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Busty Jamie


Jamie for Cosmid

If you’re a fan of cute girl-next-door types with huge knockers then today must be your birthday, because Jamie here is going to be right up your alley! She’s cute as hell with pretty eyes, long wavy dark hair and of course a pair of huge soft full breasts that she shows off for Cosmid as she pulls off her top and bra to hang out in just her panties! I know you’ve probably seen a lot of big tits in your time but these boobs are something special, especially when she leans back with her shoulders pulled back to give them the perfect shape.

Hot Karla


Karla alluring vixens

Get it? Hot Karla! Anyway, this chick is sexy and hot as hell with thick eyebrows, a cascade of long dark hair, big round titties and pouty lips that would look great wrapped around a dick. Can you imagine? It would be like getting a blowjob from two pillows! Karla is stripping out of her itty bitty bikini top in this photoshoot from Alluring Vixens, teasing us mercilessly with those beautiful breasts of hers. I think most guys would have their shorts explode if they saw a girl this hot at the swimming pool. Hooray for summer!

Rihanna Carnivale


Rihanna at carnivale

I don’t even know what Carnivale is besides a dope-ass show on HBO but from the looks of things it’s a hell of a party…Rihanna headed back to Barbados to ‘reconnect to her roots’ but I’m not sure how well she’d be able to do that since it’s a poor country and she probably has enough money to buy the whole damn thing. Well either way she is gorgeous in her feathery costume and from these shots taken at the celebration it looks like she had a damn good time shaking her booty and dancing with the townspeople. I guess that’s what it’s all about.

Interracial Anal


Interracial anal

This couple tried to make their interracial anal hardcore video a little classier and artsier by giving it a musical soundtrack but once the song is over (I think it’s Massive Attack) we’re left with just mostly silence and some gasps as this guy fucks his girlfriend’s lily white ass with his shiny black dick. It’s a good song and she’s got a nice ass but I wish there was a little more to the video…oh well, pickers can’t be choosers and at least this amateur couple had the stones to send in a tape of themselves fucking for us to enjoy on Totally NSFW.

Deep Cleaning


Holly michaels deep cleaning passion hd

Somebody needs to find out what agency sent this maid, because Holly Michaels is looking incredibly hot as she gives the house a nice deep cleaning in this Passion HD update! She’s in her sexy French maid outfit giving the downstairs a nice dusting and ‘accidentally’ showing off her ass and panties to the man of the house, who soon can’t take it anymore and pins her against the wall of the stairway, kissing and groping her and basically ripping her clothes off. They head to the bedroom to get down to some serious fucking and I don’t know if Holly has ever looked hotter…those huge tits of hers bounce to the rhythm and her ass looks incredible as she gets fucked in every position they can think of, moaning with pleasure until finally the guy gives her a facial as he shoots his load in her mouth and all over her pretty face. Looks like she has some more cleaning to do now! Holly is absolutely gorgeous so if you want to check out more of her I can’t say I blame you…we have a bunch of her updates here on the site if you’d like to see!

Giselle Real Life


Giselle leon on teen fidelity

Giselle Leon just can’t get enough of Ryan’s big dick…she even sneaks out of the house to go pick him up for a little fuck session, her pussy already wet with the anticipation of getting penetrated by that big thick meat! She can barely contain herself in the car and as soon as they get inside the clothes come off and Giselle wraps her lips around that cock she’s been fantasizing about all day. This episode from Teen Fidelity is part of the Real Life series, and Giselle is doing her best to make it a memorable one! She gives a great blowjob and then spreads her smooth legs, getting that tight pussy pounded as she grabs her round titties and squeezes her nipples, moaning as she comes closer and closer to orgasm. I’m just not really sure why she’s got a Mr T gold chain necklace on…

Rebellious Romance


Penelope stone on teen fidelity

Latina rocker chick Penelope Stone was up for a little rebellious romance so in this Teen Fidelity update she skipped school and headed to the junkyard with Ryan where they proceeded to fuck right out in the open! Ain’t no rules keeping these two down as Penelope sucked that big dick before spreading her legs to get her pussy pounded. She looks like she might need to hop in a shower for a bit but could just be because of all the sexin!

Kelsi Monroe 3 Cocks


Kelsi Slutty Ass White Girls

Damn this gallery is all up in your face, it’s just large and in charge. Kelsi Monroe is once again on a Bang Bros site but this time it’s a new one they’re opening up. It’s going to be called Slutty Ass White Girls. I think this is only the second scene they have posted in this site, don’t quote me on this. The thing with this site is that the girl is going to be taking on not just one cock, not two but three! I mean only a slutty ass white girl would do that. Let’s be real though with a ass like this we all know Kelsi isn’t a white girl she is Latina or I am a bearded gnome.



Porn fidelity casey calvert

Casey Calvert is playing a dangerous game in this Porn Fidelity update entitled Necromantic…she has given up on earthly men and decided that the only way she’d get her lusty desires fulfilled was if she summoned a demon! She brought forth a demoniac presence, played of course by Ryan Madison, and kept him in a well-lit room to keep him under control as he fucked her. She had every inch of her gorgeous body worked over by his big dick and dark powers, but the cost of his presence was steep…after they were finished he injected her pussy with his own seed, in an attempt to take over the world with his unholy offspring! I guess they don’t know about the morning-after pill down there.

Desire5k Rides Dick


Desire5k Reverse Cowgirl Dick Ride

Was over at my buddies site and saw this fat ass black girl named Desire5k. She has a site that she runs and it is basically just a bunch of homemade sex tapes that she has done with her husband / boyfriend whatever it is. I noticed that she loves to ride a dick because a lot of her videos has her on top. This one is one of those videos where she spends the entire time riding her man reverse cowgirl. She can shake her ass on a dick like you won’t even believe, I have watched a lot of porn in my day and I will say that this girl is quite unique. Check her out see what you think and if you don’t like it don’t worry, we have plenty of other porn here I am sure you will enjoy.

Husband Creampies His Wife


Milf Creampied on Mom XXX

Here is a MILF that is going the extra mile for her husband. She has on a little g-string thong which she just slides aside so he can fuck her wet pussy. Then she has on those stockings too, she just did herself up real nice. She has rather small nice tits but I would say her round ass is her best feature, or maybe her tight pussy I really can’t decide. The two of them fuck for a nice long time and it ends with her getting fucked from behind. He doesn’t pull out and cum on her ass instead he just cums right inside of her and just keeps on pounding as the cum drips out of her pussy.

The Pleasure Inside


Joymii pleasure inside

Simona is incredibly gorgeous and has a body that could provide entertainment for hours just from looking, but the pleasure inside is what Ben is after and in this Joymii update he’s certainly getting his wishes! He meets up with beautiful Simona in the bedroom as she admired herself in the mirror in her sexy lingerie, embracing her from behind and running his hands up and over those perfect breasts before laying her down on the bed to work his way down to her pussy. She gets a nice tongue bath, spreading those long lean dancers’ legs as he teased her clit and fingered her hole until she was almost shaking with desire…the perfect time to penetrate her, sliding his cock deep inside and making her gasp with pleasure! It’s a hot hardcore scene and words just don’t do it justice, you’ll just have to take a look.

Slutty Sorority Contest


Megan Salinas Slutty Sorority Contett

I was quite surprised to see Megan Salians taking this huge cock balls deep while she was fucking him but that tight little pussy surprised me! Here is her very first Brazzers scene and man is it good! The whole plot is Megan is trying to get into a sorority and they have been putting her through a bunch of test and what not and this is the very last one. They have been writing the legendary Danny Big Dick D and kind of taunting him. The sisters have been signing the letters as Megan… So you see Danny isn’t too happy with this sorority chick for all the mocking letters. The sorority tells Megan about this and now she has to go down to the prison and spend 30 minutes alone with this harden criminal. Megan goes down there expecting she is going to have to fuck her way out of this mess. It wasn’t as hard as she though because she just loves a hard pounding and with a dick this big it definitely fulFILLED her and fast!

Kennedy and Claire


Ftv girls kennedy leigh claire

Fasten your seatbelts and unfasten your trouser belts because stunner Kennedy Leigh is back in town for FTV Girls in this latest update! She walks around nude in public and masturbates and looks amazing of course but what really sets this update apart is when her girlfriend Claire shows up and they get into some hot lesbian shenanigans together. These horny girls can’t keep their hands off each other or their clothes on whether they’re in public or private, kissing and touching and fingering and eating pussy all day long! If Claire looks a little familiar it’s not deja vu, you’ve probably seen her hardcore scene a little while back…she’s not nearly as hot as Kennedy if you ask me but together they make a hell of a cute couple!

Love Language


Passion hd rahyndee love language

Rahyndee knows how to work a dick, there’s no disputing that…she starts out this HD Love video update by licking her guy’s cock up and down, teasing the head with her tongue and gently working the shaft with her hands while she gives him a spectacular blowjob. She’s not satisfied with just sucking him off though so soon she spreads her legs and mounts up, riding him in reverse cowgirl position while giving a view of that incredible ass of hers. It all makes for a very nice photoshoot and video episode, and maybe after they’re done fucking they can project it on her forehead.

Lyzette Byanco


Lyzette Byanco erotic glam

If you’ve never checked out big breasted sexpot Lyzette Byanco before, now is the perfect opportunity…she’s trying out a new modeling style that she calls ‘erotic glam’ as she tries on her see-through lingerie, licking those big melons of hers and playing with a couple of toys. She doesn’t quite masturbate, at least not in these photos, but she looks like she could teach a guy a thing or two with her soft pouty lips, that’s for sure! Plus she has a great ass and did I mention those huge tits of hers?

Lizzy Push It


Lizzy Push It Mc Nudes

Some girls have to try really hard to be attractive, whether that means slathering on a ton of makeup or wearing slutty clothes or just fucking every guy they see, but some women out there are just mind bendingly hot to begin with…like Lizzy here for instance! In this photoshoot from MC Nudes entitled Push It, she’s completely nude and getting ready to take a bath. Simple, right? Well she’s gorgeous, has big perfect breasts and is masturbating on camera for us…there’s not much else that even needs to be said, Lizzy just loves being looked at and we all love looking at her.

Sofie Boob Cruise


Sofie boob cruise on Femjoy

Avast, thar she blows! Sofie is on a boob cruise in this Femjoy photoshoot but she’s certainly no sea hag…much the opposite, she’s drop dead gorgeous with one of the finest nude bodies you’re likely to see, and she’s taking in a little sun on the high seas, hanging out completely nude! From relaxing on the rigging to swabbing the poop deck to squishing her big tits up against the cabin window, Sofie is incredibly hot, so get ready to batten down your hatches, and other sailing references.

Leanne Crow Diary


Leanne Crow diary shots

Good gracious, those tits are bodacious…I always forget how hot Leanne Crow is until I see her shots…and she’s been working on her body lately, thinning down and looking better than ever (don’t worry, those huge tits of hers are still magificent and enormous) as you can see in these selfies from her online diary. Leanne is the full package…great personality, huge tits, beautiful face, giant boobs, incredible body, big breasts and of course her spectacular rack. All those elements are great already but when you add the fact that she’s got enormous melons she’s like a perfect storm of sexy!

Julia Zabrodina


Julia Zabrodina let her rip

Well color me surprised…I would not have guessed that Playboy was behind this hot photoshoot of Julia Zabrodina! They usually go for a little more mainstream and ‘safe’ models, but Julia is anything but mainstream and safe. Dark, edgy and incredibly sexy, she rips her bodystocking to shreds and lets those huge tits of hers out to play, crawling on hands and knees towards you with a look of almost animalistic lust in her eyes. My advice is to be careful, but let her rip!

Lia Lor and Brandi Love


Brandi Love and Lia Lor

I thoroughly enjoy a Brandi Love scene from Mom Bang Teens. She was on this site once before with Mia Malkova and it might be one of my most favorite scenes of all time. This one right here isn’t bad either. She still has that incredible body with just a perfect ass and look at that tan line on her hip, I think that is sexy as well. This scene has a nice little plot and it goes like this. Lia Lor and her boyfriend are studying downstairs when they realize they’re missing a book they need. The boyfriend calls around and finds a buddy who will loan it to him so he runs off. Lia Lor hears her step mother in the shower and has always wanted to see her naked because she knew she had quite the body. Lia gets caught gawking at the step mom but she isn’t mad because she hasn’t had lesbian sex in some time… Ever since marrying Lia’s father. Well she takes Lia into her bedroom and starts to eat her out. That’s when the boyfriend comes home and catches them. To keep him from talking Brandi just seduces him into their little love affair fucking and sucking him with Lia. The video ends with Brandi on top riding him to orgasm and once he starts going Lia pulls out his cock and slurps up his cum.

Silvie in Burning


Xart silvie in burning

Strap some seatbelts onto your eyeballs because they’re about to blast out of your head from this blockbuster…actually it’s just an update from X-art but it’s more of a feature film than a hardcore porn scene. I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s sex in it and it’s hot as hell but there’s an actual plot involved! Gorgeous Silvie is trapped in a car about to explode in a burning wreck and her man is racing against the clock to save her, thinking back to all the hot times they’ve had in the past sucking and fucking and licking and sticking each other (which we of course get to watch). Anyway the acting is a little on the silly side but Silvie is hot enough that I’m willing to forgive it, and of course her ass is going to steal any scene it’s in anyway.

Anita Toro


Anita Toro Reality Kings

I am going to hook you guys up with a hot Latin babe named Anita Toro. She has a super tiny waste with just a big Latin ass. This is a episode from Reality Kings it’s part of their monster curves series. You might think she should be on 8th Street Latinas and you would be right because she has been on that site before too! The video doesn’t have to story part of the video but that’s because I think most of you just want to get right to the action. T he video starts off with her getting this guys big dick nice and hard so she can start to ride it. She loves to be on top and once you see her riding him you can tell this isn’t her first rodeo!

Big Booty Lallasa


Lalassa for bang bros pawg

Talk about your phat ass white girls! Lallasa is the perfect addition to the Bang Bros site PAWG as she bounces her way into your heart and pants with her stupendous juicy butt. This big booty white girl couldn’t wait for the guy to show up so she started masturbating without him, rubbing her pussy through her bikini with a vibrator…but when he showed up things really kicked up a notch! She oiled up those cheeks and took his big meatsword to the hilt, bouncing up and down on that cock and getting her beautiful round ass played with at the same time, moaning with pleasure at the anal teasing.

July Fourth Passion Party


Passion hd 4th july party

All across America people love to celebrate Independence Day and the freedom that abounds in this country…there are places around the world where a hot hardcore threesome like this would land everyone involved in the clink! Luckily for Ava Sparxxx and Heather Night this isn’t such a country though, so they’re free to get naked and fuck to their hearts content in this Passion HD update entitled July 4th Passion Party. These girls are gorgeous and love getting fucked almost as much as they love making out and eating each others pussy…watch Heather take a nice wet creampie deep in her pussy, and Ava spread that creamy jizz all over her ass and lick it off to finish this scene on a high note!



Casting couch x maci

With most girls trying to get their start in this industry, when you ask them why they want to be a part of it they usually say ‘for the money’ but not Colorado girl Maci More here! She says she wants to get into porn because of all the orgasms, and when I heard that I about stood up and applauded but I couldn’t because my dick was in the way of my desk…this girl is that hot. Maci has a great pair of 34B titties, a fantastic round ass and of course a beautiful face with very pretty eyes. They all served her well in this Casting Couch X update as she got down on her knees to suck dick and bent over the table to get her pink pussy fucked from behind, making her moan in pleasure. Did I happen to mention that she is really interested in doing some orgy scenes? Gentlemen, form an orderly line by the signup booth.

Patty Likes Turtles


Sexy pattycake i love turtles

It’s a stone cold fact that girls like turtles…wait, that isn’t a thing? Well you could have fooled me after checking out Sexy Pattycake in this photoshoot from her own website! She loves turtles and even this big inflatable one got her in the mood for a little wet and wild fun. She already had her purple bikini on so she just slipped in the water and grabbed her favorite toy, hopping up for a ride and even…uh…letting it go for a ride on her! With those big tits and spectacular round ass of hers I’ve got to admit I’m a little jealous of an inflatable goddamn turtle right now.

The Homie Hookup


Girs Do Porn Homie Hook Up

The stunt cock from Girls Do Porn is putting it down so good he doesn’t even have to recruit girls any more they’re just coming to him! This girl was referred to Girls Do Porn from a girl that had already shot her first sex tape with them. I tried to figure out who the girl was but I really just don’t know. You can see a picture of the friend if you want but I doubt you will know who it is if I don’t! Anyways back to this girl. She is kind of your every day girl, pretty face thick body and a great ass. She hasn’t been laid in some time almost 2 months so this is like a win win for her. She gets that tight pussy of hers fucked really good and then on top of that she gets PAID! The guys seems to enjoy seeing this girl fucked because they took their time with her I mean this video has to be like a hour plus or something like that. That’s why this little cut down for you guys is so long. I like to give you a idea of everything that happens in the video so if the it’s super long like this one you get a super long video too! At the end of the video the camera guy jokes about having the two friends do a threesome together, I hope they made that happen because the threesomes they have done have been pretty epic I think (check them out [1] [2] [3] [4]).

Stunning Kristine


Kristine for amateur allure

Say hello to Kristine Kahill, an absolutely gorgeous 20 year old brunette with beautiful brown eyes, a gorgeous smile and if you’re into petite boobies and smooth legs, a perfect body. She is here on Amateur Allure taking her early steps into the world of porn to see if the camera loves her…and I can tell you right here and right now that yes indeed she looks incredible on camera. Maybe I should open up my own casting company, it seems like they get to fuck the hottest women around like Kristine here! She sucks a load out of his dick and swallows it down before bending over to get fucked from behind and work another dollop of cream out of that meatbat…I guess she acquired a taste for jizz because she swallowed that load too.

Picture Perfect


Picture perfect kendra lust pure mature

If you’ve never been in a photography studio before you might not know what an infinity wall is…it’s a curved white wall and floor all sealed together so there are no corners, used in photography so there’s a perfectly plain background. Kendra Lust gets well acquainted with such a wall in this Pure Mature update and looks picture perfect as she gets naked with her photog friend, sucking his cock and her big tits bouncing as she got fucked on the white floor before taking a nice big creamy facial cumshot!

Girl in a Room


Mila k girl in a room x art

I guess when they got a look at Mila K doing this photoshoot for X-art she because the only thing they could think of so any clever ideas for titles went out the window and they decided to call it ‘Girl in a Room’! Mila looks incredible with those long smooth legs and her great ass…I think her best feature though is her eyes. They’re at the same time innocent and slightly naughty, bright and piercing and the perfect color to set off her features just right and make her look absolutely gorgeous.

Leyla in Stone


Leyla stone babes network

In a rustic cottage with stone walls and fireplace, gorgeous Leyla is like a magical being of smoothness among so many harsh edges. She has a beautiful oval face, long slender arms and legs and is dressed in her sexiest sheer black stockings, all the better to tantalize her shoeless paramour who immediately starts running his hands up and down her body. Soon they’ve lost their clothes and have headed to the bed where Leyla takes his cock in her mouth, licking and sucking him before taking him inside for this hot hardcore scene from the Babes network! Finally he pulls out and shoots his load all over her perky little boobies and cute tummy, probably filling up her bellybutton…have fun cleaning that out.

Blonde MILF Dani


Dani for mom pov

This sexy MILF is Dani and this is her very first adult film she’s made…you could have fooled me though, she got those big breasts all oiled up and got tittyfucked (it felt so nice the Mom POV videographer shot his first load all over her melons), gave a great blowjob, mounted up to get fucked in that wet meaty pussy and even took that hard cock in her ass for some anal action! She says at the beginning she was a little nervous but I guess once she got her first taste of on-screen dick action she was off to the races. I guess being a blonde MILF with huge tits and a big round ass helps out in the confidence arena!

Cici Love Tig Bitties


Mofos cici love sex

Sexy brunette Cici Love certainly has some huge boobs or, as is more fashionable to say nowadays, a pair of tig ol bitties! Sometimes you’ve just got to get a sexy curvy Latina babe on your dick, and that’s all there is to it. If she’s got huge soft titties and a nice round juicy booty like Cici Love does in this hardcore update, that’s all to the better! I mean let’s be honest she’s not like meltingly beautiful like some of these girls but she’s pretty hot and has sexy tattoos and looks like a lot of fun in the sack, so check out this video of Cici sucking cock and getting that shaved pussy of hers pounded by her guy friend on Latina Sex Tapes, part of the Mofos network of sites.

Staci Silverstone


Zishy staci silverstone

This girl’s name is Staci Silverstone and she just looks like she’d be a blast to hang out with…for one thing she’s gorgeous and has a great body, let’s not deny it, but also she just looks like she has a lot of fun! In these photos from Zishy she’s goofing around outside in her tiny little spandex running shorts, eating icecream in a see-through blue top that she even pulls up to show off an incredible butt, and just hanging around the living room in her panties and a button-up shirt. If you want a girl who makes every day an adventure and also looks like she’d be wicked hot fun in the sack, I think Staci is a damn good bet!

Naughty Schoolgirl Dillion


Passion hd dillion naughty schoolgirl

Sometimes you see a beautiful girl and wonder what she thinks about when she masturbates…well this Passion HD update featuring Dillion Harper sets out to settle that mystery! We start out watching this beautiful girl masturbating alone in the woods, eyes closed as she rubs that tight pussy, and then we venture into her fantasies to see exactly what she’s thinking of. Turns out, she’s fantasizing about being a naughty schoolgirl staying after class for a little tutoring session with her cute professor! She sucks his cock, kneeling down in her tiny schoolgirl skirt before spinning around and pulling it up to give him easy access to that beautiful butt and tight pussy of hers. Dillion gets her wet hole pounded from behind before taking a big creamy facial cumshot…good thing she was wearing those geeky glasses of hers! I can’t say I blame you if you can’t get enough of Dillion…good thing we’ve got some more of her to enjoy!

Shoot Your Load


Wow girls shoot your load anjelica

With a crotchless leotard or whatever the hell it is that Anjelica is wearing in this Wow Girls update entitled Shoot Your Load, she can’t have been surprised when her boyfriend came into the bedroom and started kissing her all over her feet and legs, gradually moving up until he was licking her pussy and giving her clit a nice tongue-teasing! She loved the attention and returned it in kind, grabbing his hard tool from his shorts and licking him until he was hard as a rock…he loved her blowjob but really wanted to feel that tight hole of hers lowering onto his prong so soon she was going for a ride. I’m surprised he didn’t bust a nut instantly when he saw how gorgeous this girl was as she bounced up and down on his dick, but when he did cum it was worth the wait because it turned into a great POV facial cumshot with Anjelica staring up with those beautiful eyes of hers.

Only Tease Teacher


Blonde Teacher on Only Tease

Who wouldn’t want to stay after class for a little punishment when your teacher is a hot a horny blonde like this little number from Only Tease? She doesn’t look too mad at her favorite student when she pulls up that skirt to show off her sexy thigh high stockings, or when she loses her top to let her round titties out to play. Hopefully this is an anatomy class because I think you’re about to get a pop quiz, or at least pop a boner as she gives a little hands-on tutoring demonstration!

Tuck and Roll


Tuck and Roll MPL Studios

I’m a little confused why they decided to call this photoshoot Tuck and Roll, unless this hot brunette is ready to get tucked into bed and go for a little roll in the sheets! She’s gorgeous, with a beautiful face and spectacular nude body as she lounges on the bed…the walls are covered with cushions which makes me think this chick gets absolutely nuts when she’s being fucked, jumping and smashing into the walls and all over the damn place. It seems like it’s worth finding out after checking out these shots from MPL Studios!

Nurse Sha Rizel


Sha Rizel nurse on Scoreland

Brunette stunner Sha Rizel is dressed up as a nurse but I think with those huge round titties of hers she’ll be causing more heart attacks and aneurysms than she’ll be treating in this hot Scoreland photoshoot! She pops off her red top and lets those big melons out for a stint in the sun, maybe a little physical therapy if you catch my meaning. Can you imagine having a nurse this hot and having her get naked and spread her pussy for you in the hospital like in this photoshoot? Nobody would ever recuperate!

Caitlinn Hixx


Caitlinn Hixx

Some women are just plain beautiful and know it…such is the case with stunning blonde Caitlinn Hixx here, a beautiful girl who looks like she might almost be more high maintenance than it’s worth…oh who am I kidding, she’s drop dead gorgeous and just about any guy would give his left leg to her go for a roll in the sack. This is a collection of pictures of Caitlinn in a bunch of different swimsuits and lingerie sets, each hotter than the last, and each one of them custom-designed to make you regret that last bag of doritos you inhaled.

Nina Agdal


Nina Agdal Gossip Members

I’m not sure this really belongs on a porn site but here’s a gallery of Nina Agdal, looking like she’s doing some warmups for a Victorias Secret photoshoot or something…these pictures are from a site called Gossip Members, which I’ve gotta say I’m not too familiar with. She’s a pretty girl and has great tits but that could just be the bra…in this day and age it’s not really too easy to say for sure one way or the other…I call it the Cleveland Switcheroo, when you find a girl who looks amazing but when she takes her bra off her tits either disappear or they instantly drop down to her toes.

Kendras Ass Returns


Kendra lust tonights girlfriend

If you’re a fan of the ol rump you probably already know about Kendra Lust and her spectacular behind…but if not or if you’re new to the scene, let me clue you in. Kendra has an amazing butt, and guys will pay out the nose for a chance to tag that pussy and feel that round juicy booty bouncing against their nuts, and this guy from the Naughty America site Tonights Girlfriend is a perfect example! He’s on a business trip and is bored and horny as hell so he rings up Kendra and has her come by his hotel room…a fistful of cash later and she’s bent over, sucking his dick and presenting that round pair of peaches to get her wet pussy fucked in this hot hardcore scene. Kendra is no stranger to the hotel room…she’s been on Tonights Girlfriend a couple of times before and seems to be getting hotter each time she comes back, wouldn’t you say?

Eva cute swimsuits


Eva on the beach

Man, these Zishy guys sure as hell know how to pick em…take a look at adorably freckle-faced Eva Lovia as she has a fun day at the beach, showing off her perky titties and that sexy ass in her bikini before heading back to the crib for a little swimsuit modeling session! She gives herself a nice cameltoe, pulling the fabric up between her pussy lips as she lays across the kitchen table like she’s being served up for dinner. She certainly looks good enough to eat, or at least eat out! Eva gets completely nude but you never quite get to sample the goods, they’re just tantalizingly tucked away…it’s nice being teased though and obviously Eva enjoys it.

Sneaking In


Angelica xart sneaking in

Angelica and Ben are checking into an old hotel together but I get the feeling they are probably sneaking in unbeknownst to, well to certain other parties involved. Maybe that’s just my mind conjuring up forbidden fantasies, but there’s definitely something a little furtive about the way they’re behaving as they get into their room and immediately start ripping off each others clothes and kissing passsionately! Angelica can’t even wait for his pants to come off before his cock is in her mouth, and when he gets a look at her ass as she takes her jeans off he can’t help but lick that tight asshole, then bend her over to hold onto the mantle as he penetrated her quickly from behind. A great scene of young lovers in lust letting their passions take over on X-art!

Curvy Beauty


Connie curvy beauty wow girls

Splish Splash, it’s Connie takin a bath…all alone and soaped up she lets her mind wander and her hands are quick to follow, sliding down over her big round full breasts to her pussy, touching her clit and making it pop to attention before grabbing a waterproof vibrator and slipping it inside her hole underwater in this Wow Girls update! This curvy beauty loves to masturbate and couldn’t even wait to get out of the tub and towel off before putting that pussy through its paces…she is absolutely stunning and has a fantastic body, and I think you’ll enjoy this solo session almost as much as she obviously did.

Puma Swede Gives Job


Puma Swede Naughty Office

Puma Swede is pretty funny when she is acting! English is not her first language I guess her banging body and the fact that she fucks on film makes up for all her acting flaws. In this episode from Naughty America you get to see her pretending to be the boss that is hiring this guy for a new job. She tells him basically “hey, you fuck me you get the job”. The guy is totally down because who wouldn’t want to fuck a skinny busty MILF like Puma here. He fucks her and she gets a face and chest full of cum. After she has worked the cum out of his balls she let’s him know that she was just using him for sex and in fact she is not the boss. She does wish him the best of luck as she runs from the office though LOL! MILFs just need to get fucked sometimes and will go to great length to get it done.

Pink Slip


Pink Slip Alexis Adams

You guys are probably going to find it very weird that I am sending you to a site dedicated to Alexis Adams and Jesse Jane is the main picture. Well you see Alexis Adams just happens to be in this Digital Playground DVD and I would say that she might actually steal the show! It’s a super hot DVD that is all about nurses getting down and fucking. I mean it’s really just the only way to make a sick man feel good, it works every time. The video that is on this gallery is just kind of a trailer with everything that goes on throughout the DVD and then the pictures you get to see only Alexis’ scene. She is dressed up as a nurse as are pretty much all the girls and she gives up that pussy to him just to put a smile on his face.

Catie Minx Batwoman


Catie Minx Batman Masturbation

Catie Minx is getting after it in this gallery for her personal site. Many of you probably don’t know that she really got her start doing webcam stuff on and Some guy found her on there and was like “Hey, You should start your own site” and well here we are. This video is a recording from a cam show it looks like but it could just be she uses her webcam as a video camera. Anyways lets get to the real weird part. Why in the hell did Catie Minx decide that she should where a Batwoman outfit while she masturbates? It must be a members fetish or something. I did here that Catie is a total geek and that’s what makes her so popular with us computer folks. She plays all the geeky games and can really relate to us. If you want to get to know her better I suggest you join on up and do a live cam session with her!

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