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Becky Holt


Ddf becky holt

If you’re in the mood for a hot and horned up pornstar with an edge, check out sexy tattooed babe Becky Holt in this photoshoot from the DDF network! She’s got big tits, a beautiful face, nice round ass and is adorned with a ton of colorful tattoos…add to that the fact that she’s in a sexy pair of blue lingerie with a garter belt and sheer thigh high stockings and you’ve got a force of nature on your hands. More and more pornstars are getting inked up nowadays and I for one love it…a girl’s personality can be shown in an image easier than ever!

Kelly Divine Ass Parade


Kelly Divine Ass Parade

I am not even going to spend the time and figure out how many times that Kelly Divine has been on Ass Parade it’s too many and it would take too long to find out! What you guys do need to know is that Kelly and that big bubble butt of hers is still around. I mean if that’s not a bubble butt I don’t know what is. I would call bullshit on this picture being real if I didn’t personally photoshop the raw, that right there is a real butt. Kelly is always fun to watch whether she is just having regular sex like this video or she is having anal sex Kelly is always a crowd pleaser. I am surprised though that Bang Bros didn’t make another video of her from PAWG I mean it seems really like the best site for Kelly. I guess Ass Parade has such a big following that they’re always going to keep updating it. If you guys didn’t know Bang Bros makes all these smaller sites that you get access to when you’re a member of their site. Sometimes when the members don’t really dig them they shut them down and then other times they just update them every single week, Ass Parade is of the every single week variety. If you want to see the schedule they have you could probably google around, I tried but couldn’t really find anything. Before I go here I should probably just give you guys another Kelly Divine video that came out. It’s from Naughty America and it’s from their “mini” site called My First Sex Teacher, hope you like this little bonus.

Holly Halston Underwater Sex


Holly Halston Underwater Sex

This is a cool underwater sex tape for you guys to check out. It’s from one of the big guys Brazzers. I always like showing off their porn because they’re the sites that you can really trust when you make the decision to spend money on porn. These guys deliver a quality product and a really good price. They’re always changing things up as you will see in this new scene called “Balls Deep In The Deep End”. I didn’t really get the title until I actually watched the video. Pretty much the whole video is filmed with one of these underwater camera’s. It gives you a really unique scene of a dick sliding in and out of a really really wet pusy. The two of them go at it for a long time in the pool and then they get up on some dry land for the cumshot. They didn’t want to ruin the pool after all with this guys sperm swimming around in it. Holly Halston is probably one of my favorite MILF pornstars out there right now and she even ranks as #9 on iMILFs top20.

Mya Ross


Mya Ross Teeny Black

Check out this nice thick 19 year old from Teeny Black. Her name is Mya Ross and she is like the epitome of thick. With those big plump pierced tits of hers and then a bubble butt that you always like to see a black girl. The videos from Teeny Black are always really entertaining. There isn’t really a black site out there with porn as quality as this. I like what they’re doing but I guess not enough to make my own galleries for it LOL! Just go to my buddies site and he always has them. Anyways hope you lik what you see because it’s a long video and it’s going to take you a while to watch it all!



Asian Sex Diary PAW

I don’t like that the only pictures I can find for Aisan Sex Diary are this close up hairy pussy pictures they’re making me gag at times. This girl is actually pretty good looking her name is PAW and she was picked up on the streets of I have no idea where. If you want to see the the places that Asian Sexy Diary has gone you can check out this map. They love to go to some Asian counties and they’re fucking super bold about it. Some of these places it’s illegal to film porn and everything, that’s why some of these girls have overlays on their faces to protect them. Once you’re in the members area though you don’t get those. This isn’t the only reason these guys are really bold the other being that for example this girl is riding his dick without a condom on. That in itself is bold, fucking some random Asian girl off the streets. The real bold thing is that while she is riding and he is about to cum he doesn’t tell her to get off he just lets her ride it all the way to a creampie, I wonder how many children he has from all these creampies he has given, he should make a map of that.

August Ames


August ames on casting couch x

I never thought of Canadian chicks being mega hot but man oh man this girl August Ames is changing my mind in a hurry…she’s 19 and is gorgeous from head to toe with a beautiful face, huge perfect tits and a fantastic ass. She’s shown up at Casting Couch X because she says she hates when life gets boring…well this update certainly isn’t boring, that’s for damn sure! She looks incredible as she rides this guy’s hard cock with those huge boobs bouncing around, moaning and working that dick with her pussy and hips. You’ve probably seen her on here before, it’s no surprise that after her introductory scenes a few sites snapped her up right away! If you missed out, dry your tears little cowboy because here she is giving a little yoga deep throat for your enjoyment. I’m sure there will be plenty of other stuff from this chick in the future…besides being horny and having a fantastic body her face is seriously like a supermodel.

Naughty Toy


Tiffany tyler pure mature naughty toy

Seductive doe-eyed brunette Tiffany Tyler was feeling a little naughty so she figured it was time to use the Naughty Toy! It’s got rotating beads and all the bells and whistles and felt amazing for her as she slid it into her pussy…her man peeked in the door and saw her masturbating and figured he should probably join in the fun so he went in and helped her out for this Pure Mature update! She was more than happy to trade in her vibrator for the real deal, taking his cock in her mouth and getting fucked as she spread those long smooth legs of hers. Forwards, backwards, side to side, riding on top, pinned underneath, she loves getting fucked in any position and looks great doing it with that pretty face and those huge tits bouncing around. The guy finishes things off by frosting her cunt with a load of cum, hopefully she had as much fun as he did!

Sex Before Working Out


Fantasy hd sophia fiore sex before working out

Imagine having a girl at your house as athletic and sexy as Sophia Fiore in this Fantasy HD update called Sex Before Working Out, seeing her stretching her long strong legs wearing a sports bra and a tiny little pair of shorts! The bra barely holds those big breasts of hers in place and her shorts cling to every inch of that sexy round ass as she kicks her legs out and bends over, feeling her muscles loosen up. She’s ready for a nice workout but before she does she likes to have a juice cocktail and sometimes a good hard fuck! This guy isn’t feeling the pussy today though, he caught a glimpse of that butt and just has to have it. Soon he’s buried tongue-deep in her back door and then slides his cock in where his tongue was for some very hot anal hardcore action! He fucks her from behind deep and hard, grabbing her big boobs as he penetrates her ass until finally shooting his load onto her face and into her mouth.

Allow Me


Nubile films allow me

Clover was feeling like her panties were a little tight and was going to take them off but she was just so comfortable…”Allow Me”, said her girlfriend Paula, and this Nubile Films update started out hot as the sun! Paula tugged off those panties and the two lesbians started kissing and touching each other, and soon they were both naked and rolling around in bed together. These girls both have amazing bodies…I’d say Clover has the nicer ass but Paula has her beat in the boob arena, but that’s just my opinion. Take a look for yourself at this hot sapphic update and see what you think! Keep an eye out for Clover riding Paula’s face and grinding her pussy against her mouth, it’s so fucking hot and you can tell by their moans that both of them think so too.

Brooke Marks


Brooke marks new years eve party

I don’t know what kind of New Years party Brooke Marks went to, all I know is that I wish I had been there…especially if she showed up looking like this with her sparkly blue dress sliding down her hips and that round perfect ass peeking out! This is a photoshoot from her own website and Brooke looks like she’s having fun, wearing a mask while she strips down nude and grabs those round full titties…Brooke you can wear whatever mask you want, we know it’s you just by looking at that sexy body! She looks like she rung in the New Year with style…2014 should be a winner if Brooke has anything to say about it.

Austin Train Her Friend


Austin taylor porn goes pro

It’s been a long hot workout and you’ve been staring at the ass of the girl in front of you at the gym so long your boner has about worn its way through your shorts…after heading home you figure it’s high time to call Porn Goes Pro and have them send over sexy pornstar Austin Taylor to dress up as a workout instructor so you can make all those fantasies of yours come true! She shows up and looks even better than you imagined, changing into a stretchy pink workout top and dropping to her knees to suck your cock in a hot POV scene. You fuck this gorgeous blonde busty hottie, making those big titties bounce as she spreads her legs and gets filled up with hard dick, finally shooting your load and giving her a nice big facial to remember you by!

Veronika Anal


Veronika Public Pickups Anal

This guy can really get lucky sometimes. He rolls around these poor European countries with a ton of money and tries to get girls to fuck on camera for it. This girl didn’t cost him much but he should have spent the farm on her because she is special! Her name is Veronika and she was just rolling along in the park when her lucky day approached her. She made more money fucking this guy that she makes in 3 months. She made it worth every penny though because as she was riding his dick she slips it out of her perfect tight pussy that you see there and puts it in her ass! That’s right he didn’t even ask she just wanted it and did it without asking. To say the least the Public Pickups guy was just stoked to be in that tight butthole of hers. They fucked and fucked and fucked and then he finally busted his nut all up in that ass of hers! This video is amazing and if you haven’t seen one from this site before you need to check it out. I like how the spend the time to put in the sub titles in all the videos so you know what’s going on, nice touch guys.

Seductive Blonde Teen


Seductive blonde teen on girls do porn

She’s only 18 but this girl has already had some fun sexual experiences including threesomes and lesbian fun and is already going behind the back of her new boyfriend to push her limits even more with her very first adult video courtesy of Girls Do Porn! For a little extra spending cash she came by the studio to suck cock and spread those long lean legs to get her tight teen pussy pounded like a pro…maybe she wanted the money or maybe she was just in the mood for a good hard fuck, who knows. Either way with a bangin body like that coupled with a pretty face and beautiful seductive eyes, this girl could do well in the porn industry I think…especially with the way she attacks this guy’s cock with her mouth and wet hole! She even drops to her knees and takes a big facial of cream without flinching too much, which is usually a challenge for girls who haven’t done this kind of hardcore adult video before.

Brooke Wylde


Brooke wylde porn fidelity

With her huge tits, beautiful face and seductive personality you’d think Brooke Wylde had been in the business for longer but nope, this chick is 18 and is still exploring her sexuality to find out what makes her clock tick and her pussy tingle! And what better way to do that than by heading to the Porn Fidelity house to get the full experience of Ryan Madison’s hard cock? In this update called 18 and Wylde she gets those big perfect boobs out and Ryan goes to town, grabbing her and fucking her from behind in the living room, in the dining room, in the bedroom, even in the shower when they head to the bathroom! He just can’t get enough of Brooke’s tight teen pussy and I can’t say I blame him, she’s smokin hot from head to toe and looks like a blast to fuck, especially when he tittyfucks her and then shoots a load in her hole.

Lauren Clare


January treat

Apparently somebody messaged this hot chick Lauren Clare just after she turned 18 on a social network site that rhymes with Bacefook and somehow convinced her to give nude modeling a try…well I want to shake that guy’s hand because now we get to see this girl’s perfect body stripping down and masturbating like in this photoshoot from Twistys! She’s got those perfect perky tits and a nice firm little butt, not to mention a pussy that looks tight enough to twist the top off a pickle jar. This is a whole bunch of photos with different outfits (including completely nude of course) so if ther’s a kind of lingerie you’d like to see Lauren wear, chances are she already hit it up.

Shae Summers


Rk abigaile shae

It’s Friday and you know what that means, it’s time for some lesbians with big tits making out and licking each others pussies! Actually I guess that’s every day, but since it’s Friday it sounded even better. Anyway, watch Shae Summers and Abigaile getting together and shaking those big boobies of theirs in each others faces! They get naked together and fuck on the kitchen table and on the living room couch, sliding fingers in cunts and tongues in mouths and just having a finger-licking good time. It’s nice to see that lesbians enjoy big tits as much as some guys do because these girls love playing with each others breasts!

Chloe Crawford


Chloe crawford

I’m not sure if I’ve posted galleries of blonde hottie Chloe Crawford before, all the sexy naked blondes on Playboy tend to run together a little bit in my brain so you’ll have to forgive me. In this gallery she’s looking of course phenomenal as she lounges on a comfy bed in a log cabin, looking like she’s ready for Abe Lincoln to come home and slip her the ol’ Lincoln Log if you know what I mean. Seriously she is fucking gorgeous and has big tits and gets naked in this photoshoot so what the hell are you waiting for? That long wavy hair looks like Ariel from the mermaid movie so she’s hitting like ten different fantasies in this shoot.

Iggy Azalea


Iggy azalea

If you haven’t checked out Iggy Azalea yet, you might want to give her a whirl! If you’re into hip-hop she’s actually got some pretty hookin’ songs and if you’re not into hip-hop she’s got a big round juicy booty and some big tits and loves to shake everything she’s got. She’s like Lady Gaga but with a ghetto booty and seems like more fun to hang out with…what we’ve got here are some photos from a recent concert of hers where she came up to the photographer and shoved her big round ass in his face! Must have been nice to be a photographer that day I tell you what.

Rachel Starr


Rachel starr na

Check out hot pornstar Rachel Starr (or should I say pornstarr) as she uses her perfect pussy to give her boss a little action after the workday is up! I watched this without the volume on so I wouldn’t get in trouble with the old lady but from what I see Rachel is a secretary and her boss has had his eye on her performance for awhile…her job is in jeopardy but she’s willing to show him her other kinds of ‘performance’ as she sucks his cock and fucks his brains out in the office, making her big titties bounce!

Kili Bangs


Riding Cowgirl Kili Bangs

The guys over at Round and Brown found themselves a real hot black girl. Her name is Kili Bangs and she has a ass that will put a smile on your face. She is wearing these super tight jean leggings (are girls making leggings out of everything now?) and that body of hers is loking tight. I like her ink it gives her that bad girl look. The name of the episode is actually riding cowgirl and that’s because Kili here knows what she is doing when she is on a cock. She spends a little time in the traditional cowgirl position but she knows her audience so she turns around and shows off that plump but riding him for a long time reverse cowgirl. The video ends with this guy just exploding all over her pretty face, I mean this facial is really really big!

Katerina Kay


Katerina kay for amateur allure

If you haven’t already fallen in love with Katerina Kay, now’s your chance! She’s still starting out in the adult industry but has already won a lot of hearts (and a lot of dicks) from the shoots she’s done like this one. Here we have her introduction on Amateur Allure and her personality is shining like a beacon while her body is sizzlin’ hot like bacon! She’s stripping out of her blue dress and sucking cock like a champ…in her introduction interview she mentions she doesn’t mind swallowing cum when she gives head and she has a couple of opportunities to prove it in this update! She gives a nice blowjob and swallows a load, then gets fucked in that sweet tight pussy before sucking out another proteisn shake.

Read Our Lips


Wow porn read my lips silvie michelle

Reading is sexy…that’s what Michelle and Silvie heard so they headed to the library of their house for a little reading time…just a few pages in and they were already feeling the effects, stripping down and grabbing their guy pal as they swept the books off the table to get a little more room! Soon they were all naked and licking each other up and down…Silvie and Michelle are two of the most gorgeous girls on Wow Porn if you ask me, and they look amazing as they get their mouths and pussies filled to the brim with hard man-meat while they make out with each other. You’ve probably seen Silvie on here before and she always looks incredible, so when you check out this hot episode called Read Our Lips shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise that she is just mind-bendingly sexy. Enjoy!

Chloe Mafia


Chloe mafia

Who exactly is Chloe Mafia? I have no idea but I’m going to hazard a guess, given the size of those tits and her overall glamorous appearance as she tries to adjust her bikini after a nipple slip caught by paparazzi. I’m guessing she was a star on a reality TV program in the UK, maybe a former model or something, who is causing waves as she uses her tits to try to keep the spotlight on herself after her days of stardom have started slipping away. Lemme take a look at her wiki article and see if I’m right. Please hold. Haha loooks like I’m not far off the money, this chick was on X Factor in the UK and it turns out she was a prostitute and flashes her tits everywhere. One point for me!

Fernanda Ferrari


Studio tv fernanda ferrari

With a name like Fernanda Ferrari you expect to see a seductive Italian babe and man oh man this photoshoot from Studio 66 TV does not disappoint! She looks just like what you probably would imagine, gorgeous with long honey-colored hair and huge full tits, wearing sexy white lingerie that lets those big boobs spill righit out the front. She’s got an incredible body and from the look in those eyes of hers you can tell she would just pounce on someone in bed…think you can handle Fernanda? Take a look at these photos and see what you think then! Either way she’s beautiful and sexy and looks great with her tits hanging out, so it’s a win all around.

Keira and Lilly


Keira kelly lilly evans

If you’re in the mood for some gorgeous lesbians (and really when are you not in the mood for a couple of hotties licking pussy?) you might as well ring in the new year in style with Keira Kelly and Lilly Evans as they get naked and give each other a thorough lick and fuck in this photoshoot from When Girls Play! A hot freckled redhead and a beautiful seductive brunette licking clit and fucking each other with a vibrator while those big perfect breasts bounce with the rhythm, sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it? If it’s not already, it’s gonna be when you dream about this scene tonight!

Eve Angel and Jeny Baby


Eve angel jeny baby

I’m not sure which of these hot lesbians Eve Angel and Jeny Baby are which but in this update from Eve’s site on the DDF Network one of them is giving the other one a Shocker with gloved hands in some kind of kinky clinic! This girl is getting a very thorough exam with hands, tongue and toys including some kind of steel speculum type thing. Pretty wild stuff but they’re both enjoying the hell out of it and so should you!

Big Tits Angel


Scoreland suspenderes

I thought at first this blonde hottie Angel was wearing suspenders in this Scoreland photoshoot but I think it’s more like a weird chippendales type outfit with a little bowtie and everything! Who gives a shit what it is thought because those huge full titties of hers are hanging out and bouncing all over the damn place as she plays with a big black dildo and masturbates. For a girl named Angel she sure is inspiring some pretty devilish thoughts if you ask me…check out this horny busty hottie!

All I Want Is


Xart ashley all i want is

All I Want Is…well that’s the name of this photoshoot from X-art and after taking a look I’m pretty sure the answer for most people is Ashley! She’s the gorgeous and seductive redhead who stars in this update, showing off her perky little boobies and very fine ass as she spreads her long thigh-high stocking clad legs to ride her lucky boyfriend’s cock and giving him a nice blowjob. He licks and tickles her pussy with his tongue but it’s her vagina that’s the star of this action…this girl is truly smokin hot and it looks like she’s making her boyfriend’s holiday wishes all cum true at once as she fucks him before taking a nice cream facial!

Zeppelin On Fire


X art zeppelin on fire anna jenna

Oh the humanity! The name of this X-art update is Zeppelin On Fire, which I guess is a reference to the sweet tunes this guy Tyler is strumming out on his acoustic guitar which gets Anna and Jenna all wet in the panties. I’m pretty sure it’s not a reference to the Hindenberg because this update does anything but crash and burn…Jenna looks sexy as hell as always and newcomer Anna is hot as hell with a fantastic body of her own! They both take turns sucking and licking and fucking this lucky guy’s cock, riding him and letting him show off his fingering technique using their wet holes instead of his guitar…it’s always the guitarists who get the hot chicks! If I had a time machine I’d go back and learn to play Stairway to Heaven or something to at least have a chance with this caliber of girl. These gorgeous lesbians love making out and licking each others assholes and pussies but really seem to love getting penetrated by that cock in this hardcore scene.



Sarah for net video girls

Man they’ve picked a doozie for this update from Net Video Girls…this chick’s name is Sarah and she’s a piece of work alright. She does some cat-sitting to make a little money and pay the rent, she says she doesn’t take care of dogs because they’re too smart. It’s pretty obvious the guy is laughing his ass off at her but he passes it off as being a little goofed up on happy-pills…anyway, once he gets his shit together he plays the old ‘calendar shoot audition’ hook and she totally buys it. He has to talk her into it quite a bit but after a while she agrees to strip down and show her body in a bikini, and for a crazy cat lady in the making she actually looks pretty damn hot! She’s got great tits and a spectacular ass and she shows it off for this guy and for us. Eventually he even talks her into sucking his cock and stripping down completely to masturbate, he doesn’t fuck her like he usually does with the amateur hotties he brings in but maybe she’ll be back and will get her pussy pounded…I know I wouldn’t mind seeing those very nice tits again, that’s for sure!

Shining Love


Wow girls shining love

Ah, young shining love…it’s always a pleasure to behold and Wow Girls takes you right into the action with this hot hardcore scene! It features adorable Linda S who was just relaxing on the couch in her green dress, but when her boyfriend shows up and finds her touching her perky breasts through the fabric he can’t help but start kissing her. Soon he has her dress off and is kissing every inch of that tight teen body, licking her pussy and driving her wild! She sucks his cock and then turns around to offer up that perfect firm ass…well it’s perfect if you’re into shapely but not big butts. I mean if you’re into bigger girls you probably won’t dig this scene all that much, Linda isn’t like rail-thin but she’s pretty lean. Anyway she gets pounded from behind, then climbs on top to go for a ride, looks like she’s having fun exploring different kinds of sexual positions to see what she likes the best! Apparently having that sweet pussy in his lap is just what the doctor ordered for her guy because soon he has to pull her off of his dick and shoot his load, which flies onto her face as well as on his own chest.

Risky Business


X art risky business allie haze

Sounds like the X-art crew has been dying to get their hands on Allie Haze here for the site and after checking out this hardcore update I think you’ll be able to see why! She convinces her businessman boyfriend that he can spare a few minutes before his big meeting to take care of a few of her needs…it’s risky business because once he gets a look at her gorgeous nude body he forgets all about work and dives face-first into her pussy but from the looks of things it was totally worth it! Meetings can always be rescheduled but when you’ve got a stunning horny girl like Allie at home you’d better be ready to take care of her when she needs it. It’s a great first update on the site for this hottie and I can’t wait to see what else she does…leave it to a site like X-art to bring out the best in an already-fantastic model!



Paisley on backroom casting couch

Meet Paisley, a self-confessed slut who wants to get into the adult industry but only wants to do girl-girl action. Well, she’s about to get a lesson in how the industry works when she shows up for an ‘audition’ at Backroom Casting Couch! She takes a little convincing but eventually the idea of a fat wad of cash wins out over her reservations and she drops to her knees to give what admittedly looks like a fantastic blowjob. Soon she’s getting her pussy pounded and then is taking a cock in the ass for the first time! She gets her ass plundered but from the looks of things I don’t think she expected to be taking a shot of cum in the butt for a nice anal creampie!

Catie Minx Fucking


Catie Minx First Sex Tape

Lookie Lookie what I have for the new year! We are starting it off with a bang and it’s Catie Minx. The great thing about this is it’s the very first time she has had sex on her website. So it’s kind of a big deal if you get my drift. Catie has always done the whole masturbating thing and she is really big on cam sites like and such. The video starts off with Catie in laying on her stomach asking for the hard fuck fromb ehind. He needs his dick hard first so she gets between his legs and gives that big cock a nice long suck. She is quite good and this whole fucking thing for it being her very first time. If you don’t want to to see a guy cumming and you want to see Catie Minx cumming instead check out this gallery.

Valentina Nappi


Valentina Nappi In The Crack

This is just one of those typical here is a hot babe you should see her naked galleries. I don’t think you can run a porn site without giving you guys some eye candy every now and then. This site In The Crack is one of my favorite sites to grab that eye candy. I know a lot of you don’t join this site because you think it’s just pictures but as I say every time, just take the tour and you will see that they have videos too. There videos are about 3832032323x better then their pictures but they don’t release video to the public. So in this scene if you did have a membership you would see her masturbating with a really strong vibrator. Like all their videos Valentina Nappi is able to have a real natural orgasm and it’s amazing. You can see some screenshots of the video if you want proof of that.



Sunny for exploited college girls

The thing about college is, if you don’t get a big grant or scholarship or some such it can be very expensive. So, if a girl is hot enough and horny enough she sometimes goes to a joint like Exploited College Girls to make a little extra cash! Sunny here is a beautiful blonde with a great body and the blowjob skills to make a splash in the business…she starts out giving some nice oral before spreading her long legs and getting fingered and penetrated with a nice big toy before going to the main event. She cums in pretty much every position he fucks her in, moaning as she buries her face in the pillow and gets rammed from behind…it’s a good thing the guy fucks her so hard too, her giggle is kind of grating so the moans and gasps are a welcome vacation from it! She takes a nice big facial and goes right back to the giggling…I guess the only solution is for Sunny to have a cock in the mouth at all times! Any volunteers?

Chanel Preston Returns


Mr anal chanel preston is back

Early on when the site Mr Anal was just starting out they had Chanel Preston come by because they knew if anyone could get the ball rolling it was this chick. She’s got a fantastic ass and knows how to work it, and she’s not afraid of getting a huge thick cock buried in her backside so she seemed like just a natural choice. Well my friends she’s back for another go-round of hot anal hardcore, sliding off those little neon thong panties and taking this lucky guy’s meat mace deep into her asshole. She loves a good hard fuck, riding this dick for all it’s worth before dropping to her knees and being rewarded with a big creamy facial for her hard work and diligence!

Lost In The Clouds


Lost In The Clouds EroticaX

I have for you an amazing new site called EroticaX and you guys are going to like it. Especially when you get to see Mia Malkova getting fucked. She doesn’t just have one scene with Erotica X she has two scene you can see the other one here. The site I am sending you to has a ton of their galleries, it’s kind of a fan site. I will stay on top of this shit though so you guys can just keep checking back here and I of course will have the new stuff. In this gallery Mia’s ass is looking really great I do believe that it’s those high heels that really make her ass pop. Putting a girl on her tippy toes will make any girls ass looking incredible. Now the video on this gallery isn’t the best quality I will admit but having bought a membership to EroticaX I can assure you that their videos are much much better.

Asses Unchained


Rose Monroe and Remy LaCroix UnChained

Two perfect big asses are straight up getting fucked in this new scene from Brazzers. It’s called Asses Unchained and I think you’re going to like it. They are all dressed up in some super sexy chain lingerie. The girls who are in this scene though are seriously what makes it. On the left you have the Latin goddess Rose Monroe. Then the girl who is actually getting fucked in the butt is the one and only Remy LaCroix. I could watch these two girls for days and I did just that in the members area I mean it’s 40 plus minutes. The video you guys are getting is only like 10% of that but you will deal I mean lets be honest here how long are you guys actually going to last watching this shit.

Poolside Blow Inside Fuck


Poolside Blow, Inside Fuck

This chick from My GF is one classy bitch yo. She is sitting out getting her tan on with those big natural tits of hers just hanging out. She is pretty damn hot I am not going to lie and she isn’t just good looking too she loves to fuck. When her boyfriend brings out the camera she knows what he wants. So she starts to suck his dick and he is getting some good footage. He is about to blow his load so he stops her and tells her he wants to fuck and this is where she becomes classy. She says he can’t get that pussy unless they go inside and sure enough this mother fucker is running straight to the door and opening that shit up for her. They fuck on the bed and he busts all over that sexy little body of hers, great homemade video and I hope you guys enjoy!

Real Life Part 9


Porn fidelity real life 9 cherie deville

Beautiful sexy blonde Cherie Deville is ready for a little fun in the sun with Ryan Madison but before he shows up she’s doing a little solo sunbathing, taking some selfies for us to enjoy! See what that gorgeous nude body looks like from her perspective as she lays out naked on her towel, grabbing those big titties and enjoying the warmth on her skin. Soon Ryan shows and they immediately hit it off in part 9 of the Real Life series on Porn Fidelity with Ryan bending her over and fucking that sweet pussy from behind hard and deep like he loves to do! They fuck on the patio, they fuck in the hot tub, these two just can’t keep their hands off each other, not to mention their dick and vagina respectively. It’s a hot hardcore scene and Ryan doesn’t stop until he’s shot his load of cream all over her lips for a nice facial!

Teen Matinee


Jillian janson teen fidelity

Join Jillian Janson, out of school and ready to go out on some dates, Teen Fidelity style! She loves going out to movies, being taken out to dinner and of course having a fella try to talk her out of her pants! This date is no ordinary one though, she’s going out with older man Ryan Madison…some of her girlfriends had been talking to her about how good he was in bed and she was wet in the panties just thinking about it. They went to a movie and started making out and as her hand brushed his pants she could feel that big thick cock of his stirring, and knew they had better head back to the house soon! They did so and of course she immediately ripped off her clothes and spread those teen legs to get fucked by that meatbat, taking him deep in her wet hole and moaning with pleasure as he tickled her clit with his balls. He shot his load in her pussy so hopefully she’s on birth control or this creampie could be the gift that keeps on giving.

Diana Prince


Diana Prince WCP Club

Sexy horny MILF Diana Prince has been dreaming about taking a big black dick from behind for a long time and now thanks to WCP Club her fantasies are about to cum true! She starts out taking off her shiny sparkly dress and playing with a big dark dildo but that’s a poor substitute for the real thing! Soon her guy pal shows up and he likes what he sees, quickly bending her over and giving that wet pussy the pounding it’s been begging for. After plumbing her cunt for awhile he ups the ante by fucking her in the ass for a hot anal finish, then shoots his load all over her face!

Red Dress


XO Gisele red dress

In this big dumb cold world is there anything sexier than a gorgeous blonde with big tits wearing a short red dress? That has been a winning combination for a long damn time now and there’s a very good reason for it! XO Gisele proves the theory by showing off her incredible body in this photoshoot from her own site, letting those big boobs out of her dress and spreading her legs to play with her pussy while she gives you that impish grin. Beautiful blonde, short sexy dress, big breasts, long legs, high heels…it’s like a recipe for amazing!

Lizzie Marie


Lizzie Marie

Apparently Lizzie Marie likes to spend some time out in the country in her cowgirl hat, lifting up her skirt and letting the warm summer breezes blow past her legs and bare ass! She’s a cute college student who started her own site to help pay school bills, but it looks like she’s sort of fallen in love with modeling so we’ll see where that goes. Happily she loves to show off naked and she’s got a nice cute tight body, just take a look a that pert little butt if you don’t believe me! She looks like she’s just waiting for a good ol country boy to come sweep her off her feet in this photoset.

India Summer


India Summer Naughty America

If I had a chemistry professor as hot as India Summer in this video clip from Naughty America I’d stay after class too and hope to have exactly this happen! Watch this horny MILF teacher bend over her desk and whip her dress off to get her pussy and ass licked by her favorite student before taking his hard cock deep in her hole. Looks like somebody’s earning his A+ for the semester! I like the study notes on the blackboard by the way…MICROSCOPE! Looks like India is giving her students all the fundamentals as well as orgasms.

Malena Morgan


Malena Morgan

Mofos presents this hot gallery featuring one of the sexiest pornstars in the business, the lovely Malena Morgan! She’s going all out for us here, sliding a vibrator into her vagina and then using another one to buzz her clit…a little double penetration masturbation and that body is just fucking phenomenal! Tight little butt, nice bouncy perky titties, tight pussy and of course her beautiful face…Malena is just a force of nature for the ol Mofos.



Isabel Asian Sex Diary

This is a site I might actually try out for myself. It’s called Asian Sex Diary and it’s basically about this guy who go around to Asian countries and bangs girls. The Asian girls love a white boy and this guy seems super white. He has a small dong so that’s probably why he started up on his Asian fetish because of their pussies being so small. This girl’s name is Isabel, I highly doubt that but hey that’s what they’re calling her. She isn’t exactly a looker but this guys standards seem to be really low. The good thing about the site is it actually seems pretty damn real. This guy really just doesn’t give a fuck because he is giving some of these Asian hookers creampies and shit, no condom. I ever saw a episode where he was eating one out and licking her ass! I guess he just wants to leave a young life. I decided to post this gallery because this girl is going against my Asian sterotype. I feel like every Asian girl just keeps a raging bush on their pussy. I don’t know if she just can’t grow it or she keeps it kind of sparse like this but either way you look at it, it’s a good looking vagina.



Ping Tuk Tuk Patrol

Check out this girl named Ping! She has a nice littel pussy that is getting licked but the more shocking thing about this video is she just met this guy! That’s right she got picked up in what is known there as a Tuk Tuk. This guy is a white guy who loves to fuck some Asian pussy so much so that he made a whole site about it. Sometimes the girls faces having like a censor thing over the eyes but I will have you know that when you’re in the members area that’s all gone. This guy rolls around on this Tuk Tuk thing and just basically picks up this hot Asian girls. Alright I am not going to bold face lie to your face here guys, they’re actually usually not that good looking. I could be a bad judge of Asian hottness but I think I am pretty good at it. The only reason I found this site was because of that gallery I just posted from Asian Sex Diary. They’re made by the same people basically, different girls because they’re in different countries but it still has that really “real” feel to it. Plus its one of the higher quality Asian sites I have ever ran across and they don’t have the annoying censor of the gentials like a lot of the Asian stuff I see. I thought I would give you guys a little more diversity on the site, it’s my New Years resolution.

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