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Paula Shy Here I Am Again


Paula Shy Here I Am Again

Click to watch this Paula Shy video!

Paula Shy is looking pretty fucking hot in this new video called “Here I Am Again”. She is probably one of my favorite pornstars I think she is pretty…READ MORE

Why Rilynn Rae Loves Sex


Why Rilynn Rae Loves Sex

Ever wonder what makes Rilynn Rae tick? Find out why she got into porn, what she likes best what she hates. It’s all part of a series that Sex Art has called…(Offsite Gallery)

Ally Breelson


Ally Breelson

Click to watch this Ally Breelson video!

Who wouldn’t want to hop in a jacuzzi with beautiful Ally Breelson here? She’s luxuriating in the feel of the warm bubbling water against her skin as she…READ MORE

Kiara Night Resonate


Kiara Night Resonate

Click to watch this Kiara Night video!

If you like your hardcore fucking action with a fair dash of actual sensual passion check out this update featuring Kiara Night here…it might just resonate…READ MORE

Niki Sweet Old Flame


Niki Sweet Old Flame

I don’t post many galleries from Sex Art just because they’re so hard to get to. I went out and just found one of their latest videos that I could show you. …(Offsite Gallery)

Kira Sex Against Wall


Kira Sex Against Wall

This is a really I mean really artsy video but if you’re lucky enough to be a member then you can check out the whole video and that isn’t so much. You just get to see some really erotic sex with two people that are just doing it because it feels good. This scene comes from Sex Art a site I don’t post nearly enough of I think. Maybe I’ll start sprinkling a little more of their stuff into my updates. Or you can just go to this site they seem to keep up with them really well and as a big plus it’s probably the cleanest site I have ever seen. The models name is Kira Queen and the name of this episode is “Wall” and it’s part of the “Art Collection” a series that is going on for this site.

Alexa Tomas Back Home 2


Alexa Tomas Back Home 2

Click to see Alexa Tomas on Sex Art!

I know the first thing you guys are going to think to yourself, what is Back Home the original. Well now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about the boy / girl version that Sex Art put out today, featuring a beautiful MILF named Alexa Tomas. The film is really done well it kind of feels like a movie. You can see Alexa’s man racing home and you can see Alexa getting ready for him to come home. She is like fixing the house up and what not but they both have one thing in mind and that’s having sex. As soon as this guy walks through the door they make their way towards the kitchen where they both just can’t take it anymore and start to have sex right there. He bends Alexa over the counter and eats out her pussy doggystyle and then fucks her right there.

Ariel Rebel


Ariel Rebel

I was a little confused about this video clip from Sex Art to be honest…it stars Ariel Rebel so I was already onboard from the get-go, but like half the video is footage of a couple of light bulbs firing up and cooling down. Other than the bulbs though this scene called Incandescence looks pretty dope, Ariel is of course sexy as hell and she’s fingering herself like crazy here…apparently Ariel is supposed to be a doll or something too, my guess is that the idea is when the lights are on she’s a normal doll but when the lights go off she comes to life in a big way and masturbates. Well either that or it’s just sort pretentious? Could be. Anyway it’s a good thing Ariel is so hot because she’s showing off those sweet titties and her nice cute ass before sliding her fingers in and out of that pussy of hers!

Waltz With Me


Waltz With me Sex Art

I noticed that Sex Art wasn’t putting out a lot of videos recently but it looks like they have but somehow I am missing them. Here is a great little series they put out called Waltz With Me. I am sending you to Autumn because well it’s the first one I saw and I clicked on it over at this site. The girls name is Alexis Brill and she is really cute. One of those girl next door type of chicks and I definitely have not seen her on any other website beside Sex Art here. The other galleries that are in this series is obviously Winter, Spring and of course Summer. The other three are actually all threesomes two girl / girl and one boy / girl / boy. So some of you may think those are a little better but I just like this couple action here. The video is extremly high quality but not very long. It’s a true erotica site so they spend a lot of time making you believe that they’re in love. Since you guys are loyal followers of our site I also want to make sure that you take the chance to get 70% off of Sex Art. You do have to click on that link and click one more time but I think paying basically $8 bucks for this site is a pretty damn good deal.



Soko a on sexart

Does anybody out there know what the heck Mogyoro means? Soko A stars in this Sex Art episode that has that as the title, it’s a mystery to me but maybe you guys know what it means. All I know is that this beautiful brunette is getting her body worked from head to toe by her lucky boyfriend who fingers and licks her pussy before she takes his cock in her mouth and gets fucked on the floor on a throw-rug! I mean I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the feet like some guys are but this chick Soko has some cute feet I’ve gotta admit, I can’t blame this guy for licking her toes before sliding up her long white legs to that tight shaved cunt of hers. Sex Art brings things to the arena of sensual lovemaking instead of just all-out hardcore fucking, I guess it’s a little classier but at the end of the day this chick is still getting her pussy pounded know what I mean?

Alexis Crystal


Alexis Crystal Sex Art

Beautiful blonde Alexis Crystal stars in this Sex Art episode and looks like she’s having a hell of a nice day as she goes for a horse ride, has a nice cup of tea with her man and then gets her sweet tight body rocked! This guy takes his time stripping her down and licking that sweet pussy, tongueing her clit to drive her nuts before laying her back on the kitchen table and sliding his cock deep inside that pink wet hole. It’s like he made a list of everything she would consider part of her perfect day and put them all together for her, which is about the best thing you can possibly do for a woman if you ask me! Well either that or he was just horny as hell and she was down to fuck on the table…either way we get a front row seat to the action as she gets those perky little boobies out and gets drilled!

Our Time


Sex art episode our time

Sometimes the world can sort of build up around you and you just never seem to find time to catch your breath…Amirah Abada and her boyfriend needed a little time out so they headed to the back room, turned off their phones and got naked in this Sex Art update called Our Time! They make the most of their little breather too, peeling off each others’ clothes and exploring their bodies with hands, tongues and lips before the guy slides his cock into her perfect soft shaved pussy. It’s a very hot scene and the chemistry between these two is definitely sizzling…I don’t know Amirah too well but I might have to look her up after seeing this action!

Turning Point


Sex art turning point

Redhead beauty Denisa Heaven and her guy were kissing and running around happily on the beach when they hit a turning point, after which their kisses got less playful and more intense and they decided to head indoors where the guy gave Denisa’s ass and pussy a nice thorough licking and tongueing before turning her sideways on the couch and fucking that sexy pussy of hers. This hot Sex Art update is a nice look into the lust and adventurous play of a new couple exploring each other and just enjoying the feeling of being alone…the girl is hot, the sex is hot, and this redhead definitely knows how to suck a cock from the looks of things! She does such a good job giving him a blowjob that she doesn’t even have time to take her high heels off before he dives headfirst into her twat, licking and teasing her clit to drive her wild.

Senora and Jorge


Sex art silvie deluxe

In a story as old as time we see two people in a forbidden romance…Jorge the poolboy is hopelessly enamored with the Senora of the house, Silvie Deluxe, but feels he can never win the heart of this rich and beautiful woman. Little did he know she also had eyes for him, and in this steamy update from Sex Art we see what happens when worlds collide! Silvie “loses” her hat and Jorge returns it, and when their eyes meet any pretense goes out the window as they immediately grab each other and kiss passionately, already ripping their clothes off. Once the floodgates of lust have opened there’s no closing them and Silvie is soon completely nude, exploring his cock with her tongue and lips and hands before mounting him and taking his manhood inside her wet pussy. Weeks of lust have built up and are finally being released as she rides him, taking that hard cock to the hilt as they roll together in bed in this sexy sensual update!

La Dolce Vita Cinquecento


Sex art valentina

My Italian is a little rusty but after checking out Valentina Nappi in this Sex Art update I am pretty sure the title of the scene, La Dolce Vita Cinquecento, means “holy shit look at those fine ass titties”. If it doesn’t don’t tell me because I’ll be sorely disappointed…you wont be though when you check out this hot hardcore shoot! Valentina starts out in a sexy red dress with black high heels and thigh high stockings…what is it about thigh highs that is so fucking sexy? I guess her guy friend feels it too because soon he’s fingering her pussy and licking that slit before sliding his cock inside her, fucking her on a wooden table that honestly doesn’t look too comfortable. Valentina is hot as hell with big tits, a nice round ass and a supremely fuckable pussy so take a look, it’ll make her happy.

Brandy in Monaco


Sex Art Brandy A

I believe this blonde hottie’s name is Brandy and her photos are being taken in Monaco by Sex Art but that’s just my incredible detective skills coming into play. It doesn’t exactly take a Sherlock Holmes though to see that this girl is hot as hell, peeling out of her clothes by the window as the city bustles below to take a little time out for herself, letting her hands wander down south to masturbate on camera for us! Sex Art has some incredibly hot women on the site and Brandy is a fine example of this.

The Key


Mima A Sex Art The Key

I was checking out this video from Sex Art with this model Mima A. She has a really really nice rack and I am not 100% sure it’s real, the more and more I look at it I think they’re not but I see no like titty job marks on her. The video just straight up starts off with them in a fit of passion kissing each other and getting ready for a nice little fuck session. He carries is petite girlfriend to the little day bed and starts to eat her out. She is just loving it and returns the favor and then the two of them start to fuck. When Mima gets on top you are going to be in heaven. Sex Art does just an amazing job with their porn it’s very unique if you ask me. It’s still in this erotica niche but there videos just somehow seem a little different. It’s like they’re sex scenes from a movie more then some glamed up erotica site.

Casey Calvert In Tropic


Casey Calvert Tropic

Casey Calvert is starring in a very romantic sex scene from the most unique erotic site I know of Sex Art. I would love to fuck this girl Casey but man does it look hot as shit outside I mean that might not even be enjoyable I am not sure. The only thing to keep your dick hard is just how hot Casey really is and maybe a nice cool ocean breeze. The cabana they’re fucking in over looks the ocean and it’s quite a few I am sure a girl would get wet just being in a bed with that view. I haven’t seen many Casey videos so this is a nice find by me, yea you guys owe me one but when do you not? I don’t post many Sex Art films but it’s not because I don’t like them it’s just hard to find longer videos for you guys.

Malena Morgan outdoors


Malena Morgan Sex Art

It’s a hot day full of Malena Morgan and I don’t think any of us would have it any other way! In this update from Sex Art this stunner is hanging out poolside, lounging on a chair and stripping down to catch some rays of sun on her gorgeous nude body. She just can’t help but touch herself when she’s in the nude, which I totally understand, and ends up masturbating on camera for us all to enjoy! There’s something so erotic about a beautiful girl pleasuring her pussy outdoors while the sun illuminates her, it’s hard to describe…you’ll just have to take a look for yourself.

Let It Snow


Let It Snow Sex Art

Let me set the mood for you. It’s snowing outside. You can’t go anywhere because you don’t have 4 wheel drive car (damnit all!) so you are stuck inside! There are statastics to prove that when something like this happens the amount of babies porn 9 months later is higher then normal. The reason is is what you see pictured here. We all stay in and get our fuck on! That’s the fantasy that Sex Art is filming in this latest video that they released. It’s with a new girl named Uma, she is tall and skinny with cute little small tits. The video I have attached on the gallery is nice and long so make sure to watch it when you have a free moment!

Gina Devine


Gina Devine Sex Art

I got a interesting Sex Art gallery for you guys to enjoy this one is called El Tango. If you ever see a Sex Art gallery you will notice that all their episode titles are in all caps. Am I the only one that that really bothers? It’s like just stop yelling at me and tell me the title of the video you bastards. I forgive them though because I really do like their site it’s so much different then any of the other erotica sites out there. These guys really focus on the plot of a porn and they make sure it’s more erotica then porn. The other guys just use really high quality equipment and called it erotica. Sex Art puts a whole lot of production behind their porn and it makes it very unique I must say. The girl having sex in this video is Gina Devine and she is very very sexy. She has a Latin flare to her and she looks amazing while being fucked.

Casey Calvert


Casey Calvert on Sex Art

Trying to make up for all the months of not posting Sex Art galleries these past couple of days. This is another erotic sex scene from them in their “White Room”. The girl you see starring in this update is Casey Calvert she is actually new to me but anytime a site calls a girl by a first and a last I assume that she isn’t exactly a newbie. The guy she is having sex with is actually her real life boyfriend so the sex is a little hotter then usually just because these two know what each other likes.



Charmer Sex Arrt

I think this Sex Art site is a lot different then the other erotic sites out there that’s both a good and bad thing. The only bad part is I just happen to like the way the others are done better, but I know some people are going to love this shit. This is just a picture gallery called Charmer and it stars a exotic model named Kleo A. She is quite possibly the most lucky girl in porn because she doesn’t even have to touch this guys cock. She basically got paid by Sex Art to get naked and get her pussy eaten in different positions. Doesn’t sound like a bad gig Kleo!

Cute Lesbians


Lesbians on Sex Art

I love the sight of a couple of drop dead gorgeous girls getting naked together and exploring their lesbian fantasies, and I’m sure you do too! In this update from Sex Art we see these two stunners out in the garden on a sheet getting to know each others bodies intimately with fingers, lips and tongues. They’re hot as hell and get exponentially hotter when they’re entwined together!

Lily Love The Date


Lily Love Sex Art

It looks like Lily Love fucks on the first date! At least that’s what this Sex Art scene will have you believing. I haven’t been checking in on this site too much because they don’t release that many hardcore scenes but it looks like they’re back on the boat making gorgeous porn like this. Lily Love has a banging body and I just love every single scene that she is it. Sex Art has a lot going for them and I think they have figured out a way to sperate themselves from the rest of these erotic hardcore sites that there are now.

Riley Reid Sex Art


Riley Reid Sex Art

This is a sensual scene from Sex Art called LE CAFE. I don’t know what’s up with Sex Art always capitalizing their shit but that’s their thing they like to yell I guess. Who really cares about that though let’s get back to this scene. Riley Reid is such a beautiful pornstars, she has nice small tits and a perfect round ass. Riley gets her in this update being fucked just the way she wants and the guy takes the time to eat her out making that pussy dripping wet.

Dani Does The Help


Dani Jensen Sex Art

Dani Jensen is pretending to be one of those super spoiled girls who is spending the days out in the sun in some lavish vacation spot. Well she doesn’t have her man with her so she settles for masturbating and once she has her orgasm she just goes to sleep. This is a Sex Art fantasy after all, so the Concierge finds her asleep naked on her couch in her cabana. He walks her up and gets to fucking that sweet pussy of hers, this guys job got a whole lot better don’t you think!

Dido and Iwia


Sex Art Dido Iwia

I don’t know where Sex Art found these gorgeous lesbian models to get naked and get down on each others pussies but man if anyone knows, drop me a note! Dido and Iwiia are two stunningly hot lesbians with lean tight bodies and perky little boobies who love getting naked and licking pussy, not to mention showing off their hot little selves to the world!

Vanessa Cage


Vanessa Cage Sex Art

I really appreciate good erotica and Sex Art is definitely good. The only reason I don’t post them more on this site is because they don’t release promo material of their hardcore stuff that much. I found a new gallery that came out this one of the lovely Vanessa Cage. The name of the scene is LOVE ME I don’t know why they always capitalize their scene names but that’s just what they do. Vanessa and her man make sweet love in their bedroom in a scene you won’t want to miss, so watch it already!

Miela Sex Art


Sex Art Miela

Miela starts out this Sex Art gallery innocently enough wearing a pair of skimpy little panties and a top that looks great wrapped around her big natural titties, but man that’s just not enough for her or for us! She slides her hand into her panties and gets her pussy nice and wet, then strips down nude to finger herself and it’s all on camera for us so enjoy.

Jasmine and Rilee


Jasmine and Rilee strawberries

I thought I knew how to eat strawberries the right way but man after checking out this gallery of Jasmine W and Rilee Marks on Sex Art I can honestly say I am an utter noob when it comes to eating fruit. These two incredibly hot lesbians feed each other strawberries, rub them on their nipples, kiss and finger each other in a sexy, steamy and delicious batch of photos for your viewing pleasure. Eat healthy!

Lexi Bloom Sex Art


Lexi Bloom Sex Art

I finally got a hardcore gallery from Sex Art and it just happens to be a very sexy model all of you know named Lexi Bloom. They start off outside making out and what not but instead of giving everyone a show out there they take it back to the room. Lexis man gives her a orgasm whil eating her out and then strips down naked and gives that pussy a pounded like he owns it.

Subil Makes Love


Sex Art Subil

Here is a model named Subil and she is making love with her boyfriend in a scene from Sex Art called Essence. This girl has awesome natural tits that are like big and perky for her size. If you can’t tell her right nipple is pierced and she has a nice little meaty pussy that some of you guys will enjoy as well. This is Met-Art first attempt at doing hardcore porn and let me tell you I think they’re doing a great job what about you guys?

Monika and Beata


Monika and Beata

This is a incredible scene from Sex Art featuring two teen models you probably have never heard of having lesbian sex. Their names are Beata and Monika and they’re pretty popular with the members of Met Art. Those members must be really happy now though because they are getting to see them do something beside just get naked. Seeing them eating pussy is a pretty big deal when you have gone two years with just seeing tits and pussy, so enjoy this wonderful day guys.

Hayden & Malena


Malena Morgan Hadyen Sex Art

I love how Malena Morgan is pushing Haydens head down to lick her pussy hard in this episode from Sex Art. If you have yet to check out this site I suggest you do it today, it’s brand new and will have a ton of stuff you haven’t seen before. The site is made by Met-Art but instead of doing their erotic nudes thing they are doing full fledge lesbian sex, masturbation and hardcore sex scenes!

Malena Sex Art


Malena Morgan Sex Art

I wanted to give you guys a chance to look at a brand new site that opened up called Sex Art. It’s brought to you by the same guys who do Met-Art but on this site you’re going to get to see hardcore. In this gallery you will get to see Malena Morgan having lesbian sex with two different girls. I couldn’t find the video of her having sex with Elle so I just found another video of her licking the pussy of a hot blonde.

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