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Angel Dark PassionHD


Angel Dark Passion HD

I have a brand new model for Passion HD her name is Angel Dark. I am not saying that she is like a new model to porn just to Passion HD so I don’t get a bunch of emails telling me I am a lier. This scene is called Red Passion and it’s just called that because of the chemistry that these two have for each other. Angel Dark I think is a European pornstar and I usually see her on those type of erotic Euro sites. It’s kind of nice to see Passion HD going over the pond to get hot ass girls like this. There is reason that you guys should not be joining this site they have a ton of porn and all of it is pretty much perfect.

Kathy Ferreiro


Kathy Ferreiro

I am a sucker for a girl in white pants but check out this girl! I mean she cloud fucking wear anything and I would be a fan of Kathy Ferreiro! This girl I remember when I first saw a picture of her I thought it was photoshopped. It’s the real deal though this girl has perfect curves with the best ass you have ever seen! This gallery is over at a friends site and he just has a shitload of pictures of her. I literally had the hardest time deciding which one to choose of her but I think this one will do, I mean her ass is banging in this picture.

Mae O


Mae Massage Girls 18

This is a great scene for you guys from Massage Girls 18 her name is Mae O and she is a cute little 18 year old Ebony girl. She has nice small tits and a cute little plump ass that looks great when she is riding dick reverse cowgirl. You guys know the drill when it comes to this site, the girl is the massage therapist and she is making sure her client is happy by giving him a rub down and then a nice hard fucking! If this scene doesn’t really scratch that itch for black girls then check out this black porn tube, you will like it.

Love In April


Avril Hall Babes Network

I have a sensual gallery with this gorgeous pornstar who I think you all know and love her name is Avril Hall. Avril is all natural with those super cute small tits and her gorgeous fit teen body. This gallery was shot for Babes Network and it’s called Love In April. I think it has some pretty annoying music in it but I just have to think that thats because this is a trailer and not the real deal in the members area. If you watch the video though just turn down the volume and enjoy seeing Avril getting that pussy straight up banged.

Flexible Beauty


X Art Flexible Beauty

This is one of those galleries that you will think is more art that porn. It’s from X Art and it’s with one of their models name Mira. Mira is quite the flexible girl as you can see and in the pictures you can just picture in your mind what she will be able to do in the bedroom. The video shows a little of her flexible and then some of her laying on that mattress and flicking the ole bean.



Lola Erotic Snap

This Erotic Snap gallery might fool you into think that Lola and her man here just play “head games” meaning they trade oral sex with each other but that is not the case. This is a full blown sex scene but I could only find pictures that showed them having oral. Lola has a couple of scenes for Erotic Snap and I can’t wait to see some video from those scene because this girl is fucking hot. I love just how pretty she is! I mean look at that face it’s gorgeous I can’t believe a girl like this is doing porn. I don’t know if you could consider Erotic Snap porn though because there she is just so sensual even girls will like this site.

Anissa Kate Casting


Anissa Kate Casting Couch X

Do you ever wonder what Anissa Kate’s first sex scene was? Well I bet you didn’t know it was from Casting Couch X! This new site is fucking great because you get to see both amateur and pornstars on their site. They don’t make everyone a star so there are some girls you just haven’t seen before and then you have the Anissa Kate scenes as well. In this gallery you get to see Anissa interviewed and during that interview she takes the casting agent that she loves anal sex. He is like well can we do that today and she is like of course! Then here we are look at Anissa on top riding cock with it in her ass and that meaty pussy is just quivering with excitement it’s so damn hot.

Going The Extra Mile


Mygf Extra Mile

This new sex tape from My GF shows a girl that I wish all girls where like. She is actively trying to get her boyfriend to fuck her. Breaking out lingerie, the video recorder whatever it takes to get him in the mood. There is basically two sex tapes in one in this submission to MyGF. The first one she is in this red lingerie and then the second one you get to see her trying out anal beads. She doesn’t let him fuck her in the ass though she just gives him a great show. Once he is ready he bangs that sweet pussy until she cum, it’s hot sex but isn’t amateur homemade sex tapes always really good?

Dani Does Hardcore


Dani Daniels Hardcore Scene

How long have we been watching this perfect round ass of Dani Daniel just eating pussy or getting her pussy eaten on all the lesbian sites I can think of. Well Reality Kings finally put a end to it and gave her some dick! If you thought she would be a good fuck you are right! This girl can ride dick, suck dick like she has been doing this for a living for the past 2 years and not just eating pussy. I bet these guys have a lot to live up to when they go down on her, she probably just stops them and says this isn’t that good lets fuck. That’s why she is so good at it I would guess. It’s been a long time in the making and I feel like this is a pretty big deal being Dani’s first hardcore scene and all. I could be wrong the she could have done it before but it sure is a first for me.

Dillon Harper Casting


Dillon Harper Casting Couch X

Do you guys ever wonder where pornstars get their start? Well I have the site for you it’s called Casting Couch X. There are a lot of girls that you haven’t seen before but there are a couple of faces that will look familiar. That’s just how the porn business work some girls will make it and some won’t. I will say that I think Dillon Harper here is one of those girls who made it! I think it’s those tan lines and her absolutely perfect natural tits that are actually kind of really big for that petite body of hers. She has a gorgeous looking pussy and a bubble butt everything a porn director could ask for and more. Before these girls get a job though they have to go through the casting couch to see if they can do it. The guy always fucks them and it’s really cool to get a behind the scenes look at these girls first sex scene.

Illicit Rendezvous


Stephanie Erotic Snap

You guys just have to check out this other new site that I just found out about! It’s called Erotic Snap and man it’s another one of these really high quality sites kind of like X Art. It looks like it’s a European type site well I know it is and so I bet there isn’t English in the video but I realize that there are some people that visit this site that will understand them just fine. This scene is extremely erotic and just the way the video is cut I think you guys will like that. It’s called Illicit Rendezvous and the model starring in it is a slender European girl named Stephanie.

All Wet With Teal


Teal Conrad Passion HD All Wet

This is the second scene for Teal Conrad on Passion HD and they just keep getting better and better! The video starts off with her making her nipples super hard by rubbing ice on them. Once she does that she wets down her t-shirt so she is “all wet” and then the guy cums in and does a little ass licking to really make that pussy wet. The couple then goes to the couch where the sensual sex begins. Teal is such a beauty and I love that fact that she is all natural and I bet most of you guys do too.

Riley Steele


Riley Steele Babes Network

I did forget to post the hardcore update from Babes Network on Friday so I will make up for that today. They have a hot ass babe on the site her name is Riley Steele and I personally have never seen her before but I bet many of you have. There is pretty much the gambit of sexual positions in this gallery including blowjob / pussy eating start. I like the fact that Riley doesn’t take her bra off but rather just pop her tits out, and she keeps those black stockings on the entire time she is fucking which is definitely hot to 90% of all males on the earth.

Top Secrets


Haze Her Top Secrets

I have watched pretty much every video that has came out from Haze Her because well I just love the site and you have to love hot girls eating each other out. This one though has very little hazing at least I would say it does. If you have watched any of the past episode these girls got off easy! The sisters actually break out a strong vibrator and give the girls orgasms. I don’t think any girl would turn down the a orgasm. I think the real hazing comes in to play in that they are making this video so that they have something to hold against the pledges. If they spill any of their top secrets they have this tape to ruin them. I won’t say which girl but one of these girls went against her sisters and now we get to see these three girls doing some very naughty things.

College Is The Shit!


College Is The Shit

There is no doubt that we all know College Is The Shit but after you watch this new scene from College Rules you are going to wish you could go back! But stop and realize you are to old for that shit. Just go to College Rules or our category for them and enjoy all these sexy college hotties getting fucked. There are three different girls banging in this sex tape that was submitted. That’s actually a lie because one of the girls was trying to stay classy so she just gave a handjob / titty fuck to her boyfriend. I am pretty sure if you’re family finds out honey they’re going to be pissed either way even if you didn’t fuck him on camera! But I guess you could maybe bribe them for their loves you are $10,000 richer!



Lola Casting Couch X

I have for you guys a brand new site that isn’t even quite open yet but I am able to give you guys a special offer because they are about to have a grand opening! The site is Casting Couch X! It’s a site where you are going to find a couple girls you recognize and then a bunch that you do not. These are all casting couch auditions that Porn Pros has done and in their auditions the girls have to fuck or they are not going to hire them! Before they would just sit on these tapes but after seeing the success of Backroom Casting Couch they just had to release them to the public. This girl you see here is a newbie that I have never seen before and I think she decided that porn wasn’t for her, her name is Lola. In this gallery you get to see that pretty pink pussy of hers fucked and that sweet face covered in a huge load of cum.

Angelica Saige


Angelica Saige PAWG

This is a super hot scene from a gorgeous babe name Angelica Saige. Now Bang Bros started this site called Perfect Ass White Girls (PAWG) but I know for sure Angelica isn’t a white girl. I don’t mind in the least because Angelica is hotter then any white girl I can think of! Her body is just perfect, from her perfect round ass to her perfect pussy and those big natural tits she is flawless. If that isn’t good enough how about the fact that Angelica can fuck like a rabit! I mean just look at this picture what would you do if a girl rode your dick like this! It would blow my mind so I would be dead, but what about you guys? Bang Bros is seriously the best site out there they keep coming up with unique awesome porn like this you guys just have to join if you like porn in the least!

Settling In


Holly Taylor Pure Mature

Here is Holly Taylor getting straight up pounded I would say. I mean any time the girls legs are up on your shoulders and you’re kissing her, she is getting pile driven. This is a very erotic scene that was done for Pure Mature a erotic MILF site that I think as time goes by is getting younger and younger. I mean there is just no way that Holly here is a MILF. The couple gets all dressed up and ready to go for a nice night out and then the mood catches them and they get undressed once again to have a little fuck session and what a hot fuck this was.

Jacky Joy


Jacky Joy Porn Fidelity

Every once in a while Porn Fidelity will just come out with a super erotic video and this is going to be one of those. It’s both Ryan and Kelly Madison in the scene and the girl who is sharing their bed tonight is Jacky Joy. Jacky has a beautiful thick body with big fake tits and I love those tan lines that she keeps don’t you! Ryan makes sure to fuck those titties but I don’t think many people can get the feel he gets when he is fucking Kelly Madison’s huge natural tits those things just look gorgeous! Anyways enjoy this nice long video and then make sure to pay Porn Fidelity a visit.

Roc and Shay


Roc and Shay Fucking

This is a really weird couple I am willing to admit that. This guy Roc is like super skinny but the dude likes himself a big fat black ass so he married one and her name is Shay. These guys fuck all the time so they decided that they should make it their job. So they opened up a site called Roc and Shay and man is it awesome. You have to like thick almost BBW girls and big round black asses. If you do this site is for you, you might also need to be a fan of like homemade sex tapes because that’s all that is on their site.

Tori and Layton


Tori and Layton Reality Kings

I am bring you guys a little color today with this new Reality Kings scene! It’s from their Round and Brown section a really great site by itself it you like black chicks. These girls names are Layton Benton and Tori Taylor. They start off by the pool and then “seduce” the pool boy to come back in the house and get in the hot tube with them. These black girls are just trying to get laid and this guy guy is more then happy to fuck their sweet pussies. I hope you like long videos that’s exactly what this one is, see how long you can last!

All Wives Cheat


All Wives Cheat

This is a very amateurish porn scene and I think you guys will be pretty shocked to find that it comes from Playboy TV. That’s right if you have never gave in a bought the Playboy Channel this is going to be a first time for you! The scene comes from a TV series they have called All Wives Cheat. I don’t know if this guy suspected his wife was cheating and setup a hidden camera or if it’s just staged you just have to take it for what it is a always sex tape.

Mia Malkova & Casana


Mia Malkova Passion HD

Don’t get me wrong Casana Lei is a hot girl but she is no Mia Malkova if you know what I am saying! I am pretty stoked with this new scene from Passion HD called Bedside Surprise because they finally got her on their site! I have been waiting I knew they would though because they always have the hottest girls in porn on their site. Mia as I have said in every blog about her has the best ass in porn and I actually think you don’t get to enjoy it that much in this scene but that’s because they are focused on the sex and not on Mia Malkova which is a shame but at the same time I understand. Passion HD is all about the art of erotic so they put that first no matter what.

Pattycake Wet Panties


Sexy Pattycake Wet Panties

What a gorgeous round ass this is! I know most of you know this already but you would be surprised how many new people visit this site everyday. If you could count on one girl on the entire Internet to come up with a slutty Halloween costume for me it would be Sexy Pattycake hands down. I would pick her because she dressed up in little costumes throughout the year so you know she is saving the really good ones for this time of year and sure enough I am right. In the video you can see her shaking this very ass as well as doing a strip tease in one of those costumes. In the pictures you get to see her wearing this sheer white thong and then wetting it down with water so you get a great view of that perfect pussy of hers.

Panty Thieves


Lisa Ann Wicked Pictures

This scene really seems to have nothing to do with Panty Thieves as it does with a horny MILF like Lisa Ann seducing the pool boy. Lisa Ann must have married for money and from the looks of their surrounding I would say that is the case. She goes out there and tries to get the pool boy to fuck her by he really isn’t picking up what she is putting down cause he is a dumbass. He pretty much makes Lisa tell him to stop what he is doing and please her. If a girl like Lisa says that to you I am pretty sure you just don’t say know, she probably hasn’t heard no much in her life. This scene is from Wicked Pictures a site that you can fine the hottest pornstars like Lisa Ann I don’t know how many scenes they have of her but I bet you it’s a lot.

Sophia Sutra


Sophia Sutra In The Crack

I saw this gallery over at my buddies site and I thought I would just make my own gallery for it. I am being a little lazy today so instead I will just send you over there. Plus if you like Sophia Sutra like I know you will you can see all the galleries she has ever done for a ton of different sites. Sophia Sutra is known for her super cute petite body, that amazing bubble butt and then her exotic looking face. I think she is Itailian or something like that I am not 100% sure but what I am sure of is that you guys are going to love seeing her masturbating on In The Crack so check this shit out!

Krissy Lynn


Krissy Lynn Mr. Anal

It looks like that guy is having quite the time fitting his big cock into Krissy Lynn’s tight little ass. I am not quite sure if Mr. Anal is actually a guy or it’s just a Bang Bros site. I think I will start paying attention to who the guy is in these scenes to see if there is a guy named “Mr. Anal”. I mean I could probably just ask a pornstar and they could tell me but I will play this game going forth. Krissy Lynn has a great bubble butt and she shows it off to use by oiling it up and ass as playing with that big booty. The sex is crazy and when the guy is about to pop he brings Krissy’s face to his cock and sprays her with a load of cum.

Erogenous Massage


Mutual Erogenous Massage

Here is a Mutual Erogenous Massage from Hegre Art that you guys who love massage porn are going to go crazy for. The girl giving the guy a massage and that big black dick of his is Flora and she is quite the massage therapist if you know what I am saying! The scene then switches to Mike giving her a massage all over but spending a lot of time on that perfect little camel toe of hers.

The White Room


Porn Fidelity Lisa Ann

I am going to be posting two Lisa Ann galleries today one is not better then the other but this one isn’t on our site that’s why it’s last today. This is a gorgeous sex scene between Lisa Ann and Ryan from Porn Fidelity. Ryan literally fucked her a week earlier but just couldn’t get enough of Lisa Ann. I would say that is saying a lot because Ryan fucks some of the top pussies in all of porn and on top of that he is married to Kelly Madison so you know he gets to fuck that all the time!

Anissa Kate Anal


Anissa Kate Anal Pure Mature

I have a amazing new anal sex scene from Anissa Kate this time it’s from Pure Mature. I don’t know how I feel about this 20 something year old model being on a mature site but let’s just say she acts old for her age or something. Anissa Kate definitely is like a hotter MILF in the since that she likes to take it up the butt and it seems like all the girls on Pure Mature have done a anal scene too. What it is is when these girls get older they get hornier and hornier and always want to try new things so it’s only a matter of time before they take it up the butt. Anissa has one of my favorite Pure Mature scenes of all time now and this is the first time she has been on the site! I can’t wait for all the other updates you know they will have of her.

Check out all our Anissa Kate galleries!

Trying Out Anal


Try It Out Girls Do Porn

The guys at Girls Do Porn get a lot of amateur girls and they are doing it just to do something crazy and shocking. So it’s not that hard to get them to try anal because most of them haven’t done it before and well they are in the “trying” mood if you will. The guys at first stick a butt plug into her ass that gives her a little electric shock to try and get her in the mood. She has no idea what is going on telling the camera guy she doesn’t know if she likes it or not. I am just going to say that she likes it and is too embarrassed to tell them that.



FTV Girls Romi

I think FTV Girls has absolutely knocked it out of the park with this new model Romi! She has gorgeous big natural tits and just a gorgeous thick body. She kind of has a exotic look to her I would say she is Spanish or something like that. In this gallery you get to see her riding dildo using super strong vibrators, even fisting herself! So things get pretty hot and heavy as you can guess. The video isn’t very long but that’s because I want to make sure that you guys take a look at the tour and don’t just stay on our site. I hope that Romi because a members favorite because that will mean that they will have her back for more episode and I could definitely go for that!

More Romi Pictures from FTV Girls

Lisa Ann Seduces


Lisa Ann Naughty America

I imagine Lisa Ann really has no problems seducing pretty much anyone with the bodacious body that she has! Check out that perfect round ass and you guys aren’t even seeing those big tits in this picture! This scene comes from a fantasy series that Naughty America has that they call My Friends Hot Mom. You know that guy friend of yours who has a super hot MILF mom well they’re pretending that that mom is a little whore bag and wants dick any chance she can get. In this episodes Lisa Ann’s son isn’t hot yet but his friend is waiting for him to get home. Lisa takes that opportunity to get it in riding this guys cock like he he has never seen before. Lisa Ann has some age on him so she can teach him a thing or tow.

Seductive Raven


Angie X Art

This girl just has some incredible titties does she not! Her name is Angie and if you missed her hardcore scene that’s is going to be something you want to see. The only site she has ever shot for is X Art and well that’s because they pay the most. I would bet that X Art is one of the most successful sites on the Internet right now that is part of the reason I send you guys to their site. They can be trusted and they put out better porn then pretty much everyone else. This scene is called Seductive Raven and it’s just a beautiful nude gallery of a gorgeous woman, I hope you guys enjoy.

Jaydan Rose


Jaydan Rose Round and Brown

I have for you guys today a nice little long video from Round and Brown a site you get access to when you join Reality Kings. The big black ass you see here belongs to Jaydan Rose and is that typical black girl that just loves to be fucked. Your favorite part of this video is definitely going to be when she is on top riding him and you get to see her perfect booty jiggling every which way as she rides him up and down!

Stacey P School Girl


Stacey P School Girl

I just don’t think normal sites can get a girl this hot on their site. I mean Stacey P is one of a kind and the only place you will find her galleries I think is Only Tease or one of the Only Tease sites. In this gallery you get to see her wearing a naughty little school girl uniform. Thank god she takes off her top though to show those amazing big natural tits! She is just incredible hope you enjoy and make sure to take the Only Tease tour to see a ton of other hot chicks.

Natalie’s Pussy


Natalie Tyler Perfect Pussy

Natalie Tyler is well known for that perfect tight pussy of hers so I thought I would make her a little more famous by posting her in our perfect pussies section. Natalie Tyler just opened up her own site and you guys are going to love it for a number of reason but the only one that matters is that she is hot! In this gallery you also get to see her wearing lingerie and it’s white, I don’t know what it is but white always looks good on models.

Trinity & Kelly


Nubile Films Trinity St. Clair & Kelly

I have a hot new threesome for you guys that just came out from Nubile Films. It’s called The Hollywood Dream and it stars Kelly Sufrer who is riding the dick and the Trinity St. Clair who is riding the guys face in the picture you see here. Nubile Films does a great job with their erotica and I am pretty impressed that they have a Trinity St. Clair scene because I thought she was out of the game or something. It’s just been so long since the last time I have seen one of her scenes. The Kelly girl is brand new to me kinda cute, but I am in it for Trinity for sure.



Jessie Rogers Brazzers

I figure it’s #AssWednesday and all I should post a ass gallery to support it. So that gallery is going to be one of my favorite booties on the Internet and that’s Jessie Rogers. Here she is in a brand new gallery that just came out today from Brazzers called Ass-Tastic English Lessons. I think Jessie was trying to teach this male student a lesson or two but ended up just telling him to fuck her in the ass he understood her when she said that an followed through pounding Jessie into submission.

Madison Returns


Madison Swan Amateur Allure

Before you guys watch this new video from Amateur Allure you have to watch the first scene that Madison Swan did for them it’s a requirement! I actually know that Madison Swan isn’t her real stage name it’s Mia Malkova because I just happen to be one of her biggest fans. This girl is so damn pretty, has a cool attitude and man does she love to fuck. I also have to point out the obvious and that is that she probably has the best ass in porn and that too is a big reason. I didn’t know until I watched this new video from her but she is amazing at deep throating cock too so I am going to guess that she is unbelievable at giving head. I think when one of the stunt cocks from Amateur Allure tells her she is one of the best that he has ever had that means a lot because he has had his dick sucked a ton.

Ivy First Sex


Ivy Joymii First Sex

The only problem with this gallery is that it’s just pictures and not a video! I will update this gallery as soon as one comes out but I think it’s good enough without for now. I mean just look how hot this picture is and this might not even be the best one! The model featured in this sex scene is Ivy and it’s from a very erotic site called Joymii that falls into that glamcour niche that we see so much of nowadays. This girl Ivy I see around a lot of different places but she just goes by that short name so it’s hard to google for her, but if you use our search at the top of the site you will get some better results I think. Or if you really just want to see all of Ivy’s Joymii scenes you can do that too.

Lia and Jewel


Private School Jewel lesbians

Everyone loves watching pretty lesbians do their thing, so when sexy blonde Private School Jewel said she wanted to do a nude photoshoot with her girlfriend Lia 19 you didn’t hear too many arguments! These two hotties hang out in their bikinis and then are all over each other, kissing and groping in a hot photoshoot as they explore their sexuality.

Hailee Rain


Hailee Rain Digital Desire

Hailee Rain is traffic-stoppingly gorgeous and you can tell she just knows it in this hot photoshoot from Digital Desire. She strips down and shows off her big perfect full breasts with a smoldering, sultry stare that looks right through your eyes and into your pants!

Catie Naughty


Catie Minx schoolgirl

There’s something just timeless and hot about a skimpy schoolgirl skirt and Catie Minx is just the girl to demonstrate that in this hot gallery from her own site! Catie is sporting her tiny little purple plaid skirt that barely covers her perfect ass even before she flips it up and shows off that butt and pussy.

Kelly Show Girlz


show girlz exclusive kelly divine

Kelly Devine has a magnificent big butt. There, I said it, we can all go home and masturbate to it now…it’s seriously amazing, check out these photos from Show Girlz Exlusive as she poses in a skimpy thong! Kelly sits on a little stool but her ass is so mighty it can’t just sit on top of a stool, it has to blast out from it.

Katie Couch Nudes


Katie Banks Hawaii

Beautiful brunette Katie Banks is hanging out at North Shore in an apartment that looks custom made for a dedicated surfer…a comfy couch, big doors to look out and see if the surf’s up, and a sexy nude chick like Katie posing inside? Sign me up for a sublet, bro, and we can hang ten! Well, hang six but man, you know what I mean.



Mandy Amateur Allure

You guys are getting two Amateur Allure galleries today! I don’t think this has ever happen before so I mean you guys can just thank me later I guess. Only reason it happened is because I was just going to post this one of Mandy and then I saw the Mia Malkova one and I knew I just had to post that one. Don’t get me wrong at all those because Mandy here does a awesome job in her Amateur Allure scene riding dick reverse cowgirl like a champion! I mean she was going so fast up and down on his dick I thought I might have had the video on fast forward or something, it was amazing you will see it in the video clip…

Pleasures Of The Flesh


Melody Jordan Babes Network

In Melody Jordan’s first Babes Network scene you get to see her orgasm from getting her pussy eaten it’s so hot I can’t even explain it! The name of the scene is Pleasures of the flesh and Melody definitely knows how to pleasure a guy, I mean I have seen some of her past work. I just love this girl cause she has a nice thick round booty beautiful full natural tits and she is a natural redhead! I mean redheads are hard to come by you know especially ones that are as horny as Melody Jordan. I would say that redheads are usually a little hornier then most girls but this girl takes it to another level trust me.

Awaken To Passion


Madison Ivy Awake To Passion

I don’t know about you guys but have you ever got the wake up in the middle of the night and fuck me sex? Well it’s the best kind and that’s what Madison Ivy is doing in this newest scene from Passion HD. You get to see this curvy petite pornstar riding dick like she wants it because well she does she woke this guy up in the middle of the night for it! I probably missed the part in this episode where Madison was drinking all night with her friends and cam back and was horny so she woke up her man. I mean that would be more like a real life story or something.

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