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Kendra Lust Going Deep


Kendra Lust Going Deep At The Gym

There are some seriously hot pictures in this gallery from Brazzers. You get to see that perfect body of Kendra Lust working out and then getting fucked on different workout equipment. You would never think how many cool sexually positions you can get into on this stuff but here is example one. You just need to check out the pictures for the other ones. You also get to just see some cool naked pictures of Kendra in the beginning she is wearing some funny leggings that are like muscle pants, its something you see in like a doctors office or something. Another thing I want to mention is that it’s fitting that Kendra Lust is getting fucked in the gym because you know she spends a lot of time in one. To have a body as great as this MILF has she must spend hours and hours at it and I just want to say thank you Kendra Lust for putting it the work, because damn girl you look good!

Rainia Belle Curves


Rainia Belle Monster Curves

Rania Belle is looking to go out clubbing with the Reality Kings guys but not before she makes her scene for the day! They’re shooting a Monster Curves scene so that means they pay a lot of attention to those amazing big tits and that big booty of hers! I couldn’t really find a good pictures of her showing of those tits in this gallery but let’s be honest that’s her best asset even with a ass like this. They start off in the bathroom where the guy washes her booty and tits and starts to finger her tight pussy. Once she is ready to go they go into the bedroom and get to fucking. You can tell that Rania likes to be fucked in this position it lets her just put her head down and enjoy a big dick fucking her. They spend about a serious hour fucking before the guy finally busts his load on those big tits.

Tease and Please


X art tease and please

Sexy Czech newcomer to X-art, beautiful brunette Paulina, has a turn-on that you may not have thought much about but holy shit now that you have a photoshoot of it I don’t know if you’ll think of much else for the rest of the day! She loves getting fucked of course but even more than that she loves to tease and please…watch her straddle her guy and finger her tight wet pussy just inches from his face, masturbating and orgasming just out of licking distance just to drive him crazy! What a vicious thing to do…at least she has the manners afterwards to give him a nice long blowjob after she cums, sucking and licking his big hard cock until he shoots his load into her mouth for this hot introductory photo set. With a start like this I can’t wait to see more from Paulina and I bet you’re in the same boat!

Ready for Love


X art ready for love

Cecilia is a Hungarian newcomer who showed up at X-art ready for love and ready to share it with all of us! Watch her and her handsome guy pal do exactly what they love to do in this hot update…Cecilia loves to fuck and loves a good amount of foreplay so we get to see her getting her ass and pussy eaten out and sucking her guy’s cock (by the way in case you ever had porn make you feel inadequate in the penis department this guy might boost your confidence a little, he’s not exactly huge down there…just goes to show that average-cock-sized guys can get hot chicks too!) before climbing on top of him and taking him nice and slow into her tight wet hole. Oh and just so I don’t forget to mention it, she gets her feet worshipped too so if you’ve got a foot fetish this might be what blows your hair back!



Tera net video girls

I think this Net Video Girls episode featuring Tera is actually a remastered video from like 12 years ago or something, but that’s fine because I never saw it way back in the day so it’s nice to get a quality version of it now! If you don’t know this site too well yet for some reason you need to do yourself a favor and check it…these guys get amateur girls to show up at the studio for a ‘calendar shoot’ or to audition for a part in a music video (neither of which are actually happening) and end up talking them out of their clothes and convincing them to suck cock and fuck on camera for all of us to enjoy! A lot of it is POV so you’re basically in the drivers seat as a hottie gets her fuckhole filled up with cock. Tera is a curvy babe with nice big tits, a pretty face, and a big juicy booty that looks great as she gets fucked in this hot hardcore episode.

Alina Li


Alina li on fucked hard 18

Can you even imagine a hotter client to give a full-body sensual rubdown to than gorgeous Asian Alina Li? She’s got a perfect body from head to toe and a great personality to boot as she introduces herself and strips down nude to hop onto the table in this update from Fucked Hard 18. She gets a nice massage but when she starts wiggling that sweet tight ass as the guy fingers her clit he takes the opportunity to slip his cock inside her tight wet hole! Alina always looks amazing but make that double when she has her knees up by her ears and is getting her pussy pounded…the light shines off her oiled up body as she moans her way to orgasm in this hot fuck session, finally dropping to her knees to get frosted with a nice big facial that leaves jizz dripping down her pink lips as she smiles.

Courtney Shea


Courtney shea for massage girls 18

The girls at Massage Girls 18 are always hot but man, they’re rarely THIS hot! Meet Courtney Shea, an absolutely gorgeous blonde with nice perky boobies, a sweet tight ass and a pussy that just begs to get fucked! She shows her massage skills but what the guy really wants to see is how well she can suck and fuck a hard cock…spoiler alert, she’s awesome at both of those things. Watch this hottie gradually lose all her clothing as she rubs out his sore muscles, then when her hands get sore she uses her mouth and lips and tongue to great effect! She sucks him hard then climbs up on the massage table to go for a ride, taking him to the hilt in her tight wet pussy until he shoots a load all over her lovely face.



Bryce on backroom casting couch

Bryce is a tall, pretty amateur who seems a little nervous but really wants to make it in the adult business so she’s giving personality as well as looks…she sounds a little hesitant when the Backroom Casting Couch casting director tells her to suck his cock but once she gets that dick in her mouth it’s like she’s jumped off the cliff! She’s down to get fucked on his table, showing a great pair of tits and a gorgeous ass by the way, and I guess that cute butt of hers was noticed by the guy as well because he really wanted to fuck her in that tight back door. She said ok so he introduced her to the pleasures (and some pain I’m sure) of anal sex, sliding into that tight pucker and fucking her while she lifted her legs and moaned with every thrust! Sometimes they get a dud or two on this site I’ve gotta admit but this girl is truly hot and it’s awesome to see her pushing her sexual envelope a little on this video, finishing up by taking a big facial.

Good Lay Shae


Good lay shae for hd love

She might be a little bit on the crosseyed side of the fence but that body and the rest of her gorgeous face more than make up for it…actually maybe she’s not crosseyed normally, it could just be how she looks with a big hard cock in her mouth as she stares up at the guy! This is sexy Shae Summers I’m talking about here and she’s featured in this HD Love update called Good Lay Shae as she brings her guy a nice hot cup of coffee before showing him her own hot cups, flashing those big perfect breasts before sucking his cock and laying back on the carpet to spread her smooth legs and get her tight wet pussy filled up with his lovestick! She looks like a great fuck (I guess that’s where the update got its title) and she pulls out all the tricks in this hot hardcore scene, ending things up with a nice big facial cumshot.

Lindsay Lohan


Ll instagram

I guess Lindsay Lohan posted this topless photo on her Instagram or something, smoking a cig and looking over her shoulder all artistic-like. I gotta say, she’s not exactly looking bad in this picture which surprises me, I’m used to her looking like a used condom whenever she happens to be on camera (usually mugshots or something similar). Here she’s actually pretty hot and is giving a little sideboob action…makes me wish more celebrities would post nude Instagram shots. Well maybe some celebrities…I mean I’ll pass on the nude selfie by Steve Buscemi, know what I mean?

Big Black Dildo


Huge black dildo

Holy shit you guys this is one of the biggest, thickest dildos I think I’ve ever seen and this horny camchick is trying to stuff it in her little cunt! I don’t know how she can possibly think she can take that big black dick but she’s giving it the ol’ college try…hopefully there were a bunch of guys watching her camshow to make it worth the pain and difficulty walking that I’m sure she had for a few days after this masturbation scene!



Veronica alluring vixens

Say hello to the hotness that is Veronica in this Alluring Vixens photoshoot, giving herself a hand-bra while she shows off her sideboob and of course those sexy hips and incredible butt in her red thong panties! She’s just an incredibly hot girl with great tits and a great ass showing what she’s packing…what could be better than that? Well I guess maybe she could get naked which she doesn’t do in these photos but hey let’s be thankful for what we’ve got ok?

Antonella Kahllo


Antonella kahllo pinup files

Fans of big full breasts rejoice, because today I’ve got a gallery for you guys featuring the lovely Antonella Kahllo showing off those incredible titties for Pinup Files! Even without a bra on she’s got cleavage you could just dive into and swim around in, and besides those amazing boobs she also has a very lovely face and is just sexy from head to toe. Check out this photoshoot as she pops her gold bra off and lets her breasts out to play…they were almost bursting out of the top of her blouse to begin with so I guess Antonella just figured she might as well bring them out to play. A fine choice.

Petite Teen Returns


Petite teen returns to girls do porn

You might remember seeing this hot tight petite 18 year old suck cock and get fucked a few updates ago on Girls Do Porn, but she’s back and is sexier than ever now! She’s got at least one more tattoo and is ready to push her limits a little as she gets down on her knees and gives that hard dick the treatment with her lips, tongue and hands before spreading her long slender legs to get her tight wet pussy rammed…she has another nice hard fuck, going for a ride with her cute little butt slamming up and down as she moaned, before getting her teen hole filled up with man batter for a nice creampie finish! I think she’s had a couple of creampies in her normal sexlife so she knew what to expect and man she took it like a champ. Hopefully we’ll get to see her for round 3, can’t wait to see what she cums up with for that one!



Scarlet on amateur allure

Blonde cutie Scarlet was a big hit on her pre-audition but now it’s time for her real-deal update on Amateur Allure! She is cute as ever, looking up with those pretty blue eyes as she drops to her knees and gives the cameraman a great deep slow blowjob, working his cock with her lips and making her earrings swing as she fucked her own face with that tool. It’s not just all about blowjobs though so soon she had her blue dress lifted up to spread her legs and get fucked, then spun around and bent over to get penetrated from behind so we could look at her sweet tight ass! Scarlet loves pleasuring a nice hard cock and gets plenty of opportunity in this update, can’t wait for this chick to make it back for round two.

Emma Butt


Emma Butt on Brazzers

This sexy curvy MILF is Emma Butt and she’s trying to get her drivers license, but happened to bump into a parked car while she was taking her test! Her driving instructor wanted to report it to the police but Emma managed to convince him to keep his lips sealed as she sealed her own around his cock, then spread her legs to fuck his brains out in a hot Brazzers update called Driving School Debauchery! If you’ve got a thing for big tits, big ass, some sexy womanly curves and a girl who’s not afraid to fuck to get what she wants, this video clip is for you.

Valerie Kay


Valerie Kay on Mofos

In the mood for a nice big bouncy juicy ass? Well say hello to Valerie Kay as she rinses off her sexy bikini, making her butt cheeks clap together…that’s not all she can do with that booty though as she heads inside with the guy, getting naked and riding on top of him to make her big round butt bounce with every thrust! The update is from Mofos and man it’s not one you want to miss if you’re a fan of girls with a nice ghetto blaster booty…Valerie loves shaking what she’s got but loves getting her pussy pounded even better as you’ll see.

Mason Moore


Mason Moore WCP Club

Man, it’s a day full of big juicy booties getting fucked for you today! What we’ve got here is Mason Moore getting drilled for WCP Club, but getting that big black dick in her pussy just isn’t enough so she’s spreading her cheeks for some hot anal action! I don’t know how she managed to get that chocolate thunderstick up her ass but she did it and is going for a nice hard ride, taking him deeper and deeper and making those big full titties of hers bounce up and down and almost knock her out! She loves a nice ass fucking and you can see her thighs shaking as she gets her back door filled to the brim.

Sexy Panties


XO Gisele panties

Ever wondered what antics XO Gisele gets up to in her cam shows? Well feast your eyes on these goodies as she strips out of her frilly sexy panties and gives you both barrels of that big round beautiful booty! Gisele has amazing big tits, a stunning ass, and even though you can’t see it in these photos she’s got a hot face as well you’ll just have to take my word on that one. It looks like she’s having fun getting naked and masturbating and is ready for you to join her I think…



Fat MILF Rides Dick

This video isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you are to interested not to click don’t worry it’s not that long of a video. This is a very amateur scene of some fat ass BBW MILF taking a black did for a ride. This lady her whole life has always wanted to do this and she is taking full advantage of her opportunity. She is riding him fast and hard like she NEEDS it you know. I am not even sure he wants to be there look how he is just laying back arms spread eagle. He is probably imagining he is being banged by something a lot different then this beast LOL! It’s surprising how many videos you see of white MILFs like this fucking a black guy why they’re husbands watch on. It’s a whole thing, I don’t know if there is a name for it or not but I tell you it’s a thing for sure.

Blonde In My Bedroom


X art blonde in my bedroom kendall

If there was a blonde in my bedroom as hot as Kendall I don’t think you guys would be looking at photos right now, because a camera would be the last damn thing on my mind! Kendall is a newcomer to X-art but I have the feeling she’ll be stealing hearts left right and center with her good looks and great attitude, not to mention a huge sex drive! In this photoshoot she’s giving the bed a little go-round in her baby blue panties and bra, pinching her pert nipples and stripping down nude to masturbate with her fingers and a little buzzing toy that she slides into her tight pink pussy! She’s hot as hell and wants to make a good first impression as she shows off every inch of that sexy body…consider that mission accomplished, Kendall!

Kendra Lust Poolboy


Kendra Lust Poolboy Fuck on NA

I think it’s kind of funny because I was watching this scene over at my buddies house and it’s of Kendra Lust seducing a poolboy. I was thinking like man I have seen this video before but just couldn’t really put my mind where it was. I did a little search of our site and sure enough Kendra Lust has a pattern of fucking Poolboys! Just check out this video from Fantasy HD called Poolyboy Seduction. Well this video is much like that one she is in her house watching this sexy poolboy go to work. She decides to rub one out while she watches him and as she starts to finger herself and it’s just not quite enough she comes up with a plan. She pulls open the door and asks the guy if he would like to come in for a little break. once inside it’s all easy because this guy is picking up all the signs from this cougar. Once she puts her hands on his dick, it’s ON! She gets down sucks him up and then they get to fucking on her couch and anytime you get to see Kendra doing what she does best (having sex) you are in for a treat because she is a real deal pro!

Affairs of the Heart


Nubile films affairs of the heart kimber day

It’s no secret that keeping fidelity with your partner can be tough, especially if you’ve been together for a long time and have settled into a routine, and a new and exciting person comes into your life somehow. That’s what happened for Kimber Day in this Nubile Films update called Affairs of the Heart; she met a dude while on vacation and hit it off, and sparks are flying as they spend a whirlwind day together…they intended to just say goodnight but when they started kissing a little the lust overcame them both and they headed to the hotel room to give in to their passions! Kimber is absolutely gorgeous, it’s no wonder this guy wanted to get into her pants so bad…she has those perfect perky bouncy boobies, a beautiful face and of course that incredible ass of hers. He fucks her deep and hard and passionately on the bed, making the most of their time together before they head back to their respective lives.

Romi Rain Returns


Romi rain tonights girlfriend

You probably know the deal by now with the site Tonights Girlfriend but just in case, the scoop is that this guy has got a hankering for a night with a hot pornstar rocking his world…well, a phone call and a fat stack of cash later and he can have basically anyone he wants to come by his room! Tonights Girlfriend is Romi Rain, a beautiful and seductive busty brunette with sex appeal for days and tits that will knock your socks off. She’s playing the part of an aspiring actress coming by the casting director’s hotel room to ‘discuss’ a part in an upcoming movie but the only thing she’ll be getting is a big hard cock in the mouth and pussy! Romi is sexy as hell to begin with but when she strips down nude except for her thigh high stockings she’s just a sight to behold…watch this busty beauty get fucked, riding on that hard dick and giving this guy his money’s worth.

Dana DeArmond


Dana dearmond for bang bros mr anal

Say hi to horny sexpot Dana DeArmond…she’s a veteran of the jizz biz and knows just what to do to get a dick hard and keep it hard, especially when she’s down to take a huge cock deep in the ass for the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal! When you look at this chick you might not believe she’s able to accomodate a huge dick in that back door but man she’s full of surprises. Watch her spread those cheeks and get stretched by a toy or two before the main event, sucking this well-equipped guy until he’s rock hard and then taking every inch of that meatbat in her butt, bending over to get fucked and then straddling him to go for a nice deep ride before he shot his big load all over that pretty face of hers! She’s one of the best in the business and it’s updates like this that will explain why, take a peek.



Lexas on backroom casting couch

This 19 year old Indian-Mexican babe Lexas has only ever had sex with one guy before, that being the dude she married! It’s a shame that she didn’t get to play the field more, she’s gorgeous and can really take a dick…well she says she’s getting a divorce so I guess she’ll be figuring that out pretty soon. She wanted to make up for lost time apparently so she headed straight for the Backroom Casting Couch to give the adult world a whirl and basically jump in headfirst, so first she had to give head! She might not ever become a big pornstar success but hey she’s having fun and pushing her boundaries as she gets her pussy eaten out and fucked, then turns around for some great anal sex in this hot update.



Backroom casting couch tatum

Tatum might look like Marilyn Manson did her makeup but hey don’t worry about it; for a lot of this Backroom Casting Couch update she’s on her face getting fucked in the ass. The fake casting director loves anal (or painal as he calls it) so after shooting his load into her pussy he spins her around and rams her tight backdoor to shoot another load for the elusive double creampie! She’s a stripper looking for some easy money but she’s gotta work for it in this update, taking that cock in her mouth and pussy and ass one right after the other…once the makeup comes off this petite spinner might be kinda cute but who knows if we’ll ever find out, I don’t really think she’s got much future in the porn biz but I guess we’ll see.



Crissy on exploited college girls

They usually shoot skinny petite spinners over at Exploited College Girls but for this update they mixed things up a little for you and are featuring Crissy, an 18 year old brunette with some sexy curves on her! She’s got an ass that is like a cock-magnet which you just know is going to get some serious attention and might even distract you from the ridiculous clownish makeup she puts on…she could probably scratch her ear with those fake eyelashes when she blinks her eyes. Anyway she knows how to suck a cock but doesn’t really like to talk a whole lot which isn’t exactly a horrible thing if you know what I’m saying. She’s pretty quiet even while she’s getting fucked so the guy takes advantage of that situation by pinning her to the bed and pounding her tight teen pussy from behind to see that big juicy booty bounce, finally shooting his load on her face and getting her to swallow most of it.

Veronica Office Sex


Veronica Avluv Shows Up At Work

Love seeing a girl laid back on a desk getting banged don’t you? This sexy MILF right here is Veronica Avluv. This video is from a Naughty America site called Housewife 1 on 1. The whole plot of this video is that Veronica is a older lady and as you know they love to have sex more then they did in what we would consider “Their Prime” but such is the world. So Veronica takes matters in to her own hands because her husband works all the time she shows up at his office for a little mid afternoon break. They fuck in his office and then she goes home happy he doesn’t have to leave the office so he can keep making money, everyone is happy. If more wives did this I think there would be a lot less divorce in the world don’t you?

Lizzie’s Bunny Booty


Lizzie Tucker Teen Curves

Lizzie Tucker has been out of porn for some time I thought so I don’t know if this is a real deal “new” scene but it was definitely just released on this brand new site Teen Curves. These guys look like the spent some time getting this site together because they have some of the best bubble butt newbies in the business on their site. There is definitely a couple of them that are not teens that’s for sure. Alby Rydes is a example of that, if she is a teen that I’m fucking Peter Pan. The video I have for you is super long and it starts off with Lizzie in a little bunny costume. I bet they were trying to release this right on Halloween but kind of forgot about it, or got delayed for some reason. Anyways she takes off the silly costume and then gets that amazing butt of hers played with and then she takes this fat cock for a ride. When you have a girl with a fat ass you need to always do yourself a favor and have her ride you just like that so you can squeeze that booty and really just enjoy the show!

Shower Orgy


Passion hd shower orgy alina ariana

As anyone who has ever actually tried it can attest, fucking in the shower is not all it’s cracked up to be for a few reasons, not the least of which is personal safety. That doesn’t stop gorgeous Ariana Marie and her sexy Asian girlfriend Alina Li from getting into some serious hotness in this Passion HD update, and when they’re joined by their guy pal they both get into having the water cascading over them while they suck his cock and make out with each other! I guess their shower is big enough that there’s room for all the fun they have, which is nice…soon they’re all on the floor fucking passionately, licking and kissing and stroking and fingering each other at the same time! Two beautiful girls with perky tits and perfect asses getting naked and getting wet, not to mention getting fucked, is the recipe for hotness in this sexy shower orgy.

Milk and Cream


Chloe amour milk cream bath fantasy hd

Who wouldn’t love to give sexy babe Chloe Amour a nice milk & cream bath, pouring that white moo-juice all over her gorgeous body as she massaged it into her big full breasts? Maybe that’s how she keeps her skin so smooth and sexy and delectable…this guy can’t keep his hands off her as they move into the bedroom for this Fantasy HD update, or keep his cock out of her pussy as she bends over and offers that sweet wet hole to him to do with as he will! Chloe gets fucked nice and deep until the guy shoots out his own little cream bath for her, spraying his load all over her ass and pussy as he pulls out. This sexy seductive exotic babe always looks amazing but she’s in particularly fine form for this hot hardcore scene!

Dakota Skye


Dakota skye on casting couch x

When you see a girl as gorgeous as this making her first steps into the adult world you just know she’s going to make a splash, in more ways than one. That’s certainly true with sexy blonde spinner Dakota Skye, who is already making a name for herself on a few different sites, which is why it’s so hot to see an introduction set like this one from Casting Couch X! Dakota has a perfect tight petite teen body with perky little boobies and oh man that beautiful ass…she looks fantastic just standing around in a dress but double so when she strips nude and gets a cock in her mouth, not to mention bending over to get fucked doggystyle before taking a nice big creamy facial like in this hot scene! She’s got some of the most seductive eyes you’ll ever see and is just hot as a firecracker, can’t wait to see more from this girl.

Double Daydream


Xart double daydream jenan

Sexy Jenna has some pretty interesting daydreams…for instance, this one that comes to life on X-art features Jenna getting fucked by two guys at the same time! She loves nothing more than having a hard cock in each hand, unless maybe you count having one in her pussy and one in her ass for a hot double penetration scene! Jenna is gorgeous to begin with, with her beautiful face, perky breasts and that sexy tight ass of hers and she looks double hot in this double daydream with two dicks plumbing her holes simultaneously until all three of them have had intense explosive orgasms one after the other.

Anal Brunette MILF


Mompov anal brunette milf

If you’re into hot mature babes with huge tits and healthy sexual appetites this Mom POV update will blow you away! This 43 year old busty MILF has never been in an adult video before but it’s been a fantasy of hers and she’s finally bringing it to life. She’s got big gorgeous breasts and when she was asked what her favorite position was she replied ‘anal’ so you know you’re in for a treat with this hottie! She gives a great blowjob, using her hands as well as her lips and tongue, even sliding that cock between her big boobs for some tittyfucking before getting to the main event, straddling the guy and going for a ride on his prong as he delved the depths of that nice wet pussy of hers. Soon she got her wish, bending over to get that cock in her ass for some nice anal action before dropping to her knees to get a big facial cumshot!



Ftv girls amber

This is what FTV Girls is all about…a young, fun, enthusiastic girl with a beautiful look and a smokin hot body! Amber is doing her very first adult video, not sure if she’s done any photoshoots before but she can definitely model so who knows. I know it’s just a matter of taste but in my opinion this is one of the hottest new girls they’ve had on the site in quite awhile, take a look for yourself and see what you think but those perky little boobies and her tight shapely ass coupled with a heartstopper of a face (with dimples even) are just a winning combination for me. Watch Amber flash in public, masturbate to orgasm with her fingers and with toys (and a few other things!) and even experiment with a little anal fun. She’s just a stunning young lady with a lot of sex appeal and a lot of energy about her as she explores herself and shares what she’s got with all of us, and of course it’s all done with top-shelf photography and video quality, so enjoy!



X art awakening ashley

Apparently this is Ashley‘s first time having sex with a guy on camera but man oh man I hope it’s not the last…she lights the camera on fire in this X-art update entitled Awakening! She’s got an appetite for sex that will blow you away, and of course has an incredible body…tall, long legs, gorgeous ass, perky breasts, and she’s only 19! Watch this hot redhead rock this guy’s world with a fierceness that will leave you breathless as she straddles the guy and rides his cock, sucks him off, and bends over to get penetrated doggystyle, driving the guy so nuts he just has to shoot his load onto her face! Ashley isn’t done yet though, she wants an orgasm and knows just how to get it…she pulls the guy’s head into her pussy, grinding that twat on his lips and as he tongues and fingers her clit she has a huge explosive orgasm that has got to be seen to be believed!

Hana Yoshida


Hana Yoshida AV

Plenty of people have a thing for Japanese women and after looking at someone like AV model Hana Yoshida it’s easy to see why. She’s just stunning with those big innocent yet seductive eyes, lovely hair and of course her perky breasts with those nipples standing out like eraser heads. She’s gorgeous and has a kind of mystique about her that is just irresistable as she strips out of her lingerie, pulling her skirt up to let that sexy butt peek out for just a brief glimpse.



We Live Together Sienna

Sienna and her two girlfriends are all housemates star in this We Live Together update, showing what kind of hijinx they like to get up to when nobody’s looking. They certainly don’t seem to mind an audience though as they strip each other nude and start kissing, licking and fucking in this hot photoshoot! Three beautiful lesbians doing what comes naturally and exploring each others bodies, what could be hotter than that. Well I guess you could have four naked lesbians but hey let’s not greedy here, three is plenty for now!

Maria Venus



I’m pretty sure there isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t look sexier in red than not…Maria Venus from Alluring Vixens certainly does as she shows off her sexy red lingerie, the bra of which is barely holding in those huge round titties of hers! She loves to show off and loves being watched but we only get just a few glimpses of those boobs in this gallery…what we can see though is pretty fucking hot!

WTF Russia


Crazy Russians

OK I’m not all that sure what’s going on with these but it’s a few videos of crazy Russians and that’s like worth ten of any other country’s crazies if you ask me. We’ve got a first-person video of some lunatic riding his dirtbike through a subway, a guy pepperspraying some other dude who got pissed off at him in traffic (oh man how many times have I wanted to do that) and some other wacky shit. No tits or asses here but if you want to just kick back and see some weird video action from our brothers in the Motherland this one’s for you.

Fat Ass Lesbians Strap On


Fat Ass Lesbians Use Strapon

Two fat ass black girls are using a strap on in this hot little scene. I think the girl with the red hair is Pinky. She is a pretty famous pornstar the only black girl I know of with red hair. She and some unknown girl with a equally as big ass as pinky are getting after it in this video. They are fucking with a double sided dildo. This screenshot is pretty bad from me, my bad dogs but it’s the best I could do. You might able to see it but one end is in Pinky the other is in her friend and she is riding it up and down slamming their big asses together. If you like ebony girls or just big ghettto booties check this video out, it’s nice and long and it’s exactly what you will want to see!

Ava Sparxxx HD POV


Ava Sparxxx HD POV

Ava Sparxxx is looking pretty damn hot in this new scene from HD POV. You probably haven’t heard of them yet as they’re brand spanking new but you will sooner or later. Ava Sparxxx makes this guy cum a little to fast so fast in fact that he cums right in her pussy. They later on get back to fucking as it would be a very short scene if that’s all he did. He kind of just gets to sit back while Ava does a lot of riding and then he bends her over and fucks her real good doggystyle. That perfect round ass of hers with the milk white skin look so good. I am usually not big on POV sites but this one I am giving a passing grade. Especially once you actually visit their site and see all the girls that they have. It’s some of the hottest pornstars that are just coming out into porn right now, see for yourself!

Kelly Car Masturbation


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