an upper-floor landing that they’ve chosen to strip down and pleasure each other in this horny lesbian scene.



Nadine for amateur allure

Meet Nadine, a gorgeous 19 year old brunette from California with a nicely trimmed pussy and gorgeous round full titties that bounce perfectly as she gets fucked! She has an incredible nude body and looks just beautiful from head to toe but in my opinion the hottest part of this Amateur Allure update is in the video while she’s taking a big hard cock deep inside, the noises she is making are just sexy as hell. Check it out, you’ll see what I mean.

Introducing Angelica


Introducing angelica x art

I don’t know if it’s her face, her perfect perky boobs on that sexy tight ass of hers that drives me so wild but Angelica is just a knockout in this X-art update entitled, of course, Introducing Angelica. Luckily it’s not like we have to choose…in this gallery we get a good look at every inch of that gorgeous dancer’s body as she poses on camera in her dancing outfit before kicking back in a chair to give her tight teen pussy a good going-over in a hot masturbation scene. Actually I think I’ve figured it out…it’s those sexy upturned eyes, they just get a guy’s blood stirring.

Destiny Moody galore


Destiny Moody photos

Destiny Moody is hot as hell and has been shown in all kinds of sexy outfits, so here we have a whole cornucopia of her from various photoshoots! She hasn’t launched her very own website yet but this collection of pics should hopefully wet your whistle a little, seeing her stripping down and showing off those perfect tits and that cute butt.

Sofie Femjoy


Sofie for Femjoy

Perfect tits in the corner pocket! Welcome to another hot Femjoy gallery, this time featuring the lovely brunette Sofie who is showing off next to (and on top of) the pool table, bending over to let us peek at her ass and kicking her long lovely legs out in a show of flexibility to display that tight pussy that is just begging for a good fuck.

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