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Katy in blue


Katy for Met Art

Katy from Met Art has that actual girl-next-door look…or to be more precise, the girl next door who was always so hot you couldn’t get up the nerve to talk to her but you sure as hell were into watching her sunbathe in her back yard when the weather got warm. Anyway, she’s stripping out of her flowy blue dress and showing off those round perky titties and her tight shaved pussy in this hot photoshoot, so take a peek!

Angel Solatio


Angel Solatio Errotica Archives

Sexy brunette Angel Solatio is apparently hanging out in the nude on the deck of a big boat, or else at a seaside balcony or something. Can you imagine being on a cruise with this beautiful girl as she strips down completely naked and spreads those long legs for you? With her tight athletic butt and those beautiful full breasts she looks magnificent in this hot solo photoshoot from Errotica Archives.

Melissa and Francesca


Melissa Jacobs Francesca Le Penthouse

Penthouse has never been one to shy away from showing the hottest action and in this photoshoot they have two pretty lesbians getting more and more passionate with every kiss! Melissa Jacobs and Francesca Le can’t keep their hands off each other or their clothes on and that makes a good recipe for hotness as they strip each other naked and start licking pussy and eating ass like they were born to do it.

Michelle Marsh


Michelle Marsh Curved FX

Blonde stunner Michelle Marsh is ready to bring the workday to a halt as she strips down to her sexy lingerie at the office in this photoshoot from Curved FX! She’s got huge perfect breasts that would drop the jaw of any straight guy in the world, and she sure as hell isn’t afraid to show them off. Those big boobs and her gorgeous face take center stage but don’t underestimate the sexiness of that black lingerie and her thigh high stockings!

Eva Lovia Shower


Eva Lovia Showering

I don’t post too many solo girls nowadays just because it seems like you guys are not that into them. Well this one I think you will be. If you remember her then you probably saw her FTV Girls scene and that’s where you fell in love. Well now she has her very own site that you can join to get to know her better. I just love the round ass that she has and let’s be honest a girls hottness always starts at her face and Eva is definitely passing with flying colors there. The members area has live chat, peronalized videos and it updates every single week so it seems like this is the place to go if you a Eva Lovia fan. The video I have on this gallery is kind of just the trailer for her site so you might have seen it before, sorry about that.

After Work Pleasure


Sandy Joymii After Work Pleasure

Sandy and Jay look forward to the end of the day just like all of us. The thing is they make it even more special because they make sure to bang after work everyday. That’s what I call consistent sex! They haven’t lost the passion as you will see in this pictures. I couldn’t find the video for you guys sorry about that. It just seems that Joymii keeps a pretty tight grip on their video stuff. You really just have to be a member to see their erotica. It makes sense though I mean they do put a lot of money into making it you can just tell. From the hot girls they get to the quality of the video you know they don’t spare one expense.

Jessica Robbin Bone & Arrow


Jessica Robbin Teen Fidelity

I figured I could get you guys to click on this image I mean a naturally busty redhead come on it’s so easy. The gallery is from Teen Fidelity and like most of the galleries I am going to post today it has her getting a creampie! What’s the deal with that, it just seems you guys dick that kind of stuff so all the sites I post here have those kind of endings. Jessica Robbin just doesn’t get a sensual fuck or something sweet like that she gets a real rough pounding. I am not sure if that’s what she asked for or if Ryan from Porn Fidelity is just digging fucking chicks like that. One thing about Ryan that makes him one of the best stunt cocks in the game is he can cum multiple times during a filming and he does that with Jessica here dropping load after load of cum in that perfect little pussy of hers.

Veronica Radke Creampied


Veronica Radke Amateur Creampies

This looks very amateur I know but I tell you what it’s almost brand new. I mean Veronica Radke hasn’t been in porn long and I would almost wager that this is one of the first scenes she ever did. Amateur Creampies seems to find a lot of girls before they make it into porn. The name of the site pretty much tells it all this guy has a site where he gets hot girls like Veronica in a hotel room and gives them creampies. Veronica here got a pretty deep one it took her a while to squirt out any cum but she finally did. This is a site for those of you who like fresh faces and amateur type of porn. Most of all those it’s a site with only creampie finishes. So if you like to see a girl swallowing cum or even getting a facial you just need to move it along. One last thing I want to mention is if you watch this gallery you will get a little bit of Veronica’s personality right. I want you to tell me if she seems like a girl who would do porn. I mean she just seems like such a sweet and innocent girl can’t believe she got up the courage to do this. She probably just really really likes to get fucked so she though she may as well get paid for it.

Chloe, Natalie, Chrissy


Chloe Amour Party Of Three

I thought you might enjoy seeing this Chloe Amour lesbian sex gallery from Bang Bros. The girls are are starring along site her are Natalie Lust and Chrissy Greene. The girls are given all the lesbian sex toy they could ever want from Party Of Three and they put them to good use. Each girl gets a real orgasm during the filming of this video and plus you get to see Chloe getting her pussy eaten out by two different girls as well as returning the favor. It’s good to know that Chloe Amour plays fair if you will.

Ms. Intrigue Revealed!


Ms Intrigue

I don’t know if you guys follow the Boobie-Blog much (you should) but he just cracked the case! There was this chick he used to always post called Ms. Intrigue and she would never show her face. Showing her big natural tits no problem but showing her face HELL NO. Well as you can see he thinks that he has cracked the case. I went ahead and look at all the posts he has of her you can see those here. I have to be honest here I am not 100% sure that this is her. The other galleries he posted the girl has really floppy tits and these with the face un-blurred are not so floppy. The girl also looks a little bigger in some of the other galleries. Well I am going to let you guys be the judge but I thought I would pass this along.



Backroom Casting Couch Anna

Today is going to be one big Backroom Casting Couch day! I have three scenes all lined up for you guys and this is the first. The girls name is Anna, she isn’t much of a looker but I mean it’s a great body right, great ass too. She is a cam model for and she must not make a lot of money because this chick has the personality of a stone. She is super quiet when she is being fucked no moaning or anything. She says she is quiet but “gets loud when she orgasms”. Well Rick didn’t make that happen but she sure made him orgasm! She has a really small pussy you will see in the video Rick can’t even get his dick all the way inside of her. She rides him reverse cowgirl on the couch and rides him WELL! He doesn’t tell her when he is about to cum and just goes in her pussy anyways without asking. Then he asks if it’s okay and she is like “Yea, that’s great it means this is over” HAHAHAHA she really didn’t have a good time I guess. What I want to know is if she was really thinking she was going to get some porn jobs from this doesn’t she know she is doing a terrible job in this audition? Or does she just think her nice ass and perfect pussy are going to get her the jobs… She might actually be right damnit.

Alexis Adams Massages


Alexis Adams Fantasy HD

Alexis Adams is being a little masseuse in this latest video from Fantasy HD. Guys seem to fantasize about girls giving them a massage and a happy ending a lot because it looks like Fantasy HD is doing a little series called “The Masseuse”. If you remember not to long ago Holly Michaels did one. The video I have for you on this one is just like the last it’s really long so you guys are going to owe me one like for sure. She starts off in like a all white outfit and while she is giving him kind of like a Nuru massage it gets wet with oil and you can start to see through it and for some reason it’s really fucking hot. She then takes it off and starts her happy ending which ends with her giving him a handjob to finish.

Resident MILF Anal


The Resident MILF Anal

The girl who is getting fucked in the ass in this Mom POV scene is “The Resident MILF” at least that’s what they call her. They call her that because she has done so many scenes on that site they she is like a staple. In this little behind the scenes video from the guy who runs the site he shows a anal sex session he had with her. This MILF is just horny as hell and can be fucked in any hole and would get pleasure out of it. It seems she especially like anal sex though she rides his dick fast while it’s in her ass, it’s down right impressive. The only problem with this video is that she keeps telling him to cum in her ass but he never does! He ends up getting head from her and busting on his face. I don’t know if she kind of caught him while sucking his dick so that he had to pop or what! He should have given her what she wanted though that’s for sure. I have a feeling this will not be the last time these two fuck, they have to be fuck buddies by now.

Welcome Home


Chloe Amour Welcome Home

I have for you a very sexy girl named Chloe Amour but many of you should know about her now because I have posted a few of her galleries. This is another one from Passion HD this time it’s called Welcome Home. She takes off all of her clothes except for her little white g-string thong that goes great against her perfect brown skin and goes to sleep. She just knows when her man comes home from work he will see her pretty much naked in the bed and want to fuck. It’s quite the welcome home present I think. I mean there would be a lot less divorces in the world if girls acted a little more like Chloe Amour here. Anytime I see a really hot girl like her in porn I always dread the day that she quits doing this or retires. Doesn’t always seem like the hot ones call it quick way too soon? I hope Chloe isn’t like that and it’s just the pessimist in me.

Brandy Aniston


Brandy Aniston Porn Fidelity

Brandy Aniston is kind of a alternative chick she has a couple of tattoo’s the pierced nipples. When it comes to sex she is a little alternative as well. She likes it rough and loves being dominated. You can tell she is at her best when she is sucking this guys cock because she loves to be subservient. That being said when she is in a more dominate position like riding Ryan’s cock she does a great job as well. This isn’t your typical creampie scene that you see a lot of on Porn Fidelity instead Ryan wanted Brandy to swallow his cum and she does so very happiness. Ryan is able to make Brandy cum while he has a leg pinned up by her face and he is like scissoring her I don’t know how else to explain it but once you get to that part in the video you will know what I’m talking about. I think anytime a girl cums during sex it’s an amazing porn scene and you actually get that a lot when you watch Porn Fidelity’s scenes so head on over to their site and check it out.

Ashton Pierce Cum Fiesta


Ashton Pierce Cum Fiesta

I have for you Ashton Pierce in a video for Cum Fiesta. Well if you guys know anything about porn you know that if you join Reality Kings you get access to that site. So why just join one site when you can join all 48 of their sites for the same price? You know what I’m saying! This gallery is going to make you happy for sure I mean just look how HOT this girl is I mean DAMN! I remember when I first saw her I thought she had too many tattoo’s but now I see this gallery and can’t imagine my eyes ever leaving this beautiful face and this big tits. Sure they’re not real but when they look this good nobody cares. The video I have for you guys just cuts through all the bullshit talk at the beginning of the video and gets you right to where she starts to suck this guys cock and man is she absolutely amazing at it.

Only Lorena


Lorena X Art

A brand new model is coming to X Art and I think you’re going to like what you see! Her name is Lorena and I have seen her a couple of times on Femjoy but other then that I can’t think of anywhere else. I am excited to see what type of porn she does for X Art but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! This gallery is of her just being naked. She spreads her legs a lot to let us look at that amazing pussy of hers. I also want you guys to think to yourselves just how old this chick is. She is 24, can you believe that shit? I thought for sure she was 18 or 19 years old… She has a youthful look at is just cute as a damn button enjoy!

Ivy Winters


Ivy Winters East Coast XXX

The East Coast XXX guy stepped up this game this week by getting Ivy Winters on the site. He fucked her every which way and then came on her face. She was wearing glasses so she asked for it in my opinion. She has a great big ass and small tiny tits I always have been a sucker for that combination. Plus how sex are these panties! I wish he would have just pulled them aside and fucked her with them on.

Pussy Games


Pussy Pussy Games

Haze Her is putting on some pussy games in this their latest porn submission. I mean they’re not putting anything on I should say but they are buying these sex tapes for us to watch so that is something. Especially when they’re paying $20,000 dollars a pop I mean I am not paying that LOL! In this video the sorority has their pledges play a couple of games. I didn’t really hear what the rules were but I can guess that they have to last longer then the other pledges when these toys are used on them. The sorority even went out and got a sybian to have the girls sit on and ride for as long as they can. There is some really cute girls in this one I love the tits on two of them. I think they’re Asian but I am not 100% sure on that.

Beautiful World


Beautiful World X Art

It’s a beautiful world when you’re the guy fucking these two hotties. This is the new X Art scene and it’s starring Ivy and Susie. It starts off with the guy eating out Susie and then Ivy walks down in her bathing suit and just starts dropping her clothes on the ground and she makes her way over. The guy probably thought he was going to get his fuck on but instead Ivy wants her pussy licked on too. So the guy spends the next minute or so pleasing both of these girls with his tongue and then it’s his turn. The threesome is awesome and it ends with susie riding his cock reverse cowgirl and when he is about to cum she pulls him out of her pussy and has him cum on her nice flat stomach.

Nataly Von


Nataly Von on Nubiles

Nataly Von is adorable in her pigtails, pink shirt and white stockings but quickly goes from innocent teen babysitter to horny hottie when she strips down nude and starts masturbating her tight shaved pussy in this Nubiles update! What an ass on this chick.



Kamila for Art Lingerie

I’ve got a soft spot for a gorgeous blonde with big perfect perky tits…well, more of a hard spot. I guess basically every straight guy does, especially when she’s as pretty as Kamila in this Art Lingerie photoshoot. Electric blue stockings, black garter belt and high heels…sounds like a hell of an outfit to me!

Jana Defi Blue Nudes


Jana Defi for Blue Nudes

Ready for some truly massive boobs? I don’t know what size bra Jana Defi wears but it’s probably in the second half of the alphabet from the looks of things…she lets those massive melons out of her pink bikini to swing free, showing them off for the site Blue Nudes. Her face is OK but man those tits and her round ass take center stage in these photos, that’s for sure.

Amateur hotties


Amateur collection 575

It’s not just pornstars that get up to some red hot sucking and fucking, amateurs do it all the time and sometimes the cameras are ready! Check out this collection of some hot amateur babes getting naked and having a good time, giving blowjobs and getting fucked in pairs and threesomes and sometimes just showing off naked all by themselves. There are some gorgeous girls in here and they’re all 100% real…maybe you even recognize a few from your neighborhood?

Samantha Saint


Samantha Saint Digital Desire

On a beautiful day like this it’s perfect timing for Samantha Saint to hang out poolside in her bikini…if you know Samantha though you know she’s not satisfied going halfway, so soon she’s stripping down to flash those big round breasts with her pierced nipples for this Digital Desire photoshoot! She’s a gorgeous blonde vixen with a bangin body and I guess she figures that she might as well flaunt it while she’s got it, and we’re lucky enough to get a front row seat.

Lola Foxx PAWG


Lola Foxx PAWG

From the definitions I find around the Internet Lola Foxx isn’t a PAWG guys I don’t know how to break it to you. I bet about 0% of you even give a shit and I am with you on this! PAWG stands for Phat Ass White Girl or Perfect Ass White Girl and Lola isn’t a white girl she is just a straight up hot Latina. She has that ass that we expect to see with a Latin girl and she can shake it like the rest of them. I am glad that Bang Bros got a scene with her because it’s been quite some time since the last time I have seen one of her. I think the last one was that Amateur Allure scene she did. This one isn’t near as erotic but you just get to see some uninhibited pussy pounding this this one, pus the oil up her ass so it looks even better then normal. Lola spends a lot of her time bent over this bed getting fucked doggystyle but there is a reason for this, that’s her favorite position. I imagine most pornstars like it like that because that is how you get the deepest penetration.

Briana Naked Twister


Briana Lee Extreme Naked Twister

Briana Lee Extreme is playing a little game of naked Twister. I just love shots of that pussy of hers I think I mention how much I love it every time I post a gallery of her. It is probably one of the best in porn, though you might say Briana Lee doesn’t exactly do porn. She is a solo girl so she mostly just does masturbation type stuff. She doesn’t just do the vanilla stuff though she loves anal play and if you have ever seen her masturbate you know that she almost always puts something in her butt. It makes the orgasm feel that much more intense, or at least that’s what these porn girls say.

Angelica Saige Creampie


Angelica Saige Big Tit Creampie

Angelica Saige gets a creampie. That’s all you guys should need to know I think… She is super hot has a great ass and you don’t even get to see her amazing tits as well in this picture! She is a perfect ten and did I mention you get to see her pussy filled with cum? You can thank Bang Bros for getting her on their site Big Tit Creampie. She comes to the set wearing some sexy little booty shorts and a had that as you can see reads “slut”. I wish all girls would advertise when they were a slut it would make going to the bar that much better. You wouldn’t have to waste your time buying the prudes drinks. You could just get a nice easy woman boozed up and take her home and fuck her silly. You know she wouldn’t even be on your balls after you did it either because she is a slut and she wants exactly what most of us want to fuck!

Fenna Spasm Orgasm


Spams Orgasm Fenna

The cute redhead here is Fenna from Hegre Art and you can’t really tell because she is laying on her back but she actually has a nice rack. You’re not going to see a lot of this because she does spend most of her time kind of relaxing while her pussy gets a crazy good massage. The girl giving her the massage is to remain anonymous but this is her serious full time job. Girls want to have happy ending massages but they don’t want a guy trying to stick their dick in their pussies or anything so they high this female masseuse who knows exactly what they want and gives it to them. She does it in a very sensual way too that I just don’t think us guys could replicate. In the video Fenna has a body shaking orgasm, you can just see the pure bliss she gets from it as well.



Love Spirit Femjoy

I don’t post enough of these just classic nude galleries. So I will try to make a better effort with this starting today. Today I give you Marga E. from Femjoy. I love her body especially her full natural tits. The fact that she is a redhead doesn’t hurt either. I don’t think she is a natural redhead but she might be I mean she does have that pale skin. The gallery is just a simple nudes as I said but man it just proves that porn doesn’t have to be hardcore when a girl gets naked and looks this hot, it’s just fun to see.

Working It Out


Kiera Winter and Kennedy Leigh

Kennedy Leigh and Kiera Winters got done with a little tennis match and decided what better time to have lesbian sex then when we both have sweaty pussies. It could be that they were going to go work out by playing tennis and then decided to just have a threesome instead to burn some calories. I like that idea a lot better now that I think about it. The girls starts off by getting each other in the mood and then the guy shows up when their pussies need to be fucked. Wouldn’t that be nice if we could just get a fluffer for a girls so we didn’t have to do that foreplay bullshit and just got to walk in when the fucking needed to happen. Kiera and Kennedy both have a couple of scenes for Passion HD now if you want to see those you can just check out our Passion HD category.

Brooklyn Is Back!


Brooklyn Chase FuckedHard18

Brooklyn Chase is back and better then ever seriously! I mean she is looking down right incredible in this new Fucked Hard 18 scene. Usually a girl just does one scene for them but when the guy who runs this site saw what Brooklyn was looking like he had to have her back. The last time she was on the site she got a creampie and this time he couldn’t bring himself to cum on that pretty face once again! Instead he opted for the ole creampie again his second favorite cumshot I would say. He probably just does it on girls that if they got pregnant he wouldn’t be super pissed. When I first started to watch this video and I saw Brooklyn once again I thought “Damn, her tits are bigger” and sure enough the guy who runs the site thought the same damn thing. He asked her if she got another boob job or something and she said that she just lost weight and that’s probably why they looked bigger.

Casana Lei


Casana Lei Massage Girls 18

I don’t know if I have ever seen Casana Lei look hotter then she does in this scene for Massage Girls 18. This color looks great on her, I love the little g-string white panties she is wearing how fucking perfect do her tits look? I mean there isn’t a thing I don’t like about this girl I even like that stupid Marilyn Monroe piercing! The guy who runs Massage Girls 18 knew he had something special too because he didn’t give her a facial like he does all the other girls instead he inseminated her. This girl is a amateur for sure when this was shot but look how good she is at fucking! I mean riding this guys cock she is getting so much motion up and down, a nice grind she has it going on for sure! Then when he wants her to reverse cowgirl ride him she doesn’t even get off his dick instead she just spins. She looks like a spinner and she is in fact one, loving seeing that in action.



FTV Girls Serena

Serena is a cute girl that FTV Girls just added to their site. I love seeing cute girls have real orgasms and that’s why I am a member of this site. They have so many first timers I can’t even count that high. This girl is 19 years old and she definitely has that teen look I think. She is a bad girl for sure because she is outside flashing her tits and ass and just not giving a fuck. The best part of her updates though are her masturbation scenes because you can just tell that she doesn’t have these kind of toys at home. She is so attached to one she says she is going to steal it, it’s the pink one you see at the 1:20 mark of the video. She loves the vibrator on that meaty pussy of hers and you can see it just by the way her pussy gets dripping wet from using it.

Kristy Dwyer


Kristy Dwyer

Holy butt nuggets batman that is one fine ass! This is a girl named Kristy Dwyer. The pictures are all from a site I have actually never heard of before and that kind of shocks me. It’s called Wilderamaginations and it’s like a total babe site almost a Photodromm type of site. I am going to have to take a look around that tour to see if I like it enough to join but judging from Kristy here I think I might!

Miley Cyrus Downblouse


Miley Cyrus Downblouse

Miley Cyrus knows what she is doing with this Instagram picture. She is teasing us by thinking we might catch a nipple by looking down her blouse but there is no nipples DAMN YOU! When did sweet and innocent little Miley Cyrus because like a badass? Short hair, shaved on the sites I am starting to think she is batting for the other team now or something. Don’t get me wrong I would still watch that but I think she was better when she actually looked like a chick.

Presley’s Casting


Presley Dawson Casting Couch X

We all know that these pornstars have to get their start somewhere and there is a couple of websites that shows the casting couch interview that they do before they get any porn jobs. Casting Couch X is one of those sites and they’re definitely one of my favorites. I think that this talent agent gets these girls jobs at Passion HD and Fantasy HD as their first paying gig but before they do that they have to take the girl for a test spin. This is the casting couch interview that Presley Dawson did with them and it’s a good one. She then went on to do Fantasy HD scene and a Passion HD scene, like I said there is a trend with these guys. Presley is one of those girls who has always liked porn and once she couldn’t get a job thought why not just get into it. I am glad she did because I like her look and that nice petite body she has.

Measure Up


Lisa DeMarco Measure Up

Lisa DeMarco is a real deal MILF and in this update from Pure Mature she is all dressed up in her little night time outfit while a tailor comes over and measures her up. While he is measuring her waist Lisa asks him to lick her pussy and being that every young stud wants to fuck he a MILF he takes his opportunity and goes with it. The name of the Pure Mature scene is “Measure Up” the real question I want to know is if this guy measures up to her husband. Housewives staying at home with too much money, they almost all want to have a affair. Very few make it happen and it looks like Lisa is one of those few. Like all girls she will probably never be caught either, girls are sneaky bitches.

Presley Bath Time


Presley Hart In The Crack

I like showing you guys pornstars like Presley Hart who you usually see in hardcore porn doing something a little softer. In The Crack is the place I got to find this type of porn, it’s really a great site. In this gallery you are not really even seeing Presley masturbate instead you see her strip down and take a bath. The last couple of pictures she could be using the facet to masturbate with and she is getting some soap poured on her ass because in another video from In The Crack she does a little anal play and that she needs to be clean when you’re doing that kind of shit (pun intended).

Pierced Nipples, Great Ass


Reverse Cowgirls Girls Do Porn

When does Girls Do Porn ever disappoint? They don’t that’s the answer there is no two ways about it they always deliver! Here they are once again with a hot ass (pun intended) girl. She not only has a great derrière but she also has a cute perky pair of tits that are pierced! She is one of those down to earth pretty cool chicks who is just looking to get fucked better then she has in her personal life. This is only the 5th guy she has ever slept with and now I think a pretty high bar has been set. You can tell she isn’t used to this kind of sex because about 5 minutes into giving this guy head she turns to the camera and asks if he is about to cum. Silly girl! This is fucking Girls Do Porn you have like another hour of getting your pussy pounded. It’s just been engrained into her probably that 5 minutes of head makes a guy cum. She sure has given a lot of head though because during her interview she reveals that she hasn’t slept with a lot of guys yea but she does invite guys over to eat her out / play with her pussy. She does it so much she says she doesn’t even masturbate! I would be pissed as fuck if I came over and ate this chick out and she didn’t fuck me. She does say she returns the favor so I guess she isn’t such a bitch, but either way you the camera guy said it best she is kind of a prude.

Foot Fetish With Zoey


Zoey Paige Foot Fetish

You don’t get much foot fetish stuff on this site because well it’s not really popular as far as I can tell. I will however always post a new Fantasy HD video and this one just happens to be a foot fetish type of gallery. The model who is in this update is Zoey Paige and she has her toenails perfect manicured and even has some jewelry on a couple of toes. I am sure this is going to make some of you very happy. Zoey has sex with a guy during the scene and the her feet are focus a lot during the video. She gets into weird positions where her feet are in view and the video even ends with her getting her feet covered in this guys cum. Zoey is a super cute girl and I think I can tell that she has nice feet, but like I said it’s not my thing so I could be wrong.

Fun With Balls


Fun With Balls Lily Love

I just can’t get enough Lily Love in my life and you guys better be the same. I mean if you’re not it doesn’t really matter because I am still posting every gallery I find of her. This one is once again from Passion HD. If you missed some of her past scene you can see them here: 1,2,3,4,5,6 I am pretty sure that is all of them but don’t hold me too it. The reason they call this episode Fun With Balls isn’t because she plays special attention to this guys nuts in fact it’s just her spending more time pleasing herself. She used these sex balls that I think are met as anal beads in her pussy before she was fucked. I could see how that would be a unique feeling for a girl to stuff a bunch of vibrating balls in your pussy, but what do I know I have a dick. Lily Love gets warmed up with those anal beads and then warms up her man by sucking his cock. This Passion HD scene ends with her getting that pretty face of hers covered in cum. She loves a good facial though, that’s what keeps her skin so smooth she says!

American Girl


Gf Revenge American Girl

This girl got into a cute little outfit for her boyfriend a shirt with the American flag that only somewhat covered her tits so you got a really nice underboob moment in the beginning. She was some what made that he turned on the camera at first but once he started saying how hot she was she was down to keep continuing. The filmed their entire sex session and let me tell you this girl is hot! A nice bubble butt and big natural tits how can you not love this American girl. What I love about GF Revenge scenes is they’re all shot in recent century and not some old ass camera. You know all those home sex tape you see other places and the video just looks old. I mean our camera phones shoot better shit then that but this guy has a real deal camera so it’s crisp as shit. He gets some good shots of her in the mirror apparently these guys like to have sex and watch themselves. Or she likes to watch herself that is, don’t blame her as I said she is banging.



Elizabeth Backroom Casting Couch

Elizabeth here is a alternative looking girl I will give you that but her outgoing personality and cute face will definitely when you over. She just seems like a pretty cool chick. She not only is cool but when you get a look at this girls perfect round ass you’re definitely going to like her. She met Rick on that sugar daddy site and he talked her into trying to become a pornstar. He invited her to his new office and they did a little interview. I don’t think it was quite what she expected but if this was a real interview for a porn job I think she would have been hired. She swallowed Ricks cum even though she doesn’t like to swallow. She took it up the ass even though she doesn’t like anal. I don’t know what else you could ask for from a applicant Rick! Well I guess you actually have to have the ability to get these girls jobs in order to hire them… Damnit. Anyways, I realize if you visit my Backroom Casting Couch category things are a little out of order that was my fault I will get it back in order at some point though don’t you worry.

Marry Me


Caprice Marry Me X Art

This new X Art scene called Marry Me is just simply amazing! They have Caprice dressed up like it’s her wedding day (don’t wedding dresses cost a shit ton?) and they’re giving her some wedding night sex. These two played the part really good because their sex definitely had passion! The video ends in a creampie of course I mean it is their wedding night after all they have to start working on getting pregnant, what better time then now! I seem to remember that Caprice always fucked the same guy in all of her videos this is the first time it’s not that guy. I wonder if she broke up with that guy and is now back to doing hardcore, I hope that’s the case! Caprice pulls off that wedding dress well because she is by far the most beautiful girl I will see for the rest of the day and probably the week, simply stunning gallery well done X Art!

Rihanna’s Ass Pic


Rihanna Ass pic

Another day another pic of Rihanna showing off that banging body of hers. I know that Rihanna has a great ass but this picture I don’t think really does it justice. People are going crazy over it calling it amazing and what not but I am saying eh not that good. I have seen better from her and I expect better. If you’re going to pull this kind of publicity stunt Rhianna at least make it a good picture damnit all!

Adriana Sephora


Adriana Sephora on Digital Desire

With her cute upturned nose and big pouty lips, Adriana Sephora makes a hell of an addition to Digital Desire! She looks like she got stung by a bee on the lips and it turned out perfectly…can you just imagine those puffy little pillows wrapped around your dick? Anyway in this photoshoot Adriana is stripping out of her lacy white lingerie, showing off her big beautiful round breasts for us.

Rika for Suicide Girls


Rika on Suicide Girls

Rika looks romantic in pink (you thought I’d say pretty in pink didn’t you?) in this photoshoot from Suicide Girls, stripping out of her lingerie and into her birthday suit! She’s got huge soft round breasts with pierced nipples and loves squeezing them together, crawling around on the couch in these hot edgy photos. From her pink hair to her tattoos and piercings she’s a hot and sexy alternative babe who will drive you nuts!

Abigaile Johnson


Babes Abigaile Johnson

The Babes network entitled this Abigaile Johnson photoshoot ‘perfection’ and I’ve gotta say, I don’t think they’re far off the mark! This blonde is an absolute stunner with a great body and she loves showing off every inch of it…in this shoot she strips out of her pink lingerie, letting those perky titties out to play. Speaking of playing, her shaved pussy gets some attention to as she masturbates, spreading her legs to give her fingers plenty of room to play with her clit for us!

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