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Seducing Her Roommate’s Boyfriend


Seducing Her Roommate's Boyfriend

Click to watch this Anya Olsen video!

Gorgeous Anya Olsen was angry at her roommate for bailing on her and leaving her stuck with the rent…but she knew just the way to get her revenge, namely by…READ MORE

Darcie Dolce


Darcie Dolce

This chick Darcie Dolce is getting ready to go out but she loves posing so she takes off her bra and panties, showing off those big boobs with sexy tan lines and…(Offsite Gallery)

Sun Lines


Sun Lines

As you can tell from the picture above the motto of this post is, don’t forget your damned sunscreen! This blonde hottie looks like she fell asleep by the pool in her swimsuit or something, turning her a lovely shade of ouch which is a shame because she is hot as hell! Nice sexy hips, lovely tits (from what I can see), pretty face, but man she’s about to be in a world of hurt for a few days…either that or she just tans in exactly the same swimsuit every day and has developed some of the most wicked tanlines I ever did see. This pic is from today’s post on Ernie’s House of Whoopass by the way, which I’m sure you guys already know about…Ernie writes about whatever he feels like and sprinkles in pictures of hot naked amateur girls to keep things spicy!

Janet & Riley


Riley Reid and Janet Mason Bang Bros

If you guys didn’t know Bang Bros has their own “stepmother” site it’s called Stepmom Videos I think I have mentioned that before. This is a nice long video and man is it nice quality. So like all these stepmom sites Riley Reid here is playing Janet Mason’s step daughter. She catches her fucking and then somehow some way convinces her step daughter and her boyfriend that they should let her teach them how to have sex. Well I can’t blame the guy for being all about it but Riley shame on you! Janet here is a juicy butt MILF who always keeps her tan lines crisp and she is just a master and riding a dick. I actually believe that Riley might have learned something fucking with Janet here. Riley has been around a super long time but still Janet has her beat there is always tricks to the trade.



Allana Lake

Ever hear of the Lady in the Lake, who gave King Arthur the sword Excalibur? Well this chick Allana isn’t exactly distributing swords as a basis for a system of government but she is in a lake so that’s what made me think of it. It’s a beautiful summer day and Allana was feeling the heat so she figured she’d head down to the water and take a little naked dip! Since she’s completely fucking gorgeous I say that is a very fine idea indeed, especially because she took her photographer buddy down along with her for the adventure.

Cowgirl Juliet


Juliet on Domai

Domai presents this photoshoot featuring the lovely Juliet…I don’t know if this set was shot in the 70s or what but it sure looks like it, I don’t know what’s giving that impression if it’s the color or the girl or the tanlines or what. Let me put it this way, I was surprised when this chick got completely naked and she didn’t have a big huge bush between her legs…turns out she’s entirely shaved and man this girl is fucking gorgeous, I don’t care what era she shot these photos in. With her floppy cowgirl hat and the fact that she’s just stone cold chillin outside in the buff this girl just gives off a relaxed and sexy attitude that is doing all kinds of good things for her!

Juliet From Domai


Juliet From Domai

Domai reminds me a lot of Cosmid. It’s a site with real amateur girls and it’s really really tame. No so tame as something like Zishy but still you’re not going to see any masturbating or anything like that. This girl is pretty cute her name is Juliet and in this scene she is outdoors with no bra on and no panties and she is stripping down for Domai. She has really good tan-lines and that face of hers is just so innocent I don’t know how else to describe it.

Natasha Ass


Natasha belle angelic ass

Do angels even have asses? You never hear about them, people just talk about angelic faces but never angelic butts. If there is such a thing though, Natasha Belle has one! She’s a brunette bombshell with a bangin body and in this hot update from her own site she’s letting her perfect ass out for a little fun. From the looks of things she’s been spending some time on the beach this summer in a bikini, which is a thought that will keep you company tonight in your dreams I’m sure. She’s just downright gorgeous from head to toe, from the front as well as from the back!

Asian Back For Anal


Big Booty MILF Asian Back For Anal

Mom POV got this Asian MILF back for another round of some fucking. This time though he didn’t just fuck that tight little pussy of hers he oiled up that big tan-line ass and gave her anal sex as well. She pretty much loved it, I even think she had a orgasm while he was fucking her missionary with his dick in her ass and she was rubbing her pussy. These two have definitely got comfortable with each other and I suspect we could have another regular on the site with this mom! She loves getting fucked but I guess she has no game to pick up younger men. So why not just go to the porn guy who knows what he is doing right, makes sense to me… The video ends with her giving him a handjob / footjob and then sucking him off so he blows one of the largest loads ever right on her face, I mean DAMN, check out picture 45 for proof of that!

Tropical Party


Lily Love, Whitney Westgate Tropical Party

If you’re not a cheap bastard then I would suggest you guys just bite the bullet and join Passion HD, it’s just an amazing site! I think that anytime a porn site gets Lily Love and Whitney Westgate together in the same scene we should reward them. I hope the guy who stars in this episode called “Tropical Party” actually had to pay to be in the scene because he shouldn’t have made a dime banging both of these girls. Not to mention that he got a little private dance show from them as well as a Hawaiian cocktail. That’s like a sore dick you can’t beat it. The scene ends with him banging Lily Love in the position while she is licking Whitney’s clit… He pulls out and splatters that nice pussy of Lily’s and then Whitney does a little clean up for her.

Just A Small Town Girl


Just A Small Town Girl on Girls Do Porn

You’re going to like this 20 year old chick from some small little town in Texas. She plays up the part too wearing some daisy dukes and a plaid shirt. I mean come on at least break the stereotype I have in my head! She is pretty freaking cute though with these amazing perky full tits and I love that she has that tanline going on. The best part of this chick is how much she loves to have sex. I mean she loves to be fucked so much she had a tattoo put on her right above her pussy that reads “Lucky You”. She also has some great stories to tell the Girls Do porn guys in her interview. Like the time she lost her virginity. She fucked some football star back and school on the tennis court. If you think that is crazy how about when she seduced her drivers ed teacher and fucked him in the back seat of the drivers ed car! Now that’s some crazy shit! She gets fucked nice and hard and probably puts to shame the fuck buddy she banged last night, yea that’s right she fucked a guy the day before she did this porn!

Kelsi Monroe Facial


Kelsi Monroe on Bang Bros

Here is a new model I think we should all keep our eye on. Her name is Kelsi Monroe! She has a big fat ass and she is a real deal Latina as well! In this Bang Bros scene you get to see her fucked and facialed! Which is good because the last one she did for them she was just eating pussy and that was good but this right here is fucking great! I love seeing a girl with a nice slim waste and a big fat ass because it’s just so damn rare. Kelsi here knows that she has a lot of junk in the trunk and loves to show it off. I mean she is in porn after all but she loves it a little more then the other girls who venture into this industry. Just check out these cute little pictures she did behind scenes in which she shows off how flexible she is as well as her amazing big booty.

Orgasms Galore


Fantasy hd orgasms galore

When just one orgasm isn’t enough, send for stunning brunette Ariana Marie for orgasms galore! She was just relaxing at the beginning of this Fantasy HD update but she was wishing for her hunky guy friend to show up and oil her down and lo and behold, all her dreams came true…he rubbed oil all over that perfect nude body of hers, getting her more and more turned on until she couldn’t take it anymore and just had to drag him indoors to have her way with him! She took his cock in her tight little pussy, fucking him like crazy in this hot hardcore scene until he busted a nut all over her pretty face.

Made With Love


Devon Made With Love

Devon is back to fucking the guy she did in Pop The Question. This time he has his hot MILF girlfriend dressed up in a little apron and pleasing him in the kitchen. Hence the name of the Pure Mature scene “Made With Love”. I love the new tan lines that Devon has going on they’re super sexy. The two of them exchange some oral sex on the counter and then the guy gets to fucking that amazing little pussy of hers. You don’t realize just how petite Devon is until she gets on top of him and starts to ride. He could probably fit his hands around her waist! To get him to cum Devon lays on her back on the table and he pretty much just bangs her doggystyle until he is about to cum and he pulls out and puts it in her pussy hair, kind of mean spirited but it’s short enough I bet it will wash out!

Pastors Daughter


Pastors Daughter Girls Do Porn

This gallery is a prime example of why you guys should always watch the interview of the model on Girls Do Porn. It will make the video just that much better. So for example this girl she is pretty average looking not going to lie, she has a great ass (love the tan line) and a great set of perky tits. What makes her really worth the watch is because she is a Pastors daughter! Not to mention she has a boyfriend while she is filming this her first sex tape. He has no idea what is going down, her father has no idea what is happening. I just can’t even imagine the shit show that is going to go down once they both find out. I thought that info made this video better just because you get to see a girl who is supposed to be little miss goody tooshoo being a complete whore. I mean you can tell this girl has sucked a couple of dicks in her day, she doesn’t have a gag reflex or something because this guy was pounding that hole like it was her tight little pussy, at it is tight let me tell you! Or you could just watch the video and see for yourself.

Lily Love 2 Creampies


Lily Love Porn Fidelity

Lily Love getting two creampies in one video makes this video 2x better then any other video you have seen with her. I mean it’s simple math right? There is only one place that a girl can get that many cumshots in one video and that’s on Porn Fidelity. Ryan is made of different stuff then most guys and he can just cum and cum and it makes for some great porn. His favorite place to cum is in a girls pussy and you will see that if you ever take the Porn Fidelity tour. The sex scenes on this site always have a ton of passion and are grade A in my books. If I had to choose the most underrated porn site it would be this one. Lily Love is also looking sexier then she ever has before I think, that ass got rounder and her tits got bigger. She is sporting some tan lines I mean there is much right with this gallery I just can’t even explain it to you. So get to watching it already and then tell me what you think!

Dillion Is A PAWG


Dillion Harper is a PAWG

That perfect round ass that Dillion Harper has is finally on PAWG a Bang Bros website. I cannot get over how perfect this 19 year old’s body is! I mean that ass, those amazing full natural tits she is incredible. She knows she has a good body too because she spends extra time keeping those tanlines that she has and I think it makes her look that much hotter. In this scene she gets a nice dick down in a video that starts you off with her riding this super big cock reverse cowgirl girl. It’s a fast fuck with her riding up and down and him giving it a little effort from below. They had to use a lot of lube to get this dick to fit in her perfect pussy but when you see her naked you will do just about anything to get inside of her I mean it’s that amazing.



Giulliana East Coast XXX

Here is a Russian chick named Giulliana that you get to see fucked without a condom and you would think the guy from East Coast XXX would give her a creampie but he went against his tread here. Instead he had Giulliana suck him off and spread his huge load all on her face and in her mouth. She swallowed like a good girl, I wasn’t sure she would. This girl has a pretty nice body, lots of tattoos and some super sexy tan lines. She has a tight pussy and I love that she kept these little boots on while she got her bang on! I mean you wouldn’t want to have cold feet while fucking right?

Mia Hurley


Mia Hurley Bang Bus

Mia Hurley has a great set of natural tits does she not! I guess you can’t really tell from this picture but this is the best part of the whole video. When she just sets on this guys cock and goes up and down on it. It’s funny because she is just some random girl Bang Bus picked off the streets. They had to pay her money to fuck on camera but once she got a dick inside of her she let go. She was sitting there telling this Bang Bros guy to fuck her harder. She is the amateur not the pornstar he doesn’t need any help on how to fuck you girl! She is really small but has these awesome big natural tits with a serious bikini tan lines across them. My bad for not showing you them but if you want to see them just click on the gallery.

Jersey Girl


Jersey Girls Do Porn

This girl is totally used to being the bee’s knees if. You can tell just by the way she acts in this Girls Do Porn video. She is a bitch yes, but at least we get to see her getting fucked and she does in fact love being fucked so that’s nice. When I saw how hot this girl was I was afraid it was going to be one of those girls who just lays there in silence while she is being fucked. Not this girl she was moaning up a storm just loving how hard this guy was fucking her. She has a beautiful body as you can see with a nice fit ass and beautiful perky tits. I saw she is a Jersey girl just because of that golden tan that she has and once you hear her talk I think you will be on my side.

Wet Massage


Dillion Harper Wet Massage PassionHD

Dillion Harper has cornered the market on these massage scenes let me tell you! She has such a stellar body I think anytime she goes to a shoot the guys just want to touch her all over so they do these. I can’t blame them I mean it’s like her body is fake it’s so perfect. This might remind you of her HD Love massage scene but it’s totally different don’t worry. If you are tired of seeing Dillion Harper fucked then I don’t know what’s wrong with you and just move down the site to find someone else. Dillion comes out of the pool completely naked and man is that a beautiful site. The guy really doesn’t even pretend to massage her when she first walks in he just starts licking her ass and fingering that amazing tight pussy. Once he got her nice and horny he doesn’t fuck her instead he gives her a massage to just put her on the edge even more. Then the sex happens and like all Passion HD scenes it’s fucking sweet, enjoy!



Hannah FTV Girls

Hannah here is quite easy on the eyes I must say! She has a great ass with that bikini bottom tan line that I always find hot. The scene is from FTV Girls and you know how they select their babe it’s only the cream of the crop with them. Hannah is quite the athletic girl and they really show that off in the videos and pictures that they did with her. Like all FTV Girls Hannah was able to find the right toy, the right place and have a orgasm while masturbating. She says it’s usually really hard for her but she doesn’t quite have the same arsenal that FTV Girls does when it comes to toys LOL!

Erotic Snap Defrancesca


Erotic Snap Defrancesca

Defrancesca looks like she’s just escaped from an oven as she drips with sweat in this Erotic Snap update entitled Body Heat. She’s a beautiful brunette with a great nude body and it looks even better with that slick sheen of sweat on it as she poses for these hot photos. I’d imagine she’s a little slippery to try and hold, though.

Dillion Harper


Dillion Harper Massage Girls 18

This is Dillion Harper and she has some pretty magical tan lines if you are in to those. Not only Tanlines but this 18 year old has such perfect body parts! I mean her pussy is so tight you won’t believe that he is actually able to fit his dick inside of her. Her ass as you can see from this picture right here is absolutely amazing. Then her tits are so full and so perky they almost seem fake but they’re 100% real. This scene is from Massage Girls 18 and after all the times I have posted a gallery from them you guys should know the drill by now wouldn’t you say? I am not going to explain it really, its a massage scene the girl is hot that’s all you need to know now watch.

Natalie Heart on Babes


Natalie Heart for Babes

If you’re a fan of perky, puffy titties just take a look at this gallery from Babes featuring the lovely brunette Natalie Heart or, as I like to call her, Natalie Heartbreaker. She’s stunning from head to toe with a great ass, great puffy nipples and a sexy charisma that you just can’t stop looking at. She’s showing off her shaved pussy in these photos out in the fresh air and man it makes me wish Spring would get here already.

Nubiles Marta


Marta on Nubiles

Marta is a gorgeous and sexy skinny teen with an amazing body that she just loves showing off…she’s hanging out in her bedroom in her frilly top and panties, and decides to do a little striptease for us, pulling her underwear aside to give a peek at her tight shaved pussy before getting completely nude! Between those sexy tanlines on her firm little butt to the way she’s rubbing and fingering her wet hole in this Nubiles gallery it’s a wonder anyone gets any work done around here.

Lily Love


Lily Love Massage Girls 18

I don’t think it can get much hotter then Lily Love here. She has perfect big perky natural tits, with that bikini tan line too damn this babe is hot. Here she is doing her Massage Girls 18 scene where she shows off how she would massage a guy and give him a happy ending. She isn’t much of a masseuse I won’t like about that. She does know how to ride a dick and please a man that’s for sure. She gives him like a minute massage then starts sucking on his cock to get him hard. Once he is ready to go Lily takes him for a ride cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl. The guy finishes on top pounding that pussy as hard as he can and Lily just loves it. He isn’t able to pull out in time so he gives her a creampie, sure hope she is on birth control, if not Plan B will always work too.

Hot Evening


Aubrey James Hot Evening

You are in for quite a awesome video if you join Joymii and get to see Aubrey James get her fuck on. The name of the scene is Hot Evening and I was only able to obtain pictures for you guys! Joymii is going to keep this video for members only and there is nothing I can do about it! Aubrey is totally that girl next door, or she could be like a old school 50’s pinup girl. I love the red hair and the flawless body she has. Aubrey is best known fo rthat round ass and you will definitely enjoy checking that out in these amazing pictures I have.

Nikki Chase


Nikki Chase Disgraced 18 Porn Pros

I was out prowling the Internet trying to find you guys some good porn when I saw this very picture on Porn Pros. The girls name is Nikki Chase she is quite hot as you can tell but probably the hottest thing is that she is tied up. It’s actually a new kind of sex top its called like bondage tape or something. It’s not sticky or anything it is more like plastic wrap then anything else I would say. It’ s just a little bit stronger. Anyways, Nikki gets her hands tied to her ankles and then she is just thrown around like a fuck toy but man does she get off on it. Once the guy got a little tired of doing all the work he cut her free and let her ride him until she orgasmed.

Dillion Harper HDLove


Dillion Harper HD Love

If a picture is worth a thousand words then this one right here probably worth a million. What a amazing pussy Dillion Harper has and you get to see it massaged in crystal clear HD. You actually only get the really good HD if you’re a member I just can’t afford to give you guys that kind of quality! What I have will have to do though and I am sorry to report that the video you are getting has no sound! It’s reserved for members only I know you guys understand. This site HD Love isn’t a massage porn site or anything like that they just like how sensual a massage is and this is erotica after all so they try to make it as sensual as possible. The scene is full hardcore and you are absolutely going to love Dillion has one of the best bodies I have ever seen and those tan lines just make it even better!

Vacation Pussy


Mygf Vacation Pussy

There is like laws when you go on vacation with a girlfriend of yours and that’s that you are getting laid! It’s not the like everyday at home sex this is the special stuff and that’s exactly what you are seeing in this episode of MyGF. The girl does just ride him as always she turns around and gives him a view of that perfect ass with a cute little g-string tanline. She rides nice and good but that is actually after some of the best head she probably has ever given this guy, taking him balls deep and not even choking!

Carlye Denise


Carlye Denise Playboy

That is a girl that has it all right there guys. Her name is Carlye Denise and I might just be her biggest fan. She has gorgeous big natural tits and a pussy that is so perfect I can’t even believe I am seeing it! If that’s not enough for you she has got some sexy ass tan lines and is wearing nothing but black stockings in this gallery from Playboy. I think she should be like Playmate of the Year or something because it just cannot get any hotter then this girl.

Floating On Pleasure


Brandi Love Floating On Pleasure

I have for you Brandi Love just floating on pleasure. At least that’s what this episode of Pure Mature is to have you believe. Pure Mature is dedicated to the hottest MILFs in the wolrd and just looking at that body of Brandi’s you know that she fits in that category! This scene is amazing but if you missed her first one for Pure Mature called Drinks On Me make sure to check that out. If you are not really into erotic porn just watch this video I have for you on the gallery and tell me you don’t think it’s hot. I for one think just the part where the guy is fingering Brandi while she is taking is bath is dope, but I guess I have better taste then some of you.

Melanie Hicks


Melanie Hicks East Coast XXX

I have a nice little creampie video for you guys from East Coast XXX. The video is pretty awesome because it has that amateur feel but it’s kind of done by a professional. This is like the mom and pop shop in your downtown area they can’t compete with the big guys but it’s still worth a look. This girl he was able to grab is named Melanie Hicks and she has a awesome set of natural tits and some sexy as tan lines to go along with her goods. East Coast XXX offers you both MILFs and cuties like Melanie here so it’s kind of the best of both worlds check them out for sure.



Rachel Fuckedhard18

FuckedHard18 is going far and wide to find you guys the hottest models possible! This episode starring Rachel is proof of that. I have no idea what she is but she has the cutest little accent. She gets her massage and loves it and then gets fucked and loves that even more. After she had made the masseuse cum she was talking about how she was never going to forget this day at all that jazz. The guy was a pretty big fan of her too because he asked her if she wanted to go again and she did so he pusy her back on the massage table and gave her a little after hours fucking if you will! I don’t know how he did it but if you have a girl this hot naked I am pretty sure you could stay hard for a week. I mean just looking at these perfect tits does it for me!

The Sweet Girl


Sweet Girl on Girls Do Porn

It looks like Girls Do Porn is even able to get sweet girls like this one into porn! I don’t know her name but I did something weird with this video and that’s I watch the entire interview and that I have never done before! This girl is one of those chicks that you could bring back to mom but you just can’t get her talking about sex because this girl loves it! I mean she has pretty much tried everything and doesn’t hate any of it. The sex scene is really good because of this and the fact that she is fucking the biggest dick that she has ever fucked. One last awesome thing about this girl is that she has a Mom who is all about her being in a sex video can you believe that shit?

Tight White Pants


White Pants Girls Do Porn

This girl comes on Girls Do Porn in this hot pink shirt and these white pants and I think any guy in his right mind would want to fuck her. She is so damn hot and those natural tits of hers are just so perky and they’re a fucking D Cup! I can’t even believe how perfect they are. She has a tight vagina and amazing tan lines I really just can’t find anything wrong with this girl. When she gives head she is like attacking the cock I mean straight up getting after it if you know what I’m saying! The scene ends with her getting a facial I have a feel this isn’t her first time just from her interview I know she is quite a sexual girl. I mean not many chicks can say they have had sex with two guys multiple times but she can!



Bang bus chloe

This cute petite blonde is named Chloe and she’s the latest passenger on the Bang Bus! This site (part of the Bang Bros network) takes hot amateur babes on board and goes for a drive while they go for a ride, in more ways than one. Chloe strips down and takes her fellow passenger’s cock in her mouth before stuffing it in her tight pussy, fucking him like crazy as they tool around the streets past tons of unsuspecting people. Chloe handles the corners like a champ, fucking the guy hard until he busts a nut all over her pretty face.

Debora Juliana


Debora Juliana Bella Club

Hold onto your socks, boys and girls, because I’m about to blow em clean off! Feast your eyes on this hot babe by the name of Debora Juliana from Bella Club…she’s drop dead beautiful and has what I would consider to be the perfect body with nice soft boobs and an incredible butt. You’re welcome, please come again.

Latina With Tanlines


Natasha interracial fuck

Latina babe Natasha rubs her big round ass cheeks together as she walks around in a short short skirt in this video, clapping those buns and jiggling back and forth to drive her man nuts! I guess it works too, because he gets a huge boner and jams that big black cock into her tight hole in a hot interracial fuck session…this is a mighty long video so get ready to kick back and enjoy the action for awhile!

Jessica & Porschea


Jessica and Porchea Casting Couch X

When Casting Couch X first came out they came out with a lot of scenes and I just didn’t have time to put them all on the site so I am slowly updating our category with the older scenes that I missed. One of those scenes is this one with two friends named Jessica and Porschea. They had never eaten each other out before this video but they wanted to impress the guy who was going to be finding them jobs in porn. Porschea is the blonde girl with pierced nipples and Jessica is the cute brunette. They fuck this guys taking turns who gets to be fucked. The scene ends with Jessica riding his cock and right when he is about to cum he cuts it off pulls out his dick and Porschea is right there to cover it with her mouth and swallow his cum without ever even showing it to the camera! This is definitely her first time seeing a porn or doing one because any professional knows you have to show the camera the cumshot!



Aubrey FuckedHard18

This is Aubrey and she is a brand new 18 year old model who is getting her first on screen fuck on FuckedHard18! This girl has such a gorgeous youthful body with sexy perky tits, a perfect pussy and she has a little bit of some tan lines! You don’t see the guy who runs this site actually giving the girls much of a massage but you can just tell he enjoyed Aubrey’s awesome body. He spent a lot of time just giving her a good massage and also making her horny by “massaging” her pussy and ass area a lot!

Charlee Chase


Naughty America Charlee CHase

Professor Charlee Chase has headed over to her star pupil’s apartment to make sure he’s ready for the final exam, but they don’t do a whole lot of studying unless this is for an anatomy class! The blonde bombshell sucks his cock until he’s good and hard, then strips down and has him lick her big tits and wet pussy before fucking him like crazy…looks like he’s heading for an A+ for sure!

Jannesa Lapdance


Janessa Brazil lapdance

Lily Figuera is kind enough to give her girlfriend Janessa Brazil a nice sexy nude lapdance by the pool in this hot lesbian update from Janessa’s own site! These two hotties strip out of their skimpy bikinis before Lily starts dancing and grinding her pussy all over Janessa’s perfect nude body.

Casana Lei


Casana Lei Casting Couch X

This is one damn hot picture is it not! Too bad I don’t have any in the gallery just a video but that’s what you all want to see anyways. This girls name is Casana Lei and this is the first sex scene she ever shot for a casting company that finds adult models. They just opened up their own site though called Casting Couch X. I think after you guys see this video you are going to check out the tour because well it’s just a straight up dope site.

Rachel MILF Soup


Rachel Starr MILF Soup

The beautiful and always sexy Rachel Starr is on another scene of MILF Soup and it once again is a stunning scene. I can’t believe we consider Rachel Starr a MILF now but I guess she has been in porn long enough that eventually she has to be. Rachel still stays in the gym though because that ass of hers hasn’t lost a beat. This gallery is extra nice because there is a ton of sexy pictures of her as well as a nice long video where you get to enjoy seeing her pussy given a seriously pounding. I mean SERIOUS!

Pussy Prepping


GF Revenge Pussy Prepping

There is “the walk of shame” and I think there should be “the shower of shame”. The shower of shame is when a girl gets a little to much cum on herself and instead of just whiping it off she is like I have to take a shower. This girl is doing exactly that after she let her boyfriend fuck her in the bathroom while filming it all. When he first walks in and films her Pussy Prepping it seems like she is super pissed and if she would have just stayed pissed she would have never ended up on GF Revenge. This sex tape never would have happened, I guess it’s a lesson learned but I am glad it took this sex tape for her to learn it.

Lily Love Big Naturals


Lily Love Reality Kings

I got a gorgeous babe for you guys her name is Lily Love. If you are a fan of porn at all you will know about her because this girl is banging! Lily has a set of perfect natural tits and a perfect pussy that matches up with those boobies very well. As you can see this is a hardcore scene for Reality Kings for one of their sites Big Naturals. Lily definitely fits into that category wouldn’t you guys say? I have been missing this girl and now that I have watch this entire video that thirst has been quenched.

Mira X Art


Mira Poolside X Art

This is a hot little gallery that you guys should check out. It’s Mira again pretty much in the same place she did her last scene for X Art. This time though it’s way better because you get to see her fucked and fucked HARD! Mira is a brand new girl to X Art and like a lot of their models you are only going to find her fucking and posing naked for their site. I want to remind you guys that X Art is the one who pioneered the glamcour niche so make sure to show your respect.

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