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Freaky Fresh


Gf Revenge Freak Fresh

Like a lot of the GF Revenge updates I am not able to get a free video for you guys right away so I am sorry for not having it on this scene called Freak Fresh but I promise once it comes out I will switch it out with that video. If you just bookmark the gallery and check back on it every now and again I will get it right. This is just a amateur couple who film a scene of them in that bathroom fucking, the boyfriend walks in on the girlfriend taking a bath and she just starts sucking his dick because well he already has a camera seeing her naked may as well make a sex tape out of it right?

Shower Sex


Gf Revenge Shower Sex Scene

This is three super cute college girls who let another girlfriend of their film them having lesbian sex in the shower. I really like all these girls each has a unique look at isn’t like all the other clones you see out there. The video in the gallery is nice and long so you will be very happy with that and if you want to check out even more ex girlfriend porno then just head over to GF Revenge.

In The Mood


Gf Revenge In The Mood

This girl has a nice little pussy on her the scene is from a site called GF Revenge. If you come to our site often you will see a lot from this site because well its just down right awesome. The name of the episode is In The Mood because the boyfriend watches his girlfriend masturbate because she is in the mood and when he is hard enough he starts to fuck her.

Hands On Hottie


Gf Revenge Hands On Hottie

Here is a girl who knows what she likes and she just does it. This is a GF Revenge gallery so this was probably a couple who just wanted to film a little of their sex to maybe watch some other time. They probably are in need of some money like everyone else so they sold this tape and I am glad they did because its some fine porno and you guys are going to love it.

The Booy View


The Booty View

This is The Booy View a episode from GF Revenge and I am sad I didn’t even pick a picture that showed off this girls ass, what a asshole I am! You will just have to check out the gallery yourself then to find that out. It is a good hardcore scene, and the video I have on this gallery is nice and long so definitely check it out, then go to GF Revenge to see all the hot amateur action.

Wake Up BITCH!


Gf Revenge Wakeup

Alright guys we all have done it, just most of us have probably not filmed it but this guy did for GF Revenge. He was horny, she was sleep so he woke that bitch up and made her suck his cock. Once he was nice and hard her turned her over and fucked her nice and hard doggystyle. The girl isn’t on any birth control so he pulls out and puts his load just above her nice little pussy.

Sweet Love


Gf Revenge Lesbians

This is a new sweet lesbian sex scene from GF Revenge of two sweet looking college girls. They take turns eating each other out and both look like they are having a great time. I don’t yet have a video for this scene but as soon as it becomes available I will update this gallery. So if you can’t wait to see this gallery just keep it bookmarked and check in on it every once in a while.

Bedroom Sex


Gfrevenge Couple Films Sex

Here is a amateur couple who filmed themselves having sex just by putting a camera on a dresser then going at it. They then sold the tape to GF Revenge and here we are watching them. The girl is pretty cute and has pigtails in her hair which I kind of like. She also has the perfect shaved hairy pussy which is damn hot as well. The couple fucks in a bunch of positions and then when the guy is about to cum he pulls out and sprays her flat stomach.

Hot Lesbian Sex


Gf Revenge Lesbian Sex

Here is some hot drunk lesbian sex for you guys between two hot little pieces of ass. They are on a site GF Revenge so that means they let someone film they doing this who probably isn’t their friend anymore. I guess the girls could just wanted to make some quick cash and sold it to GF Revenge. You guys can do that too if you want just go to their site and click on the How To Submit at the top of the site.

Secret Lover


Gf Revenge Secret Lover

Here is a new GF Revenge scene for you guys, like always I couldn’t find the video for this right now but I will update it as soon as I find it. This girl has a super cute face and nice small little titties that you small tit guys are going to like. She is so petite and watching her fuck this huge cock its pretty amazing! If you like real amateur porn then there is no other site you should visit except for GF Revenge. The name of this episode by the way is Secret Lover if you want to try and find more of it feel free.

Car Fuck


Gf Revenge Car Fuck

Here is another car sex scene from GF Revenge with real amateurs just going at it! This is the kind of porn that a lot of people want to see, real couples having real sex. If you have never enjoyed a GF Revenge scene before I am glad this is your first and I hope you enjoy. I know the video is wrong right now the day I am posting this, but as soon as one comes out I will fix it don’t worry.

Road Fuck


Boyfriend Road Fuck

Here is another site that you guys should check out if you like to see real couples fucking this one is called GF Revenge. Its suppose to be boyfriends getting back at old ex girlfriends who fucked them over by submitting porno places. I find it a lot though that its just couples trying to get some extra money by submitting their tape to GF Revenge. Which is find for me I don’t really care of they are still together now or not, I just like the porn the amateurs put out the real factor really does it for me.

Crazy Tan Lines


Crazy Tan Lines Girl On GF Revenge

I don’t know if I would even consider this girl from GF Revenge tan, she is more orange probably but none the less she is still really hot. I am a sucker for tan lines so I find this hardcore gallery really appealing. She rides his dick and then finishes him in her mouth, what a good girlfriend she was until she cheated! This was a submission from a angry ex boyfriend, he got some cash from the video and he got the ultimate revenge!

Club Girls


Gf Revenge Club Girls

This is the second GF Revenge scene I have see of girls messing around in a bathroom at a club. I am starting to wonder if I am really missing out on what goes on in these bathrooms. I always thought chicks took way to long to go to them, and now I find out why they are fucking each other in them!

GF Sheer Panties


Gf Revenge Sheer Panties

This girl woke up and wanted to get her boyfriend to fuck her, so she put on some knee high white socks and see white panties and when in the bathroom to try and get his attention. Well, like most guys he couldn’t help himself so he followed her back to the bedroom and gave that sweet pussy a nice hard fucking. The tape ended up either getting submitted to GF Revenge or one of these two needed some cash so they sold it to them.

Hot Girl Fucks


Gf Revenge Real Hot Chick

This girl is from GF Revenge and you guys don’t have to worry your going to see more then her just pulling down her pants and showing her ass. This is actually a sex tape with her and her boyfriend so you get to see the girl sucking and fucking and its amazing! This GF Revenge site is the best site to join because you get girls who are too hot to be in porn in real sex scenes because well they will let their boyfriends film them fucking, but don’t realize if things don’t go right that guy can just go and sell the tape to people like GF Revenge.

Just Waiting


More hot amateurs

Hey look, an incredibly attractive girl having some fun with a digital camera and sending it to her now ex boyfriend. This one has pretty black hair, some nice tits and some provocative panties to show us, as well as a nice little landing strip above her pussy that begs for a cock to touch down.

Starting Off


Bathroom Sex

These girls decided to start the New Years off right by well, getting off. This gallery is from GF Revenge and it features some hot girls drunk in a bathroom messing with each other. I don’t think there is full on lesbian sex, but man the girl sure licks all around this redheads pussy with out ever just licking it directly.

Lesbians GFRevenge


Gf Revenge Lesbians

Here is some new GF Revenge lesbian porno for you guys, and I think you are going to enjoy these two amateurs going after each other. The girls look like that might have had some booze before they started filming this, the person filming it is sharing a hotel room with these girls probably their friend, or maybe now that this video is on GF Revenge ex friend.

Perfect Booty


Gf Revenge Ass

I really couldn’t decide what gallery would be my number one gallery today it was between this one and the Submit Your Bitch gallery today. I don’t know if I made the right decision but this gallery from GF Revenge is pretty awesome, the episode is called “Lost Cell Phone”, it has a chick with a perfect round ass and just a gorgeous face. You can tell all the porn in the gallery is totally homemade, and you will find this chick no were else except for GF Revenge.

Girlfriends Revenge


Gfrevenge Pussy Eat

Here is a girl having her man eat out her pussy while she holds that camera and films it. She is a good girl those because once she has a orgasm she returns the favor and gives him head and some sex as well. This guy pounds that sweet pussy of hers nice and hard and all in all it was a good scene for GF Revenge.

Four Lesbians


Four girls GF Revenge

Well as you can see here I have four nice pieces of ass for you guys from GF Revenge the best place to find real amateurs. These four college girls are getting ready before going out clubbing and well things start to get a little crazy and one girl ends up eating out that blond check on the end there.

GFRevenge Couple


Gfrevenge Blowjob

Here is a GF Revenge chick who has a nice tanline ass, and does a good job giving head, I don’t like her tits and don’t think you will either. I tried to cut them out because it the worst part about her but other then that its a awesome scene. Having real amateurs fucking makes up for a lot so thats why I posted this gallery.

Lesbian Tan Lines


Hotlesbian GF Revenge

Here are three very hot lesbians from GF Revenge, and the thing I really like from all of them is their awesome tan lines. They all have perfect shaven pussies, with gstring tan lines and if you want to see the video keep checking back to this gallery I will eventually get it.

GF Fat Ass


Gf Revenge Big Ass

This gallery from GF Revenge has a girl with a nice fat ass in a white g-string letting her boyfriend take pictures of her nice butt. The g-string is so small it doesn’t even cover up her landing strip on her pussy its pretty hot. You don’t actually get to see this girl tits until the last picture but you will see that are in proportion to that big ass.

Bathroom Fuck


Gfrevenge Bathroom Fuck

If you like amateur porno then you guys need to check out this site GF Revenge they have some of the hottest stuff and its all exclusive to them! This GF Revenge gallery has a couple fucking in the bathroom. The girl has nice pierced natural tits, and shave has a nice little pussy on her as well. She sucks him off and then swallows must of his come all while in a public bathroom!

GF Pics & Vids


Gf Revenge Blowjob

I pretty much have two different scenes from GF Revenge today. The first one has two drunk girls playing strip poker out at a cabin. One of the girls thinks its a good idea to start to fuck her boyfriend in front of everyone, then her friend joins in with a random guy. Then the other scene is of a really hot chick with awesome tan lines that took some naked pictures of herself.

Panties Cum


Gf Revenge Cheerleader Fuck

This is a nice gallery from GF Revenge were she give she her man a blowjob then he turns her over and fucks her from behind until he cums on her panties. I can say this girl is one of the hotter amateur models because her tits are seriously perfect and so is her pussy, its nice and tight what a pleasure it was to see this girl fuck and now you can too!

GF Tan Lines


Gf With Tanlines

This girl was just too damn cute not to post for you guys. Its from a site called GF Revenge and they really have some of the most exclusive amatuer porn on the Internet. Another reason I really like GF Revenge is because they usually have a bunch of pictures and videos of the same girl not just like one picture like a lot of the other Ex Girlfriend sites.

Threesome GFRevenge


Gfrevenge Threesome

Well this is a drunk threesome this girl probably wishes she never let happen. This guy and his girlfriend and her friend are drunk outside and they start to flirt and what not. Then one thing leads to another and this guy is banging his girlfriend and her friend joins in for some amazing threesome porn! This couple sadly (for them) ended up breaking up and the guy is getting revenge on her by submitting this tape to GF Revenge.

Naked Cheerleaders


Gfrevenge Cheerleaders

This is a cool amateur gallery from GF Revenge its of some cheerleaders getting ready naked, they start off naked put on all their makeup and what not then get dress. I like the way these girls are just naked in front of each other and don’t even care. I wonder if the person taking the pictures was another cheerleader or a boyfriend of one of these hotties.

Beach Babes


G Rrevenge

Hot beach babes sitting on the beach letting the girl in the brown bikini take pictures. Then she goes to the bathroom to take a pee after drinking all day. The boyfriend follows her there and then fucks her right there in the restroom and then cums on her ass!

ExGf Rides Dick


Sexy Ex Girlfriends

I really do enjoy amateur porn so when I find new girlfriend sites like GF Revenge, it quickly becomes one of my go-to’s because sometimes you need a break from the airbrushing and just want some good quality fucking and tits and ass that you know are all natural.

Jennys Party


What the hell is going on at this party? Jenny’s party is going a bit crazy and they all start getting their pussy out for a quick fiddle and play around. I know I wouldn’t mind being the only man at that party, it would make things very interesting indeed! Perhaps I could get them all to suck my cock?

Hairy Pussy GF


Exgf Revenge

This is a ex girlfriend revenge site were you as the hurt male, or even the female sometimes can submit nude picture or videos of the person who broke your heart. This girl is a hottie for sure and she fucked with the wrong guy. These are hardcore pictures of this girl fucking, and I do really love her tan lines and that hairy pussy check out the video in the members area of GF Revenge.

GFRevenge Babe


Gfrevenge Video

This girl form GF Revenge was just to much not to post, I mean look how hot she is. I like her tan lines and I think her face is just damn hot as well. She is fucking her boyfriend on the floor riding him reverse cowgirl and just a straight up ride as well. He busts his nut in her pussy and then they do a little close up of it as it falls out.

Submitted Exgf


Gfrevenge Porno

Here is the Ex Girlfriend porno I got for you guys today. I like this new ex girlfriend site called GF Revenge they seem to have really hot girls with nice videos as well. This video I have is not the girl I have pictured because they only had pictures of this hotty.

GF Revenge Pics


Gf Revenge

Here is a girl who let her ex boyfriend take a couple of nude pictures of her, now she is on a new site that pay guys 100 dollars a picture and up to 5 thousand dollars a video for there ex girlfriends nude pictures and porn videos they might have from old girlfriends. Its a great way to get revenge on a girl that cheated on you or something like that.

A How To



Here is a how to get revenge on your ex girlfriend post for you guys. GF Revenge is a site that just opened and they have this thing were if you submit a nude, or sexy nude picture you get 100 bucks, If you submit a video of your sex life you can get a thousand dollars! So its a pretty good deal and its pretty much a win win if you hate your ex girlfriend.

GF Revenge


Gf Revenge

There is a really hot ex girlfriend in this video I posted so make sure to play that video because its worth it. These guys are by far my new favorite ex girlfriend site they are called GF Revenge, they have everything everyone else has but new exclusive videos to them. They just opened up there site so check it out right now while its fresh!

GF Revenge Videos


Gf Revenge Videos

Here is a brand new site for you guys that I am pretty excited about its called GF Revenge. They have a very large collection of exclusive videos submitted to them by angry ex boyfriends who are just trying to get revenge on their ex girlfriends.

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