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Two Truths One Lie


Dare dorm two truths

These crazy college kids were going to play a game called Two Truths One Lie where one person gives three statements and the other people have to figure out which one is the lie out of the three…well that was the plan at least until one of the girls got a little deep in her cups and decided the party needed a kick into high gear! She got naked and started making out with the other chick and soon it was a hardcore foursome on the bunk bed! Actually I guess it was more like a pair of twosomes, there were two pairs of people fucking instead of like one big fuckpile. Details aside, these sexy coeds are hot as hell and they love getting pounded while their friend films the whole thing…I guess they loved it so much they figured it would make a good submission for Dare Dorm which is how we got the footage!

Mark Her Party


Dare dorm mark her party

You know how at a college kegger if someone gets too drunk and passes out early the rest of the people always write on him or her with markers, drawing dicks on their face and writing ‘slut’ on their back or ass or whatever? Well that has turned into a sort of party game for these college kids from Dare Dorm, getting together in a dorm one night and losing their clothes in order to write dirty messages on each other just for fun! Maybe it’s a reversal, like if someone passes out they get everything erased that was written on them before, that would be pretty good. It’s hard to tell if that’s the case though because the fact that these hot college coeds are getting naked and having fun together like this is a little distracting if you know what I mean. These girls were just looking for an excuse to get each other naked and make out like lesbians while driving the guys crazy…they don’t get any dick action in this update which I’m sure was pretty frustrating for the freshmen but man they’ll have some jackoff material for life now! Watch these chicks get all over each other, fingering and kissing and licking pussy and sucking nipples while they scrawl things on each others tits…it’s a Mark Her Party!

Never Have I Ever


Dare dorm never have i ever

Man, college kids nowadays…back when I was in school when we played Never Have I Ever it was things like ‘never have I ever eaten two bags of Doritos in a single sitting’, but now it’s a whole new ballgame! Dare Dorm brings us to the front lines as these horny coeds sip their sizzurp and list off some things they’ve never done. Things start out pretty tame when a girl is like “never have I ever made out with another woman” and they kiss like lesbians, but when another girl says “never have I ever had a threesome” the part really starts jumpin! They decide to rectify this threesome drought and soon the girl is getting her tight pussy pounded while licking the cunt of another hot college girl with both of them moaning like lesbians. If you’re in the mood for hot college babes with nice round asses and perky titties getting fucked, this update will be just the ticket!

Blow Pop Strip


Dare dorm blow pop strip

I’ve got to admit, this is a pretty sweet idea for a college party where you want the girls to get down and dirty…you have balloons all over the place with messages inside them and you have to pop balloons and do whatever the message says. Most of them are pretty tame so we start out with some goofing around and dancing and stuff, but then one of these horny college coeds pops a balloon with a message that says “give a blowjob” and things are off to the races! She corners some lucky nearby freshman who had already stripped down to his boxers and sucked his cock, which got all the rest of the girls hungry for some dick too. All of a sudden girls were getting naked and blowjobs were being given and pussies were getting fucked left right and center…it’s how college parties should go and Dare Dorm is bringing you this hot hardcore shoot!

Strip Poke Her Game


Dare dorm poke her game

Sometimes these college girls on Dare Dorm get into some wacky new games but this time it’s an old classic…a nice game of strip poker! It’s all girls this time which is just fine if you ask me; these college chicks are all down to explore their lesbian side so when the cards start falling so do their clothes! Soon they’re all naked and are getting busy grabbing each others perky titties, kissing, and of course licking pussy. A casual game of strip poker (or strip poke her, if you will) quickly turns into a hot slit-licking orgy with these cute lesbians! Every one of them is hot as hell with an amazing body so they can stack up in a chain all they want.

Ice Cube Party


Dare dorm ice cube party

I had never heard of an Ice Cube party, I don’t think it was too well known when I was in college but apparently the idea is just to rub ice cubes all over your friends and if the footage is being sent in to Dare Dorm you can rest assured it won’t stop there! Sure enough these horny college girls are soon stripping down and making out like lesbians, but I don’t think they’re too serious about it…I suspect they were just doing it to drive their guy friends nuts because after just a minute or two they are doubling up on one of the guys, taking turns sucking his cock and getting fucked. It’s a little hard to tell what’s going on at the end of the scene but I think the cute blondie put an ice cube in her mouth before giving the guy a blowjob, and then spat the ice into the bowl for..uh…everyone to enjoy?

Rainbow Party


Daredorm rainbow party

Welcome to the Dare Dorm rainbow party! If you don’t know what a rainbow party is, basically it’s when a bunch of girlfriend get together and each chick puts on a different color of lipstick. They find a guy or two and take turns sucking his cock, until finally he has a whole spectrum of colors making a rainbow down the shaft of his dick! I don’t know when this started happening, I think it’s a pretty recent thing but these horny college girls were ready to give it a whirl so they slapped on some lipgloss and went to town on some guys from their residence hall. Someone had the bright idea of throwing glitter all over everybody so I hope whoever’s room they’re using is looking forward to having that shit all over their bed for basically the rest of the school year at least. Actually whoever gets the room next will probably get a sparkly surprise on day 1, and it’s all because of these girls giving blowjobs and licking pussy like lesbians and getting fucked for this amateur footage!

Singles Only


Dare Dorm Singles Only

I usually think these glasses on chicks are so stupid but for once I think this chick is pulling it off. She is part of a group of girls who came over to a guys dorm room after he broke up with his girlfriend. It’s a “Singles Only” party and a bunch of them are getting down and fucking! This has to be the best way to get over a girlfriend ever! You’re kind of getting a little revenge on her as well. It’s like saying “oh, you weren’t shit I’m already fucking other girls”. Then you sell it to a site like Dare Dorm so that she will definitely here about it and you can’t ever go back to her after it’s on the Internet. The episode doesn’t just have girls fucking guys there are two girls that thought it would be a good idea to eat each other our and have a threesome with some lucky guy. I kind of lost track of the guy who broke up with his girlfriend because well I am more focused on the chicks. I suspect he is the one that got the threesome, his buddies she of at least let him be that guy!

Flashlight Party


Dare Dorm Flashlight Party

You guys know that I like to make my preview images nice and pretty but there was no saving this new Dare Dorm episode. Dare Dorm bought a sex tape from a group of college students who had a “Flashlight Party”. So they turned off the lights and basically just used flashlights. It worked because it got the girls to eat each other out and once they were horny from that the guys moved into to fulfill that need of there. The only problem with it is it like really low quality because I mean there is only fucking flashlights. At times it looks like their at a fucking rave or something because whoever are holding the flashlights are fucking drunk or something and can’t keep their shit still. There is always one asshole at the party and that was the guy moving his flashlight like a mad man. The video picks up after the girls have gone down on each other and the fucking has began. There is a super hot Asian girl with a round ass that rides her mans dick on the couch that you are just going to LOVE! Anyways if you are epileptic I wouldn’t watch this shit LOL!

Guess That Titty


Dare Dorm Guess That Titty

Here is video of some slutty sorority girls talking about how you don’t want to fuck a big dick because your pussy will conform to it. One girls is fucking her pussy super fast and the other girl is going nice and slow twirling it around. One girl puts this big dildo inside of her and ask the girl next to her to take it out and she can’t because her kegal muscles are so strong. Then they have what I would like to call a masturbation off to see who could cum faster. It’s the blue team vs the red team and blue team wins! The girls then just stop watching these two masturbating and they get down and dirty having a lesbian sex session together, it’s shot hot. Usually I like to see a Dare Dorm scene that is hardcore but seeing hot girls going at it does it too, at least for me!

Bubble Wrap


Bubble Wrap Dare Dorm

I must be getting too old or something because I am just not getting this party that these college students threw for their Dare Dorm video. It’s a Bubble Wrap party, who has ever heard of that? I mean I get that it’s see through so you can see the girls thongs and asses but still why not just plastic wrap or something like that. I mean when you’re bumping and grinding like these students end up doing the bubbles are bound to pop! I am a jumpy person so that would just take me out of the mood for sure. The video has some girls with some nice round asses and you even get to see a Indian girl getting crazy. You don’t see that kind of flavor much on Dare Dorm I am glad they finally got one. One of the girls get’s straight up tag teamed in this update one guy is fucking her face while the other guy is fucking her pussy. The sad thing is the guy that’s face fucking her can’t even keep his dick hard, I think it’s all his buddies screaming at him to fuck her harder that’s really throwing him off. Douchebag friends are the worst.

Roommate Revenge


Dare Dorm Roommate Revenge

Girls can be so petty in college. In general now that I think of it. This girl wanted to get some revenge on her roommate so what did she do? She used the girls cellphone to get a guy she liked into their dorm room with a bunch of her friend. Then they filmed themselves having a little group sex session with him. Just proving that this super nice guy she thought she liked is just like any other guy. Will drop all his moral when he see’s a nice we pussy. Two girls ended up fucking him but he got to see a lot of naked girls, lick on some tits that kind of thing while they were playing a game of truth or dare. Then to add insult to injury the roommate then submitted this tape to Dare Dorm who paid her $10,000 dollars to get the rights to it. Now that roommate can watch the one that guy away fucking a random girl and her roommate in her dorm room! That’s what I call revenge served cold.

Dirty Dice


Dare Dorm Dirty Dice

This Dare Dorm episode isn’t exactly a party but more a group of people getting together to make a sex tape to submit to Dare Dorm. They did try to put in some funny parts but in the end you can tell they’re just after the $10,000. They kind of just hang around playing Dirty Dice probably until each of them are drunk enough to start having sex in front of all their friends. Surprisingly the guy with the smallest dick in the room is the first guy to drop trou and start eating out a girls pussy while she is standing up. It’s a fine look pussy too, one of those fine college pussies you know what I’m saying!

Softball Strap-on


Dare Dorm Softball Strap-on

This is one close Softball team! I mean look they all have the same tattoo and well then there is the whole lesbian sex tape they just submitted to Dare Dorm. The softball team has these orgy parties all the time so one girl decided to film it and make herself some serious coin from Dare Dorm, $15,000 bucks to be exact. I always think it’s funny seeing lesbian use a strap-on because you totally know they think they’re going to fuck this girl better then she has ever been fucked before. The only reason they think that is because when they have recieved some dick they know what they liked and what they didn’t. The thing is a strap-on just isn’t the same, you can’t duplicate us bitches nice try though!

Valentines Dick


Valentines Dick Dare Dorm

I am a little behind on the old Dare Dorm updates so we are just now catching up to Valentines Day. A hot Asian girl wanted to give her boyfriend something more then just a little fuck so she gave him something he will never forget. That was a sex tape of course! He ended up breaking up with his college sweetheart and now Dare Dorm has released the sex tape. This isn’t just any normal video because the girl has her friends film them fucking. The guy got a little help keeping his dick hard from two girls who didn’t have Valentines. The girls had their first lesbian experience and let the camera capture it so they guy could have a really good tape for the spank bank.

Double Team


Double Team Dare Dorm

Show you guys this busty blonde girl is probably just wrong because Dare Dorm doesn’t show her fucking to be honest. She does sit on her friends face here and get her pussy eaten out so that’s something. I think she just thinks she is to hot to be fucking on camera or something. I did enjoy seeing those huge natural tits of hers I could just look at that all day. The girl in the funny hat is the one who gets double teamed in this episode aptly named “Double Team”. She only half asses it though probably like all of her classes that she takes too. She just has one guy fuck her while she sucks the other guy off. That’s not my definition of double team girls. I thought one guy would be in her ass and one in her pussy but I actually could understand why the guys wouldn’t even want to do that. That’s just too close for comfort in my opinion but hey if the girl is hot enough anything is possible I guess.

Poke Her Nite


Dare Dorm Poke Her Nite

I would say this girl is kind of the star of this Dare Dorm update. I don’t know why I picked a picture of her from behind because her big tits are what really make her special. They are all natural and super floppy just love seeing a girl like this ride a cock. This party is probably the dumbest party I have ever seen just because there are like 15 guys to 2 girls and those right there are never good odds. The guys don’t even get to gang bang one of these girls they all just couple up and then the camera man catches the fucking while everyone else just kind of cheers them on. I don’t know if I would just stay there and watch, I would probably try to get my own pussy… Or go back to the dorm room and watch my own personal porn instead of being surrounded by dudes. It will always be one of those crazy memories you have though. Remember that time we were at a dorm party and 3 girls just started fucking their guys right there in public. That’s a pretty good story I must say.

Whipped Cream


Whipped Cream Dare Dorm

I couldn’t decide which one I would want to fuck more! The cute coed with the super small body that you could just throw around. You could also fuck a Asian girl with a nice round ass and full kind of big titties. If you like exotic I know where you going but the other chick is like the all American college girls and I like that. This scene is from Dare Dorm and the sex tape is kind of boring until the girls bring out some whipped cream. The guys know exactly what to do with that so they start putting it on their cocks and these two sluts eat it right up. The fucking ensues all while the accomplice captures it on tape. I actually know who I would pick if I had to choose, the Asian girl. Not because she is hotter or anything but once you watch this video you will see that she can ride a dick like a fucking professional, that puts her head of the rest in my opinion.

Best Friends Forever


Dare Dorm Best Friends Forever

I want to know the percentage of girls who have their first lesbian experience in college… It has to be staggeringly high I would think. Here is a video of a best of girl friends who are not just friends but best friends. They are crossing the line in this Dare Dorm video though because they are eating each other out. It could work out though because they could be fuck buddies and just friends too. So those times that they are horny and are probably going to fuck a guy they usually wouldn’t but just cause they want some dick they do. They could just call up each other and be like “Yo bitch, I want you to come over and eat me out” and bam you’re not the school slut! Back to this scene though! The girls in it are super hot none hotter then the girl pictured here… These lesbians were not very prepared because they didn’t even have a toy. One of the girls sacrificed her electric tooth brush though and they used that. It had me thinking, this girl did she ever use it on herself and then still brush her teeth with it? That would be fucking gross if she did.

One For The Money


Dare Dorm One For The Money

I have posted so many Dare Dorm scenes and every single time they just amaze me! Here is yet another super dope scene from them called One For The Money that you will definitely get down with because this girl you see picture here is super hot and she gets fucked! Her friend in the back there is in on it too because they are going to split this $10,000 right down the middle. The guys who are in the video are just in it for some college pussy and I am pretty sure every single one of you would fuck these girls for free! The name of this episode is One For The Money because well these girls are in a pact to get that Dare Dorm cheddar.

Power Hour


Dare Dorm Power Hour

I know what college this episode from Dare Dorm took place it because I recognize the dorm. I am not going to say what it is because well I don’t want to get sued by the school. The reason I am telling you this is because I know the school I can tell you that none of this people probably need $10,000 that they win for getting on Dare Dorm. I think these college students are just living it up. I bet those of you who are in college right now thought you were having fun until you watch this video. These two college girls grab a lucky guy and the dorm party they where throwing and offered him each of their pussies. They proceed to fuck this guy in front of all their friends taking turns riding his cock or riding his face both felt good to these horny coeds.

Three Is A Crowd


Three Is A Crowd Dare Dorm

Check out these two college girls having there first threesome all while a bunch of their friends look on and drink! These two girls are roommates and eat each other out on the reg but they decided to bring in a guy to fuck both of them so that they can win the $10,000 dollar prize that Dare Dorm gives out. They take turns and then once the guy goes soft from all the people talking them start eating each other out. The guy makes everyone leave so that he can get his nut off. He pounds his girl doggystyle all while the other girl films.

Classy Girl


Dare Dorm Classy Girl

This girl is super fucking hot! She is a natural redhead and has the nicest ass ever and of course look at the cute face of hers! She is just one of 3 different girls who have sex in this new Dare Dorm scene called Classy Girl. The whole theme of this girls sex tape was they had to dress up super classy. So a bunch of people came together in a dorm room drank it up and once the girls had enough liquid courage they started flashing some tits and pussy. One of the girls in this scene has a gorgeous tight pussy and she keeps it hairy too, you just don’t see that all the time especially on college girls!

In It To Win It


Dare Dorm In It To Win It

I don’t know which girl is the one who had the idea to win the $10,000 prize from Dare Dorm but whoever it was she was in it to win it! There are like 6 different girls in this scene I am pretty sure at least all of them flash a tit or something along those lines. Then you have three girls who end up going down on each other and this hot blonde who fucks her boyfriend on camera. If I had to bet who is the one who sold the tape I would say it was the girl who fucked because she has the most to lose after all so she deserves it. You also get a cute black girl at the end of this tape giving one of the guys at the party some head and letting him try some black pussy for the first time.

Ordering Strippers


Ordering Strippers Dare Dorm

In this episode of Dare Dorm these guys where submitting a tap to win $10,000 dollars no matter what so they ordered strippers to make sure that at least they would have some hot girl dancing. I mean they had to know that strippers that come to your dorm room are probably also willing to fuck if you have enough booze and enough people having a good time. The great thing about invite the strippers is these guys got one college girl to join in with them and ended up fucking one of the guys who threw the party! The strippers fuck two guys and then one of them doesn’t until everyone leaves. They setup a camera and fuck right here on this couch that you see this guy banging on, I sure hope they cleaned it.

Pants Off Dance Off


Pants Off Dance Off Dare Dorm

Have you ever gotten yourself into a pants off dance off? Well try to because that’s what’s going on in this new episode from Dare Dorm and it paid off in spades for the guys who participated! There are some beautiful college girls in this update and some of them are just dancing around in their sexy panties and then there is girls like this! The horny college girls just spread their legs and tell the guys in the party to start to lick their pussy. That gets both of these girls in the mood so they put on a show fucking their guy and having a competition with each other during the sex it’s so hot!

Pledge Fuck


Dare Dorm Pledge Fuck

In this weeks update to Dare Dorm you get a pledge fuck. What is that you ask? It’s where the local sororities and fraternities send their pledges who are single to a dorm room for a little party. When you have that many single people in a room drinking sex is bound to happen. Pretty much all the college girls in this update are super hot my favorite is this blonde chick you see riding some cock. The camera has a hard time running around catching all the sex so you just get to see a little from everyone. Don’t worry about missing the “ending” though they make sure to have the guys call out when they’re about to pop.

Titty Pong


Dare Dorm Titty Pong

I made probably one of the biggest Dare Dorm galleries I have ever made before but that was just because there was so many good picture that I had to share with you guys. This girl that is picture here is actually very hot I just couldn’t find a screen capture that showed that banging body of hers and her face. She is one of the girls who fucks her boyfriend on camera after playing a couple of rounds of Titty Pong. This is a new game that these college students made up while having a party in their dorm. It’s basically beer pong but you get naked during it and you’re so wasted after a couple of games fucking on film is no big deal.

Tape Party


Dare Dorm Tape Party

Since probably the majority of us are not college students anymore let me explain what a tape party is. It’s bascially a party where everyone is naked except that there is duct tape in strategic areas of the body. I really thing this scene is awesome because they have this girl right here is is fucking really not and she rides a great dick for a amateur. Then you have this black girl with a perfect round ass who is also fucking in this Dare Dorm sex tape. Dare Dorm is one of those real college sites where students can submit sex tapes to them and win $10,000 dollars. I am surprised they haven’t increased the price they pay for sex tapes, I guess it’s supply and demand (too many people submitting tapes).

Sleep Over


Dare dorm sleep over

These hot college girls are having a sleepover in this Dare Dorm gallery and things start out innocently enough until they’re checking out each others’ toys, which turns into some kissing and groping and then wow. I’m glad the cameras were rolling on this hot college party because these sexy lesbians were ripping off each others clothes and making out and eating pussy!

Happy Analversary


Happy Analversary

This college girl doesn’t give a fuck that a dick is in her ass right now. The surprising thing though is that it’s a presents for her boyfriend for the anniversary. She calls it a Analversary because every time she has been going out with a guy for a year she lets him fuck her in the ass. This time though the girl filmed it and turned it in to Dare Dorm with another two friends sex tapes. She definitely beat them when it comes to hottness though her other friends just did regular sex and the other girl ate out her friends pussy. I do like seeing college girls have their first lesbian sex experience it’s just special.

Return Of The Foam


Dare Dorm Return Of The Foam

I have seen crazy college students before but I think this new Dare Dorm episode Return Of The Foam takes the cake. The hottest part is definitely this part where the girl rides him squatting style on a bench in the guy dorm bathroom. What you don’t see in this picture is that the ground of the bathroom is completely covered in foam and there is about 15 college students drinking and partying in there. This is the only couple that fucked in front of everyone but another girl did take the camera back to her dorm and let her boyfriend fuck her pussy while she filmed it.

A Guy For All


Dare Dorm A Guy For All

Probably one of the stupidest episode names Dare Dorm has every thought of “A Guy For All” because it makes no sense when it comes to the scene. Let me tell you what this episode is really about. This round ass babe you see pictured here is having a birthday when this day is filmed. Her best friend and roommate decides to give her a big dick to fuck for her birthday because she has been complaining about not getting laid enough. Not only does she get this guy to fuck her but she also uses a strap on with her friend so she has her first threesome ever as well!

A Night To Remember


Dare Dorm A Night To Remember

These college students graduated from college the right way! Girls got to bang a whole bunch of different guys each guy got to try out at least two different pussies in a night. The booze was flowing and in the end Dare Dorm paid them $10,000 to go towards their enormous student loan debts. Dare Dorm has tons of amateur sex tapes and if you just add them all up they have paid out more then $74,000 in pure cold hard cash to struggling college students who are just trying to get by.

St. Patricks Day


St Patricks Day Dare Dorm

I am not sure if Dare Dorm just has a big backlog of sex tapes submitted to them from college students or maybe it was a legal problem but this tape is sure late! This was submitted to them around St. Patricks Day (March 17 for those who don’t know) and they are just now releasing it! It was worth the wait though because this scene has some real hot coeds and all of them are so different it’s like have the best of all worlds. I hope you guys enjoy this scene as much as I did.

Dare Dorm Huge Dick


Dare Dorm Huge Dick

This is only two guys in this gallery from Dare Dorm and not one of them has a huge dick, so I don’t know where they got the title for this update! I mean it could be that these girls just don’t get laid that often so they think these guys are packing which is good for the guys fucking these chicks I guess. Anyways in his gallery you get to see these female coeds cooking up a plan to win $10,000 bucks from Dare Dorm so they call up two guys and have one awesome orgy in the dorm room.

Tequila Shots


Tequila Shots Dare Dorm

You know you’re at a good party when people are no longer drinking beer but just passing around Tequila Shots like in this party for Dare Dorm. I think some of the girls ended up doing some sex stuff that didn’t even plan on doing it just because of the liquid courage. No matter the more girls who suck and fuck or lick pussy the greater your chance of winning $10,000 bucks from Dare Dorm right? The scene is awesome and once you will watch it you will become aware that there is only one place to find real college girls having sex and that’s Dare Dorm.

Two Hot Babes


Dare Dorm Two Hot Babes

This guy you see pictured here is one lucky ass guy! He got to fucked two hot babes in this episode from Dare Dorm. I hope the girls are the one that submitted the tape and split the $10,000 bucks because if this guy got to fuck these two beautiful college pussies and got a take of the money that shit would just be unfair! Dare Dorm is the only place to find real college pussy doing crazy things in the dorm room and there is always some kind of sex in every single one of their videos or they wouldn’t buy it!



Flamingo Dare Dorm

In this episode from Dare Dorm you have some professional college partiers showing some Russian foreign exchange students how to do somethings. They try to teach them out to play beer pong, and then they show them the flamingo beer bong as well. The Russian guy could give a shit though, he is just in America to bang hot girls so he goes to the bathroom and does just that. A couple of the people bust in on him fucking this chick, and film it he doesn’t give a shit though because he is drank and he is getting pussy.

Smoke Out


Smoke Out Dare Dorm

You do a lot of new things in college and I think everyone did a smoke out of some kind of another. This smoke out has nothing to do with drugs but smoking on a cock which this hot Asian girl and her friend does. They are filming their first group sex experience because they know they can make an easy $10,000 by selling it to Dare Dorm. As the girls say in the video it’s pretty much a win win for them because they are going to do this anyways they may as well get a ton of cash from the video you know!

Ride Em Cowgirl


Dare Dorm Ride Em Cowgirl

Here is some entrepreneur girls who wanted to make a quick $10,000 dollars from Dare Dorm so they threw a party with a cowboy / cowgirl theme. Like all smart business woman they knew that sex was going to play the biggest roll in them winning the prize or not so they spent most of their video on that which is awesome in my opinion. You can tell some of these coeds had a couple drinks to get them loose before they started to fuck on camera but in the end them made a really good sex tape and I know everyone who watches it is going to be a big fan.

Oil Slick


Oil Slick Dare Dorm

This is the way to start off the day! This gallery comes from Dare Dorm and it’s called Oil Slick because these dudes put a pool in the dorm room and the fill it with oil. Like most drunk college girls they could resist getting naked and wrestling each other in it. When the party died down a couple girls stayed behind to finish their Dare Dorm submission. The sex was awesome you even get two girls eating each other out in their first lesbian experience that I thought was just as good and the hardcore fucking you see the other two couples doing but that’s probably just me.

When In Rome


Dare Dorm When In Rome

I have been waiting for a toga party on Dare Dorm and they finally got a submission with one this scene is called When In Rome. You get some hotties in some togas and they are flashing their thongs and tits. They know they have to have some sex so one of the girls picks a guy and fucks him right there in front of everybody. Two other girls find a guy to suck or fuck and it because a good ole fashion Roman orgy!



Dare Dorm Payback

This check right here got cheated on by a boyfriend in college so she got the ultimate revenge and made $10,000 bucks from Dare Dorm on top of it! She invites over her “guy friend” that she told her boyfriend she was just friends with and didn’t want to fuck at all. Well, she told him that she wanted to fuck him and her roommate wanted to join but only if he would let them film it. Well, as you can see he couldn’t turn it down and they fucked him real good, I mean look at Sandra here riding his cock while doing the splits, HOW could you cheat on that!

Maui Wowie


Dare Dorm Maui Wowie

This brand new scene from Dare Dorm is called Maui Wowie because you guessed it the college coeds throw a Hawaii themed party in the Dorm Room. They knew they had to have some kind of sex in the tape to win the $10,000 bucks so they all get enough liquid courage in them to start getting naked. There is 4 different girls in this getting naked and fucking and all of them are super hot. My favorite part of the movie though is from this scene when the girl is just chilling getting her pussy eaten out drinking on some punch just thinking life is good I imagine.

Bathroom Vandals


Dare Dorm Bathroom Vandals

These girls wanted to make $10,000 bucks pretty bad because not only do they have hot sex in their video submission but they also did a prank as well. If I know anything Dare Dorm always picks the tapes with some funny in it as well has amateur college girls getting fucked. This group of girls goes into the guys bathroom on and just trashes it, they didn’t check all the stalls though and didn’t see that someone was in their taking a shit LOL. They get caught and then get the guys to fuck them on camera for a really hot scene that you will love.

Chicks Up


Dare Dorm Chicks Up

This scene is from Dare Dorm and its has a group of college students playing Kings Cup. If you have never played the card game before just check out the rules I have a link in the gallery for you newbs. It starts off as a fun game or whatever, but then one girl takes it a little to far and at the point the party could have gone two ways. Everyone could have went YUCK and left, or like what happened here the other girls joined in finding the nearest cock and sucking and fucking until they milk a cumshot from the guy.

School Project


Dare Dorm School Project

This is a sweet new scene from Dare Dorm is called School Project and I think its because the guy who submitted this video tape hate quite the project convincing this hot redhead to do the sex tape. I mean I am sure he shared some of his $10,000 bucks but sometimes money isn’t enough. The scene starts off with the girl getting cold feet and saying she doesn’t want to do it anymore, but slowly but surely the guys get her naked and fingering her ass. You get the idea where it goes from there, its actually a threesome two guys one girl, I am pretty sure this chick just wanted to check that off her things to do in her life.

Things People Do


Things People Do On Daredorm

What would you do for 10 grand? Things some people do for a shot at winning 10 grand on Daredorm range from just fucking a random stranger to having a huge 20 person orgy where cum and tits are flying everywhere. I don’t know about you but that just doesn’t sound like its worth it for a shot at 10 grand… no fuckin way. I would rather surf the net.

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