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Its A Fine Line


X art its a fine line

Sometimes with women it’s a fine line between being friends and being lovers, but on a site like X-art we get to see the girls jumping way over that line into the realm of hot lesbian action! Beautiful college student Lisa meets up with her gorgeous redheaded girlfriend the Red Fox for a nice roll in the sheets for this hot sapphic scene and the two take turns licking and kissing and fingering each other until they both cum all over the place. I guess the Red Fox is also known as Natalie but hey cmon if you had the choice between the two which one do you think would have more street cred? If anyone deserves the name The Red Fox it’s this chick, unless there’s some beautiful enigmatic cat-burglar out there stealing diamonds who has red hair. Actually speaking of cat burglars, I guess this girl is doing her share except she’s doing more of a pussy burgling! Alright that made more sense in my head but you know what I mean. Just watch these chicks eat each other out and don’t worry about it.

Casey Deluxe


Casey deluxe fdo

Alright guys I’ve got a doozie for you…I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that for most of you this will probably be a scroll-past type of thing but for those of you who get your kicks seeing chicks in public with their big tits hanging out while people walk right past, this site Frivolous Dress Order might be the highlight of your day! This blonde German pornstar Casey Deluxe shows what it’s all about as she goes about her day in a sheer black top that lets her huge low-hangers show right through as she walks around in public, and then puts on a white dress that is supposed to act as a bra but her knockers just droop right on out the bottom and she’s left with a pair of pancake tits showing for all the world to see!

Krystle Lina


Av big tits

Hahahah ‘Krystle’? Really? Well, alright…but only because you’ve got huge perfect tits. This chick from Alluring Vixens is named Krystle Lina and apart from her ridiculous porn name she’s fucking stunning…I mean I’m always down for a gorgeous blonde with big tits but throwing in a beautiful busy brunette now and again brings some variety to the mix and that’s what life is all about. Enjoy these shots of this beautiful babe stripping down to her polka dot granny panties and squeezing those huge boobs together while giving you a very intense look with those big seductive eyes of hers.

Jennifer Nicole Lee


Jennifer nicole lee

I figured Jennifer Nicole Lee was a TV announcer or reality show star or something like that but when I saw those abs of hers I knew she had to be a fitness guru! Sure enough, she popped out a few puppies and then got big doing fitness plans and whatnot for women, which is awesome but not as awesome as the fact that she’s going for a swim wearing this super tight sheer see-through white top that lets those nipples show right through! Usually women who work out a ton don’t have huge tits but let me tell you right now, Jennifer is an exception to that rule that’s for sure. Plus she’s pretty damn cute and that never hurts either!

Sara Willis


Sarah willis big tits

Sara Willis here is a good example of how porn can spoil a guy…I mean she’s not ugly by any means but when I saw her pictures in this Pinup Files photoshoot my first thought was “oh man she’s lucky she has those huge tits”! She’s gussied herself up with makeup a good bit but there’s no denying that her huge boobs are her dominant feature if you follow what I’m sayin. It’s nice, given that, that she doesn’t mind showing them off! In this shoot she’s letting her bra have a rest as she lets those big bouncy funbags out to play…they’re not all droop-sauce either, those breasts are firm and fun and fully-packed. Enjoy.

Marina Angel Teen Pies


Marina Angel Teen Pies

It looks like my boys over at Team Skeet are starting a new creampie site called Teen Pies. The seem to be targeting the famous starlets that we are seeing just coming into porn. They have only a couple scenes right now and so the only way you can get access to them is through the mega site Team Skeet. Pretty soon once they have enough videos they’ll open of Teen Pies. Before they do join now though and you will get access to all their site including this new one Teen Pies! Alright now let’s get to the video I posting it’s with the beautiful Marina Angel. She has a nice petite body and kind of a big ass for her size. This scene was shot a long time ago before Marina is the household name she is now, so I can almost guarantee that this was the first time she let a guy cum in her pussy on camera that right there is HOT!

Kelly Madison Denver Sex Tape


Kelly Madison Denver Sex Tape

I rarely ever post a gallery from Kelly Madison’s personal site and that’s just Tom foolery. So I went over to my favorite MILF site and found this gallery that I think you guys will like. It has that feel of a real sex tape and that’s probably because it is a real sex tape. Her and Ryan are married of course so they’re banging all the time, this time though they just happen to film it. They’re off on a vacation in Denver at least that’s what she said in her members area and they made this tape in a hotel room. It’s really good but anytime you see a real couples having sex it’s good. I especially liked it when Kelly was on top, there is something about a busty woman riding dick isn’t there? Well the something is obviously those big naturals bouncing around but I don’t know why that’s so hypnotizing to me. Anyways hope you guys enjoy and you should know if you join like Porn Fidelity or Teen Fidelity you get a discount for joining more then one site. So instead of paying $30 bucks a month you will just pay $10 or something like that, just check it out when you’re signing up.

Whyte On White


Phd whyte on white

You knew it was coming and now you’re about to as well! Taylor Whyte and Natasha White join forces in this Passion HD update called, naturally, Whyte on White. These hotties start out in bed together laughing and playfully kissing but when the clothes start coming off things start heating up and soon they’re both naked, touching and licking and playing with each others’ beautiful body, and it only gets hotter when their guy friend shows up to join the fun! They decide to give him a hell of a suprise when he walks into the bedroom, posing naked and wishing him a happy anniversary! He’s a little surprised to see both of them naked in bed at the same time but isn’t exactly put out by it, kissing them both and stripping down to provide them with a big hard cock to play with and lick and suck before he bends them over and pounds them both. I don’t know how you’d even be able to decide which of these tight wet pussies to fuck first in a situation like this but everyone gets plenty of attention in this sexy threeway!

Shy Anal MILF


Shy anal milf on mom pov

This hot MILF named Ruby might be 45 years old but she fucks like a 25 year old! Actually I take that back, she fucks like a 45 year old who has a sexy mature body and the experience to know what to do with it, which is even hotter. It’s her very first adult video and she seems a little nervous about it…she’s doing it out of curiosity, I guess it’s a sort of bucketlist kind of thing and I’m glad this Texas MILF is ready to push her limits a little by taking her sexuality online! It’s a sort of snoozer of an interview with the standard ‘favorite position’ questions and stuff but once the clothes start coming off the action heats up with a quickness! Those big tits of hers look great right off the bat but even better when she’s getting pounded in the ass and they’re bouncing all over the place like two beautiful bowls of jello. That’s right I said up the ass, this hottie might be a little quiet but she’s a freak in the sack and loves anal so she had a fantastic time getting plowed from all directions in this hot Mom POV scene! Finishing things off with a nice creamy facial this chick proves once again that being mature certainly doesn’t mean being unsexy.

Cameron Canada


Cameron canada for mr anal

This hot blonde from the Great White North also apparently has a Great White South because that butt of hers is fucking magnificent! It’s also a magnificent fuck apparently, if this Mr Anal update from the Bang Bros network is any indication. She starts out in her hoodie in the back yard showing how well those stretchy yoga pants cling to the curves of that bodacious ghettoblaster booty, but soon she strips down and starts getting busy with some toys to warm up for the big thick dick she knows is enroute. It wouldn’t be Mr Anal without a nice hard ass pounding and Cameron Canada brings the fury in this hot update, taking that huge slab of meat in her mouth before bending over to get her ass slammed and penetrated, finishing things off by taking a big creamy facial that drips from her chin onto those perky titties!

Lexi Davis


Casting couch x lexi davis

It’s always fun to see girls show up excited and ready to get into the adult world, even if they’re not quite up to snuff in terms of where they’re going to be. For instance, sexy 18 year old Lexi Davis seems like she doesn’t quite know what to do with her face while she’s getting that sweet little pussy pounded but like I said, that’s something that will come with experience…for now it’s pretty adorable to see some of the faces she pulls because you know she’s not even thinking about it, she’s just enjoying the feeling of getting that hole pummeled. This is an update from Casting Couch X if you hadn’t already guessed and this girl is surely gonna be making the circuit to other sites if she hasn’t already done so…with that face and that body it would be a damn shame if she didn’t! Bogart said ‘we’ll always have Paris’ and that idea goes well here too…she might get big and go on to a great porn career but we’ll always have Casting Couch X.

Black Teen Tries Anal


Black Teen Tries Anal

What you would call this probably isn’t “try” because this busty skinny black girl actually does anal. It’s not her first time doing it no matter how much Exploited Black Teens says it is because there is no girl who in her first anal sex experience is riding the guys dick with it in her butt. That just never happens, this girl is a pro and she has been letting dudes bang that butthole for some time. You guys better check out this girl because it’s the only sex scene you’re ever going to see her in. That’s just kind of how this site is, they’re one of the few that actually go out and find real amateurs. This girl didn’t just make a great sex tape because she did anal she mad ea great one because she is fucking hot. She has a banging body, she has that type of body that shouldn’t have big natural tits but she does as you can see in this picture. She has a round ass and man does she love being fucked, hope you guys enjoy this scene as much as I did!

Skin On Skin


Babes network skin on skin

For Holly Michaels there’s nothing more exciting than the feeling of skin on skin as she gets naked and plays with her man Cody…it just never gets old for her and when we see her getting that pussy pounded in this update from the Babes network, she’s so excited and into the hardcore action that it never gets old for us either! As they kiss and embrace in the nude the feeling of his strong warm body against her soft curves turns her on so much that her pussy is instantly wet and ready to fuck and he wastes no time in taking advantage of that! This hot horny couple puts on quite a show in this sexy update and knowing Holly this is only the beginning of something special…it’s always a pleasure to see something new from this stunning busty babe!



Alyssa from Backroom Casting Couch

So most of the time I complain that girls in these casting videos don’t smile enough and that they look way hotter when they relax and have a little fun…in Alyssa‘s case however I wish she’d either keep her mouth closed at all times or else have a cock shoved in it because there is something unspeakable about that maw. Anyway, this chick tells the guy she likes to take it in the ass and that’s the end of that interview! She sucks his cock and masturbates a bit and he fucks her, but if you know Backroom Casting Couch you know the guy loves him some anal and sure enough soon he’s fingering and lubing up that back door of hers and fucking Alyssa’s tight little ass! He pumps her full of cum for an anal creampie and calls it quits, sending Alyssa packing back to the stripclub while he ‘talks to his contacts’ about her promising pornstar career. Don’t call us we’ll call you, basically.

At Home With Tiffany


X art at home with tiffany

There are beautiful women in this world and then there is Tiffany Thompson…she is on a whole other level of hotness and somehow she just seems to keep getting more gorgeous! This guy wanted to capture a little of her beauty so he had her come by for a nude photoshoot but when she started working that body it must have overheated his camera because soon he tossed it aside in favor of grabbing that perfect body of hers and kissing her passionately. I can’t say I blame him, those tits are what dreams are made of and she always looks like she’s having a fantastic time when she gets fucked. When you’re at home with Tiffany you’re always in for a treat and this guy gets the full treatment in a very hot X-art update! If you want to take a stroll down memory lane here are just a couple of her hot scenes from X-art, scene1 and scene2 are both pretty amazing and there are more to be found if you hunt around.

Dillion Harper



I’d have to say Dillion Harper is one of my favorite models in the industry today…it took me a little bit to get on board with her, there was something about her open-mouthed expressions that bugged me but now I think she’s fucking stunning. Maybe it’s her beautiful face, maybe it’s that finely-sculpted ass, maybe it’s the fact that she fucks like a banshee, but probably it’s those incredible big boobs of hers. Her body is just phenomenal and in this Digital Desire photoshoot she’s rocking the camera in her pink panties and bra, looking smokin hot in every frame! It’s too bad she doesn’t have her lips wrapped around a cock or her tongue buried in some other hot chick’s pussy or something but even just solo this girl is a force of nature. Too bad they spelled her name wrong on the site, it’s Dillion and not Dillon unless she goes by both.

Raining Roses


Brooklyn chase raining roses pm

Busty mature hottie Brooklyn Chase is ready for Valentine’s Day in this Pure Mature update as it starts raining roses and balloons and candy…she’s already got her sexy white lingerie on as she follows the trail of rose petals to her man, kissing him as he undoes her corset and gets those big titties out! I don’t know how romantic tittyfucking is but Brooklyn does a good job of making it seem that way, then spins around to ride that cock with her sweet wet pussy, bouncing her big juicy booty up and down as she gets penetrated to the hilt! She has to hold on to those huge boobs to keep them from smacking her upside the head as she gets fucked, and to cool them off the guy shoots his load all over them for a nice tittyshot finish.

Ibiza Feelings


Joymii ibiza feelings

There’s something about a beautiful Tropical island that stirs the human passions…in this Joymii video Tina and her boyfriend might not be on an exotic island dancing the night away with umbrella drinks in hand and lights flashing all around but they’ve definitely Ibiza Feelings and they’re fucking like maniacs in the living room! Tina’s perfect gorgeous body gets worked hard and deep as these two make passionate love, her perky boobies bouncing with the rhythm as they recreate some of their experiences on the famous getaway island of Ibiza. Their couches are certainly getting a workout as Tina goes for a ride on that hard cock, her nice tight butt bouncing up and down as she moans her way to orgasm in this hot hardcore scene!

Ambra Top Class


Ambra photodromm

I can only imagine it’s a bit of a translation issue but the name of this Photodromm photoshoot is Top Class, featuring the lovely Ambra…I don’t know if they meant to call it Upper Class or High Class or something like that, hard to say. What is pretty apparent is that Ambra has a fucking amazing body with big tits, a gorgeous ass and curves that will knock your socks off as she strips out of her red panties and top (is that a camisole? still trying to figure out what they are) and hangs out completely nude except for her bright red high heel shoes! With a devious arch to her eyebrows and lips parted and ready for dick insertion Ambra is showing off every inch of that sexy well-sculpted figure…I love the addition of the mirror in the background reflecting whatever side of her we’re not already looking at, it’s a nice touch.

Keisha Grey


Beautiful, enthusiastic and sexy as hell…that’s what I like to see in a girl and Keisha Grey is taking it to the next level in this Teen Fidelity update called The Keisha Adventure! She’s a bit of a thrillseeker so she starts things off in public, going for a hike in the mountains and getting fucked right on the trail so any hikers lucky enough to have good timing could come by and see this bouncy beauty getting her pussy pounded. Soon though they headed inside so Ryan could really give her the full effect of that big dick of his and he made her moan as she came on his cock while he pounded her from behind! He took her to the floor and gave her the deep dicking of a lifetime before shooting his load inside her for a nice creampie to bring this adventure to a very satisfying close. It’s always nice to see a girl in this industry who really genuinely loves getting fucked and doesn’t look like she’s just in it for the money…Keisha always looks like she’s having the time of her life while she gets pounded and this update is definitely no exception!

Brooke Wylde in the White Room


Brooke wylde porn fidelity

There’s something about lovely Brooke Wylde that always reminds me of that chick from Dirty Dancing, maybe it’s just the hair I don’t know but it makes this scene from Porn Fidelity even hotter! Brooke and Ryan Madison meet up at an abandoned stripmall at the beginning of this scene and she’s so hot with those big tits in her tight shirt that he just can’t help but start fucking her then and there…soon they want a little more privacy though so they head to the white room where things really heat up, with Brooke holding onto some handy chains for dear life while Ryan pounded her tight hole, finishing off with a big load shot right into her mouth as she lay on her back on the bed! Incidentally, Brooke Wylde on her back is a fantastic opportunity to check out an incredible pair of tits. Just sayin.

Femdom Rubdown


Femdom massage hegre

If you’re ready to explore your kinky side of things and you think you can handle the heat, it might just be time to head to Hegre Art and check out this Bondage FemDom Massage scene featuring the lovely and seductive Mistress Flora! Her ‘client’ is securely strapped down in the nude, his cock already stiffening with anticipation before she even lays a finger on his body. She relaxes him with her skillful hands, rubbing the soreness out of his muscles and brushing his cock with her lips and fingertips to make it rock hard as he lay helpless, waiting for her to let him release his tension with a mind-shattering orgasm! The Hegre massages are always incredible, and this one even more so as it gets into the realm of BDSM…my favorite part is when Flora is standing over him, grinding her pussy onto his mouth as he lay blindfolded and immobile. Hot as hell.



Mango Met Art

When I hear the name Mango I immediately think of the saturday night live sketch so that’s a little distracting when dealing with a naked teen beauty like this girl from Met Art! Her name is Mango as I mentioned and she’s very cute with piercing eyes, very nice perky boobs and a great ass and pussy combo…Mango is hanging out completely nude on a beach in what looks like Italy or France or something, and you can tell she does this pretty often because she’s well-tanned but doesn’t have a whole lot of tan-lines going on. She’s kind of like the mythical Siren, ready to lure sailors to a watery grave if they try to sail their ships to her rocky shores…I sound like a poet or something huh?

Amateur Sex


Amateur hardcore

I don’t know who this lucky dude is but he’s got a very hot and very horny girlfriend who doesn’t mind if he busts out his camera while she’s going to town on his cock! She loves sucking dick and he loves seeing his cock get nommed so it’s a win-win in that household I guess…soon he spins her around and pounds her wet pussy from behind, resting one hand on her juicy round ass as he snaps some shots with the other one. The only I thing I can’t figure out is in the last picture on this set she’s still got his dick in her mouth but somehow took a big cumshot facial too. I guess he could have busted nut and then she took him back in her mouth but I really hope he just jizzed and it shot out of her nose because that would be awesome.

Abella Anderson Cam


Fake Abella Anderson cam

Now this is pretty clever I guess…this comedian named Donald Glover is teamed up with (retired) Latina hottie pornstar Abella Anderson to promote his tour but it’s being done in a pretty sneaky way. You get access to a private webcam session for free with this cutie but as it turns out, it’s totally fake and it’s just a robot with pre-programmed responses for certain keywords. I guess really she can’t be expected to interact with every boner who shows up on her page so it’s nice that you get anything at all, especially when you get the visual of Abella at the same time since she’s so fucking cute. Apparently she snapped some guy’s cock in half at one point from fucking him too hard or something, now that’s a pussy I’d like to take for a spin!



Szandra on Playboy

I’ve always loved how Playboy looks far and wide for its beautiful models…doing that is a hell of a lot easier now thanks to cheap travel and thanks to the internet but still it’s pretty cool, for instance this photoshoot of stunning glamour babe Szandra from Hungary! She looks incredible in her white lingerie and even better when she takes it off and shows those huge firm titties and a very nice ass…she also has a few tattoos and that’s always nice, including one on her ribs and oh man if you’ve ever had a tattoo done on your ribs you know that is some painful shit right there, I’ve got some respect for this chick’s pain tolerance for sure!

Ana Braga


Ana Braga shower

It’s just not even fair how many gorgeous busty women they have in Brazil, it’s like every Brazilian chick ever is totally smokin hot and cool as hell to boot…for instance take this woman, Ana Braga, who apparently is an MMA ring girl but all I know for sure is that she’s got huge tits and is taking an outdoor shower looking gorgeous. I really hope that’s just how things are done in Brazil, where all the stunning ladies just take a shower in public and don’t even care. I did just a litle bit of research on Ana Braga and apparently after a photoshoot she likes to wind down with a pizza and a good movie, so she’s A-fucking-Plus in my book, so enjoy these shots of her areola peeking out from behind her hands in the shower!

Katie Kox


Katie kox on tonights girlfriend

I’m pretty sure I remember seeing Katie Kox back in the day with much smaller tits, maybe that’s just my imagination though. What’s not my imagination is that this chick is hot as hell and she’s Tonights Girlfriend! This guy must have coughed up a pretty penny to get this filly over to his hotel room to fuck his brains out all night long but man from the looks of things he got his money’s worth and then some! We come out the big winners though because we get to watch all the action from the comforts of our own homes or wherever…watch this hottie tittyfuck and then pussyfuck this guy to kingdom come after tugging off her tight blue dress! She must have caused a hell of a stir just walking around in that, those huge tits of hers are eye-catching to say the least. This curvy blonde knows a trick or three for making a fella feel special and she uses them all in this hot update as she rides this guy, showing off a magnificent round booty.

Lobby Love


Angelica lobby love phd

You’ve probably seen this stunningly exotic looking hottie Angelica on a few other sites (here, if you want to check them out take a scroll stroll through this search result, there might be a few in there that aren’t her but most are) but now she’s on Passion HD and is making her debut in a big way with this update called Lobby Love! She was just relaxing in the lobby of a hotel and this guy was blown away by her hotness, and soon he was whispering in her ear and giving her a few experimental kisses on the neck…this tactic has never worked for me, I guess I was doing it wrong because I just got slapped whereas this dude was led by Angelica by the hand to the corner where she licked and sucked his cock before getting naked and riding him to orgasm! She fucks him nice and hard with that sweet wet pussy before he shoots his load inside her for a nice creampie. Now THAT’s how to make a site debut!

Go Fish


Go fish on x art

We’ve seen this dynamic duo before of blonde cutie Sammy and her gorgeous redhead girlfriend Ashley S in this scene but get ready for another heaping helping of hotness as they play a game of Go Fish in their panties and pajamas! If that doesn’t sound quite sexy enough how about when their guy pal shows up and strips them both naked, taking turns fucking one perfect pussy after the other! Sound a little better? Thought so. These girls really know how to work a cock in this X-art scene, riding that dick and bending over to get pounded from behind and lifting their legs to get railed sideways doggystyle too! This guy does what he can to pleasure both of these fine-ass ladies but soon he’s reached the point of no return and shoots his load all over both of them for a nice double facial finish.

Control The Action


Life selector hardcore

Sick and tired of feeling separated from all the hardcore fuck scenes you know and love? Want the chance to control the action where you decide when and how to stick it to those horny hungry pussies with your big thick hard cock? Life Selector might just be what the doctor ordered for you then…it’s basically a porn choose-your-own-fuckventure type of thing where occasionally you get to choose the next sequence of events for the action! Watch a little trailer of how it works and see these pornstars get naked and get fucked, sucking cock and taking creampies and facials and anything else you can imagine pretty much.

Farrah Abraham 2nd Sex Tape


I am glad to see Farrah Abraham back in a sex tape let me tell you this girl knows how to fuck! I hope James Deen has a vasectomy because as well all know this chick is fertile! I have been keeping my eye on this thing because it sounded like from TMZ that Farrah is quite pissed that this video is coming out. I love how she made all this money from the first and now she doesn’t want the second one to come out. They are probably just making fake drama because it seems the more drama there is the bigger a sex tape is. I am not sure if this one has more anal sex or not but I wouldn’t doubt it from the first one I watch she really likes it up the butt. This one is totally different though because Farrah is getting spanked and her and James spend a lot of time fucking on the sex swing. I saw her straight up tell other people that the first sex tape was leaked and it was private. That right there is a straight up lie I mean she is totally a pornstar she is fucking JAMES DEEN on camera, that is a pornstar guys no matter how you shake it.

Banging Tucker Starr


Fucking tucker starr

Tucker Starr had been dreaming about getting a huge hunk of man meat in her mouth and pussy for quite awhile but the guys she found and fucked just didn’t measure up…eventually she got tired of waiting for some horse-hung fella to come along so she headed to the Reality Kings site Teens Love Huge Cocks as a shortcut to pleasure! That should have been the name of this episode if you ask me…instead they went for Banging Tucker which I guess makes perfect sense but is a little on the nose. Speaking of getting things on the nose, this busty blonde cutie gets a nice big facial after riding that big dick for awhile! I don’t even know how she managed to fit that meatmace in her tight little fuckhole but I guess where there’s a will there’s a way and Tucker was definitely dedicated to the idea of a big hard schlong in her twat. I like that I got to use the words ‘schlong’ and ‘twat’ in the same sentence, this day is a big success if you ask me!

Hands On


Mbt brandi zoey

When beautiful teen Zoey Monroe told her boyfriend she had an older MILF girlfriend his mind was totally blown…not only did he not realize his sexy little Zoey liked having her pussy eaten out by another girl, she liked older women to boot! Having a thing for mature babes himself he went along with her one day and they both met up with horny legend Brandi Love who was more than happy to have an extra body to play with in this Moms Bang Teens episode! Brandi gave the couple some hands on instruction in pleasure as she got those big tits out, stripping Zoey and her guy down and fucking them both one after the other until all three of them were naked on the gorund with the guy shooting his load all over both their faces to finish things off. Looks like a threesome that won’t just be a one-time thing if you ask me!



Ftv girls jayden

I had a hard time picking out a picture to use for this FTV Girls update, just because this chick Jayden is so hot there are a bunch of good ones to choose from! I ended up picking the one you see above because you get a glimpse of how pretty she is and how nice her titties are, plus oh man can you imagine if she was standing over you like this just waiting for you to bury your tongue in that pussy? Jayden is thin and gorgeous with long lean legs and nice perky titties, plus that butt of hers is a thing of legend…she apparently doesn’t have any problems with getting naked in public which is a popular thing on FTV, in fact she strips down and just stone cold pumps her gas at the station while other cars come and go! I know if I was there I’d be standing at the car staring at her and not even noticing as gasoline overflowed from my car’s tank and spilled all over the ground. She’s hazardous there too because she’s so smokin hot…get it?



Tiffani Alluring Vixens

The thing about Alluring Vixens is that they never go full-bore and show you the girls entirely nude and revealing everything, but I guess that’s where the alluring part comes in…they make you hungry for more and make you use your imagination with these fine-ass females like blonde stunner Tiffani here in her pink leopard-print bikini! Those big tits of hers look like they’re fucking magnificent but it’s impossible to truly say because she covers them up wtih her hands after she takes off the bikini top. She is absolutely smokin hot in this very revealing swimsuit so I think it’s safe to say her naked body is gorgeous too, I guess we’ll all just have to dream about her to find out!

Hot Latina Girls


Giselle Mona and Serena Torres

I don’t know if this hardcore scene from the Bang Bros site Backroom Facials is awesome or a disappointment…I mean on the one hand you’ve got the perfect setup with Giselle Mona and Serena Torres, two absolutely stunning little Latina babes, and are getting them both naked and having them eat each other out but then when the dick comes into play he only fucks Serena and that’s it! Is he purposefully trying to piss us off with this threesome in the making that turns into just a twosome with a third wheel, because it’s working if that’s his plan. I know I (and pretty much any other guy) would have fucked both of those hotties until they had to drag me away.

Mia Malkova


Mia Malkova Erotica X

This site Erotica X is still pretty new but I like em already if they’re gonna have girls like Mia Malkova in it…she’s the guest of honor in this update called Message In A Bottle and apart from being a dope-ass song by the Police which may have been playing in the background I don’t get the connection between the title and seeing this beautiful blonde babe get her pussy slamjammed on a balcony by this lucky dude. I’m not going to argue though, it’s plenty entertaining seeing her get motorboated while she gets fucked!

Porsha Carrera


Porsha Carrera

Ready to see a hot black chick get fucked and take a creampie? Well you’re in luck because this video clip is from a site called Creampie Ebony so you know exactly what you’re going to get you lucky bastard! In this case we’ve got Porsha Carrera riding her boyfriend in a hot interracial fuck scene and we get to watch that round juicy ass bounce up and down as she gets fucked! She is totally smokin hot and is looking fucking irresistable in this video so watch that awesome wet pussy get filled up with her guy’s spunk as he shoots his load deep inside her! Hopefully she’s got plan b in place if you know what I mean. Man, I just cannot stop staring at that ass of hers…I meant to type something else about this scene but I glanced over and saw that booty and whatever magnificent sentence I had been forming in my head got blown out of my ears.

Serena Torres


Serena Torres money talks

The thing with the adult industry is that there are tons of girls who might not be the hottest chicks on the block but they’re willing to take ten dicks in the ass at once or whatever so they make a name for themselves. Serena Torres, on the other hand, is totally smokin hot so when she shows up on a site like Money Talks it’s always a pleasure…watch this gorgeous little Latina hottie strip off her teal dress and show her little yellow thong panties in a sporting goods store before sucking cock and getting pounded and eating pussy in a hot hardcore threesome!



Khate on Trike Patrol

Alright so this chick isn’t exactly a perfect 10 right but at least this is a real porn. This is from a site called Trike Patrol and they have some of the craziest picks ups you will ever see. They basically go on vacations to the Philippines a lot and the ride around the local transportation which are trikes. During their trips around the small little towns they pick up girls. I suspect most of the girls are fucking on camera for money and the fact that people from her little villiage will never see it. Basically porn is only consumed heavily in like the US and Europe. Anyways back to this girl she is cute 19 years old and her name is Khate, She has a little bit of chub on her but it’s more cushin for the pushin. The video I have isn’t super long but it’s long enough if you know what I’m saying! It looks like the guy just paid this girl to suck his dick but once you get to the end of the video you will see this thick full tit girl taking this dick for a ride, NO CONDOM! That’s some bold shit right there, not wrapping it up and fucking random girls off the streets.



Jenna on amateur creampies

I don’t know why but this is not the kind of girl I think of when I imagine an amateur willing to get fucked on camera and take a shot of cum in the pussy…she seems too sweet for something like that but hey, sometimes it’s the sweet ones who love the sexiest stuff! Jenna here is the guest of honor in this episode of Amateur Creampies and man that body would make any guy shoot his wad whether it was into her sweet tight pussy or not. She is cute as hell just sitting there doing her introduction interview in tiny white shorts and a little pink t-shirt so imagine how hot she is naked and getting pounded from behind! OK now stop imagining and check out the video clip to see how close your mental image was. If you were imagining a fantastic pair of tits and a spectacular ass you are pretty close to the mark I’d say.

Happy Birthday Surprise


Passion HD happy birthday surprise

Can you believe how fucking cute this girl is? Just look at those eyes and tell me you didn’t just fall instantly in love with this hot Latina girl Serena Torres. You might have seen her around on a few other sites but this is the first time she’s been on Passion HD and man I hope this is just the first of many! She’s giving her lucky boyfriend the birthday surprise of his life as she puts on some sparkly panties and a tiny top and tops it all off with a ‘happy birthday’ tiara and greets him in the bedroom, offering up that perfect ass and the rest of her stunning body for whatever he’s got in mind! Like most of us he has been thinking about her tight pussy all day so this is almost too good to be true…watch Serena get stripped down and fucked hard and deep in this smokin hot update and even apart from being so sexy she’s just always in a fun and happy mood from the looks of things, she’s just grinning ear to ear while she sucks dick and gets pounded!

VIP Cock Party


Cock party db

Time to join the cock party! It’s a big get-together of a bunch of chicks and they’ve gotten the Dancing Bear guys to come dance the night away and make this party jump. The ratio of chicks to dicks is off the charts so you get blowjob after blowjob as these guys go from lady to lady and do their best to satisfy everyone with those big bouncing meatbats they’ve got between their legs! It looks like fun but it must be hard work to get your dick sucked all night long with whipped cream and handjobs and titties galore…HARD work, get it? Anway this is yet another successful shindig thanks to the Dancing Bear guys, so if you’ve got an itch for horny amateur hotties sucking cock and taking facials you’ve cum to the right place my friend.

Harvest Moon


Remi lacroix harvest moon wicked

Besides being a great album by Neil Young, Harvest Moon is the title of this video from Wicked Pictures starring Remy Lacroix…she looks hot as ever with those cute perky little boobies of hers as she gets into a very sexy and very passionate hardcore scene with her very hung boyfriend, sucking and licking and riding that big dick! She keeps her panties on for most of the action which is pretty hot if you ask me…it’s like they couldn’t even wait to rip those little red panties off before the guy stuffed his girthy meatlog into her tight little hole. You don’t normally see a whole lot of actual kissing in porn but Remy loves locking lips with her lusty lover in this episode as she rides his crank.

August Ames Massage’d


Well I picked this picture and then realized I am missing the best parts of August Ames. She has amazing big natural tits and her face is down right beautiful. She should be a super model or something like that but we are lucky enough to have her in porn. Her ass is nice and all but that face and those tits are just too much! In this gallery she is getting a massage and then a nice hard fuck. The site you guys should all know by know just because of the background it’s Fucked Hard 18. She goes in there does her little interview and in that interview she says she is a little ticklish when it comes to the booty and sure enough she could barely handle a butt massage. Once you get to playing with her pussy that too is really sensitive. You could see her whole body shaking when he would rub his oily hands on that nice shaved pussy of hers. A girl with this sensitive of a pussy, you know is going to be cumming like crazy and sure enough she does. That’s probably why she got in porn it just feels too good to her to be fucked so she may as well get paid for it!

Carter Cruise


Carter for amateur allure

Beautiful blonde 22 year old Carter hails from the great state of North Carolina, which has put out some crazy-hot chicks in its time for sure…maybe some hot crazy chicks too but hey cmon that goes without saying. This blue eyed beauty has a smokin hot body with a great butt and some very nice pierced titties that she loves to grab and shake and show off, which strikes the guys at Amateur Allure just fine! She loves sex and loves attention so it’s only natural that she’d give the adult industry a try and she’s shown up at Amateur Allure ready to make her mark on the industry, and get a good deep dicking while she’s at it. She’s enthusiastic but understandably a little nervous for her first time on the screen but as soon as that cock slides into her mouth it’s like someone hits the ON switch! She gives a great blowjob and gets fucked in that tight pussy of hers until she cums, and also takes two loads of cum in her mouth to swallow down for this very hot update.

Sabrina Banks Got Milk


Fhd sabrina banks milk

I don’t really get the allure of a milk bath but hey, if there’s a sweet tight little brunette in the mix I’m sure not gonna complain if she wants to get covered in cream! That’s what sexy newcomer Sabrina Banks is up to in this Fantasy HD update called Got Milk as she strives to keep her skin nice and smooth and fresh. She hops into the tub and gets a big old pitcher of cold milk dumped on her before showering it all off, and to thank her man for his assistance she sucks his cock and then climbs into his lap to fuck him right there in the bathroom! I guess giving a milk bath is a fantasy for some guys and of course plenty of women fantasize about getting pampered like this so I guess it’s a win either way. And hey if you’re like me and think it’s gross you can at least enjoy the sight of a beautiful tight little cutie getting her pussy pounded!

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence

Alright so this isn’t exactly a nipple slip or celebrity sex tape or anything like that but it did make me laugh and hey there’s something to be said for that. This photo is at some awards show or other and it shows Jennifer Lawrence photobombing and totally stealing the spotlight from Taylor Swift, running up towards the red carpet and making her best monster face. I dig a girl who can live life without taking things too seriously and so antics like this really rub me the right way…of course it doesn’t hurt that Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous (Taylor Swift is no slouch either, incidentally) and she looks great in a white dress with her boobs just barely peeking over the top! Makes me want to watch more award shows, almost. Almost.

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