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Aiyana FuckedHard18

This girl is one sexy tall drink of water! Her name is Aiyana and she is getting her pussy pleased in this awesome video from Fucked Hard 18. She has a very exotic face and is very petite but tall which makes me think she is almost model like. She gets a massage that turns her on so much you can just see that amazing pussy of hers getting wet, it’s so hot. I have a nice long video for you to check out a couple different positions she fucked in. Fucked Hard 18 pretty much has all their girls fuck in the same positions which isn’t a bad thing because all of them are really good.

Iris Dragon


Iris Dragon Black Alley

Think of all the western movies that show a hot Asian chick who kicks everyone’s ass while staying absolutely gorgeous and you’ll have a good idea of what Iris Dragon looks like. In this Black Alley gallery though you get the added bonus of seeing Iris strip down and show off her perfect tits and that amazing smooth round ass!

Hot Ass Tori Black


Tori Black boudoir

Tori Black is almost intimidatingly hot in this gallery from her own site, and man does she know it…watch as she strips down in her bathroom to her lingerie with black bra and panties and a hot garter belt attached to her sheer black thigh high stockings, then try to keep your eyes in your skull when she pulls her panties down to show off her ass and hot shaved pussy!

Blonde Magic


Amy on Photodromm

Some women are just so hot they make you sit back in your chair and marvel…Amy from Photodromm is definitely among this number as you can see from this gallery! They call it “blonde magic woman iii” and while that’s a pretty dumb title in my opinion, there’s nothing dumb about Amy herself. She’s got huge round titties and great curves, a sexy ass and long blonde hair with bangs cut straight across, and definitely knows how to work her rockin body.

Emma Butt


Emma Butt DDFBusty

Hahah Emma Butt? I don’t know about her choice of modeling names but man she does have a wicked pair of huge titties in this DDFBusty gallery and yes she does have quite a butt on her, so I guess it’s sort of fitting. Watch this busty beauty stretch out on the bed and squeeze her big breasts while licking her own foot…pretty impressive!

Tamara Bencisk


Playboy Mylie Bryce

Playboy shows why it’s still up at the top of the heap after so many years with this gallery of the lovely Mylie Bryce hanging out in her flannel top and bikini bottoms in the great outdoors…she turns up the heat when she strips down nude and bends over, giving us a nice look at her perfect ass and that sexy pussy! Her boobs are insanely great too, in fact she’s just fucking lovely from head to toe!



Gracie Massage Girls 18

I gave you guys a picture here of like her one position where she is not in charge. This is a Massage Girls 18 scene so it’s mostly the models fucking the guy and he just lays back and relaxes. Gracie is a very cute girl I will say she is Spanish / Mexican I am not sure which one but judging from that ass I would say it’s one of those. Massage Girls 18 is a really cool site to tour because you get to see what it’s like to be in the members area of their site because that is in fact the tour.

Tight Pussy Fucked


Briana Lee Extreme Tight Pussy Fucked

This is the gorgeous Briana Lee Extreme and she is giving us exactly what we want to see and that’s her masturbating! In the video you will get to see her doing something she has never done before and that’s play with anal beads! I am not sure how the whole video goes because I only just saw a little part of it but I hope it’s as good as it looks! Briana Lee started out just showing off that amazing body of hers but with this new site you get to really see her be naughty so join today and you will not be disappointed.

Dream Come True


Susie and Angie X Art

This is a very hot gallery of Angie the blonde getting her pussy eaten out in this picture and Susie a girl who has nice big tits and is very good looking. The scene shot for X Art so it’s quality is seriously good as it’s one of the best sites on the Internet right now. These two have been dying to do a scene together and X Art finally made it happen and just watching this scene you can see that each of them has been waiting to lick the others pussy, it’s hot.

Kate in Pink


Kates Playground Pink

I have a little Kates Playground gallery for you guys today, in this scene she is wearing a sexy little pink outfit while she cams with her members. I love that the top that she is wearing shows her nipples poking through. Or do I love that her nipples are super hard, I think I love both. The pictures are really low quality but as I mention this is a webcam session that she was doing so they’re nothing more then screen captures. Kate is one of our favorite models ever and if you haven’t visited her site you are doing this site a injustice, we where built on Kate!

Christy Mack Anal


Christy Mack Ass Parade

I know this isn’t a first or anything but you just have to love seeing the gorgeous Christy Mack getting fucked in the ass! This scene is from Bang Bros Ass Parade site which is awesome because just look at these pictures and tell me her booty has looked better in any other scene she has shot in and I will call you a lier Sir. The hottest thing about Christy taking it up the butt is that she has a big meaty pussy so it kind of just is asking to be rubbed while her ass is getting fucked and every guy seems to do it and it just makes Christy Mack so damn horny, I love it!

Franceska Jaimes


Franceska Jaimes Creampied

I have a very hot creampie gallery from Bang Bros for you guys today, it stars none other then Franceska Jaimes. I usually see scenes from Franceska that are just anal because everyone wants to fuck that perfect round ass of hers but this guy just sticks to her pussy it looks like and then drops his soldiers off in her pussy. Franceska has a great body with big fake tits she keeps her meaty pussy nice and hairy but the real star of her shows is that booty you just can’t deny it.

Victoria Babes Network


Victoria Lawson Babes Network

I will start to lay off the Babes Network gallery starting tomorrow I promise but they’re just so damn hot I can’t help myself. This one is with Victoria Lawson but they called her Brooke Duvall for some reason on their site. I recognize a Victoria Lawson when I see one and this is her. She is in a scene called Together Again that involves some amazing straight up sex and a lot of Victoria just being pleasured. This guy took his time eating her out and all of you would too because of how much she was loving it. The sex was amazing and the ending was just special so make sure to watch our little tease and then head over to their site to explore more of their porn.

Cum Inside


Josephine Cum Inside Josephine

I mean this girl Josephine is seriously freaking hot and you guys get to see her fucking, today is a damn good day! She has nice big natural tits a perfect pussy I don’t think there is a thing I would change about her. If you have visited our site in the past you might have seen her before but this one is brand new I swear. The scene comes from Joymii and they call it Cum Inside which I hope means that we get to see her getting inseminated but I am not sure.

FTV Girls Melody


Melody FTV Girls

I think this picture is Melody just looking at this huge dildo and being like “how am I going to fit this in my pussy”. Well I am happy to report that she was able to do it and not only just do it but she enjoyed riding that thick dildo. The scene is brought to us today by none other then FTV Girls of course. The name of that toy is the big 10 and known by that name because of FTV, a little fun fact for the day.

Kortney Kane


Kortney Kane Tonights Girlfriend

This is the new Tonight’s Girlfriend update and it’s Kortney Kane this time! She comes to this guys hotel room and the guy basically just wants to fuck her because he has been such a big fan of hers for such a long time. He wants his money to last though so he has her tease him for a bit. She does one of the most seductive strip teases you will see and man does she look great in that lingerie she brought to the hotel. Once they get to fucking the guy steps up to the plate and bangs the fuck out of Kortney and she LOVES it.

Kortney Kane’s first time on Tonight’s Girlfriend

Sabrina Tries Anal


Sabrina Taylor Lets Try Anal

You guys are in for quite the treat because you get to see Sabrina Taylor taking it up the ass! Sabrina has a nice round ass too so it’s extra good. Check out the related links for more galleries of her because I have post some before. This is the first time I have ever seen her taking it in the ass before and she does a pretty good job at it considering it’s her first time. The name of the site this comes from is Let’s Try Anal because well they find a lot of couple who haven’t tried it before pay them a ton of cash to get the first tape of these hot girls having anal sex.

Sabrina Taylor on Reality Kings
Sabrina Taylor on Exploited College Girls
Sabrina Taylor on Bang Bros Facial Fest

Just For My Love


Karina White Babes Network

What I wouldn’t do to fondle those amazing breasts that belong to Karina White. She is a gorgeous babe and in this gallery you get to see her having some amazing passionate sex. The scene comes from Babes Network like all the other galleries today because they just opened and they have a ton of amazing porn! This scene has Karina White exchanging oral sex with her boyfriend and then they start fucking and the cumshot ends with a surprise, it’s a must see trust me!

Waiting For You


Anissa Kate Babes Network

Here is our favorite Latin pornstar Anissa Kate getting fucked for a very erotic site called Babes Network. This is the first scene she has ever done for them and that shouldn’t surprise you because this site is brand new. The update for her didn’t have any pictures so you just get to see a little video teaser from Babes Network of her amazing sex scene. Babes Network has a lot of porn and it’s all shot in this very erotic style so most of you are going to like it I feel.

Natalie Nunez RK


Reality Kings Natalie Nunez

Reality Kings presents this Monster Curves gallery of Natalie Nunez…this hot Latina babe with the big round smooth juicy ass gets fucked like you wouldn’t believe in this gallery, and loves every minute of it! Watch as her thong is tugged off and a guy’s face embedded in her ass, getting rimmed before sucking cock and getting rammed by that huge tool.

Ivy Snow Animal


Ivy Snow masturbating

She’s got her claws out but somehow I just don’t feel threatened by Ivy Snow as she turns part animal…she’s just so frigging hot! This tattooed hot redhead is sporting her favorite sheer blue panties in this gallery from her own site before she strips down nude and pleasures her pussy wtih a little vibrator with a bunch of tattoo designs on it!

Stacey P Nylons


Stacey P Only Tease

Only Tease presents these shots of Stacey P, who pulls off her blindingly bright orange-red top to reveal a spectacular pair of titties…it seems like if someone has body parts that amazing there should be a law requiring them to show them in the nude at all times, just for the public benefit. For now though we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with galleries like this one, with Stacey posing in just her sheer nylon stockings and a smile.

Desert Paradise


Jewel desert paradise

Private School Jewel is enjoying a desert paradise in this gallery from her own site…she’s hanging out among the trees wearing a sheer white top and a brown thong, but if you know Private School Jewel at all you know she can’t handle being clothed for very long and sure enough, she’s soon pulling off her panties and showing off her sexy nude body!

Siri Fucking


siri naughty america

It seems like the way a woman sucks a cock says a lot…most women look pretty freaky deaky when they’re “singing into the microphone” if you follow me, but Siri looks stunningly gorgeous with or without a hard cock in her craw as you can see from this Naughty America gallery! The busty blonde bombshell sucks that dick, takes it between her huge breasts and then fucks it, all on camera for your pleasure.

Crimson Room


Marie McCray Crimson Room

I have Marie McCray in a Babes Network scene for you guys called Crimson Room. I love this picture because you can just tell that Marie is thoroughly enjoying getting her pussy eaten out by this guy so much she has to hold on to his head so he doesn’t move it. This scene is very erotic because these two are just having sex in this window seal in this crimson room and something about having sex in a window like this is hot, maybe I just have a thing for architecture.

Tiffany & Nina


Nina James and Tiffany Thompson

I have always enjoyed the works of both these models, Nina James and Tiffany Thompson. I think I enjoy this gallery above anything else they have done. Well, maybe not Tiffany because she has some pretty amazing hardcore scenes but when it comes to lesbian sex this is her best one. That’s probably because I love Nina James so much I mean she is in fact drop dead gorgeous. The gallery comes from Babes Network of course (all of my galleries today do). They named this scene Breakfast at Tiffany’s and it looks like Tiffany is eating her fair share of “breakfast” if you know what I am saying!

Moment Of Lust


Sally Charles Babes Network

Sally Charles has a moment of lust in this gallery for Babes Network. The plot is that Sally brought a guy home after a night of partying and she doesn’t even make it to her bedroom before he is eating her out in her living room. The videos from Babes Network are like nothing I have ever seen before they’re just super erotic that’s why I am posting so many scenes from them today because they’re just so unique.

Summer Of Love


Alanna Anderson Babes Network

This Babes Network video is of a model named Alanna Anderson and I have actually never seen her before but Babes Network sure has a lot of content of her. This scene is called Summer Of Love. The girl is really hot she has big natural tits and a very cute face. If that isn’t enough for you then just check out pictures 14 or 15 to get a glimpse and her amazing perfect pussy! I know how much everyone loves a amazing pussy and Alanna definitely has one.

Jessie Babes Network


Jessie Rogers Babes Network

This is a very erotic gallery from Babes Network of the round ass pornstar Jessie Rogers! She is making love on some silk sheets it looks like and it goes nice again her golden brown skin. Jessie is a Brazilian babe so that’s how she is able to have such a perfect ass and still be so petite. The site Babes Network just opened so if you’re reading this right now I almost guarantee that you haven’t seen this video before so check it out!

Nicole Aniston Babes


Nicole Aniston Babes

This is a brand spanking new site that just came out and it’s just called Babes. They have really amazing porn it’s that erotic style that we have been seeing a lot of these days which I am happy to see. The quality is amazing and the girls they have on their site is just down right impressive. Here is a scene with one of my favorite models Nicole Aniston and she fucks this guy and get’s a creampie! You haven’t seen this site yet I promise so make sure to take the tour.

First 2 Guy 3 Some


Threesome Girls Do Porn

You guys may recongize this girl because she has been on Girls Do Porn once before. This time though she did something a little different as you can see from this image I posted. She is going to please two dicks in this update and she does just that. One thing about this girl though she is a god damn SCREAMER! I mean this girl is so loud I just had to turn off the volume but if you like that sort of thing you are going to love this full video because these guys make this girl so much it hurt my ears.

Double Up


Double Take GF Revenge

This is the new GF Revenge update and it’s one of those threesome where the girl invites her friend in to a threesome. I watched the full video all the way through and the guy ends up giving the redhead a creampie but I am thinking that his actual girlfriend is the girl getting her pussy eaten in the video. I am not sure though so you guys will have to verify that for yourselves. That would be pretty fucked up though if he did because when you are having a threesome with a girlfriend her her friend its standard practice to cum in your girlfriends pussy I think, proper edicate I do believe.

Naked Outdoor Chick


FTV Girls Amie pigtails

Amie is a sexy blonde in pigtails who is hanging out in the great outdoors just having fun in a cute schoolgirl outfit. I guess she’s been hanging out on the beach quite a bit from the looks of those tan lines, but she’s getting a little shady relaxation in the woods in this FTV Girls gallery.

Dani and Jeanie


Als Scan Dani Daniels and Jeanie Marie

Dani Daniels and Jeanie Marie are all over each other in this hot lesbian gallery from Als Scan…there is making out of course but man they go above and beyond the call of duty, fingering and rimming and even busting out the double-ended dong to fuck until they’re both satisfied and lying in a nude sweaty pile of hotness.

Alexa Lethal


Alexa Photodromm

Alexa has to register her titties as a lethal weapon whenever she moves cities, because a single glance from an unaware guy will just blow up his brains right then and there and frankly she’s tired of cleaning up the splatters on the bedroom floor. Alexa looks incredible in this Photodromm gallery but be careful when you look at the pictures, you don’t want to make a mess.

Miela All Right


Miela on Femjoy

Femjoy presents this gallery of hot and horny blonde Miela as she gets down and dirty on the hotel bed…she just can’t wait to pull her panties off and finger that tight shaved pussy! Just wait til she turns around though, her ass is second to none and she’ll just finish your brain off when she drops to her hands and knees all doggystyle, spreading that pussy just waiting to be pounded from behind.

Nyomi Banxxx


Nyomi Banxxx Porn Star Spa

This week on Porn Star Spa we are getting a Nyomi Banxxx in some amazing hardcore action! If you like big asses and big tits this girl is the one! She is also Ebony for those who love that and this is a Interracial scene! We are covering a lot of niches with this one gallery so that’s good because I think a lot of you will enjoy it. I have a pretty big following for this massage site and you will get why if you just watch this entire video.

Jackie Cruz


Jackie Cruz from Latina Sex Tapes

This is a hot busty Latina named Jackie Cruz and you get to see a sex tape from her thanks to Latina Sex Tapes! It’s one of those sites that gets bunch together with some other sites so that people join, it’s a good deal if you ask me. The gallery is nothing more then a video but it’s a long one and who wouldn’t want to see this exotic female getting banged by a close friend. I haven’t seen a video from Jackie before but I can’t wait to start searching the Internet for more of her.

Blazing Booty


Black GF Blazing Booty

Here is a beautiful blazing booty for you guys whatever that means! It’s from a site called Black GFs that basically specializes in amateur porn of hot ebony girls like this one. She doesn’t have a name or anything because as I said she is a first timer. In this gallery though you get to see her trying on sexy clothes and then fucking her boyfriend who is some lucky ass white guy.

Honeymoon Sex Tape


MyGF Homemade Videos

This is a homemade sex tape for you guys I do believe that it’s of this couples honey moon but I didn’t really read the description of the video probably the same thing most of you guys are doing right now. Anyways the get their fuck on the guy uses a condom probably because he didn’t really trust his wife in the first place. Anyways and you probably guess they are now divorce and their sex tape has made it on to MyGF a site to get revenge on sluts like this girl!

Lisa Ann on Mr. Anal


Lisa Ann Mr. Anal

If you guys don’t find this Mr. Anal gallery awesome then you’re freaking crazy. Lisa Ann just kills it in this new scene from Bang Bros Mr. Anal and it just came out today so you guys are getting it fresh off the press. Lisa Ann is a gorgeous MILF with huge tits and a ass to match and she is just so good at having anal you won’t even believe it. The outfits the put her in are also super sexy and pleasing to my eyes, and yours too!

X-art Avril



They say blondes have more fun but how about strawberry blondes? It looks like sexy Avril is having a damn good time if you ask em, as she pulls off her silky nightie in bed (with a padded wall like she’s in a mental institution or something) and plays with her tight pussy! Watch as she fingers herself and buzzes her clit with a little vibrator in a hot X-art gallery that you’re gonna love.

Aziania Mackenzee Pierce


Mackenzee Pierce on Aziani

Brunette babe Mackenzee Pierce is too hot for words in this Aziani gallery…she’s tall, busty, beautiful and has womanly curves that will knock your eyes out of their sockets, for which I apologize in advance. Check it out as Mackenzee strips out of her purple dress and shows off her huge titties, glorious ass and long sensual legs, while fixing you with a gaze from some wickedly piercing eyes. Love it.

Digital Desire with Annalisa


Annalisa for Digital Desire

I think pretty much every girl I’ve known or seen named Annalisa has been crazy hot, and the Annalisa in this Digital Desire gallery is definitely no exception. This brunette stunner has not only a gorgeous face but an incredibly sexy body and she looks like she’s working herself up to a frenzy of hotness for you in these photos! Just look at that ass and tell me you’d give her the thumbs-down…impossible my friend, impossible.

Pretty in Lingerie


LoveUKGlamourGirls lingerie

Some girls just know how to rock the hell out of a set of lingerie, and this brunette stunner is definitely among that crowd…she’s wearing a frilly pink lingerie set and looks just incredible in it, but wipe the drool off your lips because she’s not done yet! In this Love UK Glamour Girls (hell of a name, I know) gallery she strips down and shows what she’s got going on under that lingerie and let me tell you, it’s no smoke and mirrors. She has a body that men dream about, you’ll see what I mean.

Kelly Lee Dekay


Kelly Lee Dekay boobies

Have you guys ever heard of a model named Kelly Lee Dekay? I hadn’t either but man she has got an incredible rack and she’s gorgeous to boot! Look at these photos, she’s showing off some cleavage that could end wars if it was deployed on the front lines…I don’t know if she’s ever done topless shots before but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Simon Scans Tess Duvets


Tess duvets simon scans

I’m not sure if this model’s name is Tess Duvets or if she is just Tess and is hanging out on the duvet but man either way she’s smokiin hot, I hope those duvets have a little asbestos in them to keep from going up in flames. This curly-haired brunette is hanging out in bed wearing only some thigh-high sheer stockings and a naughty smile, so check out this Simon Scans gallery and see for yourself!

Jennifer Dark Bang Bus


Jennifer Dark Bang Bus

I have a lovely little pornstar takeover of the Bang Bus for you guys. The girl who took it over this time is Jennifer Dark of course! She is able to pull in three different guys and fuck them all on the bus! The poor second guy though ended up eating Jennifer’s pussy but he didn’t know that some guys dick had already been in it, poor guy. If you guys didn’t know that Bang Bus did this now you know and if you want to see more scenes like this just check out their site because they have quite a few now.

Dick For The Masses


Dancing Bear Dick For The Masses

The guys from Dancing Bear are bringing Dick to the masses in this update for their site. As you can see in the video a lot of the girls are all wearing the same shirt and that’s because it a bachelorette party. This girl must have a lot of friends and even more impressive is how many of her friends are total freaks! There is one girl though that outdid all of her friends because she fucked a stripper in front of everyone unlike everyone else who just sucked a dick for a second or two.

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