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Sexy Cocomi


Cocomi Sakura Sex Asian 18

The site Sex Asian 18 has some of the hottest ladies from the Far East nude and ready to fuck, and in this update we’re treated to drop-dead gorgeous Cocomi Sakura getting naked and showing off! She’s got perfect boobs, delicious curves and even a little bush for those of you tired of the shaved bald pussy look. Oh, and did I mention the skin-tight black catsuit?

Tasha Seduces


Tasha Reign MGBF

When blonde hottie Tasha Reign gets horny, watch out! She doesn’t care if you’re her friend’s boyfriend or not, she’s down to fuck and she’s going to get what she wants. In this update from My Girlfriends Busty Friend she seduces this guy while his girlfriend is out of town by pulling her huge round tits out of her nightie and licking his cock until he’s just got to fuck her pussy and mouth like crazy!

Cum All Over Me


Scarlet B Joymii

Here is Scarlet B for you guys to enjoy, it’s a model that you probably will only see on Joymii but hey all the reason to join their site. Joymii named this scene Cum All Over Me and I bet you can guess why they call it that. Scarlet fucks her boyfriend really good and she doesn’t want him getting her pregnant or even swallowing his little soldiers. The next best thing is to let him just cum all over her amazing body. I really like this site and I know I don’t post them enough I will make a concerted effort to give you guys more galleries from them.

Bus Blonde


Bus Blonde Public Pickups

A all natural blonde gets picked up on a bus by Public Pickups and it’s awesome. The guy is pretty smooth about it I must say. He is in some kind of European country where they don’t make a lot of money or something. He offers this guy pretty much a fortune in her world but the only way she will fuck him is if he goes back to her house. This guy has no problem with that, especially when she gets all dolled up for her first sex scene. He bangs her with no condom on and man does those boobs looks great bouncing every which way. The video isn’t super long but hey if you want to see the full thing just buy a membership I think it’s like $1 to get in for a day.

Sasha Jones


Sasha Jones Cum Louder

Right Now parodies are very important in the adult biz. With parodies porn producers like Cum Louder discovered a new way to make porn. A mixture of fun and sex that allows them to apply visual effects, well prepared scripts and pornstars doing what they really want to do be a real actress. Some of them do a real great work like Sasha Jones. A cute and naughty ebony teenager that stars in CyCocks The Mutant Dick, the XXX Parody of the Marvel superhero Cyclops. In Cumlouder he’s CyCocks, founding member of the superhero team known as The X-Penis and he was born with the ability to shoot rays of light through his eyes and his cock. With these powers he is able to undress Sasha Jones burning her clothes off.

Breanne Returns


Breanne Benson Tonight's Girlfriend

There is another guy out there that wanted to fuck Breanne Benson so she is back on Tonight’s Girlfriend. He has hired a lot of hookers before but this is his first time with a pornstar. I feel bad for him though because that’s like going from driving a Toyota to a Ferrari I mean he is in the big leagues now! Breanne gives him the red carpet treatment making him feel like a boss and fucking him like all the girls before him never could. She even put on this super sexy lingerie outfit that right there is what separates her from these other rookies.

Breanne Benson’s first time on Tonight’s Girlfriend

Ivy and Miela


Miela and Ivy Joymii

This is just a picture gallery from Joymii but I thought they did such good job with it I thought they deserved a nice gallery on our site! The models who are having lesbian sex in this gallery is Miela and Ivy. If you really like this gallery and you want to watch the video I would suggest you just bookmark this gallery because he will eventually put a video on it. I know this because I have checked out that site a whole bunch I do love me some Joymii galleries.

Luna Star


Luna Star Real Slut Party

This is a scene from Real Slut Party but you’re only going to see the video of Luna Star fucking. There is good reason for this it’s because it’s by far the best part of the whole video. The other girls are cute and what not but Luna just steals the show with those full tits and her amazing perfect ass. She knows how to work it too as you will see when rides this guy reverse cowgirl. That’s where this image is from it’s the best part of the whole video hands down. The whole thing is like a hour plus long but they save the best for last when Luna Star milks some cum out of this guys cock.

Spur Of The Moment


Ivy Spur Of The Moment

Ivy here will have Spur Of The Moment anal sex with you if you’re dating her! I mean I don’t think there are many guys out there that get that. I mean I get it if it’s his birthday or something but just everyday anal sex that shits crazy! The scene is super erotic I mean it starts off with them just sitting around in the kitchen making dinner. He makes a move and the next thing he knows she is riding his cock on the kitchen table. It’s in her ass too! I always find that impressive, because usually it hurts a girl so they like to kind of just lay back and get fucked slow. Ivy here jump on him and rides like it’s in her pussy I think she is just a big fan of the anal or something. I know most of you have probably at least looked at the X Art tour before because these guys have to be the hottest thing in porn, but I suggest you do it again the site is always getting bigger and better!

FTV Girls Hawaii


Lena and Melody FTV Girls

Here is more from the Hawaii set that FTV Girls did with Lena and Melody Jordan. The girls are just beautiful together with Melody big perky tits, and Lena’s cute small tits and perfect round ass. The girls don’t just get naked next to each other no, they eat each other out and actually in this video you get to see Melody licking Lena’s ass. Lena admitted that that is one of her guilty pleasures to have her guys do. Lick her pussy and move down a little further and lick her ass. Good thing for her Melody is a straight up freak and is willing to do any of that! Melody Jordan brought her favorite toy on vacation with her a hitachi wand which she uses out on her hotel balcony and has a amazing orgasm.



Heather Starlet Babes Network

I am catching up on my hardcore scenes from Babes Network because well those are my favorites. I don’t really waste my time with the lesbian galleries, or the solo stuff just because well usually the models in those have hardcore scenes and I think you guys would just rather see those. This one is called Temptation and it stars Heather Starlet, this is her first scene with Babes Network. If you have never watched one of these videos I would say check it out so you can get an idea of the style that Babes Network has. They almost tell a story in every single scene they do and it’s so romantic / erotic I mean this is the type of porn you watch with a girlfriend / wife /a girl for sure.

Kate Upton


Kate Upton

I mean come on guys those breasts are so amazing and you can’t deny it. Kate Upton is one of the hottest woman in the world not because her face is super hot or anything like that, it’s just that those breasts have so much jiggle in them that they have put us all into a trance. I am very much okay with it though I just want her to get naked for playboy already or something.

Rose & Lexi


Rose and Lexi on Bang Bros

There is one big juicy ass and Lexi is sitting on the other one! This is a great Ass Parade scene from Bang Bros starring two great pornstars. First Lexi Belle she is the blonde here and that Latin ass belongs to Rose Monroe. I didn’t know Rose’s full name until today and it just feels good you should know. Rose ends up having her guy fuck her in the ass because well she likes that type of shit. Lexi just went back to the bedroom and got fucked nice and hard the way she loves it. This isn’t really a sex scene with these two together they show off each others asses out in the living room and then kind of go back and fuck their own guy. Which I am fine with because when you watch the full video you can decide who you want to watch fuck.

All Night Long


Tiffany Fox on Babes Network

Tiffany Fox is back on Babes Network in another amazing sex scene called All Night Long. It’s a very sensual gallery shot kind of in the dark that’s why this image looks so shitty because I tried to brighten it up. I am a big fan of this teen pornstar Tiffany Fox because those full perky tits of hers are a big win. It’s not very often that my favorite part of a scene is when a girl is getting her pussy eaten out by this is definitely my favorite moment in this video.

Tiffany Fox in Wanting You By Babes Network



Charmer Sex Arrt

I think this Sex Art site is a lot different then the other erotic sites out there that’s both a good and bad thing. The only bad part is I just happen to like the way the others are done better, but I know some people are going to love this shit. This is just a picture gallery called Charmer and it stars a exotic model named Kleo A. She is quite possibly the most lucky girl in porn because she doesn’t even have to touch this guys cock. She basically got paid by Sex Art to get naked and get her pussy eaten in different positions. Doesn’t sound like a bad gig Kleo!



Sage Fuckedhard18

I have another redhead for you guys to enjoy today this time it’s hardcore though with a girl named Sage. The scene is from FuckedHard18 so it’s that massage porn that we love so much on this site. Sage has one of those pussies that just wraps around your dick when you fuck her so it looks quite sexy in a couple of pictures that are on this gallery that you should check out. The video is pretty long and it’s uncut action but with no “finish” for that you need to join the site. I don’t know if it’s just the angle that this video was shot in or what but Sage here looks to have super long legs and it’s rare that I even notice a chicks legs but I think Sage has a pair!

Mia Masturbates


Mia Malkova Touching Me

You get a lot of ass in this episode from Babes Network called Touching Me. The great thing about this video isn’t that it’s from Babes Network but rather the model starring in it! It’s Mia Malkova for those of you lame people who can’t recognize that amazing booty of hers. This isn’t a hardcore scene or anything like that but man is she just a site for sore eyes! They did a great job captures how perfect her big ass is and then the masturbation scene she is using a rabbit a girls best friend I hear.

Evi and Presley


Evi Fox and Presley hart

You guys know that this new girl Evi Fox has tickled my fancy, I am a sucker for a Latina with big natural tits! I think you guys might also know how much I love Joymii so when they got a scene with her you knew I was posting it! This one not only has Evi but also a very petite model who loves to fuck Presley Hart is in the threesome also. Presley is a little more of a veteran so it was good she was in this threesome to help show Evi the ropes. Presley teaches Evi a thing or two especially about deep throating when you will see in the full video. The name of this Joymii scene is Triple Pleasure but I think they should have called it A Dream Come True or something like that. Having these two girls fucking you at the same time, I don’t think it gets better then that!

Jodi Taylor


Jodi Taylor Let's Try Anal

There have always been a lot of things I have liked about Jodi Taylor. That super pretty / cute face of hers. The perfect round ass or maybe even her perfect tight pussy you choose. Now she is doing anal sex I don’t know how I could like her even more! This scene comes from the site that gets more girls to do anal then anyone else they’re called Let’s Try Anal. If you have never experienced one of their scenes before then you sir are in for a treat! You can totally tell that this is Jodi’s first time having anal sex because he has to take it real slow with her and they used about a bottle of lube it looks like LOL!

Fat Round Asses


Pawg and Babes

I have a buddy who has a series of galleries called Babes and PAWGs and this is part 6 that I wanted to share with you guys. So some people say a PAWG is a perfect ass white girl others a phat ass white girl but either way it’s suppose to just be white girls. The real problem with that is that white girls usually aren’t the ones with the fat asses. Well that’s why my buddy has babes and pawgs so that he can share with you all girls with great asses! This gallery has a ton and I know you will like it so cheers!

A Close Shave


Cassie and Kiera Passion HD

I have a all girl gallery from Passion HD for you guys today with two roommates in real life! It’s Cassie Laine and Kiera Winters and they do this whole eating each other out thing on the regular because they’re both horny girls. I mean they are in porn so you know they are comfortable in their sexuality so why not just go down on each other on a boring Wednesday afternoon. Passion HD took this chemistry that these two have and filmed it in a new episode called A Close Shave. As you can probably guess there is some shaving in this gallery because Kiera likes to eat Cassie when she is nice and bald. The shave her clean and then lick each other to orgasms, it’s a beautiful scene so please enjoy!

Dani Daniels PAWG


Dani Daniels PAWG

That ass is something else isn’t it? It belongs to Dani Daniels and she is showing it off in this new episode of Perfect Ass White Girls or more commonly referred to as PAWG. The site is put on by Bang Bros so you know the quality is there and the models they bring on their site are going to be hot as fuck. Dani Daniels just started doing hardcore porn but man is she busy! I can’t blame all the porn companies out there though once this ass came on the market I would try to book it as well. Dani Daniels was holding out on us when she was just doing those lesbian scenes because this girl can FUCK!

18 Years Old


18yearsold Girls Do Porn

I actually believe Girls Do Porn when they say this girl is 18 Years Old. I think it’s been a rough 18 years I mean she sounds like she is a pack a day smoker! The voice may be way unsexy but everything else about her is awesome. She has a great ass and cute small tits. The face is very pretty and she loves to suck on balls! This is the first time I have ever heard the guys tell a model to stop sucking balls and suck more dick! Girls Do Porn is amazing to me because they are the only site I can think of that has like exclusive girls to them and them alone.



Wow Girls Mia Balls Deep

In this Wow Girls picture you see here Mia is measuring out this guys cock to see if he will even be able to go balls deep on her. I think her pussy is a little bigger then she thinks it is because he gets in there no problem at all! She is a slender girl with long sexy legs that she keeps hidden away in these super long socks, I don’t even know if you could call them stockings or not. The video is very long and it’s as erotic as it can get so I think most of you are going to be in heaven watching this shit.

Hippy Pattycake


Sexy Pattycake Hippy

Sexy Pattycake is all dressed up like a hippy this update for her site and I am wondering if she didn’t shave the bush either? I mean in almost all over her other scenes she keeps just a little bit of hair above her pussy, but if she was really trying to pull off this uniform I hope she kept it full. As you can probably tell I haven’t dove deep in update yet I just saw that it was Pattycake and I was in. There is a huge cult following of this model and this is the one time I approve of cults so join on it and enjoy this amazing woman!

Victoria Sweet


Victoria Sweet Nubile Films

I got a new model named Victoria Victoria and she is getting quite the massage on this episode of Nubile Films. It’s called Sensual Massage and the one who is getting the happy ending here is not the guy but Victoria. I haven’t seen many massage videos from Nubile Films but I sure hope that they kind of do this thing at least once a month or something like that. Victoria has fake tits and they’re not those amazing fakes that you see some of these pornstars get, she probably went the cheap route.

Pussy Print


GF Revenge Pussy Print

This is the one time I wished that these sex tapes actually came with high quality pictures or something. I guess sometimes GF Revenge comes out with those but I couldn’t find anything like that for this “Pussy Print” episode. I mean from the looks of it this might be one of the best pussies ever, it does make for a great cameltoe! I mean I am going to give this a 10 out of 10 for sure! I don’t know the full story with this video but you get to see her fucking her boyfriend in a homemade sex tape. They ended up breaking up and the boyfriend being kind of broke sold the tape to the worlds best sex tape site that being GF Revenge as I mentioned earlier.

Asa and Rebeca


Rebeca Linares and Asa Akira

I have put you guys in quite the pickle, would you rather fuck the Asian pornstar Asa Akira or the Latin lover Rebeca Linares. You are not this guy who gets to fuck both you have to decide! I would pick Rebeca just because this girl can ride a dick like no other I swear! Asa Akira is also good at it but she lacks that spice when she is up there. This gallery is from Cum Louder a site that is mostly Spanish speaking but they do have some scenes in English and we all know that porn is the universal language.

Sex In Coffee Shop


Public Pickups Coffee Sex Shop

I mean I love coffee and sex but I don’t know about combining the two like this guy did on Public Pickups. He was heading into a coffee shop not even planning on picking up a chick. He then saw this round ass blonde girl dressed a little slutty and went back to the car and got his camera. He ends up convincing her to go into the bathroom in the coffee shop to fool around. They don’t just full around they have full on sex right in this public restroom! It works out well because I am sure this girl has never fucked like this in her life. Her knees where buckling and she had to hold the walls just to stand up. She was just cumming like to crazy and the guy had to keep telling her to shut up, I love that.

Spin The Bottle Orgy


College Rules Spin The Bottle Orgy

I am a pretty big fan of this new submission to College Rules! It’s called Spin The Bottle Orgy and I don’t like it because of the game they are playing I like it because these girls who are fucking in this video are hot! This girl is probably my favorite because she has nice big tits, and big tits are just the best! The other girl can ride a dick like you wouldn’t believe I mean just check out picture number 22 for proof of that. Those are probably my two favorite girls in this whole orgy scene but that’s fine because they don’t really focus on the other girls. I almost forgot to mention this exotic petite girl that shows up at the end of the video. She too can ride a mean did she is fast as fuck when she rides, it must have took a lot of practice to get that good!

Natalia & Holly


Holly Michaels and Natalia Starr

I have a new scene from Passion HD features like the Passion HD contract star Holly Michaels (she is in a lot of scenes with them) and a new girl named Natalia Starr. Both of these girls are completely natural and both have amazing natural titties! This girl Natalia is to die for with her blue eyes and blonde hair, she is righ tup my alley. If you like passioniate high quality porn then you guys need to check out this site Passion HD because it’s all of that and so much more. The name of this episode is called Shared Passion because both of these girls do a great job sharing in their threesome, it’s how a threesome is suppose to go down!

Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara

Those awesome huge tits that Sofia Vergara had was spotted on the beach in Miami. I mean you could probably view her tits from outter fucking space they’re that awesome. What is uncool about this little video and pictures that the Drunk Stepfather has is that she is in a one piece bikini! I mean if I am not going to beable to see you naked at least show me a little skin Sofia!

Welcome Home Booty


Welcome Home Booty

I have been slowly trying to introduce you guys to this new site called HD Love. They are the new kids on the block with amazing porn you haven’t seen before as well as models too. Here are two girls that I literally have no idea what their names are. I searched the members area, the tour everything and I couldn’t find it. So for now you are just going to have to know them by the episode that they’re in called Welcome Home Booty. If this guy gets to have a threesome when he comes home I need to start going away more because I definitely don’t get this home coming party!

Floating On Pleasure


Brandi Love Floating On Pleasure

I have for you Brandi Love just floating on pleasure. At least that’s what this episode of Pure Mature is to have you believe. Pure Mature is dedicated to the hottest MILFs in the wolrd and just looking at that body of Brandi’s you know that she fits in that category! This scene is amazing but if you missed her first one for Pure Mature called Drinks On Me make sure to check that out. If you are not really into erotic porn just watch this video I have for you on the gallery and tell me you don’t think it’s hot. I for one think just the part where the guy is fingering Brandi while she is taking is bath is dope, but I guess I have better taste then some of you.

Sweet Valentina


Valentina Nappi

I have for you a model that you probably have never seen before her name is Valentina Nappi. She has a gorgeous big round ass and I think it’s because she is Latina. She also can ride a dick very good you have to see the part of the video where she is riding him reverse cowgirl it’s so pro I can’t even explain it. The scene comes from my new favorite erotica site… There seems to be a new one every single week but this one is dope for sure it’s called HD Love. I have already posted one of their galleries today but I thought I would spoil you guys with Sweet Valetina here. There are tons of pictures and the video is long so I don’t think I could make this any better so you bastards better check it out or else no more HD Love porn!

Jessica Robbin


Jessica Casting Couch X

Well the guy at Casting Couch X isn’t doing bad for himself would you say? This girl is fucking HOT! Nice and thick with amazing big natural tits and I think she is a actual real deal redhead what do you guys think? She just wants to stop the rat race and actually get ahead in the world. She knows that she is hot and well Jessica you are! I think she will actually make it in the porn industry this guy just needs to get her other jobs. He was originally just a porn producer but has now started putting his casting couch sex videos on line to open up another revenue source.

Jynx Passion HD


Jynx Maze Dedicated Employee

This is the first time that Jynx Maze has been on Passion HD but I sure hope it isn’t the last! She does such a good erotic sex scene I can’t help but just want to see more of it. In this episode called Dedicated Employee Jynx Maze turns over a report to her boss and then seduces him. She just goes over and massages his shoulders a little bit and that is enough for him to know what she is looking for. He instructs her to get under the desk and get him hard. Jynx being the little slut she goes to work and blows him and then fucks his brains out. I hope that she gets herself a raise!

Labia Loving Massage


Labia Loving Massage Hegre Art

I have a beautiful new massage scene from Hegre Art featuring the girl with the most meaty pussy you will ever see Dominika. I know some people don’t like it but in this gallery I think you will. Fabi here is a world renowned massage theripist but she specializes in tantric massages. So in this gallery she gives Dominika and that big labia of her the massage it has always deserved! The name of the video is Labia Loving Massage and that’s because she just teases it, rubbing it gently and fast kind of building Dominika up. She builds her up for a earth shaking orgasm that you just have to see, it’s amazing.

Amber Takes It On


Amber Cox Monsters Of Cock

In this new Monsters Of Cock update you get to see the lovely Amber Cox doing a interracial scene and probably fucking the biggest cock she has ever fucked in her life. Bang Bros has always been known for this site because they find the biggest cocks in the world and them hire them to be on the site. It’s a pretty dope scene especially because Amber is so new to the industry so you get honest shock on her face when she first lays eyes on this dick that she is going to be fucking. After this scene though I don’t think a average guy is ever going to please her again.

Too Much Ass


Christy Mack, Nikki Delano and Kendra Lust

I love when Bang Bros goes all out like this did for this New Years update of Ass Parade. They got three round ass pornstars do to a episode of their ass worship site called Ass Parade. The girls are Nikki Delano, Kendra Lust and Christy Mack I have them all nice and labeled for you guys. If you want to check out even more porn of them you will see their pictures on the sidebar in the gallery just click on that to see all of their sex scenes. This one is a great group sex gallery where the three of them take on two different cocks in one of the best sex scenes of the year (see what I did there).

Jynx Culioneros


Jynx Maze Culioneros

I am going to be posting two scenes with Jynx Maze today the only reason this one isn’t above the Passion HD one is because it’s all in Spanish and I don’t fucking speak Spanish! The scene comes from a all Spanish site that I kind of keep tabs on because their porn is so awesome, so it’s more my fault then anything. The site is Culioneros and this is done for their Chicas de Porno series. The is their first time having Jynx on their site but I definitely hope they kind of make it a regular thing.

The Call Girl


The Call Girl Bang Bus

The reason she is called The Call Girl is not because you can hire her to fuck you but because this chick worked in a call center. She is picked up by the Bang Bus and they start showing her the sex toys that they bought that day. They convince her to put a vibrator on her pussy but underneath her little booty shorts so they couldn’t see her pussy or anything. She fucking loves that vibrator on her clit and they soon ask her if they paid her some money would she masturbate in front of the. One thing leads to another and pretty soon she is on the floor of the Bang Bus riding some guys cock that she just met. These guys on Bang Bus have a system worked out and know how to get girls to fuck, even girls as hot as this one.

Melanie Hicks


Melanie Hicks East Coast XXX

I have a nice little creampie video for you guys from East Coast XXX. The video is pretty awesome because it has that amateur feel but it’s kind of done by a professional. This is like the mom and pop shop in your downtown area they can’t compete with the big guys but it’s still worth a look. This girl he was able to grab is named Melanie Hicks and she has a awesome set of natural tits and some sexy as tan lines to go along with her goods. East Coast XXX offers you both MILFs and cuties like Melanie here so it’s kind of the best of both worlds check them out for sure.

Birthday Cock


Birthday Cock Dancing Bear

This floppy tit birthday girl knew what she was doing when she schedule Dancing Bear to come and dance at her birthday party. I have a feeling that she hasn’t been laid in a while and is that girl who always wants to be the center of attention. I bet she planned to fuck a male stripper but probably not in front of her friends. The problem though is she just had to one up everyone because she wasn’t the only one who was sucking these strippers cocks as they danced around. I don’t know what it is about a guy dancing naked but all the video I have watched these girls can’t help but put a cock in their mouth. Maybe the dick just like hypnotizes they or something.

Chastity Lynn


Chastity Lynn Mr. Anal

This is a crazy anal sex scene from Mr. Anal. This girl Chastity Lynn has a ass that can be fucked like a pussy it’s crazy! I have never seen a girl so petite take such as ass pounding before but she does it. This is a great booty on her too nice and round and I love how she just pulls aside that g-string. The site is put on by Bang Bros and you get access to it when you join their network. It’s a great deal if you like anal sex because these guys do it so well and you can see other anal scenes on the other 38 sites you get access to if you want.

Nude Thai Massage


Nude Thai Massage

I think that Hegre Art had to have taken a bunch of their models over to Thailand or something because in their massage section they have been having a lot of Thai massages. This one features a gorgeous model with a perfect pussy as you can see here named Zaika. She starts off naked like all Thai massage and then just gets a very sensual rub down from her breasts to her ass she gets it all and throughly enjoys it!

Isis Taylor


Isis Taylor Naughty America

I have a great little Isis Taylor gallery for you guys today from Naughty America. This big juicy ass looks great riding reverse cowgirl and pretty much any other position that features it. The scene is part of a series that Naughty America has called House Wife 1 on 1 which basically is about couples at home having sex. Yea it could be boring but that isn’t what they features on this site. They feature it with the times when you buy your wife a car and you get that new car fuck, and that’s what Isis is doing for in this sex scene.

Naomi West


Naomi West Amateur Allure

It looks as though Amateur Allure has asked Naomi West back to do another scene! That’s is pretty dope because this girl is fucking hot. She has a nice liittle meaty pussy and man did the dress her up super cute in this update. She is in this small little golden mini dress / skirt I don’t really know what to call it cause I am not that into fashion. If you guys missed the first time she was on Amateur Allure make sure to check that out because you need to start in chronological order! Scene she took two loads in the mouth the first time in this update she closes her mouth and tells the guy to just cum on her face. He does just that and then scrapes it off her face and feeds it to her. What a dirty little slut, I love it!



Karina White Exploited College Girls

I have a UCLA girl named Samantha A.K.A Karina White for you guys this New Years day. She has amazing big natural tits they’re D’s and she fucks! I am not sure if this is the first scene she ever filmed but it’s definitely one of my favorites. The guy who runs Exploited College Girls made sure to give her a couple of orgasms before he actually fucked her which makes for a great sex scene. It’s so much better when the girl comes first because then she is all kinds of horny and just wants to be fucked forever. Big ups to this guy because he lays down a awesome fuck session not cumming for like a hour! I mean when you’re banging a pussy as perfect as Karina’s it has to be hard not to cum fast.

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