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Petals in the tub


Zishy tub petals

I haven’t been able to find out the name of this girl but she’s inviting you to join her in a relaxing bath in this Zishy photoshoot! She brings the candles in and shuts the door, putting on some soft music before scattering bright red flower petals in the water and slowly sliding her nude body in. This girl loves having smooth soft skin and knows how important it is to take care of herself so she takes time out to relax and indulge in a little self-loving ritual as she takes a nice long leisurely bath. We get to relax with her, and also enjoy a few naughty peeks at that sexy teen body of hers in these lovely photos! Next time you see a beautiful girl-next-door type like this just imagine joining her in the tub as she gets slick and wet…Zishy always has the hottest amateur girls around and isn’t interested in getting them to do crazy shit, just to be beautiful and natural and happy.

Alexis at the Spa


Alexis adams porn star spa

Alexis Adams gets pretty worn out from all the fucking and sucking she does being a horny pornstar, so sometimes she just needs a little rubdown and let out some of that tension that’s built up over the weeks! She headed to the Porn Star Spa to get that beautiful nude body of hers oiled up and massaged, but wouldn’t you know it, the masseuse just kept on letting his hands slide down between her thighs and touch that sensitive pussy until she was so turned on she just couldn’t help but grab the guy’s cock from his pants and give him a blowjob right there! Soon she was spreading her smooth legs and getting her pussy mortar-and-pestled by his cock in this hardcore fuck scene from the Bang Bros network of sites.

Creamy Sex


Pure mature creamy sex with kortney kane

The fad of taking a milk bath seems to be in full swing as lovely brunette Kortney Kane slowly removes her black lingerie, including a garter belt and her thigh high stockings, before sinking into a tub and running her hands over her huge round breasts. Her guy pal comes into the bathroom and pours a pitcher of cool cream all over her back, running it over her round ass to soften and refresh her skin…she thanks him in a big fashion by sucking his cock right there at the edge of the tub! After he gets that blowjob his dick is hard as a rock and he hops into the water with her, bringing Kortney onto his lap for some creamy sex…they splash a little too much water on the floor though so soon they’re out of the wet and fucking on the counter, that hard meatbat sinking hilt-deep into her quivering wet hole! They finish off this Pure Mature update with a bang, with Kortney taking a nice wet facial of the guy’s own cream, maybe it’ll help revitalize her skin as well. Kortney is always a hit on this site; if you want to see her satisfying some more of her sexual cravings take a look at that gallery!

The Squirter


Fantasy hd the squirter tiffany fox

You’ve heard about Freaky Friday, but how about Wet Wednesday? Tiffany Fox is making a case for a new weekly holiday in this Fantasy HD update entitled The Squirter as she shows off her unique talents in the pussy department…she starts out stripping down from her bikini by the pool, rubbing her clit and squirting all over her fingers as she cums. But hang onto your rainboots, the party’s just starting! Her guy friend hears the commotion and heads over, giving her a hand as he helps her masturbate and licks her cunt and finally slowly slides his big hard cock inside her wet hole. She makes things even wetter almost immediately, squirting like a damn Super Soaker while he fucks her in this raunchy hardcore action! I hope they put down a tarp or are fucking in a kiddypool or something because her pussy is just going to town and I don’t think there’s a sheet in the world that could soak up this much juice. The guy finally decides enough is enough and gives her a few good squirts himself, shooting his load into her fuckhole for a nice creampie cumshot finish which of course she squeezes right out using those phenomenal vaginal muscles. Tiffany is certainly impressive downstairs but she’s also hot as hell with a beautiful face and a great pair of perky titties!

Britney Noisy Fuck


Britney Amber on porn goes pro

When you think about a pornstar what’s the image that pops into your mind? A pretty blonde with dark roots, huge tits and shaved pussy named Britney, or maybe Amber? Well take a look at this update from Porn Goes Pro as pretty blonde Britney Amber shakes her huge boobs and works her bald pussy as she gets fucked by some lucky dude. You can tell from the way she sucks this guy’s cock that she’s a pornstar with a little experience but she’s certainly not all used up like, well you know how I mean. She’s got great legs and looks great in the photographs but the video camera is really where she shines as she works that cunt in this hot POV hardcore scene, taking that big hard cock to the hilt as she gets fucked doggystyle and turns around to ride your cock like a cowgirl. She even keeps her red belt on or whatever that is, with jangly metal bits so as she gets fucked it sounds like Santa Claus with epilepsy! Hopefully that mental image doesn’t mess with your mind as you watch this horny babe get her pussy pounded.

MILF Loves Creampies


MILF Loves Creampies

I have for you a super hot MILF and she is getting her pussy filled up with cum in this new Mom POV video! The guy who usually shoots the site wasn’t even here to enjoy this meaty pussy but his buddy sure did. He fucks this mother of 2 for well over a hour. I think towards the end there they were just doing whatever it took to make him cum. I mean he set down the camera and got two hands on each hip and just pounded away and this sweet MILF. Like I said she is a mother of 2 so she doesn’t get to sleep around much, it’s been a long time since she has fucked a guy and she is quite stoked to be doing her first sex tape. She usually just masturbates to calm her horny nerves but after this sex session I think she will probably increase her twice a week habit to 5 days a week or something! One thing is for sure is that her pussy was definitely sore after this video… They talk about her coming back for a threesome with another girl that would be awesome but I won’t hold me breathe, I have a feeling this is her first and last porn video.

Hot legs and feet


hot lesbians licking

If you’re into hot legs and feet, not to mention pretty lesbians eating out each others pussies you’re going to dig this photoshoot from the DDF network…these two lesbian schoolgirls were hanging out after class and decided it was high time to find out just what they could do with those tight shaved holes of theirs, so they pulled off their plaid skirts and tugged off their panties and got to licking on those clits and slits! They both definitely have hot legs and feet and those long stems and cute toes get a nice working over as well in this sexy sapphic scene. You’ll take one look at those perky titties and those cute butts in the air and want to join in on the fun I’m sure!

Courtney Laudner


Courtney Laudner for Zishy

Ah, the underboob. Man sometimes I look back on the 80s with fondness for some things, like the fad of girls wearing ripped up little tanktops that showed off the bottoms of those titties to drive everybody crazy. I could do without all the hair though. Anyway, this update from Zishy brings back the underboob with a vengeance as Courtney Laudner snaps a few photos of her own while being captured on film pulling off her shirt and teasing us with those huge boobs of hers! Her butt is no slouch either in any sense of the word, as she tugs up her polka dot skirt and shows a little cheek.

Ossia Offroad


Ossia Offroad for Errotica

Holy shit these photos are friggin huge…I have a big monitor and still was blown away by the sheer size of the shots, not to mention the hotness of the model Ossia! She’s doing a little offroading in this photoshoot from Errotica Archives, or at least would be if the jeep she’s crawling around in was functional. Looks like she’s been doing a little monkeywrenching in her spare time but decided to take a break and shed her clothes for a little while…can’t fault her there! Ossia is any mechanic’s dream as she crawls on her hands and knees into the cockpit, wiggling her cute little ass and giving us a nice look at her soft shaved pussy while looking over her shoulder with those beautiful eyes of hers.

Rhian Sugden


Rhian Sugden body in mind

Say hello to beautiful blonde babe Rhian Sugden in this photoshoot from Body In Mind! I know whose body we’ve got in mind as we watch Rhian strip out of her swimsuit or whatever the hell those crazy black panties are…why do they have a strap across them in the front like that, just in case she wants to give herself a wicked wedgie? Anyway who cares, she’s hot as hell with a pretty face and wild blonde hair, with big tits and great legs. I know it’s a little cliche but man there’s just something magical about a hot blonde with a great rack, just nothing hotter in the world if you ask me. Enjoy these photos, hopefully we’ll get to see Rhian again sometime soon!

Connie Carter


Connie Carter on Brazzers

You don’t usually see a woman like Connie Carter on Brazzers…she’s, I don’t know, usually more elegant and less raunchy. Not that there’s anything wrong with a hot hardcore raunchy time, mind you, it’s just not something you expect with certain models. Connie brings her own brand of sex appeal as she heads up to the Lust Loft, fucking some lucky dude on a huge comfy looking couch. With those huge tits of hers and her sexy lingerie with thigh high stockings and garter belt and everything it’s a wonder the guy didn’t shoot his load even before he slipped it into her tight wet shaved pussy!

Sugar and Spice


Sweetie in x art sugar and spice

I don’t know about sugar and spice but Jake certainly does have his hands on everything nice in this hot update from X-art! He and blonde stunner Sweetie (a brand new model to the site and a welcome addition) were napping in bed when he awoke and found out that his reality was even better than his dreams! He started kissing her hips and back as she slept and moved down to her ass, kissing those pert cheeks and letting his tongue drift lazily around her pussy lips, licking her clit and rousing her from slumber in basically the sexiest possible way. She was more than happy to let him continue licking her but once he saw she was awake he came up for a kiss, touching her hole with his fingers before easing his big cock slowly inside. They kissed passionately as they fucked there in the bed, with Jake finally finishing on her cute tummy before they went right back to sleep. What a day!

Triple Threat


Triple threat on x art

Talk about a triple threat! You’ve got three of the most gorgeous girls in the world getting together for a hot passionate lesbian threesome in this X-art update, so batten down your hatches and get ready for something special. Charlotte, Amelie and Chloelynn are hanging out in bed and Amelie, better known as Chloe Amour, is the meat in the middle of a gorgeous blonde sandwich as the other two girls lick her titties, flicking her nipples with their tongues and making her giggle before sliding underneath to lap at her tight pink pussy and make her moan. Any of these three girls are hot enough to melt a bank vault so you can only imagine how sexy they are when they’re all together in a sexy sapphic scene…actually you don’t even have to imagine it, just watch this video and see for yourself! Pussies are licked, breasts are grabbed, asses are tongued and orgasms are moaned in this X-art update, so grab a box of tissues and join in on the fun.

Lelu Rides Hard


Lelu Love Rides Hard

I just got done from viewing a bunch of Lelu Love videos over at my buddies site. I had to pick this one even though it was one of the shorter videos. I picked it because it’s the newest video that she has posted and man does that ass of Lelu’s look good in the reverse cowgirl position! I am going to have to start posting more of her for you guys because she truly is a really unique girl. In this gallery you get to see Lelu riding her guy really hard in cowgirl and as I mention reverse. She then finishes him off by giving him a amazing handjob, don’t we all wish we had a woman like this? Well you can because Lelu Love is the most interactive model on the face of the planet so she will be your Internet girlfriend and all you have to do is join her site!

Kara Hartley


Bang bus kara hartley

Usually a bus tries to avoid hitting too many bumps and jostles but I think horny Latina babe Kara Hartley doesn’t mind a speedbump or two whatsoever! She’s the latest honey to hop onto the Bang Bus and she’s getting that wet pussy of hers worked over pretty good, especially when she mounted that guy’s hard cock while facing him, getting her big juicy booty grabbed while she did a little pogo stick routine with her hole. I don’t know if this guy would even need a seatbelt, he’s got that ass to grab onto and her big pierced titties to cushion his face if they got in a wreck! Can you imagine seeing this Latina moaning and grinding her way past you if you were at a stoplight next to the bus? Talk about causing a distraction on the road…it’s a wonder the Bang Bros network is even still in business after all the collisions they probably caused from people staring at all the hot titties they get on that bus.

Hold Me Sofie


Hold Me Sofie By Femjoy

Here is Sofie and you guys better know this girl because she has some unbelievable tits! As always you don’t get to see her doing anything hardcore because this chick is way to classy for porn. I bet she thinks she is like a Playboy model. She definitely could have been if Playboy found her first I mean those tits will get her into just about anything. The name of the scene is Hold Me and it starts off with her naked and ends with her naked and in my mind that is a really good Sofie gallery.

Christie Stevens


Bang bros mr anal christie stevens

Some girls struggle to find the courage to take a dick in the ass, but some girls are just born for it…take a wild guess as to which category blonde hottie Christie Stevens falls into. She’s rocking the camera in this latest update from the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal, and she’s just eating up the attention as she wiggles her big juicy booty and slides a few toys inside to pave the way for the big fat dick that’s enroute! Sure enough, she soon gets impaled by that guy’s dinosaur cock, taking him deep inside her tight keister and loving every second of it. From the looks of things it might have hurt a little more than she anticipated though, because it was making her eyes water a bit and by the end of this hardcore fuck scene she’s got some runny mascara mixing in with the cum that was shot all over her face and huge round titties!

Myla Sinanaj


Myla sinanaj sex tape

Do you guys love big juicy asses? Hell yes. Do you love hot horny celebrities who release sex tapes, partly out of exhibitionism and party out of attention-whoring? Hell yes! Well buckle up your seatbelts and unbuckle your pants because the Anti-Kim is in town…Myla Sinanaj has released a sex tape showing how she lost her anal virginity and we all get to sample the goods. She’s a big booty beauty and could almost be a twin sister to Kim Kardashian but Myla has a much more, shall we say, relaxed view on sex and nudity. Kim broke up with her boy toy, basketballer Kris Humphries, who promptly jumped into bed with Myla Sinanaj here and man did he ever make the right choice! With those big round titties and generous bouncy bubbly booty Myla is a tiger in the sack and from the looks of things she’s getting on board with anal sex, I guess she didn’t mind taking it from behind for this celebrity sex tape.

Single Shade of Grey


X art single shade of grey

I guess it’s going for more of an artistic feel to it but with the stark lighting, industrial steel walls and the almost monochrome gray cast to these photos from X-art it feels like Angelica is trapped inside a meat freezer or something and has decided to get completely naked! I gotta say, I’m not really feeling the style they put into these photos…its a good thing the model is so mind-meltingly gorgeous or it would have been a wash, but that pert ass and her perky titties (not to mention her beautiful face with those elf-like eyes) save the day for X-art. The name of the update is Single Shade of Grey, which I guess is a play off that shades of grey book that was so popular a year or two ago. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would love to see Angelica star in a feature length movie based on that book! We’ve seen some hot scenes from her before, like this lesbian episode called So Close Together, so we know she can more than hold her own with a guy or girl as the scene might call for it…anyone listening, Hollywood?

Study Break


Passion hd jessa rhodes study break

In this Passion HD update we join blonde hottie Jessa Rhodes getting her learn on with the help of her guy friend but she gets just a wee bit distracted by the porn that’s playing on a nearby laptop, letting her hands slide down to touch her pussy through her panties and getting more and more turned on. She gives her guy that smile and glance and he knows what that means…time for a study break! Soon her panties are sliding down her legs and she gets her wet pussy licked and fingered before the guy starts pounding her right there on the floor in this hot hardcore fuck scene. She’s got great tits, a great ass and a great smile and uses all of the above to her advantage as she works her guy’s hard cock with that pussy! With her schoolgirl skirt and long blonde hair she makes quite the naughty student, but apparently she paid attention in biology class because she knows how to rock a cock, that’s for damn sure.

Top 3 Roc and Shay


Roc and Shay Top 3 Videos

My boys over at Blackz have went ahead and picked to the top 3 videos from Roc and Shay. I don’t know if I necessarily agree but they are some good ones! We have a bunch of Roc and Shay videos but so do they so you can view them and then let me know what you think! Roc and Shay are a legit couple who found the ultimate loophole to making money. You just film yourself fucking and then open up a site on line. They have a ton of videos now and if you like amateur porn you’re going to love this stuff. Shay has one of those big ebony asses that you are going to just love seeing bounce as she rides a hard cock up and down.

Chloe B rubdown


Chloe b for massage girls 18

With a cute little butt like that, blonde teen Chloe B already had a leg up (or an ass up) on the competition at her job as a massage therapist. It’s really too bad she doesn’t know a damn thing about massage but what she lacks in experience and knowledge she more than makes up for in hotness and horniness! This sexy petite teen spends about five seconds rubbing her client’s body before taking his cock in her mouth, stripping nude while giving him a blowjob in this update from Massage Girls 18. Soon she was mounting up and riding that dick like a bat out of hell, working that tight wet pussy on his shaft and moaning with pleasure and I can guarantee that guy came out of the massage parlor swearing he just had the best rubdown of his entire life.

Rebecca rammed


Rebecca for fucked hard 18

She doesn’t get her body massaged very often but when she does, Rebecca loves having every inch rubbed down! This adorable brunette has a fantastic tight petite body and as soon as she strips down nude and hops up onto the massage table you just know she’s going to be something special in this update from Fucked Hard 18. Sure enough, this teen cutie turns out to love having her ass and thighs oiled up and rubbed down and doesn’t mind at all when the masseuse whips out his big dick and slips it inside her hole! She moans with pleasure and wiggles her beautiful ass a little as he fucks her, then flips over to suck his cock while getting her clit fingered. She’s gorgeous and sexy from head to toe and fucks like a champ, sliding that ass back and forth and riding that dick like she was born to do it. I don’t know who ended up with a happy ending, probably both the massage and the masseuse, but I do know that Rebecca wound up taking a nice big facial cumshot to finish things off!

Caught On Camera


Hot MILF Caught on Camera

In this gallery from Porn Pros you get to see a affair unfold! This round ass, big titty MILF has a rich husband and he knew that something was going on. So he went ahead and installed some security camera’s in his home and this is what he found! The most fucked up thing about this is that the guy she is fucking is a friend of the husband! Can’t blame this girl for cheating though because she was thouroughly enjoying this little bang session she was having. When she was on top she was riding him so hard I am surprised his cock didn’t snap in to. These two were going bareback too! If you’re cheating on your husband at least use a condom and don’t go with the ole “Pull out” technique.

Brianas Vibrating Cock


Briana lee extreme black vibe

Every girl has her dirty side, some just happen to share it with the world a little more than others do! Check out Briana for instance from Briana Lee Extreme…she’s a good girl with a happy, almost angelic face, but she’s got lusts and fantasies just like everyone else and decided to make this site to let them out instead of bottling them up. In this update she’s getting those huge round titties of hers out and playing with a big black vibrating cock, teasing and fucking her pussy with that toy before going for what she’s really got a hankering for, which is to slide it into her tight ass for some anal play! Briana loves anal but it’s not something a ‘good girl’ is supposed to enjoy, lots of people consider it dirty or taboo but she’s not going to let the social norms dictate what she does with her own body. Can you imagine grabbing those huge soft breasts as you sink your cock into her tight back door?

Senora and Jorge


Sex art silvie deluxe

In a story as old as time we see two people in a forbidden romance…Jorge the poolboy is hopelessly enamored with the Senora of the house, Silvie Deluxe, but feels he can never win the heart of this rich and beautiful woman. Little did he know she also had eyes for him, and in this steamy update from Sex Art we see what happens when worlds collide! Silvie “loses” her hat and Jorge returns it, and when their eyes meet any pretense goes out the window as they immediately grab each other and kiss passionately, already ripping their clothes off. Once the floodgates of lust have opened there’s no closing them and Silvie is soon completely nude, exploring his cock with her tongue and lips and hands before mounting him and taking his manhood inside her wet pussy. Weeks of lust have built up and are finally being released as she rides him, taking that hard cock to the hilt as they roll together in bed in this sexy sensual update!

Malibu Moments


X art chloe amour malibu moments

Beautiful and exotic babe Amelie, or should I say Chloe Amour, shares a rug with her guy friend and creates some Malibu moments for them to remember fondly down the road, embracing and passionately kissing him before unzipping his pants and pulling out his thick rock-hard cock to suck in this X-art update. With her huge tits, sexy ass and beautiful features (especially those big gorgeous eyes), Chloe drives this guy wild with desire as she gives him a nice slow blowjob before lying on her side to take his cock deep in her wet pussy! Her big boobies bounced and swung as she got fucked doggystyle, which I suspect is probably her favorite sexual position from the way she’s reacting. Soon the guy just couldn’t take staring at that ass while he fucked her and just had to bust his nut, shooting a big load of cream all over her butt to finish things off! Hopefully there’s a towel somewhere in this bungalow of theirs or she’s in for a sticky situation.

FTV Heather


Ftv girls heather

I’m glad blonde vixen Heather made the transition from glamour model to FTV Girls nude modeling, and I bet you are too! She’s a natural in front of the camera, posing and just enjoying life as she strips out of her thong panties, spreads her legs to masturbate, humps a stuffie, fingers her ass and even goes for a nice topless jog in a public park…all in a day’s work for an FTV Girl! Heather is gorgeous in anything and she proves it with her versatile outfits and infectious happiness…how can you resist joining in when you see a smile this perfect on a girl this beautiful? And if that’s not enough how about if I sweeten the honeypot a little by mentioning the fact that she’s got one of the world’s few perfect asses, did that help? Here’s a hot tip, by the way…if Heather looks a little familiar you might have spotted her getting that sweet ass pounded in this gallery…we do the detective work so you don’t have to!

Stacey Foxxx pink bikini


Stacey Foxxx on Bang Bros

When you go to a site like Big Tits Round Asses from the Bang Bros network you know what you’re after and you know what you’re getting, but when it’s a chick like Stacey Foxxx who’s sexy as hell it’s like a double birthday! Watch this busty horny babe strip out of her itty bitty pink bikini and get that tight shaved pussy of hers fucked while she grabs her big bouncy boobies in this hot hardcore update. She sucks a mean cock too from the looks of things, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation of wrapping her lips around that lucky dude’s dong!

Chubby black pussy


Blackz oral ebony sex

Pretty much any girl loves having her pussy eaten out, including this chubby ebony babe! Watch her spread those chocolate legs and get her twat licked by her lucky guy, even grabbing a camcorder and pointing it down at him to save the occasion forever. If you’re into the idea of a Nubian babe with a little hair on the pie getting her cunt licked and her clit tickled and tongued, this video clip from Blackz will get your motor running for sure.

Next Door Models Ariana


Arianna on Next Door Models

Oh man, this Next Door Models update is a doozy…on the one hand it’s a bunch of photos of sexy and stunning model Ariana in her sheer white lingerie, pulling off those lacy panties to show her shaved pussy and letting her nipples peek through the thin fabric of her top looking just delectable. On the other hand there’s some kind of black decorative tree behind her with its branches extending out and the perspective makes it look in some of the pictures like she’s ripping a fart or something with evil black stink lines like in a cartoon. Once you see it you won’t be able to unsee it.

Lucy Ohara Pokemon


Lucy Ohara Pokemon misty cosplay

I hope you have a good pair of sunglasses on, otherwise Lucy Ohara is about to blind you with not only her hotness but also her incredibly vibrant orange hair in this photo update from her own site! She’s doing a little cosplay as Misty from the Pokemon show (don’t ask me how I know her name) and once you get a look at her big full breasts you’ll want to catch em all too. I’d make more Pokemon references here but Misty is getting naked in these pictures and it’s more than a little distracting. Wait, here’s one…Lucy you make me want to Pikachu! My bad, guys.

Riding Dick


Amateur riding cock on Wife Bucket

Some girls like to be fucked doggystyle, some like it straight up missionary, but some love to have the power of being on top and like to ride dick like a bucking bronco! That’s the kind of chick this amateur babe is as she slides her wet cunt up and down her husband’s shaft in this Wife Bucket video clip. She’s got a great ass and I guess her guy thought so too because he reaches around and slips his finger into her pucker as she rides him, which only spurs her on to fuck him even harder!

Wet Waitress


Wifeys World Wet Waitress

Here is a new video for you guys from Wifey’s World. I am under the impression this amazing MILF is STILL updating her site with new content every month so if you are a fan of her I suggest you show your support and join her site. In this episode you get to see Wifey keeping her sex life spicy with her husband. She walks into the living room wearing one of his favorite little lingerie outfits a sexy waitress. This waitress is looking for a really good tip so she shows him her perfect wet MILF pussy and he can’t help but want to fuck that. They have sex right in the living room in different positions. It’s all shot 3rd person pretty much so you to view the sex at great angles and not the sometime fustrating camera angle of POV. Though I have found a POV site I really like it’s called Porn Goes Pro you should check out those galleries to see if you agree with me.

Cue Stroke


Natalie heart cue stroke passion hd

Natalie Heart admires a guy with a nice firm confident cue stroke, that’s for sure…when she sees her guy pal shooting some billiards one day she put on her sexiest, skimpiest little schoolgirl skirt and went down to grab him a beer. Whoops, looks like the beer is down by the floor, she’s just gonna have to bend way over and show off that sexy ass of hers in the process, what a bummer! Get it, on account of ‘bum’? Anyway, long story short the guy loses interest in playing with his own shaft and balls and recruits Natalie to do it for him, pulling up her skirt to get at that tight wet pussy of hers as he lifts her onto the counter and tongues her slit and ass. She gets fucked right there in the billiards room but they can’t really go to town until they head to the bedroom, nothing like having a nice soft mattress to roll around on after trying out a pool table. Natalie fucks him like she was born to do it and Passion HD was nice enough to bring the photos and video our way!

Christy and Aurielee


Christy mack aurielee summers ass parade

Could anyone ever get tired of an ass like the one hardcore chick Christy Mack is packing in those tights of hers? Not me and not you, is my guess…joining us is Christy’s girlfriend Aurielee Summers, a beautiful girl with a hell of a butt herself, making this an episode of Ass Parade for the ages. Both of these girls are beautiful in their own way…Aurielee is a fresh-faced babe with huge tits and a sexy round firm ass, and Christy Mack of course is edgy and tattooed with huge breasts and a sexy round firm ass! Nobody said they didn’t intersect with their hotness…know where else they intersect? How about pussy and mouth, that’s where! These lovely ladies get lesbian and lick their way to satisfaction as they strip down nude in this update from the Bang Bros network of sites, showing off their bodies and having a sexy sapphic time to boot. Before you start thinking they’re solely lesbians though you’ll have to keep watching this update as some lucky dude shows up and slides his huge dick into Christy’s mouth and pussy while Aurielee fucks herself with a dildo, ending with the guy giving Christy a big facial cumshot just like she’s been craving!

Callie Calypso


Lets try anal callie calypso

Man, dumping a load of icecubes on a girl while she’s relaxing in the hot tub is about the meanest thing you could do, but I guess it worked for this guy! Sexy Callie Calypso was just having a relaxing soak in her bikini when she got the cold treatment but luckily she thought it was pretty funny and even flashed that perfect booty of hers for her boyfriend’s camera. Soon she was giving him a blowjob and losing her bikini entirely before they headed inside for a proper fuck…he gave her pussy a nice working over before saying those three magic words that many girls dread hearing but that will make them feel all naughty in their girly parts, Lets Try Anal! Callie was a little hesitant but once she got her backdoor teased with a thumb and felt how nice it was she was down to give it a whirl, so the guy slowly introduced his big hard cock to her tight little pucker. She gasped with a mix of pleasure and pain as he fucked her ass, slowly to begin and then picking up the pace, but eventually the pleasure won out and she got really into the hot anal hardcore action for this update from the Mofos network of sites.

Ariana & Lily


Lily Love and Ariana Marie

This is a straight up awesome scene! Porn Pros has knocked this new video from Teen BFF out of the park just by the two girls they have in the scene. This juicy round ass belongs to Lily Love and she is eating the pussy of Ariana Marie! They bought have amazing bodies and I like that they took the type to get some tan lines, each one has a perfect thong tan line on their ass that’s hot. That’s not even the best part of the video, that part is when Lily Love is slamming that juicy ass up and down on this lucky guys cock. He ends up cumming right there while she is riding and Ariana is underneath rubbing his balls and getting ready to eat that creampie right out of Lily Love’s pussy, that’s some kinky shit!

Delia Castillo


Delia Castillo for zishy

I think Zishy has figured out something pretty profound…if the girl in the photos is hot enough you don’t really even need to go fully nude with her to be sexy! I mean of course it helps and goddamit I’m disappointed these chicks aren’t showing off all the goods but man they are sexy as hell even with a little bit of clothes on or in implied nudes. Delia Castillo is a good example of this; she’s a gorgeous Latina with a beautiful body that looks great in these photos as she shows her slightly see-through yoga pants (get a look at that pert butt of hers in em!) and then in the bedroom with her skimpy little string bikini bottoms and a ripped-up white top that lets her perky titties show basically right through. She is absolutely sexy as hell and the fact that she never gets quite naked just adds to her allure, the imagination is a wonderful thing.

Nikita Hotel Fuck


Nikita von james on tonights girlfriend

Some guys like to meditate in the evenings when they’re on a business trip to clear their mind and keep as sharp as a tack, some guys like to relax with a drink and watch a movie on the hotel TV, but some guys like to ball it up and call a hot horny pornstar to come warm their bed for the evening! That’s what this guy does and Tonights Girlfriend is Nikita von James, who looks like what you probably imagine in your head when you hear the word ‘pornstar’. She’s blonde, tan, has huge fake tits and a pretty face and fucks like a lioness! Watch this sexpot show up and rock this guy’s world as she sucks his cock and lifts those long lean smooth legs of hers to get fucked in that wet hole while her huge melons jiggle and bounce!

Wanna Be Pornstar


Want To Be Pornstar

I think this girl is kind of a want to be pornstar. She says she is just doing it to make money, and the guy from Girls Do Porn says she almost flaked but watch the video. First the bleach blonde hair, fake tits I see you wanna be pornstar. Then the fact that she is cheating on a boyfriend to make this film, once again I have her pegged. The thing that really makes me believe it is the way she talks when she is being fucked. She is the girl that says things like “Oh you like that tight pussy”, “I am about to cum” alright she wasn’t bluffing about that. I don’t know if she can cut it though because that tight little pussy of hers couldn’t handle a hour long fucking from this guys big cock! Maybe with some practice she could be up to snuff, she didn’t express some interest in doing anal so hopefully they will bring her back for a anal sex scene!

Room Full Of Dick Suckers


Room Full of Dick Suckers

I saw the episode title for this new Dancing Bear scene, it’s called “Room Full of Dick Suckers”. So I thought I would be clever and actually count how many girls sucked dick in this update. Well I will save you guys the trouble literally ever single girl put a dick in her mouth so you can just count those bitches up and that’s your number. I want to know how all these chicks know each other, it looks like they’re in a office building or something so they might work together. I doubt it though they had to rent it cause can you imagine what the company is going to think when the find out about this! There are some hotties in this gallery and that’s what makes Dancing Bear so awesome is that all the girls you see in their videos are amateurs. It’s also in a niche that many of you might not know you like but you do and that niche is CFNM or Clothed Female Naked Male. It usually always has the girls sucking dick or just sliding their panties aside to get fucked, it’s that kind of thing.

Joining the Sisterhood


Haze her joining the sister hood

These sorority pledges look good enough to eat as they’re laid out in the nude on the table for the full sorority sisters to use however they pleased! They wanted to make sure that the new crop of badass bitches in the sorority could stand up to whatever tests they threw their way, so they did a little body inspection and pussy eating test…if they can’t lick that slit what the fuck good are they to these horny lesbians? Well luckily these girls have learned their lessons well and are able to tickle the clits of the sister enough to stay, at least for now. But tomorrow, who knows what kind of devious tests the Haze Her bitches will come up with? Joining the sister hood sure isn’t easy! It makes me wonder if these freshman girls ever have a chance to go to class, they seem to be eating pussy and getting fucked by strapons from morning til night every day.

Valentina Nappi Anal


Valentina Nappi Anal on Monster Curves

Here is a really hot anal sex scene starring Valentina Nappi! She has well monster curves, I mean look how amazing this ass is! She has a great set of natural tits and she loves anal sex I mean she is the total package. I am sending you Reality Kings because as you guys should know by know you get access to monster curves when you join that site. The video is great but you also need to check out the pictures to truly appreciate the hour glass figure that Valentina has. I have seen a couple of other scene from her like her HD Love scene but I have to say this one is the best. Don’t know if she has worked on her body or what but it is in grade A shape right now WOW!

Coeds First Threesome


College rules first threesome

This guy thought he was a trickster when he decided to record his roommate fucking some college girl he met at a party but the joke was on him when she caught him red-handed! I guess she also caught him hard-dicked too because she wanted him to keep on filming and grabbed him by the cock using her mouth, inviting him in for this hot hardcore threeway. It might have been a little awkward being naked and fucking a girl with his dorm buddy but I guess they all got over their shyness pretty quick when this horny babe impaled herself on one cock while sucking the other! I don’t know if it’s this coeds first threesome or not, she looks like she has a little experience in the sack but who knows, that’s just how these college kids roll nowadays! This footage got sent in to College Rules and now we all get to enjoy it…hope that horny sorority slut isn’t bothered with strangers watching her get fingercuffed by two dudes.

Huge 5-Some


Naughty America 4some

Naughty America is just killing it in this new video! I am mad jealous of the guy who is fucking some fine dime pieces. I would say this is some A-List pornstars right here. We have Capri Cavanni, Rachel Roxxx, Lexi Belle AND AND Mia Malkova! The girl riding dick in this picture is Mia and that ass is looking as fine as ever. The video was shot for a fantasy site that Naughty America has called My Friends Hot Sister. I didn’t really take the time to see how this guy got himself wrapped up into a 5some because I just wanted to see how they made it work. It was mostly one girl getting fucked, that girl eating out another and then two off on their own just having lesbian sex. The video ends with him just pounding away and Lexi’s pussy and when he is about to cum he pops up and gives each girl a little bit of cum, he was like cum Santa Claus.

Rosemary Masturbates


Rosemary Radeva Enjoys A dildo

I haven’t posted a In The Crack scene in some time so I went out and found a Rosemary Radeva gallery from you guys. She is naked sitting by the pool and showing off that amazing petite body. In this gallery she not only gets naked but she uses a dildo on herself. I think she is a penetration type of chick. Some girls love the vibrator on the click some just like to fuck themselves. There is a video for this gallery but you guys know the drill videos are for members only when it comes to In The Crack. I do have just the general video that kind of lets you know what you will see if you decide to purchase a membership.

500th Episode Part 2


Anikka Albrite, Kelly Madison and Jacky Joy

Alright we are on to Part 2 of the 500th episode from Porn Fidelity! If you missed Part 1 it’s right below this post or just click on that link. Working from left to right in this picture I have Anikka Albrite, Kelly Madison and then Jack Joy. In this video I know a little more what’s going on. Kelly is out looking for some talent for her and lester circus when she runs across a lion tamer who has been keeping some show girls caged up. These girls like the freakier stuff in life and Kelly is wanting to get her MILF pussy filled up with a cock. She she asks Chester if she could try out these two show girls before she hires them on for the shower. She doesn’t want these girls dancing though she wants them to take part in a threesome with her and Chester. he is all kinds of down and takes a turn fucking each one of them. Not just their pussies though he fucks their tits too. Except for Anikka Albrite come on their just too small for that shit!

500th Episode Part 1


Christy Mack, Kendra Lust, Kelly madison

Starting from the left and working to the right you have Kendra Lust, Kelly Madison and Christy Mack! This is quite a great scene but it’s even better then you think because this is just Part 1 of 3 part series that Porn Fidelity is putting out to celebrate their 500th episode! The video is almost like a full length feature film and it’s all about Kelly Madison here and Ryan Madison starting up some crazy circus. I will be honest I didn’t check into the plot that much I just watched these three hot pornstars having lesbian sex. Theyb rough out some glass dildos, vibrators and just made each other cum. If you like this part but actually want some hardcore then check out Part 2 I am posting that today as well!

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