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Alexis Adams


Alexis adams on fucked hard 18

The site Fucked Hard 18 has had plenty of hot women on there but Alexis Adams might seriously be the hottest of them all…her body is absolutely perfect, not too skinny and not too curvy, just the right amount of big breasts and round ass and sexy hips, not to mention that incredibly gorgeous face of hers. She strips down out of her little pink panties and stretches out, getting ready for a nice deep tissue massage session, getting oil rubbed into her skin and getting that sweet juicy ass squeezed up so she can get her pussy fingered and fucked! Alexis has been around for a good bit in this industry but doesn’t have that used-up look that some pornstars can get, she’s still incredibly gorgeous while she gets fucked before taking a nice big cumshot all over her stomach and pussy.

Ember Stone


Ember stone fucked hard 18

I don’t know what it is about sexy hairy redhead Ember Stone but she just strikes me as someone who would trip over her own feet on the dance floor while walking towards her crush to ask him to dance with her or something. She is gorgeous and has a fantastic body, so this masseuse from Fucked Hard 18 must have been stoked beyond belief when she showed up to collect on her free rubdown, but she definitely has a loveably goofy energy about her. She strips down nude and hops up on the table, getting her body oiled up and rubbed down from her perky breasts down over her hairy pussy all the way down her long lean legs…soon she was getting that snatch fingered and tickled and then fucked, and from the sounds she’s making I’d say she’s loving every minute of it! She gets a good rubdown and then a nice pounding, bending over to get her hole fucked doggystyle until the guy shoots his cum all over her stomach and boobs! Ember loved her experience so much she did a handstand on the massage table, not something I’d expect to see but hey for this chick it just feels right.

Lacey Johnson


Fh18 lacey johnson

When it comes to picking girls to get a free naked rubdown you couldn’t do much better than blonde goddess Lacey Johnson here! She alreayd looked like a dream in her white top and red skirt and of course things only got better when she stripped down naked for this Fucked Hard 18 update, hopping up on the table to get oiled up and rubbed down. I don’t know if she was expecting to come out of this massage session relaxed and calm but she definitely got full release as the guy slipped his hands between her thighs to play with her pussy and up over those big breasts to tweak and tease her nipples! Soon she was on her stomach sucking his cock and then on her hands and knees getting her sweet tight wet hole railed from behind. This girl Lacey has a stunning face and a body that could stop traffic, and we get to watch her getting pounded for this hot hardcore fuck scene!

Kelly Diamond


Kelly diamond on fh18

Who wouldn’t want to give a beautiful sexy brunette like Kelly Diamond a free rubdown? Hell, I know tons of guys who would PAY to be her masseuse, and this lucky dude from Fucked Hard 18 gets to get his hands all over that perfect body of hers…well, at least we get to watch it all go down. Kelly is gorgeous of course and takes her time stripping out of her clothes, showing those perky boobs and sweet round ass before hopping up on the table…I don’t know how long it took her to get those strappy high heel shoes off but it was probably way too long, maybe they have velcro in the back or something, that would be hilarious. Anyway Kelly gets oiled up and has her back and ass massaged, enjoying it so much she starts gyrating her pussy around and who can resist a sight like that? Not this masseuse that’s for damn sure…he slips his fingers in her slit and tickles her clit, fingering her and making her moan before slipping his cock into her mouth and then just all out fucking her right on the massage table. That’s just how this guy works…seems like a pretty sweet deal to me! Kelly seems to think so too, she was offered a free rubdown and now she’s getting a nice deep-dicking and ends up with the guy’s load all over her stomach!

Sabrina Banks


Sabrina banks fucked hard 18

With her pretty face, nice perky titties and of course her perfect tight little ass, Sabrina Banks was a cinch to recruit for a free rubdown for Fucked Hard 18! She was feeling a little tight in the muscles and figured a nice deep tissue massage was right up her alley so she stripped down and hopped up onto the table for this update. The masseuse was more than happy to pleasure that beautiful body, oiling up her skin and running his hands all over her back and breasts and butt before sliding his cock into her tight wet pussy…he was noticing her getting more and more turned on with every touch of his fingers and figured hey, why not! She fucked him nice and hard for this hot update, sticking that sweet ass in the air as he penetrated her before shooting his load all over her stomach.

Emma Stoned


Fh18 emma stoned

Ever since I saw this girl Emma Stoned in this update I’ve been keeping an eye out for her on other sites; I knew there was no way she’d be a one-off, she was way too hot! Sure enough, here she is on the site Fucked Hard 18 getting that sweet tight spinner body oiled up and rubbed down before she spreads her legs to get that pink pussy filled up with cock. She loves getting fucked, especially doggystyle, so when she got on her hands and knees on the massage table she was loving every second of the action and every inch of that dick! She got that sweet hole fucked hard and fast before the guy shot his load all over her perky little titties and onto her face as well.

Aidra Fox


Aidra fox on fucked hard 18

The guys at Fucked Hard 18 seem to have just a neverending stream of gorgeous girls ready to collect on a free nude massage offer! This update features Aidra Fox, a beautiful newcomer with an incredible body and even hotter face, who strips out of her little denim shorts and pink panties to hop up on the massage table ready to get all her worries rubbed away. She gets oiled up and once the masseuse gets a load of that perfect ass of hers he immediately pops wood, which Aida is more than happy to grab and suck! That’s basically the green light for this guy and he climbs up on the table to join her, fucking that sweet pussy from behind and getting her to mount him and go for a nice ride before shooting his load all over her pussy and stomach.

Rilynn Rae


Rilynn rae for fucked hard 18

With those hips, those tits, that ass and that face I’d give Rilynn Rae a free nude rubdown too! That said I’m no professional so it’s no wonder she went to the Fucked Hard 18 guys instead, stripping down and showing off that round perfect butt before hopping up on the bed to get oiled up and rubbed down. These guys always get the hottest pornstars around to come get naked and get massaged, not to mention get fucked! Rilynn here loves having her body touched and pampered and soon she was sucking her lucky masseuse while he ran his hands over her back and ass…she spread her legs to let him slide deep into her pussy, moaning as he pumped any tension she still had right out of those muscles!

Janice Griffith


Mg18 janice griffith

You knew it was coming and now it’s time to bask in the glory that is Janice Griffith as she hops up and puts in a little time on the massage table in this update from Fucked Hard 18! Janice is one of the hottest models in the adult industry with her gorgeous face and incredible body and she always puts in 110%, this being no exception. Watch this hottie get her round juicy booty oiled up before replacing giving her masseuse a little attention of his own, sucking his cock and then riding him until he was about ready to explode! Actually he just about DID explode, shooting his load all over Janice’s beautiful body and frosting her from neck to pussy. It’s always a pleasure to see this girl in action, can’t wait for more!



Bridget for fucked hard 18

Everyone loves a good massage and Bridget here is no exception, especially when they’re for free! She was more than happy to collect on the offer of a free rubdown courtesy of the Fucked Hard 18 massage studio, and when she stripped down and showed off that tight little body of hers I think we can all agree she made the right choice. Bridget gets her perky titties and that perfect tight butt oiled up and rubbe down, and when the guy’s fingers slide down to tickle that pussy of hers she gets the idea and takes the masseuse’s cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob, then gets into the hot hardcore action! It looks like Bridget’s been a bit sex-starved or something because she gets into it with a vengeance, ending up with a couple red handprints on that pert butt from being spanked while she gets that pussy pounded from behind…this girl is hot as hell and gets absolutely drenched when the guy finally shoots his load all over her, hopefully she’ll be back for another rubdown sometime!



Rose on fh18

Meet Rose…she’s beautiful, with long dark hair and a slightly exotic look to her features, and a body that looks like it was poured into that sexy tight little dress she has on! She’s at the Fucked Hard 18 studios for a free rubdown and she’s come in on just the right day because she gets not one but two eager masseuses ready to rub her cares away with hot oil and strong hands. She gets a double rubdown and gets so turned on by all the attention she starts sucking their cocks and getting fucked and it’s all downhill from there! This hottie loves getting her pussy pounded by a big hard slab of meat so she rides cock hard and fast in this hot scene until she gets showered with a load of creamy cum.

Zoey Monroe


Zoey monroe for fucked hard 18

No you’re not seeing double, I know this chick looks a lot like Lucy Tyler from another update today but this is a totally different hot blonde with perky tits and long wavy hair getting fucked! This in fact is Zoey Monroe and she’s getting her free rubdown, courtesy of Fucked Hard 18. I don’t know if they told her the name of the site before she agreed to get a naked massage or after…either way, she gets that gorgeous body rubbed down and gets so turned on she gives the masseuse a blowjob, sucking and licking his cock while he plays with her clit! She invites him up on the table and he proceeds to give that sweet tight pussy a nice hard pounding before shooting his load all over her stomach…very hot girl and a very hot fuck scene!

August Ames Massage’d


Well I picked this picture and then realized I am missing the best parts of August Ames. She has amazing big natural tits and her face is down right beautiful. She should be a super model or something like that but we are lucky enough to have her in porn. Her ass is nice and all but that face and those tits are just too much! In this gallery she is getting a massage and then a nice hard fuck. The site you guys should all know by know just because of the background it’s Fucked Hard 18. She goes in there does her little interview and in that interview she says she is a little ticklish when it comes to the booty and sure enough she could barely handle a butt massage. Once you get to playing with her pussy that too is really sensitive. You could see her whole body shaking when he would rub his oily hands on that nice shaved pussy of hers. A girl with this sensitive of a pussy, you know is going to be cumming like crazy and sure enough she does. That’s probably why she got in porn it just feels too good to her to be fucked so she may as well get paid for it!

Redhead Dee Dee


Fh18 dee dee

Have a thirst for gorgeous busty redheads? Well let Dee Dee satisfy it in this update from Fucked Hard 18! She shows up ready for her free rubdown but when this guy starts sliding his skillful hands up and down her nude oiled-up body she gets so turned on she starts grinding her pussy against him and grabs his cock, sucking him off and taking him deep in her wet cunt! This gorgeous sexy girl has big boobs, a great tight butt and a pussy that would make a guy’s head pop off…luckily this masseuse knows how to work it safely so he gives her a good deep dicking and then shoots his load into her mouth! This is probably one of the hottest girls I’ve seen on Fucked Hard 18 and man that’s saying something…hopefully we get to see more of this girl, her body is magnificent.

Scarlet Red


Scarlet red on fucked hard 18

Gorgeous blonde Scarlet Red looks like she just stepped off a football field where she was a cheerleader with that long blonde hair and her perfect tits and legs! I guess she’s a volleyball player though and not a cheerleader, which explains that awesome butt and her long smooth legs! She gets a free massage to get some relaxation on but once his hands slide down between her thighs she gets so turned on she just has to take his cock in her mouth! Soon she was off the table and on her knees giving him the blowjob of his life on this Fucked Hard 18 update but her rubdown isn’t over yet. He pops her back up on the table and oils up her beautiful nude body before rubbing her down and fucking her, lifting up those sexy legs and plowing that sweet tight pussy!



Chloe on fucked hard 18

Sigh…another hot blonde chick named Chloe getting her beautiful nude body oiled up and massaged and then getting her pussy pounded on Fucked Hard 18. Wait, what am I saying, this is awesome! Seriously, pretty blondes with big tits getting naked and getting fucked just never seems to go out of style, does it. Chloe here loves having those big boobs squeezed and rubbed with oil until they’re nice and shiny, spreading her legs with a grin and moaning as she go her hole worked by the masseuse’s big hard cock! She raises her knees up to get filled up with dick before the guy pulls out and shoots his load all over her stomach and legs! I guess that sexy smooth nude body was a little more than he could handle for too long, which I guess I can understand.

Ashlyn Malloy


Ashlyn malloy for fucked hard 18

With her white shirt partially unbuttoned and her long red hair tousled in front of her face, beautiful Ashlyn Malloy is already stealing hearts and taking names in this Fucked Hard 18 update even before she strips down to collect her free massage! I’m not so sure about the acid-wash jeans, they look like cow skin or something but hey she takes them off soon so don’t even worry about it. After limbering up with some stretches she gets comfy on the massage table and has that long lean body oiled up and rubbed down…she looks absolutely gorgeous and has a fantastic ass, which is a little unusual for a girl this slim and athletic. The masseuse takes his time on it too, rubbing that butt and sliding his fingers in to tickle her clit to make her giggle before replacing his finger with his hard cock and replacing her giggles with moans! He slides easily into her tight wet little pussy, fucking her on the massage table and wrapping her long legs around him to bury his meat as deep into her as possible! You’d think that if you were a gorgeous redhead and some guy offered a free massage in the nude while video cameras were rolling you’d think twice about it but this girl just loves getting fucked apparently…I can only remember offhand seeing this girl once before but man, with a face and body like that I’m sure we’ll see more of her!

Ava Taylor


Fucked hard 18 ava taylor

Right off the bat, Ava Taylor looks like the girl in a movie about high school where she starts out as a nerd outcast and ends up the gorgeous popular chick after a makeover (i.e. removing her glasses). Well you can tell that Ava isn’t exactly gonna be shunned, she’s fucking smokin hot and has big perfect tits peeking out of her shirt so despite the glasses and geeky demeanor I’m sure she’d have no trouble finding a date for prom! In this update from Fucked Hard 18 she’s at the massage studio ready to get her free rubdown, which means she’s about to strip down nude and have her tight little body oiled up and rubbed! We get to watch every inch of her body get pleasured, some more than others…after getting her clit tickled she starts moaning a little and the masseuse wastes no time in slipping his cock into her tight little hole and fucking her there on the table. She loves it, bucking her hips and round firm ass back and taking him even deeper, and soon she’s getting her cunt pounded hard and fast and is obviously digging every second of it!

Carter Cruise


Carter cruise for fucked hard 18

Sexy stacked blonde Carter Cruise has been working out at the gym and is pretty sore…particularly her firm round ass and those long smooth legs since she’s been doing squats and thrusts. So, she headed to Fucked Hard 18 to take them up on their offer of a free deep-tissue massage! She gets plenty more thrusts as her nude body is oiled up, rubbed down and fucked in this hot hardcore update, so I’m not sure if she’ll be any less sore than before but at least since she’s orgasming so hard she won’t even feel her aching muscles until way later! This girl is smokin hot with a great body and even some awesome facial expressions, so make sure you check this one out.



Katerina fucked hard 18

If only it were this easy to get a beautiful girl to take her clothes off…this guy at Fucked Hard 18 has a good gig figured out, he offers gorgeous girls a free rubdown and then invariably ends up fucking them like crazy! Katerina here loves having her perky tits and smooth legs caressed and squeezed, getting oiled up and rubbed down…you can see by the time that the masseuse slides his hands between her thighs that she’s already so turned on! When he slides his cock into her hole she gasps and bucks her hips, sliding her pussy up and down on his shaft and giving herself some earwarmers with her knees to get pounded deep in her twat! Every massage should have a happy ending but this time it’s the masseuse who gets it, shooting his load all over her stomach and pussy.



Belle fucked hard 18

Shy skinny teen Belle seems a little reluctant to get completely nude in this Fucked Hard 18 update as she undresses to get ready for her rubdown…she’s got great perky little boobies and a nice tight ass though, so we’ll have to be satisfied with that right? WRONG my friend…the masseuse starts oiling her up and rubbing her down and soon she’s getting wet in the pussy and is more than happy to have him pull off her little panties and give her clit some attention with his fingers! If you want a laugh check out what happens when he slides his cock into that wet twat, but that little hiccup aside this is a great fuck scene starring a very sexy girl! She spreads those long lean legs and plays with herself while she sucks his cock before getting pinned face-first to the massage table and fucked from behind. She gets that magnificent tight 18 year old body worked and fucked before the guy finishes things off by shooting his load all over her face and bouncy petite titties!

Teanna West


Teanna west for fucked hard 18

This girl Teanna West looks like a dream and has an ass you have got to see to believe! She’s shown up at the Fucked Hard 18 studio for her free rubdown which of course turns into much more when the masseuse’s hands wander down and start tickling her clit…he’s already oiled up her sexy nude body by this point and takes the opportunity to easily slide his dick into her pussy which is dripping wet with desire! I guess she was getting as turned on as he was by all the rubbing because she got right into it, moaning and bucking her hips back onto his hard meat as he penetrated her from behind. She raises a bit of a conundrum because she’s smokin hot but man oh man that ass is amazing, so it’s a pickle whether to fuck her from front or back! Well no need to worry, this guy does both and gives us a great view of every inch of exotic honey Teanna’s hot body for this update.



Taylor fucked hard 18

Check out sexy Taylor getting her nice tight body oiled up and rubbed down by the horny masseuse in this Fucked Hard 18 update…she’s got fantastic titties and an ass that would make a dead man dance, and this lucky dude gets to run his hands down every inch! She loves having those big boobs squeezed and massaged and gets so turned on she grabs the guy’s cock and gives him a blowjob, cupping his balls as she takes his meat in her mouth and he slips his finger into her tight cunt! He proceeds to fuck her on the massage table, lifting her legs up to slide in to the hilt as she moans and gasps. I know there are a million chicks in this industry named Taylor and half of them are hot blondes like this but hey, she’s hot as hell.



Fucked hard 18 liilly

Lilly is cute already when she’s sitting on the massage table talking about where she’s sore and where she’d like to get rubbed down but just you wait til she unbuttons and drops those jean shorts to show a downright fantastic body! She’s got a nice tight package and looks great in the nude as she gets oiled up and rubbed down for Fucked Hard 18, sighing with pleasure and moaning a little as the guy’s hands drift down to slip between her thighs and tickle that tight pussy…once she’s nice and relaxed, the masseuse replaces his fingers with his hard cock and fucks her right there on the table! Lilly takes his cock deep and hard, fucking him and getting pinned facefirst onto the table as she cums in this hot update! Always nice to see a nice cute blonde with a great body getting naked and getting fucked…it’s like it makes everything right in the universe.

Alina Li


Alina li on fucked hard 18

Can you even imagine a hotter client to give a full-body sensual rubdown to than gorgeous Asian Alina Li? She’s got a perfect body from head to toe and a great personality to boot as she introduces herself and strips down nude to hop onto the table in this update from Fucked Hard 18. She gets a nice massage but when she starts wiggling that sweet tight ass as the guy fingers her clit he takes the opportunity to slip his cock inside her tight wet hole! Alina always looks amazing but make that double when she has her knees up by her ears and is getting her pussy pounded…the light shines off her oiled up body as she moans her way to orgasm in this hot fuck session, finally dropping to her knees to get frosted with a nice big facial that leaves jizz dripping down her pink lips as she smiles.



Tucker on fucked hard 18

Teen hottie Tucker gets sore from working out and from cheerleader practice so when she was offered a free professional rubdown she was more than happy to accept! Thing is, this rubdown comes courtesy of Fucked Hard 18 so there’s a little more to it than meets the eye…once the guy starts squeezing and oiling up those big beautiful tits of hers and sliding his hands over her cute butt I think Tucker got the picture pretty quick and she sure didn’t seem put out by it. Speaking of putting out, she got that tight shaved pussy pounded good and hard in this update, going for a ride and throwing her head back with a moan as she took the guy’s prong deep inside her hole! After getting a facial which dripped down onto those big boobs she looked a little uncertain about the whole thing but hey, at that point it’s a little too late for second thoughts, sorry Tucker!



Natasha for fucked hard 18

When I hear the name Natasha I immediately think of a sexy seductive Bond villain or something…well this Natasha doesn’t seem like a villain but she’s got the sexy and seductive part down pat I’d say in this update from Fucked Hard 18! She’s got her little itty bitty jean shorts on and a white top tied up to show off her midriff, it’s like a Daisy Duke costume that doesn’t really look like Daisy Duke at all but nobody says so because the chick is so foxy in it. If you think that’s hot though wait til she starts peeling those clothes off and gets completely nude for her free rubdown, showing off her perky titties and getting oil rubbed into her fine ass by the luckiest guy around. He’s got magic fingers apparently because she starts getting turned on as he slips his hands down between her thighs to play with her pussy, and once she’s nice and wet he sneaks the sausage in before she knows what’s happening! She’s down to clown though and fucks him hard right there on the massage table, moaning and wiggling her ass, birthmark and all, as he pounds her hole until he shoots his load onto her pretty face!

Teen Tysen


Tysen on fucked hard 18

Tysen says this is the first massage she’s ever had and man, what an introduction to rubdowns! She’s at Fucked Hard 18 and is collecting on the free massage the guy offered her, not suspecting that he had another type of rubdown in mind. She stripped down and showed a nice tight teen body with perky little boobies and a great ass as she hopped onto the massage table, and seemed to love it when the guy started rubbing oil into her smooth skin. She loved it so much in fact that when his hands drifted down to tease her tight pussy she started grinding her hips back against his hand and before long he had his cock buried in that sweet hole! She lifted her legs to take him as deep as possible, moaning as he pounded that nice shaved pussy until finally he had to shoot his load all over that horny face of hers as she squealed with delight! Looks like she didn’t realize she was supposed to be the one who gets the happy ending in a massage.



Fucked hard 18 marina

Talk about your perfect little cute teen asses…check out the firm pert butt that Marina‘s packing in her shorts for this update from Fucked Hard 18! She headed in for a nice rubdown but once the masseuse got a good look at that perfect little butt he just had to rub it down with some oil and slip a finger or two into her tight pussy. She loved the sensation as her hole was fingered, grinding her hips back against his hands…so much so that he decided to replace his finger with his now rock-hard cock! It slipped right into that tight wet teen pussy and he fucked her right there on the massage table, making her moan and cum on his dick as he thrust deeper and deeper into that pink hole. This hottie looks like she could be a cheerleader captain or something, making it that much hotter to watch her get pounded and take a nice big facial cumshot!



Courtney for fucked hard 18

So you know that pursed-lip thing that so many women do in their selfies (goddamit I hate that word) and whenever anyone snaps a photo of them? It’s called the duckface, because it turns the girl’s lips into a duck bill looking monstrosity…well, that’s basically this blonde girl Courtney‘s permanent expression as you can see in this Fucked Hard 18 update. I guess we can forgive her though, because with her tight little package she makes for one sexy update! Especially that gorgeous butt…look at that backside, it’s just begging for a slap and a good fuck. I’m not sure if she gets into any slapping here but she sure does get her pussy pounded good and hard! She gets that body oiled up and rubbed for a little bit before a hard cock is slipped into her tight little hole. It’s hard to see the duckface expression when she has her face pushed into the pillow as she gets plowed doggystyle with that perfect ass sticking up in the air like some kind of sex magnet. Check it out!

Teen Jenna Fucked


Fucked hard 18 jenna

Jenna has that sexy teen body that most guys only get to dream about, but lucky for us she was in the mood for a nice deep-tissue massage and headed to Fucked Hard 18 for the rubdown! You can tell right off the bat that with those huge bouncy titties and pretty face she’s going to be a winner, and as things turned out that’s exactly right. She starts out stretching and shaking things out (shaking her big boobs at the same time) before stripping down nude and hopping into the massage table, already relaxed. She’s all the way out from New York, taking a visit to California and making a splash with her time there! Things start out innocently enough with some oil and a nice backrub but soon the sheets get tugged down and the masseuse’s hands wander down to that sexy tight ass and her even tighter pussy, rubbing and fingering her clit until she’s moaning and is getting more and more wet in that hole! The guy seizes the opportunity and slips his cock inside and Jenna pushes back, taking him as deep as she can and loving every second of it. Soon he’s joining her on the table and is pounding that teen pussy, sending waves of pleasure through her body until her moaning reaches a fever pitch! Jenna finishes this hot rubdown off with a nice big facial after she cums on his dick, and from the grin on her face I’d say she’s going to be a repeat customer at this massage parlor.

Anna M


Anna m for fucked hard 18

You see a lot of hot horny teens on Fucked Hard 18 but man, Anna M here is one of the hottest if you ask me! She looks like that cheerleader you always had a crush on but never got the gumption to ask out on a date, with her long slender legs and perky little boobies, not to mention a perfect ass. She is all sore from head to toe and is ready for a rubdown but I don’t think she knew it would go quite like this! We start out with Anna stripping nude and prancing around the room a little before hopping onto the massage table and pulling up the sheet, before the masseuse tugs it right back off again to give her whole body a nice going-over. She enjoys the massage quite a bit but especially when his hands dip down to cup her ass or slide a finger between her pussy lips! Seeing this the guy gets bolder, pulling his cock out of his pants and giving her the full treatment as he slips it inside. She was taken by surprise for a second but with that horny teen pussy of hers getting filled with a big hard cock she didn’t exactly object! Soon she was riding him on the table, bouncing that pert firm ass up and down as she took him deep inside her wet hole until finally he shot a creamy load all over her face and mouth.

Heather Massages


Heather night massage girl 18

If you go in for a massage and the masseuse looks anything like Heather Night you had better tip like crazy because you’re in for the rubdown of your life! She says in the pre-massage interview on Fucked Hard 18 that her clients always leave happy and I think your reaction will be about the same as the cameraman’s at that point…check the video and you’ll see what I mean. Heather gives a quick rubdown and then takes the guy’s big dick in her mouth, stroking him with her hands while she gives a blowjob, then climbs up to join him on the massage table and fucks his brains out! She’s got a nice little tuft of bush above her pussy but she keeps it neat and trim, so instead of being a gross forest it’s a sexy little patch that looks great as she bounces her tight little pussy up and down on that cock. Heather loves a good hard fuck and it shows as she bends over to take him to the hilt doggystyle, rides him in reverse cowgirl and any other position she can come up with to help her client achieve total release!

Jayden T


Jayden for fucked hard 18

Jayden might not have gotten the right memo on appropriate attire for a Fucked Hard 18 shoot as she showed up in a classy looking dress, but since she was just going to take it off anyway I guess it doesn’t matter too much. Jayden looked magnificent like she had just come from a cocktail party or something as she sensually stripped down, taking her time as she let that dress slither down her long legs with a soft whisper of fabric. Soon she was peeling off her thong panties to show an incredible tight little ass as she laid down in the nude on the massage table, finally ready for her rubdown! I guess the masseuse was ready for her too because as soon as his hands moved over that gorgeous oiled body he started popping wood…Jayden was aware of it and thought it looked like something to play with so she grabbed his cock out of his pants and started sucking him off before spreading those long luscious legs to get her tight pussy fucked good and hard in this hot update!

Nika loves sex


Nika on fucked hard 18

Nika here apparently has a twin sister who got a rubdown by the Fucked Hard 18 guys some time back but I don’t recognize her offhand…and I think I’d remember a girl with a body anything like this one! Maybe I’m just getting old, who knows…at any rate, Nika has an amazing body and a pretty face even if her nose is a little Streisand-ish. That ass more than makes up for her beak though…she strips down nude and hops onto the massage table, eager for the thorough deep tissue rubdown her sister had been raving about. Soon she finds out just how deep the massage can go as she gets her body oiled up and rubbed down, and the masseuse’s big hard cock pushed into her tight pussy! She loves being fucked and loves being massaged so this is like a dream come true for a girl like Nika, who gets really into riding that cock and getting pinned down and fucked doggystyle…I guess the masseuse gets really into it too because he slams that cunt so hard he can’t help but shoot his load deep inside for a nice creampie!

Sara Luvv sex


Sara luvv on fucked hard 18

With a body like that you just know that the guys must have been battling it out for a chance to rub down gorgeous Sara Luvv in this Fucked Hard 18 update! The sexy tanned brunette is happy, friendly and playful as she strips down for her massage, already moaning as the lucky masseuse oiled up her round perfect ass and perky full breasts. She enjoyed his touch so much taht she couldn’t resist grabbing his dick from his pants, taking him in her mouth for a nice blowjob before he joined her on the table and proceeded to fuck her like crazy! Sara got that teen pussy worked pretty well as she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer, then flipped over to get pounded doggystyle before he shot his load all over her face! She’s a drop dead gorgeous teen cutie with an incredible nude body and she obviously loves having it pleasured whether it be by getting a massage or by getting fucked in every position they could wrangle. Plus, she’s ticklish!

Anna fucked


Anna for fucked hard 18

Oh man…Anna must have just come from giving a dissertation on particle physics and advanced string theory, look at the size of the brain on that girl. Or maybe she just has a huge fucking forehead, I guess that could be too. Anyway, fivehead here decided to get a rubdown at the Fucked Hard 18 massage parlor so she whipped off her pink shirt and got her perky tits out, and oh man when she turned around that ass of hers shot her way up in the ranks of hotness. Anna had a good time getting her body all oiled up and having her breasts rubbed, not to mention that juicy booty of hers. I can’t say I blame the masseuse for popping wood when he got his hands on that butt, sliding inside and fucking her right there on the massage table. I don’t know if it’s her first massage so she thinks this is the way things normally go or what but Anna is definitely into getting her pussy pounded! Face down she’s as hot as they cum and I guess if you flip her on her back you can watch a movie on her forehead while you fuck her so it’s basically a win-win.

Remy Lacroix Returns


Remy on fucked hard 18

If you’ve been around a little while you might remember the debut of Remy Lacroix on Fucked Hard 18 awhile back, but if you don’t maybe this link will remind you. She was hot as hell the first time around and nothing has changed since then, that’s for sure! Word on the street is that Remy stopped doing porn but this scene was filmed a little while ago so hopefully this will scratch your itch because it might be the last you see of her on that site. Hopefully I’m wrong though, this girl is just stunning…watch her strip out of that sports bra and her black yoga pants to get that sexy round ass of hers oiled up and rubbed down, and when the masseuse’s fingers slip down to tickle the lips and clit of that tight pussy she just can’t help but take his cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob! He props her up on his fuck-pillows and slides his dick inside that hole, fucking her in a scene that will get your blood pumping and your dick jumping. I love when the guy holds her arms behind her while he pins her to the table from behind, fucking that pussy and slapping against her thick firm ass!

Rebecca rammed


Rebecca for fucked hard 18

She doesn’t get her body massaged very often but when she does, Rebecca loves having every inch rubbed down! This adorable brunette has a fantastic tight petite body and as soon as she strips down nude and hops up onto the massage table you just know she’s going to be something special in this update from Fucked Hard 18. Sure enough, this teen cutie turns out to love having her ass and thighs oiled up and rubbed down and doesn’t mind at all when the masseuse whips out his big dick and slips it inside her hole! She moans with pleasure and wiggles her beautiful ass a little as he fucks her, then flips over to suck his cock while getting her clit fingered. She’s gorgeous and sexy from head to toe and fucks like a champ, sliding that ass back and forth and riding that dick like she was born to do it. I don’t know who ended up with a happy ending, probably both the massage and the masseuse, but I do know that Rebecca wound up taking a nice big facial cumshot to finish things off!



Fucked hard 18 callie

Talk about a girl with a lot of personality! I know, usually when you say a girl has a great personality that means she’s got a face that would puzzle Picasso but not this time…Callie here is cute as hell as she makes her debut on Fucked Hard 18, stripping out of her little white top to let her titties out before getting a nice rubdown! She seems like she’s giggling as she gets her pert little butt oiled up and squeezed, feeling the masseuse’s hands tickle her clit and get her nice and turned on. Before she knows it, Callie is on her hands and knees on the massage table taking the masseuse’e big hard cock deep inside her hole! I don’t know if this is the happy ending she was looking for, it looks like it’s almost a little painful as she gets her pussy pounded but in the end the pleasure wins out and she looks like she’s had the time of her life.



Kimber fucked hard 18

Ringlet-haired Kimber loves a good rubdown and nobody brings more satisfaction than the horny masseuses of Fucked Hard 18! It must be nice to have a ‘hot horny teens only’ rule at your massage parlor…you get girls like Kimber here, getting her perfect titties out and getting oiled up before grabbing the masseuse’s hard dick in her mouth and then getting fucked right on the massage table. This horny teen will be back with a ‘sore back’ pretty soon I bet dollars to donuts!



Cadence FuckedHard18

I got a the new Fucked Hard 18 model for you guys her name is Cadence. I didn’t pick any of her introduction stuff in the video just because I didn’t watch that shit either so why should you guys! I just picked two of my favorite parts and slap a video together from that. The first is her just getting her awesome natural tits massage and she has this stupid smile on her face “like this is the shit”. It is probably the best sex she every had because this guy totally spent time rubbing down her body. If you actually watch the video I want you to see how perfect that pussy of hers is, a nice “innie” pussy if I have ever seen one! The video ends with the guy on top just pounding out a cumshot and I will leave where he puts it a mystery because we all need a little of that in our life.

Adrianna L


Adrianna FuckedHard18

I have a hot Latin woman for you guys today on Fucked Hard 18. She has a nice fit ass a exotic look I think you guys will like what you see. Also if you like a girl that talks dirty while she is being fucked this girl is for you. She is seriously a freak when she is being fucked. I love when she got on top to ride him and how crazy she got. I mean she was going so fast up and down on this guys cock I thought he was going to bust right inside that meaty pussy of hers. Her name is Adrianna L I don’t have a last name for you yet, but I am sure this isn’t the last time see this girl!



Fucked hard 18 abbey

Blonde cutie Abbey looks a little hesitant about getting her tight body rubbed by a perfect stranger but soon she’s been reassured and strips down nude to get her rubdown. Looks like she made the right choice as she gets her back, ass and legs oiled up and has all her tensions rubbed away…she looks almost serene as she relaxes and gets into the sensation, getting more and more turned on as she has her nipples played with and her tight pussy caressed! She spreads her long legs to make things a little easier for the masseuse and soon she’s taking his hard cock in that wet hole! She loves getting fucked and is getting her pussy worked to its limits in this update form Fucked Hard 18, moaning with pleasure as she takes him deep inside. I hope she got a punchcard because I think she’s going to want to come back for a followup massage, just as soon as her legs recover from today!

Chloe B.


Chloe B FuckedHard18

Chloe B. is the new girl this week on Fucked Hard 18 and she get her 18 year old face covered in cum for the first first time! She doesn’t say it’s the first time in the video but you know it is when you get a reaction like Chloe gives LOL! She is a pretty cute girl, the face isn’t everything but I do love her small ass in this white thong she is wearing! Fucked Hard 18 has a pretty good track record in my mind when it comes to the girls they get on their site so I am going to let this one pass because I know some of you are going to think she is just irresistible, but she is definitely not my cup of tea.

Ava S.


Ava S. FuckedHard18

This is probably going to be a tease more then anything else! Not because the gallery sucks or anything because let me tell you I made a great gallery but because I don’t know this girls name! All I know is what FuckedHard18 has told me and that she goes by Ava S. What does the S stand that’s what we need to find out! Hopefully she isn’t one of those new models that is only on Fucked Hard 18 and then is done, because that would be a crying shame. This girl kind of reminds me of Jessie Rogers before she got the terrible boob job. This girl has a serious big booty and cute little small tits. I think it’s a nice touch that she has some tan lines on her ass. She is a natural redhead you can just tell from that pale skin of hers and the “tan” she has just makes her look red not white. Stop trying to get a tan Ava redheads are meant to be pale!

Kennedy Massaged


Kennedy Leigh FuckedHard18

This is a hot picture, a hot video, a hot everything because Kennedy Leigh is just hot! I was pretty stoked when I logged into the members area of Fucked Hard 18 and saw that she was the new update! She has just a perfect body in my opinion. Great ass and her tits and full and perky as shit. The guy who runs this site liked fucking her so much that he came on her face and then stuck his dick back in her pussy and started fucking her again. She loves it too because he would stop at times fucking her and she would start to do the fucking whether she was on bottom or on her side or whatever. Kennedy Leigh has a bunch of scenes that i have posted you can see them here if you would like. This might be one of my favorite scenes but I have been known to be a sucker for a massage scene.

Brooklyn Is Back!


Brooklyn Chase FuckedHard18

Brooklyn Chase is back and better then ever seriously! I mean she is looking down right incredible in this new Fucked Hard 18 scene. Usually a girl just does one scene for them but when the guy who runs this site saw what Brooklyn was looking like he had to have her back. The last time she was on the site she got a creampie and this time he couldn’t bring himself to cum on that pretty face once again! Instead he opted for the ole creampie again his second favorite cumshot I would say. He probably just does it on girls that if they got pregnant he wouldn’t be super pissed. When I first started to watch this video and I saw Brooklyn once again I thought “Damn, her tits are bigger” and sure enough the guy who runs the site thought the same damn thing. He asked her if she got another boob job or something and she said that she just lost weight and that’s probably why they looked bigger.

Veronica Radke


Veronica Radke FuckedHard18

When I first made this gallery of the new video from FuckedHard18 I didn’t know the full name of the model and now I do! It took a little bit of research but her name is Veronica Radke! The way I figured it out was I knew that I had seen her before somewhere so I started looking around the site. I finally found her Casting Couch X scene and then figured it out from there. She is just one of those girls who is too damn cute for words. What really makes her cute is actually the way she talks. The girl seems very shy and has that southern draw damn it makes her irresistible I think. I first saw this scene and thought she was going to be very inexperienced with having sex and what not because just the way she looks and talks. I couldn’t have been more wrong she looks fun as hell in the sack! She can move those hips nice and fast and you should see some of the crazy positions that she got in during this video! My favorites though are definitely when she is on top because man is she good and that small little ass of hers is fun to watch bouncing up and down on a big cock.

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