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A Day At Home


Alexis Texas A Day At Home

This is a scene from Joymii called A Day At Home and it features the gorgeous Alexis Texas. I think it’s a pretty big deal because Alexis has to be one of the biggest pornstars in the entire world and she is on Joymii. That says that Joymii is playing with the big boys and one of the top sites. The video I have in this gallery is super long and for that you are required to at least visit their site to check i tout. I am not saying that you have to join Joymii but you at least have to take a tour to see all the great stuff they do. This is Alexis Texas second scene with them and if you missed her first one you can see that one in the related section of this post.

Hardcore Partying


Hardcore Partying Playboy TV

I am loving this Playboy TV stuff and here is another TV show I have yet to show you guys it’s called Hardcore Partying. This is Season 2 Episode 3 and it features a big booty blonde girl with tube sucks on getting fucked in the kitchen. What you don’t see pictured here is the other girl her friend who is fucking on the floor of the kitchen. This girl is getting picked up in the air and fucked and while she is fucking some of the other losers just standing around watching are slapping her ass and also giving her shots of vodka. I just threw up in my mouth thinking of a shot of vodka.

Eva Cole


Eva Cole Let's Try Anal

My Let’s Try Anal category is pretty extensive so I like to keep it up to date even when there is not so hot of girls on the site trying anal for the first time. Today is not one of those days though because Eva Cole is fucking hot! I like that orange bikini she has on because it just goes well with that tan skin of hers. She gets her boyfriend back in the room and has him film them having sex. Once she sees that it’s going to be a while until she is able to get him off she goes for the instant cum card and that’s letting him fuck her in the ass.

Molly Bennett


Molly Bennett Massage Girls 18

I love how Massage Girls 18 put Molly Bennett in this sexy little lingerie outfit! Even putting a bow on that perfect plump ass of hers! Molly has never looked better then she does in this gallery I don’t know if it’s the clothing or the make-up or what but she is just incredible! She starts off by just showing us that amazing fit body of hers including that ass I can’t stop talking about and her perky natural tits. The scene ends with the guy just bed riding her until he is about to cum and he pump up and splatters that 18 year old face with cum.

Mikaela James


Mikaela James on Playboy

Blonde hottie Mikaela James takes her place in the Playboy annals (no not anals) as she shows off topless in see-through leggings and red high heels before stripping down completely nude. The timeless beauty of a hot naked female still works its wonders and it’s nice to see Playboy still bringing some of the hottest women around in their photoshoots!

Purple See Thru


Ann Angel See Thru

You guys get to see the gorgeous Ann Angel XXX again and this time she is wearing a see thru lingerie top. Then for panties she is wearing pretty much crotchless ones. I mean there is a mesh over her pussy but first of all it’s nude in color and you just can’t quite see it in the picture it looks like nothing is there. As I have said in my other Ann Angel galleries she just started a new site and this time she is going hardcore! I am not talking like fucking her pussy with dildo’s hardcore I am talking sucking and fucking here!

Jodie Taylor


Jodie Taylor PAWG

It has been quite a long time since the last time I posted a Jodie Taylor gallery. I mean the last like mention of her on our site was in September! Well it looks like she is back and literally better then ever. Her ass is looking stupid good in this new video from Bang Bros PAWG website. I mean her hip to ass ratio is just off the charts and when you look at her straight on it’s like the definition of hour glass figure. She just loves to sit on big cocks and ride them up and down. When the guy asks her to suck on his dick she just keeps asking if she can sit on his dick again because that’s where she feels at home.

Talia Perving


Talia Shepard

I really like these like almost amateur picture galleries of Talia Shepard where she doesn’t have much make-up on and there isn’t like a lot of “thought” behind where she is and all that. Don’t get me wrong I like that stuff too because well that’s what makes her so hot. This kind of amateur stuff is my favorite though because you know that this little outfit is something she wears normally and she has just taken off her pants so she can rub her pussy and look at her good friend Bryci on the computer.

Sarah Vandella


Sarah Vandella Babes Network

You guys are getting a nice thick blonde bombshell in this new episode from Babes Network called American Dream. Her name is Sarah Vandella and she is a pretty fucking famous pornstar I must say. She has a thick ass and nice big tits that are not real but damn it’s a good boob job. This is the first erotic film I have seen with Sarah and let me tell you she can pull it off. You feel like you’re in her bedroom watching her fuck her real life boyfriend. Which it could be I wouldn’t put it past Babes Network to go for that reality.

Mia Disgraced18


Mia Malkova Porn Pros

I don’t know if Porn Pros changed the theme of their Disgraced 18 site but this seems much more amateur then it usually is, and there is no bondage! That all is a mute point however because the girl getting fucked in this scene is Mia Malkova. When Mia is in a scene all bets are off you don’t have to do anything good because this girl just steals the show! Her body is perfect and that big round ass is the most perfect booty there is on this planet. The video has Mia getting it rough and from the looks of her face I am going to say she likes to be choked a little bit while she is being fucked.



Deepthroat Girls Do Porn

This girl actually looks pretty hot right here but when you first start watching this Girls Do Porn video you might see her not fucking and then she isn’t really all that. This scene is pretty good the girl gets a awesome facial because the guy has her suck on his balls while he chokes her and cums all over that face, what a slut right? Well she knows that she is good at sucking because in her interview she says how good she can deep throat a cock and sure enough this isn’t her first rodeo and she is good! She has watch a lot of porn to even if she says she doesn’t! During her filming she kept screaming out those porn saying like “oh yea fuck that pussy” or “spank my ass” that amateur girls just don’t usually do. She played it up for the cameras and I appreciate that she has a real go getter attitude.



Monroe Hegre Art

I don’t want you guys to think that this is just a naked gallery it’s far far better then that! The reason this gallery is good is because of the video. It’s a massage scene from Hegre Art starring this model you see pictured here. The video you are going to see is kind of a real life massage that you can get in Thailand. So real that the Hegre Art crew even blurs out the face of this massage therapist because well it’s the right thing to do, and these guys are a class act. I forgot to mention this models name is Monroe and this is the only gallery I actually have of her so stay tuned and I will find more.

Natalia Starr


Natalia Starr

Pretty hot girl wouldn’t you guys say? Look at those nice natural tits just being all floppy there! Want until you see those things in motion they might put you in a spell. This scene is for I Know That Girl and the models name is Natalia Starr. It’s a love of POV type style of porn along with them just setting down the camera and making sweet sweet love.

Teenage Romance


Tiffany Thompson Teenage Romance

You guys are in for quite the treat! You get a hardcore scene with the gorgeous Tiffany Thompson. Her boyfriend is the one who fucks her in all of her scenes as you will have noticed if you any sort of Tiffany fan. In this gallery you get to see the two of them having some very erotic sex and there is just nothing hotter then Tiffany being erotic I think. Babes Network really sets a standard when it comes to porn and once you watch this crisp HD video you will know what I am talking about.

Susie and Kaylee


Susie and Kaylee

Susie and Kaylee sitting in a tree licking each other pussy, wait that shit doesn’t work. Well what does work is seeing two hot girls having lesbian sex and that’s what X Art is giving us today in their scene Finding Elysium. They are so artistic they use words that you have no idea what it even means. Well after I Googled Elysium I found that its like a afterlife in the Greek world. These guys are so damn artsy fartsy!

Cameron Dee


Cameron Dee Casting Couch X

Do you guys want to see the start of the wonderful career that is Cameron Dee? Well here it is! This scene was shot for her talent agency and they wanted to see if she had what it took to make it in porn. As you all know now she has what “it” takes but I am pretty sure they knew that just by the nude picture she sent them. The guy that does these interviews for Casting Couch X must just like to fuck these girls that’s why he brings the shoe in’s like Cameron here. Anyways, actually listen to the video because you get to hear interview and those awkard moments that happen during almost every interview that CastingCouchX does.

Kinky Sex


Holly Rosie Nuts

I guess this photo shoot of insanely hot brunette lesbians Rosie and Holly comes from Nuts Magazine…they’re all decked out in hot vinyl fetish gear with leashes and collars and chains galore. It’s not like they need it though; with looks like that they can enslave any man or woman they desire in about 2 seconds flat! Watch these sexy babes show off their big perfect breasts as they explore the kink side of sex.

Lucy Ohara


Lucy Ohara nude

With a name like Ohara you’re going to naturally expect an Irish girl, and from thence you might deduce that she’s a redhead with pale skin. Well lo and behold, Lucy Ohara is a gorgeous pale skinned redhead who is showing off her round ass and the rest of her incredible body in this gallery from her own site! And that, ladies and gents, is how Sherlock Holmes looks at porn.

Lena Cole


Lena Cole Pure Mature

You guys are in for a treat because I have a brand new model to introduce you too and that’s Lena Cole. I have never seen her before and her first scene is with Pure Mature. Had me wondering something… I wonder if MILFs like Lena here stumble upon Pure Mature and think to themselves “Hey I would like to get fucked by a pornstar stud” and then they go through the hoops of becoming a Pure Mature star. I mean it the most romantic porn you can possible film, so if you just stay doing scene for Pure Mature I think you could be a classy pornstar. All you woman out there should think about doing it. Not saying that’s what Lena here did but that’s what I thought of when I saw this newbie today.

Ann Angel XXX


Ann Angel XXX

Ann Angel XXX isn’t messing around with her new comeback! She isn’t going to tease you guys by showing those amazing natural knockers of her. Nope she isn’t going to get more hardcore by showing her perfect pussy. What is Ann Angel going to do you ask? Oh nothing really, just FUCKING and SUCKING COCK!!! How long have we waited to see this babe do that? Well it’s finally here with this brand new site she just opened called Angel Angel XXX pretty clever I know.

Mia Malkova Enjoy!


Mia Malkova Reality Kings

Here is that girl I have been posting so much of recently! Her name is Mia Malkova and she is just absolutely amazing is she not! I just can’t believe how freaking round and plump this girls ass is! It has to be fake right? I know it’s not though I saw a interview where she said she was all natural. Anyways check out this Reality Kings scene where you get to see Mia Malkova getting her pussy eaten out as well as well as just straight up fucked. They do a great job on highlighting her booty, that’s what I think makes this scene so damn good. I mean she isn’t just hot because of her ass she is pretty everywhere around so if you’re not a ass man you will still like this don’t worry.

More Mia Malkova Porn Videos and Galleries!

Faye Reagan


Nubile Films Faye Reagan

Look at this new Faye Reagan scene! I didn’t know she was still doing porn. That’s pretty exciting especially since she is doing a scene for Nubile Films. Their videos are always so erotic and just so well done! In this scene you get to see some of Faye’s most passionate sex the name of the scene is Beautiful Stranger and I would say Faye is nothing but beautiful. Probably the hottest part of this scene is when the guy gives Faye a orgasm by eating her out, there is just something about a girl having a shaking orgasm that just does it for me. The scene ends with one amazing creampie but you will only see that if you’re a member.

Kimmy Olsen


Kimmy Olsen PAWG

I am a little late getting you guys this PAWG update and for that I am sorry! It’s a really good one too because they got Kimmy Olsen to be their PAWG this week. She has a big fat ass and she does anal so that’s always good for you ass lovers out there. This scene has her in these all white leggings that they guy doesn’t even take off instead he just cuts a whole in them so he can see her big ass and so he can fuck it too! They fuck in all different types of positions and when he is about to cum he pulls out and puts it all over that beautiful rear end of Kimmy’s.

Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy Leigh Let's Try Anal

Kennedy Leigh just got out of the shower and her boyfriend makes her super horny by playing with her nice little pussy. He then brings her over to the bed and she suggest that they try anal and guess what he is all about it! Kennedy not only has a plump round ass but man is she pretty just look at that face, and she has full natural tits as well. This scene was shot for the best amateur anal site in the entire world it’s called Let’s Try Anal. If you like seeing hot girl fucked in the ass check out their tour and you will just see the quality of chicks they get to have anal sex.

Deadra Dee


Deadra Dee Porn Star Spa

In this awesome little massage porno you get to see Deadra Dee getting rubbed down and fucked! Deadra is kind of new I think I have only watch like 4 or 5 of her videos but she is pretty damn hot. I love the nice big fake tits and the fact that she doesn’t look like every other pornstar out there. She has a lot of tattoos and as you can see she has her pussy pierced. I don’t even know what you consider that piercing right above her pussy, do you guys? Anyways she has that badass look and whenever I see those type of girls I just know that they’re a freak in the sheets. This scene comes from Porn Star Spa a entire massage site thought up and produced by the guys at Bang Bros.

Vacation Fantasy


Vacation Fantasy

I have a super hot creampie scene for you guys today it stars a model you have never heard of and might never see again her name is Susie. This scene was shot for X Art so the quality and the erotism is going to be off the charts! The name of the scene is Vacation Fantasy and I am pretty sure this is what guys dream about and girls dream about! You just have to be on the same page and you can make porn like this in your real life! I have no idea where this couple is but fucking poolside definitely sounds like fun to me what about you guys?

Melissa Manning


Melissa Manning Scoreland

Ready to get knocked out by knockers? Blonde bombshell babe Melissa Manning is ready to send you to the moon as she flashes her incredible cleavage in a hot photo gallery courtesy of Scoreland, and she’s doing it with that knee-weakening smile of hers. This busty beauty is stacked and knows just how to work it!

Macy Cartel


Macy Cartel Casting Couch X

You want to see how Macy Cartel got her start being in porn? Well here it is! It was shot for a talent agency who just opened up a site called Casting Couch X where they put out these first time videos. You get to see Macy come straight from the plane to the office even carrying in her luggage. At this point in her career she had only slept with three guys each of them being her boyfriend at some point! This is lucky number for and I think he puts her through a series of blissful experiences because lets be real this guy has a couple notches on his belt and knows what he is doing. While the guy who fucked Macy in the past did not.

Aria Amor


Twistys Aria Amor

Gorgeous brunette Twistys girl Aria Amor was doing a little book learnin but what she really wanted to do was get out of her clothes and show off her sexy lingerie, then strip down naked and spread her pink wet pussy! This girl loves a good book but is overdue for a good fuck if you ask me.



Susie on Evas Garden

Sexy Susie is the model for this hot update from Evas Garden but look, she’s got a wedding ring on her finger! Looks like you just did a little virtual adultery, for shame…just kidding, her husband knows about it and is probably loving the idea of so many guys lusting after his hot lady.

Jayde Is Back


Jayde FTV Girls

I have for you a drop dead gorgeous teen model and you guys might be thinking to yourself “I have seen this girl before”. Well you are probably right because she has been on FTV Girls once before and she was so popular that they had her back for a second visit! This time you get to Jayde her doing a little anal play and of course tons of masturbation videos. If you guys are not a fan of solo masturbation scenes or lesbian sex you should just move on. If however you like seeing beautiful girls orgasm then please check out FTV Girls they’re simply amazing!

Jayde’s First Time on FTV Girls

Danielle Sharp


Danielle Sharp

I do believe that it’s Titty Tuesdays so what better place to send you then Drunk Stepfather where he is giving you a hot little gallery with Danielle Sharp. This girl has some stupid big tits that you’re going to go crazy over and she is wearing lingerie. This all comes from a Magazine called NUTS many of you will know about that magazine especially if you are across the pond. Anyways this is a new site you will be seeing more of it’s pretty much the best celebrity gossip site you can visit to make sure to look around! Also there is a NSFW button in the upper right make sure to hit that to see the good stuff!

Eliza Allure


Plumper Pass Eliza

Got a hankering for some big girl lovin? Sexy BBW redhead Eliza Allure gets her juicy curves worked in this sexy hardcore update from Plumper Pass as she gets on hands and knees to have her fat booty slammed from behind as she gets her pussy fucked…and she would love for you to watch it all go down!

Ring Around The Booty


Molly Cavalli Ring Around The Booty

This is the new episode of Molly’s Life and it’s called Ring Around The Booty. You see that pink hula hoop there that’s why they call it that. I didn’t post a picture with both girls in it because well Molly’s ass what just looking to good here and she stole the show! This gallery stars Molly and a friend of hers Andi Sky. I wonder how many “friends” Molly has that she also sleeps with. I mean if I was a girl I feel like Molly would be the perfect girl to have that extra benefit with. She has it all nice big tits and her amazing ass, so amazing you wouldn’t mind when she sat on your face to get her pussy eaten out.

Still With Me


Still With me Kaylee X Art

You guys are getting spoiled by X Art I think! Check out this new creampie scene they put out with one of my favorite models of theirs Kaylee. It’s called Still With Me and these two are actually a couple in real life. If you look at all of Kaylee’s X Art scenes you will see that it’s the same guy she fucks every time. In this one Kaylee watches her man sleep and starts to try and rub one out but then she decides that she would rather get fucked so she goes and wakes him up. Luckily for her every guy wakes up with morning wood at least like 50% of the time so she doesn’t even have to get him hard just hop on his cock and start to ride!

Soul Mates


Ivy Soul Mates X Art

This is just a picture gallery right now but I will update the gallery with the video once it is released. The name of the scene is Soul Mates and I think they are purely basing that off of how great the sex between these two is! This is Ivy if you guys forgot she is a X Art model and man does she have an awesome little petite body. I think she looks amazing when riding cock I mean how hot is this picture right here? Anyways enjoy this scene and make sure to visit X Art because they are the original site that started this high quality porn phenomenon.

Stairway To Heaven


Stairway To Heaven

If this isn’t the stairway to heaven I don’t know what is! Here is our favorite model in the whole entire world Sexy Pattycake! She is doing one of her “limited time only” videos on her site right now and it’s of her masturbating on the stairs. Not only is she masturbating but she is spreading those legs fair apart and finger banging herself! The video starts off with a lot of ass shaking and at no point is she wearing panties during the entire video!

Mia Malkova


Mia Malkova Casting Couch X

A new Casting Couch X scene just came out with Mia Malkova and I couldn’t wait to post this shit! She is that round ass girl that I am always posting and this is the first porn scene she ever did. After this audition I am not sure if she ever took a facial again because this guy just unloaded on that pretty face! The video is kind of short but you get an idea of everything that goes down in their little interview. This isn’t one of those sites where the girl doesn’t know that she is about to perform her first sex scene or anything so Mia came ready to fuck!

Brandi Love


Brandi Love Pure Mature

Looks like the way to Brandi Love is through a martini from the looks of this new video from Pure Mature. The guy brings over a cocktail and she is ready for just some cock. Well at first she wants her pussy eaten out a little big you know just to get her in the mood. This is Brandi Love’s very first time being on Pure Mature something I can’t really believe but it’s true. Brandi is a older woman (still drop dead gorgeous mind you) and still has one of the best bodies I can think of! I mean this girl has a serious six pack you know how many crutches you have to do to get that shit, I mean that is dedication to your craft. We guys like looking and pretty things and I think Brandi knows that and that’s why she keeps that body in tip top shape.

Mia Malkova Lesbian


Mia Malkova we live together

Mia Malkova and her hot girlfriend show off by the pool in a hot lesbian update from We Live Together…if this is really what happens at their house I am buying the next house over just for the view. They are both gorgeous as hell and we get to watch them stripping out of bikinis, eating pussy and licking ass in this sexy photo update!

Sindy Lange


Sindy Lange Porn Star Spa

In this weeks Porn Star Spa update you get a skinny yet sexy blonde named Sindy Lange. I think she thoroughly enjoyed this scene for Bang Bros and I hope they have her back soon. She does a little stretch workout out by the pool and once she is nice and sore she come sin for a massage by her personally masseuse. He knows exactly what Sindy likes so she he rubs her down, ass, tits, pussy. Once Sindy has gotten the massage she wanted she asks for her special happy ending, and what a ending it is!

Southern Bell


Southern Girls Do Porn

If you know anything about Girls Do Porn you know that they will “tease” a girl for a long time. I think I first saw a picture of this southern bell like 2 months again. Her update has finally hit the shelves and it was worth the wait! She is just so damn hot and when she gets naked you get to see that big round ass of hers and her super cute little titties. She is definitely innocent but when you put a big cock in that tight pussy of hers the freak cums out because ladies and gentlemen we have a screamer! She only screams in certain positions one of those being doggystyle (her favorite). I am not sure if she cums during this video but just check out about 2:25 in and you will see she goes rather quite and then her hand is quivering I say she had a orgasm.



Jessa Casting Couch X

This girl Jessa knows how lucky Casting Couch X is to have her fucking on their casting couch let me tell you! My favorite part of this video is when she is like “can you deal with this”, that had me dying. She has cute small tits, a nice ass but that smile is what gets me. She gets fucked, gives head and then at the end of the scene you get to see that gorgeous face just caked with cum. I don’t know what kind of diet this guy is on but man something aint right, you shouldn’t cum like that I don’t think.

Britney Rears


Britney Rears fishnets

This blonde babe goes by the name of Britney Rears and she looks almost angry to be showing off those big tits and spreading her pink pussy for you in a gallery update from the Babes network. She’s sporting some sexy red fishnets and a pair of crotchless panties so I don’t see what she’s got to be pissed off about, maybe that’s just her ‘horny’ face?

Robyn Lambert


Robyn Lambert this is glamour

Busty blonde vixen Robyn Lambert stars in this hot update from This Is Glamour…I don’t know how glamour these shots are since Robyn is hanging out at the outdoor pool in her jean shorts and a white top, but man I’m not going to argue; she strips down and hops in the water completely nude and there’s not a damn thing wrong with that!

Casual Sex


Caprice Ivana X Art

This is a scene from X Art called Casual Sex and I just want to say that if this is casual sex then I am doing something wrong. This seems like a fucking dream come true if you ask me! Little Caprice with a new hot model named Ivana that’s what I’m talking about. This scene is straight up incredible and you are going to like it. Make sure to show X Art some respect and a least take their tour so they know that what they are doing is good.

Broad Opening


Broad Opening GF Revenge

When this beautiful blonde gets fucked there is a broad opening because she loves to spread those legs as far a part as they possibly will go because she likes that dick deep. This is a amateur sex tape that was stolen and then bought by GF Revenge. I am not sure if the guy was trying to get revenge on her or it was really stolen but to be honest I don’t really care. This girl is freaking cute and I love watching homemade sex tapes like this that are super high quality. It means it was shot within the last 5 years! You know when you see those old ass videos that are super grainy, I mean my cell phone shoots better video then that shit now.

All Girls


Nubile Films Show Me What You Like

We have three different girls with three different hair colors in this new lesbian sex gallery from Nubile Films that they call “Show Me What You Like”. I think each one of these models got what they wanted and that is a intense orgasm. The girls who you see eating pussy in this gallery is Elle Alexandra she is the redhead, Elaina Rae she is blonde and the last girl is Kiera Winters. Nubile Films is cool because they don’t just focus on hardcore they do all their porn scenes really well so check them out if you like variety.



Karina Bang Bus

The guys that run the Bang Bus where able to find themselves a cute little Cuban girl. She is super skinny but I mean I think she is easy on the eyes. They tell Karina here that she should take a tour of Miami in the Bang Bus and since she doesn’t have much else going on she is done. She goes around with them and the guys just work her until she is sitting in the back of the bus naked. The guy that ends up fucking her knows what to do when a girl is naked and that’s get her horny so he works his way into touching her pussy and the rest is history. Karina gets banged every which way and I bet she has some rug burns on her knees after this fucking.

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