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Damn Long Hair


Nikkis Playmates Long Hair

I just wish that Nikki would cut her long hair about 4 inches what do you guys think? This is a new little picture gallery from her personal site that she runs called Nikki’s Playmates. The reason it’s called that is every once in a while there will be a update with a girl that is not Nikki. I think it’s a nice little change up especially when you join a solo site you have to get tired of the girl at some point and when you’re a member of Nikki’s site you get to see those other chicks often as well as Nikki. The video is of her playing football the real football not the fake. All while she is keeping her private parts hidden.

Jada and Luna


Jada Stevens Ass Parade

This scene just came out today but the guy who runs this Jada Stevens Blog already has it up and has a long video from it! This scene is with a gorgeous Latina pornstar (I think) her name is Luna Star. Jada and Luna give these guys a private little backroom dance at a strip club and then they do what they’re most good at and that’s fucking! I wonder how much they had to pay for this dance and what a dance on their cocks it was! The scene is from Bang Bros and part of their Ass Parade series, so make sure to pay them a visit and just join already it’s worth every single penny!

Jonni Hennessy


Sensual Encounter Jonni Hennessy

Cute small tits, strawberry blonde hair all this sounds good to me! It’s Jonni Hennessy in a very erotic scene from Babes Network that you are all going to want to see the full version of! The name of the scene is Sensual Encounter and it’s simply amazing, watch the teaser and then head to the tour for more.

Holly Anal


Anal Holy Michaels Passion HD

I don’t know what the deal is with Passion HD and the scenes always starting off with someone waking someone up! That is besides the point though because you guys get to see Holly Michaels in an amazing hardcore anal sex scene! The name of this scene is Anal Persuasion and she starts off with a little glass toy in her ass and her sitting on her guys face getting her pussy eaten out. I think she thoroughly enjoyed that. This video is really good because its not as slow and romantic as a lot of Passion HD scenes the guy really is into fucking Holly in the ass and he doesn’t hold back just watch and you will see what I am talking about.

Jodie Taylor


Jodie Taylor PAWG

It has been quite a long time since the last time I posted a Jodie Taylor gallery. I mean the last like mention of her on our site was in September! Well it looks like she is back and literally better then ever. Her ass is looking stupid good in this new video from Bang Bros PAWG website. I mean her hip to ass ratio is just off the charts and when you look at her straight on it’s like the definition of hour glass figure. She just loves to sit on big cocks and ride them up and down. When the guy asks her to suck on his dick she just keeps asking if she can sit on his dick again because that’s where she feels at home.

Talia Perving


Talia Shepard

I really like these like almost amateur picture galleries of Talia Shepard where she doesn’t have much make-up on and there isn’t like a lot of “thought” behind where she is and all that. Don’t get me wrong I like that stuff too because well that’s what makes her so hot. This kind of amateur stuff is my favorite though because you know that this little outfit is something she wears normally and she has just taken off her pants so she can rub her pussy and look at her good friend Bryci on the computer.

Rachel 3rd Time


Rachel Roxxx Returns To Porn Star Spa

I don’t know if Rachel Roxxx is going for the record or not but this is her third time being on Porn Star Spa. If you included all the scenes that Bang Bros has of her though it would be near 35+! So if you like Rachel you guys know where to go. This massage scene literally looks like it takes place at Rachel’s house. She was probably just sitting at home and was like you know I could use a fuck. Calls up a friends tells him to bring over a massage table rub her down for a bit, fuck of course and then put the video tape online. If you want to see the other scenes that Rachel has done for Porn Star Spa the links are in the gallery at the top of the video in the text.

Savannah Fox


Savannah Fox Bang Bus

I usually look out for you guys and actually view a entire porn video before I post it on this site but this one I am not going to lie I did not. I just saw screen captures from it and Savannah Fox here is getting fucked in the ass on the Bang Bus so I knew it just had to be a good one. I mean any time that the guys who run the bus are able to get a girl on is good but then to have her spread those big juicy ass cheeks so some random guy can fuck them in the ass! That sir is just down right impressive!

Sarah Vandella


Sarah Vandella Babes Network

You guys are getting a nice thick blonde bombshell in this new episode from Babes Network called American Dream. Her name is Sarah Vandella and she is a pretty fucking famous pornstar I must say. She has a thick ass and nice big tits that are not real but damn it’s a good boob job. This is the first erotic film I have seen with Sarah and let me tell you she can pull it off. You feel like you’re in her bedroom watching her fuck her real life boyfriend. Which it could be I wouldn’t put it past Babes Network to go for that reality.

Girls In Underwear


Girls In Underwear

You guys all love seeing girls in underwear sometimes a whole lot less then that. I mean you are on my site so I am going to assume you like seeing them naked. Well guys there is a lot of people more classy then you and if you have some class then check out what the drunken stepfather has for you! It’s a whole galleries of girls who are way to hot for nude model in their panties, it’s good just click already.

Soft and Roses


Jenni Lee Pure Mature

Jenni Lee is sleeping with her back to the Pure Mature camera when the film starts to roll and you get to see that amazing fit body of hers with her perfect ass and those womanly shapes. The guy walks over and walks her up and gets to turning her out by eating her out. Once you flip that switch with Jenni Lee you are good to go because she will take as long as it takes to make you cum. Jenni Lee almost looks like she is orgasming while this guy is I mean she just can’t keep her body still that’s how turned on she is, it’s pretty fucking hot.

Mia Disgraced18


Mia Malkova Porn Pros

I don’t know if Porn Pros changed the theme of their Disgraced 18 site but this seems much more amateur then it usually is, and there is no bondage! That all is a mute point however because the girl getting fucked in this scene is Mia Malkova. When Mia is in a scene all bets are off you don’t have to do anything good because this girl just steals the show! Her body is perfect and that big round ass is the most perfect booty there is on this planet. The video has Mia getting it rough and from the looks of her face I am going to say she likes to be choked a little bit while she is being fucked.



Deepthroat Girls Do Porn

This girl actually looks pretty hot right here but when you first start watching this Girls Do Porn video you might see her not fucking and then she isn’t really all that. This scene is pretty good the girl gets a awesome facial because the guy has her suck on his balls while he chokes her and cums all over that face, what a slut right? Well she knows that she is good at sucking because in her interview she says how good she can deep throat a cock and sure enough this isn’t her first rodeo and she is good! She has watch a lot of porn to even if she says she doesn’t! During her filming she kept screaming out those porn saying like “oh yea fuck that pussy” or “spank my ass” that amateur girls just don’t usually do. She played it up for the cameras and I appreciate that she has a real go getter attitude.

Beyonce Mom Cleavge


Beyonce Knowles

God this Drunk Stepfather slays me sometimes! You guys need to start reading his blog shit is just funny. Here is Beyonce showing off some mom ceavage. She was hot once upon a time but it looks like that kid made those boobies a liitle more saggy then they once where! Anyways enjoys and then make sure to take a look around that site it’s awesome.



Noelle Show Girlz Exclusive

This plump black ass belongs to a girl named Noelle. She is a amateur female model getting her start and it’s with Show Girlz Exclusive. These guys find babes that you just don’t find anywhere else. They also do these sexy series and this photo shoot comes from one of those called Black Lingerie #16. Noelle along with a bunch of other hot models get dressed in black lingerie or little black thongs like Noelle has on and take pictures against a white backdrop so you get to only focus on their beautiful bodies.



Monroe Hegre Art

I don’t want you guys to think that this is just a naked gallery it’s far far better then that! The reason this gallery is good is because of the video. It’s a massage scene from Hegre Art starring this model you see pictured here. The video you are going to see is kind of a real life massage that you can get in Thailand. So real that the Hegre Art crew even blurs out the face of this massage therapist because well it’s the right thing to do, and these guys are a class act. I forgot to mention this models name is Monroe and this is the only gallery I actually have of her so stay tuned and I will find more.

Sierra Sanders


Sierra Sanders Mr. Anal

I can’t even believe how big and round this white girls ass is! Her name is Sierra Sanders and she loves a dick in that tight little ass of her. She even at one points urges the guy to really get deep inside of her! The sex scene is just really amazing because she looks crazy good and having this little g-string pulled to the side like that, I think it’s a big winner. I think this is the third scene that she has done for Bang Bros and it’s just a matter of time before she goes from Mr. Anal to PAWG I am telling you she is just perfect for that site.

Natalia Starr


Natalia Starr

Pretty hot girl wouldn’t you guys say? Look at those nice natural tits just being all floppy there! Want until you see those things in motion they might put you in a spell. This scene is for I Know That Girl and the models name is Natalia Starr. It’s a love of POV type style of porn along with them just setting down the camera and making sweet sweet love.

GF Bathroom Blow


Rub A Dub Dub

This girl is quite the little cutie wouldn’t you guys say? She is taking a bath when her boyfriend walks in with the camera and coaxes her out of the tub on on to the floor. She puts down a towel for her knees and the guy definitely knows he’s getting his dick sucked. She is really good with that tongue and can get him balls deep which is when you know you’re having a good blowjob. She pays attention to his nuts rubbing them and sucking them. The video is of just her giving head I am not quite sure what happens in the rest of the scene for that I would have to find it in the members area of MyGF and yes, I am a member there.

Anissa & Breanne


Breanne Anissa Passion HD

I think I should probably just stop posting galleries for the day because Passion HD definitely came out with the best one. It stars Breanne Benson and Anissa Kate two of my favorite pornstars in the same scene it doesn’t get better then that! The name of the scene is Playful Playmates and you are just going to straight up love it! Passion HD has a lot of Breanne Benson scenes and Anissa Kate scenes but this is the first time that they have actually had them in having a threesome together. The girls eat each other out and share the cock like true professional bravo ladies bravo!

Ivy’s Lovers Quarrel


Lovers Quarrel X Art

We all have make-ups and break ups and well this is a make-up video from X Art. They call it Lovers Quarrel and it stars a cute petite model with a round ass named Ivy. They just got in a fight but made up and now they are going to make lover on the balcony of their penthouse sweet. Ivy rides him nice and good while he just sits in his chair and grabs that juicy little ass of hers. X Art sometimes comes out with scenes that do not have any pictures and this is one of those scene, but lets be honest we are all in it for the videos. There isn’t a site on the Internet that has better videos then X Art let me get that out in the air.

Teenage Romance


Tiffany Thompson Teenage Romance

You guys are in for quite the treat! You get a hardcore scene with the gorgeous Tiffany Thompson. Her boyfriend is the one who fucks her in all of her scenes as you will have noticed if you any sort of Tiffany fan. In this gallery you get to see the two of them having some very erotic sex and there is just nothing hotter then Tiffany being erotic I think. Babes Network really sets a standard when it comes to porn and once you watch this crisp HD video you will know what I am talking about.

Angel Big Booty


Angel Rivas Cum Louder

Angel Rivas, there is any doubt that her name is perfect for her. She’s a pretty and lovely Russian girl from St. Petersburg and always is great to see her with her beautiful green eyes, usually with her natural hair color, auburn, but sometimes she has black air. Now she has new tits and her new enhanced boobs are really great. What not changes is her cute face, the two wings tattoo in her back and that she always likes sex, no matter what kind of scene she does because she never disappoints her fans. For Cum Louder she has done anal scenes, DP, facials, public sex…and now she swallows a big load.

Brooklyn Chase


Brooklyn Chase Massage Girls 18

Look who is giving out happy ending massages the one and only Brooklyn Chase! Here she is on a stunning scene from Massage Girls 18 where she takes a creampie! I don’t know if Brooklyn was expecting it but she didn’t seem too mad when he told her that he had just came inside of her. I think she was just happy to not have her pussy being pounding so hard because this guy was getting after it let me tell you! If I had to grade this massage girl I would give her a perfect score and extra credit if I could.



Alexis FuckedHard18

Alexis has a nice little plump butt I think you will agree! She is on FuckedHard18 and getting creampied like some of the lucky girls. He doesn’t just cum in any girls pussy sometimes he likes to drench their face in cum other times he just doesn’t fell like pulling out you know? Its funny because this guy has fucked like 100+ women now on FuckedHard18 and every single time that he is trying to pound one out he just puts the girls on their back and goes to down. This isn’t like a light fucking or anything like that I mean the site is called Fucked Hard 18 after all!

Susie and Kaylee


Susie and Kaylee

Susie and Kaylee sitting in a tree licking each other pussy, wait that shit doesn’t work. Well what does work is seeing two hot girls having lesbian sex and that’s what X Art is giving us today in their scene Finding Elysium. They are so artistic they use words that you have no idea what it even means. Well after I Googled Elysium I found that its like a afterlife in the Greek world. These guys are so damn artsy fartsy!

Samantha Ryan


Samantha Ryan Brazzers

Nice little picture I got for you right there huh? The girl being picked up in the air and fucked is Samantha Ryan and she is pretending to be a hooker in this little Brazzers scene called MILFs like It Sleazy. Samantha must have just been tired of being the lonely little housewife so when happenstance had a John knocking on her door she took the chance to get fucked like a stupid little whore. I don’t know how the explain away the fact that Samantha just had some sexy lingerie laying around. I am glad she did though because man does she look good in fishnets and lingerie.

Kayden Kross


Kayden Kross Swingers

This is a DVD from Digital Playground that features Riley Steele but there is also a scene with the beautiful Kayden Kross. I really like Kayden Kross and this is the only site I go to when I need my fix of hers. It’s KaydenKross.ORG and it’s just a website dedicated to this gorgeous model. Anyways back to the DVD entitled Swingers it stars Riley Steele along with Kayden of course as I already said but also, Jesse Jane and Vicki Chase. Digital Playground is a great site if you want to join it you will find the best pornstar videos that there are in this world that I promise you.

Cameron Dee


Cameron Dee Casting Couch X

Do you guys want to see the start of the wonderful career that is Cameron Dee? Well here it is! This scene was shot for her talent agency and they wanted to see if she had what it took to make it in porn. As you all know now she has what “it” takes but I am pretty sure they knew that just by the nude picture she sent them. The guy that does these interviews for Casting Couch X must just like to fuck these girls that’s why he brings the shoe in’s like Cameron here. Anyways, actually listen to the video because you get to hear interview and those awkard moments that happen during almost every interview that CastingCouchX does.

Forbidden Fruit


Anissa Kate Forbidden Fruit

In this new erotic video from Passion HD you get to see Anissa Kate giving up the forbidden fruit! What is that you ask? Well that is Anissa Kate letting her man fuck her in the ass. I wonder how many girls have turned down their guy when he asked for a backstage pass. Anissa Kate might do it the first couple of times but end the end she is only there to please. She starts off by getting her hairy pussy eaten out for a bit and then returns the favor. Once things get hot and heavy and they’re fucking Anissa tells the guy to stick it in her ass and fuck her good, just the way she likes it.

Work Out Those Pussies!


Haze Her Workout Those Pussies

I have to say that this is the kind of workout that I could get behind. It’s like a cross fit I think. The girls get all sweaty doing real workout stuff and they probably think that that is the hazing these sister are putting on! That’ is not the case… you see the girl who is sitting down with her legs spread wide and getting her pussy eaten? I suspect she is one big dike because she is the one that has the pledges eating each other out at first. She is kind of the ring leader so I guess we can thank her for this Haze Her video in the end because without her this doesn’t exist. I bet she can’t take it though and is just so damn turned on that she has the girls start working her pussy out. The other sisters don’t want any part of this and just hold her legs so they stay nice and wide and this pledges tongue can go deep in her pussy. The sister that is the dike follows them in the shower where she fists another girls pussy and then once again has them go down on her, this is a college experience these girls will never forget that’s for sure.

Rihanna GQ


GQ Rihanna

Rihanna knows the sure fire way to get into GQ magazine and that’s with these sexy nude pictures that are not really her nude… I kind of like that new tattoo that Rihanna got under her breast it’s sexy. If I didn’t think she was such a dough head because she wants to be back with that douche Chris Brown I might actually like her but, I know better.

Charlee Chase


Naughty America Charlee CHase

Professor Charlee Chase has headed over to her star pupil’s apartment to make sure he’s ready for the final exam, but they don’t do a whole lot of studying unless this is for an anatomy class! The blonde bombshell sucks his cock until he’s good and hard, then strips down and has him lick her big tits and wet pussy before fucking him like crazy…looks like he’s heading for an A+ for sure!

Kinky Sex


Holly Rosie Nuts

I guess this photo shoot of insanely hot brunette lesbians Rosie and Holly comes from Nuts Magazine…they’re all decked out in hot vinyl fetish gear with leashes and collars and chains galore. It’s not like they need it though; with looks like that they can enslave any man or woman they desire in about 2 seconds flat! Watch these sexy babes show off their big perfect breasts as they explore the kink side of sex.

Amanda Hanshaw


Amanda Hanshaw playboy

Big breasted brunette Amanda Hanshaw has a very intense look in her eyes as she poses in the nude next to a wrought iron bench or something by the lakeside in this Playboy gallery! That bench doesn’t look too comfortable but the view is sure nice as Amanda shows off her nice round ass and those big full tits for us.

Bryci Fingering


Bryci fingering

When you think of big perfect boobs I sure as hell hope that Bryci is one of the names that pops into your mind…this brunette bombshell has incredible tits and she loves showing them off, but in this gallery from her own site she also goes the distance and drops her panties to finger that tight pussy! Looks like Bryci’s got her hands full so maybe she needs a little help…

Lucy Ohara


Lucy Ohara nude

With a name like Ohara you’re going to naturally expect an Irish girl, and from thence you might deduce that she’s a redhead with pale skin. Well lo and behold, Lucy Ohara is a gorgeous pale skinned redhead who is showing off her round ass and the rest of her incredible body in this gallery from her own site! And that, ladies and gents, is how Sherlock Holmes looks at porn.

Evi Sex Tape


Evi Fox Latina Sex Tapes

I have the gorgeous Evi Fox on Latina Sex Tapes for you guys! This is a site that you get access to when you Mofos along with a bunch of other sites including Public Pickups one of my personal favorite sites. In this episode you get to see Evi flashing those big beautiful Latin tits of hers in public. Not only does she flash her goods but her boyfriend also talks her go down and alley and fucking right there. Well at first she gives him head but you guys know Evi she wants that dick in her pussy so she stands up and turns around and the guy has no choice but to fuck her right then and there. He doesn’t finish though instead going back to the loft for a amazing sex tape you guys are going to love.

Lena Cole


Lena Cole Pure Mature

You guys are in for a treat because I have a brand new model to introduce you too and that’s Lena Cole. I have never seen her before and her first scene is with Pure Mature. Had me wondering something… I wonder if MILFs like Lena here stumble upon Pure Mature and think to themselves “Hey I would like to get fucked by a pornstar stud” and then they go through the hoops of becoming a Pure Mature star. I mean it the most romantic porn you can possible film, so if you just stay doing scene for Pure Mature I think you could be a classy pornstar. All you woman out there should think about doing it. Not saying that’s what Lena here did but that’s what I thought of when I saw this newbie today.

Cum Shots In The Club


Dancing Bear Cumshots In The Club

I got a nice little gallery from Dancing Bear called Cum Shots In The Club! If your girl every goes to a strip club please state the obvious the cumshots are not allowed. In the male stripper world a cumshot is a dick stuffed in your mouth with some whip cream. Not quite as bad as you would think right. Well as you can see this girl wanted the real thing and she got it. I personally would have put it on those huge natural tits of hers but hey I am not a male stripper for a reason. I find it funny that this girl is just laughing it up “So funny I have cum on my face, look friends” like in what world does this girl live you know?

Ann Angel XXX


Ann Angel XXX

Ann Angel XXX isn’t messing around with her new comeback! She isn’t going to tease you guys by showing those amazing natural knockers of her. Nope she isn’t going to get more hardcore by showing her perfect pussy. What is Ann Angel going to do you ask? Oh nothing really, just FUCKING and SUCKING COCK!!! How long have we waited to see this babe do that? Well it’s finally here with this brand new site she just opened called Angel Angel XXX pretty clever I know.



Binky Casting Couch X

I have for you a girl with maybe the stupidest fake name I have ever heard! She wanted to start a porn career under the name Binky can you believe that shit! No wonder she didn’t make people probably didn’t hire her just because of the name. You can tell from this Casting Couch X interview that Binky here is a little over her head. She seems super shy and has only slept with two people in her entire life and one of those was a woman! At the end of the scene you see Binky taking one epic facial and she is gagging throughout getting her face covered in cum it’s just too damn funny.

Mia Malkova Enjoy!


Mia Malkova Reality Kings

Here is that girl I have been posting so much of recently! Her name is Mia Malkova and she is just absolutely amazing is she not! I just can’t believe how freaking round and plump this girls ass is! It has to be fake right? I know it’s not though I saw a interview where she said she was all natural. Anyways check out this Reality Kings scene where you get to see Mia Malkova getting her pussy eaten out as well as well as just straight up fucked. They do a great job on highlighting her booty, that’s what I think makes this scene so damn good. I mean she isn’t just hot because of her ass she is pretty everywhere around so if you’re not a ass man you will still like this don’t worry.

More Mia Malkova Porn Videos and Galleries!

Prelude To Passion


Gianna Prelude To Passion

This beautiful girl right here is Gianna. She has been in a couple of hardcore sex scenes for X Art which you can see here, here and here. This one though is just of Gianna. You get to see her nice little teen ass and those full perky breasts as well. She is in the shower and gets her white shirt all wet so you can see through and then she strips down until she is naked and showing it all.

Faye Reagan


Nubile Films Faye Reagan

Look at this new Faye Reagan scene! I didn’t know she was still doing porn. That’s pretty exciting especially since she is doing a scene for Nubile Films. Their videos are always so erotic and just so well done! In this scene you get to see some of Faye’s most passionate sex the name of the scene is Beautiful Stranger and I would say Faye is nothing but beautiful. Probably the hottest part of this scene is when the guy gives Faye a orgasm by eating her out, there is just something about a girl having a shaking orgasm that just does it for me. The scene ends with one amazing creampie but you will only see that if you’re a member.

Kimmy Olsen


Kimmy Olsen PAWG

I am a little late getting you guys this PAWG update and for that I am sorry! It’s a really good one too because they got Kimmy Olsen to be their PAWG this week. She has a big fat ass and she does anal so that’s always good for you ass lovers out there. This scene has her in these all white leggings that they guy doesn’t even take off instead he just cuts a whole in them so he can see her big ass and so he can fuck it too! They fuck in all different types of positions and when he is about to cum he pulls out and puts it all over that beautiful rear end of Kimmy’s.

Rough Rider


Ava Addams Brazzers Rough Rider

In this brand new scene from Brazzers you get to see the big fat ass of Ava Addams getting fucked. I shouldn’t say it’s fat because that isn’t true it’s fucking perfect! I love a nice PAWG don’t you guys. In this scene Ava is playing the role of a dominating hooker but she meets her match in this guy who hired her for the day. he shows her who is boss by sticking his dick in her ass and pounding it like it’s her pussy. Ava doesn’t scream or anything because she loves it up the butt we all know that!

Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy Leigh Let's Try Anal

Kennedy Leigh just got out of the shower and her boyfriend makes her super horny by playing with her nice little pussy. He then brings her over to the bed and she suggest that they try anal and guess what he is all about it! Kennedy not only has a plump round ass but man is she pretty just look at that face, and she has full natural tits as well. This scene was shot for the best amateur anal site in the entire world it’s called Let’s Try Anal. If you like seeing hot girl fucked in the ass check out their tour and you will just see the quality of chicks they get to have anal sex.



Devon Porn Fidelity

This is one of the few pornstars that can just go by one name and that name is Devon. She is in this extremely erotic new scene from Porn Fidelity in which she takes a little bath and then gets rised down in cum! That’s right Ryan comes in and gives Devon the fucking her pussy is needing. Devon gets herself all wet by using the bathtub facet as a toy having the water hitting her clit and turning her on. Then at the end of this video Devon is getting her face fucked and Ryan cums right in that mouth so she can swallow his cum and some drips down on to those big tits.

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