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Kelsi Monroe Ass Parade


Kelsi Monroe Ass Parade

Not going to lie picking out this picture was one of the harder things I had to do today. There is like 20 pictures I had and I couldn’t eliminate any of them so I just had to choose as random. Kelsi Monroe here just might have the best ass in porn and I think Bang Bros will probably agree with me. I spent like 20 minutes just watching her get into super kink flexible positions and shaking her ass, it was like Kelsi Monroe here put a spell on me. She actually currently still might have a spell on me I am not sure. Anyways she is in one of the better Bang Bros scene and that’s saying a lot! They let her do her thing and her thing is riding dick I mean just watch her slamming that big ass up and down and the way it jiggles I mean DAMN that’s hot! I really hope this girl stays in porn because she makes some damn good sex tapes.

Miley Cyrus Twerks


Miley Cyrus Twerks It

Well Miley Cyrus decided to steal the show last night I guess because I woke up this morning and everyone seemed to be talking about her twerking it. I watch the video and well it was a waste of my life for sure I don’t think it’s that big of a deal… I do run a porn site though so not a lot shocks me. She isn’t even that hot, I wish someone a lot hotter was doing this but hey some of you might like some girl trying to “twerk it”. I am surprised she hasn’t gone to rehab or anything like that, it just has to be a matter of time cause there has to be a drug problem with hair like that.



Justene Alluring Vixens

I think you guys should already know what site I am sending you to if it’s a Alluring Vixen gallery. Justene here has such a nice rack and the site I am sending you to is of course Gorilla Mask. These guys have a thing for Alluring Vixens and I don’t blame them because damn they find some hot ass girls. Justene here is wearing a super skimpy little hot pink bikini that doesn’t cover nearly enough of her tits (that’s a good thing) and it barely covers her kitty as well. Check out the gallery and then browse the site to see what is going on on the Internet today!

Lady Gaga’s Round Ass


Lady Gaga VMA 2013

Well it looks like the VMA’s were on last night, I missed them all on purpose because I am way to old for that shit but apparently they have sexed it up since the last time I watched the show! I mean Lady Gaga looks like she was just walking around in a little g-string thong on stage, I would have never guessed this little skin and bones actress had such a round ass but the picture doesn’t lie. My buddy over at Drunken Stepfather has put up a little blog about this performance so if you want to know about it you could just read it there I am to tired to figure out how big of a deal it was that she had no pants on stage.

Amanda Tate


Amanda Tate Let's Try Anal

Amanda Tate is getting a nice hard ass fucking in this new Let’s Try Anal scene. She is on the one to ask for it but it sure doesn’t look like she is enjoying what’s going down. It could just be a scream of pleasure though. Her and her boyfriend actually go into their fire escape for their building and fuck in there for a bit before they get caught. They run up to the bedroom where he reminds her she asked him to put his dick in her butt and so she is a woman of her word and allows it. She just doesn’t take that soft sensual anal nope this boyfriend is taking no prisoners and pounds that tight ass like it’s her pussy. She takes it however and he finishes up by fucking her butt just until he is about to cum and then jizz’s on her face because that’s where he usually likes to cum on his girlfriend.

Big Ass MILF Rides


Wife Love Riding Dick

Here is one nice round ass for you guys riding a guys dick super proper. You can tell that this MILF has been needing a good dick down for a while now and so she found some young dude who is willing to give it to her. She even allows him to film their sex session and what a film it was! He ended up submitting it to Wife Bucket so everyone coudl share this the beauty of this big fat ass. The video ends with her spreading her legs super fair apart almost spread eagle as he pounds her doggystyle and just leaves his load right in that pussy.

Desire5k Is Good


Desire5k Doing Is Good

Desire5k is just too damn good at riding cock! I mean check out this latest video I found over at my favorite black porn site. I think most of the videos I have choosen to post of Desire5k show her riding cock and that’s because it’s what she is really good at. It’s like me making a highlight video of Michael Jordan and not putting in the fadeaway jumper shit wouldn’t make sense. All the video she does have that nice homemade look to them. It’s a real life couple and I think this is going to be a marriage or relationship that last. I bet Desire went through some guys in her pass. She probably was able to make the cum so fast this is the first guy that can actually take a dick ride from her and not bust a nut. It’s his super power I suspect I know 90% of us couldn’t handle this big black ass!

Pure Ecstasy


Jewels Jade Pure Ecstasy Pure Mature

Jewels Jade is back on Pure Mature! It’s been a long time since that first scene she did with them called “Personal Seduction Training” June 8th 2012 to be exact! They finally got her back and they didn’t squander it at all. They have Jewels Jade doing a super hot anal sex scene for them, it’s called “Pure Ectasy”. In this scene she is seducing the poolboy like so many other Pure Mature scenes. I need to really look into the profession of being a poolboy because it seems MILFs just can’t keep their hands off them. Jewels doesn’t just fuck the pool boy but she gives up her ass to him I mean that is a horny MILF right there. Jewels is super series about fitness you can just tell from that body of hers I mean there isn’t a damn flaw on her. There are a ton of good parts in this video so I if I had to choose it would probably be when she is squatting on his dick riding him up and down, it’s the big picture that is the preview for the video.

Tropical Party


Lily Love, Whitney Westgate Tropical Party

If you’re not a cheap bastard then I would suggest you guys just bite the bullet and join Passion HD, it’s just an amazing site! I think that anytime a porn site gets Lily Love and Whitney Westgate together in the same scene we should reward them. I hope the guy who stars in this episode called “Tropical Party” actually had to pay to be in the scene because he shouldn’t have made a dime banging both of these girls. Not to mention that he got a little private dance show from them as well as a Hawaiian cocktail. That’s like a sore dick you can’t beat it. The scene ends with him banging Lily Love in the position while she is licking Whitney’s clit… He pulls out and splatters that nice pussy of Lily’s and then Whitney does a little clean up for her.



Public Pickups Lana

Here is a really hot European amateur named Lana. She got is on a site called Public Pickups where this guy goes around Europe and gets girls like this to fuck for big money (for them at least). This girl at first is just hired to show him around because he is lost but after constantly asking her to give him more and him always offering more money she finally accepted. This girl has a perfect round ass as you can see from this picture but what you don’t see is that she is actually really good looking face as well. Her pussy is seriously just perfect and on top of that it’s pierced so you know this 19 year old is a straight up horny girl! She rides his dick and rubs that piercing at the same time having a orgasm on a guys dick that she just met! On top of that she is pretty much a prostitute now that she is accepting money to be banged, but this money was just way to much for her to resist and I think it was money well spent by Public Pickups.

Brandy Aniston Virtual Sex


Brandy Aniston Porn Goes Pro

I like to think of this Porn Goes Pro site as kind of like a virtual sex site. It has this really unique POV camera that makes you feel like the pornstar is actually fucking you. Here is a good example of it, it’s with a gorgeous pornstar you guys probably know by now Brandy Aniston. She is all dressed up in some leather lingerie and her round ass and big tits are looking so hot in the POV camera. She shows up to the house of one of her biggest fans and he has the camera strapped on and ready to film his first sexual encounter with his favorite pornstar. It cost him a lot of money to get her here for a bang session but after it’s all said and done I think we will be seeing Brandy again. I am not going to lie at time during the video you might get a little motion sick cause when Brandy is riding him hard his whole body is moving and that includes the camera. All in all those I think this site is very unique and some of you are totally going to dig it so enjoy the video and then visit the site guys.

College Orgy


College rules episode college orgy

I seem to remember spending more time doing homework and studying for exams in college than anything else, but these horny college girls just seem to fuck basically non-stop! Maybe they’re doing research for an anatomy class paper or for their biology midterm or something but man, there is just no stopping them. Luckily someone in the room had the foresight to whip out their camera and film the whole thing as they lick pussy like lesbians, suck cock and eventually just get into a full-on college orgy right there in the dorm room! What’s more, whoever filmed it had the good sense to send it in to College Rules and get a whole bundle of cash for it. Hopefully they shared it with all the sorority babes who got naked and got fucked in this episode but maybe the sex is the reward for these amateur nymphos. Keep a special eye out for the Asian chick in the cowboy hat, she is ridiculously hot with petite perky little titties and a sweet tight pussy!

Giselle Mari


Giselle mari on amateur allure

You might have caught a glimpse of Giselle (now better known as Giselle Mari) in the Amateur Allure preaudition #28 but if you’re like me you were hankering for her actual update! Well worry not, she was easily hot enough to merit her own feature and now you get to share in the bounty of hotness that is Giselle. This 20 year old Italian babe hails from Brooklyn so you know she’s packing some attitude to go along with that gorgeous face and sexy nude body! She blows the videographer away with her oral sex skills (get it, blowing) and her tight wet pussy before he unloads not one but two creamy loads into her mouth, and we get to see every moment of the hot hardcore action. She looks phenomenal in blue but looks even better out of it, with those perky 34B titties and her firm round ass! This is a girl who’s just sexy from head to toe, I’m sure you’ll love this hot fuck session almost as much as the videographer obviously did.

Camille Rowe


Camille Rowe

This blonde hottie is Camille Rowe, a model from France with a great body showing off some pretty un-hot bras and panties. When I first saw her I was like ‘well she’s pretty I guess’ but when I found out she was French, oh man. That accent is just like a pile of bonus points on her hotness scale, it’s not even fair. Speaking of unfair, these photos are all of Camille in lingerie and panties and whatnot but don’t really show her getting naked…it’s a damn shame too because I’ve seen photos of her naked and holy shit she does not disappoint. Or as they say in France, “ooh lah lah that chick got some wicked ass titties!”

Irina Erects


Irina for Melina

What’s with all the ina’s? This is Irina and she’s modeling for Melina, and she’s hot enought that you’ll want to slip her your pina. This redhead is monkeying around on some scaffolding at a construction site, helping make sure that things get erected as she looks to help out with whatever screwing, hammering and nailing needs to get done. She’s mighty proud of her ass from the looks of things and man she’s got a right to be…that booty is fantastic, nice and firm and not too big nor too small. I’m not really sure that a little flimsy top with sheer thong panties and high heels is appropriate attire for a construction site though, I guess that’s why she took it all off (except for the heels) and got nude!



Anastacia life erotic

I’m not sure why The Life Erotic thought that putting a yellow light bulb in the lamp was making things erotic and artsy in this photoshoot of Anastacia…she’s pretty cute and is in the tub naked playing with a dildo, you’re already in pretty good shape on the erotic front. Not entirely sure about all the piercings; from a glance I see both nipples pierced, her clit pierced, and her face pierced with a Monroe, but hey whatever she feels like doing. Apart from the sickly yellow light in the room the photos are pretty hot, I only wish they’d just used the lighting from the candles sitting around the tub as she masturbated…maybe they couldn’t figure out how to make it work with the cameras so they made do, who knows.

Candice Swanepoel


Candice Swanepoel

Well here’s another model who I had to look up on wikipedia to find out who she was…Candice Swanepoel is her name and apparently she’s a big deal because she did a bunch of shoots for Victorias Secret. She’s also a multimillionaire so hey, a beautiful 24 year old blonde from South Africa with a big fat bank account? Sign me up man…even if she did dye her hair even blonder than it was before so that it’s now almost white. I guess we get a sneak peek at what she’ll look like as a 70 year old, if you ignore her gorgeous face. Not sure what else I can say about Candice, but after finding out who she is I can say that google will be getting a few searches coming from down my way! She’s even got a neat name…Swanepoel sounds like something you’d use to poke a pig to get it to go where you want.

Courtney Casey


Courtney Casey for Nubiles

Nubiles presents this photoshoot of horny Courtney Casey, a girl-next-door type who absolutely loves playing with that meaty pussy of hers. Courtney is cute but she’s one of those girls who you can immediately see what she’s going to look like in about ten years and it’s not fantastic. For now though she’s still got some hotness and has big soft titties that stand up on their own, so good on her for having fun and enjoying her sexiness on camera with all of us! I’m curious what her little tattoo above her shaved pussy says, it looks like it’s in Greek to me.

Real Life Part 7


Porn fidelity real life brandi love

If only the name of this Porn Fidelity update was accurate…they call it Real Life part 7 but man this isn’t like any kind of real life I ever saw (besides on their site, of course)! Horny blonde MILF Kelly Madison gets her big tits out to play with the big tits of horny blonde MILF Brandi Love in a showdown of shakin’! Right off the bat they’re making out like lesbians in the limo, not even at the house yet…and when they do finally make it to the Porn Fidelity mansion the first thing they do is rip each others clothes off to caper around completely nude! They’ve got eyes for each other of course but when Ryan’s big thick dick makes an appearance they’re both more than happy to grab that slab of meat in their mouths and double up on the blowjob tip. Kelly tits win out in the size department but Brandi’s are a close second and man that ass of hers basically evens out the playing field…I just can’t decide who I’d want to fuck first! What a choice to have to make.

Wifey Swallows


Wifeys World The Big Pullout

There isn’t much hotter then a Wifey’s World scene. This MILF Wifey really just has it all those big tits a banging body and I love the “homemade” way all her videos are filmed. In this update called “The Big Pull out” her hubby and her are having a loving sex session. It starts with Wifey’s legs up in the hair and her thighs pushed together so he can really lick those pussy lips. They then get in the missionary position where he just bangs away and Wifey is underneath him in absolute ecstasy. They move into a standing up position where her is just going to bang her for a while but that wet tight pussy of Wifey’s is a little to much and he starts to cum. For some reason Wifey doesn’t like to have cum in her pussy she loves to swallow it, so she gets on her knees and he shoots the rest of his load on her face and in her mouth.

Megan and Jessica


Jessica Robbin and Megan Salinas

Here is a gallery that kind of just fell by the wayside and now I am just remembering to post it! I mean how could I forget a lesbian sex scene with Megan Salinas and Jessica Robbin! That’s two of my favorite pornstars right there. Megan and Jessica have amazing tits, sure Jessica’s may be bigger but Megan’s are seriously perfect you couldn’t change a thing about them. The other girl in this video is Mercedes Lynn. She has been on a ton of Party Of 3 videos from Bang Bros just kind of think of her as the host. The real win here is seeing these two gorgeous babes eating out each others pussy and having real natural orgams, enjoy!

Perfect Day


Teen fidelity kimber day

When Ryan Madison invites you to his kooky gypsy tent to spend the day you’ve gotta know what’s in store, and Kimber Day certainly did. She showed up looking like she was ready to head to Burning Man, holding up a big parasol and a fan with no top on but a sparkle in her eye. Soon she was getting her tight body kissed and groped by Ryan as she masturbated in a chair, getting ready for that big hard deep dicking she knew was in the cards. Sure enough, once she sucked him for a bit to get that meatbat hard as steel she was bent over and penetrated from behind, getting her hole stretched and fucked to make it a perfect day on Teen Fidelity! I love her cascade of ringleted hair, it makes for a great handle for Ryan to grab as he sinks his cock in her pussy and rearranges her internal organs for this sexy hardcore update.

Night Call


Babes network night call

Some people call it a bootycall but that seems a little vulgar for an evening of sultry steamy passion like in this update from the Babes network…I prefer the name they gave this episode, a Night Call! Presley Hart makes a night call to her guy friend who is more than happy to come by her place and help her feel a little less lonely…they roll around in bed awhile, kissing and letting their hands do as they pleased, and as Presley felt his cock grow harder in his pants she got bolder and bolder, finally taking it out to give it some much-needed oral attention. She gave him a nice blowjob, sucking and licking his dick sensually while getting more and more turned on herself which was assisted by the guy licking her pussy until she was dripping wet. The two lovers entwined in bed, fucking and riding each other while Presley’s perky titties bounced with the rhythm until finally he spilled his seed all over her tummy while she writhed in ecstasy. If this hot hardcore scene has whetted your appetite for Presley Hart you’ll be happy to hear this isn’t the first time she’s been on the Babes Network…you can check her out getting that sweet pussy fucked in this episode called Happy Ending as well!

Lots of Love


Hd love lots of love

They might as well just rename the site from HD Love to HD Lily Love for this hot update…there’s lots of Love in the air as Lily takes her new see-through lingerie for a spin, looking like an angel in the bedroom as the mid-morning sun spilled through the window and lit up the sheer bed curtains and giving Lily almost a halo as she slowly peeled off her bra and matching panties, bringing her man into her arms to kiss passionately. Her hands drifted down and felt his manhood getting harder and harder in his pants, and since she’s a merciful goddess she released his cock from its constraints, licking and sucking him until he was hard as steel. The light is almost blinding as this beautiful pornstar rode that lucky guy, taking his dick deep inside her pussy and moaning with delight as she used him every way she wanted. That round ass of hers looked fantastic as she rode him like a cowgirl (tho we already know how hot that booty of hers is from previous updates like this Exquisite Affair) and got on her hands and knees to take him doggystyle until he finally shot his load into her mouth and all over her face to finish things up.

Amateurs Fucking for Sorority


Amateurs fucking for sorority on haze her

There’s nothing more fucked up you can do to a college student than wake them at ass o’clock in the damn morning but that’s just what these poor freshman sorority hopefuls have to go through on a regular basis, or whenever the full sorority sisters feel like messing with them. In this update from Haze Her entitled Amateurs Fucking For Sorority (yeah the grammar isn’t too great but what do you expect, instead of going to English class these lesbians spend all their time licking pussy) the pledges are jolted awake super early and asked quiz questions, which they naturally get wrong since their brains are still in dreamland. As punishment they have to strip down nude and masturbate, and to help them along the sorority sisters grind their pussies on their faces and use all kinds of dildos on those tight college girl fuckholes.



Gabi for playboy

One of the greatest things about summer is seeing all the beautiful women in light and flowy sun dresses, if you ask me. I’m not sure if what Gabi has on qualifies as a sun dress but it made me think of it so whatever. This petite blonde tugs her shoulder straps down so her top reveals those perky little boobies before she drops the dress entirely, revealing that she’s wearing a matching pair of panties! Adorable. It’s even more adorable when she pulls her panties off too, showing off the rest of her spectacular nude body in this Playboy photoshoot! She might have been shorted just a little in the ass department but hey, she’s a petite blonde girl so what do you expect.

Val Keil


Val keil on playboy

Holy shit, check out the hair on Val Keil in this photoshoot from Playboy! I thought it was going to attack at first but Val seems to have things under control. She’s also wearing some kind of wacky spiderweb style lingerie that shows off her big tits to their best advantage, and once she shimmies out of the bottoms we get a nice look at a spectacular ass. You’ve got to hand it to Playboy, after all these years they still manage to keep a beautiful woman stripping down nude interesting and engaging! Val looks like she’d be hell to date but looking at photos of her naked and nearly naked is a whole other story. I can’t imagine that lingerie of hers gets a whole lot of mileage so it’s nice of her to bust it out for this special occasion.

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay lohan paparazzi

If you’re not completely over the train wreck of a human being that is Lindsay Lohan, you might dig seeing her wearing a light and flowy frock with no bra so her nipples poke out a bit. I didn’t even realize paparazzi still follow her around but I guess they’re just biding their time until she completely snaps and strips down naked in the middle of the street, grabbing some poor innocent sap who happened to be walking by and fucking him right then and there while screaming demon curses or something. Poor guy. Anyway if you keep in mind how mind-meltingly hot LiLo used to be maybe these shots will get your blood flowing a bit but she’s lookin a little rough if you ask me. I can’t say I would kick her out of bed though, can you imagine the stories you’d be able to tell your friends after a night in the sack with this kitten?



Xart spontaneous with carrie

There’s nothing sexier than spontaneous lovemaking, and that’s just what happens in this X-art update with Carrie and Jake! They’re just hanging out in the kitchen one morning as friends, talking and laughing while Jake mixed her up a fresh smoothie cocktail to wet her whistle. It looks like she had other ideas for what her lips were going to wrap around besides a straw though and soon they had swept the fruits and veggies aside and were passionately kissing in the kitchen! Jake licked her tight pussy and turned Carrie on even more than she already was, and soon his cock was slipping in where his tongue had paved the way as they fucked on the kitchen counter. It’s a beautiful scene of young lust as these lovers entwined, with Jake finally coming to orgasm in her mouth as she pumped his cock with one hand and sucked him.

Noelle Easton


Noelle Easton Net Video Girls

It’s pretty rare that you actually find a real deal pornstar on Net Video Girls but I was surfing around for this girl Noelle Easton and I found that she has been on their site before! I wonder if she just started doing porn once she found out that her calendar girl video had made it on the Internet. I mean once all your friends and family knows you have been in a porn why not just do it again and again. Well Noelle doesn’t have many scenes only 3 right now but stay tuned for more because a teen with big natural tits like this will soon make her way to almost every site you can count on that!

Foot Play


Passion hd natalia starr

This Passion HD update will be like nectar of the gods for you fans of foot play! Beautiful blonde Natalia Starr is working out and just happens to be doing it in the same room as a guy working on her house…and whoops, her big natural tits just happened to pop out of her top while he was watching! It turns out he’s a foot fetish fan so she gave him a nice footjob, rubbing his cock nice and hard before spreading her legs and taking him deep in her wet hole right there on the floor. Natalia loves a good hard fuck and that’s just what she gets in this hot sex session, getting every inch of that amazing nude body of hers worked over by this guy’s thick tool and skillful hands! I guess being a laborer isn’t all that bad, if this is the kind of thing that happens regularly. You’d almost think Natalia had the whole scene in mind when she came into the room to do her yoga, but there’s no way she’s that naughty, right? I guess given her past updates on the site like this one with Tasha Reign and of course her Poolside Passion update we should expect some naughtiness, though.



Joymii den josephine

Den and Josephine aren’t quite aware of how the concept of sexting works…Den keeps taking pictures of Josephine’s big full breasts and upskirt shots of her pussy and sending them to her which honestly is probably a better way to turn her on than photos of himself! She gets so horny looking at her own gorgeous body that she needs a hard fuck and needs it now, and he’s more than happy to oblige…soon they’re both nude on the couch with Josephine sucking his big dick and getting onto her hands and knees to get fucked from behind doggystyle, moaning with pleasure as he sinks to the hilt in her wet hole. He’s lucky he has a good sized cock, so she’s able to overlook the tighty whities he’s sporting until finally he pulls out and shoots his load all over her ass and spills onto the couch…that’s gonna be a bitch to clean up but it sure made for a hot Joymii update!

Lelu No Hands BJ


Lelu Love No Hands BJ

Lelu Love has a lot of really cool videos they’re sometimes a fetish but other times they’re just down right hot. Like in this gallery she bet her man that she could make him come with nothing but her mouth and her tongue… No hands no problem. She bobs up and down on his cock for about 13 minutes until he finally pops. The meanest thing about this is that when she knew he was about to cum she jump off his cock and he just came out in the open, not in a moist mouth like he probably wanted. She never said she was going to swallow his load though or give him a fulfilling orgasm, she just said she would make him cum.

Natalia Starr


Porn star spa natalia starr

It’s pretty easy to see why Natalia Starr gets so much work in this industry…with her big natural tits and that gorgeous face she’s an instant hit which works out great for her bank account but can be hell on her body! That’s why sometimes she just needs to slow down and take a little time for herself, heading to the Porn Star Spa for a little R&R. At the spa she gets a little exercise in on the treadmill before doing some yoga to stretch out her sore muscles, but what she really needs is a nice oil rubdown! Luckily there’s a skilled masseuse there who is more than happy to rub warm oil all over her beautiful nude body, spending maybe a little more time than normal to make sure her round ass is nice and relaxed. She loves having her body touched in such a sensual way and soon she’s rubbing his cock through his pants, getting him nice and hard before he hops up on the bed himself and she rides his dick like a pogo stick! Even when tired out she’s one of the hottest pornstars in the business and in this video from the Bang Bros network she shows you why. To finish things off she gets on her knees and takes a nice big load on her big tits, rubbing it into her skin…nothing like a nice protein rub at the spa to keep a girl fresh!

Ariana Innocent High


Ariana Marie Team Skeet

We are finally getting more and more galleries of this super sex teen pornstar Ariana Marie. She is in a new video from Team Skeet where she is trying to get into innocent high. Innocent High is a site that you get access to when you join their network of sites. Ariana will do whatever it takes and so will the guy interviewing with her. So when the teacher leaves and tells them the video is running they know just what to do. Ariana and they fuck go right to his desk here they take turns fucking. Ariana riding this guys cock on top of the desk is by far the best part of the video, and if you’re not poor I would suggest joining just so you can see the full video!

Nicole Wetzel


Nicole Wetzel for Zishy

Nicole Wetzel looks like the kind of girl you can’t help staring at in high school and college…she’s gorgeous, she’s fun, she’s got an amazing body and she barely seems to notice how incredibly sexy she is. This redhead is making some of your fantasies come true in this photoshoot from Zishy, showing off that sexy round ass in her tiny shorts by a school bus and then putting on a sun dress for some upskirt panty shots as she just goofs around outside. This amateur cutie reminds me a little of the hot redhead vampire in True Blood, can you see that or is it just me? Anyway I love what Zishy is doing, they’re not going the nude route but man they’re showing these cute amateurs in a way that is tasteful and artistic and just plain sexy as hell. I hope you guys enjoy their photos as much as we do, feel free to drop a comment and let us know what you think of Nicole Wetzel and the other Zishy girls! She seems pretty flexible too, hopefully she doesn’t have to deal with too many ‘Wetzel the Pretzel’ jokes.

The Sexy Fairy


The Sexy Fairy Digital Playground

I have another amazing Digital Playground gallery for you. This time it’s called “The Sexy Fairy” I do believe they called it “Hypnosis” at some point but for some reason they changed the name. No matter though because you still get to see Selena Rose, Tara Lynn Foxx and Nikki Seven having sex. The star of this DVD is of course Selena Rose she is the Digital Playground contract star after all. She has just found out that she has a special power and that power is she can pretty much persuade everyone. So she starts to solve her best friends problems. Like most girls it always has to do with boys. So Selena gets these girls the dick they want and of course she uses her power for herself as well getting a guy to fuck her every which way and man did she have him spend a lot of time eating that Latin pussy of hers.

Fat Ass Black Girl


Juicy Ass Black Girl

This black girl must have some back problems with a ass like this! She gets in the shower where the guy that is going to fuck her gets in the mood by playing with that fat ass of hers. He oils it up and then washes it, playing with it and touching her pussy at the same time. Once he has had his fun with this big ass he takes her into the other room where he bangs her. He loves having a view of her juicy ass so there is lots of doggystyle and lets of her riding him. Once he is about to cum he pulls out and of course gets that black ass wet again.



Backroom casting couch with adrianna

Some girls head to the Backroom Casting Couch because they want to become pornstars, some go there for a little spending cash, but girls like Adrianna here go there just for a good hard fuck! You see, her babydaddy-to-be is in the clink and she hasn’t gotten laid in quite a while so she’s champing at the bit to get that pussy of hers pounded. She loves getting fucked hard and wants to get the interview questions of the way as soon as possible! This girl isn’t going to get any real modeling jobs through this casting call but at least we get to see a genuine horny woman coming all over the place as she gets fucked. She even tries anal but it hurts so she wasn’t too into it, but good on her for giving it a whirl. She does take a creampie cumshot though, which I’m pretty sure is because she was already pregnant…I tried to find a video that had her horselaugh clipped out but there might be one or two on there still, for which I’m so sorry you guys.

Latina Ashley


Exploited college girls ashley

It’s always a pleasure to see the guys at Exploited College Girls rustle up a winner, and this week Latina honey Ashley is up to bat! She’s a gorgeous 18 year old college freshman who is no rookie in the sack from the looks of things…she wants to earn some cash and knows what she’s got to do to get it! What’s more, she’s actually into the sex which is always nice; it’s kind of a drag when the girl is obviously just going through the motions and pretending to have fun. Not so with Ashley, that’s for sure…she can’t wait to get fucked once her panties come off and we see that furry bush, and she has multiple orgasms while getting her cunt touched and fucked! She doesn’t want to do anal which is a bummer but other than that this horny Latina was a champ, even letting the guy deliver a huge creampie inside her hairy hole.

Ariana Marie


Ariana marie casting couch x

The videographer from Casting Couch X was trying to keep things calm when 20 year old hottie Ariana Marie came strolling through the door but when her shirt came off and he saw those perfect tits of hers he just couldn’t help but shake the camera a little! She’s got those sexy round titties with tiny nipples and cute tan lines but her pert little butt is no slouch either…in fact there’s not really any part of her that’s not gorgeous and what’s more, she can suck a dick and fuck like the best of em! It’s no wonder Ariana is already starting to make a splash in the porn world (no pun intended) with looks like that and a personality that is instantly sexy and magnetic. Take a look at this video of her getting introduced into the world of the porn business as she gets fucked in that tight bald pussy, finally taking a massive facial cumshot that leaves her with a very drippy beard.

Kitty Jane Daring Sex


Kitty Jane on Daring Sex

Beautiful Kitty Jane is going to make your day with this hot hardcore scene from the site Daring Sex! She looks incredible as she lounges nude in bed, peeking under the blankets to find her sleepy man-mate who is more than happy to join her, licking her pussy and making her moan with lust before she went down on her elbows and knees and got fucked doggystyle! Some women just magically look amazing all the time and Kitty Jane is definitely one of those, so enjoy these shots of her getting fucked and riding dick before shaking out a big protein load all over her tight tummy to finish this sexy scene off right.

Natacha Peyre


Natacha Peyre on Action Girls

When you think of the site Action Girls you probably think of crazy post-apocalyptic wackiness but you won’t find that in this photoset, just Natacha Peyre taking off her bikini top on the back patio. Can you imagine being at a barbecue or something and seeing this beautiful blonde with the amazing rack take off her top and get those big tits out? Hopefully you weren’t trying to keep the burgers from burning because that plan would go right of your head as you stared at those sexy round titties. Natacha does her best to hide her nipples a little but you can totally still see em…keep it quiet, don’t let her know.

Wild Marie Claude


Wild Marie Claude Action Girls

Now this is what I call an Action Girls gallery! This sexy blonde is Wild Marie Claude and she’s declared herself the new sheriff of this here town. I don’t think anyone will have the guts to tell her otherwise, either…she’s packing some serious heat, and she also has a gun! I’ve never seen a sheriff’s gunbelt wrapped around a pair of huge breasts like this, I guess it’s the new style for the new sheriff. It doesn’t really work too good as a bra though I guess, and soon Marie is topless and ready for action. I don’t think she’ll have any problem whatsoever in wrangling together a few volunteers to be in her pussy! I mean posse!



Josephine on Femjoy

So the name of this Femjoy photoshoot is apparently Josephine’s Sexy Ass but I mean really there’s only one photo of her ass. It’s a great butt don’t get me wrong, but if you ask me I think this photoshoot should have been called Josephine’s Sexy Tits! She’s got huge round perfect boobs and looks phenomenal walking up and down the stairs in the nude…and unlike many girls you see nowadays in the porn world this chick actually has hips! An actual woman who looks downright incredible? Who would have thought??

Kate Upton


Kate Upton 360 bodypainting

I don’t know if this was for a test shoot for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition or what but here we have a collection of photos of sexy blonde Kate Upton wearing a bodypainted bikini, turned into an animated gif. It’s pretty mesmerizing seeing this gorgeous woman spinning around, kicking that ass from side to side and brushing her hair back to make her huge full breasts bounce. She might be a little lacking in the hip department but I’d say those big boobs and cute butt more than make up for it! I’ve got to say, I like the trend of hot women getting a thin layer of paint put on their nude bodies instead of actually wearing swimsuits. Pretty damn hot.

Alexis Bangs Friends Bro


Alexis Adams My Sisters Hot Friend

Alexis Adams is starring in a Naughty America video from their mini site My Sisters Hot Friend. Alexis here is waiting on her stupid friend to get home already. She has been her friend for a long time and always had a thing for her older brother. He is in the living room trying to watch a game that he has money riding on. She is flirting with him by being annoying and finally gets his attention when she says he should touch her big tits for good luck. Once she whips them out and he sees just how perfect they are he can’t help but think of fucking her. Once he wins his bet he is so happy he lays a kiss right on Alexis Adams and that’s all she needs to get down on her knees and start sucking his cock. They fuck in the theater room and when she gets in that chair and rides his cock it’s the best. You would think seeing those big natural tits of her bouncing up and down is the best but her round ass slamming up and down is also very very hot.

Sara Jay & Charlee Chase


Charlee Chase and Sara Jay Naughty America

Sara Jay and Charlee Chase end up fucking their best friends son in this video from Naughty America. At first they were just reminiscing about the times when they were in college together and they used to break out the double sided dildo and have lesbian sex. I don’t blame them they never had to worry about getting laid when they could just go home and fuck each other. Well Sara shows Charlee that double sided dildo a blast from the past if you will. That gets the wheels turning and these two start to eat each other out and then Sara says she is going to go get the guy to join in. Charlee is a little hesitant but once this MILFs pussy gets wet her judgment is clouded. The guy has no problem fucking these hot MILFs and they tell him exactly what to do. The girls are constantly eating each other out and sharing this guys cock, I am sure they did this is college, isn’t that when everyone tries a threesome?

Kelsi Monroe Teen Curves


Kelsi Monroe Team Skeet

I have a hot tip for you guys, Team Skeet is going to be putting out a new site called Teen Curves! I found one of the galleries that they made for that site and it’s fucking awesome because well they picked one of my favorite curvy teens and that’s Kelsi Monroe. Kelsi has one amazing big fat ass and you get to see that ass bouncing up and down on this guys cock. He does a little pounding himself though especially when she is doing the splits like this he is just going to town pounding that puppy. Not only does Kelsi have some nice thick assets but look how damn flexible she is! Team Skeet is the only place you can watch this full video right now so if you want to see it that’s where you need to head. The best part of this video isn’t even this sex probably… It’s probably when Kelsi is walking around Miami in this little skirt flashing us her ass, seeing a girl like this with a perfect ass walking around is just too hot, especially if that have the walk down. You know those girls with the big asses that just know how to make it look amazing as they walk, well Kelsi is one of those girls o if you have no idea what I am talking about you soon will.

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