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Riding The Old Wood


Riding The Old Wood

Click to watch this Amy video!

When this chick Amy answered an ad to come do some entertaining for a couple of old men she didn’t realize it meant she’d be there getting naked and riding the…READ MORE

Tara Getting Freaky


Tara Holiday getting Freaky

When I think about MILFs Tara Holiday is always up there. She is older then most of the girls we consider “MILFs” in porn but I still think she is hot as hell. One thing about Tara though is she is a straight up freak so you have to be ready for anything with her. In this scene for example you think she is going to suck his dick and then she ducks her head a little lower, and then you think she is going to suck on his balls… Then she goes a little lower… Next ting you know she is licking his asshole, something you just don’t see everyday but when you’re a freak like Tara you have to be prepared for anything. She has a great body on her especially her round ass which looks really good bouncing on this guys cock when she is not licking his ass LOL!

Eva & India


Eva Lovia and India Summer Moms Bang Teens

Usually guys I make a gallery when it comes to Moms Bang Teens just because it’s such a great site I couldn’t endorse it anymore. Well today I am still in the Holiday mood so that means i am doing the bare minimum. Another reason is this video is really long and I know how much you guys love the long videos. So this video is about Eva Lovia and her step mother India Summer. They think they have the whole day together after Eva’s tutor has left. They get comfortable in Eva’s bedroom and India begins to eat her out something the two of them do quite often. The thing is though is that Eva’s tutor has forgot his keys at the house so when he walks back in to get them he sees these two going at it. It’s so kinky he just has to take some video of it so he can jerk off to it later. The problem is he is quite stupid and ends up getting caught but it’s the best thing to ever happen to him. That’s because Eva and India think the only way to keep their sorted affair secret is to bring this guy in on the secret. So the two of them give him a blowjob and then let him take turns fucking their pussy. You can tell India is trying to teach Eva how to have good a threesome throughout the video. When Eva is getting fucked India is almost always licking her asshole or sucking on the guys balls. You can’t say the same for Eva when India is getting fucked though. As you guys know Eva has just started doing hardcore porn and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite pornstars ever! I think pretty soon though she is going to become the Digital Playground contract girl, she seems like the clear favorite to me.

Anal For Ava


Ava Addams Hardcore Anal

This is a really hardcore anal scene right here guys and it comes from one of the hottest MILFs I can even think of. I am pretty sure these tits that Ava Addams have just keep getting bigger to me. I know they’re fake so maybe she is going in and getting them filled in or something. Just look at the curves on her in this image I mean it’s crazy right? Pretty sure any 20 – 30 year old would kill someone to have a body like this! The video looks like it’s being taken place in Ava’s home. The guy comes over and licks some powered sugar off Ava’s tits, ass and pussy and then he goes straight for that ass. There is of course oil involved so that Ava can enjoy this anal and enjoy this anal she does! He pounds the hell out of her asshole and it looks like it’s giving Ava the best pleasure she has ever have. That’s what makes her porn scenes so great she always looks like she is having such a great time. This gallery also has some images and I would suggest you guys check them out because she is seriously just amazing.

Eva Karera & Shae Summers


Shae Summers and Eva Karera

Eva Karera is back on Moms Bang Teens this time with Shae Summers one of my personal favorites I might add. Shae has an amazing set of natural tits and you can just look at her and tell me she isn’t drop dead gorgeous. Eva has been on Moms Bang Teens before in a episode with Heather Night. This is Shae’s first time though and as always she does a bang up job. She has her boyfriend over and is hanging out with her around her house with her step mom Eva. Eva is doting on them and he remarks how nice of a step mom she has. Shae agrees but little does he know that’s because Shae has been having lesbian sex with her stepmom for some time now behind his back. Today though she is going to do something else with her step mom and that’s fuck him. Shae just needs to get him in the mood though so she goes to shower up after hanging out by the pool and her boyfriend joins her. In the shower Shae starts to rub his cock and he is getting hard and kind of freaking out because her stepmom is around. Shae ignores him because she knows any moment her stepmom is going to come through those doors. She does and Eva tells them not to stop but she needs to shower too. While in the shower Shae asks Eva for a little help washing her man so Eva does help by washing the shaft of his cock. The two of them then take the guy to the bedroom while they both take turns fucking his big cock. Eva does a lot of ass licking on Shae but Shae doesn’t return the favor she just isn’t experienced enough I guess.

Phoenix Marie Breakfast In Bed


Phoenix Marie Breakfast In Bed Pure Mature

Pure Mature needs to start thinking of some better names for their episode, or maybe a bigger variety or something because this is the third “Breakfast In Bed” scene from their site. This one though is starring a new model and if you can recognize her from that thick body of hers it’s Phoenix Marie. She walks in wearing a sexy little bra and panties set. She puts her breakfast to the side and slowly wakes up her man by rubbing his stomach and dick. She doesn’t go straight to giving him a blowjob though instead she sits that fat round ass of hers on his face and he starts to lick her asshole and pussy. She stays on his face eating her breakfast while he eats her and she is loving it. Then she decides not to be so mean and goes down on him taking his balls into her mouth and of course his dick. I haven’t really scene Phoenix Marie ever have a real orgasm before until today that is. This trailer shows a couple of times where she is on top grinding on his cock and she has a orgasm. Her eyes roll into the back of her head and she looks a little weird but hey nothing better then a girl looking weird from a real orgasm am I right or what?

Destiny Pussy Is Too Good


Destiny Dixon Pussy Is Too Good

This guy is resorting to licking Destiny Dixon’s ass because he just can’t hold his liquid. It’s pretty funny in this gallery he is fucking Destiny Dixon and he is just about to cum like every two seconds. The camera crew tries to make it look like he isn’t about to bust but it’s just a fact he is. This video was edited so you can see all the times he has to abruptly pull out of her tight little pussy. The one thing I might have a problem with in this gallery is that Destiny Dixon isn’t a MILF to me she is more of a babe. The guy who made this gallery runs a MILF only site so that’s a little weird. I guess she did show up on MILF Hunter so that means she must be older then she looks. She has a great body with big fake titties and her ass is just perfect. Nice and big and round as fuck. Watch the end of the video where he is fucking her doggystyle and tell me dat ass isn’t just amazing. The video is from Bang Bros and to be more specific it’s from Big Mouthfuls a site that has girls swallowing cum and that’s it. So if you like seeing girls swallowing sperm don’t worry join Bang Bros and you will have hundreds of videos to choose from but the first one you should watch is this one cause Destiny is fucking awesome!



Summer Exploited College Girls

I saw this girl over at Exploited College Girls and was pretty fucking stoked! I was down to see a real deal college girl that is super hot fucked but the thing is this girl didn’t want to be there like at all. Summer was pretty wack during the parts where she was getting fucked I mean she literally just laid their and let Steve get after that puffed up pussy of hers. Oh, I almost forgot you guys remember Steve from like the really early Exploited College Girls scenes? Well is he made a return for this girl probably because of how hot she was. I bet he wasn’t to happy afterwards! So supposedly this girl agreed to do this scene but she wanted to limited the amount of sex in the video seriously. She was okay with sucking dick I mean she actually looked happy there. When she was being fucked though is was sad Panda the entire time. She also licked Steve’s ass and I am not saying like for 30 seconds or whatever but for minutes and minutes I mean she was a ass licking machine. So weird to be against getting fucked a bunch but sure I will eat this random’s guys ass this is fun. Another thing I don’t get why would a girl even do this if she didn’t want to be there? Sure she could really need the money but why not make the best of it instead of being a sour puss. I mean no matter what your friends are going to see this wouldn’t you rather have them see you just banging a guy super good vs being a dead fish during sex? Anyways, I am still posting the video because well it’s bad, it’s good at the same time so enjoy!

Sneaking In


Angelica xart sneaking in

Angelica and Ben are checking into an old hotel together but I get the feeling they are probably sneaking in unbeknownst to, well to certain other parties involved. Maybe that’s just my mind conjuring up forbidden fantasies, but there’s definitely something a little furtive about the way they’re behaving as they get into their room and immediately start ripping off each others clothes and kissing passsionately! Angelica can’t even wait for his pants to come off before his cock is in her mouth, and when he gets a look at her ass as she takes her jeans off he can’t help but lick that tight asshole, then bend her over to hold onto the mantle as he penetrated her quickly from behind. A great scene of young lovers in lust letting their passions take over on X-art!

Melissa and Francesca


Melissa Jacobs Francesca Le Penthouse

Penthouse has never been one to shy away from showing the hottest action and in this photoshoot they have two pretty lesbians getting more and more passionate with every kiss! Melissa Jacobs and Francesca Le can’t keep their hands off each other or their clothes on and that makes a good recipe for hotness as they strip each other naked and start licking pussy and eating ass like they were born to do it.

Masked Beauty


Chloe Amour and Shae Snow

This video is a threesome and it’s from Passion HD. This threesome involves duo of two up and coming pornstars Chloe Amour and Shae Snow. Chloe is the more exotic looking of two, Shae has that nice white skin and I think she’s a redhead! In this video it’s Chloe’s birthday and Shae gets her something very special for it! That is she get’s her a threesome with her and her boyfriend. It’s like killing two birds with one stone because Shae and her boyfriend want to start up in the swinger life and she doesn’t have to go out and buy Chloe a presents. It’s almost a given that Chloe will be stoked because she is just a horn dog and always looking to get her pussy laid. The sex is very awesome with lots of pussy eating, ass licking everything you expect to see in a threesome this one was done right and has the Imagepost stamp of approval!

Anikka Albrite & Tiffany Fox


Anikka Albrite and Tiffany Fox

Fantasy HD is creating the fantasy that we have all dreamed about at least once in our lives and this is including girls to I think and that’s having a threesome! Anikka Albrite and Tiffany Fox are the girls they chose to be in thils film and what a great choice that was! Both of these girls are petite blondes and Anikka known for that perfect round ass of hers and Tiffany Fox with those super cute small tits you couldn’t ask for a better combo. I watched this full video and it seems that Anikka likes to have her pussy eaten out and ass licked a little more then she likes being fucked. Tiffany Fox could not have been sharing the cock as much as she should of but I have a feeling they both were getting what they liked. As you can probably figure out Tiffany spent most of her time getting fucked and giving Anikka oral while Anikka just sat back and enjoyed her self, I think she probably got the better end of the deal.

Remy and Nadine


Remy LaCroix and Nadine Sage

Nadine Sage and Remy LaCroix have each been on Amateur Allure, check out Remy’s scene here and Nadine has two (1, 2). They are no where near as good as this one though because these two together I don’t think can be beat. I don’t know if it’s just a lesbian thing or that guys just want to see girls licking each others ass but there is a whole lot of that going on in this video. They don’t just lick each others pussy and ass though there is a guy involved. This lucky asshole gets to fuck both of these girls making sure to split time fuck each. He has his choice of a hairy pussy in Nadine or a nice bald pussy in Remy. I will say that Remy’s pussy looks a little more fuckable just because of how perfect it is! The girls are good at having a threesome, this isn’t their first rodeo or they have watch a lot of threesome porn either way they know whats up. The one who is not being fucked keeps busy doing other things and that’s what makes a threesome so great. What would a Amateur Allure video be without a lot of the girls giving head! This one is no different but instead of the guy only getting his balls sucked on every once in a while there is a girl always on his balls while the other one bobs on his cock. Anyways, stop messing around and check out this AMAZING video already!

Gemma and her apple


Gemma apple Met Art

Sexy long-haired Gemma was planning to eat an apple but I guess the ADD is kicking in because instead, she tossed it around a little and played with it, then forgot completely about her snack and got naked instead for this Met Art shoot. She’s got an incredible body with perky little boobies and a great firm tight ass that she grabs…who needs an apple anyway? Now that I look closer though, it looks like her titties are about the same size as apples so maybe she was just using it as a measurement tool.

Ariella and Kendra Lust


Kendra and Ariella

Two really hot MILFs are getting fucked in this episode from CFNM Secret. This is one of those sites that you get access to when you join Reality Kings. The CFNM stands for Clothed Female naked Male. As you can see Ariella Ferrera and Kendra Lust are in their workout gear during this whole video but they tare holes in their yoga pants so that they can get fucked. Ariella does a little ass licking while Kendra is getting fucked and then when it’s her turn she is still licking Kendra’s pussy and ass! It was not a fair exchange between these two MILFs I guess there is a giver and a taker in every scene and Ariella is definitely the giver. Kendra was probably just too wrapped up in all the pleasure she was getting and it looked like it was a lot! You rarely get to see two MILFs in the same together I feel almost always they do a MILF and a younger like 20 something in a porn scene. So watch these two very experienced females have their way with a 20 something male, it’s quite hot I would say.

Babes Brittney and Sasha


Brittney and Sasha for Babes

There’s not much in this crazy world hotter than a couple of gorgeous lesbians getting naked and getting freaky with each other, so check out these shots of Brittney Banxxx and Sasha Heart stripping each other nude and making out, eating pussy and licking nipples in a scene of Sapphic passion in this hot Babes photoshoot! They’re beautiful individually but when they each have a face full of pussy it brings things to a whole other level of sexiness.

Tasha Reign Creampie


Tasha Reign Big Tit Creampie

The gorgeous pornstar Tasha Reign is in a episode of Big Tit Creampie a site you get access to when you are part of the Bang Bros network of sites. It has been a while since you guys last saw Tasha and I thought you enjoy seeing her pussy filled up with up. She hasn’t lost it let me tell you, she still fucks better then 99% of all the girls on this planet. Her body hasn’t lost a inch either in her time away from porn, nice big natural tits a flat stomach and a matching ass you can’t go wrong with that! To be honest I am not 100% sure her tits are real I have always wondered because they are just so perfect you know, but I can’t see any scars so it makes me think she is all real. One thing I didn’t notice until this scene is how big her lips are! I bet it feels real good when Tasha sucks your dick, it’s like a big comfortable chair for your cock.

Wet Massage


Dillion Harper Wet Massage PassionHD

Dillion Harper has cornered the market on these massage scenes let me tell you! She has such a stellar body I think anytime she goes to a shoot the guys just want to touch her all over so they do these. I can’t blame them I mean it’s like her body is fake it’s so perfect. This might remind you of her HD Love massage scene but it’s totally different don’t worry. If you are tired of seeing Dillion Harper fucked then I don’t know what’s wrong with you and just move down the site to find someone else. Dillion comes out of the pool completely naked and man is that a beautiful site. The guy really doesn’t even pretend to massage her when she first walks in he just starts licking her ass and fingering that amazing tight pussy. Once he got her nice and horny he doesn’t fuck her instead he gives her a massage to just put her on the edge even more. Then the sex happens and like all Passion HD scenes it’s fucking sweet, enjoy!

Spilled Milk


Spilled Milk X Art

I wouldn’t cry over this spilt milk! That’s the name of this X Art scene and I am not going to lie it’s a little weird. I mean if I was eating Angelica’s pussy out and she started pouring milk on it I don’t know what I would do. I mean that she is a little disturbing but I guess everyone has their thing. This guy powered through the milk splash and ended up getting his dick in that sweet pussy of that Angelica has. He decides to give her a little milk of his own if you know what I am saying and leaves it in her pussy for a nice little creampie surprise.

Coed Hanna


Hannah Exploited College Girls

I just realized that I seem to like these sites that have long interviews with the models before they are fucked. I must find them entertaining or hot or something because all my favorite sites have them. Exploited College Girls is one of those favs and in this video you learn A LOT about Hanna! I mean this girl is 19 years old and she is already pretty much a swinger. Her boyfriend lets her fuck other guys (she takes advantage) and she has him fucking other girls. The fact is she just loves sex. In this video you get to see her cum multiple times including a couple where she has a vibrator in her ass. She was all for the vibrators but when he asked if he could fuck in her the butt she was like hell no, what kind of shit is that? I forgot to mention the most freaky thing about Hanna here! She wants her sister to fuck her boyfriend! That’s right she WANTS IT! She has had her sister suck her boyfriends cock before while she was there, she joined in of course… That shit just blows my mind.

Rachel Starr Passion HD


Rachel Starr On The Ball

Today is a fine day indeed gentlemen! We get to see Rachel Starr on a site she belongs on Passion HD! The name of this new scene is On The Ball were you get to see her licked down and then that pussy is fucked by by this guys hard cock. The two of them have sex right here on the pool table and it is hot! Rachel Starr definitely knows how to put on a show especially in a super erotic video like this is and all Passion HD videos are for that matter. I have been waiting very patiently for PassionHD to get this pornstar and they have finally done it! Rachel is one of the most popular girls in the world and being that their site is one of the top ones in the world I knew it would happen sooner or later.

Gia Steel PAWG


Gia Steel PAWG

I wouldn’t say that Gia Steel is a PAWG but Bang Bros sure is putting her on that site… I do think she has one amazing ass but I mean she isn’t a white girl she is some kind of exotic mix. She is hot as fuck that is for sure so I don’t give 2 fucks about it just saying. Gia gets that giant booty of hers all oiled up and then she is fucked every which way, paying special attention to that beautiful butt of hers.

Amateur babe photos


Amateur porn photos

It’s a whol new cavalcade of hot amateur babes showing off their sexy nude bodies and getting into some serious hardcore sex with their boyfriends and girlfriends! Whatever you’re into seeing, be it lingerie or hardcore fucking or lesbian pussy licking or just a hot nude babe, some chick is doing it right now and the evidence is right here in this photo collection.

Passion HD Holly Michaels Tasha Reign


Passion hd malibu passion

Welcome to Malibu where the breezes are sweet and soft, just like the skin of lovely Holly Michaels and Tasha Reign in this Passion HD update. They start out surveying the ocean together, kissing passionately before heading inside to get down to some hot lesbian action! Before they get too deep into each others’ holes though, their guy friend shows up and drops his pants for a nice blowjob before fucking both of these hotties one after the other. Malibu Passion is flowing free and easy in this hot hardcore threesome scene!

Julie Cash


Julie Cash Bang Bros

As you can see this guy is putting his life in danger by getting his face sat on by this PAWG! I would do it too though just for a chance to fuck Julie Cash. This girl has such a nice big ass no wonder she is on Perfect Ass White Girls a site by Bang Bros. She gets her pussy eaten and ass licked before she is fucked because like most women Julie lets a little foreplay before having sex. There is a little anal play throughout the video but you could tell that Julie just wasn’t into the idea of getting fucked in the ass. I mean when you have such a big butt I bet she is pretty used to guys trying to enter from the rear. All in all a great scene and it’s exactly what to expect when you are a member of Bang Bros.

Jayden & Phoenix Anal


Jayden and Phoenix Anal

Jayden Jaymes and Phoenix Marie are both getting fucked in the ass in this Elegant Angel video. The scene is even more kinky then that because it ends with Jayden Jaymes getting a anal creampie. Like that is even kinky here is the best part, Phoenix Marie eats that cum out of her ass! That’s right these two pornstars get freakier then you have ever seen them before and you’re only going to see this video at Elegant Angel so go on get over there.

Klara Double Delight


Klara Double Delight Wow Girls

This girl Klara is quite the freak! She has done a lot of sex scene for Wow Girls and every single one of them has something that most girls usually won’t do. This one has Klara both having anal sex and licking guys butts as well as doing double penetration. I would say she is quite adventurous wouldn’t you? She loves everything about sex and will do pretty much anything it takes to please a man. I love that wild hair of hers and her nice thick body, she is really fun to watch fuck. In this scene called Double Delight you get to see her taking on two cocks and not even breaking a sweat.

Deep Longing


Deep Long X Art

I don’t know what it is but a ton of lesbian sex scenes the girls are always licking their asshole and fingering their pussy… Is that like the new hotness and nobody told me about it? Here it is happening again in a picture from a X Art episode called Deep Longing. The girl getting her ass licked is Angelica and the other girl is Eufrat. The favor is definitely returned by Angelica who if you don’t know is quite the naughty girl. I have seen Angelica doing anal pretty much everything you can think of she has done! Eufrat however does mostly lesbian stuff but on X Art you are able to see her fucking her boyfriend which is way hot if you haven’t seen those videos yet.

Remy LaCroix


Remy LaCroix Teen Fidelity

How sad is it that this perfect round ass is no longer in porn? Yea, it puts a tear in my eye also. I have to remember to post galleries that maybe you guys haven’t seen before because they are all smaller sites like Teen Fidelity or you just over looked. This one is called Hula Whore because you basically watch her perfect ass for this entire video that I have for you. The sex you are only going to be able to see if you have Teen Fidelity membership. Don’t shoot the messenger here this is just how the site is run! Remy LaCroix alone is worth a join in my opinion because this is probably one of her best sex she did and as I said earlier she is all done so supply and demand bitches.

Heather Vahn


Heather Vahn Pure Mature

This is Heather Vahn in the air getting fuck shit fucked out of her. It’s a scene for Pure Mature and that in itself is kind of shocking. If you know anything about Heather Vahn she has always had the 18 year old look about her but now she is on a MILF site how things change! I guess it’s those new big tits that she got installed that kind of make her look older. If you look in the upper right of the gallery you will see a link to other galleries she has done and you can figure out what I am talking about if you even care.

Truth Or Fuck


Truth or Fuck By College Rules

I have for you a nice little College Rules scene called Truth Or Fuck. This is basically just one big party with college students doing some freaky ass stuff. I mean there is ass licking, anal butt plugs and then two girls have their first threesome. Not your typical threesome with two girls and one guy. It’s a two guy situation going down for both of these chicks. The blonde girl makes one of her guys cum super fast so she spends most of the time trying to work some cum out of another guy. I always wonder when it’s a big group of people like this how do they split the $10,000 dollars? Or maybe they send in their tape and tell them they want a little more money that that to help make it worth everyone’s time. I mean there are other girls in this gallery that are not fucking or anything but they are still trying out some vibrators and cumming from them, so they should get paid a little something too don’t you think!

FTV Girls Hawaii


Lena and Melody FTV Girls

Here is more from the Hawaii set that FTV Girls did with Lena and Melody Jordan. The girls are just beautiful together with Melody big perky tits, and Lena’s cute small tits and perfect round ass. The girls don’t just get naked next to each other no, they eat each other out and actually in this video you get to see Melody licking Lena’s ass. Lena admitted that that is one of her guilty pleasures to have her guys do. Lick her pussy and move down a little further and lick her ass. Good thing for her Melody is a straight up freak and is willing to do any of that! Melody Jordan brought her favorite toy on vacation with her a hitachi wand which she uses out on her hotel balcony and has a amazing orgasm.

Natalia & Holly


Holly Michaels and Natalia Starr

I have a new scene from Passion HD features like the Passion HD contract star Holly Michaels (she is in a lot of scenes with them) and a new girl named Natalia Starr. Both of these girls are completely natural and both have amazing natural titties! This girl Natalia is to die for with her blue eyes and blonde hair, she is righ tup my alley. If you like passioniate high quality porn then you guys need to check out this site Passion HD because it’s all of that and so much more. The name of this episode is called Shared Passion because both of these girls do a great job sharing in their threesome, it’s how a threesome is suppose to go down!

Jynx Culioneros


Jynx Maze Culioneros

I am going to be posting two scenes with Jynx Maze today the only reason this one isn’t above the Passion HD one is because it’s all in Spanish and I don’t fucking speak Spanish! The scene comes from a all Spanish site that I kind of keep tabs on because their porn is so awesome, so it’s more my fault then anything. The site is Culioneros and this is done for their Chicas de Porno series. The is their first time having Jynx on their site but I definitely hope they kind of make it a regular thing.

Lily Full Moon


Lily Love Reality Kings

Lily Love was outdoors with no panties on giving people that walk by a nice little ass flash or a Full Moon if you will. One guy walked but and couldn’t not go over and give this round ass girl a little talk. They then go back to the house where he gets to fuck her every which way. Lily Love isn’t all ass though if that’ what you’re thinking they have a perfect set of big natural tits. I am thinking that Lily Love is probably going to be one of the bigger names in porn once everything is all said and done so bookmark this post so I can say I told you so when it happens. This scene was shot for Reality Kings and part of their Monster Curves series. That series only finds girls with big tits and perfect round asses, girls exactly like Lily here.

Loren Nicole


Loren Nicole PAWG

Loren Nicole got a instant fan once I saw this new PAWG scene that she did! I even tried to go and find more porn of her but her name is so damn common or she is brand new because I couldn’t find shit. I just kept finding ugly ass Facebook pages of girls named Loren Nicole. Loren is not ugly at all in fact she is way hot, I mean a girl with a perfect round ass like this is always going to be hot. The angles that the video is filmed in make her ass look almost too perfect but that’s not a bad thing at all. The guy fucking her is definitely stoked to be fucking such a girl with a nice fat ass he takes full advantage grabbing it every time she is riding him.

Riley and Co.


Anikka, Riley, Cherie InTheCrack

There is actually two other girls in this gallery that I should have posted but I just liked this picture of Anikka Albrite’s ass so much that I had to post it. The girls in this gallery are as mentioned Anikka Albrite then Riley Reid and Cherie DeVille. It’s a full on lesbian scene and it’s from In The Crack. These guys only share pictures for their promotion but if you go in their members area you will get to see a video of this amazing scene. Each one of these girls has a fucking awesome ass I bet that they book these girls together for that very reason. Riley and Anikka have small tits but Cherie has a big firm pair that I am not sure if they’re real or fake because porn is nothing but fantasy lets pretend that they’re real.

Anissa HD Love


Anissa Kate Perfect Pussy

I don’t usually post the same models on the same day but Anissa Kate has two amazing scenes and they must be seen! This one from HD Love called Perfect Pussy actually has nothing to do with that meaty pussy of hers which I would say is not so perfect. As you can see this is another anal sex from Anissa it’s something she is good at and she does it all the time. Proof being that there are two anal sex galleries of her today. This is a brand new website and this is the newest scene, I have to be one of the first with it up so show me some respect and just click on this gallery and enjoy it.

Passion Of The Pussy


Lily Love and Malena Morgan

You guys know that I don’t post lesbian sex galleries much but when I do they’re off the hook. This is a awesome one starring Lily Love who is the one licking the asshole in this picture and then Malena Morgan who is enjoying the tongue. There isn’t just a whole bunch of ass licking in this gallery you also get to see them eating out each others pussy. The scene comes from HD Love and the name of the episode is Passion Of The Pussy. HD Love is a brand new site as I have said every single time I have posted one of their galleries. I just want you guys to know so you can strike while they iron is hot and enjoy something brand spanking new.

Anikka, Anissa, Katja


Anikksa Albrite, Anissa Kate, Katja Kassin

This website Everything Butt is like what hardcore actually is. I usually just put any boy girl stuff in that category but lets be real this is some extreme stuff on their site. It’s all anal sex and it’s rough anal, with huge strap on dildos and there is nothing sensual about they way they’re fucking each others assholes. This scene is all girls and features Anissa Kate, Katja Kassin and Anikka Albrite. Anissa and Anikka are kind of the girls doing all the anal and Katja is kind of like the dominatrix having them do whatever she wants. Once the girls have been fucked in the ass long enough they take them to the water room where they douche their assholes, pretty weird but some people like this kind of thing.

Lexi Belle BangBus


Lexi Belle Bang Bus

Lexi Belle takes a ride… on the Bang Bus as well as two guys cock. I think she probably won’t be coming back because when you’re a pornstar like Lexi you want to be fucked good and I can say none of these guys did a good job. You had to losers who couldn’t even keep their dick hard and the another two who busted their nut way to soon. I don’t even know if they lasted one minute. Lexi is looking better then ever and that big booty on hers is still one of my favorites. She is one of those super petite girls but somehow some way she has a juicy ass and I LOVE it.

Workin It


Lisa Ann Workin It

I think I am going to try to get a picture of Lisa Ann under the definition “thick” because she is what I think of when I hear people talk about thick girls. I wouldn’t change a thing about her she has all the right curves and I even love her fake tits I think it’s a great boob job. This is a new Pure Mature scene and it’s called Workin’ It. Lisa is all dressed up in her gym clothes which I hope she doesn’t actually wear to the gym because this shit would be way to distracting. They don’t even make it out of the gym they just find different machines and benches to fuck on and I think that could be pretty fun and these two look like they are definitely having fun.

Nikky & Nomi


Nikky Nomi In The Crack

This is a sexy little scene from In The Crack with two models with perfect asses and gorgeous naked bodies. I want to know where this guy shoots all of his porn because some of the places are just amazing. It looks like these guys are just shooting on a deserted island and look at that water! You are only going to find pictures of In The Crack anywhere you go but that’s not because they don’t do videos, it’s just because they reserve videos for members only. In The Crack has done a bunch of scenes with both these models so if you like either one make sure to check out her section when you become a member of their site. I almost forgot to mention the names of these models it’s Nomi Melone and Nikky Thorne.

Anjelica Anal


Must Own Girl Anjelica

This is probably my favorite Wow Girls model her name is Anjelica. You guys probably remember seeing the other scenes I posted of her because I tend to post a lot of her because well she’s fucking hot. In this gallery called Must-Own Girl you get to see Anjelica enjoying some series anal sex! She takes it in every position and as you can see she likes it deep in her butt while she rubs her pussy. She ends up finishing the guy while she is on top still doing anal, it’s a incredible scene and I know you guys are going to love it.

Pledgers Eat Pussy


Haze her pledgers eat pussy

These sexy sorority pledges will do just about anything to become full Sisters, and on Haze Her you get to see exactly what they have to go through! In this episode entitled Pledgers Eat Pussy these sexy freshman college girls are stripped down to their birthday suits and forced to eat out each others pussy with cherries shoved in their asses…crazy, right? They’ll do it without argument if they want in, and the whole thing is on video! They get lesbian on each other and fuck some blowup dolls while getting called dirty little whores by the full Sisters but if they want to sit at the cool kids’ table they better put out and shut up.

Dani Country Girl


Dani daniels country girl passion hd

Lovely brunette Dani Daniels is just a country girl at heart, so she gets back to her roots in this update from Passion HD! Dani is brushing down some horses wearing a cute hat, a flannel shirt pulled up and the hottest little shorts I’ve ever seen. Naturally the cowpoke behind her can’t stand the sight of that ass for too long before he’s gotta do something about it, so we get to watch these two make out on the porch before he gives her a little cowpoke of his own, pulling off her shorts and panties to lick and fuck that tight wet pussy on top of a bale of hay.

Anissa Clean Start


Pure mature anissa kate clean start

Exotic MILF hottie Anissa Kate is looking for a clean start to a new day as she strips down out of her panties and top to soak in the tub for a bit…all that soapy water getting her magnificent nude body wet and slippery turns her on so much she starts playing with her pussy, getting warmed up to grab her man as soon as she gets back to the bedroom! They kiss passionately, her hand sliding down to grasp his thick throbbing cock as it stiffens, taking him into her mouth with a moan of pleasure. These two hop up onto the bed where they fuck with abandon, Anissa’s huge full tits bouncing as she slides herself up and down on him before getting a big warm creampie to top off the morning in a hot Pure Mature update that will satisfy your cravings.

Passion Dance


Passion dance aubrey mia

There’s not much hotter than women dancers who are able to move their bodies gracefully and with intention, keeping their mind on every motion of every limb in a coordinated symphony of movement. Mia Malkova and Aubrey James were practicing their forms in their dancing leotards and all the focus on the body got them so turned on that at the end of rehearsal they just had to kiss and grab each others hot bodies…and their timing was impeccable, because their lovers showed up and immediately started licking their pussies to kick off a hot foursome! These girls get those tight pussies worked as they are fucked in a big pile of lust, making out and touching each other the whole time in a steamy Passion HD update entitled Passion Dance.

Inside Perfection


Angelica inside perfection x art

Man when they use the word ‘perfection’ in the title of this X-art update, Inside Perfection, they aren’t messing around…Angelica is just hot as blazes with a beautiful face and a body that will leave you breathless when she shrugs out of those tight jeans and gets naked with her lover. He pulls her panties off and gives her ass and pussy a good licking before penetrating her again and again, finally cumming deep inside her wet hole in a great creampie.

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