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Remy Gets Anal


Remy LaCroix

Remy LaCroix is known for her really good anal sex scenes but I think this new one from HD Love may take the cake! It’s a interracial scene and she is just thoroughly enjoying this sex session. The name of the episode is Rocking Remy, pretty awesome name you must say. The pictures are almost as good as the video just because the pictures really just show you how great this girls ass is! She starts off by giving this guy a blowjob that looked so damn good I am surprised he didn’t pop right then but he held off probably knowing he was going to get at that ass later. I won’t spoil how it ends for all those who have memberships to HD Love you just go there and watch it. If you don’t have one this is one of a dozen sites that I would recommend. It’s cheap to join and there is no hidden charges, discreet billing the whole nine yards. Remy’s Mr. Anal scene seemed really popular and I have a feeling this one is going to be even more popular I guess only time will tell, so get to watching already!

Scarlett Anal Sex


Scarlett Back For Anal

You guys remember this horny college girl? Her name is Scarlett and she is back on Exploited College Girls but this time for anal! If you are a member of their site and actually watched the full video she did last time you will remember her saying she wanted to come back. The guy who runs the site told her if she came back she would have to do anal and well here she is! She practice doing anal before she showed up for her big day but she was just using fingers and what not nothing serious. They took their time and got her really comfortable with something in her ass before they started actually having anal sex. She was so comfortable with it in fact that she had one of the most intense orgasm I have ever seen while she was being fucked in the butt by him and using a vibrator on her clit. You must watch this video it’s really good, if you like anal it’s really going to blow your mind. I almost forgot to mention this girl is so damn good that she started giving him road head on the way to the shoot house and she made him cum! So she got two cum loads in one day, probably not the first time she has done that but the first time I have seen it on Exploited College Girls, at least I think.

Underwater Sex


Sara Luvv Underwater Sex

You know there are like trends in porn and now I am starting to see another one start I think it’s underwater sex! I first saw this X Art scene doing it and now we have Fantasy HD! I like it, it’s something different and porn always needs to be different I think. Fantasy HD does a great job of keeping things fresh too! This is the first time they have had Sara Luvv on their site which I am glad they went out and got her. This picture I have posted here probably isn’t her best but the wet hair just isn’t a good look for her. If you want to see the rest of the scenes I have posted of her you will see just how hot this girl can be. She and her boyfriend fuck in this ballin’ ass pool and then she makes him cum from a underwater blowjob, I bet none of you have ever had a underwater blowjob!

Bryci Takes A Ride


Bryci Takes a ride

Bryci and her boyfriend just bought a new place and on a little whim they setup a camera and christened their new home by fucking on the couch. Bryci just pulled down her panties and her man went to work and then she took over riding him up and down reverse cowgirl. What a video that is too because not only does Bryci have great tits but her ass is seriously out of control too! I won’t spoil how this video ends you will just have to join and see for youself!

Asian Swinger


Older Asian Swinger on Mom POV

I know that I just updated our Mom POV category but they had this 31 year old Asian MILF I wanted to share with you guys. She is a swinger so her husband knows that she is off shooting a porn with some random guy. I bet he didn’t know his wife would be getting fucked this good! She is totally beside herself with this sex session, you can just tell from the excitement in her voice whenever she talks. She is from the Philippians so she has that accent which is pretty cute especially when she is screaming fuck me harder LOL! He literally fucks her in every position you can think of but some of the best parts of the video is when she is reverse cowgirl and you can get a look at her perfect little round Asian ass. The scene ends like most of the Mom POV scene and that’s with this girl getting her face literally covered in cum.

Adriana Chechnik


Ariana Chechnika Casting Couch X

I have for you a new Casting Couch X model! This girls name is Adriana Checnik and a fun little fact about her is that she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 18! That probably saved her a lot of sexual partners right? I mean she lost it at 18 and 1 year later she is trying out to be a pornstar because she likes sex so much. The girl has a nice shaved meaty pussy and cute small tits, that petite teen look. The guy who is fucking her is her talent agent and I can almost bet you she is going to do more scenes that just this one, almost all of them do. He is pretty good about getting his clients porn jobs. They all fuck him first though before they get jobs, that’s just the way he rolls. He must have like the best job in the world I would say… Besides not having a job and being rich that is.

The Porn Star(r)’s


Dorm Invasion Porn Starrs

Dorm Invasion has put together a legendary scene I think. They got Natalia Starr, Luna Star, Rachel Starr and Jessica Bangkok invading a college party and it’s awesome! I do find it fun that they have 3 pornstars with a “Star” name and then Jessica Bangkok… One of these people is doing their OWN thing! Anyways Jessica still is hot as fuck and I am glad she is in the video. The girls start things off by whipping the guys into a frenzy by eating each other out and Rachel Starr even broke out a strap on and fuck couple of the girls. Then the girls tease them by asking who wants to fuck. A couple of guys of course had the hands up and were ready but these pornstars wanted to have their fun first. So they blind folded them and then took turns riding their face and getting their pussy eaten out by them as you see in this picture right here.

Kim The Deaf Girl


Kim Backroom Casting Couch

There is the line Rick, right behind you. It was only a matter of time but he’s finally crossed it I think. I couldn’t be happier I mean this Kim girl is seriously a 10 out of 10 and might be the hottest girl to ever come on Backroom Casting Couch. The only other girl that can compete I think is the infamous Kendall. So what’s the big deal with this new girl well how about the fact that she is deaf! Yep that’s right can’t hear shit. Rick made it happen though it wasn’t as easy as he thought he ended up having to spell shit out for her on a notepad. It all worked the same though she sucks his dick, even did anal! She is a little different then most girls because he found her on MyFreeCams and convinced her she could make more money if she became a pornstars. He even told her if the producers didn’t work out he would still promote her and sure enough Rick didn’t lie for the first time because he did! This is a really good scene because well we don’t have to listen to a annoying girl talk we just get a hot Asian girl who loves to fuck and will even take it up the butt! Rick doesn’t even have to ask if he can come in her pussy because well she wouldn’t hear him, so he just does it anyways and Kim seems not to mind at all.

Holly & Melody


Melody and Melody Deep Hot Fun

This is a really awesome gallery from Passion HD it’s called Deep Hot Fun. It’s a anal creampie scene and Melody Jordan is the one getting her pussy filled with cum. Melody also does anal in this scene but honestly when does she not, this girl is a total anal freak. The resident pornstar Holly Michaels is in this threesome and she just makes it that much better. She starts off but loosening up Melody Jordan’s ass by putting a butt plug in her and licking her pussy. That gets her in the mood for anal faster then anything else. These girls are total freaks I can see that just by how into this threesome they are. It’s not a job for them they’re just enjoying having sex. Holly gets fucked in her tight pussy first and once the guy has got that a little loose he moves to Melody ass and that thing just stays tight! These girls are nice compliment to one another both have awesome tits and big round asses, thick thighs all that you can ask for in a woman.

With Friends Like This…


Threesome MILF POV

The girl who is getting fucked in this picture has been on Mom POV once before I can’t seem to find the video, I will have to go in the members area and make one for you guys. Anyways, she brought her friend along to do a threesome with the guy who runs the site. The friend she brought is more of a taker then a giver! Like in this picture she is getting her pussy eaten out but right before this she had been cumming and cumming on this guys dick a while her friend just waited her turn. With friends like these who need enemies right! I am kind of glad that the friend got most of the fucking I mean a girl cumming while being fucked is pretty hot. Now these girls are like real deal MILFs so if you’re looking for perfect 10’s do not click here, but if you’re a MILF fan I think you will like what you see. These are like the girls who just didn’t get married and have been single their whole life. I would love to know how many guys they’ve fucked combined, I say uncountable. The orgasmic MILF (the friend) says she doesn’t even fuck a guy older then 35, she likes them young so not only is she a MILF but a real deal cougar as well.

Bad Girls


Bad Girls X Art

Nice gallery with two really petite models I want you guys to see. It’s from X Art and is called “Bad Girls”. The girls are are performing in this gallery are Alice March the one you see riding this guys cock and then Chloe Foster is licking her nipple. For some reason X Art always calls Chloe Foster Bunny in all of the updates she is in so that’s a little heads up if you wanted to find more X Art scenes of her. The two of them make for a really good threesome and I really can’t wait for the video to be released from this, I will post it as soon as it goes live on their site!

Love Spell


Cindy Starfall Love Spell

How fucking cute is this girl? Her name is Cindy Starfall and for a while she was not doing hardcore porn, thankfully that has changed. She has a flawless body I don’t know if it’s her perfect skin or that round ass that makes it amazing. All Asian girls have tight pussies so it can’t be that. Anyways here is a very seductive and erotic film from Babes Network with her it’s called Love Spell. The video I have for you is just a trailer so that’s sad but at least it gives you an idea of how hot this video is. If you want to see more I suggest you just go ahead and bite the bullet and become a member of their site.

View Of Perfection


View of Perfection

Here is a super cute redhead many of you have seen her in varies scenes before I imagine but for those who haven’t her name is Elle Alexandra. This is a masturbation video in which you get to see her having a real orgasm. It’s a scene called View Of Perfect and you can thank Nubile Films for making. Nubile Flims doesn’t just do erotic hardcore films, that might be mostly what I post but they have so much more. That’s why I am sharing this gallery to you guys just so you know there is a lot of variety with them.

Ariella Anal Sex


Ariella Ferrera Anal Sex

Ariella Ferrera is getting her butt fucked in this Brazzers scene. This is a nice site I found I like it. If you like older chicks and a clean site I think you will too. Ariella looks rather hot in her bathing suit, she has to be one of the best looking MILFs there are in porn. She has been doing this for so long too and looks like she hasn’t aged a day. I wonder just how old Ariella is now. The video isn’t super long but it gives you a good taste of what goes on in the full video. The beginning is just sexy stripping by Ariella and then she goes over to her man in the cabana and starts the sex, it ends with her tits covered in cum.

Amy Wild Mikes Apartment


Amy Wild on Mikes Apartment

This girl Amy Wild seriously just has a perfect body! I mean a nice tight pussy those big natural tits I love her! I forgot to mention of course she has a round ass as well, look at those thick thighs of hers of course she does! This video is from Reality Kings and was shot for the “Mikes Apartment” site that you get access to when you’re part of their network. This is the second scene that Reality Kings has with this beauty the first one was on Euro Sex Parties. I am going to keep a eye out of this European hottie because I think we all could get used to seeing more porn of her. I figured out what makes her so hot just as I was wrapping this up. It’s how her tits look different, they’re almost puffy or something! Right?

Flashlight Party


Dare Dorm Flashlight Party

You guys know that I like to make my preview images nice and pretty but there was no saving this new Dare Dorm episode. Dare Dorm bought a sex tape from a group of college students who had a “Flashlight Party”. So they turned off the lights and basically just used flashlights. It worked because it got the girls to eat each other out and once they were horny from that the guys moved into to fulfill that need of there. The only problem with it is it like really low quality because I mean there is only fucking flashlights. At times it looks like their at a fucking rave or something because whoever are holding the flashlights are fucking drunk or something and can’t keep their shit still. There is always one asshole at the party and that was the guy moving his flashlight like a mad man. The video picks up after the girls have gone down on each other and the fucking has began. There is a super hot Asian girl with a round ass that rides her mans dick on the couch that you are just going to LOVE! Anyways if you are epileptic I wouldn’t watch this shit LOL!

Beauty Salon Orgy


Fantasy HD Beauty Salon Orgy

That perfect pussy you see right there is Holly Michael’s, she is licking Lily Loves click why she is being fucked in a barber chair. The scene is a new Fantasy HD video called “Beauty Salon Orgy”. This isn’t a orgy like at all I mean it’s a threesome a orgy has to have like 6 people or something am I right or am I right? Get your fantasies right Fantasy HD! Just kidding… It is pretty good one though seeing these girls getting fucked in the chairs is actually pretty damn hot. What really makes this scene though is these two girls! I mean it was pure genius putting them in a video together because they are very much a like. Both have great pussies as you can see here and both have all natural tits. They probably are like 1 and 2 in the best tits in porn category, I should make a list with that or something. The video I have on this gallery is pretty damn long so make sure to click on this gallery and check it out, everyone loves a long video!



Caitlin Glamour Show

This gallery almost looks like it’s from Playboy I meant he girl totally does but it’s not. It’s from a new site (I always find new sites on Gorilla Mask) and that site is called Glamour Show. Taking the tour of that site you will have to pick you jaw up off the ground because there is some down right hotties. Let’s not worry about them those let’s check out Caitlin here with a hour glass figure and nice full natural tits, enjoy!

Blazing Breast


Lily Love Reality Kings blazing Breast

I didn’t even know that Reality Kings made such erotic videos like this. Here we are though with Lily Love getting fucked hard and sensually next to the fire. I love the little chair they’re fucking it it makes it so that Lily can get in a really comfortable position while she is being fucked and just focus on having a orgasm. She rubs her pussy almost the entire time she is being fucked and cums time and time again. My favorite part of the video is when Lily tells her man to “fuck her to sleep”. I always wondered if girls got sleepy after a good fucking and apparently Lily is one of those girls. Lily has such an amazing body those tits are just crazy are they not? This is a little different then most of her scenes because it ends with the guy not pulling out of her pussy instead he drops a big load inside of her and you get to see it drip out of her tight pussy.




Alright alright this is my last softcore gallery for the day don’t worry! Jamie here is just so hot and I love these socks or stockings or whatever the purple things that she is wearing! At least this gallery she isn’t just getting naked she is actually using a dildo on herself. Plus another reason I wanted to share this with you is because it’s from a site not many of you know of. It’s called Erotic Snap and they are more of a mom and pop kind of porn site but all their stuff is really high quality and I think you will like so check them out.

Diamond Anal Sex


Diamond Kitty Mr. Anal

I can’t even remember the last time I saw Diamond Kitty having anal sex but here she is getting her butt plugged! This is a scene from Mr. Anal the guys who know how to fuck a girl in the butt better then anyone else. I mean his name is Mr. Anal for heaven sake. She says she has been due for some anal for sometime now. Ever since she moved to Miami she hasn’t had any butt sex I guess Miami guys just like the good ole fashion pussy. Diamond is one of those girls who gets off and having anal so she needs to do it every once in a while. Everything about this girl is big! She has big hips, big tits, and a nice big Latin ass if you don’t like Diamond Kitty something is definitely wrong with you. I have a nice little video for you guys to get an idea of how great she is when she is having anal sex, hope you enjoy.

Intimate Experience


Clover Intimate Experience

Clover seems to be one of those girls that I consistently post even though she pretty much just gets naked. Every once in a while you will get a Clover masturbation scene but that’s far and few between… The reason I post her and she is so softcore is because of her amazing body. I love this ass on her it’s not super big or round here it’s just fit. That might not even be it but there is something about her butt that is great. Of course she has cute small perky tits that I am a fan of as well there isn’t anything I don’t like about her to be honest. Anyways enjoy this latest X Art gallery of her called Intimate Experience.

Jennifer Dark


Jennifer Dark Tonight's Girlfriend

Jennifer Dark is Tonight’s Girlfriend and she is pleasing this guy more then she can imagine. He has followed her around the country going to her feature dance shows at strip clubs and what not. He finally got up the nerve and asked her to come back to his hotel after one of those dances. He paid her a shit ton of money but from the looks of the sex I think it was worth every penny. Jennifer has those long sexy legs and like every good slut she keeps on her high heels during the whole sex session. Jennifer is what I would consider a MILF but man she must stay in the gym or something because her ass is incredible and she has a completely flat stomach. Watch her pamper this guy giving him everything he wants and she coaches him on throughout the fuck with her cute little accent.

Nicole’s 1st RK Scene


Nicole Aniston Reality Kings

I was looking for a Nicole Aniston gallery to post for you guys and I ran across the first porn she ever did for Reality Kings. I thought you guys would like to check it out. This is before she became a big pornstar or even before she got her boob job! She is looking hot as ever and without her big boobs to stare at you can enjoy her perfect round ass or even her amazing tight pussy! The video was shot for Cum Fiesta one of the 37 sites you get access to when you join Reality Kings. You know what that mean when a girl is on Cum Fiesta right? The site is pretty much girls getting fucked and then their face is just covered in a cum. It’s a facial site, the great thing about joining a mega site like Reality Kings is you have tons of different sites dedicated to different things, like Cum Fiesta here.

Karlie and Lily


Lily Love and Karlie Montana

Passion HD isn’t that creative when it comes to naming their scenes! This is the second “Pillow Fight” update they have done the last one was with Chloe Foster. As much as I like her I don’t think she can compete with Lily Love or Karlie Montana let alone when they’re in the same gallery together! It’s not their fault either I mean these two seriously had a pillow fight in this video and the only thing I could think about while they were doing it was one, I would rather see them licking each others pussies or getting fucked. The second was that it’s going to be quite the bitch cleaning up all those damn feathers! These two girls compliment each other pretty good because Lily has the tits and Karlie has the perfect ass you put them together and you have the hottest female ever! I also like in this scene is that both girls pretty much have full bushes. Karlie keeps her a little more wild but when it comes to the porn you see on this site these are pretty bushy!

Fix Me Up


Puma Swede Pure Mature Fix Me Up

There is just something hot about a lonely housewife right? Especially a older MILF like Puma Swede. Well in this Pure Mature update Puma is at her house masturbating with her favorite toy give herself quite a orgasm. It’s just not enough though for a horny MILF to have a orgasm from her clit she wants something to fuck her and give her a g-spot orgasm. So Puma devises a little plan. Her husband is out of town and she is going to call over a plumber to fix their leaky sink that he will just never fix and when the plumber is done with that she is going to pay for his services with her pussy! The plumber is a pretty young guy so when she answers the door she knows it’s going to work and sure enough it does. This guy can’t turn down a MILF as hot looking and Puma I don’t think any of us could! So they fuck right there on the kitchen floor and to play it safe Puma has him cum on her face so that she can never be caught for the affair she just had.




I have another hot babe for you guys from Wild Amaginations! This girls name is Pashence and as you can see her chest meat is quite amazing. She has a nice look to her as well but in all honesty I am just in it for the boobs in this gallery. I took the tour of this paysite and I must say they have a lot of babes I just don’t see anywhere else, I might have to start making galleries from them. I said that last time though didn’t I and here I am. Once again I’m lazy.

Exxxotica 2013


Exxxotica 2013

I didn’t go to Exxxotica buy my boy over at did! He has a nice little write up about it along with a ton of awesome vine clips. I mean this one is probably my favorite… A girl with huge jugs and she makes the bounce. I mean she is in porn she knows what we want to see and she gives it to us, that’s what I’m talking about! After seeing everything that goes down at the convention I think I am going to have to show up to it one of these days. Probably not though I am just too lazy even though I live in California. Is that where this is? I don’t even know anyways there is a ton of pornstars at this event and some girls are naked some are not all in all if your a super fan of porn it looks like something you should go to.

Skinny Love


Chloe Foster Skinny Love X Art

This is just a simple gallery from X Art called Skinny Love. The model you see here is Chloe Foster and she is posing completely naked from the very start. She touches herself in different pictures and what not. If you want to see her fucking then check out Fashion Models also by X Art where she is having a threesome with Veronica Radke.

Megan Latina Sex Tapes


Megan Salinas Latina Sex Tapes

When I first saw Megan Salinas I knew she was a winner but I didn’t know she would be doing hardcore porn! I thought she would just do stuff porn along the lines of that FTV Girls scene she did. Masturbating maybe getting crazy and licking another girls pussy never in my wildest dreams did I think this was going to happen! Megan is seriously too hot for words. She is a real Latina with big natural d-cup titties and she keeps that nice pussy of hers shaved. Like all Latin girls she has a round ass and if that isn’t enough then just look at that face and tell me she isn’t hot! I hope she stays in porn for a very long time but if she doesn’t at least we got this Latina Sex Tapes video to always remind us of just how hot she was.

Your Orgasm Inside Me


Your Orgasm Inside Me

I thought I would finish today’s post with a nice long video for you guys! Pretty stoked are you? Well you’re going to be even happier when I tell you that it’s a creampie scene hence the name of the video “Your Orgasm Inside Me”. The video is thanks to Dane Jones a very popular erotic site that I just don’t post enough of for that I am sorry. Silvia is the petite girl getting her pussy filled with cum in this video and if you like what you see have no worries because Dane Jones has more then one scene of her! Anyways have a good day and enjoy this fine video!

Nikki Sims White and Pink


Nikki Sims Sexy White and Pink Lingerie

Did you guys notice that Nikki Sims website now is just Don’t know why that is but it sure makes it easier because let’s be honest here we were not going there for Nikki’s “Playmates” we were going for Nikki and that’s it! Well in this gallery you’re getting all Nikki and she is looking lovely as hell in this white and pink lingerie outfit she has on. She has fishnet stockings as well for all you stocking loves. I like how the bra doesn’t fit all the way around her tits I always like that in my pictures. One last thing I wanted to mention those little jewels on her stomach. Are those actual piercing or are they just like stick on things? I am started to think their piercing because they’ve shown up in a lot of galleries and if that’s the case I say lunacy, didn’t even know you could do that.

Getting First Black Pussy


Getting Black Pussy

This white guy wanted to capture the first time he got some black pussy so he put a video camera on the dresser and went to work. He did a pretty good job fucking this hottie I mean she knows what she is doing and he was able to hold his liquid. I guarantee that getting your dick ridden by a black girl is a little different then getting ridden by a white girl. He ends up fucking her while she is laying down on her stomach and then when he is about to cum he pulls out and splatters her perfect black ass and back.

Slippery, Wet and Wild


Veronica Radke Slippery, Wet and Wild

The name of this Veronica Radke scene is Slippery, Wet and Wild but would it should be is banging on a slip and slide. I mean both titles are true but mine is much more to the point. Veronica Radke is so small and she is taking on a dick like the size of her arm in this gallery. She is honestly taking it like a champ you have to see when she is riding his dick she is taking it balls to tip each time she goes up and down. You wouldn’t expect a girl as innocent looking as her to be such a freak in the sheets I bet. I love what Fantasy HD is doing with their scenes because they really are different from what you see from other erotica sites. They don’t just have fancy houses and pools they have girls fucking on slip and slide I would say it’s quite different wouldn’t you? They haven’t been around for very long but I already consider them one of the best erotica sites you could join

Alex Chance True Life


Alex Chance Porn Fidelity

Alex Chance is on Porn Fidelity and man is this a great scene because Kelly Madison wanted in on this update! I love when she joins a girl with natural big tits too because what’s better then 1 set of huge tits 2 of course! The True Life series on Porn Fidelity gives you a look in the life of Ryan and Kelly and what a good life it seems to be. They go to the store and do a little public flashing and what not while they’re there. Then they go home and while the girls cook Ryan goes around and starts to fuck them. There was one point where Alex was bent over the counter cutting up a cucumber and getting fuck doggystyle, crazy right?!? There are 3 different cumshots, 1 on Alex’s tits 1 in Kelly’s pussy and the last one in Aexl’s pussy. Kelly doesn’t want her mans cum just sitting in another girls pussy though so she gets between her legs and eats it out like a good MILF slut.

Ogling In The Office


Oogling In The Office

I thought you guys would want to check out this new Brazzers scene called Ogling In The Office. I mean when else are you going to get Ava Addams and Lisa Ann in the same scene! These two girls are probably haven’t done many scenes together but they’re definitely my most favorite MILFs in all of porn. They have these gorgeous big tits both are fake but come on they look close enough to real for me! This is a scene in which Lisa and Ava are in charge they are making this office pervert do whatever they want him to do from eating out their pussy to letting them ride his cock to orgasm. If you like your girls in control this scene is going to do it for you!

Sensual Awakening


Sensual Awakening Passion HD

Jenna J. Ross is on the couch trying to rub out a orgasm in silence as her boss takes a nap in his bed in this Passion HD scene called Sensual Awakening. She shouldn’t have arrived so early but hey she wants to impress the big man. Well when he wakes up and sees her skirt pulled up and her rubbing one out to him in just his underwear he is quite stoked. He goes to the end of the bed takes off his underwear and has her suck his cock cause he knows she wants it. She bobs up and down on it giving him a pretty sloppy blowjob. Once he gets his dick nice and hard they get on the bed and Jenna takes it for a ride. She has quite a sexy little body, she is very petite and that body of hers has definitely seen the gym a lot. She is one of those girls who is always talking dirty during sex, the “right there”, “harder” type of stuff. Jenna spends most of this long video riding this guys cock but he does give her a break and fucks her doggystyle but other then that, it’s really just Jenna doing the work. In the end he does let her pussy have his cum instead he puts his employee on the ground and cover her face with cum and makes her swallow it.

What A Pussy!


Perfect Pussy Girls Do Porn

As you guys know here on we are connoisseurs of perfect pussies. I have found one at one of my favorite sites Girls Do Porn! She is a cute Cuban girl she looks tall and has a very exotic look about her. Her favorite position is being on top so you know what that mean right? A girl that knows what she is doing while she is on top! She gets a chance to show off her skills but the guy gives her something to think about by pounding that pussy super hard, probably the hardest she has ever been fucked. You could tell at times this guy was giving her a little to much of a pounding, but did that stop him I THINK NOT! She ends up enjoying being fucked doggystyle out of all the positions but I have a feeling that it’s because there was times that the guy fucked her nice and slow from behind other then that he was just pounded that pussy. She is actually in a relationship as she is doing this video but she doesn’t think it’s cheating, it’s just business right? Well I would like to see how she explains to her boyfriend why she is walking bow legged. I also think that once he fucks her the next time he is going to be like “this pussy isn’t as tight as I remember WTF” HAHAHA. Anyways check out the gallery you will like, Girls Do Porn has like 200 amazing updates and 1 shitty one, their record is strong!

Rolling In The Sheets


Rolling In The Sheets X Art

X Art took James Deen on a little European vacation and his first stop was this tight little pussy that belongs to Barbie. I love I mean I love this little arrow she has shaved into her pussy. It sexy is it not? I like a girl who knows what she likes and Barbie here likes for her tight little pussy to be pleasured. I mean she even has the pussy piercing so everything is just a little more sensitive down there. James is able to make her cum multiple times while he is eating out her pussy. He is even able to make her cum while licking her ass hole and rubbing her pussy at the same time, that takes some talent. James is a super star on this side of the pond and Barbie is pretty stoked to be fucked him. The passion is there the sex is like normal sex and not the camera sex if you will. X Art seems to do a great job when it comes to that all their sex scenes are very real. Anyways enough of me blabbing go on and check this out already!

Audrey Nicole


Audrey Nicole for Playboy

Brunette stunner Audrey Nicole is ready for the 4th of July already in this Playboy photoshoot, lighting up a sparkler and wearing her stars and stripes suspenders before stripping down nude to hang out in the grass and wait for the fireworks to start. I’m sure there are plenty of guys around who would love to show her some fireworks, with that cute butt and those big full breasts of hers (not to mention her beautiful face)!

Adrianna Lola


Adrianna Lola Nitin Productions

Now this is what I call a wine tasting…evidently nobody is following the ‘take a sip and spit it out’ instructions, which is fine by me. Lovely busty brunette Adrianna Lola has had a few tastes of wine already and it’s gotten her nice and relaxed, and when she gets relaxed she tends to shed her clothing! It’s a medical condition. Watch this gorgeous girl strip out of her red dress and show off in the nude for Nitin Productions in these shots.

Angel Dark


Angel Dark for Met Art

Imagine being out on a relaxing stroll through the park on a beautiful day and running across sexy brunette Angel Dark from Met Art hanging out on the bench like this! Apart from being stunningly hot, she just so happens to be stripping out of her white bra and panties to get naked, spreading her thighs and grabbing her nice round ass to win the hearts and dicks of any lucky joggers who happened to pass by.

Christi Shake


Christi Shake for Playboy

Ready for another hot Playboy photoshoot? This time it’s featuring Christi Shake, a feisty and beautiful blonde with big tits and an even bigger personality, playing around with a yellow scarf wrapped around her nude body and just teasing the hell out of us in general. She’s hot as hell and looks like she’s ready for some fun! Hopefully she earned her name with her shaking skills, because if she did a little shimmy I can imagine some incredible things happening with that magnificent rack.

Eva Hilovski


Eva Hilovski on Playboy

Brace yourself for a blast of Playboy hotness as Eva Hilovski tugs off her shirt to show off a pair of tits that could be in the dictionary to illustrate the word ‘perky’. She’s hanging out on a balcony overlooking trees and houses and apparently doesn’t care if her neighbors are watching or not as she strips down nude, pulling off her panties to show us her great body! There are only a handful of photos in this set which is a shame, but I’m sure you can track down some more with a name as unique as hers.

Luna and Aurielee


Luna Star Ass Parade

I guess this gallery is still considered a threesome even though Aurielee Summers never actually gets fucked. Luna Star is getting all the dick in this update I suspect because Aurielee only does lesbian porn. This is probably the “hardest” porn we will ever see her in. It’s hot though when Luna is getting fucked doggystyle and she is licking Aurielee pussy at the same time, you have to love a good threesome. Luna Star is a hot Latin girl with just a perfect ass as you can probably see in this picture. You need to click on this gallery though to see Aurielee though because she is a white girl with just a great ass I mean it almost is as good as Luna’s but NOT quite! I almost forgot to mention that the two of them have a lesbian sex session before Luna got fucked so if you just want to see that then you can.

Cali Hayes


Cali Hayes Massage Girls 18

I got a new Massage Girls 18 video for you guys and it stars the one and only Cali Hayes. I actually think this is the first video I have watched with her in it. She is trying out to be a massage girl and I think after this performance she is up to the task! She gives a handjob like a pro but where she is a real professional is when she is on top taking this guy for a ride. The video ends with her stomach and cute little tits covered in cum, enjoy!

Meet Me In Madrid


Meet Me In Madrid

This was never actually suppose to be a update from X Art it was just a sex scene between Mr. X and Silvie that they did during some down time. The reason they had sex is because Mr. X has been crushing on Silvie for quite some time but she has always been with her boyfriend. Well they finally broke up and that meant that Silvie could fuck whoever she wanted and she definitely wanted a piece of Mr. X. The sex has that passion that you just can’t fake because it only happens when a couple actually likes each other. The name of this scene is called “Meet Me In Madrid” and make sure to thank X Art for putting out such amazing porn by visiting their site!

Kennedy Massaged


Kennedy Leigh FuckedHard18

This is a hot picture, a hot video, a hot everything because Kennedy Leigh is just hot! I was pretty stoked when I logged into the members area of Fucked Hard 18 and saw that she was the new update! She has just a perfect body in my opinion. Great ass and her tits and full and perky as shit. The guy who runs this site liked fucking her so much that he came on her face and then stuck his dick back in her pussy and started fucking her again. She loves it too because he would stop at times fucking her and she would start to do the fucking whether she was on bottom or on her side or whatever. Kennedy Leigh has a bunch of scenes that i have posted you can see them here if you would like. This might be one of my favorite scenes but I have been known to be a sucker for a massage scene.

Holding A… Snake


Pattycake Holding A Snake

One thing is definitely true about Sexy Pattycake her site is the most unique site solo model site I know of. I mean who else is posing in weird kind of pictures like this. There is something really sexy about it still, I would assume it’s just because of hot hot she is wouldn’t you. I love these pictures where you kind of get a little bit of a nipple slip and I think there is a pussy slip as well. Their hair looks really good too everything about this gallery is good if you like this model. She has tons of personality and above anything else she is one big tease! If that’s not your type of porn then I would just move along. If you want to get to know Sexy Pattycake better or just really like this tease niche then I would suggest joining her site because nobody does it better trust me. She will tease you for like a month and then release a video that goes a little further the normal and it just makes it that much better, it’s the anticipation I think.

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