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Click to see Adriana on Backroom Casting Couch!

So this tiny Latina spinner is named Adriana and she’s giving it the ol’ college try in this Backroom Casting Couch update! She’s got a tight firm little package but doesn’t have a whole lot of experience…she’s only slept with a handful of guys and just hasn’t learned enough about taking care of a cock yet to really blow the casting director away, not that that’s going to stop him from pounding that hole of hers from here to Kalamazoo. She also doesn’t do too hot at anal which is a shame because she’s got such a tight firm little butt, it would be pretty amazing to see her take a real pounding…she might not be quite ready for the adult industry prime time so to speak but man oh man what this girl lacks in experience she definitely has in looks and body and gets a nice hard pounding here, even taking this guy’s big load of cum inside her pussy for a creampie finish! I don’t think she’d be getting any callbacks from this ‘audition’ which actually kind of works out since Backroom Casting Couch isn’t a casting company at all but just this guy who loves to fuck amateur pornstar wannabe’s on camera and put the footage up for us to enjoy!

Anal Aubrey


Anal Aubrey

Click to see Aubrey on Backroom Casting Couch!

Meet Aubrey, a beautiful brunette waitress who is hitting the bottom of her bank account and ready to make a little extra cash in the jizz biz, as some people call it! She headed to Backroom Casting Couch which in this update might as well have been called Backdoor Casting Couch, because even though she says she’s never done any anal before she’s got a fucking stupendous ass and this casting director gives her butt a royal pounding! Aubrey keeps a dildo in her pussy the whole time that she’s getting her ass fucked and that cunt is so tight it holds onto that big toy…she gets her balloon knot drilled nice and hard here, looking stunning as hell and taking every inch of this guy’s cock deep in her hole. It’s pretty impressive for a first timer and she even takes the director’s load of cum in her hole for an anal creampie, it’s one hell of a way to welcome a chick to the adult industry, even if this isn’t a real casting studio and she won’t be getting any callbacks about this admittedly hot hardcore fuck session. I just can’t stop staring at that ass of hers, can you? It’s no wonder this guy wasted no time before burying his dick in that tight pucker, it was just too tempting even though her pussy looked tantalizing as hell!




Click to see Reighlei on Backroom Casting Couch!

When this bubbly blonde Reighlei was asked why she wanted to get into the adult industry she says she loves that physical thrill and wants to have fun, and with a body like hers she won’t have any problem finding that! She’s single and wants to play and is graduating from being a cam girl to being a full on hardcore actress…her hair is blonde but is actually blonde, not off the shelf of a store like so many chicks in this industry! I guess she’s the perfect type for this fake casting director…Reighlei is beautiful, has a great smile, a great body and is ready to prove she’s got what it takes to make it in the biz. Backroom Casting Couch isn’t exactly a real casting company though, it’s not like this girl is gonna get any callbacks from other studios or whatever but hey she’s getting a taste of what the adult industry is like and is on the internet now for everyone to enjoy! This girl says she LOVES anal and that about blew the lid off the joint…I think this BRCC guy pretty much fell in love with her at that point. Soon she was sucking him off and then had her long sexy legs in the air, getting that nice tight pink little pussy of hers fucked and even doing that cute point-the-toes thing when her feet were pointing up if you know what I’m talking about! Of course the guy fucks that sexy horny ass of hers for a nice anal pounding, then this hottie ends up taking a big load of cum in her pussy for a nice creampie finish.




Click to see Dane on Backroom Casting Couch!

If there’s one thing that gets the engines roaring over at Backroom Casting Couch, it’s when a cute ex-stripper shows up and happens to mention that she cums from being fucked in the ass! This chick Dane let those words slip out of her lips and unsurprisingly this BRCC update turned into a red hot asstravaganza! She’s got a great butt, too, no doubt about it…all that dancing kept her ass and legs nice and fit and toned I guess. Dane has dyed hair, a cute face, gives a fantastic blowjob (well the casting director guy at least said it was one of the most incredible BJ’s of his life, although that could have just been the anticipation of the anal that was soon to cum) and has a nice tight pink pussy with labia like flower petals! Even a hard pussy pounding is just foreplay though when you’re presented with an ass like Dane’s and soon the guy is balls-deep in that balloon knot, fucking that ass and making Dane go absolutely crazy…she definitely wasn’t lying about loving anal so much! I thought for sure the guy would blast his nut into her ass for an anal creampie but nope, he pulled out and dropped his wad into her open mouth to finish this outstanding update off.



Sierra on backroom casting couch perfect tits

She’s a bit on the nervous side for her Backroom Casting Couch update, hence all the giggling, but when sexy 21 year old girl-next-door type Sierra takes off her top you are going to forget all about any giggling and possibly forget your own name at the same time…that’s how perfect those all-natural breasts of hers are. Sierra’s got a knockout of a body and is pretty sexually adventurous; she and her boyfriend are in an open relationship and obviously she’s here on BRCC getting fucked, so you can tell she’s no shrinking violet when it comes to erotic antics! What’s more, this chick is definitely down for some anal fun, getting that ass pounded by this guy’s hard cock in what he describes as one of his favorite castings in recent memory…Sierra’s got beauty, a fantastic body, plenty of enthusiasm and loves to fuck, but what she DOESN’T have is a real casting director, seeing as how Backroom Casting Couch isn’t a real casting company for the adult industry but a site where this horny dude records himself fucking hot amateur newbies and puts it up on the web! It’s a good thing Sierra isn’t looking to make a real career in the porn industry, this seems more like a one-off just to blow off some steam so to speak. She finishes things off getting a load of cum up her ass for an anal creampie by the way, so if butt lovin’ is your thing this girl is going to make your day!



Nicole on brcc

This 23 year old amateur college babe is Nicole and she’s not about to fall for the usual ‘demo tape’ song and dance that Backroom Casting Couch usually slings to their victims…errr…models. However, she does have a bit of a dirty side behind those glasses and brains so when the fake casting director told her about the adventure and excitement and of course possible cash that the adult industry held she was swayed over to the dark side, so to speak! Usually it’s just the one guy on BRCC but this time he has his sidekick TC in the house to handle some of the camera duties and of course to fuck this horny redhead amateur! Nicole has a nice body despite a few questionable tattoos, and she gets fucked nice and hard on the couch in this scene. TC slides his cock into her tight ass for a nice anal pounding, giving it to her hard and deep until she pretty much screamed for him to stop, she couldn’t handle any more! TC obliged, fucking her in the pussy and face instead until busting a load all over that cute face of hers…Nicole took the facial and then licked it up to finish things off, it’s a mighty hot scene and I think you guys will like it!



Valerie From Backroom Casting Couch

Well guys we might be seeing a end of a era in this new Backroom Casting Couch update. Rick the guy who started this whole is trying to find his replacement I think. The guy didn’t do any of the talking or anything like that he was just the one that got to fuck this girl Valerie but still in the members area he says he is looking for someone to take over. So if you don’t like this guy you’re going to have to join up just so you can vote in the members area. Anyways this girls name is Valerie I mentioned that and she is from Georgia and I think she is a natural redhead. So she has that super cute girl next door accent that I think all of you are going to like. She is a ticker girl with a nice round ass that you do get to see fucked in this update. She doesn’t let him fuck it long but at the end she did say she enjoyed it once she listened to Ricks tips. The girl has some nice puffy tits, they’re not big they’re not small they are nice though. She usually just sucks a guy off a swallows his cum during sex but today she is getting a facial something she wasn’t too stoked about but she did it anyways for a chance to get some jobs that pay her $1000 to $5000 dollars a day. The sad thing though Valerie if you’re reading this. There is no job sorry.



Chloe on backroom casting couch

This stripper chick Chloe has been taking that inexorable march into MILF territory, there’s no doubt about it…she’s obviously fighting it every step of the way and still looks damn hot but there’s no turning back the clock so she’s taking advantage of her still-tight body to make a bit of extra cash in this Backroom Casting Couch update! She usually doesn’t let guys fuck her in the ass but is down to make a special exception here, I guess as she gets a little older she has fewer and fewer limitations so to speak…I would have guessed she was a pornstar to begin with but apparently not, she just has that sort of look and sexuality about her but never really took the plunge into the industry if you catch my meaning. Chloe strips down (plenty of practice doing that in her line of work) losing her blue skirt and her top to show off those soft big titties and her nice shaved pussy that she starts flicking and rubbing with her fingers. Soon she’s balls deep on this guy’s dick with her mouth, sucking him off (again, probably a good bit of practice in her line of work) before bending over the table and getting her ass pounded! She even has an anal orgasm, I guess she loves getting poked in the back door which makes it kind of surprising that she’s so hesitant about doing so. She ends up on her back on the couch with the guy standing over her, making it rain on her with a big facial load of cum!



Kate on backroom casting couch

Amateur cutie Kate here is a fitness fanatic, no doubt about it…plenty of girls like to work out to keep slim and trim and feeling fit but Kate goes above and beyond, even bringing her own homemade meals to her Backroom Casting Couch studio so she wouldn’t throw off her diet regime before a fitness competition of some kind or other! Given that you can probably guess that this chick has a pretty fantastic body and you’d be right, she’s also a ton of fun both personality-wise and fun to fuck and you get to see plenty of that in this hot update. Kate even agrees to try anal, getting that tight firm ass of hers fucked…she digs it a bit more than most of the anal newbies on BRCC, holding onto the desk as she bent over to get that hard cock in her back door. So this girl does anal, she’s got great tits, she’s fit as a fiddle, cute as hell and even has Batman and Joker tattoos, sounds like a winner all around if you ask me! Kate ends up taking a facial but is definitely not a big fan of that, it’s her first cum facial and she looks like a kid in a sprinkler trying to keep her face from getting sprayed down…better deal with it, Kate!

Mariah and Vanessa


Vanessa and mariah on brcc

These two amateur cuties are both horny as hell and are ready to doubleteam this guy’s cock on Backroom Casting Couch! They’re real-life friends and are down for having fun on camera here…Vanessa wants to make her way into the porn industry to make a career and get some big money, but her friend Mariah is just in the mood to fuck and have some fun! Backroom Casting Couch is down to clown either way and soon these girls are making out and undressing each other to unleash those big juicy titties before both getting down and sucking that dick at the same time! Sexy Vanessa has tattoos and big tits and a gorgeous smile, and her friend Mariah is a hot ebony babe with, well, big tits and a gorgeous smile! Apparently the BRCC guy had just fucked Vanessa a few days prior and actually taken her virginity, hard as that might be to believe…I guess she liked his style because here she is on his site trying to get into the porn industry! I don’t know if she realizes he isn’t really a casting director, just a horny bastard with a hardcore site where he shows amateur hotties getting fucked…if she’s expecting a callback from some porno companies she’s going to have a long wait ahead! Vanessa even tries anal for the first time here, from the look on her face she wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of it but we’ll see, maybe she’ll grow to love it!



Backroom casting couch brooklyn

This amateur chick Brooklyn is 18 years young and just out of High School and has the idea in her head that she’s a ‘bad girl’…she probably got fingered once after a track meet and now she thinks she’s ready for the big time, heading to Backroom Casting Couch as a gateway to the riches and fame of the adult industry! Well too bad for her BRCC isn’t a real casting company, but hey at least she learned real fast that she wasn’t exactly as experienced as she thought! As soon as she gets naked on camera she gets a sort of deer in the headlights look, trying to give a blowjob which sort of succeeds and getting kind of awkward about it. Hey at least she has that tight teen pussy, grabbing this guy’s cock like a tight glove to save what could have been a disappointing update! As it turned out, Brooklyn’s pussy was a winner and she got it pounded nice and hard as she bent over the desk. This guy usually rams that cock in a girl’s ass for some anal fun but not this time, I guess he knew she’d be out the door in two seconds if he tried it. He did, however, blast a load of cum in her teen pussy for a little ambush creampie, she wasn’t exactly expecting that!



Brenna on backroom casting couch

This chick Brenna made quite the impression in her first hardcore scene on Backroom Casting Couch! For one thing she’s hot as hell with nice big natural tits and sweet curvy hips (not to mention that gorgeous round ass of hers)…she had been trying to make it as a mainstream model but it wasn’t quite panning out the way she hoped money-wise so she made the leap to adult and we get to enjoy the results! Brenna stripped down and spread her legs on the couch to get that pussy eaten out, moaning and closing her eyes in pleasure as the guy gave her clit a nice tongue-flicking before laying her back on the desk to pound that tight wet hole of hers. She got her pussy rocked for a bit and then was introduced to the pleasures of anal with a nice deep pounding in her back door as well…well, it was pleasure for the guy at least! Judging from the sounds Brenna was making and her facial expressions she may have not been the biggest fan…as it turns out she also hates getting a mouthful of cum, she can’t stand the taste but that little nugget of information came a little late so to speak as the guy blasted her right in the mouth with a nice big creamy load to ‘enjoy’! Hey, that’s the name of the porn industry game though, Brenna.



Brcc with alissa

Meet Alissa, a tall blonde with a fuck-count in the 40s and an accounting degree, who’s ready to make the next adventure in her life! She’s a 21 year old hottie with a smokin hot body but some unfortunate tattoos and in this Backroom Casting Couch update she’s putting that sweet and sexy body to work! Sweet perky titties, a mouth with a hunger for cock and an ass that just begs to be fucked, it’s no wonder this chick has been fucked by dozens of guys. Watch this tall blonde babe get her mouth around this guy’s cock, sucking him off before bending over the desk to get that tight ass fucked in a bit of an anal pounding before getting that dick in her sweet wet pussy to take him the rest of the way to cum-town! That’s right, Alissa takes the guy’s load in her hole for a creampie to remember her day by. She said in her introductory interview that the reason she had so many sexual partners was that she had worked on a ranch and had a thing for cowboys, so I’m guessing her favorite sexual position would be cowgirl or reverse-cowgirl…well I guess we’ll never know because I don’t think she got around to that one in this BRCC update before the guy blasted a load of cum in her twat, but hey who knows maybe we’ll see this girl Alissa on other sites in the industry and she’ll show her stuff some more!



Allison backroom casting couch

So I mean when you’re dealing with a constant stream of amateur girls wanting to make their way into the adult business like you’ve got going on Backroom Casting Couch it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to not exactly hit a home run each and every update, looks-wise. Allison here isn’t exactly a beauty queen, I mean she’s not ugly so much as she is unkempt…she looks like she just walked into the studio from a windstorm with her hair all muddled up, but when she says she’s a self-professed slave this guy knows just what to do! Allison strips down to play with her pussy a bit and then give the guy a blowjob, but the real main event is when he bends her over on the desk and on the couch to fuck that very nice ass of hers from behind! She takes a hard anal pounding that makes her scream with a mixture of pleasure and pain, taking his dick from behind until he shot a load of cum inside her ass for an anal creampie! Since she’s a bit of a submissive and into a little BDSM and humiliation he sends her packing with her ass still frosted with cum in her pants, her head full of dreams of being a successful pornstar with that sweet cash rolling in.



Madison on backroom casting couch

So Madison here is one of those girls who wants to get into the adult industry not to strike it rich or anything like that, but for the thrill and hotness and adventure of it! Well, Madison sure came to the right place because Backroom Casting Couch isn’t exactly a legit casting company, they just get amateur pornstar newbies in the door to get naked and get fucked without ever delivering on the promise of a callback from any real porn site companies! Pretty sneaky, but the girls just get stars in their eyes sometimes or, as in the case with Morgan, they just want to get a good deep hard pussy pounding. As it turns out Madison gives an absolutely incredible blowjob, the BRCC guy described it as possibly the best head he’s ever had on the site which is some pretty tall talk given some of the chicks that have been on here! She’s a tall drink of water with a pair of nice perky titties, a cute face, a great butt and of course the aforementioned blowjob skills! She hasn’t even been with all that many guys, I guess she’s just a natural at oral pleasure…after she gets that sweet pussy of hers pounded nice and hard and taking a little anal fucking as well she pumps a load out, sucking the guy until he cums like a freight train to finish off this Backroom Casting Couch oral masterpierce!



Kendra for backroom casting couch

Gentlemen (and ladies too, probably!) start your engines! You’re about to have your doors blown off and your pants torn off by this bodacious blonde beauty Kendra and her magnificent 32E tits as she makes her first appearance on Backroom Casting Couch. This gorgeous MILF is just made out of sexiness apparently from her beautiful face to those bouncy big breasts to her nice round ass. With this body I’m surprised she hasn’t made a play for the adult industry before but hey better late than never am I right? She’s hoping the BCRCC guy will be able to make some good contacts for her and shop her tape around, but little does she realize he’s just recording a nice hot fuck session for his site and is only in it for the pussy! Kendra gives his cock the ride of his life, getting that sweet wet snatch penetrated with her big boobs bouncing with every thrust…I’m surprised he was even able to hold his load together after a few seconds in that sweet hole of hers, but he gives her a nice hard pounding bent over the desk and shoots his wad inside her for a creampie finish she won’t soon forget! He leaves open the possibility of bringing her back to help out with a little ambush of some new chicks but I guess that would involve giving away his little ‘secret’…maybe she already suspects that he’s not a legit casting director though, and anyway to team up with this chick would be worth it!



Tara for backroom casting couch

This chick Tara teaches preschool but don’t let that fool you, she’s got a pussy hungry for cock and has the body and flexibility to back it up! She looks like your archetypal girl-next-door but man oh man when she opens up in her interview to talk about her sexual experience and the kinds of kinky things she digs, that innocent facade falls right away. She’s 26 which is a little on the old side for a girl who wants to get into the porn industry but Tara has a fantastic body with a great ass and nice perky titties and what’s more, she loves to finger her asshole while she masturbates because she says it makes her cum harder! If you’ve ever checked out Backroom Casting Couch before you’ll know the dude is nuts for buttsex, any excuse to give a girl a nice hard anal pounding is right up his alley (and right up HER alley if you catch my drift) so he gets pretty excited when Tara expresses her interest. She gets her pussy eaten out and sucks cock but you can tell the guy is just counting the moments until he can pound that sweet back door of hers…he fucks her secondary hole deep and makes her moan her way to orgasm and shoots his load inside for an anal creampie!



Katie for brcc

Meet Katie, a bubbly fun eager amateur who just turned 18 a few weeks ago and is rarin to get into her first adult shoot in this Backroom Casting Couch update! I’ve been digging the curvy chicks they’ve been putting up lately, it’s a nice change of pace to have some amateur hotties on the site that have some sexy curves and big juicy booties…and Katie here is stacked in both departments! She’s also cute as hell with long wavy hair and an adorable smile as she strips down and shows off those big titties. This redhead is a little nervous but excited to have some fun and rebel against her strict dad…he’d probably pop his top if he knew his daughter was on the internet getting naked and getting her pussy and ass drilled! That’s just what she does here, she even has her first anal experience and gets creampied, which she doesn’t even let her boyfriend do when they fuck…this girl’s got a sexy sweet tight shaved teen pussy though, it’s no wonder the casting director wanted to fill it up with his cum! I’m not sure which part Katie liked the best but man, the sight of her on her hands and knees getting her snatch fucked doggystyle with those big full firm breasts swinging with the rhythm of the thrusts is red-hot, keep an eye out for that.



Rita on backroom casting couch

This curvy bubbly Latina babe is Rita and she’s got no notions about being a pornstar as a career, she just thought it looked like fun and she knew she’d be able to get a fistful of cash as well as a good hard deep dicking so she headed in to Backroom Casting Couch for the hell of it! There’s nothing on a cold winter’s day like snuggling up with a curvy babe with a big juicy round ass, am I right? This guy sure seems to agree with me, he bends Rita over the desk and pounds away at that sweet meaty pussy…if you like girls with some padding, a little cushion for the pushin so to speak, this chick’s gonna be up your alley. Beautiful long dark hair, adorable smile, pretty big boobs, and of course that glorious Latina booty that she gets up in the air! When she saw pornstars getting fucked and thought it looked fun she didn’t take into account the acting part of things…Rita took the guy’s dick in her ass but it hurt like hell apparently, any thoughts about making it in the industry went out of her head right then and there with that brief anal pounding she took! She’s had facials before but isn’t a fan of taking a load in the mouth but hey that’s too damn bad because that was what was in the cards…the guy blasted a wad between her lips and she couldn’t spit it out fast enough.



Alexa Backroom Casting Couch

I do think you’re going to like this new Backroom Casting Couch scene. This girl actually has a really pretty face the rest of her body is a little ummm chunky. So let’s just focus on her face and the fact that she is a exotic looking college girl. She is going through college and really probably just wants to get laid so she answered an ad and she is sitting on the casting couch. She doesn’t watch much porn so she doesn’t know she is on the legendary Backroom Casting Couch. The guy who has been running this site for years now can’t believe how innocent this girl is. She has only slept with four guys in her entire life and when he goes over what she will be doing in porn she hasn’t done any of it. I mean no swallowing, never been with a girl and it just goes on and on. The girl does knock off one of the “haven’t done it” things on her list and she does anal! She not only does it she kind of likes it, she just stands bent over her desk and gets pummeled from behind anally. Rick here doesn’t really want to have to worry if Alexa is on birth control or not so when he is about to cum he just stays in her butt and gives her an anal creampie. She doesn’t even care, something new to her obviously and it was easy to clean up. All in all pretty good video, hope you guys like it as much as I did.



Natashia on brcc

I don’t know if this was planned out as a holiday color scheme so to speak but this chick Natashia is decked out for the season! She’s got a candy cane striped dress on that shows off her sweet cleavage and has her hair is red as a holly berry, not sure how she chose that box of dye on the shelf at Walmart but it looks pretty good on her. Natashia is a little shy-seeming at first but once she starts getting naked and gets that cock in her mouth she loses her inhibitions and things turn hot with a quickness! She’s tried a few things in the past including getting it on with other girls but she figured out that she just loves cock…and in this Backroom Casting Couch update it definitely shows! She gives a fantastic blowjob, then gets her pussy eaten out and pounded before she hops on top and rides the guy so hard it’s like she’s trying to tug his cock right off with her pussy muscles. This horny redhead even takes it in the ass for a nice anal pounding which I think she said she had never tried before, but I guess she just got so horny she was ready to do whatever it took to please her man (or at least the man she happened to be with at the time!). This girl is cute as hell, has a great body and looks like a blast to fuck…thumbs up all around, especially when she takes the guy’s load in her mouth to swallow down!



1brcc hazel anal

Cute amateur Hazel here looks to have done some stripping in the past, but it was a little hard to make it through her interview in this Backroom Casting Couch update and pay attention to what she was saying because I was a bit distracted by her big white teeth! Grill aside, this girl is hot and horny as hell and wastes no time before taking that cock into her mouth, pumping and sucking the guy hard before bending over the desk to get that pussy tore up. A pounding in her prime hole wasn’t quite cutting the mustard though and the guy always has his eye out for a willing ass, so when she offered up that cute tight little butt he jumped at the opportunity and ended up giving her a very nice anal pounding! She looked to be in a little pain (painal, if you will) but definitely loves taking a cock up the ass so she persevered, rocking that dick with her tight pucker before pulling him out and going ass to mouth by licking and slurping a nice big load out that she swallowed down after scooping his cum off her face. This girl Hazel is hot, horny and raunchy as hell, she’s a natural for the porn industry if she decides to pursue the career!



Aeris on backroom casting couch

I thought at first this girl was a little bit cross eyed or something but at a closer look I think it’s just her facial features, she has a slightly exotic look being of Caucasian-Asian descent…her name is Aeris and she just barely turned 18 years old but is already aching to make her way into the adult industry! Well either that or she just wants to stretch her wings a little, so to speak…she doesn’t seem like she particularly needs the money and has a good head on her shoulders, and from the sounds of things her home life is a little stifling and over-protective so Aeris is ready to bust out and have a little fun on Backroom Casting Couch! She’s got a nice tight body and gives a nice blowjob, but that sweet teen ass of hers is like a shining beacon…the guy fucks her tight wet pussy but eventually can’t resist anymore, bending Aeris over the desk and sliding his cock into her ass to give a nice deep anal pounding! Aeris likes anal but you can tell it’s almost too much to bear, but this horny teen hottie sticks with it and ends up taking an anal creampie to finish things off! I think you’ll dig this sexy horny beautiful teen, she has a great time and so will you!




This gorgeous college girl Olivia is tight as a drum and fine as hell…her only weakness, if you want to call it that, is that she’s got some questionable tattoos here and there on that sweet nubile body of hers! The Backroom Casting Couch guy seems to hate them a lot more than I do, to be honest…her hotness trumps her ink and man oh man has this girl got a body. Fans of huge tits and big fat round asses can just scroll right past this one though, Olivia here is lean and petite and looks like her pussy would be so tight it could rip your dick right off! Perky titties, sweet tight little ass and a thigh gap that would make a fashion magazine cream its panties…Olivia wanted to make her way into the adult industry for the money and for the experience and she started out here getting naked and sucking cock and getting her sweet dark pussy pounded! The BRCC casting director guy took one look at that tight little butt of hers and decided to have her try anal but man it was just too much for that little hole, she couldn’t really handle it….’painal’ is the term I believe. Anyway she gets her pussy rocked and rolled and then gets a huge creamy facial to welcome her to the industry, too bad there’s no agencies getting this tape just us!



Misty on brcc

I love seeing all the women who show up at Backroom Casting Couch to make a quick buck…some are, well, I’m sure they have great personalities, but then again there are utter hotties like this blonde chick Misty! She’s 21 years old and is of French-Native American heritage and is just sexy as hell. Cute face, great body, magnificent ass, this girl is a stunner even before she gets naked and starts sucking off the fake casting director! She’s expecting to land plenty of gigs from this ‘interview’ and I guess if BRCC was a real agency she’d be getting them but unfortunately for her it’s not! She gets plenty of screentime practice at least, sucking the guy’s cock and then bending over the desk to get her ass lubed up and fucked…after her anal pounding she gets her pussy worked as well and the guy gets so turned on by that sexy tight hole that he shoots his load inside for a nice creampie finish! I didn’t catch where Misty is from but I guess it’s somewhere sunny because she’s got some sexy tanlines on her round juicy booty and nice perky titties…and now I can’t stop imagining this hottie relaxing on the beach in a bikini!



Kayla for brcc

This chick Kayla hasn’t exactly been upfront with her boyfriend about heading to Backroom Casting Couch to make an adult video for some extra cash…I guess she’s just hoping she’ll either make enough right off the bat to cut and run or she’s hoping he just never hears about it! She starts out deepthroating and then goes for broke getting her pussy rocked and then getting her sweet ass lubed up and fucked for a nice anal pounding…she didn’t take a whole lot of convincing to take that cock in her ass, she knows she’s got a great butt and also knows she doesn’t have a whole lot of boob action so she uses what she’s got to her best advantage, which is pretty smart if you ask me especially if she wants to stick around in this business for a bit! After this 23 year old redhead hottie gets creampied and is cleaning up she asks the guy if she was tight enough in the pussy department, I guess she was a little self-conscious but it seemed like she was just fine to me.



Brcc miranda

Have you ever fallen in love with your barista, or at least fallen in lust with her when she hands you your morning coffee and bagel with a sweet smile and a twinkle in your eye? Well too bad, she’s being nice because it’s her job, don’t be a creepster. However, you can live out your fantasies via this Backroom Casting Couch update featuring adorable and incredible coffee slingster Miranda as she gets naked to show off that beautiful tight slender package and gets her tight little pussy pounded! Miranda is lovely, has a fantastic body, a great personality and a good head on her shoulders, plus she loves sex in all its forms so she gets into some hot action in this update including some anal and even taking a facial even though she doesn’t particularly enjoy them. Hopefully Miranda sticks around in this industry even though BRCC isn’t a real casting house…this girl is somethin special for sure!



Desiree brcc

Blonde 24 year old Desiree here is cute as hell with a nice tight skinny body but right off the bat what you notice is that she’s got one of those voices that’s sultry and quiet and slightly scratchy, already hot as hell. Ignore the crappy tattoo on her arm and focus on those perky titties of hers as she strips down to show off her body, playing with her tight pussy and then laying on the desk to get eaten out to see how the camera likes her! She’s doing an adult film ‘audition’ in this Backroom Casting Couch update but really this guy is basically a fraud, he doesn’t do much if any promotion he just films these hot amateurs getting naked and fucks them on camera for his own site. That’s the way the cookie crumbles though and who knows, maybe Desiree will make it in this industry! She’s certainly cute enough and definitely gives a great blowjob…she even gives anal a try but her ass is so tight she sounds like she’s about to die as the guy slides his cock inside her back door. He’s not completely merciless though, he fucks her anally for a bit but then relents and lets her finish him off in her mouth as she takes a nice creamy load on the tongue!



Redhead cindy on brcc

Well, this girl Cindy is a one-off, let me just say that right up front. Some of the chicks who come onto Backroom Casting Couch for a little ‘audition’ so to speak, you can tell they’re trying to get an in for the industry and want to actually do a bunch more work and branch out to different sites and stuff, but Cindy here just wants a one-and-done for extra spending cash…she even says herself that she hates sex, at the very end, and correct me if I’m wrong but there’s a fair amount of sex involved in the hardcore adult industry. That said, this chick seems pretty cool and is definitely cute and personable, if a bit nervous…she compliments the guy on his boxers when she takes his pants off to suck his dick, and I think that’s adorable. Cindy has dyed hair and some tattoos going on, maybe she wants to expand her tattoo portfolio so to speak and that’s why she needs cash…she gives a pretty good blowjob and then gets her 21 year old pussy pounded, and even does a little anal before reluctantly taking a facial which she actually tries to dodge but man there’s no dodging that and she just gets drenched.



Brcc jewel

I tell you what, for a girl who has been doing solo camshows for awhile as a means of income this chick Jewel certainly isn’t too interesting to watch when it comes to masturbating…you’d think she’d have some special tricks up her sleeve or something from all the practice but nope, she just rubs away like she’s peeling a sticker off a car bumper or something. Maybe she’s just over the solo scene which is why she headed to Backroom Casting Couch in the first place…what I do know is that she fucks like crazy one she gets naked and bends over that table! She’s skinny and muscular and superfit, obviously loves going to the gym, and she gives a great blowjob but really the centerpiece of this update I think is when she gets on her hands and knees with that tight firm butt in the air and gets a nice anal pounding that ends up with the fake casting director shooting his load in her backdoor! I’m not sure an anal creampie was what she was expecting when she showed up at the studio but hey that’s the name of the game sweetheart…Jewel doesn’t seem put out by it though, she took that load in her hole and clamped it in…not a girl you’d want to make angry, she’d probably punch your lights out, but she does seem like a lot of fun!



Brielle on brcc

When you think of girls in porn you usually think immediately of whether they have nice tits, am I right? Well how about the smile…this girl Brielle showed up at the Backroom Casting Couch studios and was immediately flashing that beautiful open grin and just seeming like a total sweetheart…PLUS she’s got nice tits. And a cute tight butt, by the way…keep an eye out for that booty, it comes into play later on. Anyway this redhead hottie is 20, cute as hell, great body and a desire to make it in the adult industry so she strips down and shows off her perky titties before spreading her legs on the couch and rubbing her pussy, masturbating for the camera and stroking her breasts with the other hand. Already hot. Of course she has to show the blowjob skills so she sucks the guy’s cock for awhile before getting bent over the table and having her pussy pounded…somehow she continues to look cute and sexy as hell even bent over with a dick in her twat, it’s a rare talent if you ask me! The casting director has had an eye on that sweet butt of hers since she walked in though and soon he has her on her hands and knees getting lubed up so he can shove his cock into her ass for a nice anal pounding, giving her butt a workout before he shot his load inside for an anal creampie finish! And still Brielle has a smile on her face. Amazing girl.



Sherry on brcc

Ready for a little cushion for your pushin’? Backroom Casting Couch is hosting a cute curvy bespectacled girl named Sherry in this update and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to show she can make it in the industry! If she thinks she’s going to get a lot of callbacks from this ‘audition’ though she’s pretty mistaken; the guy calls himself a casting director but really he’s just a horny chump who loves to fuck amateur babes and put the footage up on BRCC for us to enjoy! Sherry gets those big juicy titties out and shows her nice round ass, playing with her meaty pussy a bit before dropping to her knees to give the director a nice blowjob, keeping her glasses on just in case he busted his load then and there. He held off though, he wasn’t about to waste his cum by shooting in her mouth! He ate her pussy out a bit and then gave her a nice hard fucking, sliding in and out of that wet pussy before finally blasting his load inside for a creampie finish. I don’t think he told her he was about to cum either, which might have been a bit of punishment for her not letting him give her an anal pounding with a sexy butt like that!



Mackenzie on brcc

The latest update on Backroom Casting Couch is this hottie named Mackenzie, who has a bit of a diva attitude about the whole thing…with those huge fake tits of hers and her gorgeous face she seems like the kind of girl who wouldn’t give a normal guy the time of day but hey, the promise of some easy cash certainly does wonders! She’s at the casting couch hoping to make a grand entrance into the world of porn, probably dreaming about paying off those tits and maybe buying a Bentley or something, but if that’s the case she’s at the wrong studio because this isn’t even a real casting call, just some horny dude with a website who fucks hot amateur chicks and puts the footage up for us! Mackenzie gets those big boobs out and masturbates a bit before giving this guy a blowjob, then bends over and agrees to take his cock up her ass because ‘thats what porn studios look for’! After her anal pounding the guy blasts a load of cum into her pussy, I don’t know what excuse he gave for that one but it’s a nice creampie so enjoy! Mackenzie here might be a diva but hell, she’s got the body and face to back it up so nobody’s gonna be too picky I’m sure.



Brcc audrey

Now this is what Backroom Casting Couch is all about…sometimes a girl shows up and you just know she’s going to be fucking amazing and that’s the case with little spitfire hottie Aubrey here! She’s got a tight strong body, a great attitude about sex and loves to explore new things…for instance she was kind of hesitant to try anal but once she felt that hard cock in her ass she got really into it, arching her back with that perfect ass in the air and those big tits bouncing around! She gave a great blowjob, gave this guy the fucking of a lifetime and loved getting her ass pounded, what more can you ask? She even took an ambush creampie without complaining about it, this girl is definitely looking to make a future in the adult industry for herself. It’s too bad this BRCC ‘casting director’ isn’t actually doing a casting call, he’s just fucking her on camera for his site, hopefully she’s not too pissed when she doesn’t get any callbacks from it! Aubrey is seriously fucking smokin hot though, one of the best I’ve seen on the couch in a long time and that’s no exaggeration.



Raven on brcc

The thing with a site like Backroom Casting Couch is that it’s kind of a shot in the dark from week to week, whether you end up with a trainwreck or, like in the case of this girl Raven, a fucking smokin hot teen who is down for pretty much any kind of fun! This is what you would call a home run…gorgeous, tight as a drum, petite and horny as hell, Raven gets into all kinds of shenanigans in this hot update. Whether it’s sliding a huge toy into her ass, getting fucked in hot POV style, taking a nice long anal pounding or receiving a huge cream facial this girl stays hot and energetic and just sexy as hell throughout! That ass of hers is a thing of magnificence and I’m really glad she was down to get fucked from behind because it would be a damn shame otherwise…watch Raven get bent over the desk and fucked until she’s biting her bottom lip and having orgasm after orgasm before the big facial finish! Hopefully she takes whatever cash she got from doing this hardcore scene and has that tattoo on her forearm finished, looks like an octopus or something, because it looks kind of half-assed at the moment and there’s nothing about this girl that should be half-assed if you ask me.



Daisy on backroom casting couch

I think it’s safe to say that Daisy here will not be returning to the Backroom Casting Couch…this Native American amateur cutie is not into dick in the least, she is only interested in doing girl-girl scenes but the fake casting director convinces her that showing her stuff with a straight boy-girl scene is the way to go to get into the industry and that lesbian scenes are pretty hard to come by. Well she bought that hook line and sinker and soon she was giving one of the most awkward blowjobs the site has ever seen, either she hates sucking cock or the guy dipped his crank in a jar of picklejuice beforehand, that’s all I can come up with to explain her facial expressions. She sucks the guy a bit after an interview where she’s so shy and quiet he has to subtitle her responses to his questions, and then bends over to take his dick in her ass for a little anal before he shoots his load inside her for an ambush anal creampie! She’s unthrilled with the whole thing but she is pretty cute so hey, maybe you’ll be seeing Daisy in some lesbian scenes in the future that will be more up her alley…but for now at least you get to see this guy getting up her alley first, if you catch my drift!



Brcc summer

This girl Summer has a fucking incredible body, there’s just no two ways about it. Her ass in particular is top shelf, nice and round and tight as hell, but her tits are no slouch either, nice and round and (I think) natural too! Add to that the fact that she’s got seductive piercing eyes that she likes to stare up at you with as she sucks cock and you’ve got a nice Backroom Casting Couch update if you ask me. Summer peels out of her clothes and immediately the casting director starts working her towards some anal…he starts out getting his cock sucked and fucking her tight little pussy but soon he’s fingering her ass and then guiding his cock into that tight back door, it’s a good thing she’s down with anal or things would have gotten awkward really fast! She gets that perfect tight ass fucked doggystyle for awhile but when the guy was about to bust his load he switched over to her 21 year old pussy and gave her a quick hard banging before shooting his cum inside for a creampie finish. Good thing she’s on birth control…or is she??

Slave Christy


Slave christy brcc

I can’t say I’ve seen a kinky fetish scene from Backroom Casting Couch before, but it’s a nice change of pace so to speak! Slave Christy here is a tall, leggy drink of redheaded water and has been living a full-time slave lifestyle with her Master…she came over to BRCC to kick off her nude modeling career but unfortunately there’s no callback from this particularly casting call! Christy loves anal too, which works out mighty well…at the beginning of these scenes the girl always gets naked and masturbates, and when Christy is stroking her pussy she also fingers her ass at the same time to let the guy know she’s down for a little backdoor loving. Her Master taught her how to suck cock and I guess she’s a good learner because she gives a magnificent blowjob before the guy slides his cock into her pussy and then fucks her ass for some anal fun. Christy even chokes herself out as she gets pounded, cumming over and over until the guy can’t help himself anymore and has to bust his load all over her face and into her mouth!



Nikki on brcc

Ready for a real-deal cowgirl in little daisy dukes trying her hand at the porn industry? She’s got little cowgirl boots on and used to have some horses and whatnot before she moved, so even though she doesn’t have an accent she’s the real thing. She’s also an actual teen, not a MILF trying to pass herself off…this amateur cutie is 18 and has the paperwork to prove it! In her Backroom Casting Couch introduction she seems pretty relaxed, almost a little bored…when the action starts up it’s pretty evident why too, I don’t want to say this chick Nikki is a slut but she’s no stranger to having a cock buried in her ass that’s for sure. Most girls at least show some kind of discomfort or reluctance but not Nikki, she’s like well okay shove it on in there and in it goes, no pain no fuss! She ends up getting an anal creampie when the guy blasts his load in her ass, and she seems pretty ok with it…she might be 18 years old but she definitely loves the D!



Brcc tatumn

Amateur wannabe pornstar Tatumn here might have some pretty wack tattoos and a face you just want to stick your dick in to wipe that smirk off, but she’s ready willing and able to do what she has to to make it into the business with her casting video! Too bad this isn’t a real casting call and there won’t be any callbacks, since this is Backroom Casting Couch…this horny hopeful just strips down and gets naked, sucks cock and gets fucked for a dream. Well, at least she gets to have some fun! Watch Tatumn show off her tattoos as well as those bouncy jiggly titties and her admittedly nice ass as she starts things off with a little masturbation, rubbing her clit and bringing her knees up by her ears as she gets more and more wet…soon she’s in the mood for a blowjob so she takes the casting director’s cock in her mouth, sucking him off and then getting bent over the table to get her pussy fucked from behind! She seems like a rebellious teen all grown up and figured a porn career might be her best bet for a little extra spending cash…well she might get a few jobs here and there with those blowjob skills and that ass, but I hope she isn’t sitting by the phone waiting for a job offer from BRCC…she’ll just have to content with the massive cream facial she gets at the end of this hardcore fuck session!



Rebecca for backroom casting couch

Meet Rebecca, a cute-as-hell Black-Asian amateur with an adorable smile and a sexual appetite you’ve gotta see to believe! She was interested in making a little extra spending cash by way of doing her first adult video and figured Backroom Casting Couch might be a good foot in the door, so to speak…she just didn’t realize it was going to be a good cock in the ass as well! This hottie is down for pretty much anything the guy wants to do, from sucking his cock to bending over the table and getting pounded to trying out some anal and double penetration (she apparently had 3 orgasms during the anal…this girl has a naughty side for sure) and then taking the guy’s ambush creampie (that’s what he calls it when he cums inside the chicks without giving them any warning) without freaking out like some of the girls on the site have done. Apparently after the shoot was all finished up Rebecca wanted to go another round with the guy with the cameras off, I guess she got a taste of his cock and had a craving for more! I don’t know if he took her up on it but if not he’s lost his damn mind. Pop a viagra and get back in there, dummy!



Leela on brcc

It’s always exciting when a girl on a site like Backroom Casting Couch takes a nice messy creampie to finish off the shoot, getting that load of cum shot deep in the pussy, but sometimes…well…sometimes the guy doesn’t exactly warn the chick that that’s what’s about to go down! Sexy Latina babe Leela here for instance had no idea that the fake casting director from BRCC was going to creampie her, and what’s more she’s not on birth control so she goes into a bit of a freakout when she feels that drippy creamy load oozing out…time for a little Plan B I guess! Before that though she’s super into the scene, she wants to make some cash with porn and is ready to push her personal envelopes a bit, like masturbating on camera with a toy for the first time, getting an anal pounding for the first time (which she wasn’t exactly thrilled about, but gave it the ol’ college try) and stuff like that! Watch this hottie get pounded and creamed…man she’s going to be pissed when she realizes there’s no actual casting call going on.



Katrina for brcc

See this brunette amateur Katrina in glasses with perky titties and tattoos down her arm and leg? Pretty cute, right? Well that’s because she hasn’t opened her mouth yet, those teeth look like Austin Powers got punched in the chops or something…man oh man what a busted grill. Hopefully she uses whatever little chunk of change she got from this update on Backroom Casting Couch to head to the dentist or at least to buy a pair of pliers so she can start from scratch. Anyway, apart from her jankedy teeth this girl is cute as hell, she was expecting to do only girl-girl shoots but hey sometimes to get into the industry you’ve gotta get your hands dirty so to speak, so she ended up sucking the casting director’s cock and then getting fucked in her pussy and even doing some anal! She got fucked in the ass nice and hard before facing her biggest fears, or at least doing something she hates doing, namely getting a big creamy facial! She takes this guy’s big load all over her face, which partially obscures her mouth and trust me that’s a good thing.



Brcc cassidy

Wellp, sometimes you get a gorgeous amateur with a perfect body who fucks like a dream and then sometimes you get a girl like Cassidy here who isn’t quite as up to snuff as she might be who gets fucked but then starts her period halfway through the shoot on Backroom Casting Couch. This guy isn’t about to let an opportunity pass by though so he spins her around and gives her a nice deep anal fucking that ends up with a creampie in her ass so it isn’t a wasted day! I mean let’s get things straight here this girl isn’t ugly, she’s just not like goddess material like some of the girls that show up on the site. Her tits are alright, her ass is ehh, she gives a decent enough blowjob, she just doesn’t quite have her ish together so I doubt she’ll be getting too many callbacks about this shoot if you know what I mean, even if this was an actual casting agency which it’s not. The guy just likes to fuck chicks and film it, at least we get to share in the fun!



Afton on brcc

I get the feeling they’ve been saving this one up or something on Backroom Casting Couch because this girl Afton is a winner from head to toe…she’s itty bitty but has big ol titties with a gorgeous face, a great ass and the sexual openness to play with all of the above! This hot spinner barely cracks the 5-foot mark but her attitude is larger than life as she gives this guy a great blowjob, lays on the table to get her tight pussy pounded (making those huge boobs bounce hypnotically by the way) and then even bends over to get fucked in the ass! That’s right, this girl who already marked as a perfect 10 also likes anal and got her backdoor pounded in this hot update…the guy even ended up cumming inside her pussy for a nice creampie and she didn’t seem too put off by it, she just cleaned up and headed to the store for a little Plan B! If you don’t mind a bunch of tattoos and a few piercings this girl Afton is just incredible, I don’t know if this is just her one and only adult scene but hopefully she’ll be back for more hardcore fun on some other sites, we’ll see.



Brcc sammy

Sammy here has a big juicy ass, a cute girl next door type face, tits that tend to bounce all over the damn place, and one hell of a libido! She says she’s fucked like 30 one night stand guys over the last few weeks which doesn’t make much sense unless some of those were one-afternoon-stands or something, so obviously this amateur cutie is crazy about the D! In this Backroom Casting Couch scene she pretty much is down for whatever the guy wants to do so he fucks her face, her pussy and her ass in quick succession…she wasn’t super thrilled about the anal but she got into it after a minute or two. The guy even came in her pussy for a creampie without giving her much warning, he calls it an ‘ambush creampie’…I on the other hand call it ‘playing with fire’ because who knows if this chick takes plan B or whatever? Anwyay Sammy here gives a hell of a performance as she gets her nice pink pussy pounded and glued up with cum, so maybe you can overlook her bizarre way of masturbating where she like rubs up against the corner of the desk like a dog humping a leg. Takes all kinds I guess.



Aria anal on brcc

Sometimes you know at a glance that a girl will have a particular specialty when it comes to fucking and in this Backroom Casting Couch update as soon as sexy teen Aria takes off her clothes and shows off that big juicy booty you know it’s going to be all about the ass in this update, especially because the ‘casting director’ is so crazy about anal sex! As it turns out, Aria is a big fan of the backdoor love as well so she gets her pucker pounded by fingers and toys and cock in this scene and loves every second of it…a lot of the time the girls that try anal on this site end up wincing or crying or just plain grossed out but not this horny 19 year old hottie, she loves getting poked in that ass and goes crazy for it! She ends up with a nice creampie to finish off the day as the guy busts nut inside her pussy, not sure if she’s thrilled about that but she definitely seems like she’s stoked to be a part of the adult industry. With an ass like that it would be hard for her to go wrong! She could probably stand to run around the block a couple times but man she better not lose that booty.



Bridget on brcc

Alright, you ready to delve into the dark side a little? This Backroom Casting Couch update features Bridget, a skinny scrawny tattooed chick who looks like she’s doing a scene to get some money for her meds, if you catch my drift…could just be my imagination though. I mean it’s a stone cold fact that this girl is bone-thin, she looks like she’d break if you fucked her hard enough, but she’s ready to do what it takes to make this scene a winner as she pulls off her dress and gets naked! The casting director takes one long look at her and asks her to put her dress right back on again, which is already pretty funny if you ask me, and then goes to town on her pussy. I don’t know if I’d dive in headfirst like that or fuck her without a condom but this guy gives her hole the business as he fucks her face and then her snatch before bending her over the table and introducing her to the fun that is anal sex the BRCC way. Spoiler alert, it turns out she wasn’t exactly expecting to be fucked in the ass if you catch my drift, and she DEFINITELY wasn’t expecting to take a fudge creampie! The weird thing is, as skinny and kind of off-putting as this girl Bridget is, she’s still kind of cute and sexy in a curious way. Huh.



Serena on brcc

This Latina honey named Serena has a bit of a case of bitchy resting face but she seems sweet enough personality-wise and man oh man that ass is just phenomenal! She’s only 18 but is already wicked fun in the sack…she tells the guy as much in her little introduction interview and I’m sure he was just nodding his head going ‘uh huh’ and not believing a word of it but she definitely rocked his world in this Backroom Casting Couch update. He strips her down and then buzzes her pussy until she cums and in exchange she gives him a fantastic blowjob before spreading those thick thighs for him…this girl isn’t fat or even pudgy really, she just has some sexy curves to her. He gives her pussy a nice pounding and then talks her into some anal, she was definitely not thrilled about the prospect but finally gave in and got her butt poked, I guess the guy loved it because as I said that ass is a perfect 10. She moans and gasps and shakes as he pounds her from behind until shooting his load into her mouth, I’m not sure where Serena learned so much about sex at only 18 but she was a hell of a lay from the looks and sounds of things.

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