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Felicia 18 and Busty


Felicia on 18 and Busty

This is an example of the website’s title basically telling the story…this gallery is from 18 and Busty and that’s just what you get! A gorgeous redhead teen named Felicia is hanging out in the tub and is showing off her huge perfect round 36F tits with a smile, squeezing and rubbing those big melons for us before getting into a little masturbation. What’s nice is that it’s not just her tits, she’s got a pretty face and an incredible round ass, not to mention a shaved pussy that she loves to play with!

Twister Sex


Dani and Karlie Fantasy HD

Dani Jensen and Karlie Montana are having sex in some very weird positions as you can see from this image. The reason is is they’re having a little game of twister sex. It seems like Dani might be getting the short end of the stick in this exchange having to suck a guys dick in a position like that, Dani is at least getting her pussy and ass licked! The girls start off playing in just their bikini’s and then loose clothes as the game goes on. I have to say that Karlie Montana is looking really hot in her black and yellow bikini I mean that ass is to die for. Dani can’t even help but to give it a couple of spanks. This is the second time that Dani has been in a scene where she has been teamed up with a redhead and I love the trend. Two redheads is always better then one I checked. The video is presented by Fantasy HD a new erotica site that focuses on men’s fantasies.

Center Of Attention


Playboy Swingers Center Of Attention

This girl that is at the center of everyone’s attention in this picture is a very sexy redhead who came on this Playboy tv show to see if her and her boyfriend were fit for the swinger lifestyle. The TV show always drops a couple into a mansion with a bunch of swingers for their first experience in this underground lifestyle. The video doesn’t show one big orgy instead you just get to see this sexy little redhead being brought into total ecstasy. I mean can you even image how good this feels to be rubbed in every sensitive place on your body! This is from Season 2 Episode 3 for those of you who have a subscription to Playboy TV through your cable providor or those of you who just belong to their membership website. That will help you track down the episode so you can watch the full video.

Playboy TV Swingers Season 1 Episode 8
Playboy TV Swingers Season 1 Episode 3
Playboy TV Swingers Season 1 Episode 1

Jodi Taylor


Jodi Taylor Mr. Anal

Jodi Taylor is back on the site and doing more anal sex! The only other anal scene I think she has done was with Let’s Try Anal. This gallery is from a Bang Bros site called Mr. Anal these guys know how to get girls to enjoy the experience. Jodi even learned a new little trick that she is going to use in her personal life. Once a guy cums she is going to use that as lube so he can fuck her ass more! She was going crazy with Mr. Anal did it to her she just loved it. Jodi is a super cute girl but the best part of her being on Mr. Anal is she is known to have a gorgeous bubble butt and that thing getting fucked really highlights the scene I think. I remember when Jodi first came out on porn she was like on every site every single week but those updates have started to slow down a bit. I hope now that she is doing anal that more people will get her on because she is easy on the eyes. I also might be a sucker for a redhead with a perfect round ass though, she might be the only girl with that combination in porn right now!

Leanna Decker


Leanna Decker Playboy

There is a reason that Leanna Decker was Cyber girl of the year for Playboy. She has some perfect big natural tits and she is a natural redhead! I mean it’s like seeing a unicorn really. Here she is in a sexy little gallery over at a buddies site, he has a ton of pictures of her there. This has to be my favorite though just the angle it was shot at and everything her tits are seriously perfect. I am going to go make a entry over at Wikipedia and put these as the definition of what breasts should look like.

Beatrix nude


Beatrix for Femjoy

Gorgeous Beatrix looks like the kind of dame that would stroll into a private investigator’s office and ask for his help in tracking down her bum of an ex-husband. SHe’s got the gams, she’s got the looks, and she’s definitely got the tits to pull it off! Enjoy this artful photoshoot from Femjoy as she shows off her beautiful nude body, hanging out in front of a fan to not only keep cool but also to make her long wavy hair blow alluringly…it’s the oldest trick in the book. With an ass like that, though, I don’t think she needs any kind of trickery!

Blue polka dot bikini


Ivy Snow masturbating outdoors

Have you noticed any kind of pattern lately? All the girls in the adult world seem to be flocking in droves outside for the first sun of the year, dusting off their bikinis and getting ready for a hot couple of seasons by the pool! In this gallery from her own site, edgy tattooed redhead Ivy Snow is showing off her blue polka dot bikini before just stripping down nude and getting into a hot outdoor masturbation session, fingering her tight pussy and grabbing those big tits as she enjoys a nice cool breeze.

Elle and Mia


Mia Malkova and Elle Alexandra

It’s funny because the name of this new video from X Art is called “Elle Hearts Girls” and that’s actually her Twitter name! I mean Elle Alexandra (the redhead) must really love herself some pussy. She sure acts like it in this scene. I am a big fan of Mia Malkova so if I was elle and got to eat that beautiful pussy out I wouldn’t be to mad either. X Art has a ton of lesbian sex scenes so if you don’t like their hardcore stuff or even their masturbation updates don’t worry there is enough in that members area to keep you busy for a month. Even if you only like to see girls having lesbian sex. I like this little combo they have a girl with a nice round ass and blonde vs a redhead that is slender with that milk white skin. They’re a lot different and I like that when see a lesbian scene.

Carmen C.


Carmen C FuckedHard18

Super cute girl I think you guys all would agree? Fucked Hard 18 is pretty good at finding this type of chick. A girl you just don’t see on other sites and super cute. She comes in for her free massage and I think it really just got her in the mood. She loved getting her pussy lips massaged and her small little tits and ass as well. I think all girls loved to be oiled up and massaged though, it wouldn’t be a industry without these kind of chicks. The only name I have to go on for this girl is Carmen C. most of the time FuckedHard18 doesn’t put the girls full name but being that all I do is look at porn I can usually identify them pretty good. This girl however it’s Carmen C. never seen her before so good luck trying to find more I think she just might be a exclusive to this site.

Juno Temple


Juno Temple

I bet you think you’re just going to be seeing Juno Temple in a see thru shirt but you’re wrong! I got a nice little video for you guys to check out, it’s a sex scene that Juno did for I have no idea what movie. It’s way graphic if you ask me and she is fucking a super old man while his wife watches I think. It’s really hard to figure out when I haven’t seen the movie but damn it’s a hot clip so enjoy.



Sheehan Backroom Casting Couch

First off I want to tell you that Sheehan here does have anal sex on her Backroom Casting Couch scene so don’t get worried that sticking this big dildo up in her ass might have turned her off. She is the one who told Rick that she loved doing anal. The reason she doesn’t do it much is because the guys she hooks up with she doesn’t want to just come out guns blazing, telling them how much she loves it up the butt. I could see what she is saying there. This girl has been with quite a few guys but she has decided to stop doing that shit. Why you ask? Not because she doesn’t want to be a whore, but she thinks that if she is going to fuck guys she may as well get paid for it instead of just fucking them and not even a call back afterwards. She has a point I must admit. Sheehan here has a hour glass body with these cute perky tits and just a gorgeous round ass. She ends up taking a facial just because Rick learned that her least favorite kind of ending. So he did it, why not right? She wasn’t lying about liking anal though you can see that for yourself in this video she is quite the fiend.

Melody Jordan


Melody Jordan Amateur Allure

I am usually a pretty big fan of Amateur Allure scenes but this one I just don’t know about. Melody Jordan is fucking hot there is no doubt about that, love the big ass and love the big natural tits. She however has this thing when she sucks dick that she is always deepthroating. I know for a fact if she was choking on my cock it wouldn’t be a big deal but there is something about hearing it that just doesn’t do it for me. If you like to see a real good deepthroat blowjob Melody Jordan is delivering that in this video. I tried to cut most of it out but if you want to see it just join their site and you can see the full video there. She has kind of a special update I might add too. She gets double teamed in her very first Amateur Allure update usually they wait for a little bit down the road, but I guess they just knew of Melody’s reputation and that’s she is cock hungry.

In The Mood


Kiera Winters In The Mood

I am ashamed that it’s taken me this long to update our HD Love category, for that I am sorry! This is a scene called In The Mood with a super cute petite model named Kiera Winters. I love when a guy picks up a small girl like Kiera and fucks her like this! It’s super erotic and I mean if the girl is petite you really do have to take advantage of that! Kiera is treated to a nice long fucking with a guy who knows what he is doing, he pleases this teen like nobody has before and you will see that for yourself in this nice long video. I will make sure not to wait so long next time to update this category, do forgive me!

Lass for Suicide Girls


Lass Suicide Girls

Incredibly gorgeous tattooed redhead Lass Suicide is playing around in an abandoned school in her lingerie, climbing around in the gym in just her panties and posing in the hallways to show off those perky titties of hers! If you’re into tattooed alternative girls, especially redheads, take a look at this Suicide Girls photoshoot, you’ll blow your mind.

Busty Secretary


Only Tease secretary

Do you think you’d actually get any work done if you had a busty curvy secretary in the office like this hot babe from Only Tease? She’s got polka dots on her bra and her panties and keeps her stockings on while she gets her big titties out and does a little dance or something by her desk! It’s not exactly the best thing for workplace productivity but man she is sexy as hell.

Redhead Marga in bed


Marga for Femjoy

There’s not much hotter than a sexy redhead, and Marga is hot as blazes! She quickly loses her pink panties and bra in favor of just hanging out completely nude which is a decision I applaud in this Femjoy update. This sexy redhead has perky titties, puffy nipples and a shaved pink pussy that she loves to play with, as evidenced by some of the finger action she’s got going on in these sexy shots. Who doesn’t love a hot redhead who loves masturbating? Especially with pretty eyes and a mischievous smirk like Marga’s got in full effect.

Odette and Elle


Odette Delacroix and Elle Alexandra

I bet you guys didn’t even know that Babes Network did anything but hardcore. That’s just because that’s the only thing I really post unless I find something like this on one of my buddies site. It’s a lesbian sex scene from them with a hot blonde named Odette Delaroix and a sexy redhead named Elle Alexandra.

Cake Cum


Dancing Bear Cum Cake

The Dancing Bear is getting a little of his own medicine here by a hot busty girl. She has big perfect tits the only problem is that crazy hair of hers I would say. She probably just did it so that everyone wouldn’t recognize her if one of her friends took a picture or something. The room of girls in this video isn’t exactly fucking hot but these sluts do some pretty crazy stuff. The craziest though is that they get a cum cake… If you don’t know what that is well you are going to have a hard life because it’s exactly what it sounds like. Cake with cum on it and these girls eat it! It’s like they want to prove to the other girls just how much of a freak they really are.

High Spirits


Dani Jensen Passion HD

These two are having sex in a high rise condo but the thing is I see buildings a little taller then them all around. I want to know if someone was just eating lunch on the old break room and look over and saw these two fucking. I mean Passion HD didn’t exactly close the blinds or anything they were just fucking for all those guys to see. The name of this erotic hardcore scene with Dani Jensen is called High Spirits. She has been on their site 6 times now I can’t even believe that have so many of her, the members must be in love. I have always loved her petite little body and am really glad she hasn’t got a boob job or anything like that, she still doesn’t even look like a pornstar and she has been around for a really long time!

Jessica Robbin


Jessica Robbin FuckedHard18

You probably aren’t suppose to laugh during a porn video but this one FuckedHard18 video had me smiling at times. I put a couple of them in the video because I just think it shows how cool of a chick that Jessica Robbin is. Jessica was just getting worked over in this scene cumming so much she couldn’t even believe it. It looks like she got a haircut and those boobs might have even got bigger since the last time I saw her. She is really enjoying this porn thing I think because she is getting fucked harder and longer then she ever would have in her real life. I couldn’t find any pictures but I think the video is good enough. Make sure to go and join this site so you can see the full thing it’s really just a great video for multiple reasons.

Perfect Naturals on Lucy


Lucy V Natural Tits

You can’t tell me you don’t love this girls all natural tits! I am not sure if she is a natural redhead or if she is actually a brunette or something. I know it’s dyed but it could just be more dyed so it’s more red… The girls name is Lucy V if you have been living under a rock or something like that. She is one of my favorite babes who has her own site. So if you are interested in getting to know this sexy UK model then head on over and join up!

Pussy Pledge Rings


Haze Her Pussy Pledge Rings

In order for these pledges to get their “Pussy Pledge Rings” they have to do a couple of things. First of all they can’t be caught having cookies in their dorm rooms because this sorority wants their girls super skinny I guess. The second thing they must do is the most fucked up part and the reason this video is on Haze Her. The pledges have to please a sister that is already part of the sorority. The sisters have their way with the pledges, one girl with a nice big ass sits on this redheads face that is pictured here. The redhead eats that pussy nice and good giving her a orgasm. The sisters are all mean though because after they had a orgasm from getting their pussies eaten out by the pledges they kind of return the favor. They’re sisters afterall so they’re not about to eat the pledges pussy but they go get their vibrators from their bedrooms and use it on them until the cum too.

Melody Jordan


Melody Jordan Mr. Anal

I am doubling up on my Mr. Anal updates today from Bang Bros! I forgot about this site and well fell a little behind and this is the only way to catch up! This nice round white ass belongs to Melody Jordan one of the few 18–25 year old models who can take it up the ass almost as good as a MILF. Unlike Lea Lexis she can’t have a anal orgasm but she pretty soon will beable to! Melody Jordan just started doing porn and she already has a lot of anal sex scenes under her belt and you can see she is getting more and more comfortable with taking it up the butt. Melody is a natural redhead which I just don’t see enough of… I was reading one of those porn infographs and I saw a stat about how few redhead pornstars there are so you should know Melody here is quite rare.

Feeling Sexy


Jessica Robbin Feeling Sexy

Jessica Robbin is feeling sexy in this hot lingerie I guess you would call it… The outfit she has on looks like it was meant to be crotchless and well braless I guess you would say but they put patches over it to look a little sexier at the start. She keeps it on and then when she starts fucking she pulls these patches away and its nice because the bra keeps those big floppy tits of hers nice and contained. They look hotter then normal and they normally are amazing I must say. The scene is once again for Big Naturals, it’s her 2nd time on the site. This girl is also known and Jessica Rabbit because I think at one point during Halloween she dressed up as her and she pulled her off so well the name just kind of stuck.

Jessica Robbin in Big Naturals Sweet Tempation

Met Art Dariya


Dariya Met Art

There’s something magical about a redhead, especially when she’s gorgeous and has an amazing body like Dariya does in this Met Art photoshoot! She is sweet as a pie as she takes off her top in a classy looking house, showing us those perky tits and her perfect ass…her pubes look a little on the dark side so I’m not so sure she’s a natural redhead but I think the magic still shines through! Maybe it’s just the magic of a beautiful nude woman regardless of hair color.

Scoreland Anna Song


Anna Song on Scoreland

Man oh man, Anna Song has such a sweet rack…and she’s showing it off in this hot Scoreland update! Anna’s got curves in all the right places from those big beautiful tits to her round smooth juicy booty…what a bombshell. Watch this busty babe show off in her bra and pink see-through panties as she poses in the sun, letting those huge breasts be a harbinger of spring! I’d rather see that lovely pair than a dumb old robin, wouldn’t you?

Chloe & Kiera


Kiera Winters and Chloe Foster

The redhead here is Kiera Winters and the blonde sitting on the guys face is Chloe Foster. This is both their second scene for Passion HD and they are sharing it together as you can see. It’s a really good threesome with tons of pussy eating and fucking. It’s all very erotic and I love that both of these girls are super petite with those nice perky tits. The name of this episode is “Picky Eaters” and with everything that was eaten in this video I would say this episode title is total bullshit! This scene just came out today so it’s hot off the press hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Kiera Winters


Kiera Winters Casting Couch X

I thought Kiera Winters here was just going to be a lesbian pornstar but as you can see she is making the switch! She went out and found a agent but this just isn’t any agent he also runs a site called Casting Couch X. You get to see him take each one of his models for their first fuck and he then sends it off to other people to get them jobs. Kiera Winters is a redhead girl with small tits and just a small all around body. She does everything he tells her to do because she does want to make a good audition tape. The facial at the end of this video is fucking epic I wonder what you have to eat to get a cumshot like that!



Jodi Taylor Babes Network

Jodi Taylor is back on Babes Network this time in a scene called Overcast. The couple was going to go for a walk today but the weather didn’t cooperate so they just stayed in. What do you do when you’re staying inside with your girlfriend? Well you fuck her of course and that’s what this guy does. He gets her in the mood by giving her oral sex. Once her pussy is wet enough he strips her down until she is naked and pounds her right there on the couch as you see in this image that I posted. Babes Network has really hot galleries and with this new scene they have two videos of Jodi. If you want to see the full videos you are going to have to join, so stop messing around and a least check out the tour today!
Babes Network episode Azure With Jodi Taylor

Lucy V Selfshots


Lucy V Self Shots

That right there is a nice set of tits! It belongs to a model you guys should definitely keep a eye out for her name is Lucy V. She actually runs her very own website and that’s going to be the best place to find porn of her. I don’t know if you can really call it porn but she shows her tits and that should be good enough for any of us! I love a redhead girl and Lucy is a redhead for sure but she does dye it a little bit to make it more vibrant.

Top Of The World


Karlie Montana Top Of The World

There was seriously a ton of pictures I was trying to decide between when I posted this gallery. Karlie Montana is very very photogenic! She has such a great body with that round ass and then there area couple of pictures that really show off her amazing tight pussy. I like that she keeps her pussy a little hairy, it makes her a woman you know! She looks hot as hell anytime she is fucking but especially in her Passion HD scenes. If you missed any of the past galleries just go to the related section of this post and you will them there.
Passion HD Hot Jeans with Karlie Montana
Karlie Montana In Clean Start With Dillion Harper By Passion HD

Whitney Westgate


Whitney Westgate Massage Girls 18

This girl is fucking hot! If you didn’t see her Fucked Hard 18 scene then this video is going to be really new for you. If you did see it, it’s much the same but a couple more positions and on Massage Girls 18 she is much more “in charge” then the other site I kind of like it better. Whitney Westgate is just a freak of natural with her super petite body but having this nice full natural tits. I love surprises like this because usually you just don’t see a petite chick with big tits, it’s very rare in my opinion. Whitney Westgate isn’t just all body either I mean she is very easy on the eyes with that cute face wouldn’t you guys say? Well you get to see her fucked in a nice long video so just go on and check it out, you will like it and if you don’t then well you’re gay. Nothing wrong with that, just totally on the wrong site.

Clean Start


Karlie Montana Dillion Harper Passion HD

Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone! If for some reason you are not watching the big game then you can watch this awesome threesome from Passion HD. It’s called Clean Start and it features Karlie Montana and Dillion Harper. Both girls get a turn fucking this lucky ass guy and while the other one is not getting the cock she is licking pussy or balls as you see in this picture with Dillion between Karlie’s legs licking her clit. Passion HD has the best porn in the entire world starring all your favorite pornstars so make sure to check them out please!

Hot Evening


Aubrey James Hot Evening

You are in for quite a awesome video if you join Joymii and get to see Aubrey James get her fuck on. The name of the scene is Hot Evening and I was only able to obtain pictures for you guys! Joymii is going to keep this video for members only and there is nothing I can do about it! Aubrey is totally that girl next door, or she could be like a old school 50’s pinup girl. I love the red hair and the flawless body she has. Aubrey is best known fo rthat round ass and you will definitely enjoy checking that out in these amazing pictures I have.

Sweet Temptation


Jessica Robbin Big Naturals

Those big titties right there are all real, pretty sure you should be able to tell from this pictures but just in case you can’t! The scene is from Big Naturals a site you get access to when you’re part of the Reality Kings network of porn sites. The girl though is a chick I hope is around for a very very long time! Her name is Jessica Robbin and I think she is a natural redhead. She dye’s it so that it a little more red then it should be but just from her skin color and those freckles I think she is the real deal. She keeps her pussy shaved so you can’t tell that way but just go with me here. The site I am sending you too is a site entirly dedicated to her, so if you like this chick I am sending you to your Jessica Robbin paradise.

Pure Lust


Sage Evans Joymii Pure Lust

This sex scene with Sage Evans is just pure lust. It was shot for Joymii and the gallery doesn’t have a video on it because Joymii just doesn’t allow that shit! There is one though have no doubt. This girl is super cute with these little titties and being a natural redhead just does it for me as well. The only other scene I have watched with Sage is probably the first one she ever did and that was with Casting Couch X. She keeps her pussy nice and shaved, no little bump or anything like that which is pretty crazy for a girl that is as fair skinned as Sage. She has one of those nice petty pussies that you could just lick on for hours.

Karlie Montana


Karlie Montana Passion HD

Karlie Montana is pretty new to hardcore but she isn’t new to the adult industry at all. She used to just pose naked for those erotic sites or even do a couple of lesbian scenes. She is full on hardcore now and is really turning out some amazing scenes. Karlie has a on some hot jeans in the beginning of this gallery nice and tight and they show off her bubble butt really well. The video filmed this couple fucking in some very unique angels, like they are fliming from a ladder or something. Nice wide angels so you can see everything that is going on. The just put a bed in the middle of a big room so you can really focus on the sex and nothing else that is going on around them. This is how most Passion HD scenes are, they focus on the sex and nothing else.

Leanna Decker Pussy


Leanna Decker Playboy

Brace yourselves for a stunning redhead coming to you courtesy of Playboy! Looks like the wind was whipping pretty good on the day they shot by the ocean as Leanna Decker’s long lovely hair is blown to and fro in each shot. This beautiful ginger has huge tits, a lovely face and a nice bald pussy that looks just right for a nice midday fuck on the beach!

The Ginger


Ginger Head on Girls Do Porn

Does the carpet match the drapes? I am not sure because this redhead right here keeps her perfect pussy bald! I mean it’s perfectly shaven and looking oh so fuckable. The guy from Girls Do Porn has no problem pounding this pussy nice and hard. This college girl wasn’t sure she was going to beable to take this guys big dick at first but once that tight pussy stretched out a little bit she loved every inch. She seems like a pretty innocent girl and she probably is I mean she hasn’t even had a facial in her private life before, what a boring girl. She did bring a friend along with her to meet the Girls Do Porn guys and the friend is going to be on next week or something like that. I hope that they do a threesome with her and her friend because they have never eaten each other out before and it would be fun to see that for the first time.

Jessica Fresh Fuck


Jessica Robbin Big Tits, Round Asses

Those are some juicy big natural tits for you guys! You don’t just get to see this girl Jessica Robbin getting naked this is a scene from Big Tits, Round Asses a Bang Bros site so you get to see her fucked! Jessica is such a spunky girl and man does she look good getting fucked doggystyle. I just love seeing big tits like this flying all over the place, it presents a little bit of danger I think. Jessica strips down naked out on the balcony and then goes and takes a shower so that her pussy is nice and clean for a licking, and then a fucking. The guy does what any guy would do when he see a big set of tits like this sprays them with his man juice.

Ariel & Gina


Ariel and Gina and Joymii

I have a awesome little lesbian sex gallery for you guys from Joymii. The girls do in fact eat each other out but these lesbian want to have a orgasm so they brake out THE TOY OF ALL TOYS! It’s called the Super Toy or as us in the regular world it’s called a Hitachi. It’s basically just the strongest vibrator known to woman and it gets them to where they want to be and that orgasm alley. I just made that up, it sucks I know. I almost forgot to tell you the models in this gallery are Ariel and Gina, Ariel being the redhead.

Marilyn Mayson Anal


marilyn mayson scoreland

Ready for some hardcore BBW action? Sexy tattooed curvy babe Marilyn Mayson is on Scoreland and once she gets her purple see-through stripped off and those huge fat natural tits pop out, she’s ready for a hard cock! Luckily there’s a guy nearby who is more than willing as he slips that dick in her mouth, pussy and ass in this hot hardcore scene.

Jessica Facial


Jessica Robbin Back Room Facials

Look what I have for you guys! Her name is Jessica Robbin and she has one amazing set of natural tits! I have posted a couple of galleries of her now that you will see in our related section. This one was shot for Bang Bros and is part of their Back Room Facials series. This another casting couch interview thing that Jessica is doing. She must be really pounding the streets to find a porn job! A natural redhead with big natural tits it’s not going to be hard to find jobs for her! Watch her riding cock and then getting a face full of cum in her newest casting interview.

Jessica Robbin on Casting Couch X

Jessi Palmer


Jessi Palmer

Super cute Jessi Palmer is getting fucked in this new glamcour scene from Babes Network. I don’t think she is a natural redhead but she could be just by how white that skin of hers is. I don’t know what it is but if you have redhead it’s like required that you are white as a ghost, which I am okay with because I like girls of all flavors. This sex is extremely passionate and you can tell that Jessi is a new comer just because she enjoyed this sex way more then a girl that’s been around the block you know. She isn’t used to a guy fucking her as good as this guy did and it was just a pleasure to see!

Sage Evans


Sage Evans Casting Couch X

I have for you a Casting Couch X scene starring Sage Evans. I like this scene because I have actually seen Sage in another scene. That means that these guys who run this casting agency actually get girls jobs after they film their first sex scene. This isn’t like Backroom Casting Couch where the guy just tricks them into thinking that he is going to get them jobs, these guys actually get the girls job. I mean I don’t really care that much but its a little “different” then these other casting couch sites. There is one thing that is kind of the same Sage here has no idea that she is going to be making her first sex tape she just thinks she is going in for a quite interview to begin her porn career, she doesn’t know that it actually starts today!

FTV Girls Hawaii


Lena and Melody FTV Girls

Here is more from the Hawaii set that FTV Girls did with Lena and Melody Jordan. The girls are just beautiful together with Melody big perky tits, and Lena’s cute small tits and perfect round ass. The girls don’t just get naked next to each other no, they eat each other out and actually in this video you get to see Melody licking Lena’s ass. Lena admitted that that is one of her guilty pleasures to have her guys do. Lick her pussy and move down a little further and lick her ass. Good thing for her Melody is a straight up freak and is willing to do any of that! Melody Jordan brought her favorite toy on vacation with her a hitachi wand which she uses out on her hotel balcony and has a amazing orgasm.



Sage Fuckedhard18

I have another redhead for you guys to enjoy today this time it’s hardcore though with a girl named Sage. The scene is from FuckedHard18 so it’s that massage porn that we love so much on this site. Sage has one of those pussies that just wraps around your dick when you fuck her so it looks quite sexy in a couple of pictures that are on this gallery that you should check out. The video is pretty long and it’s uncut action but with no “finish” for that you need to join the site. I don’t know if it’s just the angle that this video was shot in or what but Sage here looks to have super long legs and it’s rare that I even notice a chicks legs but I think Sage has a pair!

Spin The Bottle Orgy


College Rules Spin The Bottle Orgy

I am a pretty big fan of this new submission to College Rules! It’s called Spin The Bottle Orgy and I don’t like it because of the game they are playing I like it because these girls who are fucking in this video are hot! This girl is probably my favorite because she has nice big tits, and big tits are just the best! The other girl can ride a dick like you wouldn’t believe I mean just check out picture number 22 for proof of that. Those are probably my two favorite girls in this whole orgy scene but that’s fine because they don’t really focus on the other girls. I almost forgot to mention this exotic petite girl that shows up at the end of the video. She too can ride a mean did she is fast as fuck when she rides, it must have took a lot of practice to get that good!

Jessica Robbin


Jessica Casting Couch X

Well the guy at Casting Couch X isn’t doing bad for himself would you say? This girl is fucking HOT! Nice and thick with amazing big natural tits and I think she is a actual real deal redhead what do you guys think? She just wants to stop the rat race and actually get ahead in the world. She knows that she is hot and well Jessica you are! I think she will actually make it in the porn industry this guy just needs to get her other jobs. He was originally just a porn producer but has now started putting his casting couch sex videos on line to open up another revenue source.

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