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Dare Dorm Bed Buddies


Dare Dorm Bed Buddies

I have to admit, if I had 10 grand a month to blow on having a contest, I would copy Dare Dorm. I bet they have an unlimited amount of porn to look at now. They’ve probably gotten thousands of amateur porn movie submissions from around the world. We see one a week, ONE. Quit being so stingy Dare Dorm, start publishing all that shit.

Dare Dorm Goth Orgy


Goths outfuck cheerleaders on Dare Dorm

This troop of goth coeds… or alt… or emo… or whatever the fuck they are called these days, got tired of seeing all those hot little cheerleader types winning the $10,000 that Dare Dorm puts up for their winning video. So they gathered the cream of their crop and planned their own orgy. I give them an A for effort, but are they winners? Only one way to find out. CLICK THE FUCKIN SPONSOR!

Going Down On It


Dare Dorm Going Down On It

This is the new scene from Dare Dorm this week its called Going Down On It and I assume that’s because this guy right here fucking this cute little coed brought along a wing man to take out this girls friend who has been cock blocking him. As you can tell he was pretty successful in keeping her occupied but he ended up having to fuck her to do that!

Just You


Dare Dare Just You

I totally forgot to post this scene as soon as it came out my bad guys! Dare Dorm is one of my favorite sites in the world so I always like to update our Dare Dorm category as soon as a new scene comes out but I failed. This one is called Just You and it has a girl with a nice bubble butt as you can see here as well and big natural tits and a perfect pussy. Its always fun seeing real college students having sex so this one is no different a college couple in love and trying to make $10,000 bucks from Dare Dorm you can’t blame them!

Measure Up


Dare Dorm Measure Up

I thought this was a pretty awesome update from Dare Dorm I mean look how cute this college coed is? This is a tape of real amateurs who put on a little cock competition and the winner gets to fuck. The name of the episode is Measure Up and they don’t just doing measuring but you will have to find out all they do for yourself my description of the scene stops there.

Whip It Good


Dare Dorm Whip It Good

I am a big fan of amateur porno that’s why ever single Dare Dorm update has been posted on this site because its pretty good stuff. This Dare Dorm episode has a group of college students putting on a whip cream wrestling contest in the hall. The coeds know to get Dare Dorm’s $10,000 bucks they have to have a sex scene so two couples go back to the dorm and fuck it out.

Get A Head


Dare Dorm Get A Head

This is probably the hottest coed I have ever enter herself into one of these $10,000 dollar sex tape prizes. She comes from us today from Dare Dorm in a episode they call Get A Head. She has sex in it and isn’t just standing around watching as you can see in some of the pictures. I couldn’t find a super long video for you guys so this will just have to do sorry!

Ride Me


Dare Dorm Ride Me

I almost wished this Dare Dorm episode was about this dude getting beat up rather then fucked by two hot college chicks. The guy is a total goober but at least he doesn’t cum in the first three second or whatever. The girls also have a really hot moment before they start fucking the guy were they are eating each other out and fingering one another. I think that has to be weird after your done just living with that person who you know you have already had sex with so when your horny why not just do it again you know?

Caught On Tape


Dare Dorm Caught On Tape

This Dare Dorm episode Caught On Tape is a little different from the other ones because this time they don’t really throw a party, they just walk in and film some of their friends fucking. The girls of course make their own sex scene too though making a fellow college friend of their dream come true by giving him a threesome.

Thumbs Up


Dare Dorm Thumbs Up

This is just your every day dorm room college party on Dare Dorm this week in a episode called “Thumbs Up”. The girls in it are not like out of this world hot but you can tell they’re amateur college girls, and its fun seeing them eat each other out and suck this guys dick. Dare Dorm is one of the few real sites out there so go to their site and check out all the amateur college porno they have to offer.

Guess Who


Dare Dorm Guess WHo

This episode of Dare Dorm is called Guess Who, and it is a party thrown in a dorm room were all the people are blind folded and you just start hooking up with whoever is in the room. Once everyone got bored of making out the people who are making this tape for Dare Dorm start to fuck. If you are thinking about making a quick $10,000 bucks from Dare Dorm just know you have to throw a party in a dorm room, you have to have hot girls, and there has to be some sex and you are almost guaranteed to win!

Rub It


Rub Tt

That is one big ass I have for you guys today and its from a episode of Dare Dorm called “Rub It”. The college girl who is in it is Latina hence the big round ass you see here. She and her boyfriend have sex and film it, while some of his friends drink some vodka and watch.

Lets Get Crazy


Lets Get Crazy Dare Dorm

This is a nice little juicy ass riding some random college guys cock during a highlighter party. If you guys don’t know what that is its were you just have a bunch of black lights at a party and then you get drunk and write on each other with highlighters. This scene is from Dare Dorm is its 100% real and the people who did this tape were paid handsomely to the tune of $10,000 big ones.

Drink It Up


Dare Dorm Drink It Up

This is a awesome amateur college porno for you guys its from Dare Dorm and the name of this weeks episode is “Drink It Up”. The college students start out by playing a little game where you tape 40oz to your hands and you have to drink them. So the girls get a little drunk, but they know whats going to get Dare Dorm’s $10,000 dollars so they start to fuck these lucky ass college dude and man do they give them a good ride!

Us Girls


Dare Dorm Episode Us Girls

We have a nice little selection of asses for you guys here, its from Dare Dorm in a episode called “Us Girls”. I usually don’t see all girl sex tapes winning Dare Dorm’s $10,000 dollar price but I guess these girls just were a step above the rest. Its a pretty good pay day considering the girls just stayed in their dorm and pleased each other didn’t even have to go outside!

Wild and Crazy


Dare Dorm Episode Wild and Crazy

I got a treat for you guys this Friday, its a new update from Dare Dorm and the episode is called “Wild and Crazy”. This group of college students decided to put together a video fro Dare Dorm that involves a little bit of a costume party and then 3 girls taking on 2 guys in some hot hardcore amateur porn action.

Lick Me


Dare Dorm Episode Lick Me

I have the new Dare Dorm episode “Lick Me” for you guys, its hot off the presses so if you like real porno then check this scene out! This one involves two college roommates the girls you see here in this gallery right here. The guy is the boyfriend of the girl he is fucking, and once he is done the two roommates have lesbian sex until the both cum, all in all its a really good scene so enjoy!

Getting Loose


Dare Dorm Getting Loose

This is the new Dare Dorm update for you guys, its a episode called “Getting Loose” and its starring this super cute Asian college girl fucking with her boyfriends dorm room, and with his roommate as well. The girl pulls some pretty fucked up pranks, and then to complete her Dare Dorm submission and to calm down her boyfriend she gives him a awesome fuck and suck you would only be so lucky to have a girlfriend that can deep throat like this!

On Target


Dare Dorm Episode On Target

This Dare Dorm episode called “On Target” starts out with a nice large group of college students doing what coeds always do on the weekend playing some drinking games. The people know they’re going to be submitting this to Dare Dorm so they have a large event and call it the Beer Olympics. The do a bunch of drinking games and when the girls have enough liquid courage they begin to fuck the lucky guys that came to the event.

Your Turn


Dare Dorm Your Turn

I am not even loving this new Dare Dorm episode “Your Turn” for the hot amateur college girls, I am really jealous of their potty bong! One of the guys who is studying engineering made a beer bong out of a toilet and its just straight up awesome. All you college students out there that want to make some money to the tune of $10,000 just submit a tape to Dare Dorm with you partying in your dorm and of course fucking and you will probably win it!

Game On


Dare Dorm Game On

This is the new update from Dare Dorm called “Game On”. We pretty much have a entire dorm floor playing a game of strip dodge ball in the hall way. Its pretty funny to watch and you get to see some hot chicks naked. The good stuff happens when they go back to the room to make the sex part of the tape in order to get Dare Dorm’s $10,000 prize they give away for submitting tapes like these.

Your Wish


Dare Dorm Your Wish

This weeks Dare Dorm update is called “Your Wish”, and it has these two hot girls making a guys wish come true I think. They have a threesome with him and one of their other friends sucks her boyfriends dick and fucks him. The do all of this and submit it to Dare Dorm in hopes of winning 10 thousand dollars that they will get if they are selected.

Freshmen DareDorm


Dare Dorm So Fresh

So this weeks update from Dare Dorm is called “So Fresh” and you can find some cute freshmen girls trying to make some extra money very short into there college careers. This site always amazes me because they get some damn hot girls who just want to make a easy $10,000, I mean I would too when I was in college!

Mean Coeds


Dare Dorm On The Low

This Dare Dorm update “On The Low” is pretty awesome there are 5 girls and one guy. He has seen the site so he thinks he is just going to be plowing these college pussies all through the night, but the girl instead just tease the shit out of him. The finally give him some relief at the end, with the not so hot girl giving him a blowjob and then a handjob until he cums.

Dare Dorm Rules


Dare Dorm College Porn

I mean seriously if you guys haven’t check out Dare Dorm yet please do these guys have the absolute hottest porn out there. They have real college girls fucking and sucking dick just to win a 10 thousand dollar prize. I mean that is a lot of money and you know college student need it. This weeks update is called “Fooling Around” and has some of the hottest college girls I have ever seen on their site before please check it out, its worth your time.

Dare Dorm 3some


Dare Dorm Threesome

After these college girls get drunk playing some drinking games in the dorm the go back to their bedroom and have a hot threesome. These girls are friends, and are actually the ones who found Dare Dorm and wanted to make that 10 thousand dollars so they threw the party. Dare Dorm is a awesome amateur site were you will find crazy college students just trying to make a extra buck.

Dare Dorm Slide


Dare Dorm Slide

So this weeks update from Dare Dorm has college girls making a slide in their dorms. The girls all get naked and start sliding it down and what not. Then at the ends the girls grab their man and fuck in the bed room. The girls knew that the only way to get 10,000 dollars from Dare Dorm is to have some sex in their video so they did it!

Asian Coeds


Dare Dorm Asians

I have some hot Asian pussy for you guys in this Dare Dorm episode called “May I Ride”. The two girls know about Dare Dorm and decide that if they both fuck their boyfriends in their dorm room and film it they could probably win. Well, they won for a reason because this girl I have pictured right here can ride a mean dick you will see just check out the free video!

Dare Dorm Night Sex


Dare Dorm Night Vision Fuck

This sexy gallery of three different couples fucking in a college dorm room is brought to you by the one and only Dare Dorm. This is by far my favorite site here on Imagepost because its real, and there are a lot of hot amateur girls fucking for the chance at Dare Dorm’s 10 thousand dollar prize. This episode from Dare Dorm is called Thats So, and I may have went a little heavy on the girl that fucked in night vision because I thought she was the hottest for sure.

Dorm Dare


Dorm Dare

I almost forgot that Friday, today is Dare Dorm update day! So here is the brand new update it has some really hot girls on it I mean just check this chick out. This girl has such perky tits but what do you expect when you are dealing with hot college girls. This update is called “Foolish Things” I don’t know why it probably explains it in the text but who reads that crap anyways.

Art from Dare Dorm


Dare Dorm Art Is Fun

The guy who thought of doing this is a genius, not only did he do his art project for class, but he also got 10 thousand dollars from Dare Dorm for his sex tape talk about multitasking! Dare Dorm is one of the only two real college sites were coeds submit videos for a chance to win the big prize of 10 thousand dollars.

Dare Dorm Orgy


Dare Dorm Orgy

This is a nice little Dare Dorm video for you guys, its the brand new update and it comes from a school in California. The beginning of this video is pretty funny one of the girls is asking her friends the strangest place you ever had sex, and one girls says “in my butt” haha! This is the real deal if you like amateur porn, this girls have never done this before but cant resist making 10 thousand dollars from Dare Dorm.

Dare Dorm Owns


Dare Dorm Desk Fuck

I didn’t actually take the time to read why these guys are dressed up in army attire and stuff like that, I just fast forwarded the video to when this college dude was banging his girlfriend on the desk. I like that these girls are wearing like hats and glasses to try and cover up their identity. I wonder if they will get away with it, if they do its probably the best decision they ever made making 10 thousand dollars and getting away from the moral police.

Dare Dorm Lesbians


Dare Dorm Videos

We have a all lesbian update on Dare Dorm this week. I think it was only a matter of time because I mean when your at college girls are always kissing at parties and stuff. They all have a little lesbian in them, so these girls just turned it up a notch one night in the dorms in hopes of making the 10 thousand dollars Dare Dorm pays for these videos.

Dare Dorm Vid


Dare Dorm Indoor Pool

Seriously, Dare Dorm is the best site in the whole world, if you like porn your going to love this site. What Dare Dorm does is they post signs around colleges in the USA and tell them if they throw a party in a dorm and have sex on film they will pay them 10 thousand dollars. It was worked pretty good so far they have received a lot of submission and not all of them get bought. If you submit a tape to them and they do not buy it, you don’t have to worry about them posting it anywhere either its burned after its declined so thats pretty cool too.

Dorm Room Sex


Dorm Sex Party

This is the new update from our favorite college porn site ever Dare Dorm. This is a little old its the May winner of the 10 thousand dollars, but it takes a bit to put out the tape that wins. These college girls had a Cinco De Mayo party and the invited a couple of guys to join in their sex party.

Dare Dorm Fuck


Dare Dorm Sex

This is one lucky dude, he gets the best of all worlds with the three chicks he is fucking in his dorm room for Dare Dorm. He gets the girl in the black stockings who has a amazing ass, the girl he is currently fucking who has big natural tits and then girl who is licking the ass has a very pretty face. Dare Dorm is the only real porno there is out there and its usually of very hot college girls fucking guys in a dorm room for a chance at the monthly prize of 10 thousand dollars the Dare Dorm gives out.

Dare Dorm Anal Sex


Dare Dorm Anal

This is a very excited day for those of us who like Dare Dorm, they have finally got a anal scene on there site. It took a while but I guess not many coeds were willing to have anal sex for 10 thousand dollars until this little hottie right here. Her and her boyfriend film themselves fucking in her dorm room, and she took it up the ass for the first time and thats probably why they wont this weeks 10 thousand dollars. Keep your crazy Dorm room videos coming if you are submitting them if you don’t win this week you might win next you never know!

Dare Dorm Blowjob


Dare Dorm Blowjob

Dare Dorm has had like 30 updates in a row that I thought were just insane good, but this is the first one that is not up to par I think. These girls are just not that hot, but with that being said it still nice to see real amateur college girls fucking, sucking their guy friends for the 10 thousand dollars the Dare Dorm gives them.

Dare Dorm Coeds


College Girls Fucking

Here is my favorite site out there right now, its called Dare Dorm and they are for real, check out this article of them getting sued by a school because they are not happy with students submitting their sex tapes to Dare Dorm for the 10 thousand dollar prize.Dare-dorm-sued

Dare Dorm Movie


Dare Dorm Movie

Here is the new Dare Dorm update I wonder why it has taken me this long to post it I just forgot I guess. Dare Dorm is probably my personal favorite site out there right now because its real un like a lot of other amateur sites. This site has real college students doing dumb stuff in the dorm room, but in order to sell the tape to Dare Dorm there has to be some kind of sex and thats what we are all in it for!

Dare Dorm Party


College Girls

Seriously, if you have not checked out Dare Dorm yet then you are going to need too! These guys have the best site on the Internet right now, its all college girls and guys having fun in the dorm room and then filming some kind of sex. This is a real site no faking here so if you like amateur stuff this is the site for you. I hope you guys like dark meat I know I do, here are some black college girls from Florida making a crazy tape for Dare Dorm the ends in every single one of them doing something with a cock.

Dare Dorm Coeds


Dare Dorm Coed

So this week Dare Dorm got themselves a submission from Michigan. Each week the choose a winner and that group of people who filmed there crazy Dorm Room antics get 10 thousand dollars. There is a really cute blonde coed in this one she is actually the one getting fucked doggystyle in this picture, she really make the sex tape so enjoy watching her get fucked by her boyfriend and one of his friends.

Dare Dorm California


Dare Dorm

This Dare Dorm takes place in California, I will not say the schools name but if you really wanted to figure it out its pretty easy. Anyways I will be the first to admit that these girls are not as hot as some of the other girls that have showed up on Dare Dorm but its real porno so you have to take what you can get!

Dare Dorm Vegas


Dare Dorm Vegas

This Dare Dorm video came from some Las Vegas college students. I would love to have that sexy angel riding my face I don’t know about you. Dare Dorm is a great site if you love real porn, and hot college girls which I guess is probably means that every male on the planet is going to love this site.

Dare Dorm Sex


Dare Dorm Sex Scene

Here is a cool Dare Dorm update for you guys. This is 100% real porn done in Dorm Rooms and the people in them that are doing the sex scenes are all splitting 10k. If you wanted to get yourself some money get some college girls that are willing to fuck on camera and just send it your tapes here.

Dare Dorm Video


Dare Dorm Porno

Dare Dorm has to be one of the hottest sites out on the Internet right now. They pay college girls 10 thousand dollars for them to film some dorm room antics. Their tape must include some sex of course and thats the hottest part watching these amateur college girls have their guy friends or sometimes boyfriends fuck them.

Dare Dorm Sex


Dare Dare Coeds

Dare Dorm has to be one of the best site to ever come to the Internet. Here is some more college girls just trying to make a little extra beer money. The idea is that Dare Dorm will pay anybody 10 thousand dollars if they make a funny video with some sex on it of course and you have to be in college.

Dare Dorm Movies


Dare Dore Movies

This is another Dare Dorm movie for you guys to enjoy. This has a bunch of roommates who live in one of those dorms where their room opens up to a common room. They play some strip poker in that area and then they do their sex scene for the 10 thousand dollars the Dare Dorm paid them for this tape.

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