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So the Tuk Tuk Patrol is kind of like the Bang Bus of the Orient. There are these things called Tuk Tuk’s and they just take you around everywhere and well these guys kind of hang around them and pick up chicks from them. It’s pretty easy for them to pick up hotties like Ploy here. They have a lot of money comparitively to these girls so they can pay them big bucks for a quick fuck. For these girls the odds of their friends finding out they did it is pretty small, plus they get ton of money. The camera man couldn’t keeps his fingers out of that tight hairy snatch that Ploy has and she liked that he couldn’t. She is blowing the stunt cock in this scene, not real hardcore fucking for that you’re just going to have to join their site.

Minie Ice


Minie Ice

I’ll be honest here, Minie Ice sounds like a crappy drink that you find in the back of the fridge late at night and pretty much just slam it because it’s got alcohol somewhere in it…but in this case it’s a welcome sight, Minie is a gorgeous Asian chick with a lovely face, nice perky titties and a hairy horny pussy and she’s here in this photoshoot flashing every inch of that body! Her nipples look like little chocolate kisses, and I bet they’re twice as sweet…I’m not sure where exactly she’s hanging out, it looks like some kind of a farm or something as I see some rickety wooden fences behind her. She loves the feeling of the sunshine on her bare body as she kicks it naked, grabbing those boobs in each hand!

Alina Li Cum Suprirse


Alina Li Cum Suprirse

It’s always nice to have a new Alina Li scene isn’t it? Especially when it’s from an awesome site like Hard X. These guys have the hottest pornstars all the time so it’s no surprise that they got this hot Asian babe on here. The name of the scene is Teen Cum Surprise and I just really want to know what the surprise is! I tried to cheat and just find it but couldn’t! So either Alina Li is getting a creampie here, or the guy like cums when he isn’t suppose to, those are the only two things I can think of. I think I might have to finally join Hard X. I have been putting it off but they just have enough good scenes that I have wanted to watch I think it’s probably time.

Me Love You Long Time


Me Love You Long Time

Watch This XXX Pawn Video!

This beautiful petite Asian chick came into the XXX Pawn shop trying to sell her massage table for a bit more than the going rate, so to speak…the pawnshop owner wasn’t about to fork over that much cash without sweetening the deal so he asked her to demonstrate how well the table worked by giving him a massage in the back office! After she gave him a nice rubdown he offered her even more cash if she would give him the happy ending of his dreams and of course she was more than willing to strip down and suck and fuck that big hard cock of his. This exotic Eastern hottie went for a nice hard ride on that dick, her round sexy ass bouncing up and down and then hopped on the desk to get fucked doggystyle before dorpping to her knees, taking a huge cum facial that dripped down over her cute grin!




Click to see Emi on Net Video Girls!

Meet Emi, a cute exotic hottie who was hoping to impress the Net Video Girls crew enough to get the gig they advertised for a calendar girl position…unfortunately for her, as you know well by now if you’ve followed NVG before, there IS no actual calendar, they just love getting hot amateur honeys naked and fucked on camera! Emi looks awesome, she’s a little taken aback by all the cameras in her face right off the bat when the door opens but she heads in and gets into the swing of things pretty quick. She’s wearing a cute black dress that shows her nice sexy legs and man, if there actually WAS a calendar this chick would be a shoo-in, she’s cute as hell. After doing some poses for a few minutes things get a little steamier as Emi undresses, and when the videographer whips out his big dick she gets the picture and starts giving a very nice blowjob! This hottie gets that tight pussy fucked deep and hard, I hope she doesn’t expect a calendar job but she might just cum back for round two on Net Video Girls, we’ll have to wait and see.

Aubrey Luna


Aubrey Luna

Click to see Aubrey Luna on Teen Fidelity!

If you’ve seen Teen Fidelity before you know all about the infamous White Room…it’s sort of like Vegas, what happens in the white room stays in the white room (well besides the cameras filming every second of the action!) so girls get just totally uninhibited when they wander in, just like beautiful Asian babe Aubrey Luna here! Ryan Madison brings Aubrey up to the White Room and she takes his big cock in her mouth, sucking him off before he ripped open her tights and pounded that sexy exotic pussy of hers, fucking that tight wet snatch until he shot a load of cum inside her hole for a nice creampie finish! Aubrey is gorgeous with those big dark eyes, sexy short edgy haircut and of course that sweet round ass as she gets naked and gets fucked here on Teen Fidelity.

Kalina Ryu Returns


Kalina Ryu Returns

We’ve seen beautiful exotic Asian babe Kalina Ryu several times on In The Crack already (for instance, HERE and HERE) so we already know how red hot this girl is…but it’s awful nice to get a refresher course, isn’t it! In this photoshoot she’s scampering around at some tropical resort, playing in the water in her blue bikini and then stripping down to spread her tight pink pussy wide open and fuck herself with a glass toy! Kalina loves getting naked out in the great outdoors under the sun and her body has never looked sexier if you ask me…she also apparently loves an audience when she masturbates, so she’s not exactly complaining when we get all up close and personal with her sexy little snatch while she penetrates herself!

Julia On The Bus


Julia On The Bus

If this is what public transit looks like in Asia I am booking my flights and packing my bags tonight! Beautiful exotic Julia here is on a bus and is waering a skimpy little bikini and a smile…and really the bikini barely counts because she’s got the top pulled down, exposing her big soft stunning breasts to the world! I hope the bus is driving on a rough road, too, it would be pretty awesome to see those sexy titties jiggling and bouncing all over the place wouldn’t it? The title of this photoshoot is Julia Is Feeling Horny so it looks like this is going to be one memorable bus ride no matter what…she looked great in her jeans and tied-up flannel shirt but damn, she looked even better in a cute little skimpy bikini with her big tits hanging out!




When you think of Asian women usually ‘big boob’s is not on the list of usual features…but Julia here certainly turns that on its head or more like on its tits! She’s got big perfect breasts and is a stunner from head to toe, with that exotic Eastern look she is a sultry knockout and what’s more, she’s wearing a little bikini that’s like 5 sizes too small for her! Those big boobs are basically falling out and soon she just does away with the top entirely, relaxing in bed and letting it all hang out…enjoy these shots of a beautiful Asian dish with huge bouncy full titties, I can pretty much guarantee it’ll make your day. Or at least make your day at work more interesting as you daydream about them…

Miko Dai Punish Teens


Miko Dai on Punished Teens

I posted a gallery of Punish Teens the other day and it seems you guys took pretty well to it so I am posting another one for you guys. This one is of an Asian model named Miko Dai. I don’t get really how this is a “punish” scene nothing seems that to hardcore about it or anything but the fucking is fast and furious so maybe that’s it. Miko is a really cute girl but the best thing about her is that she is so petite and there is something about a petite Asian girl riding on a big dick. The scene ends with Miko getting fucked missionary and when he is about to cum he jumps out of her pussy grabs her hair pulls back her head and nuts on her face and in her mouth. Miko is a swallower just in case you were wondering!

Akira Lane


Akira Lane

I don’t know if you guys have seen the Fast & Furious movies but after this latest one I went back and watched all of the previous ones, so I can say with quite a bit of confidence that this chick Akira Lane could very well have fit right in as one of the car-chicks at the street racing parties they always seemed to be throwing. Akira is a gorgeous Asian babe wtih juicy titties, a fantastic ass and a stunning face, and she’s got one of the tiniest little bikinis I think I’ve ever seen! It barely holds those bouncy boobies in check, and then it either gave out or Akira wanted to get naked because she ended up hanging out totally nude by the poolside!

Gorgeous Asian Teen BTS


Gorgeous Asian Teen BTS

Click Here To Watch This Girl Do Porn Video!

Man I really do love the BTS (behind the scenes) footage that the guys from Girls Do Porn put up in their new members’ area…it really gives a nice fun inside look to how a shoot went, from seeing the girl be all shy and nervous and anxious beforehand and then all comfortable and into it during a break in the actual shoot, and then of course cooling down and relaxing with a nice steamy shower afterwards! This BTS video in particular features the gorgeous Asian 19 year old hottie from a few months back…you remember her, she took on that big cock and sucked and fucked it like a champ, taking a truly epic facial cumshot for her efforts. In this extra video footage they were nice enough to provide you get to know this girl a little better…she’s 19 and is working her very first job at the mall so she talks about that a little, talks about some of her sexual experiences and how she’s feeling about her very first adult video on Girls Do Porn…apparently there was some trouble with the cops beforehand due to the guys parking in a handicapped spot or something, which is pretty funny. This girl though is a knockout with fantastic perky titties and a sweet firm pert little butt that she loves to shake, and we see her here sucking cock and getting all dripping wet in the shower…if you somehow missed out on her actual shoot I’ve got it right here for you guys, so make sure you check that out and stay tuned because GDP always has the sexiest amateurs on the net if you ask me!



Yilan on nvg

I’ve gotta say I’m digging how many Attack videos they’ve been doing lately on Net Video Girls…if you don’t know what that means, settle down and I’ll waft the fog of ignorance away from your eyes. How NVG works is they put out an ad for models needed for a calendar shoot, the girls show up and to prove they’ve got what it takes for the gig they end up getting naked, and nearly always get talked into having sex on camera with the assurance that they’ll be raking in the cash from the calendar and future projects as well. The only thing is, there IS no calendar, it’s just these cute amateurs getting naked and fucked and the footage goes up on the web! The Attack series is when one of their previous models, now in on the scheme, acts to ‘break the ice’ so to speak, usually getting into a red hot lesbian scene with the newbie and then both of them getting fucked. That’s just what happens here when Asian cutie Yilan shows up and meets prior model Lane, who we’ve seen in her own solo shoot as well as doing other Attack shoots on the site. Lane talks her right out of her little panties and soon the girls are sharing this guy’s big hard cock, both of them sucking him off at the same time and then taking turns getting fucked one after the other! Lane has a beautiful tight little body and so does Yilan and they have a blast getting pounded here…hopefully Yilan isn’t holding her breath to get a callback for any kind of calendar but having her naked and fucked here is a big mark in the win column if you ask me!

KT So Lacey Lingerie


KT So Lacey Sexy Lingerie

You know if it was easier to get promo content of this girl KT So I would totally post her more because she is just that hot. But that is just not how it is so you guys will just have to deal with the not so often updates of her. If you really like her though you can always just join her site to get to know her better that is always an option. In this update she is in some super sexy lingerie. This guy who made this gallery seems to think it’s for St Patricks Day because of the grey bra I guess but I suspect its just a normal lingerie piece that KT has. She is a chick who doesn’t show much nudity at all but with a body like this and the poses she does I think that should just be enough for anybody.

Sexy Teen Asian


Gdp sexy teen asian

As I’m sure you guys already know, Girls Do Porn has easily the hottest amateur girls on the internet, that’s just science right there. The girls on the site are always ridiculously sexy and if you ask me it’s even hotter when they bring in an exotic cutie like this sexy teen Asian from this latest update! By the way if you haven’t checked out their new members’ area already it’s definitely worth a look, they’ve taken what was already the hottest material on the net and made it even better with new features like behind the scenes shoots and deleted scenes and more download options, all sorts of stuff. Anyway, back to this hottie…she shows up in her little pink dress looking sexy as hell and that’s for good reason; she works as a model doing promo shoots for companies and things like that and as far as her boyfriend knows, this shoot is no different! She didn’t tell him she was going to be getting a mouthful of cock and getting that tight little teen pussy pounded, he’s sitting down there in his car just twiddling his thumbs waiting for this ‘modeling’ gig to be over with so he can go back to watching TV or whatever. Meanwhile this Asian hottie is upstairs showing off those sweet perky titties and her tight perfect butt as she gets naked, showing off her blowjob skills and then getting laid down on the bed to take an incredible pounding, moaning her head off as she gets that tight little teen cunt fucked! She was of course a little nervous at first but she was excited too for the adventure of it, and that makes for one red hot hardcore shoot if you ask me. Apparently it’s been awhile since this hottie has been fucked this hard and this deep, after getting a big cream facial she’s in the bathroom washing up and the guy asks her what her favorite part of the experience was, and I think her answer goes for pretty much all of us as she says “Everything!!”.



Anny Tuk Tuk Patrol

I really like this Tuk Tuk Patrol but I am not going to lie some of these Asian girls they pick up are not all that pretty. That’s what happens when you’re dealing with amateurs. The good thing for these guys though is they have a lot of money to spend so they can get some hot ones like Anny here. They picked her up and convinced her to make an American porn. She has a super tight pussy she keeps it nice and trimmed there is a little hair there but nothing that would get in the away. She is a true amateur just like any other girl that shows up on this site. She is doing a lot of doggystyle in this video and the great thing about this site is you never know what the ending is going to be. Sometimes they just drop a load inside these chicks! I mean it’s seems crazy but I have a feeling if these guys had a pocket full of fucks that wouldn’t give you or me one.

Mila Jade


Exotic4k with mila jade

In this Exotic4k update we get our first glimpse (well our first glimpse on E4k at least) of young Asian slut Mila Jade! She looks like she just got done doing a swirling dance in her little purple dress or lingerie or whatever that is…all I know is that this girl looks amazing in it and even more amazing out of it! She flashes that tight ass and pulls her panties aside to spread open her tight pink pussy before meeting up with her man and giving him the blowjob of his life! This Asian hottie gives a great suck and was driving her man crazy here, licking him up and down and juggling his balls and then spreading those legs to get her pussy drilled! What’s extra nice about this Exotic4k scene is that quite a bit of it is in first person perspective from the dude so you get to see what it looks like to pound a gorgeous exotic pornstar like this with that sexy round ass in front of your face and your dick buried halfway into that pink pussy making Mila moan with pleasure! This petite spinner ended up pumping a load of cum out of this guy’s dick that was basically a facial but it sprayed all over her small perky boobies too…Mila even looks sexy with jizz all over her chops!

Kalina Ryu


Kalina ryu in the crack

Check out stunning Asian babe Kalina Ryu as she invites you In The Crack, spreading those legs and her sweet pink tight pussy and letting you get inches away from her snatch! Kalina starts fucking herself with a purple vibrator, sliding it in and out of her pussy and bending over to show off that gorgeous big round ass of hers. If you’ve got a hankering to see a beautiful pornstar masturbating and getting within sniffing distance of her cunt this photshoot is for you! She keeps her blue strappy blue high heels on throughout this shoot, I can’t say I blame her because they look might nice on her…she seems to enjoy an audience too, with that huge grin on her face as she pulls her pussy lips apart to give a nice look at her pink bits! It’s hard to see if she’s enjoying it more when she finger-fucks herself or when she slips that vibrator in and out of her hole, either way it seems like she’s having a blast.

Sharon Lee More Public


Sharon Lee Gives Anal Out In Public

Looks like Bang Bros is just having a great time with Sharon Lee because she has been on their Public Bang site 3 times now. The first time it was fucking at the airport. The second one she let this guys big dick fuck her in her round ass in public. Then in this one she does anal once again as well as you can see in this picture getting her cameltoe pussy fucked too. These are not like super public places you don’t really see anybody walking in the background but still Sharon is just letting these guys raw dog her ass without any lube or anything, well maybe some lube her ass does look quick oiling when she is riding this guy with his dick in her ass. Sharon is a really hot girl that you would never suspect would be such a freak but this girl is a freak. She has a beautiful face, perfect natural titties and amazing pussy and a round ass I mean she is just the perfect girl. Plus she is Asian and everyone has a thing for an Asian girl right?

Sharon Lee Public Anal


Sharon Lee Public Anal

This Asian pornstar Sharon Lee is pretty well known in porn and she is really good at having anal sex. I have posted anal scenes of her before here is a example of one if you want to see a older gallery. This one though just came out today and it’s great. Then I have one more Sharon Lee gallery for you and it’s the first time that she was on Public Bang and that one is also really good but no anal on that one. So in this Public Bang scene Bang Bros has her walking around the sitting flashing her ass, her titties and what not. Then she goes into a feild and really bangs this guy. She lets him fuck her tight Asian pussy at first but then she wants something a little more. So they break out some lube and lube her up and then she slips this guys big dick into her ass and gives him a ride that he will never get again in his life. If you like what you guy see here just search around or join Bang Bros to get some full video anal scenes with Sharon I mean she truely is amazing.

Double Trouble


Double trouble on crazy asian gfs

This dude had things pretty figured out…he knew his girlfriend Alina Li was going to be in the locker room after swim practice and that the only other person down there was her hot friend Marica Hase so he headed in with his video recorder! They asked him to leave at first since they were in their panties getting changed but he somehow talked them into this hot threesome you see here! Alina and Marica had been eyeing each other up for months and the guy was just the catalyst they needed…soon the girls were making out and getting those sweet titties out and the guy was whipping out his cock so the girls could take turns licking and sucking it! He fucked those tight Asian pussies one after the other, giving his girlfriend a nice doggystyle pounding with her head in a locker and then fucking Marica before pulling out and busting his load all over that pussy and Alina’s gorgeous face for this hot Crazy Asian GFs update called Double Trouble!

Cum In Get Wet


Xart episode cum in get wet

This guy was just enjoying a nice relaxing bath when his girlfriend, beautiful Asian babe Marica, showed up to tease him a little! She stripped out of her white bra and panties, flashing those perfect perky breasts and her sweet tight ass…of course he couldn’t resist that body of hers for long so he hopped out of the tub, slipping his hand between her thighs and tickling her clit to drive her crazy! In this X Art update called Cum In Get Wet she gets that nice tight pussy of hers penetrated and pounded, riding her man’s cock and getting her pussy and ass licked up and dowdn…Marica is only in her second shoot for the site here, if you missed out on her first scene called Serving Seduction it’s not too late to check it out, you can see for yourself how gorgeous this Asian hottie is. She’s got an incredible body, a beautiful face and a fun personality and apparently just plain loves to make love!

Alina Li


Alina Li

Utterly stunning Asian sex kitten Alina Li rocks the camera in this hot photoshoot as she heads back to her apartment after a date with some lucky guy and he shows his secret weapon for keeping a girl interested, namely his huge cock! Alina loves a nice big dick and she gets that sweet tight pussy of hers pounded to the hilt in this sexy set, not even bothering to take off her high heels as she mounts up and rides that meatbat. This girl is tight as a drum and lean and sexy as hell with her beautiful face and magnificent ass…if you like Asian chicks with huge tits you might want to keep scrolling but if you’re down with perky little boobies on a total hottie this one’s for you!

Morgan Lee Asian Delicacy


Exotic 4k morgan lee

Are you in the mood for a nice Asian Delicacy? Morgan Lee here is an exotic beauty from the east with a slammin body, a pretty face and attitude for days…and she’s ready to put it all to work in this Exotic4k episode for us, shaking that perfect round booty right in our face! She starts out doing a little sultry slinky dance on the bed, stripping down and driving us nuts before the main even when she takes her man’s big hard cock in that sweet little pussy, and since this is Exotic4k it’s all filmed in incredibly high resolution! Seriously, when you check out the full videos in the highest quality it’s just mind-blowing not to mention load-blowing. Speaking of blowing loads, after the guy pounds her sweet shaved snatch with that big ol sausage of his he blasts her with a big facial of cum that drips down onto those soft round boobs of hers! Morgan Lee loves a good facial, it keeps her skin soft and moisturized…just look at that smile on her face at the end of this steamy hardcore scene.

Morgan Lee


Morgan lee on happy tugs

Who doesn’t like a nice thorough massage by a beautiful nude woman? That’s right, I said nude woman…nothing more relaxing while you’re getting rubbed down than feeling those big soft titties brush against your back…at least that’s how it is when Morgan Lee here is your massage therapist like in this Happy Tugs update called Rubbed The Right Way! I don’t know about some of the other ladies I’ve seen in massage parlors, I’d probably prefer if they put on like a winter coat or something. Morgan here though is fucking gorgeous and she takes her time oiling up and rubbing down this guy, getting him rubbed the right way (see where the title comes from?) before she takes his stiff cock in her mouth and gives a nice leisurely blowjob! Morgan figured she might as well get in on the fun though so soon she hops on the bed to join the guy, riding his dick and fucking him nice and hard until he blew his load all over the place.

Serving Seduction


Serving seduction on x art

It’s like a fantasy come to life…this dude got home from a long hard day at the office and just wanted to relax with a drink and a cigar, which by itself would be a pretty relaxing and nice evening but the drink is brought to him by gorgeous half-Japanese stunner Marica in her sexy black lingerie so you know things are going to be hot as hell! This Asian knockout hands the guy his drink and he repays her kindness with a puff of smoke in the face, pretty cold business but I guess since these two are just doing some roleplaying it’s cool…X Art always has the hottest girls and Marica is smokin with her perfect perky breasts as she strips out of her lingerie and starts sucking the guy’s uncut cock, licking him up and down before going for a ride on his dick for this update called Serving Seduction! She certainly looks seductive as she slides that sweet shaved pussy up and down his shaft, then guides him into her ass for a little anal pounding as well…the guy tries to hold out but that perfect butt is just irresistable and soon he pulls out and shoots his load all over that lovely face of hers!



>Sylvy Asian Sex Diary

I have never actually made my own Asian Sex Diary gallery before but I thought it was time for you guys. This is a hot Asian MILF that they found in France of all places. Or maybe they met in France or something I could see them being banned from a couple of Asian countries. It’s not exactly legal to film porn in these places. These guys are seriously straight up freaks too. Not only do they find random Asian girls but he like eats their pussies and he cums in a lot of their pussies. He probably has a bunch of knocked up woman running around Asia. This girl is pretty freaky too she is actually married and cheating on her husband while doing this film. The guys don’t ever show pictures of their faces to help it so they don’t get caught but in the video you can see this MILFs face. So as I mentioned she is a freak and you can watch the first part of the video to see why. She licks on his asshole like I have never seen before. Then later in the video when he licks her asshole she lets him fuck her in the butt! I mean she just met this guy, is letting him film a porn and she lets him balls deep in her ass… If this isn’t a horny MILF I don’t know what is.

Morgan Lee


Morgan lee on ccx

Beautiful Asian babe Morgan Lee has been thinking about getting into the adult industry for about a year and just got single so hey, it’s the perfect time to get naked and get fucked! Casting Couch X is the lucky recipient of her introductory hardcore scene and let me just reiterate, this girl is absolutely stunning. Great tits, beautiful face, fantastic ass, knows how to give a lovely blowjob and she gets fucked nice and hard and looks like she’s ready for more! That tight pink wet pussy of hers get slammed doggystyle with one leg up on the table and Morgan loves it, moaning her head off and getting a nice sheen of sweat before taking a massive cream facial that covers her from chin to hairline as she gives the ol’ double thumbs up! She looks like a gymnast or something too with those strong shoulders…be careful if you challenge her to a wrestling match, know what I mean?

Alina Li


Alina li sex and submisson

Stunning Asian teen Alina Li is the newest student at this prestigious school but she’s about to learn the hard way that they have some pretty strict rules of conduct! When Alina gets a little disrespectful towards one of the teachers he decides to test her dedication to success at the school and bends her over his desk, spanking that tight round ass of hers and jamming his cock into her mouth! I guess she didn’t inspire confidence in him though because she ended up down in the school dungeon stripped out of her schoolgirl uniform and chained up, where she gets spanked and whipped and fucked nice and hard in this Sex And Submission update! Alina has a bit of a fetish side to her apparently, she loves a bit of bondage and discipline and of course she always loves a big hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth and tight wet pussy.

Mina Asakura


Mina Asakura

Beautiful Asian stunner Mina Asakura shows her stuff in this hot photoshoot, stripping out of her white business suit to show her sexy white lingerie as she lounges on a very comfortable looking couch! She has a hell of a body and a sort of sexy sensual vibe to her…she doesn’t even need to say anything, she just sort of emits a kind of powerful sexiness that’s sort of undefinable. Lots of women out there feel the need to gussy things up way more than they have to, but not Mina here. She never does quite get naked but really the first time I took a peek though this photoshoot I didn’t even notice, Mina in a little clothing is just as hot as other girls completely nude!

Horny Asian Teen


Gdp sexy asian

Most girls that show up on Girls Do Porn tend to be pretty nervous but not this horny Asian teen! She’s pretty confident for someone who hasn’t ever done an adult video before, but I guess some girls just love the whole idea of it…maybe she just knows she’s hot as hell and has an incredible body so she figures she’s got this in the bag! With her long black glossy hair and smooth graceful legs she’s already got a headstart on being utterly sexy and backs it up when she starts stripping down and showing off those gorgeous perky boobies, dropping to her knees to give this guy a very nice blowjob! The real star though is that tight shaved pussy of hers, she’s only been with a couple of guys before so her vagina is tight as a drum and she loves getting drilled by this guy’s big hard cock. Girls Do Porn just keeps on wowing us with the chicks they bring in, I don’t know how they do it but these girls are just incredibly hot update after update! Some other sites could definitely take a page out of their book, that’s for damn sure. If you’ve got a thing for tight cute Asian asses this girl is gonna blow you away as she gets on her hands and knees for some doggystyle fucking action before taking a big load of cum in her mouth, swallowing every drop!

Alina Li


Alina li ultimate fuck toy

Hold onto your hats and glasses because I’ve got a mega-update for you guys from the site Jules Jordan featuring the gorgeous Asian babe Alina Li! They call her the Ultimate Fuck Toy in this DVD they made and after checking out some of the scenes I’d have to agree…this girl is exotic, gorgeous as all hell and has an insatiable lust for cock as she dresses up in kinky latex fetish costumes, makes out with other girls like a lesbian while she gets pounded by a huge black dick, gets chained up and gags down a whole group of cocks at once to guzzle their cum in a near-bukkake scene, and ever dresses up like a sexy little bunny to suck dick and get fucked in that tight little pussy! Alina loves a fun sexy adventure and she’s getting into a ton of different hardcore scenes in this one incredible dvd…Jules Jordan has some great stuff and some very hot models but this one just blew me away, Alina Li is smokin hot and just plain amazing.

Alina Li Footjob


Alina Li 21st Sextury

You guys know that we are a big fan of Alina Li here on this site so I figured I should post this scene because I am not going to make a gallery of it. It’s a footjob scene she did for 21st Sextury. I thought these guys had everything like this over on their footjob site called like 21 footart or something like that I forget. Anyways this scene is for them and it’s hot because well you get to see Alina fucking. It’s not all just fetish footjob stuff they do spend some time on her sexy little Asian feet but then you get to see her riding dick like you see in this picture. The video I found for you isn’t super long but it should get the point across to you and if you want you can join their site, it doesn’t cost a lot and they have all kinds of awesome porn there. She is dressed up in sexy lingerie which is good because Alina is hot as is but you put her in something sexy and she is just unbeatable. The gallery is also great because they found a guy that is really big compared to her and so seeing her fuck this dick is like seeing her fuck one of her own arms I mean it’s just huge in comparison to how small her vagina is.

Alina Li Learning


Alina Li and Alyssa Lynn Stepmom Videos

The busty MILF in the middle of this picture is Alyssa Lynn and then the super cute Asian girl you guys should know by now, her name is Alina Li. In this episode from Stepmom Videos a Bang Bros site you get to see Alyssa Lynn catching her step son spying her. He caught her masturbating in the shower and then cleaning the house naked. She is super pissed at him but when she finds out that the reason he is doing it is because he is a virgin she feels bad for him. Alyssa calls up a cute girl she knows and that girl is Alina Li and invites her over to the house. She lets Alina know that her step son is very new to dating other girls and Alina admits she too doesn’t have much experience. With that Alyssa has only one option she has to show these two how things are done. So she makes her step son promise that he won’t tell his Dad and she shows Alina how to suck a dick and the guy how to fuck a pussy right. The video ends with Alyssa having both Alina and herself on her knees taking a facial because after all that’s what guys like.

Yoko Matsugane


Yoko Matsugane

Beautiful Asian babe Yoko Matsugane is about to make your dreams come true, or alternately if you aren’t already dreaming about her she’s going to make you have some new dreams! This exotic hottie has a gorgeous face but really the star of the show is that pair of spectacular big tits as she takes off her beautiful kimono and hows off her sexy purple bra and panties! This girl is hot as hell and that face with those lovely almond eyes coupled with those huge breasts is a combination that is bound to blow your socks right off…or at least your pants!

Kayme Kai Nuru Massage


Kayme Kai Nuru Massage

Here is a pretty sexy Asian girl name Kayme Kai, she has a nice thick body with big fake titties. She is pleasing a guy who bought an hour of her time and they first spend time in the shower where she gets him hard. Then she sends him over to the tub where she sucks on his dick and lets him suck on her titties. Then they move to the blow up mattress. It’s kind of weird everytime I watch one of these videos. Just because the rooms are always so nice and then they bring a blow up mattress to fuck on. I know it’s cause they use it with that super slippery “nuru” oil but still it’s weird. This video is nice and long but it’s not the real reason I am posting it I am also posting it because Nuru massage just recently joined up with a mega website called Fantasy Massage and now you can just join that site and get access to 5 different sites. You know those types of deals I am all over and so should you guys so check it out!

Alina Li


Alina li on bang bus

Tell me you wouldn’t lose your damn mind if you were walking down the street, the Bang Bus pulled up next to you and grinning in the back seat was gorgeous Asian pornstar Alina Li! That’s just what happened to these lucky dudes in this update from the Bang Bros network, and we get to watch all the fun! Usually what happens in these is that the pornstars end up with a train of limp dicks who get nervous on camera or who knows what and fail to ‘perform’ so to speak, but in this case right off the bat Alina found a guy who could give her pussy a nice deep dicking…after him it was a different story but oh well. We do get to see those cute perky little boobies of hers in action and of course her perfect ass when she gets on her hands and knees to get railed from behind! I think it’s been a little while since I’ve seen Alina around, I’m glad she’s still doing updates and of course glad that she still looks amazing.

Alina Li


Alina Li

Alina Li is one of the most gorgeous pornstars in the industry right now but honestly I think she might have taken a break or something, I haven’t really seen her doing much work lately! Hopefully that changes but in the meantime at least we can enjoy sexy photoshoots like this one where Alina is in her sexy outfit on the couch, lifting up the hem of her little skirt to show off her thong panties and garter belt with those sheer thigh high stockings. This girl has a tight little spinner body with nice perky boobies and a fantastic ass, but really it’s that stunning face of hers that draws your attention in and keeps it there!

Alina Li


Alina Li

Asian sensation Alina Li is absolutely gorgeous in this Twistys photoshoot…if you have an appreciation (or should I say appreciAsian am I right) for a gorgeous girl from the East with perky little boobies and a tight fuckable pink pussy, Alina will be like a dream cum true for you! This exotic spinner pops off her top and bra and panties to lick her lips in anticipation and run her hands over those titties before sliding her fingers into her hole and playing with her clit, masturbating for us with her lean legs splayed wide open!

Alina Li Femdom


Alina Li Femdom Empire

Here is a video that I haven’t scene before with the gorgeous Alina Li. She is being a straight up dominatrix in this video. She isn’t being nice to this guy either only thing she wants from him is to have him lick her pussy. She shoves his face into that smooth Asian pussy and he eats away. She doesn’t let him stop until she has orgasmed a couple time. This isn’t just like oral sex either there are times Alina has her full weight on his face as she sits on it and then she stands up and straddles him so he can lick that pussy too. She is all dressed up in leathers, this is a femdom site after all I think it’s required that you’re in leather. She looks hot as fuck and if you’re a member of this site Femdom Empire you can actually join it and to get access to the hardcore part of the video that she did. I hope it’s with this guy because he put in a lot of working eating her out not to get to fuck that tight pussy.

Hitomi Tanaka


Hitomi Tanaka

Skyrockets in flight, morning delight HUGE TITTIES! That’s about how that song goes, right? Well it would be if they had been checking out these pictures of Asian goddess Hitomi Tanaka on Scoreland showing off those massive breasts of hers! We get to watch her morning routine from waking up and stretching to brushing her teeth and hopping in the shower to soap up and wash those big boobs to get ready for a long day of looking fucking gorgeous. Scoreland was there to snap pictures all along the way, for which the entire population of Earth owes them a letter of sincere and heartfelt gratitude.

Alina Li Casted


Alina Li Casting

This is kind of a weird site from Nubiles Porn. It’s called Nubiles Casting but you may as well just join Nubiles Porn because then you can get access to everything. The reason I am posting this is well because Alina Li is in it and this girl is hot. She has such a cute little body and that small round ass of hers is just the best isn’t it? Holly Michaels is the one “seducing” her in this video. I am not sure if they’re trying to pass this off as real or not but it doesn’t matter all porn is fake anyways. Alina Li does a little strip show for Holly and I have to say Holly is really liking Alina you can tell she just wants to eat that perfect little pussy of hers. She has Tyler come in as the stunt cock and she kind of coaches Alina through some things and then also makes some comments. Holly is filming the whole time and I just wished she would have jumped in a little more, I mean a threesome with Alina Li is what everyone wanted I think. Holly is naked in the background and she lends a helping hand every once in a while making Alina have a really hard orgasm and one of the longest squirting orgasms I have ever seen. If you want to see the squirting it happens at about the 4 minute mark so just fastforward there. In the end Tyler pulls out and cums right in Alina asshole, really hot scene you guys are going to love this one!

A Warm Welcome


A Warm Welcome

This Asian whose name I don’t know gets a warm welcome from the DDF network as she heads in to the massage studio and lays down on the table, getting her skin oiled up and rubbed down before her pussy gets fingered and teased by the masseuse! She giggles and squirms, wiggling her ass before rolling over and giving him a big kiss, grabbing his stiffening cock and then getting on her elbows and knees to give him a nice blowjob. After a warmup like that you know she’s going to get the hell fucked out of her and of course she does…personally I prefer the doggystyle fuck scenes, she’s got a bangin body with a great ass and perky little boobies but the face leaves a little to be desired if you ask me. The pigtails help but yeah I don’t know. Like I said though, great ass!

Me In My Dorm


Daisy crazy college gfs

Beautiful Asian coed Daisy Summers was missing her boyfriend pretty fiercely since he had been out of town for over a month, so she decided to send him a ‘care package’ so to speak…she went into her dorm room and made a little self-shot video to send him of her getting naked and masturbating that perfect tight body of hers! What he DIDN’T know was that she also invited a friend over to take pictures of her doing the filming, so not only did he get a little present but thanks to Crazy College GFs we also get to see the photos of this sexy horny college girl pleasuring her sweet pussy!

Paula Shy Poolside Fuck


Paula Shy Poolside Sex

I have a girl that I love to post whenever I see her, her name is Paula Shy. This scene is actually from a site I doubt I have ever had on my site before it’s called 18 Only Girls. I tend to stay away from sites that are so specific like this but 18 Only Girls doesn’t just have 18 year olds because I can tell you Paula Shy is definitely older then that. She has been around a while in porn and with a body like she has she will around for a lot longer I suspect. She has perfect full natural tits and then you move down to her pussy and it’s even better. It’s completely shaven (usually) and it’s just really really tight. Now Paula definitely looks Asian to me but she is actually from the Czech Republic which I find weird. I am still going to put her in my Asian category I am a badass like that. So the video is mostly just Paula enjoying oral sex in the 69 position in this gallery but you do get a little video of her riding on some dick.

Ashley Hairy Pussy


Ashley Asian Sex Diary

This is just a crazy site I have to say. These white guys go over to a bunch of different Asian countries and find girls to fuck. The real crazy part as you can see right here is that he doesn’t wrap his shit up. Instead he is just raw doggying these Asian girls hairy pussies. If that isn’t bad enough how about him cumming inside of these girls? I mean he probably doesn’t give as hit because he just leaves after a week or something and will never see them again. Anyways here is a girl named Ashley you don’t really get to see her face much just her super hairy pussy and then she is bent over and finished doggystyle. The ending in this video is a mystery if you want to find out you’re just going to have to pony up and join their site.

Alina Li


Alini li on teen fidelity

Ryan Madison is in for a treat in this Teen Fidelity update! Stunning Asian hottie Alina Li is showing him around Chinatown, taking him on a walking tour of the different cultural centers and restaurants and whatnot…when they find an empty restroom though he gives her a tour of his own, locking the door and making out until people started getting mad and banging on the door. Speaking of banging, that’s just what these two did once they got back to the hotel room, where Alina changed into a traditional Chinese outfit to drive Ryan nuts! I guess it worked because he proceeded to ravage that sweet little pussy of hers, fucking her in all kinds of different positions for this hot update called, and I can’t believe I”m about to type this, Trouble in Li’l VaChina. Don’t make me write it again. Anyway, Alina looks of course fucking hot as lava (at least after she loses those high waisted shorts, I don’t know if that’s the new style but I just can’t stand em, they’re like granny panties that you wear in public) and you’ll love seeing her get fucked all gussied up! If you want to see a different more amateur type of porn video check out this one from She’s New, it’s a site you get access to when you join Team Skeet. They actually have two video of her now that I mention it the other one is pretty good too, she is being fucked in a hotel room and orgasming like crazy.



Asian makeup

Mariko looks stunning in her blue dress for this Met Art photoshoot but of course she looks even better out of it as she lounges on a classic highback armchair and then sits on an end table to put on some makeup next to the candelabra! It seems like quite the production just to slather on a little lipstick but hey, when it comes out looking as gorgeous as this I guess you gotta give a little leeway. Mariko seems like she knows what she’s doing, and when you couple that beautiful Asian face with those perfect tits and sweet fuckable pussy you’ve got a winner in store!



Emi for net video girls

Now I could be wrong but off the top of my head I don’t remember seeing any Asians on Net Video Girls before…I mean they have had a ton of chicks so who knows, but still it’s nice to see a hot exotic amateur like Emi here show up. She is seriously smokin hot too, with perfect tits and a very nice tight little butt and after she gets calmed down from the initial shock (listen to the adorable way she pronounces ‘camera’) it’s not too hard to talk her out of her clothes and into our hearts, not to mention onto the casting director’s cock! After stripping down and showing off that sexy tight body she gives a demonstration of her cocksucking skills, giving a very nice blowjob before spreading her legs and letting her panties slide off to get that sweet tight wet pussy fucked. I don’t know if she realizes the modeling gig she’s ‘auditioning’ for is bullshit but hey, she seems to be having a good time so why pop that bubble am I right?

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