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Big Boob Blonde


Big boob blonde for passion hd

What a title am I right? Big Boob Blonde…well, it’s certainly accurate, even if it’s not all that creative…this Passion HD update features the gorgeous Kayla Kayden making her debut on the site as her man sneaks up behind her and slips his hands around her waist, pulling her against his stiffening cock and grabbing those big juicy titties…neither he nor Kayla can resist the power of those nipples and they both start licking and flicking them with their tongues as they kiss! Kayla definitely loves those big juicy titties of hers…this flaxen-haired hottie gets her pussy taken for a ride in this sexy hardcore scene, bouncing up and down and then bending over with her cute butt in the air, getting fucked doggystyle nice and deep by that big thick dick. Kayla ends up just how she likes to end up, on her knees with a face covered in jizz, licking the rest off of her man’s cock to finish off this red hot Passion HD sex scene! It might be Kayla’s first scene for those guys but with that face and those tits and that pussy she makes it seem like she’s right at home right off the bat. Can’t wait to see this girl come back for some more fun!

Melissa May


Melissa may for blacked

So this blonde hottie Melissa May is in a bit of a pickle…her mom has a new boyfriend and as it turns out he’s cute and Melissa has had some very naughty thoughts about him! Turns out she’s not the only one fantasizing, he’s gotten a look at those cute perky titties and nice sexy round ass of hers and one day when Melissa came around they just couldn’t resist makig those dreams cum true! The guy is packing some serious meat in those pants and Melissa couldn’t wait to wrap her hands and lips around it, sucking that huge dick and then throwing her legs over his shoulders to get her sweet tight little pussy pounded in this hot update from BLACKED! Melissa gets fucked six ways from Sunday, taking every inch of that cock in her pussy…I have the feeling this guy might stick around awhile, he gets to fuck mother and daughter and when the daughter is as smokin hot as Melissa that counts as a big win in my book! Melissa takes a nice big load of his cum all over her face to finish things up, looking up at him with those beautiful eyes of hers…she might pay more frequent visits to her mom’s house now with this kind of incentive!

Valerie Cormier


Eyebrow ring hottie

Say hello to sexy busty Valerie Cormier in this hot photoshoot, she looks fucking gorgeous and also looks like she could probably kick your ass if needs be! Valerie has a little eyebrow ring, a pair of huge bouncy titties and is relaxing under a little waterfall here, letting the water soak through her shirt for a nice one-woman wet tshirt contest, her nipples hardening with the chill of the water until they look like they’re about ready to drill right through that thin white top of hers. Valerie is tanned and sexy and man seeing her sitting there in the water will definitely get thoughts of summer into your head, can’t wait until the weather is warmer and the women are cooling off any way they can manage!

Belle Sinclair


Belle sinclair playboy

This dark haired beauty is Belle Sinclair and apparently she made it clear that doing a nude photoshoot like this is, for her, not a sexual experience but more of a way for her to take ownership of her body and share it as she saw fit. Well that sounds like a pretty sexual experience if you ask me, especially when you take a look at those cute perky little boobies and her fantastic tight creamy smooth ass as she gets naked for the cameras here! This photoshoot is coming to you from Playboy of course, when you see a woman as beautiful as this getting naked and showing off a sexy stunning body it’s generally a pretty good bet that it’s coming your way from the ol’ Playboy. Keep an eye out for when this girl is leaning over on her elbows wiht that perfect butt up in the air, looks fucking amazing.

Hitomi Tanaka


Hitomi tanaka

So usually Asian women tend not to have massive titties, it was kind of a surprise to see these shots of beautiful Hitomi Tanaka with those big swingin jugs of hers…from the facial expression she has for most of these shots I’d say she’s surprised too! Well either that or she’s reacting to the milking machine she’s hooked up to that is extracting rivulets of white milk from those big bouncy soft breasts of hers. The suction cups or whatever those are look like the kind of things you’d see dangling from a cow but they’re doing double D duty (actually those boobs are wayyy bigger than double D’s, from the looks of things) here as this beautiful exotic babe gets her milk sucked out until it’s juicing all over her boobs and down onto her thighs. Fans of lactation and milking and of course fans of busty beautiful Asian women will absolutely love these shots!

Alexandra Tyler


Alexandra taylor

Gorgeous Alexandra Tyler stars in this hot photoshoot from the one and only Playboy…those guys know a thing or two about picking beautiful models and having them pose on camera, gotta admit. Usually when I think of glamour models the image in my head is of a gorgeous blonde with huge tits, but in this photoshoot Alexandra is a raven haired beauty…she still has big breasts but they don’t look unnatural on her or anything, she looks incredible…Alexandra is hanging out topless on a couch with some kind of weird furry feathery blanket thing wrapped around her, and is also wearing nylon stockings and a pair of high heel shoes. Basically she looks fucking smokin hot…especially when you take into account the fact that playboy photographers know how to manipulate light and actually use it to their advantage, rather than just blasting a model with the light of a thousand suns and hoping for the best! Enjoy these shots of a sexy stunner with a fantastic body.

Keisha Brazzers Anal


Keisha Grey Anal on Brazzers

The beautiful Keisha Grey looks pretty hot in this new anal sex scene she did for Brazzers. By my count it’s only the second time she has done anal the other time was for Hard-X. This one though it looks like she is fucking a guy with a dick like 2x as big. He makes sure to use this huge butt plug toy on her before he fucks her and it seems to work because he is able to pound that round ass once he spends some time getting her used to this black toy in there. The scene is all anal the whole time and I think we are getting close to the point where Keisha Grey is going to be doing a ton of anal. It seems when a girl first takeing it in the ass she doesn’t do it much but as she gets used to it she does it more and more. I mean Jynx Maze used to no do anal that much now it seems every scene she is taking it up the butt LOL. Keisha Grey has been around soem time now and I still think she is just cute as fuck and I love her nice thick body. I am definitely not the only one either!

Natalia Starr


Natalia starr porn pros

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen gorgeous blonde Natalia Starr showing her stuff, but she’s back and is looking of course amazing in this update from Porn Pros! She’s a cock hungry slut of the first degree and with those big juicy titties, round sexy ass and beautiful face of hers she never has a problem finding a willing guy to pound that sweet wet pussy nice and deep and hard. In this update Natalia just got out of hte shower and is teasing her man, flashing her sexy body and then losing her towel entirely before tackling him back onto the bed and taking that big hard cock of his in her mouth, getting her pussy licked and tongue-fucked…after a nice 69 she goes for a hard ride on that dick, her big titties bouncing hypnotically as she gets fucked, pounding that pussy up and down on his dick! It’s not a Natalia Starr scene until she gets that ass of hers in the air though, and soon sure enoguh she’s on her hands and knees getting fucked doggystyle, taking every inch of that cock before sucking and pumping a nice big load of cum out that gets all over those sweet boobs. Welcome back, Natalia!

Gabriella Ford


Gabriella ford on tlhc

There’s something about a rancher’s daughter hanging out in the barn that just always seems to be sexy as hell, especially when you’re talking about an exotic beautiful Latina chick like Gabriella Ford here! She was waiting for a hung and horny cowpoke to come teach her a thing or two, she was sick of the little rinkydinky cocks that the other ranch hands were packing and as you well know, Teens Love Huge Cocks! This freaky teen gets down and dirty with this guy’s huge hard dick, laying him back on a bale of hay in the barn and then sucking him off and going for a ride on that big stick! She got that sweet tight little cunt stretched to its limits and moaned loud enough to spook the cows in the pasture as she got pounded, taking as much of that dick as she could fit in her tight little teen pussy before

Pool Table POV


Pov pool table brookes playhouse

Talk about racking em up…Brooke here from Brookes Playhouse was playing a little billiards with her boyfriend, knocking those balls around and showing her stick handling skills, leaning way over as she shot to make sure he got a nice eyeful of those huge perfect tits of hers. She had a fantasy about using the pool table for some naughty purposes and when her man saw those juicy big boobs of hers he was more than down to lend a helping cock to make it cum true! She hopped up on the pool table and started undoing her top, letting htose magnificent mammaries out to play and slipping her jeans down her legs along with those cute little panties, sliding her cue stick up and down between her tits and then taking her man’s cock into her mouth! He was hard as a rock after checking out her titties of course and gave her a nice hard facefucking, getting a sweet blowjob in POV perspective before shooting a load of cum into Brooke’s mouth for her to swallow down!

Bella Bellz


Bella bellz on pawg

When I first got a look at that sexy round juicy ass that Bella Bellz is packing in her tight little shorts I thought she had a tattoo of a furry tail peeking out, but after she gets naked and gives us a better look I am pretty sure it’s some kind of peacock feather or something along those lines. This chick is covered with tattoos so if you hate girls with ink you might be a little bummed but man this chick has a fantastic butt, it’s no wonder they brought her onto PAWG on the Bang Bros network to show off that juicy badonkadonk booty! Bella starts off taking her shorts off and sucking this guy’s big cock, pulling up her top to show off those perky breasts and getting her sexy round ass in the air. I hope she liked what she saw on the cushion there because that’s going to be her viewpoint for a little while, bend over to get her sweet tight pucker fucked! This guy got a look at that sexy fat ass and knew he just had to give her a nice hard anal pounding, sliding that cock in and out of her hole before she spun around, sucking a nice big load of cum out that got all over her sweet titties!

Whips and Cuffs


Xxx pawn shop whips and cuffs

Some guys love to be dominated, and then there are guys like the proprietor of the XXX Pawn Shop who live life on the handle side of the riding crop, so to speak! When this Dominatrix came into the pawnshop looking to offload some of her old gear this guy was pretty interested in the goods…and I don’t mean the whips and cuffs! He took her to the back room for a little private demonstration of some of the toys and of course he wanted to get a taste of what it’s like to fuck a Dom, having control over the controller so to speak. She gave a little demo of how the cuffs and crops and whatnot work and then got an eyeful of that huge hard cock of his and couldn’t resist turning that eyeful into a mouthful! He slid that big thick dick into her throat, facefucking her before bending this chick over the desk and pounding that dripping wet pussy of hers, slapping against her fat juicy ass. I think he ended up buying her gear and I suspect she wouldn’t mind being on the receiving end of his Dom action again sometime, from the looks of things!

Nude In A Crowd


Nude in a crowd

It’s pictures like this that make me want to just pack it all up and move to Europe…gorgeous blonde women walking around nude in public and nobody is freaking out and calling the cops, people are looking for sure but nobody is having a moral shit-fit so to speak. It’s the kind of picture that Ernie from the great site Ernie’s House of Whoopass likes to post; in fact, it’s the photo challenge for today’s post! What he does is post a picture like this that has certain clues in it (street signs, business names, that kind of thing) and challenges his readers to identify where and sometimes when the picture was shot. The hard part really is tearing your eyes away from whatever hot and sexy naked amateur woman is flashing or lounging or whatever she’s doing in the picture! Ernie also just likes to talk about whatever interests him and more often than not I find it interesting too, and I bet you will as well. And hey if you don’t like his writing I bet you’ll like the naked women!

Emily Ratajkowski


Emily ratajkowski panties

So I saw this photo of Emily Ratajkowski and was like “holy shit this girl is smokin hot, and who the hell is Emily Ratajkowski?” so I looked her up, turns out she’s a model and got pretty well known after being in a Robin Thicke music video. Basically, she’s famous for being super smokin hot, and if you take a look at this picture up above you’ll damn well see why! Look at that face, look at those lips, and of course let your eyes drift down south and look at those sexy little yellow panties and nice legs as she sits on the stairs one chilly morning. Apparently she posted this shot on Instagram, which tells me two things…one, she’s not shy about posting pictures of herself in panties to social media, and for another thing she hangs out with a friend who she trusts enough to take pictures of her in panties and post them on social media! I’ll have to keep an eye out for more of Emily, she is seriously one of the most gorgeous women I’ve seen in a long time.

Madelyn Marie


Madelyn marie

Hey do you like beautiful Latina babes with big tits getting naked and masturbating? Ha ha I might as well have just asked ‘hey are you alive and reading these words right now’ because the answer would be 100% the same. Of course you fucking like beautiful Latinas, and here we’ve got the lovely sultry senorita Madelyn Marie showing off those huge fake tits and then slipping her little panties aside to pleasure herself with a glass toy! This is one sexy woman, I’m not a huge fan of huge fake breasts but this girl is pulling em off, so to speak. Madelyn is sliding her toy up and down over that cute tight pink little pussy, moaning and holding her thighs wide open to give us a great view of all the goods! She looked sexy in her frilly pink lingerie but damn, she’s fifty times hotter when she gets nude and tickles her clit with that dildo.

Jessie Shannon


Jessie shannon

Talk about having some awesome curves…meet Jessie Shannon, a gorgeous brunette with big juicy tittiets and a sexy round ass, as she relaxes on a marble countertop bathing in the sunlight! Actually I think it’s a bathroom countertop or something so maybe she was literally bathing, too. It’s hard to tell, houses at a certain pricepoint tend to blur the lines between bathroom and bedroom, it’s all marble and gauze and light. Jessie probably showers in diamonds and bottled child-giggles, too…all I know is that she’s nice and wet here and loves playing with her own boobs, and I certainly can’t blame her for that! If this is her idea of a shower I heartily approve, especially when there’s a cameraman there taking some shots to share with all of us peasants.

Megan Rain Lustful


Megan Rain Lustful

This scene just came out today and I wanted to hurry up and get it to you guys. It’s of a beautiful model who has been showing up on a lot of sites recently, her name is Megan Rain. She has a super pretty face and she is very very petite. In this scene she is in her bed in some little black panties getting ready to pleasure herself. It’s something that I want to see but then the guy walks in and that’s what I really want to see. Seeing a hot girl like Megan getting fucked just never gets old now does it. The video is long but not super long and I don’t think it’s nearly as good as the one in the members area. If you like seeing a girl getting her pussy eaten out I think you’re going to enjoy this, there is also a lot of fingering. The fucking doesn’t really happy until the end of the video and it’s some serious hard fucking. Nubiles is also kind enough to show us how the video ends and it ends with Megan having him pull out of her pussy and she jerks him off onto her stomach.



Anastasia goth on exploited college girls

Fans of gorgeous gothy type chicks rejoice, because I’ve got a doozie here for you today on Exploited College Girls! This is the second girl named Anastasia who has been on the site, the first one was a blonde so we’re about to swing in the exact opposite direction with this raven-haired hottie. She’s got piercing blue eyes, some cute piercings and of course some tattoos here and there, and also just happens to have a perfect butt. Check it out as she hops on the bed on her hands and knees, that ass is hot as hell and Anastasia here loves to get fucked doggystyle! She’s got a nice soft meaty pussy that gets dripping wet and she loves taking a deep hard pounding apparently, wrapping those long sexy legs around the guy and getting her tight cunt drilled until the guy shoots a load of cum inside her hole that drips out for a nice creampie finish! If you only like chicks with huge tits you might be a little sad since Anastasia has small perky boobies but otherwise this girl is going to rock your world…get ready to go goth and get gooey!

Gracie Glam


Pawg gracie glam

Get ready for another big fat juicy ass here on the Bang Bros network site PAWG, as gorgeous Gracie Glam makes her site debut! She’s got that sexy girl-next-door look, assuming the girl living next door to you has cute perky titties and a big bodacious badonkadonk booty. PAWG stands for Phat Ass White Girl by the way in case you aren’t in the know…and Gracie certainly has a sexy big juicy ass, so I’d say she fits onto this site like it was made for her! She starts off on her own dancing around a little in her tight striped skirt that clung to every curve of that sweet body of hers, then stripped down and was joined by her guy pal who wasted no time before diving face-first into her ass to lick her balloon knot and that meaty pussy to get her dripping wet! Gracie went for a nice hard ride, bouncing that big bubble butt up and down while she got her pussy penetrated to the limits of this guy’s cock…and it’s all going down in the great outdoors out on the deck, nothing wrong with getting back to nature when it comes to fucking a gorgeous bootylicious babe like Gracie!

Tear It Off


Chloe riley tear it off phd

Gorgeous Chloe Riley went with her man into the bedroom, she was wearing a sexy little denim skirt and the entire time they had been out on the town shopping the guy kept thinking about when he would get the chance to tear it off and go to town on that sweet tight sexy pussy of hers! In this Passion HD update that’s just what happens, Chloe looks incredible with that beautiful face and perfect perky titties and ass…she’s downright gorgeous over every inch of her body so it’s no wonder this guy was distracted walking around with her! She takes his big fat cock in her mouth and then gets her shaved pussy pounded, taking every inch of his dick in her tight cunt before pumping out a big cream facial that drips off her chin! To my knowledge this is Chloe’s first time on Passion HD but man oh man she is perfect for the site, I really hope they bring this stunner back for more. If you’ve got a thing for hot skinny brunettes with nice tits and tight firm butts Chloe Riley will be right down your alley! By the way since I’ve got your attention already with this hottie, the guys who do Passion HD have a brand new site now called My Very First Time, make sure you check it out because it’s hot as hell…basically it’s beautiful sexy women exploring sexual thing that they’ve never done before while the cameras roll!

Horny Texas MILF


Horny texas milf on mom pov

You know what they always say, ‘everything is bigger in Texas’! Well that certainly holds true with this horny Texas MILF on Mom POV, her libido is huge and her ass isn’t far behind…she says she’s 48 (I’d put her a few notches further along that that personally but hey I’m not gonna call her a liar) and is doing her very first adult video here! She’s a Southern mama with a pair of big fake tits and of course she loves doggystyle the most…it’s pretty uncommon to find a girl whose favorite position ISN’T doggy, from what I’ve seen! Anyway this horny mature honey takes off her tight sweater to let those puppies out and goes to town on this guy’s hard cock, grabbing it with both hands to suck him off and then spreading her thick thighs to get that wet meaty pussy drilled! Her big titties bounce like crazy as she rides that dick, sliding her cunt up and down on it and then getting on her hands and knees with that fat round ass in the air to get her pussy fucked doggystyle just how she likes it, spinning around at the end to get drenched with a big cum facial to finish off this hot Mom POV scene.

Classy Tittyfucking


Kelly madison classy tittyfucking

You might not put the words ‘classy’ and ‘tittyfucking’ together but if not, you’ve probably never seen Kelly Madison do it! She starts off this shoot she was doing for her own solo site all glamourous and classy and elegant with Kelly in her big floppy hat and cute dark dress with high heeled shoes but since her photographer is her husband Ryan Madison you just know it’s going to end up with some hot raunchy sex! That’s just what happens here as Kelly gets those big juicy soft titties out and Ryan slides his big hard cock between them, slipping it up and down between those huge boobs, pouring a little oil on them to ease things along. Kelly ends up taking that dick into her mouth, sucking Ryan’s cock and getting facefucked until she takes a big load of his cum right down her throat! You might be used to seeing Kelly on Porn Fidelity but she does have her own site, so if you’re in the mood for massive titties on a hot blonde MILF you know where to go.

Sexy Bi Asian BTS


Sexy bi asian bts girls do porn

One of the highlights of the week in the porn world as far as I’m concerned is when Girls Do Porn puts out a new update…the amateur chicks on that site are always and I mean ALWAYS super smokin hot, the sex is great and it’s just a fun time all around. One of the big new changes with the new members’ area they’ve come out with recently is the addition of bonus content (like stuff that wound up on the cutting room floor so to speak), and especially the BTS (behind-the-scenes) footage! It’s great to get an inside look at the personality of these girls, the BTS videos have stuff from before the shoot when the girls are (usually) still super shy and nervous, and stuff shot during the actual content while they were taking breaks and whatnot and the girls have gotten into the swing of things and are having fun, and finally footage shot after everything is said and done and the chick is showering up and relaxing and talking about her experience on the site. Apparently a taxi almost ran into these guys before the shoot, and it’s that kind of thing that you just don’t know about until seeing BTS footage…the clip I’ve got for you guys today is from this girl back in July, she’s a Sexy Bi Asian and I have the feeling she’ll seem mighty familiar if you’ve been a fan of Girls Do Porn for a while; she would be hard to forget with that beautiful face and bangin’ body, not to mention her open fun enthusiastic sexy attitude! This BTS video has footage from when she first showed up (after the close call with the taxi) as well as scenes of her sucking cock and of course the after-shower which ended up being at like 3am…it’s some fun footage of a drop dead beautiful woman and if you like Girls Do Porn (and I can’t really imagine someone not liking them) I’m sure you’ll dig it!

Kristina Bell


T4k kristina bell

I knew it was only a matter of time before adorable little spinner Kristina Bell was featured on Tiny4k! It’s like the site was built specifically for her…she’s got those cute perky little titties, a small tight firm little butt and of course a pussy that just hungers for cock. This braces-wearing teen gives a nice closeup tour of her sexy tight petite body as she goofs around in the apartment at the beginning of this Tiny4k scene, flashing her cute panties before dropping them to the floor (you can see her pussy is already dripping wet) and hopping on the bed to play with herself! Kristina masturbates with her legs splayed open, moaning and closing her eyes as she fingers her clit, licking her own juices off her fingers and imagining a bit fat cock sliding into that tight teen hole. Well imagine no more, Kristina, because this guy showed up and made her fantasies cum true! In this scene called A Little Cotton Candy this guy indulges his sweet tooth by licking her pussy and that tight ass before pounding her hole with his big thick dick…Kristina holds on for dear life as she got fucked, her pussy filled up with this guy’s meat bat before finally dropping to her knees and taking a nice big cum facial.

AJ Applegate Bunny Tail


AJ Applegate Bunny Tail

I know that I am a little late getting you guys out to this but if you read this guys blog you will see that it was him who was late! Anyways you guys are not going to care because you get to see AJ Applegate having anal sex, what more is there to want really? I think the best / funniest part of this video is when AJ brings out a butt plug that she personally has, she brought it to this shoot! For some reason in her personal life there is a need for a bunny tail butt plug. This is the kind of girl I want to hang out with! She puts it in and gets fucked with it in for a while but then they take it out and she is ready to go for some anal. AJ is one of those girls that takes a hard anal pounding and just loves it. It’s good for her career too because with a perfect round ass like she has that’s all us guys want to see from her some hardcore anal!

Sophia Grace


Casting couch x sophia grace

When you’ve got an idea of a cute 18 year old girl ready to bust her way into the adult industry, this North Carolina teen hottie Sophia Grace is probably what pops into your mind! She’s an ex cheerleader, she loves to dance and even demonstrates her twerking skills a little in this Casting Couch X scene! After stripping down and showing off those sweet sexy titties and a nice tight firm ass (I guess she earned that butt from all the dancing and cheerleading and twerking!) this hottie gets to work on the casting director’s cock, sucking him and then spreading those long legs to get her 18 year old pussy fucked! Just imagine having that gorgeous firm ass in the air in front of you ask you fuck a gorgeous teen…well actually don’t even bother imagining it, you can just check out this Casting Couch X action and see it with your own two eyes! You get a nice close look at this tight body as Sophia gets pounded nice and deep, taking that cock in her hole and going for a ride like she’s a jockey in the Kentucky Derby…things finish on a hot note too as she drops to her knees, getting absolutely frosted by a big creamy facial that drips down her face and off her chin!

Candy Ass Creampie


Brookes playhouse anal creampie

If you guys have checked out Brookes Playhouse already you know this chick Brooke is nova-hot am I right? If you haven’t, well my friend you’re about to get a crash course in sexy because this busy babe is hanging out in Vegas with her boyfriend in one of those candy bikinis…I don’t know if you’ve ever seen these things but just so you know they usually just fall right off a girl, so the fact that Brooke’s tits are big and perky and juicy enough to support that candy bikini top should be a clue that this girl is somethin special! That’s not even the best part though, hold onto your hats because when her boyfriend chomps the candy off of Brooke’s big boobs and her sexy hips he proceeds to fuck that tight wet pussy of hers and then she guides his cock into her back door for a nice hard anal pounding! That’s right, this girl is a big fan of anal…is she perfect or what LOL! She takes the guy’s load in her ass for an anal creampie, letting it drip down onto that tight pink cunt of hers…if I hadn’t seen her take a load in the butt with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed this stunner with her innocent face would be up for naughty hardcore fun like that. It’s the sort of thing you find on her site though, she’s full of surprises!

Bella Danger


Abella danger on teen curves

One look at the juicy round ass that Bella Danger is carrying under her tiny skirt and you’ll understand why they wanted to get her on Teen Curves, part of the Team Skeet network of sites! This beautiful exotic honey gets that sweet ass oiled up and rubbed and licked before bending over to get her sweet teen pussy fucked doggystyle, looking hot as hell. Keep an eye out for the shot when the guy whips his big dick out and Bella’s eyes almost pop out of her head, it’s pretty hilarious…then of course keep your attention focused as she fingers her own ass and gets her tight little cunt drilled! The first ten seconds of the video are hot as hell but some of you guys with more self control are gonna have to let me know how it ends because I have yet to see the whole clip…Bella’s booty is just that bangin! It gets all the focus in this Teen Curves scene pretty much but keep in mind that she’s got a mighty fine pair of perky sweet titties too…and she looks pretty proud of herself when she gets a big load of cum all over her face and those boobs!

Christie Nelson Returns


Christie nelson returns on amateur allure

It’s been a few years since we last saw sexy Christie Nelson here on Amateur Allure but she’s back and is looking even sexier now! I don’t know what kind of magic potion she’s been drinking over the last three years but she’s looking red hot in her red top here, showing off those long sexy legs and spreading her pussy lips (I get the feeling this girl never wears panties under a skirt) wide open to give a nice look at that tight pink slit. She wanted to push her own envelope a little for this newer scene so she decided to double up on the D, taking two cocks at once and making it a sexy hardcore threeway! She starts off with some nice oral, licking and sucking both of those dicks with one in each hand, her pussy getting dripping wet with anticipation…and soon her fantasies cum to life as Christie bends over on her hands and knees, getting a cock in the mouth and in the cunt at the same time! This girl is hot as the sun and loves to show it, I’m glad she decided to come back to Amateur Allure and after you clean up your desk and pants a little I’m sure you’ll be glad too.

Candice Dare Returns


Candice dare back on in the crack

If that big round juicy ass up above seems familiar it’s because sexy blonde Candice Dare has been on In The Crack before right here! She’s back for round two now, though, and with that bouncy jiggly badonkadonk booty I’m sure they were more than happy to welcome her back with open arms. Candice wastes no time before getting down to some serious sexiness, peeling off her little black panties and bringing us to within sniffing distance of that sweet pink pussy of hers, then playing with herself and fingering her ass while basically doing the splits on a corner couch! She has like one leg on each of the couch extensions at right angles to each other and is creating the hypotenus of a triangle, basically…it’s geometrically sexy! Candice has this crazy yoga ball type thing with a dildo on it that she deploys for special occasions and I guess this is a special occasion because she ends up going for a nice bouncy ride on her toy, fucking herself with it deep and hard!

Ass of an Angel


Ass of an angel on gf revenge

When this guy woke up he knew right away he had better go grab his video camera, sharpish! His girlfriend’s hot friend Chrissy had spent the night and in the morning when he got up he realized they were both nowhere to be found, but he could hear their voices and splashing coming from the bathroom…that’s right, these two coed hotties had decided to take a bath together! He grabbed his camera and headed in and sure enough they were both in the tub just splashing around and having fun…Chrissy’s tits are fucking incredible and his girlfriend Angel has, well the Ass of an Angel if you will! He taped them both washing and rubbing each other down and soon they started making out, I don’t know if it was just to tease him or if they were exploring some bisexual fantasies or what. They didn’t mind him joining in on the fun though, when he whipped out his cock they both jumped on it for a nice double blowjob and then go out of the water so they could all get naked and fuck! The guy pounded both of those sweet dripping wet pussies and apparently he and Chrissy decided to have some fun withOUT Angel as well and she found out about it, because she dumped his ass and now we get to enjoy the video here on GF Revenge!

Ashley Adams


Ashley adams for porn fidelity

We saw part 1 of this series already but at the time on Porn Fidelity it was called Beauty Of The Breast…now it’s Beauty In The Breast, but either way it’s all about big juicy firm titties and that’s where Ashley Adams cums into play in part 2 of the series! Fans of the boob this is where all your dreams are about to come true…you get footage of Ashley’s big firm young tits bouncing and jiggling around in slow motion as she plays around before Ryan Madison comes into the scene, fucking the living daylights out of that sweet tight wet pussy of hers! I guess those fantastic melons of hers are driving Ryan wild too because he delivers not one, not two, but THREE loads of cum in this red hot Porn Fidelity scene! He shoots a load on her stomach, drops a load in her mouth and then finishes things off by shooting a wad deep in her cunt where it comes dripping out nice and slow for a creampie. It’s a celebration of all things breast with beautiful Ashley as the guest of honor, and I think they made a fantastic choice there…her titties are fucking stupendous and the rest of her body is tight as a drum as she gets that tight little hole fucked! This update obviously is more about the tits than the rest of her body but man, that cute round juicy ass of hers deserves a special mention as well…maybe they should have called this series Booty And The Breast, that would have been way more clever.

Mia Pearl


Teen fidelity mia pearl

Some women really get off on roleplay, and that certainly includes sexy teen newcomer Mia Pearl! This chick loves getting tied up and taken control over, and in Part 3 of the She Can’t Take It series she definitely gets her fantasies fulfilled! Ryan Madison binds and gags her on the couch, rubbing his big dick against her taped up mouth to tease her a little before untying her hands, giving her the opportunity to stroke and then lick and suck his big fat cock until it was rock hard! Mia gets a nice Teen Fidelity style pounding as she gets bent over with that firm young ass in the air, taking Ryan’s dick in her tight little hole as he reached around to grab and squeeze her firm juicy titties…things finally cum to a close as Ryan unleashes a torrent of cream, hosing Mia down all over that sexy tight teen body of hers! One thing about Teen Fidelity, they are certainly never afraid to push the envelope with their hardcore fuck scenes and this is a pretty good example of that…but Mia seems to love every minute of it, so despite the title of the series I’d have to say She Can Take It!

Breathtaking Bikini


Bikini hottie

So if you haven’t ever checked it out, and I would smack you in the head if you haven’t, Ernie’s House of Whoopass is quite the site. Pretty much every day Ernie posts, writing about whatever the hell he wants to write about and linking to things whether they be cool items on sale or just interesting bits of information (in this update for instance he devotes a whole section to the filming of Waterworld. To keep things interesting he also sprinkles in pictures of gorgeous amateur girls, usually flashing tits and ass or hanging out in lingerie or whatever…sometimes he makes them a bit of a scavenger hunt, asking his loyal legions of readers to take a look at the picture and email him with guesses as to when and where they were taken or about a specific item. The drop dead gorgeous chick in the bikini with the perfect tits that I used just above for the thumbnail, for instance, he wanted to know where the banner on the right came from…he thought it was an alcohol brand but as it turned out, it was a phone company’s logo in reverse. Anyway she’s got great tits am I right?

Roberta Berti


Playboy back tattoo

I wish I could read what that tattoo going down the length of Roberta Berti’s spine in this sexy Playboy photoshoot said but unfortunately I don’t read Greek or Martian or whatever language that is. I’m pretty sure I see some Greek letters, but who knows…maybe Roberta does but I’d guess that’s about even money! Anyway this girl looks incredible as she lounges by the side of the pool, stripping out of her bikini (or bra and panties, either way) and getting completely naked! It looks like she’s about ready to do a little skinny dipping here but she’s still got some sexy high heels on, so I guess hanging out naked on a patio chair was her end-game. She’s got some amazing perky titties, not to mention a nice tight pussy and a face that would stop traffic pretty much anywhere she went! Roberta knows it, too; she’s got that sexy seductive knowing look in her eyes and her nipples are getting hard enough to scratch her name into a diamond.

Carlotta Champagne


Carly flashing

Effortlessly beautiful, Carlotta Champagne doesn’t need a bunch of props or exotic scenery or anything like that to make a red hot photoshoot…all she needs is herself! In this shoot she’s got a beautiful flowery dress on that she lets slip down over those big perfect natural breasts, then hikes up to flash her equally amazing sexy round ass…this girl is just flawlessly stunning from head to toe, and she goes from being giggly and whimsical to being serious and intensely seductive at the drop of a hat. It would be really hard to take a bad picture of this girl, just take a look and see for yourself! I don’t know that a nice set of tits exists in the porn world, Carlotta’s boobs are big and juicy and yep, totally natural. Just an amazing beauty all around, especially when she’s flashing the goods like this and even giving some tantalizing upskirt shots of that sweet pussy too!

Brooke Butt Plug


Brooke using A Butt Plug

Brooke and her boyfriend have this whole fucking thing down they look like they do a lot of it LOL. They seem to be on vacation or something but they brought along their camera crew. So they at first interview the couple on the street and Brooke is so damn hot she is getting people honking at her while they drive by. Well guys this chick isn’t for you in fact the closest you will get is Brookes Playhouse LOL. They end up going back to the place they are staying where you get to see them fucked. The hottest part of the video is when Brooke puts in her butt plug, she loves something in there when she is fucking and I guess she doesn’t leave home without it! I don’t know how this video ends because I haven’t watched it yet but as soon as I am done here I am jumping in the members area and checking it out, this girl is one of my new favorites and probably the best solo site you could join!

Ariella Gives Up The Ass


Ariella Ferrera Gives Up The Ass

Ariella Ferrera is in a little bit of trouble in this video you see. She was caught having sex with her boyfriends grown up son. She just needed dick so bad because she wasn’t getting any. It’s not because this guy didn’t want to fuck his girlfriend but Ariella was telling him she wanted to wait till marriage. She was probably hoping to get him to rush into it but well she couldn’t resist when she fucked his son. However she didn’t plan it very good because she was caught with cum on her face as her boyfriend came home. She followed him back to the room and begged him to forgive her. She had no success that is until she offered him something she has never given to any other man. She offered him her ass. He couldn’t believe that audacity of Ariella for even suggesting such a thing. That is until he got to thinking about fucking that big round ass of hers. He ends up convincing himself he could forgive her if she let him anally fuck her and that is what he did. He didn’t go easy on Ariella no he did not. He put her in the pile driver positions and really just pounded that tight butthole of hers but it seemed like she liked it more then it was a punishment.

Gia Love


Povd poolside pussy gia love

I know it’s still pretty early in the spring but doesn’t a little Poolside Pussy sound like it would hit the spot right about now? Luckily there are sites like POVD here that will offer up exactly that! Watch beautiful Gia Love rubbing oil into her skin as she lay out on the deck in her bikini, rubbing it onto those big tits before her man came outside and took over. He was more than happy to lend a hand, oiling up Gia’s skin and sliding his hands down onto that sweet juicy ass…the sun wasn’t exactly baking things but it was getting pretty hot outside when he slipped his fingers into those bikini bottoms to cup her tight cute butt! Soon they headed indoors and we get to watch in first person perspective as Gia gave him a nice striptease, dancing around and playing with her sexy pussy, rubbing herself and watching as his cock got stiffer…if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to pound a gorgeous horny pornstar like Gia before this is the perfect opportunity to see for yourself as POVD takes you on a crystal clear hi-rez first person tour with Gia sliding that big thick dick into her mouth and getting her sweet pussy fucked, her perfect round ass in the air!

Check And Mate


Check and mate on phd

This guy was intent on his game with beautiful blonde Dakota James but she had something a little more interactive in mind, hanging out in her sexy little blue shorts that looked amazing on her perfect round ass…I don’t know if it was her strategy to keep the guy from making any good moves but if so it certainly worked, distracting him in a big way as she slipped her hand into her shorts to play with her pussy! I’d consider it check and mate as she loses her clothes and starts making out with the guy in this Passion HD scene, grabbing his big thick cock out of his pants and licking him up and down! Dakota has a fucking amazing body and she really loves taking care of a big dick, lavishing attention on this guy’s crank with her hands and lips and tongue and then going for a nice hard ride on it! At that point her tight little pussy was dripping wet and he slid right in to fuck this hottie, banging her from behind as she held on to the arm of the couch…he might have lost the chess game but he certainly isn’t complaining about his consolation prize of getting to fuck this blonde beauty, finishing off with a nice facial rain!

Loving Dakota


Dakota james on gf reveng

I tell you what if I was dating a gorgeous blonde with a perfect juicy round ass like this chick I’d probably do the same thing this guy did, namely bust into the bathroom with a video camera after she took a shower! In this hot video clip he talks her into dropping her towel as she brushed her hair and whatnot so he could check out that beautiful butt of hers…she agreed and he got busy grabbing and squeezing that butt, letting his fingers drift down south a little to tickle her pussy between her thighs! She got pretty turned on and the next thing you know, she’s on her knees sucking his cock…I guess whatever she was getting dressed for wasn’t all that important after all because her plans went out the window after getting a mouthful of this guy’s dick! She just had to have it in her pussy so she hopped on the bed with her butt in the air to get pounded doggystyle, taking that cock to the hilt before the guy busted a nut all over her ass cheeks. Apparently she didn’t appreciate him showing the tape to his friends because she dumped his ass but hey look on the bright side, he figured he might as well put it up on the net and submitted it to GF Revenge for this update called Loving Dakota!

Super Fit


Vicki in super fit on black gfs

Sometimes it seems like the only reason to go to the gym is to have a front row seat view to the super fit chicks in tight workout gear…that’s certainly the case here as gorgeous Vicki stretches out on the yoga mat, popping that absolutely incredible butt of hers straight back while her boyfriend recorded it with his video camera! She caught him in the act and looked like she was about to kick his ass, and with that tight muscular fit body of hers she probably could have…instead she kept working out and he kept recording! He wanted to make a sextape right there at their gym but she wasn’t having it….at least at first. Persistence worked out for this dude and eventually she gave in, sucking his huge black cock before laying back on the yoga mat and taking it to the hilt in that tight little pussy! I’m baffled how she managed to fit that big dick in her petite hole but hey, where there’s a will there’s a way and at that point Vicki was dying to get her cunt pounded. She looks cute as hell in this Black GFs update getting penetrated right on the floor in the workout room, her red extensions bouncing around behind her head! Vicki’s got that incredible bubble butt so the guy just had to bend her over and fuck her doggystyle before shooting a load of cum all over her sexy ebony body.



Sierra on backroom casting couch perfect tits

She’s a bit on the nervous side for her Backroom Casting Couch update, hence all the giggling, but when sexy 21 year old girl-next-door type Sierra takes off her top you are going to forget all about any giggling and possibly forget your own name at the same time…that’s how perfect those all-natural breasts of hers are. Sierra’s got a knockout of a body and is pretty sexually adventurous; she and her boyfriend are in an open relationship and obviously she’s here on BRCC getting fucked, so you can tell she’s no shrinking violet when it comes to erotic antics! What’s more, this chick is definitely down for some anal fun, getting that ass pounded by this guy’s hard cock in what he describes as one of his favorite castings in recent memory…Sierra’s got beauty, a fantastic body, plenty of enthusiasm and loves to fuck, but what she DOESN’T have is a real casting director, seeing as how Backroom Casting Couch isn’t a real casting company for the adult industry but a site where this horny dude records himself fucking hot amateur newbies and puts it up on the web! It’s a good thing Sierra isn’t looking to make a real career in the porn industry, this seems more like a one-off just to blow off some steam so to speak. She finishes things off getting a load of cum up her ass for an anal creampie by the way, so if butt lovin’ is your thing this girl is going to make your day!



Alice on exploited college girlos

Meet Alice…she’s 22 years old, has a cute smile, nice big tits, a nose ring and a fuzzy bush, and from the sound of things she’s just the kind of girl you dream about running into while on a vacation! She talks about wanting to just be naked whenever and have that be alright, she’s not a big fan of the prudishness in America and I’ve gotta say I have to agree with her, especially when women are as adorable as Alice here…also you can tell there’s definitely some flirtation going on between her and Jay the cameraman from Exploited College Girls, more so than with just any old update, so you know the heat is cranked way up so to speak! Once this chick gets over her initial shyness she’s sexy as hell…you can tell she just loves to fuck and with that tight body of hers she’s a welcome partner in the sack. During her introductory interview she mentions being a fan of some kinky stuff like breathe-play (which is like choking, things like that) but I don’t remember seeing them get into much of that in this hardcore scene, which is a bit of a shame. Alice doesn’t seem to mind too much though, she’s going wild as Jay tickles her clit with his fingers and some vibrating toys and then gives her a nice pounding, fucking that pussy front and back and then slipping his cock into her ass for some anal fun and this girl is loving every minute of it. At last he gets Alice on her knees and blasts a huge creamy load into her mouth, somehow also getting it on her arm…the guy’s a loose cannon!

Ashley Adams


Tits up ashley adams pornpros

Usually when someone describes something as having gone ‘tits up’ it means it failed spectacularly…it means something wayyy different when you’re talking about horny sexy hottie Ashley Adams in this Porn Pros update! She’s got incredible boobs so when she’s on the massage table getting her ass and back oiled up and rubbed down, going tits up gives her masseuse an instant boner. He tries to keep things professional, pouring warm oil on her big full juicy breasts and massaging all the way down her legs and up her inner thighs, but his bulging cock gives him away and soon he’s balls deep in Ashley’s mouth! She enjoyed the massage immensely but just like the guy she got so turned on by it that she was getting a little antsy…so when she saw his big dick straining at his pants she grabbed it, taking him in her mouth for a blowjob and then getting on her handes and knees to get fucked doggystyle! Ashley’s got a fantastic body, from those big tits to her tight juicy ass and of course that gorgeous face, and it’s no wonder the guy couldn’t resist fucking her all over the place here and shooting a big cream facial to finish things off.



Yilan on nvg

I’ve gotta say I’m digging how many Attack videos they’ve been doing lately on Net Video Girls…if you don’t know what that means, settle down and I’ll waft the fog of ignorance away from your eyes. How NVG works is they put out an ad for models needed for a calendar shoot, the girls show up and to prove they’ve got what it takes for the gig they end up getting naked, and nearly always get talked into having sex on camera with the assurance that they’ll be raking in the cash from the calendar and future projects as well. The only thing is, there IS no calendar, it’s just these cute amateurs getting naked and fucked and the footage goes up on the web! The Attack series is when one of their previous models, now in on the scheme, acts to ‘break the ice’ so to speak, usually getting into a red hot lesbian scene with the newbie and then both of them getting fucked. That’s just what happens here when Asian cutie Yilan shows up and meets prior model Lane, who we’ve seen in her own solo shoot as well as doing other Attack shoots on the site. Lane talks her right out of her little panties and soon the girls are sharing this guy’s big hard cock, both of them sucking him off at the same time and then taking turns getting fucked one after the other! Lane has a beautiful tight little body and so does Yilan and they have a blast getting pounded here…hopefully Yilan isn’t holding her breath to get a callback for any kind of calendar but having her naked and fucked here is a big mark in the win column if you ask me!

Catie Parker in LA


Zishy catie parker la

This blonde hottie named Catie Parker has been on Zishy at least once before right here hanging out in the library, and now she’s loose on the streets of LA enjoying the sun on her skin! I guess in her stretchy pants and little top she just wasn’t getting enough sun-to-skin contact for her liking so she started flashing her cute tight butt, not to mention pulling up her shirt and giving us a glimpse of those sweet titties of hers. Zishy is a softcore site if you’re not familiar, they’ve got some pretty awesome photos and I really do like the way they tease without giving away the farm so to speak…you get a real sense of the personality of these women without it getting super gratuitous. You’ll see what I mean, it’s hotter sometimes leaving a little to the imagination and when you’re dealing with a girl like Catie, your imagination and fantasies are going to go into overdrive! After her flashing in public she headed back indoors and changed into her stockings with the ass bits missing, so its basically like a thong with legs if you follow me. Sheer nylon thong chaps, I guess…I don’t know for sure but what I do know is that her ass looks fantastic in em!

Cheeky Schoolgirl


Pookie schoolgirl

It seems like only yesterday (because it was) when we were checking out sexy exotic honey Pookie in her bikini showing off her gorgeous body and I was lamenting that we didn’t get to see this hottie in the buff, and I guess she heard my wails! I’ve got another red hot photoshoot for you guys from Party Allstars featuring Pookie as a cheeky schoolgirl in her little skirt and bra, and lo and behold she eventually strips down naked and shows us that sweet round ass which is every bit as fucking incredible as I thought it would be from those bikini photos! She also teases us with those nice big full breasts, grabbing her chest and giving some tantalizing peeks at the goods…and let me remind you, at the beginning of the shoot she’s dressed in a schoolgirl skirt so if that’s your thing, Pookie’s got it covered. Man, if only we could see this girl getting that sweet tight pussy of hers fucked…OK let’s see if that works, when I complained yesterday my wishes were granted overnight so I’m hoping it will happen again! Fingers crossed, everybody.

Keisha Grey Third Time


Keisha grey on pawg for bang bros

I am pretty sure this is the third time for lovely Keisha Grey to be on the Bang Bros network site PAWG…I would go and double check but to be honest that big round juicy incredible butt of hers has me under its spell and I’m having a really hard time concentrating or looking at anything else, it’s a good thing I’m a touch-typist or you guys would be reading a bunch of gibberish right now. Keisha is apparently on a farm or something, she’s hanging around on a huge wooden fence at the beginning of this scene…it looks like she could be hanging out in an elephant enclosure at a zoo or something, those are some mighty big fences! Anyway she heads inside and meets up with her horny co-star, taking his big thick dick in her mouth and then bending over with that beautiful round spankable ass in the air to get her sweet cunt fucked from behind! Keisha loves her some doggystyle and this guy loves watching that sexy butt of hers as he fucks her so it’s a win-win apparently…and the guy gets so turned on fucking her like that that he blasts a big cum facial all over her grin as well as getting it all over those big sweet boobs!

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