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Shining Love


Wow girls shining love

Ah, young shining love…it’s always a pleasure to behold and Wow Girls takes you right into the action with this hot hardcore scene! It features adorable Linda S who was just relaxing on the couch in her green dress, but when her boyfriend shows up and finds her touching her perky breasts through the fabric he can’t help but start kissing her. Soon he has her dress off and is kissing every inch of that tight teen body, licking her pussy and driving her wild! She sucks his cock and then turns around to offer up that perfect firm ass…well it’s perfect if you’re into shapely but not big butts. I mean if you’re into bigger girls you probably won’t dig this scene all that much, Linda isn’t like rail-thin but she’s pretty lean. Anyway she gets pounded from behind, then climbs on top to go for a ride, looks like she’s having fun exploring different kinds of sexual positions to see what she likes the best! Apparently having that sweet pussy in his lap is just what the doctor ordered for her guy because soon he has to pull her off of his dick and shoot his load, which flies onto her face as well as on his own chest.

Risky Business


X art risky business allie haze

Sounds like the X-art crew has been dying to get their hands on Allie Haze here for the site and after checking out this hardcore update I think you’ll be able to see why! She convinces her businessman boyfriend that he can spare a few minutes before his big meeting to take care of a few of her needs…it’s risky business because once he gets a look at her gorgeous nude body he forgets all about work and dives face-first into her pussy but from the looks of things it was totally worth it! Meetings can always be rescheduled but when you’ve got a stunning horny girl like Allie at home you’d better be ready to take care of her when she needs it. It’s a great first update on the site for this hottie and I can’t wait to see what else she does…leave it to a site like X-art to bring out the best in an already-fantastic model!



Paisley on backroom casting couch

Meet Paisley, a self-confessed slut who wants to get into the adult industry but only wants to do girl-girl action. Well, she’s about to get a lesson in how the industry works when she shows up for an ‘audition’ at Backroom Casting Couch! She takes a little convincing but eventually the idea of a fat wad of cash wins out over her reservations and she drops to her knees to give what admittedly looks like a fantastic blowjob. Soon she’s getting her pussy pounded and then is taking a cock in the ass for the first time! She gets her ass plundered but from the looks of things I don’t think she expected to be taking a shot of cum in the butt for a nice anal creampie!

Catie Minx Fucking


Catie Minx First Sex Tape

Lookie Lookie what I have for the new year! We are starting it off with a bang and it’s Catie Minx. The great thing about this is it’s the very first time she has had sex on her website. So it’s kind of a big deal if you get my drift. Catie has always done the whole masturbating thing and she is really big on cam sites like and such. The video starts off with Catie in laying on her stomach asking for the hard fuck fromb ehind. He needs his dick hard first so she gets between his legs and gives that big cock a nice long suck. She is quite good and this whole fucking thing for it being her very first time. If you don’t want to to see a guy cumming and you want to see Catie Minx cumming instead check out this gallery.

Valentina Nappi


Valentina Nappi In The Crack

This is just one of those typical here is a hot babe you should see her naked galleries. I don’t think you can run a porn site without giving you guys some eye candy every now and then. This site In The Crack is one of my favorite sites to grab that eye candy. I know a lot of you don’t join this site because you think it’s just pictures but as I say every time, just take the tour and you will see that they have videos too. There videos are about 3832032323x better then their pictures but they don’t release video to the public. So in this scene if you did have a membership you would see her masturbating with a really strong vibrator. Like all their videos Valentina Nappi is able to have a real natural orgasm and it’s amazing. You can see some screenshots of the video if you want proof of that.



Sunny for exploited college girls

The thing about college is, if you don’t get a big grant or scholarship or some such it can be very expensive. So, if a girl is hot enough and horny enough she sometimes goes to a joint like Exploited College Girls to make a little extra cash! Sunny here is a beautiful blonde with a great body and the blowjob skills to make a splash in the business…she starts out giving some nice oral before spreading her long legs and getting fingered and penetrated with a nice big toy before going to the main event. She cums in pretty much every position he fucks her in, moaning as she buries her face in the pillow and gets rammed from behind…it’s a good thing the guy fucks her so hard too, her giggle is kind of grating so the moans and gasps are a welcome vacation from it! She takes a nice big facial and goes right back to the giggling…I guess the only solution is for Sunny to have a cock in the mouth at all times! Any volunteers?

Chanel Preston Returns


Mr anal chanel preston is back

Early on when the site Mr Anal was just starting out they had Chanel Preston come by because they knew if anyone could get the ball rolling it was this chick. She’s got a fantastic ass and knows how to work it, and she’s not afraid of getting a huge thick cock buried in her backside so she seemed like just a natural choice. Well my friends she’s back for another go-round of hot anal hardcore, sliding off those little neon thong panties and taking this lucky guy’s meat mace deep into her asshole. She loves a good hard fuck, riding this dick for all it’s worth before dropping to her knees and being rewarded with a big creamy facial for her hard work and diligence!

Lost In The Clouds


Lost In The Clouds EroticaX

I have for you an amazing new site called EroticaX and you guys are going to like it. Especially when you get to see Mia Malkova getting fucked. She doesn’t just have one scene with Erotica X she has two scene you can see the other one here. The site I am sending you to has a ton of their galleries, it’s kind of a fan site. I will stay on top of this shit though so you guys can just keep checking back here and I of course will have the new stuff. In this gallery Mia’s ass is looking really great I do believe that it’s those high heels that really make her ass pop. Putting a girl on her tippy toes will make any girls ass looking incredible. Now the video on this gallery isn’t the best quality I will admit but having bought a membership to EroticaX I can assure you that their videos are much much better.

Asses Unchained


Rose Monroe and Remy LaCroix UnChained

Two perfect big asses are straight up getting fucked in this new scene from Brazzers. It’s called Asses Unchained and I think you’re going to like it. They are all dressed up in some super sexy chain lingerie. The girls who are in this scene though are seriously what makes it. On the left you have the Latin goddess Rose Monroe. Then the girl who is actually getting fucked in the butt is the one and only Remy LaCroix. I could watch these two girls for days and I did just that in the members area I mean it’s 40 plus minutes. The video you guys are getting is only like 10% of that but you will deal I mean lets be honest here how long are you guys actually going to last watching this shit.

Poolside Blow Inside Fuck


Poolside Blow, Inside Fuck

This chick from My GF is one classy bitch yo. She is sitting out getting her tan on with those big natural tits of hers just hanging out. She is pretty damn hot I am not going to lie and she isn’t just good looking too she loves to fuck. When her boyfriend brings out the camera she knows what he wants. So she starts to suck his dick and he is getting some good footage. He is about to blow his load so he stops her and tells her he wants to fuck and this is where she becomes classy. She says he can’t get that pussy unless they go inside and sure enough this mother fucker is running straight to the door and opening that shit up for her. They fuck on the bed and he busts all over that sexy little body of hers, great homemade video and I hope you guys enjoy!

Real Life Part 9


Porn fidelity real life 9 cherie deville

Beautiful sexy blonde Cherie Deville is ready for a little fun in the sun with Ryan Madison but before he shows up she’s doing a little solo sunbathing, taking some selfies for us to enjoy! See what that gorgeous nude body looks like from her perspective as she lays out naked on her towel, grabbing those big titties and enjoying the warmth on her skin. Soon Ryan shows and they immediately hit it off in part 9 of the Real Life series on Porn Fidelity with Ryan bending her over and fucking that sweet pussy from behind hard and deep like he loves to do! They fuck on the patio, they fuck in the hot tub, these two just can’t keep their hands off each other, not to mention their dick and vagina respectively. It’s a hot hardcore scene and Ryan doesn’t stop until he’s shot his load of cream all over her lips for a nice facial!

Teen Matinee


Jillian janson teen fidelity

Join Jillian Janson, out of school and ready to go out on some dates, Teen Fidelity style! She loves going out to movies, being taken out to dinner and of course having a fella try to talk her out of her pants! This date is no ordinary one though, she’s going out with older man Ryan Madison…some of her girlfriends had been talking to her about how good he was in bed and she was wet in the panties just thinking about it. They went to a movie and started making out and as her hand brushed his pants she could feel that big thick cock of his stirring, and knew they had better head back to the house soon! They did so and of course she immediately ripped off her clothes and spread those teen legs to get fucked by that meatbat, taking him deep in her wet hole and moaning with pleasure as he tickled her clit with his balls. He shot his load in her pussy so hopefully she’s on birth control or this creampie could be the gift that keeps on giving.

Diana Prince


Diana Prince WCP Club

Sexy horny MILF Diana Prince has been dreaming about taking a big black dick from behind for a long time and now thanks to WCP Club her fantasies are about to cum true! She starts out taking off her shiny sparkly dress and playing with a big dark dildo but that’s a poor substitute for the real thing! Soon her guy pal shows up and he likes what he sees, quickly bending her over and giving that wet pussy the pounding it’s been begging for. After plumbing her cunt for awhile he ups the ante by fucking her in the ass for a hot anal finish, then shoots his load all over her face!

Red Dress


XO Gisele red dress

In this big dumb cold world is there anything sexier than a gorgeous blonde with big tits wearing a short red dress? That has been a winning combination for a long damn time now and there’s a very good reason for it! XO Gisele proves the theory by showing off her incredible body in this photoshoot from her own site, letting those big boobs out of her dress and spreading her legs to play with her pussy while she gives you that impish grin. Beautiful blonde, short sexy dress, big breasts, long legs, high heels…it’s like a recipe for amazing!

Lizzie Marie


Lizzie Marie

Apparently Lizzie Marie likes to spend some time out in the country in her cowgirl hat, lifting up her skirt and letting the warm summer breezes blow past her legs and bare ass! She’s a cute college student who started her own site to help pay school bills, but it looks like she’s sort of fallen in love with modeling so we’ll see where that goes. Happily she loves to show off naked and she’s got a nice cute tight body, just take a look a that pert little butt if you don’t believe me! She looks like she’s just waiting for a good ol country boy to come sweep her off her feet in this photoset.

India Summer


India Summer Naughty America

If I had a chemistry professor as hot as India Summer in this video clip from Naughty America I’d stay after class too and hope to have exactly this happen! Watch this horny MILF teacher bend over her desk and whip her dress off to get her pussy and ass licked by her favorite student before taking his hard cock deep in her hole. Looks like somebody’s earning his A+ for the semester! I like the study notes on the blackboard by the way…MICROSCOPE! Looks like India is giving her students all the fundamentals as well as orgasms.

Malena Morgan


Malena Morgan

Mofos presents this hot gallery featuring one of the sexiest pornstars in the business, the lovely Malena Morgan! She’s going all out for us here, sliding a vibrator into her vagina and then using another one to buzz her clit…a little double penetration masturbation and that body is just fucking phenomenal! Tight little butt, nice bouncy perky titties, tight pussy and of course her beautiful face…Malena is just a force of nature for the ol Mofos.



Isabel Asian Sex Diary

This is a site I might actually try out for myself. It’s called Asian Sex Diary and it’s basically about this guy who go around to Asian countries and bangs girls. The Asian girls love a white boy and this guy seems super white. He has a small dong so that’s probably why he started up on his Asian fetish because of their pussies being so small. This girl’s name is Isabel, I highly doubt that but hey that’s what they’re calling her. She isn’t exactly a looker but this guys standards seem to be really low. The good thing about the site is it actually seems pretty damn real. This guy really just doesn’t give a fuck because he is giving some of these Asian hookers creampies and shit, no condom. I ever saw a episode where he was eating one out and licking her ass! I guess he just wants to leave a young life. I decided to post this gallery because this girl is going against my Asian sterotype. I feel like every Asian girl just keeps a raging bush on their pussy. I don’t know if she just can’t grow it or she keeps it kind of sparse like this but either way you look at it, it’s a good looking vagina.



Ping Tuk Tuk Patrol

Check out this girl named Ping! She has a nice littel pussy that is getting licked but the more shocking thing about this video is she just met this guy! That’s right she got picked up in what is known there as a Tuk Tuk. This guy is a white guy who loves to fuck some Asian pussy so much so that he made a whole site about it. Sometimes the girls faces having like a censor thing over the eyes but I will have you know that when you’re in the members area that’s all gone. This guy rolls around on this Tuk Tuk thing and just basically picks up this hot Asian girls. Alright I am not going to bold face lie to your face here guys, they’re actually usually not that good looking. I could be a bad judge of Asian hottness but I think I am pretty good at it. The only reason I found this site was because of that gallery I just posted from Asian Sex Diary. They’re made by the same people basically, different girls because they’re in different countries but it still has that really “real” feel to it. Plus its one of the higher quality Asian sites I have ever ran across and they don’t have the annoying censor of the gentials like a lot of the Asian stuff I see. I thought I would give you guys a little more diversity on the site, it’s my New Years resolution.

Yoga Deep Throat


August ames fantasy hd

The gorgeous August Ames works hard to keep her body in its amazing state, eating well and exercising and doing yoga…in this Fantasy HD update we get to see how flexible and spry her yoga is making her! She stretches out, arching her back over her balance ball and taking her lover’s cock in her mouth for a little yoga deep throat, still wearing her strangely adorable knitted legwarmers as she does so. I don’t know what it is about the legwarmers I like but I do know what it is about August…well at least a few of the things! She’s beautiful for one, with long chestnut hair, perfect perky big breasts, an incredible ass, long strong legs and a pussy that is just perfect for fucking as she shows, taking that dick deep inside before the guy shoots his load all over her stomach.

And Then There Was You


X art and then there was you

If you were on the fence about X-art,, maybe this update called And Then There Was You will help to convince you why it’s so damn hot…for one thing it stars Misty aka Paula Shy who has the luck and genes to be thin but have big full breasts! Also this episode is just downright sexy…it uses mirrors to great effect as Paula starts out masturbating and watching herself before her guy pal shows up and lends a helping hand, a helping tongue and a helping dick! Watch these two make love on the couch with the guy finally shooting his load deep in her hole for a creampie finish and try not to hurt your wrists clicking through to sign up or something. Did I mention she’s wearing seductive black sheer thigh high stockings and a garter belt while she gets fucked?

Holiday Party


Geri burgess zishy holiday

If you saw a girl as gorgeous as Geri Burgess wandering around a hotel lobby in a short red dress with a bottle of champagne you’d probably want to follow her and join whatever party she was heading to, right? Well in this Zishy photoshoot they save you the legwork, heading up the elevator with her as she flashes her little purple panties and going to the room where she goofs around, killing a little time and preparing to ring in the new year! Geri loves a good holiday party and she’s making this one pop as she flashes those sexy titties and her tight little butt, licking the bottle and just generally having a good time while she waits for the ball to drop. I’m sure she has plenty of guests enroute or is heading to a party later on but for now, she’s all ours! This hottie has been on Zishy before and your eyes did not deceive you…she’s just as gorgeous now as she was in that first shoot.

No Turning Back Now


Xart no turning back now

When Jake spies his beautiful sultry brunette girlfriend Teal strolling into his apartment wearing a blindfold, thigh high stockings and a pair of sexy thong panties, he can’t help but slide his hands all over that gorgeous body of hers and there’s no turning back now! Once he slips a dildo into her pussy and feels her moving with him he’s under her spell…he keeps her blindfolded as he works her cunt with a vibrator, bringing her to orgasm before getting tied up and blindfolded himself! Teal’s hot friend Addison (another one of X-art‘s stunning brunette contingent) takes over without him knowing, working his cock with her hands and mouth before taking off his blindfold and revealing who he’s been making out with! Teal smiles and encourages them as he slips his rock-hard snake into her friend’s wet pussy, fucking her right there in the middle of the room! Addison must have had her eye on Jake for awhile and Teal wanted to open up the relationship a little, just for fun.

Christmas Story


Xart christmas story lesbian orgy

It’s a Christmas story like you’ve never seen before and it’s coming your way from the folks at X-art! They really know how to celebrate a holiday as Kaylee, Lisa, Izzy, and of course Caprice get together under the tree for an all-out lesbian orgy that will have you rewriting your wishlist for next year already! These are some of the hottest girls on a site known for having incredibly hot girls, the cream of the crop so to speak…speaking of cream, get some tissue ready because these girls will stop at nothing to make their Christmas dreams cum true. Watch the girls unwrap their presents and immediately put them to good use with each other, buzzing clits with vibrators and poking puckers with buttplugs and of course making out and eating pussy and biting nipples and all the fun hot stuff you can think of, and of course they’re all completely nude the whole time so we get plenty of opportunity to check out those gorgeous bodies as they writhe around together!

Screwing In The New Year


Screwing in the new year passion hd

Beautiful Natasha White and her guy pal were ready to ring in the new year with some party hats and a glass of bubbly but once they hopped into bed to watch the big countdown they had a better idea…what better way to start off 2014 with a bang than by screwing in the new year! With a body as bangin as Natasha’s it’s easy to see where this guy got his inspiration for the idea…she’s gorgeous and has perfect tits, a spectacular ass (with a big birthmark for a little extra character) and fucks like it’s her last night on Earth! She rides his big thick meat, sliding it up into her pussy and giving her own countdown to the big moment as she cums all over his cock…soon he reaches orgasm as well, shooting a huge load all over her face for the first creamy facial of the new year (a little early but don’t tell this horny couple!) courtesy of Passion HD! 2013 has been fun but I for one can’t wait to see what this site cooks up for the new year…one thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be a hot ride so stay tuned.

Viktoria M


Viktoria M Playboy

So as you guys probably know Playboy is kind of a world wide operation. They are known everywhere and more popular some places then they are here. I know probably some people don’t want to join their site because they don’t really consider it porn just seeing a girl naked. I would argue though that a girl like Viktoria M just being naked is better then some sloppy looking bitch getting fucked. Viktoria here is some prime tail, with some nice big tits that I am not even sure are fake. I mean they hang on her body pretty natural in my opinion. There are some really sexy pictures of her but that’s what Playboy does best pictures! So if you like true babes make sure to join Playboy they’re the only guys are are going to get amazing international models like Viktoria M here. She is from Hungary by the way if you want to plan your next vacation.

Kiara Mia’s Big Ass


Kiara Mia Fat Ass

Kiara Mia and that big fat ass of hers is getting a nice good fucking in this new Ass Parade scene from Bang Bros. Usually you only see Kiara Mia on MILF sites but Bang Bros just couldn’t not put her on their ass fetish site. She keeps on her heels during the whole sex session and she likes her booty and pussy all oiled up you can just tell. The sex might not even be the best part for all you booty lovers because in the very beginning though show that puppy off. Kiara is very exotic looking and when she is showing off the butt to the camera while you can see her rubbing her pussy in the mirror, well guys that right there is pretty hot. I think Kiara really has it all but some of you might think she is a little too big, and I get that she has a couple extra LBS but that’s more cushion for the pushin right!

Sierra Santos


Big Plump Tits and Pussy

Nice big natural tits and a plump tight pussy as well on Sierra Santos here. She just got a new scene released on Bang Bros for their big tits, Round Asses site. I love this girls boobies they’re just amazing are they not! Black girls have that nice smooth skin (well some of them) and it just makes their pussies and tits look so good. This is like the 2nd time she has been on Bang Bros and actually she was on this site once before to be honest! They just couldn’t put her in any other category I mean those are some big tits and she has quite the round ass LOL! At least she is getting some new dick in this episode I think he did fuck that pussy a little better then the last guy, but no where near as good as I would have pounded that thing! Hope you like this black chick and if you do then make sure to head over to Bang Bros they have a ton of black chicks!

MILF Seduces Pool Boy


Pure mature milf seduces pool boy alektra blue

Sometimes it’s not really clear where sites like Pure Mature come up with the names for their photosets but in the case of this one entitled MILF Seduces Pool Boy I’m pretty sure it’s self-explanatory! We’re joined by stunning brunette Alektra Blue as she spies on the pool cleaner, watching the bulge in his jeans and getting wet in the pussy as she flashes him a little skin and asks him to come inside for a moment. As soon as he’s in there she pounces, pushing him onto the bed and ripping his jeans off to lick and suck his big thick dick before climbing on top of the poor guy! What a conundrum…you’re tackled by a gorgeous MILF with big tits and a wet fuckhole who slides your dick into her throat and up her cunt, what’s a guy to do besides fuck her brains out which is exactly what the guy does with Alektra in this Pure Mature update before getting a creamy load milked out of his rod and into her waiting mouth for her to swallow down. Not a bad way to end the year if you ask me!

Samantha Nixon


Samantha nixon casting couch x

Blonde hottie Samantha Nixon is looking fantastic in her Casting Couch X interview as she tries to break her way into the adult industry, but if you ask me she kinda mugs it up a little too much…like she’s not enjoying what’s going on, she’s just looking around for the camera all the time. Maybe it’s just me or maybe that’s just picky but hey I like the girls to have a good time as they get pounded! She’s new though, this is maybe her first attempt at the porn biz so I guess she’s got some skills to pick up…she is damn hot though with big full tits and a great ass, not to mention a pretty face that looks even better with a big dick in the mouth. Can’t wait to see this blonde hottie on some other sites and getting fucked more and more, I think she’s got a nice future!

Ava Taylor


Fucked hard 18 ava taylor

Right off the bat, Ava Taylor looks like the girl in a movie about high school where she starts out as a nerd outcast and ends up the gorgeous popular chick after a makeover (i.e. removing her glasses). Well you can tell that Ava isn’t exactly gonna be shunned, she’s fucking smokin hot and has big perfect tits peeking out of her shirt so despite the glasses and geeky demeanor I’m sure she’d have no trouble finding a date for prom! In this update from Fucked Hard 18 she’s at the massage studio ready to get her free rubdown, which means she’s about to strip down nude and have her tight little body oiled up and rubbed! We get to watch every inch of her body get pleasured, some more than others…after getting her clit tickled she starts moaning a little and the masseuse wastes no time in slipping his cock into her tight little hole and fucking her there on the table. She loves it, bucking her hips and round firm ass back and taking him even deeper, and soon she’s getting her cunt pounded hard and fast and is obviously digging every second of it!

Shes A Natural


Brooke wylde passion hd

With her huge tits, big round ass, and beautiful face she’s a natural for this industry! I’m talking of course about Brooke Wylde…the title of this Passion HD update is She’s A Natural so I slipped it in that first sentence, see what I did there? Speaking of slipping things in, she’s getting a huge hard cock slipped into her tight wet pussy in this hot scene…this guy seems to get to fuck every girl on the site a million times, I guess that’s the prize for being born with a donkey-sized cock. Anyway, he strips Brooke out of her tight little Daisy Dukes before laying her down on the couch-bed thing in the living room and unleashing those huge titties on the world. They rip each others clothes off and he dives facefirst into her snatch, licking her clit and driving her crazy before impaling her on that big hard prong of his. She goes for a ride and from the moans and gasps I guess she’s loving every second of it, and from the huge creamy load the guy unleashes on her I guess he is too! We saw her in a hot and steamy threesome in Breaking and Entering, now it’s time to see what she can do on her own.

Viola and Sirala


Viola and sirale xmas

Two of DDF Busty’s hottest big breasted babes, Viola and Sirala, are bringing the holiday cheer in this sexy photoshoot! They’re making it a Merry Christmas indeed (even if I’m posting this a couple days late, sorry about that) as they strip each other nude, grabbing those huge soft titties and rubbing their pussies like lesbians as they make out. Two sexy beautiful curvy babes with huge boobs naked by the tree and ready to fuck, sounds like your Christmas wishlist just came true buddy!

Jordan Carver Purple


Jordan carver in blue

Huge full tits, beautiful face, sexy lingerie…must be Jordan Carver! If that was your guess then give yourself a high five because this is a photoshoot from Jordan’s own site as she shows off her sexy purple bra and panties while smoke billows around her legs. Either she’s so hot she’s giving off smoke herself or else she thinks the room is on fire…I guess that would explain why she’s crawling around, I hear you’re supposed to do that to be able to breathe. I don’t really think that applies to dry ice smoke but hey at least Jordan is putting safety first even if she’s a little soft in the head about it!

Cara Delevingne


Cara delevigne wakeboard

Now Cara Delevingne might not be the hottest supermodel in the world if you ask me (plus her name is a royal pain in the ass to type) but she’s super popular right now so you might be interested in this paparazzi shoot of her on vacation in Barbados. She’s doing a little wakeboarding in her bikini so you get some shots of those long skinny legs and her lack of an ass but what really cracks me up is that she keeps faceplanting into the water which is always hilarious. If you ever want to feel superior to a supermodel who probably makes more in a week than you or I will in ten years, watch her eat shit on a wakeboard for some giggles!

Carter Cruise


Carter cruise for fucked hard 18

Sexy stacked blonde Carter Cruise has been working out at the gym and is pretty sore…particularly her firm round ass and those long smooth legs since she’s been doing squats and thrusts. So, she headed to Fucked Hard 18 to take them up on their offer of a free deep-tissue massage! She gets plenty more thrusts as her nude body is oiled up, rubbed down and fucked in this hot hardcore update, so I’m not sure if she’ll be any less sore than before but at least since she’s orgasming so hard she won’t even feel her aching muscles until way later! This girl is smokin hot with a great body and even some awesome facial expressions, so make sure you check this one out.

Taylor Whyte


Taylor whyte massage girls 18

Sexy, beautiful blonde Taylor Whyte has already shown her stuff as an up-and-cumming porn starlet but did you know she can give a pretty mean rubdown as well? In this update from Massage Girls 18 she shows off her skills a little…well, actually she barely gets her hands on her first client before grabbing his dick through the sheet and then sucking him off. I guess old habits die hard! Speaking of hard, he immediately gets a boner and ends up fucking her hard and deep right there on the massage table, which seems like a pretty relaxing way to spend an afternoon if you ask me. I’m sure he came out of the massage parlor with a bigger smile on his face than if she had just given him a shoulder rub!

Cock Hungry Brunette


Cock hungry brunette on girls do porn

This cock hungry brunette hasn’t had sex in a year, as unbelievable as that might seem when you take a look at her beautiful face and see her strip down to show her absolutely perfect tight body for Girls Do Porn! This hottie loves to suck cock and has gotten really good at it, if this video is any indication…in fact she likes it so much that after getting pinned to the bed and fucked from behind, then spreading her legs to take the guy’s hard cock as deep as she can take it, she gets down on her knees and works a load out of his prong directly into her mouth and swallows every drop! This girl is a natural born cocksucker but man she sure looks like a lot of fun to fuck, too…she mentioned something about wanting to get together with a girl, maybe she could meet up with the busty bookworm and get a lesbian scene going that would blow everyone’s mind!



Lila for exploited college girls

Gorgeous blonde 19 year old Lila is basically the personification of why Exploited College Girls is so awesome…she’s got short hair, long legs, perky little boobies and a ton of enthusiasm for getting fucked on camera! She also gives an impressive blowjob, sitting crosslegged in front of the guy and going to work like it’s her senior thesis or something…she seriously works that dick and it looks like the dude is tempted to just keep facefucking her and not bother with her pussy. Luckily though he overcame the urge and slipped his meat into that tight teen fuckhole, rocking that lean athletic body and making her cum again and again! Finally he busts his load inside that cunt even though she said she’s not on any kind of birth control…looks like they’re playing with fire but hey maybe that big gooey creampie at the end meant her tight little cunny was able to push out his entire load! I guess we’ll find out…in the meantime, Lila is a fantastic update for the site.

Breaking and Entering


Passion hd breaking and entering

This is the sexiest case of breaking and entering I’ve ever seen…beautiful blonde pornstar Natalia Starr sneaks into the bedroom of Brooke Wylde and her well-hung gentleman friend as they snooze, and strips off her clothes! I guess she’s not the best burglar in the world but she certainly gets what she’s after in this Passion HD update, hopping naked into the bed and kissing both of them awake! Soon they’re all naked and sucking and kissing and fucking and groping all night long in a sexy hardcore threesome…Natalia and Brooke take turns getting plowed by that huge hard cock the guy’s packing and the action isn’t over til he’s shot a massive creamy load all over Brooke’s face and big tits for Natalia to lick up! Two gorgeous girls getting hammered one after the other by some donkey-dick, sounds like a winner to me…check out this hot scene.



Lyla backroom casting couch

This 19 year old amateur blonde waitress named Lyla wants to break into the adult industry and leave her tedious 9-5 behind but when it comes to a couple of the more ‘taboo’ bits of the biz, namely anal sex and creampies, she’s a little hesitant! Maybe it’s the heat; judging from the casting director’s soaked shirt it’s at least 130f in that office. Anyway, this girl Lyla is a super hot blonde with a spectacular pair of perky boobs, a nice wet pussy and a tight firm ass that gets penetrated as she grimaces in this update from the Backroom Casting Couch. Lyla loves to suck dick though so she warms up pretty quickly with a little hot blowjob action before getting to the real meat and potatoes of getting fucked hard left right and center! The guy shoots his load in her cunt before sending her on her way a little dazed and maybe a little more realistic about her pornstar dreams.

Date with Destiny


Destiny dixon porn fidelity

A date with Destiny Dixon can only mean one thing…a nice hard fuck at the end of the night! She was looking forward to it already when she headed to the Porn Fidelity house, since hearing about Ryan Madison and his big insatiable cock. He wasn’t going to disappoint so when she showed up they headed right for the bedroom and he started licking her shaved cunt, tongueing her clit and making her moan before sliding his dick down her throat. They traded oral for awhile before Ryan gave her the pounding she’d been longing for…it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Destiny around but it’s great to see those big tits of hers back in action!

Sha Rizel


Sha rizal

Sha Rizel was enjoying her lunch but when she saw the Scoreland photo crew come in she put down her cup and gave us a little taste of her own goodies, popping off her red dress to show off those huge perfect titties! Enormous natural breasts on a gorgeous woman with a horny pussy and a nice spankable ass, it’s like some kind of dream come true. Actually it’s more like about eighty dreams come true if you ask me…Sha is a vision of hotness and it’s fantastic that she’s down to share her nude body with us through the magic of the Internet. Happy Holidays from this busty beauty!

Amanda Lynn


Amanda lynn alluring vixens

With those huge tits peeking out of her torn white tank top and her beautiful face looking amazing as always, I’m sure plenty of guys would love to go a few rounds with gorgeous blonde Amanda Lynn! She’s ready for a bout in this Alluring Vixens photoshoot, showing off her form in her pink boxing gloves getting ready to kick some ass. Soon though she loses the gloves and goes straight for the KO, peeling her little panties down to give us a peek at that tight pussy of hers! Super hot chick with plenty of great underboob action, can’t go wrong with that.

Candice Swanepoel


Candice swaepole

South African hottie Candice Swanepoel loves getting naked and man oh man I can understand why…if you had a body as absolutely perfect as this one wouldn’t you want to share it with the world? She’s totally nude in this Vogue photoshoot, lounging on a canopied bed with some sort of wack-ass headdress or something on, but look at those hips and those tits…this woman is completely and utterly smokin hot. It’s probably a good thing South Africa has all that violence and all those killer maneating sharks around or everyone would want to go there and see if they could score a gorgeous girl like Candice!

Ashlyn Malloy


Ashlyn malloy on amateur allure

Copper haired beauty Ashlyn Malloy from texas says she loves to please and in her Amateur Allure debut it certainly shows! She’s got big brown eyes, nice perky titties and a fantastic tight ass, but what’s more she knows what to do with all of the above. Watch this hottie give a great blowjob, taking the cameraman’s cock deep in her throat before spreading her long lean teen legs and plunging his meat into that sweet tight twat! He fucks her hard and deep before giving her a big load of cum in the mouth for her to swallow. She’s hot enough that soon his cock is stiffening again and she works him hard with her lips before he fucks that hole of hers once again and shoots another load into her insatiable maw!

Hot Tub Massage


Marina angel passion hd hot tub massage

Beautiful Marina Angel showed up at her masseuse’s house for her scheduled appointment but couldn’t find him anywhere…heading out to the garden she finally found him relaxing nude in the hot tub! She’d always had a very close relationship with him and soon she was stripping down naked herself and joining him in the water, where they kissed passionately and he started giving her a nice wet massage. She really needed some extra attention though so they headed inside and he poured oil on her gorgeous tight little body, running his hands all over her skin while she stroked and sucked his cock. How does a masseuse get so lucky, man…imagine if your job was to oil up and rub down stunning girls like Marina who regularly suck and fuck you as well! It sounds like a little slice of heaven and this guy definitely makes the most of it in this Passion HD update, fucking that pussy hard and deep before shooting his load all over her ass. You just recently saw Marina in a hot hardcore threeway with her girlfriend Keisha Grey when they headed out Trick or Treating but now she’s the only one in the spotlight!



Teen fidelity skylar green liv aguilera

Sexy rebellious teenagers Skylar Green and Liv Aguilera were sick of the day to day humdrum life so they headed out on the road together, excited about the prospect of seducing a stranger and fucking his brains out! Fate must have been smiling on these two cute bespectacled runaways because they met up with Ryan Madison who satisfied both of those tight teen pussies with his big hard cock, fucking them one after the other in his little shed in this hot Teen Fidelity scene. Both of these hotties are wearing glasses, I’m guessing they keep them on as a safety precaution during the fucking just in case Ryan gives them a facial but not to worry, he doesn’t want to waste that cream so he shoots it deep inside each of their pussies for a nice double creampie! It’s always nice to see girls brand new to the site show up and rock the house, can’t wait to see more from each of them.

Karmen Karma


Karmen karma on pawg

It’s like Christmas comes early whenever PAWG unleashes a new girl upon the world…Karmen Karma is gorgeous, has some tattoos and piercings to keep the street cred, and a butt like you would not believe! Big and round and juicy and firm and bouncy, dat ass is top shelf from any angle and believe me, in this hardcore update you’ll get to sample all the angles. Christmas might not have come early but you just might when you watch this chick strip down and shake that booty, sliding a few big toys inside before going for the real thing and getting fucked hard and deep by this guy’s huge hard dick! The Bang Bros network of sites has quite a bit of variety but I think they really hit a home run with this site featuring the hottest Phat Ass White Girls the adult industry has to offer.

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