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Morgan Lee


Morgan lee on happy tugs

Who doesn’t like a nice thorough massage by a beautiful nude woman? That’s right, I said nude woman…nothing more relaxing while you’re getting rubbed down than feeling those big soft titties brush against your back…at least that’s how it is when Morgan Lee here is your massage therapist like in this Happy Tugs update called Rubbed The Right Way! I don’t know about some of the other ladies I’ve seen in massage parlors, I’d probably prefer if they put on like a winter coat or something. Morgan here though is fucking gorgeous and she takes her time oiling up and rubbing down this guy, getting him rubbed the right way (see where the title comes from?) before she takes his stiff cock in her mouth and gives a nice leisurely blowjob! Morgan figured she might as well get in on the fun though so soon she hops on the bed to join the guy, riding his dick and fucking him nice and hard until he blew his load all over the place.

London Keyes


London Keyes

Gorgeous Asian pornstar London Keyes is going back to basics in this update from Happy Tugs as she gives this lucky dude the massage of a lifetime, with the happiest ending he could have imagined! This chick is beautiful for one thing with nice big tits and soft sensual hands that she uses to work his cock until he’s hard as a rock, then sucks and fucks him for the rest of his massage appointment! A handy-j after a massage is pretty commonplace but a blowjob and then a nice hard fuck where the masseuse is hot as hell and isn’t like 90 years old? Now that is somethin to see! Not that I’ve ever gotten a handjob from a 90 year old masseuse before, I mean if I had you guys wouldn’t judge me right? Uhm…let’s just move on. Did I mention this chick London Keyes has some great tits and a very nice round ass?

Kalina Ryu


Kalina Ryu on Happy Tugs

I saw this picture and I was like damn that’s hot, and then I wondered what site it was from. It’s from Happy Tugs a site I used to post all the time but for some reason I stopped. This round ass Asian girl is a girl you guys have actually seen before too her name is Kalina Ryu. She has cute little full tits but that ass of hers is seriously just amazing. So the way Happy Tugs works is it’s literally a massage parlor somewhere in the United States. The way it works is kind of like HBO’s “Cathouse”, the guys who come into the parlor are offered a little bit of a discount if they will allow the camera’s to roll. This guy really scored big because he signed up for it and didn’t just get a random Asian girl he got a up and coming pornstar that really knows how to please a John, just watch this nice long video for proof of that!

Loving Kim


Kim Happy Tugs

You guys probably thought that Happy Tugs wasn’t updating anymore. Nope, I’m just lazy and haven’t posted a gallery from them since January of this year! Holy shit, I know I fire me. I will bring it back though and it starts with another masseuse named Kim. The way this site works is Kim is getting paid extra money to bone this guy on camera something she usually just does for her standard fee. Then the guy is getting a free happy ending massage at his favorite place to go! It’s a win win for everyone and then we get to see these awesome sex tapes from these hidden cameras in this room. The video is all of this sexy ass Asian girl Kim riding his guys cock. She has that round Asian ass and her face is really pretty as well, you guys are going to love Kim!

Say Ahh


Sayeh Happy Tugs

It looks like Happy Tugs is only updating like once a month right now that’s why I haven’t update that category for like 4 months. It’s still a great site to join though because you do get access to the entire Reality Kings network and that works out to at least one new porn scene a day. This episode is called Say Ahh and it stars a model name Sayeh. She has nice big fake tits and I think she didn’t plan on fucking this guy but she just couldn’t milk some cum out of him! So she did the one thing that makes a guy cum every single time and that’s ride them, no condom no problem this is a dirty Asian girl that doesn’t give a shit even though she has a pocket full of them.

Hot Hase


Happy Tugs Hot Haswe

This would almost certainly freak me out! If I was banging my cute little Asian massage girl and then she starts squirting! This guy takes it like a champ though I think he actually like it because after he gets her to cum the first time it’s like all he tries to do for the rest of the fuck session is give her more and more orgasms. I guess the girl really likes her job if only we knew where this Happy Tugs massage studio was located! How the site works is this guy got a free happy ending massage but he had to sign a release so they could use this video for their site.

Tug Time


Sharon Lee Happy Tugs

You get to see the beautiful Sharon Lee doing her other job besides being a pornstar. That job is working in a massage studio in a secret location. The studio runs a site called Happy Tugs that gives guys free happy ending massages as long as they do it in a room rigged with cameras. The name of this scene is Tug Time because Sharon doesn’t waste much time getting this guy to cum, the more guys she goes through the more money I understand!

Keep Tugging


Happy Tugs Keep Tugging

This girl from Happy Tugs has some of the best looking tits doesn’t she! They are just so unusual I love them. They’re completely natural but there so big and perky I could talk about them all day. This guy not only got to fuck this super hot Asian but he also got the massage paid for because that’s what you get when you allow Happy Tugs to film your session. They have been setup at the same massage studio for some time now so it must not be illegal wherever it’s filmed.

Magic Hands



Exotic beauty Mya works her magic hands all over this guy’s sore, tired body…he just got back from climbing a mountain while carrying a backpack full of gold bricks so his legs are in need of a good rubbing, and Mya is just the girl to take care of his aches. She works his muscles out, then pays some extra special attention to his other needs, by sucking and fucking his cock right there on the massage table for Happy Tugs!

Special Treatment


Special Treatment Happy Tugs

I think it would be really cool to have two hot Asian girls giving me a massage especially a happy ending massage then you get at the Happy Tugs salon! I wouldn’t play it like this guy did though because once they offered it to him he had one of the girls sit on his face so he could lick her pussy! I mean if that’s his thing whatever but just think where that pussy has been, she works in a massage parlor dude!

Work It Cindy


Happy Tugs Work It Cindy

I have been forgetting to update my Happy Tugs category and I got a couple emails about it so I am back at it again sorry I just forgot! This update is with a hot Asian girl named Cindy and man does she know how to work a penis! The guys who agree to let themselves get filmed get the extra special happy ending were the Asian girls will actually fuck them instead of just giving them head or a handjob. The other perk of letting Happy Tugs film your massage is that they pay for it how awesome is that!

Marvelous Mandi


happy tugs mandi

That is one nice Asian booty isn’t it? This scene is from Happy Tugs and is called Marvelous Mandi because well this girl is just out of this world! She is one of the girls who is in the Happy Tugs massage studio and like most of them she is a hot Asian girl with all the right curves. Alright she doesn’t have big tits but her hour glass figure and her butt should make up for it. Watch the full video and you will see Mandi giving a guy a massage and then finishing him off with a mind blowing happy ending.

Muscle Massage


Happy Tugs Muscle Massage

I love seeing this little Asian 18 year olds giving guys erotic massages on Happy Tugs. This one is called Muscle Massage because well I have no idea! She does her job though giving him a Happy Ending her will talk about for a long time to come. He even got it for free because he let Happy Tugs film his massage, that’s a pretty good deal if you ask me just wish I knew where their massage studio was.

Fast Gaia


Fast Gaia Happy Tugs

This busty Asian model has a great body but I do think her tits are a little to big for that petite frame. I didn’t think I would ever hear myself say that but it just happened. This site is Happy Tugs and they basically pay the guys happy ending massage if they allow them to put the video online on their website. The girls in this massage parlor are all pretty damn hot all Asian because we all know they’re the best happy ending massagers out there!

So Steamy


Oi Happy Tugs

This is the brand new Asian girl you get to see fucking over at Happy Tugs her name is Oi short and sweet! This is a site that basically pays for a guys happy ending massage if he just lets Happy Tugs film the session. Oi is a thick Asian chick with small tits and a nice juicy round ass that makes it really hot to watch her doing the squat fuck on the massage table!

All Hands


Happy Tugs All Hands

Look at this super cute Asian teen she is riding some dick after giving this guy a massage. She is from a site called Happy Tugs which is based out of a massage parlor were they will pay for guys massage if they just let them film it. This scene is way awesome because Kim here is really hot has a perfect body and man does she know how to work those hands.

Master Massager


master massager

This guy got upgraded to a Master Massager when he agreed to let some cameras film him getting a Asian massage with the full happy ending and everything. The girls at this massage parlor that preform on Happy Tugs don’t just give handjobs they will just up on the table and ride you if you want. There is a rule though no cumming in the Asian girls pussies, only in a clean white towel this is a classy establishment I tell you.

Tug and Ride


happy tugs tug and ride

I have a place in my heart for busty Asian girls so thats why I really like this gallery on top of it being part of Happy Tugs one of the best reality site you can find. This site pretty much gives guys a free handjob / fuck session with their Asian masseuse if they just let happy tugs film their experience. This guy gets lucky drawing Mia here to give his massage I mean I can’t believe he didn’t make her titty fuck him thats what he should have done with those big floppy things.

Touch and Go


Happy Tugs Touch and Go

I really like this new Happy Tugs episode called Touch and Go because well this Asian girl is super hot! She has a nice face and nice big fake titties that look great on that thick body of hers. Its called Touch and Go because she walks in and just touch him a little big and dude is reading to fuck her hot ass!

Tug It


Tug It Happy Tugs

Big fat guys need a Asian girl to fuck them every once in a while too so don’t hate! This scene from Happy Tugs is called Tug It and this cute Asian girl gives this guy the massage of his life I think. She seems to be fighting the battle of him not being hard the whole time they are in their session, but she wins out sooner or later jerking him off until he cums was the trick.

Meat Massage


Meat Massage Happy Tugs

When you go to a Asian massage parlor you don’t always get that skinny petite Asian sometimes you get a girl like this with a little meat on her. This guy seems not to mind when this girl is bring all that thickness down on his cock. She milks him nice and good and that’s why the scene is called the Meat Massage because it seems to be the only area she cares about. The cum shot in this scene is pretty epic and something you guys just have to see for yourself. If you guys want to see authentic Asian girls giving happy endings there is only one place to go and thats Happy Tugs.

Happy Times


Happy Times Happy Tugs

Here is a asian sex scene for you guys to check out its from Happy Tugs and the name of the episode is Happy Times and from the looks of this it was good times. The girl has some nice titties on her a a thick from and my favorite part of the scene is pictured right here where she is riding his dick. All in all this is a good site it has a bunch of different angels all from hidden camera’s which kind of fun.

Neesa Bang Bros


In Home Massage Bang Bros

I was trying to find a bunch of massage porno for you guys on this beautiful Massage Monday and I found a older Bang Bros scene of this chick name Neesa giving a massage getting fucked on the table. She has nice big fake tits and she is a redhead which I find hot as well. I love that she has very white skin, it really shows off that super pink pussy of hers just look at the picture of her riding the guys dick to see it. The video isn’t super long in this gallery but it should be a enough for you guys and if its not you can join Bang Bros right now for just $1.00.

Yummy Mori


Yummy Mori

This is a scene from Happy Tugs called Yummy Mori. She sure knows how to ride dick, she does it super fast and its all up and down nice really a grind which is better in my opinion. I like her perfect tan skin with those tan lines on her, her ass is pretty nice too isn’t it? The Happy Tugs site films in a massage studio and gives guys a free massage basically if they let them use the video on their website, which makes it a really nice site becasue well its real!

Hand Of Zen


Happy Tugs The Hand Of Zen

This is a Happy Tugs episode called The Hand Of Zen and when you watch this video you will understand why. If I had a porn bloopers category this would probably go into it. The guy is fucking this Asian girl and pulls out because he is about to come and the girl starts to rub his balls while he is cumming and just screams out and has some weird ass twitching too while he is cumming its pretty funny.

Tug On This


Happy Tugs Episode Tug On This

This is a new episode from Happy Tugs called Tug On This and it features a amateur Asian chick who is giving a guy a erotic massage and hidden cameras video tape everything. I really like this site, its like the real thing so you get some pretty good stuff. The girls always end up fucking but sometimes the guys just want a handjob to start.

Shake It


Happy Tugs Shake It

This is the brand new episode from Happy Tugs a new Asian site that the Reality Kings put out, the name of this one is Shake It. The girl on it is great at giving a massage, and what I like about her is she rubs his balls while she rides him, you know a girl is good at fucking when she does that!

Cum Again


Happy Tugs Cum Again

This is a episode from Happy Tugs called Cum Again and its a pretty damn good scene if you like this massage porno. The site has spy cams all over a massage room and the massage parlors sells the tapes to Happy Tugs to make some extra money because you know the girls who give the handjobs and stuff skimp the actual business owner!

Tug On Me


Tug On Me Happy Tugs

This is the new update from Happy Tugs its called Tug On Me. The girl int he scene has nice big fake tits and I love her ass as well, she looks good riding his dick doesn’t she? Happy Tugs is all about the oriental massage parlors so your chicks will always be Asian and always know how to give a amazing happy ending.

Annie and Me


Annie and Me

I should probably start posting the new updates for Happy Tugs on Mondays along with all the other massage porno I post but I forgot yesterday so I will do it today. This is a episode from Happy Tugs called “Annie and Me” and it features a cute Asian chick with big fake tits and just a cute little petite body. Annie does everything she can to coax some cum out of this guys cock and is finally able to do so by letting him pound her pussy until he is ready.

Doll Rubbing


Happy Tugs Doll Rubbing

Here is a new site for you guys to check out its called Happy Tugs the episode is called “Doll Rubbing”, and it features a cute little Asian girl giving a guy the full service during a massage session. If you like hidden camera type of stuff, then this site is going to blow your mind its really well done so check it out.

Happy Tugs


Happy Tugs

I have a new site for you guys that will be coming out soon its called Happy Tugs, and its going to be part of the Reality Kings network. Right now the only way you can see the porn they have is through Reality Kings so thats why I am sending you guys there. They only have like two scenes right now, but thats how they do new sites they build up the content before the release it.

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