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Kate England and Ash Hollywood


Kate England and Ash Hollywood

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This horny hottie Kate England has been cheating on her man and has talked her sexy college friend Ash Hollywood into doing the same! Kate had found this dude with a massive black dick and ever since was addicted to cheating on her husband with black guys and it just so happened that Ash had been talking to a fella so the two decided to team up and take on that big thick dark dick of his in this Blacked update. The girls went right to work, taking turns sucking and licking that big cock and then getting on both sides so one sucked and one rimmed him at the same time…then they both got to feel what it was like to have their pussies filled up with cock as he fucked them both before sharing a nice double facial!

Piper Perri


Piper Perri

Gorgeous perky blonde Piper Perri is here on Digital Playground putting those perkytitties to work…she looks sexy and elegant in this hot update as she shows up in ruffles with her hair all done up, flashing those braces as she smiles at the camera…this guy is in the mood for a bit of naughty teen spinner fun and soon she’s licking that huge dick of his, giving him a nice blowjob before pulling her feet up behind her head to get that sweet sexy wet pussy of hers drilled deep and hard, making her moan her head off! Piper gets fucked like crazy here before the guy blasts a nice facial load of cum all over that smile, looks like she’ll be a frequent houseguest from here on out…

Bibi Jones


Bibi Jones

I always say, you can’t go wrong with a hot horny blonde hanging out on the kitchen counter with a minimum of clothing on! Actually I’ve never really said that before but, you know, I’m sure I thought it…especially when seeing photoshoots like this one, where beautiful Bibi Jones is up on the countertop kicking those long sexy legs in the air, her red high heels flying around, and pulling her top aside to give a nice glimpse of those sexy perky breasts! She’s pulling her panties over and playing with her pussy, looking like she’s down to get served up as the main course of a meal of a lifetime! Bibi’s got a fantastic body and from the looks of things she’s horny as hell to put it to work!

Her First Taste


Her first taste passion hd

Ready for some seriously sexy blonde on blonde lesbian action? Well in this Passion HD update we’ve got beautiful golden-haired hotties Addison Avery and Samantha Rone getting naked and getting it on! Beautiful bespectacled Samantha had invited Addison up to her bedroom for a little one on one time but as it turned out her boyfriend was there and he was planning on making it a two on one situation! First though the girls got a shot at each other, making out and stripping each other down to get a mouthful of pussy…Samantha lapped up that sweet pink gash with gusto, you can tell it wasn’t exactly her first taste of pussy so I’m not sure where the name of the update came from (they called it Her First Taste if you hadn’t noticed). After a little lesbian licking and kissing the guy joined the fray, sliding his cock into one mouth after the other, then fucking each girl in turn as they kept eating each other out! This is a smokin hot threeway on a site KNOWN for smokin hot threeway action so you know you’re in for a treat. The girls suck and fuck that big dick together until the guy rewards them both with a nice load of cum to share!

Bibi Jones


Bibi Jones

If this was a safari the narrator would be taking about Bibi Jones being in her natural environment…namely, in her bedroom riding a big hard cock! This horny blonde hottie loves going carousel on a big dick, bouncing up and down and taking every inch in her hot horny hole! You can tell by the big grin on her face that Bibi is having a blast and I’m sure her man has a huge grin on his face too, it would be hard not to when you’re buried balls deep in a gorgeous blonde like this! I tried to watch the whole video but man, that acting just isn’t cuttin the mustard. Get your fast-forward finger ready because you’ve gotta jump to the hardcore action in this scene as Bibi gets her pussy licked and pounded by this dude’s big fat cock!



Busty Ella

Join busty Ella here for a romp in the grass as she enjoys the tail end of summer, showing off a truly magnificent pair of breasts as she rolls around on the ground while the breeze rustled the trees and grass around her! This platinum blonde loves nature and loves being naked, and of course loves touching herself so we get some nice shots of her masturbating…she might be a hippy chick or she might just love being naked outdoors, there’s a bit of overlap there, all I know is that she’s hot as hell and has nice big tits and is tickling her skittle for us in these shots!

Natalia Starr Polish Cipka


Natalia Starr Polish Cipka

Ryan Madison is giving Natalia Starr all she can handle here in this gallery. It’s a lot edgier then you’re used to with watching a Natalia Starr scene. Usually she is on erotica sites of some kind but Natalia is getting tossed around in this episode. Ryan has her on her knees is is seriously just pounding away at her like a horny dog. Natalia doesn’t even make it through the front door before Ryan is on her sucking on her toes and fingering her pussy. They make their way through the house fucking standing up and what not before they finally make it to the living room where they get comfortable. Ryan gets his dick ridden on the couch and then puts her down on the ottoman missionary and just pounds away at her pussy. I thought he was about to cum inside of her because missionary is usually the position he gets in when he is giving a girl a creampie. But I watch the video in the members area (yes, you have to be a member of this site I am too) and he pulls out and sticks his dick in her mouth and she swallows it like the good little Polish slut she is.

Embry Prada


Embry Prada

When this photoshoot featuring Embry Prada started out she was looking sexy and professional in her business attire in this luxurious hotel…maybe she was there for an important business meeting or something but soon she showed she had a different kind of business in mind as she started stripping down, showing her beautiful smooth fuckable ass and those nice big breasts! This blonde is a stunner and looks classy as hell, there’s just something magical about an attractive blonde with a great body who looks like she knows her way around a board meeting, that combination of power and sex that just drives a fella nuts.

Lets Get Naked


Lets Get Naked

I don’t know the name of this blonde hottie but she’s looking sexy as hell and pretty much embodies the spirit of summer with that golden glow on her naked body as she hangs out in a wheat field on a picnic blanket, can you imagine meeting up with this girl for a lunch date and finding her laying like this? Let’s Get Naked is the name of the photoshoot as she enjoys the late afternoon sun and watches the sky turn a beautiful orange and purple with the sunset, feeling the wind gently breeze over her skin and making those little perky nipples get erect. Those big breasts of hers look amazing, it’s mighty nice of this girl to show off her tight body naked like this!




I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this Jana chick before but honestly, I’m not sure how she’s not a fucking supermodel with those looks and that body! This blonde chick is seriously one of the hottest girls I’ve seen in a long time…I think she’s from the Czech Republic so I’m pretty sure you guys should pool your funds and send them to me for a plane ticket so I can head out and take her to lunch. Anyway she’s in the studio for Glamour CZ (hence my guess about the Czech Republic) and is posing in her sexy black bikini…those big perfect tits and sexy hips are already hot enough but when you let your gaze head northwards and see her face it’s just plain not even fair! Look at those eyes and that long blonde hair…she even has a nice ass from the looks of things, although we don’t get to see it much.

Nice & Slow


X Art Nice and Slow With Lily

X Art has brought back a girl which they always do her name is Lily. You guys will remember her from Summertime Lunch a hot creampie scene that takes place in the kitchen. She is a petite girl with a banging body. The tits are the best part to me I love how puffy they are, I have no other way to explain it. I think this guy likes her pussy the best and I can’t blame him for that. Nothing better then a shaven pussy really. She is asleep in her sheer panties when she is woken up by her man. He doesn’t waste much time and is eating her pussy to get her in the mood. Once she can no longer take his licking because her clit is too sensitive she goes and returns the favor giving him a sensual blowjob. She isn’t very experienced at it you can just tell but nevertheless we would all like to have our dick in this girls mouth. She gets him hard and then as you can see from this picture here she takes it for a ride. You don’t see many girls who will start off in reverse cowgirl but that’s how she likes to ride maybe it hits her g-spot better or something.

Tucker Starr


Tucker starr on ccx

We’ve seen gorgeous blonde Tennessee babe Tucker Starr on a few sites now so obviously her introduction to the porn world was a success! This is her intro video via Casting Couch X and she shows what she’s got going on, that’s for sure…this girl can suck dick like a champ and has a gorgeous tight body as she mounts up and rides the casting director’s hard cock, starting out nice and slow and working her way up to rapid deep rabbit-fucking! She moans and sounds like she’s really getting into it as opposed to just goign through the motions, it’s the energy behind those moans that really work in a girl’s favor and Tucker obviously loves what she’s doing as she gets that sweet tight pink pussy rocked! She ends up with a big creamy white facial of a cumshot and has a look on her face like “…wait, it’s over? Next cock please!” so it’s pretty clear why she’s been able to make a name for herself in the industry already. Can’t wait to see more from this hottie.

Niki Lee Young


Niki Lee Young

This beautiful babe goes by the name of Niki Lee Young…she’s a gorgeous blonde with a smokin hot body who loves to strip down and play with herself, but where on earth is she going to find anyone interested in watching her do such a thing? Oh right the Internet, I forgot all about that! You get a nice close-up look at that sweet pussy with pink lips that look like flower petals as she pulls off her little white panties and bends over, then spreads her legs to slide a metal vibrator into her slit. It’s hard to tell what her favorite masturbation position is because she tries a bunch of em out but from the look on her face I’d guess it’s when she’s got both legs in the air with her knees near her ears. We like that one too, Niki!

Kelly in Baja


Kelly Madison

Sometimes a gorgeous MILF like Kelly Madison just has to take a little time out for herself and go on vacation! Luckily she and her husband Ryan always bring cameras with them on their excursions because you never know what will pop up (actually it’s usually Ryan’s dick popping up). In this update from Kelly’s own personal site she’s in Baja at a resort by the sea, getting naked in an outdoor pool and showing off those huge full breasts as she soaks…in some of the photos it looks like she’s yelling with delight or something, can’t say I blame her because damn look at that view!



Cherry on Joymii

Usually when I hear a pornstar is named Cherry I would expect them to be a redhead but in this case she threw me for a loop! This skinny blonde rocks this guy’s world in a scene from Joymii called Morning Desires, sucking his cock as he lay dreamily in bed…what a way to wake up am I right, with a beautiful horny blonde rubbing her pussy on your face and sucking your cock! She gives him a great blowjob and the finishes the deal by climbing up onto his morning wood, riding him hard and deep and moaning with pleasure.

Winter Marie


Winter marie on ecg

Keeping a story straight can be pretty tough, and hot bisexual 22 year old blonde Winter Marie proves it in this update from Exploited College Girls! She can’t quite keep her home state story straight but apparently she’s from the midwest (somewhere)…according to Winter she has never seen porn (uh huh) and has never used a toy (mm hmmm) but she does love to eat pussy and suck cock. Quite a combo eh? Well if you can suspend your disbelief a little this girl is hot as hell with nice tits and a nice ass, not to mention a mouth and twat that can provide hours of entertainment! She gets a little worn out by the end of this fuckfest but finishes in fine fashion with a fantastic facial cumshot that gets in her mouth and drips right down her chin. A very cute girl with a great body, if she can make up a fake story and stick to it I think she could go places!

Kelly Madison Baja International


Kelly madison baja international

I think it’s safe to say that sexy blonde Kelly Madison is pretty excited to leave the cold shitty weather behind and head to Cabo for a little sun, a little sand, and of course plenty of naked fun! In this update called Baja International from her own website, Kelly arrives at the airport with her mouth already open in a shout of happiness and that trend continues as she settles into her resort suite, relaxing in the oceanside pool in the nude with those huge tits swinging as she moves through the water! In the trailer you get to see her getting her bikini stripped off by her husband Ryan who proceeds to fuck the hell out of her face and pussy, grabbing those massive tits as he pounds her pussy from behind. Looks like a hell of a vacation for these two horny lovebirds!

Hayley Coppin


Hayleys Secrets

This long-haired blonde is Hayley Marie Coppin and in this photoshoot from her website Hayleys Secrets she’s not leaving much to the imagnation! I’m not sure what’s left to be a secret, she’s hanging out completely naked on a glass chair showing off pretty much every inch of that body so she’s pretty much letting any secrets out into the open if you ask me. She does have great tits though…when she’s sitting on a chair like this it’s hard to say if she has a nice butt or not but from the looks of things it’s not terrible at least, that’s about all I can say. Great tits though, let me reiterate that!

Shauna Sand


Shauna Sand

Personally I’m not a huge fan of the bleached blonde type with botox lips and huge fake tits but hey if you dig on that, more power to you and this photoshoot featuring Shauna Sand might be right up your alley! She’s relaxing in her hotel room after a long hard day of being hot and horny and is stripping out of her bra and panties, planning to spend the evening either just hanging out nude or fucking her photographer all night long…I guess it depends how things went after the camera gets put down.




Kimber here is a pretty blonde wtih big tits posing for Glamour Show but she looks like she’s always about a centimeter away from doing that annoying duck-face lip thing…maybe it’s like her automatic response when there’s a camera pointing at her face or something but she should just trust in her already good looks and not bother with trying to pull a certain expression, it just looks awkward and detracts from how big and juicy those tits are.

Summer Brielle Gets Revenge


Summer Brielle Gets Revenge

You have to think that Brazzers has to have a room full of writers to think of some of these crazy sex scenes that they make. I rarely give them any mind at all but for a woman like Summer Brielle here I made sure to study every angle of this video. Summer is a gorgeous busty blonde bombshell MILF who is going to get revenge on her husband one way or another for cheating on her. You have to be a special kind of douchebag to cheat on a babe like this girl right here. The thing is that her husband is now dead and she is just now figuring out that he cheated on her. So how are you to get back at a dead man? Well Summer Brielle found the #1 medium in the world and invited him over. She answers the door in her bra and panties and at this point the guy knows he is in for a special session. So once he summons her ex husband into the room that’s when Summer puts on the moves and by puts on the moves I mean she got on her knees and started to blow the physic. The sex continues from there he forgets the poltergyst is even ther banging away at the hottest MILF he has ever seen, can’t blame him there.




Beautiful blonde Cody looks great in lingerie but once she takes it off it looks like her tits are trying to escape under her armpits, she has room for a third boob between them like that lady in Total Recall! Cody does have a great ass though and a nice pretty face, so a weird boob job isn’t exactly the end of the world and it certainly doesn’t mess up this photoshoot. Hell who knows, maybe that’s just the way her tits grew but that sure doesn’t look natural to me. Man she looks great masturbating though, her knees all pulled up as she sits in that chair…hot as hell!

Mia Malkova


Mia Malkova Erotica X

This site Erotica X is still pretty new but I like em already if they’re gonna have girls like Mia Malkova in it…she’s the guest of honor in this update called Message In A Bottle and apart from being a dope-ass song by the Police which may have been playing in the background I don’t get the connection between the title and seeing this beautiful blonde babe get her pussy slamjammed on a balcony by this lucky dude. I’m not going to argue though, it’s plenty entertaining seeing her get motorboated while she gets fucked!

Catie Parker


Catie Parker Digital Desire

Beautiful curly-haired blonde Catie Parker pulls off her polka dot dress and shows a fucking spectacular body in this Digital Desire update, grabbing those big tits and then sliding her panties down before bending over and giving us a look at that tight pussy! This girl is seriously perfect from top to bottom and speaking of bottoms, she’s got a great ass that looks like it could use a good spanking while Catie’s getting her hole rammed from behind. I don’t know where she found a big wicker chair or whatever that is but it’s hard to tell which is brighter and sunnier, Catie or the bright blue sky!

Hannah Martin


Hannah Martin

I’m not even 100% sure what site this photoshoot is for but man this blonde named Hannah Martin is a vision of hotness! Obviously when you take a look at her dark eyebrows (not to mention her roots) blonde isn’t her natural color but it sure suits her well, a sshe lounges on the bed in some kind of crazy sexy lingerie with cutouts on the sides. She loves teasing with those nice perky titties and slowly undresses, caressing her own body as she does so…hey Hannah, just concentrate on getting the clothes off, I think there are plenty of guys watching who would be more than happy to ‘lend a hand’ with the rest!

Kiara Lord


Kiara lord for 21 naturals

Pretty cool shot eh? It’s gorgeous blonde pornstar Kiara Lord walking around on a glass floor in the nude, we’re down underneath looking up at that sexy round ass, it’s a great perspective if you ask me. She heads downstairs to where her guy has been watching and climbs up on the table to spread her legs and get that pussy licked and fucked in front of the window for all the world to see! She doesn’t mind an audience and with a body like that I can’t say I blame her, I think most people would be more likely to grab some popcorn and a chair than call the cops or complain if they saw this chick getting fucked…I mean cmon, look at that sweet butt and nice big boobies of hers! This is a hot set from 21 Naturals so you know she hasn’t had any work done on those tits…she’s just naturally hot and horny as hell.

Blonde Photographer


Hegre Art photographer

Now these are what I call selfies! Instead of taking a shitty picture with her cellphone held out so it’s all blurry and grainy, this girl from Hegre Art is taking high quality photos with a very nice camera using a full-length mirror so we see every inch of that gorgeous body of hers…she also made the commendable choice to wear some kind of crazy white spiderweb lingerie outfit that shows off those perky boobies and her spectacular ass as she poses and clicks the shutter! Nothing hotter than a photographer chick, I always say…



Miela for Femjoy

When a girl is as hot as Miela she doesn’t need much in the way of props or setting to make a hot photoshoot…as you can see in this Femjoy photo set, all she needs is a wall and a chair and she’ll handle the rest! She’s completely nude, grabbing those big breasts and shaking her perfect juicy butt as she kneels on the chair, swinging her long blonde hair back and forth. A great body on a gorgeous girl with a penchant for posing au naturale, can’t go wrong there if you ask me.

Candice Swanepoel


Candice Swanepoel

I didn’t even know there were chicks this hot in the world until I saw Candice Swanepoel…this blonde is absolutely stunning with her dream of a face, amazing butt and spectacular titties! She’s posing in a few different sets of lingerie for this photoshoot from Celeb Matrix, looking over her shoulder and biting her pouty lip to burn out our brains with all her strength…I’m pretty sure there’s a new definition of perfection in the dictionary and it just has a picture of Candice in her sexy lingerie! I don’t think anyone will argue with that entry, do you?

Tasha Reign


Tasha Reign AVN

Well if you’re a big fan of porn you very well might be heading to Las Vegas this weekend for the AVN Awards to see your favorite pornstars and maybe shake a few hands and get your picture taken with the stars..well if that’s the case you’re in for a hell of a weekend because it turns out is sending Tasha Reign to go meet the fans! This gorgeous blonde with the incredible ass has her own site but really this is all about getting to meet the girl herself…do yourself a favor and pick up that plane ticket, head out to the desert and see some fucking tits!

Kimber on Glamour Show


Kimber on glamour show

You know some chicks are so smokin hot but just at a glance you can tell that they’d be a handful of trouble? That’s exactly the impression I get from Kimber in this photoshoot from Glamour Show…she’s gorgeous obviously and has big full tits and nice legs but man, that little pout just speaks volumes! She looks about as high-maintenance as they come, and from the looks of those abs she spends about 90% of her time at the gym which means she won’t spend much time hanging out and playing video games and drinking beer which is basically a requirement of mine. So, she’s all yours fellas! Just make sure you post pictures of her naked.

Before Creamy


Izzy creamy on x art

Some girls enjoy putting lotion on their bodies but blonde cutie Izzy here takes it to a whole other level of hotness for this X-art update called Before Creamy! She slides her hands all over her body, exploring and caressing her perky boobies and the rest of her smooth skin and of course dipping her hands between her thighs to masturbate for us! She loves touching herself and loves being watched…I wonder what she’s thinking about as she tickles her clit, tilting her head back with eyes closed? Just kidding, I know she’s thinking about me, I just didn’t want to hurt you guys’ feelings by rubbing it in. Rubbing it in, get it, like the lotion? I keep pitchin em and you guys keep missing em. Anyway Izzy is an exclusive model on the site, she hasn’t done a bunch of shoots yet but she had a hot solo debut and then was in the sexy lesbian orgy Christmas special so make sure you check those out!

Anikka Albrite


Hi fashion job anikka albrite porn goes pro

As a high-end lingerie designer, you get to see more than your fair share of slutty models strutting their stuff…but at work you’re not allowed to lay a finger on them! That’s where Porn Goes Pro comes into play…Anikka Albrite works through them and she got word that you had your eye on her during her last runway show, and she’s more than willing to come by your hotel room for the evening if the prices is right! She shows up and looks even hotter than she did in your fantasies, stripping down to just her thigh-high stockings and going to town on your big thick dick in a hot POV scene. She sucks you off and then goes for a ride, fucking you until you think your head is going to explode! At least that’s the idea behind this scene…it’s more fun to play it out like a TV show or something.

Spencer Scott


Spencer scott twistys

I’ve seen Spencer Scott before but not as a platinum blonde like this…I think it suits her well! With that long blonde hair and those big round tits she makes a mighty fine addition to Twistys as she shows off her sexy white lingerie. She’s got the whole set going with the bra, panties, thigh high stockings and garter belt and looks just as good taking it off as she does parading around in it. What an ass on this chick…luckily for us she has the mercy to take off her thong panties and show it off in the nude so we get a nice look at her butt and pussy, and of course those big boobs!

Chloe Crawford


Chloe crawford

I’m not sure if I’ve posted galleries of blonde hottie Chloe Crawford before, all the sexy naked blondes on Playboy tend to run together a little bit in my brain so you’ll have to forgive me. In this gallery she’s looking of course phenomenal as she lounges on a comfy bed in a log cabin, looking like she’s ready for Abe Lincoln to come home and slip her the ol’ Lincoln Log if you know what I mean. Seriously she is fucking gorgeous and has big tits and gets naked in this photoshoot so what the hell are you waiting for? That long wavy hair looks like Ariel from the mermaid movie so she’s hitting like ten different fantasies in this shoot.



Sunny for exploited college girls

The thing about college is, if you don’t get a big grant or scholarship or some such it can be very expensive. So, if a girl is hot enough and horny enough she sometimes goes to a joint like Exploited College Girls to make a little extra cash! Sunny here is a beautiful blonde with a great body and the blowjob skills to make a splash in the business…she starts out giving some nice oral before spreading her long legs and getting fingered and penetrated with a nice big toy before going to the main event. She cums in pretty much every position he fucks her in, moaning as she buries her face in the pillow and gets rammed from behind…it’s a good thing the guy fucks her so hard too, her giggle is kind of grating so the moans and gasps are a welcome vacation from it! She takes a nice big facial and goes right back to the giggling…I guess the only solution is for Sunny to have a cock in the mouth at all times! Any volunteers?

Carter Cruise


Carter cruise for fucked hard 18

Sexy stacked blonde Carter Cruise has been working out at the gym and is pretty sore…particularly her firm round ass and those long smooth legs since she’s been doing squats and thrusts. So, she headed to Fucked Hard 18 to take them up on their offer of a free deep-tissue massage! She gets plenty more thrusts as her nude body is oiled up, rubbed down and fucked in this hot hardcore update, so I’m not sure if she’ll be any less sore than before but at least since she’s orgasming so hard she won’t even feel her aching muscles until way later! This girl is smokin hot with a great body and even some awesome facial expressions, so make sure you check this one out.

Taylor Whyte


Taylor whyte massage girls 18

Sexy, beautiful blonde Taylor Whyte has already shown her stuff as an up-and-cumming porn starlet but did you know she can give a pretty mean rubdown as well? In this update from Massage Girls 18 she shows off her skills a little…well, actually she barely gets her hands on her first client before grabbing his dick through the sheet and then sucking him off. I guess old habits die hard! Speaking of hard, he immediately gets a boner and ends up fucking her hard and deep right there on the massage table, which seems like a pretty relaxing way to spend an afternoon if you ask me. I’m sure he came out of the massage parlor with a bigger smile on his face than if she had just given him a shoulder rub!

Courtney Stodden


Courtney Stodden on Nuts

So here’s Courtney Stodden, the chick who married that dude from Green Mile when she was 16 and he was like 50 or so. Apparently they met at an acting class he was teaching and they fell for each other, but somehow a 34 year age difference ended up making them divorce, who knew? Looks like she’s been spending plenty of his cash on boob jobs and lip plumping and whatnot to look like any other horny blonde bimbo with plenty of issues in the luggage she drags around. If she had left herself alone she could have been super hot, but now she just looks like a mannequin if you ask me. Who knows though, maybe you dig chicks with bleach hair and huge fake tits, I’m not gonna judge!



Aj We Live Together

I don’t know if there was a letter shortage when this chick was born but her name is just Aj…at first I thought those were her initials like A.J. but I’m pretty sure it’s just Aj. Anyway, she and her two hot housemates are in this photoshoot for We Live Together as they talk and then kiss and then just rip each others clothes off and show us what goes on behind closed doors as they lick pussy and fuck each other with dildos and just have a great lesbian time!

Sexy Real Estate Agent


Natalia starr sexy real estate agent passion hd

Tell me you wouldn’t buy anything sexy real estate agent Natalia Starr showed you…especially when she decides to sweeten the deal by showing off those big perfect breasts and masturbating in front of you to seal the deal! Join her and this lucky new homeowner in a hot Passion HD update as she works his huge cock with her mouth and tight wet pussy to celebrate the signing of the contracts! I’m sure her commission checks must be off the charts with a body like that…watch her suck cock, get fucked and then take his meat between her tits until he shoots his load all over her chest! This beautiful sexy horny blonde really knows how to sell it, she’s got a hell of a lot of curb appeal if you know what I’m talking about.

Pleasure Before Business


Pure mature pleasure before business aaliyah love

For beautiful blonde Aaliyah Love it’s always pleasure before business! She invited the head of a partner company up to her office and before they even got down to their meeting she was getting down on his cock, stripping out of her clothes to show off those perky titties and her sweet round ass! He had no objections to their little personal merger and slid his hard cock into her sweet pussy, fucking her hard and deep on her office couch before shooting his load all over that pretty face. I’m not 100% sure but I suspect that at the end of this Pure Mature update she lets him know that the whole thing was filmed and she was ready to blackmail him to give her company a competitive edge…never fuck with Aaliyah, she’ll be the one doing the fucking apparently!



Mila for Met Art

Sexy, beautiful blonde Mila strips down on the patio for this Met Art photoshoot, showing what may just be the most perfect tits in the universe…I know that’s a bit of a subjective statement but if you’re into medium-sized tits that look amazing look no further than this hottie. Plus, she’s got a nice shaved pussy and a downright stunning face! If you’re an ass man you might not be super thrilled though, her butt is cute but it’s small and firm, not big and round and juicy. A tall lean blonde with a supermodel face and supermodel body though, can’t go too wrong with that! Mila, I applaud you and all you do.

Vanessa Jay


Vanessa Jay for Playboy

She’s tall, she’s gorgeous, she’s blonde and she’s wearing almost nothing in this Playboy shoot…sounds good right? Well it gets even better…Vanessa Jay here is from London so you just know she’s got a sexy accent to boot! Watch Vanessa strip out of her sexy lingerie in this photoshoot, showing off those big perky titties and her nice firm ass as she lounges on a plush blue chair…could be at the Playboy mansion, it’s hard to say. In my head though this is the kind of thing that’s going on in every room at that place at all times!



Natalie for net video girls'

Alright…real talk here. Net Video Girls can be a little hit-or-miss with their models sometimes, but I guess that’s just what they have to deal with when girls respond to their ads asking them to audition for calendar shoots and hiphop videos. Sometimes they tend to be a little, well, homely I guess is a nice way to put it. Some might say ass-nasty. On the other hand, sometimes the stars align and they get a girl like Natalie here, who is absolutely fucking gorgeous. She’s got some womanly curves to her so she doesn’t look like she’d break if you fuck her and after this guy skillfully talks her out of her clothes we get to see that body in action! She sucks his big black cock and gets those big perfect tits bouncing as she impales her pussy on his meat, sliding up and down and moaning with pleasure as he films the whole thing. She’s got big hopes for getting a spot on the music video dance squad but I’ve got some good news and some bad news for her…the bad news is that there is no video, but the good news is that she’s now in the upper echelons of nude amateur hotties getting fucked for Net Video Girls!

Sex Addict Anonymous


Fantasy hd sex addict anonymous tucker star

I’m not so sure this sex addict therapist is doing the trick for horn yblonde Tucker Star…or maybe it’s just his fantasy to have a girl come into his office and be unable to keep her hands off her pussy and her mouth off his cock! Tucker starts out lounging on his huge comfy looking leather chair, sliding her hands into her skirt and playing with her pussy as she talks about her nymphomaniac tendencies…after masturbating for a bit she notices her therapist is getting hard in his pants so she grabs his cock and goes to town! A nice sexy blowjob gets her even more wet in the panties, which the guy takes advantage of by turning her around and fucking her hard from behind in this Fantasy HD update called Sex Addict Anonymous. Her perfect pussy gets a nice workout and so does the chair as he pounds her hole and then shoots a big creamy load all over her for a nice messy facial finish!

Vanessa Jay


Vanessa Jay Playboy

Who else but Playboy would bring you a photoshoot of a hot and sexy blonde like Vanessa Jay stripping out of her lingerie and looking amazing doing it? Well actually I’m sure a billion sites probably would, but Playboy actually knows how to do it up right…Vanessa looks seductive and smokin hot as she lounges on a big plush bed slowly stripping down nude and giving that little come-hither look as she wiggled her sexy ass at us. I noticed she kept her tits hidden beneath her after her bra came off though, maybe she was getting a little lifting help from it?

Wedding Night


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Plenty of girls look forward to their wedding but for Roxxi Silver, the big draw was the wedding night when she finally got her hands (and mouth and pussy) on her new hubby’s big hard cock! Actually in this day and age it’s almost certain they’ve been fucking like bunnies for a long time already but who knows. All I know is that in this Passion HD update Roxxi doesn’t even bother taking off her veil before she’s got her man’s cock in her mouth, sucking him hard and then going for a nice deep ride! The stresses and troubles of planning a wedding need to be exorcised and the best way to do that in Roxxi’s opinion is to fuck them away…sounds good to me as long as she lets us watch like this!

Blonde Assault


Blonde Assault FSU

Here is a super hot college girl that you guys are definitely going to want to see naked. Her name is I have no idea but she has a big bubble butt nice full titties. She is blonde and this video is fucking amazing! The great thing about it is if you want to see her naked you don’t even have to join a recurring site or anything like that because this is a zip set. If you don’t know a zip set means you are strictly buying just this video and pictures of this hot blonde getting naked and that’s it. I have seen the whole video and I will say this girl doesn’t just have a great body she actually has a really good personality too. In this video you get to see a little nipple and a lot of ass in a g-string, if you want the uncensored shit just pay for it, it’s cheap and easy and you will not regret seeing the whole thing that you can count on!

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