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Emily Grey


Emily grey amateur allure

You might remember seeing Emily Grey on Amateur Allure one other time but back then she was sharing an update with Claire Heart (you can see it right here by the way)…this time she’s back and is doing her very own update, and with that heart-stoppingly gorgeous face and amazing tight petite body she definitely deserves the spotlight! Emily is seriously probably the most beautiful girl in the adult industry right now, I’m calling that right now…call me crazy if you want but there’s something about those freckles and her lovely brown eyes that is just amazing. She also has an insatiable taste for cock so she starts out this Amateur Allure scene with a dick in her mouth right off the bat, rubbing and fingering her tight pussy while she sucks this lucky dude…soon masturbating just isn’t enough so she climbs onto the guy’s lap, riding his cock and fucking him with that perfect pussy with her high heels still on! Emily looks absolutely incredible riding dick, moaning away and sliding her hands over her perky little titties as she gets fucked until the guy finally shoots a load of cum into her mouth for her to swallow down with a smile!

Lucy Tyler Returns


Lucy tyler on amateur allure

So uhhh yeah, this Amateur Allure update was wayyy back in July, if you hadn’t already guessed. Lucy Tyler is sporting her snazziest most patriotic bikini and sunglasses to celebrate Independence Day and is looking sexy as hell. Sorry I missed it and am just now getting to it but hey, at least now you get to remember what summer was like and forget about the cold and rain for a little bit! Lucy shakes those sweet perky titties after taking off her bikini and then takes this guy’s cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob…we saw in her first scene on Amateur Allure how much Lucy loves to suck cock and this is just reinforcing that! Lucy gives a nice suckjob and then bends over with her cute tight butt in the air to get railed doggystyle, moaning as the guy fucked her wet little hole before he shot a load or two down her throat. As a bonus there are even some shots of Lucy hanging out by the ocean in her stars and stripes bikini, having fun in the sun and sharing the good times with us!

Nikki Hearts


Nikki hearts 2 cocks aa

If this chick looks familiar it’s probably because you saw her in one of the Amateur Allure preauditions, namely this one right here! She was just known as Nikki back then but now she’s Nikki Hearts and this girl is nova-hot with those sweet seductive brown eyes and her cute edgy haircut…she’s taking care of this guy’s big hard cock after stripping down and showing off those perky titties and her sweet round ass but one just isn’t enough for this hottie, she really wants to get her mouth filled up! Two cocks is what she craves and two cocks is what she gets…watch this dark vixen lick and suck those two dicks one after the other, looking up at us with those peepers before getting fingercuffed with one dick in the mouth and one in the pussy at the same time! Her tight shaved snatch gets filled up with dick and she is loving every second of it here in her first solo Amateur Allure shoot, but it wouldn’t be AA without a mouthful of cum being swallowed, am I right? Nikki takes not one but both loads in her mouth and swallows them down with a smile, looking like she’s ready for a couple more dicks to pop up in front of her hungry mouth and to slam into that horny pussy of hers with her perfect ass in the air!

Lexi Belle and Belle Noire


Belle noire lexi aa

Now that’s what I call a full-service hotel! This guy showed up at his suite and was escorted in by gorgeous babe Lexi Belle, who proceeded to suck his cock and bend over to impale her pussy on his dick with that perfect ass in his face…Lexi fucked the guy nice and hard until he shot his load into her mouth for her to swallow down, I guess that was considered her tip! The next morning the guy woke up in his comfy bed when the maid came into the room but this was no ordinary maid, this was beautiful brunette Belle Noire there to take care of his morning wood with a nice long wet blowjob that ended up with another load of cum swallowed down. I like when Amateur Allure does a ‘fantasy’ update like this one, it’s a bit of a change of pace from their normal scenes and a little variety is always welcomed. Especially when that variety comes in the form of two absolutely stunning brunettes sucking and fucking the guy’s crank!

Natalie Monroe


Natalie Monroe Amateur Allure

Natalie Monroe is on Amateur Allure and she is looking sexy and fuck! I didn’t really know she had braces but well she does and this guy was brave enough to get head from her. He didn’t just get head from her he face fucked her at times! Natalie is playing that innocent coy girl with a naughty side. She has a great set of c cup titties on her and then she has a round ass you’re going to love as well. The girl also has a meaty pussy, I know some of you are just looking for those picture perfect pussies and this isn’t it but I know some of you like it though so I thought I would mention it. Like all Amateur Allure scenes this one has two cumshots and both of them are of Natalie swallowing them. I am so far behind on Amateur Allure videos right now that you can bet your bottom dollar that I am going to be posting more and more from this site in the coming days. I just like the way their videos are shot and their pictures are super crisp as well, it’s just one of the best erotic site I know of. Another thing that I like that maybe not everyone will is the music they play in their videos, it’s so relaxing isn’t it!

Payton Simmons


Payton simmons on amateur allure

Sexy blonde 23 year old Payton Simmons here is ready to make a splash on Amateur Allure and she’s ready to go right for the glory, making her fantasy of taking two cocks at once cum true! She pulls off her red dress to show off those nice big tits, bending over to take both of those big hard cocks in her mouth one after the other…a double blowjob is fun but it wasn’t what Payton was after, she wanted to be the meat in a dick sandwich so she kept one cock in her mouth to suck on while the other guy pounded her tight wet pussy from behind! I do believe they call that fingercuffs, one guy in her pussy and one in her mouth, and Payton looks like she’s loving every hot second of it! The guys switch sides once or twice so everyone gets the full experience, and then give Payton a couple of nice creamy loads in the mouth to swallow down. Maybe next time she comes on the site she’ll bring a third guy into the mix, I’m not sure where exactly he could fit in but I’m sure Payton has an idea or two!

Ember Stone


Ember stone amateur allure

It always cracks me up when a girl (usually a redhead) is so pale and fair-skinned that the camera has a hard time differentiating between her skin and the backdrop! This new girl Ember Stone on Amateur Allure is an example, some of her pictures she pretty much blends right into the background. She’d better be careful in the sun, I have the feeling she’d turn into an instant lobster if she hung out on the beach! She is cute as hell though and seems very enthusiastic about making her way into the porn world as she sucks cock to completion and gets fucked in that tight little pussy, taking a couple of loads in the mouth to swallow down. Keep an eye out for Ember on some other sites in the very near future, I’m sure she’ll be around making her mark! And if you hear on the news about someone mysteriously turning into charcoal on a beach in five seconds flat you’ll know who it was. I guess that’s why she got the name Ember! She’s definitely not a natural redhead though, if that big hairy bush is any indication.

Preauditions 39


Amateur allure preauditions 39

I’ve got a special treat for you today…I don’t always post the Amateur Allure preauditions here but this one is extra hot so I figured it would be a winner! We’ve got three hotties in this one update, so don’t say I never did anything for you…starting out we’ve got gorgeous brunette punk Nikki with her beautiful eyes, sexy mouth and perfect ass! She shows off her nude body, sucks cock and gets fucked in that tight little pussy before swallowing a load…Amateur Allure usually has girls a little more on the glamour side of things so it’s super hot to see a more edgy tattooed hottie on there, maybe it’s just my opinion. The next girl you probably recognize, it’s Riley Reid and she’s been on the site a handful of times already, she just can’t get enough of the cameraman’s cum though so she just keeps coming back for another mouthful! Here are Riley’s previous scenes on the site if you missed ’em: scene1 scene2 scene3. Last but not least as they say, we have an Italian hottie named Valentina who is short and stacked and gorgeous, sucking cock and getting her pussy filled up with cock before swallowing down the guy’s creamy load! Can’t wait to see these new girls (and maybe Riley too!) on the site for their full updates.

Aidra Fox and Brandi Love


Brandi Love and Aidra Fox on Moms Teach Sex

This is my first time actually posting a Moms Teach Sex scene. I usually just get them from my buddies MILF site but today I decided to just go ahead and make one because this one is fucking hot. It stars that girls Aidra Fox, you guys will remember her from this Amateur Allure scene she did. In this scene she has just moved next door to Brandi Love and Brandi is over there making friends. She is planning on hooking up Aidra with her step son Tyler. When they get dressed outside into their bikini’s Tyler spies of them. They just get naked in front of each other because girls are just comfortable with each other like that. So he gets to see it all, but little doe she know they’re about to come inside and ask him if he wants to join. When they come in in throws a towel over his rock hard dick and it looks like a teepee. Brandi pulls the towel off and tells him not to be ashamed and she just goes for it and starts sucking on her step sons cock! Aidra is shocked but she has always wanted to have a threesome and a opportunity like this where you can learn from a MILF like Brandi never comes along in ones life. She takes advantage of it and I think after this fuck session Aidra is a professional at getting fucked and riding dick.

Zoey Monroe


Zoey monroe amateur allure

Meet beautiful blonde Zoey Monroe, a newcomer to Amateur Allure! Well actually she was in one of the Preauditions apparently but I didn’t see it so as far as I’m concerned this is her first appearance on the site. I guess just one cock wasn’t gonna do the trick for this horny hottie, she had to go fingercuff style and take one in the mouth and one in her tight wet pussy at the same time to get what she wanted! This girl is gorgeous and has a spectacular body with nice perky tits and a great ass, it’s awesome to see her giving a great blowjob (well actually two blowjobs at the same time for awhile) and getting that pussy filled up with dick. What’s more is that she doesn’t seem like she’s just kind of doing it for the cash or whatever, she seems like she’s having a blast fucking these two guys and that makes it even hotter! I don’t know if Amateur Allure will have her back again but I hope so…if you just can’t wait and want to see more from Zoey, you can take a look at her little archive here as I’ve collected the few shoots she’s done so far! Her porn career is just starting out, I’m sure she’ll be in plenty more hardcore fuck scenes so make sure you keep checking back to that link.

Alexis Adams and Lacey Johnson


Aa lacye and alexis

Get your pants ready for a double schoolgirl update from Amateur Allure as Alexis Adams and newcomer Lacey Johnson each do a mini-shoot in this one update (they’re not in the room at the same time which is a damn shame if you ask me but hey it’s still mighty hot) in their schoolgirl uniforms. This isn’t the first time they’ve done a double update like this with schoolgirls, so if you’re in the mood for more you’re in luck! Back to this update though, Alexis has been around the block a few times and knows how to work a cock so we already expect her to be a bundle of hotness but the new girl is always a wildcard…luckily blonde Lacey is not only beautiful but also mighty skilled in the cocksucking and fucking departments! I’d even say she outshines the mighty Alexis in this update but maybe that’s just the allure (get it? because of the site this is from? never mind) of a new and pretty much unknown girl. Lacey kicks things off a little nervous but once she starts spreading her legs and lifting up her plaid skirt to show off those panties, pulling them aside to play with her pussy a bit, she’s good to go and almost dives onto the guy’s cock to suck him off before fucking him and swallowing a load! Alexis bats cleanup here, and if you’ve seen her updates before you know she’s always good for a hot suck and fuck and that’s exactly what you get here. The schoolgirl pigtails look never fails to entertain and sure enough it works its magic here once again!

Rendezvous With Kristine


Amateur allure kristine

It’s time for a little something different from Amateur Allure…instead of having the girl show up at the studio, the studio comes to them! The cameraman took a vacation to San Francisco for a little rendezvous with Kristine Kahill here, a gorgeous brunette with a spectacular ass and some very nice blowjob skills that she puts to work almost immediately when he shows up at the hotel room. We’ve seen Kristine on the site a couple times already and each time she is just fucking hot as hell…if you missed out on the first two times, check them out here: scene1 and scene2. It’s a little weird having such a different photography and videography style in this new update but I kind of like it, it feels a little warmer and more intimate, which goes well with Kristine’s beautiful face and sweet seductive body. There are plenty of pretty women in the adult industry with nice butts and nice tits but there are far fewer who have what I would describe as a perfect pussy…but I’ve gotta say, Kristine Kahill here has just such a twat! Lovely pink pussy lips that have a slight outward curl like flower petals, nice soft labia, just hot and irresistably fuckable and that’s just what this guy does with it. She spreads her legs and gets impaled on his dick, sliding the entire length into her hole with a moan…the guy fucks her in a few different positions before shooting his load into her mouth for her to swallow down!

Ashlyn Molloy Returns


Ashlyn malloy back to amateur allure

If you missed the first time Ashlyn Molloy headed to Amateur Allure you’ve made a terrible mistake but not to worry, I’m here to rectify it…here you go! After checking that out come on back here because Ashlyn is back for her second go-round, and this time there’s another guy invited to the mix as well! She has her hands full (not to mention her mouth) trying to take care of both of those cocks at the same time but she’s got the skills and enthusiasm to make magic happen! Watch this copper haired hottie get her mouth and pussy filled up with cock simultaneously, licking and sucking both of those lucky guys and bending over to get fucked too…if there’s anything I’d take exception to it’s that from the looks of things her ass bones would leave bruises on your hips if you fucked her doggystyle but hey I don’t think anyone is exactly going to complain if you know what I mean. Ashlyn loved her first time on the site so much she just had to come back and get that pussy worked again, taking load after load in her mouth to swallow down! We can only hope there will be a round 3…I guess time will tell.

Adriana Chechik and Belle Noir


Amateur allure adriana and belle

These two sexy brunette stunners Adriana Chechik and Belle Noir both started out on Amateur Allure and thanks to a member request they’ve been brought back to team up and kick some butt! They’re both in lingerie for this hot fuckfest, making out and goofing around before the two cameramen got into the action and transformed things from a lighthearted lesbian romp to an all out orgy…soon both Russian hottie Adriana and pinup sensation Belle have cocks in their mouths! With two dicks and two pussies to play with the possibilities are pretty broad, and we get to see these girls pulling out all the stops…sometimes one of them will be sucking one dick while getting her pussy pounded at the same time, sometimes they eat each other out, it’s just a hot sexy foursome for the ages. If you missed out on their introductory scenes they’re both definitely worth checking out…here is the one for Adriana and here is the one for Belle, so enjoy! By the way there’s a discount going on right now for Amateur Allure if you want to get in on all the action instead of just the short clips and a few pics I throw your way, membership is only $24.99 now and trust me, that is a bargain.

Lucy Tyler


Lucy tyler for aa

Say hi to Lucy Tyler, a sweet sexy 19 year old blonde from Seattle with a body that will stop you in your tracks…she’s got a beautiful face, perfect tits, a nice round ass and can suck cock like a champ! She also orgasms easily so you get to see this babe cum all over Ray’s lucky cock in this Amateur Allure update in a scene that will pretty much melt your monitor, so be careful. She takes his meat in her mouth for a nice blowjob before bending over and presenting that perfect ass, taking him to the hilt in her pussy and moaning as he brings her to the peaks of ecstasy…and then he brings out the vibrating magic wand to REALLY drive her up the wall! This chick cums like a freight train and it’s all caught on video for us.

Emily Grey and Claire Heart


Emily grey amateur allure

It’s a mind-blowing schoolgirl double feature today on Amateur Allure…two stunning girls are showing their stuff, including a chick named Emily Grey who I’ve been keeping an eye on not only because she’s utterly fucking gorgeous but also because she seems to be making quite a splash in the adult industry already even though she’s almost brand spanking new! Her costar Claire Heart is no slouch either but I mean honestly she doesn’t really hold a candle to Emily. I guess that’s why they basically did two individual shoots instead of having them both in there at once, Claire would have been overshadowed maybe. Well it’s hard to tell, I guess it’s all just my opinion…but this time I’m right, so deal with it. Anyway these sexy girls get stripped out of their schoolgirl uniforms so they can show off their perky titties and nice pink pussies before sucking cock and getting fucked, taking a couple of loads in the mouth to swallow down!

Natalie Lust Creampie


Natalie Lust Creampied

The gorgeous Natalie Lust is getting her pussy filled up with cum on this episode from Teen Pies. It actually looks like fake cum in the end so that’s sad but I can assure you there are some real creampie scenes. Natalie is a really cute redhead and I am not really showing it off in this picture bu tI thought you guys might want a nice cameltoe picture of a nice pussy. The plot of this video is the old “I don’t have money for pizza, how about sex instead”. Pretty sure every pizza delivery guy ever would take this trade. I don’t know if any of them would be stupid enough to cum insdie a girl they just met but I am sure you could find one or two that wouldn’t give a fuck. Teen Pies is a site you will get access to when you join the Team Skeet network. So you will go to a tour that is Teen Pies but when you join that site you actually get access to the entire Team Skeet network, hopefully that makes more sense. If you like this gallery let me suggest another scene from Natalie the one she did with Amateur Allure, she looks so fucking on in that video.

Aidra Fox


Aidra on amateur allure

After you scoop your jaw up off the floor allow me to introduce you to Aidra Fox, a brand spankin new teen on the scene doing her first boy-girl shoot! Amateur Allure is the site to thank for this, so you know there’ll be plenty of hot blowjob and cum-swallowing action as well as some hot hardcore fucking as well. What a body on this girl, but man oh man it’s the face that’s gonna stop you in your tracks and fall in love! I don’t know if it’s the eyes of that smile or the dimples or just the slightly devilish arch in the eyebrow or what but this girl is just smokin hot to the extreme. Couple that with the perfect ass and perfect tits and a sweet fuckable pussy and you’ve got yourself a winner for sure…I’m already looking forward to seeing plenty more from this hottie in the very near future as she branches out and gets snapped up by some more sites! For now though enjoy seeing this teen goddess suck cock and get her pussy pounded and her ass fingered, taking a couple big creamy loads down her throat.

Ava Taylor and Stella May


Ava and stella on amateur allure

Ava Taylor wanted to broaden her cute friend Stella‘s horizons a bit and what better way to do that than to bring her along for an Amateur Allure shoot! Stella was pretty shy and not quite as experienced as Ava but when they got to the studio and her friend started sucking the cameraman’s cock, Stella didn’t have too much hesitation before she too was giving a great blowjob on camera! Once the first suck happened it was like a switch turned on in her head and soon she was buried nose-deep in Ava’s sweet pussy with her ass in the air, just begging for a good hard fuck…and you know the Amateur Allure guys aren’t gonna turn down an opportunity like that! Watch Ava and Stella take turns getting pounded and swallowing loads in this hot hardcore threeway, these girls both have incredible asses and gorgeous faces, not to mention perfect tits and perpetually horny pussies!

Alina Li


Alina li on amateur allure

It’s a special day on Amateur Allure because they’ve got gorgeous Asian hottie Alina Li in the house doing what she does best: sucking, fucking, and swallowing cum! She is absolutely stunning and sucks cock like a goddess, and you get to see her putting on a clinic in this hot update. It’s not all about the mouth though and this girl has the goods all around, lifting up her little skirt to show a perfect tight little ass and a sexy pussy that’s already wet from the excitemenht of giving an incredible blowjob! Alina gets her hole pounded, riding this lucky guy’s big dick until they’re both moaning with pleasure and of course she takes another creamy load down her throat. She’s beautiful, exotic, horny as hell and has the body to back it up, make sure you don’t miss this one you guys, seriously.

Kennedy Leigh Returns


Kennedy leigh returns on amateur allure

This is a bit of a departure from the norm for Amateur Allure and feels more like a cinematic experience or something…if you like a little higher production value this will be right up your alley, especially so because it features gorgeous pornstar Kennedy Leigh! We’ve seen Kennedy a few times before on Amateur Allure including the smokin hot Christmas Special a little while back, and in this new update she’s wearing like a spiderweb kind of a chain top that lets those big tits show right through as she saunters up to her man in front of the fire and sucks his cock, then sits on his lap to go for a nice hard ride before taking his loads in her mouth and swallowing them down! Kennedy has just an incredible look to her, I’m not sure if it’s the beautiful curves of her body or those lips that look perfect for a nice blowjob but man this girl is always smokin hot.

Nadine and Evi


Nadine and evi on aa

Naughty flight attendants Evi and Nadine are both in town at the same time and you know what that means…time for a little hot hardcore group grope action! They head to Ray’s house and his buddy Justin is already there, camera at the ready to capture all the hotness for Amateur Allure. These girls start the party by themselves, making out and grabbing each others titties, licking pussy and ass like natural born lesbians…they both have a soft spot for hard cock though so when the guys unzip and let their cranks out to play the girls are all about it, taking turns blowing one guy after the other until all four of them were in an all out fuckfest! It’s one hot messy orgy as the girls get those pussies slammed until the guys have shot their loads which they kiss between them for a little cum swapping before swallowing them down…I don’t even remember the last time we got an orgy scene from Amateur Allure but this one is more than making up for lost time!

Carter Cruise


Carter for amateur allure

Beautiful blonde 22 year old Carter hails from the great state of North Carolina, which has put out some crazy-hot chicks in its time for sure…maybe some hot crazy chicks too but hey cmon that goes without saying. This blue eyed beauty has a smokin hot body with a great butt and some very nice pierced titties that she loves to grab and shake and show off, which strikes the guys at Amateur Allure just fine! She loves sex and loves attention so it’s only natural that she’d give the adult industry a try and she’s shown up at Amateur Allure ready to make her mark on the industry, and get a good deep dicking while she’s at it. She’s enthusiastic but understandably a little nervous for her first time on the screen but as soon as that cock slides into her mouth it’s like someone hits the ON switch! She gives a great blowjob and gets fucked in that tight pussy of hers until she cums, and also takes two loads of cum in her mouth to swallow down for this very hot update.

Belle and Ariana


Belle ariana amateur allure

There’s a double trouble update this week on Amateur Allure, so if your Friday wasn’t already jumpin this might kick things into high gear! First we’ve got sexy schoolgirl Belle who was masturbating on the couch and got caught wet-handed by the cameraman, who punished her with a spanking for being such a naughty girl. Turns out she likes being spanked, so soon she was on her knees sucking his cock and bending over to get fucked in that sweet pussy! Next up is of course Ariana Marie, looking like a dream in her schoolgirl skirt and knee socks as she gives an incredible long deep blowjob, rides the guy’s dick and then takes a load down her throat to finish things off. You’re getting two hot sexy schoolgirls sucking cock and getting fucked and swallowing loads of fresh man cream, what more could you ask for on a dark cold winter’s day?

Kristine Returns


Kristine returns to amateur allure

I hope you were able to check out the debut of Kristine Kahill on Amateur Allure because it was hot as hell…tons of people were banging on the doors begging for more of this sexy brunette and now she’s back for round 2! She showed up in her black and blue striped dress and immediately started working the camera, pulling her dress up to show that perfect pert butt before dropping to her knees and sucking the cameraman’s cock for this POV scene, licking and sucking until he was hard as granite. If you’ve seen this site before though you know that a blowjob is just the start of things, and soon Kristine was bent over with her ass in the air getting her tight little pussy pounded before the guy gave her a nice facial to remember things by! She is just as hot in this return update as the first time, in fact probably even hotter because she’s learned a few tips and tricks in the adult world to try out. Can’t wait for round 3!

Happy Holidays


Amateur allure christmas specila

Tis (still) the season for pleasin’! Christmas may have come and gone but we still have some holiday action from a few sites to tide us over til next year…this update comes from Amateur Allure and features not one, not two, but three of the hottest girls the site has to offer, namely Kennedy Leigh, Samantha Rone and newcomer Tara! I guess Ray and Thomas (the site’s cameramen) were on Santa’s good list this year because the three hot little helpers are jingling their bells but good…watch these beautiful girls kneel down and suck cock, getting all three mouths on one dick at once, then pull their panties aside to get fucked while the other guy still has his dick in their mouth for a little fingercuff action. As the Amateur Allure guys say, looks like it was a white Christmas after all!

Katerina Kay


Katerina kay for amateur allure

If you haven’t already fallen in love with Katerina Kay, now’s your chance! She’s still starting out in the adult industry but has already won a lot of hearts (and a lot of dicks) from the shoots she’s done like this one. Here we have her introduction on Amateur Allure and her personality is shining like a beacon while her body is sizzlin’ hot like bacon! She’s stripping out of her blue dress and sucking cock like a champ…in her introduction interview she mentions she doesn’t mind swallowing cum when she gives head and she has a couple of opportunities to prove it in this update! She gives a nice blowjob and swallows a load, then gets fucked in that sweet tight pussy before sucking out another proteisn shake.

Ashlyn Malloy


Ashlyn malloy on amateur allure

Copper haired beauty Ashlyn Malloy from texas says she loves to please and in her Amateur Allure debut it certainly shows! She’s got big brown eyes, nice perky titties and a fantastic tight ass, but what’s more she knows what to do with all of the above. Watch this hottie give a great blowjob, taking the cameraman’s cock deep in her throat before spreading her long lean teen legs and plunging his meat into that sweet tight twat! He fucks her hard and deep before giving her a big load of cum in the mouth for her to swallow. She’s hot enough that soon his cock is stiffening again and she works him hard with her lips before he fucks that hole of hers once again and shoots another load into her insatiable maw!

Jenna Ross


Jenna ross on amateur allure

Some girls try their hand at the porn industry and never really go anywhere, and some make it big…Jenna Ross is among the latter, or at least she looks to be on the path of making it big! She’s already done some very hot shoots for some very hot sites, but here we get to see her auditioning early in her porn career for the chance to get her name in lights, so to speak! She’s on the site Amateur Allure and is showing off that gorgeous tight nude body of hers, stripping out of her baby blue dress and matching panties to spread her pussy and get pounded on camera for us, as well as sucking cock…she deepthroats well and takes a load of cum or two in the mouth to swallow and prove she’s got what it takes!



Amateur allure rahyndee

It’s nice when a site has been around for awhile and the fans actually become part of the action…for instance, meet 22 year old Florida babe Rahyndee! She’s been a fan of the site Amateur Allure for years and has finally gotten the gumption to jump in and have some fun of her own and I think we’re all glad she did, because this girl is hot as hell. She also just so happens to be a magnificent cocksucker, deepthroating the guy’s big cock to the hilt before bending over and working that sexy tight butt as she slides his meat into her wet pussy. She’s a smokin hot babe with dark hair, great personality and a killer body and she looks great as she gulps down two loads of cream for this hot update!



Scarlet on amateur allure

Blonde cutie Scarlet was a big hit on her pre-audition but now it’s time for her real-deal update on Amateur Allure! She is cute as ever, looking up with those pretty blue eyes as she drops to her knees and gives the cameraman a great deep slow blowjob, working his cock with her lips and making her earrings swing as she fucked her own face with that tool. It’s not just all about blowjobs though so soon she had her blue dress lifted up to spread her legs and get fucked, then spun around and bent over to get penetrated from behind so we could look at her sweet tight ass! Scarlet loves pleasuring a nice hard cock and gets plenty of opportunity in this update, can’t wait for this chick to make it back for round two.

Pixie Samantha


Samantha halloween pixy

Happy Halloween from Amateur Allure! Adorable Samantha Rone surprised the cameraman by dropping by in her sexy Tinkerbell costume…isn’t that what Halloween is all about for adults, getting your sexy on? Well Samantha did a great job of it, becoming the cute pixie with a hardcore twist as she grabbed her perky tits and flipped up her skirt to pull her thong panties aside and finger her ass and pussy, masturbating until the dude was so turned on he just had to slip his cock in her mouth. She kept her fairy wings on as she sucked his cock, staring up at us with those beautiful eyes and maybe even flapping her wings a little…although that could just be my imagination. What’s not imagination though is that sexy tight ass of hers as she spins around and gets fucked from behind before taking a load of cream in the mouth! If you missed the first couple of times Samantha has been on the site you can take a look here and here…you’re welcome!

Halloween Preauditions


Amateur allure halloween preauditions

Just in time for Halloween, we’ve got a fresh hot batch of Preauditions straight out of the oven from Amateur Allure! These are a little more of a shotgun approach to make sure the girls are camera-ready and can handle themselves when it comes time to suck cock and get fucked, and these girls Raven and Kimber are already off to the races. They’re both gorgeous, I kind of prefer Kimber but hey they’re both hot it’s just personal preference at this point. Both these girls can give a great blowjob too as you can see in these POV shots…they both swallow a cumload and look like they’re ready for their solo updates but that will be for the future. Right now though we get to see sexy Anikka and Riley in costume for a little Halloween party action, and I do mean action! Anikka is dressed up as Puss-in-Boots and Riley is a character from a video game, you might recognize her but I don’t want to get sued so I’ll leave it to you nerds to figure out. They show off their costumes and end up giving a nice double blowjob, looks like they’re the ones giving out the treats this year!

Hanna Lay


Hanna lay for amateur allure

Hanna Lay is the new hotness from North Carolina and has a body that is just made for fucking…she’s slender, has great boobs, a spectacular ass and a very nice pussy that grabs onto a cock like a vice! In this update from Amateur Allure she tells us a little about herself before showing her skills on the skinflute, giving the cameraman a nice POV blowjob and then spreading those long smooth legs to take that hard cock into her wet little hole. She just absolutely loves sex and it shows, nothing seems faked or forced and she just has a fantastic time fucking and sucking that cock until she has swallowed not one but two loads of cum! We’ve seen Hanna on a few different sites now and it’s always exciting to see this young beautiful girl making her mark in the adult world. Sites like Amateur Allure were lucky enough to catch this hottie when she first started doing adult work, so we’re seeing her fresh off the plane basically!

Mika Three Loads


Mika dates amateur allure

In a little bit of a changeup from the way they normally do things, Amateur Allure is giving us this hot update featuring a cute Asian named Mika…she showed up and asked the videographer guy out on a date and he was more than happy to head out with her, luckily bringing his camera along for the ride. This horny babe couldn’t wait to get his cock in her mouth so he filmed her sucking him off for some road head on the way to dinner, then getting naked to fuck him good and hard before sucking out a second load. Three’s a charm when it comes to cumshots so the next morning she hops into bed with him at the hotel and fucks his brains out, working a third load into her mouth to swallow for the hat trick! This is certainly not the first time Mika has been on the site…if you’re into her and want to see this cutie sucking and fucking some more, check out episode 1 episode 2 episode 3 and episode 4!

Anna Lynn


Annalynn for amateur allure

Anna Lynn here is, as she says, brand new right out of the box! She’s an 18 year old cutie from Minnesota who hasn’t even gone through her senior year of high school but is giving porn a try, and we’re all happy that she made that decision. She’s got a cute smile, pretty eyes, a great rack of perky 32C titties and a nice ass, and best of all she loves to suck cock (and we know how much Amateur Allure loves girls who give a good blowjob)! Watch this teen hottie get naked and have fun with the cameraman, licking and sucking that big dick of his and going for a ride with that tight twat until he shoots a couple of loads down her throat. I get the feeling she might be a little nervous, at least from the look in her eyes when things start getting hot and heavy, but she soon overcomes it and ends up having a damn good time.

Marry Fucks Huge Cock


Marry Lynn on Monsters Of COck

I can’t lie that Marry Lynn doesn’t look as hot as she did in her Amateur Allure video but I am going to continue to post her stuff just because of that scene. In this new one she did for Bang Bros she fucks a dick so big it looks like the guys before her were a bunch of pencil dicks. It doesn’t look that enjoyable for Marry here because this black guy just keeps trying to stuff his huge horse cock in her tight little pussy and I mean it’s just not possible that pussy is too damn tight and that dick is too damn big. There was so straight up shit that went down on this porn set though because Marry was outside of this house legs spread as far as they can and this guy is dicking her down when some cops came in the back. Apparently you can’t scream like crazy while your being fucked with a huge cock in L.A because neighbors are going to call the five O on your ass!

Samantha Surprise


Samantha Rone in a bikini for amateur allure

Blonde cutie Samantha Rone is back and is looking hotter than ever! This tight little spinner showed up as a surprise, catching the Amateur Allure guy by surprise…and what a nice surprise! She was in her little blue bikini and wanted to spend a day at the beach. They had a good time but the fun really started when Samantha took her swimsuit off, showing those perky little titties and sucking cock like she does so well! Watch this horny cutie get fucked in that tight pussy…if you’re a fan of seeing a girl take a load of cum in the mouth you’re in for a treat, Samantha gets two mouthfuls of cream and looks like she’s ready for a third! With those perky boobs, tight little ass and pretty face, Samantha is always a treat…we’ve seen her before on Amateur Allure but I’ve gotta say I am really digging on the look of her in a bikini…maybe it’s just me. Take a look at this previous gallery of hers and see what you think, maybe you prefer her in a sexy dress!



Marry on amateur allure

Marry is a very pretty 21 year old with a great smile, but if you ask me she flashes that smile just a little too often, so much so that at times in this Amateur Allure update it’s like the guy is fucking a game show hostess or something. That’s a pretty small quibble though, that a girl smiles too much…she is downright gorgeous with a great body so I guess she’s got plenty to smile about with her tight tan body (with some pretty strange tan lines here and there, I’m not sure what’s up with that), a great rack and beautiful eyes. She also loves giving head and swallowing, which makes her already a winner in most books before she even hikes that dress up to get fucked in her tight shaved pussy but once she goes all the way I think probably everyone in the room had that same grin that Marry had. She’s not just paying lip service either (pun intended) about loving sucking cock, she gives that big slab of meat a great blowjob using her lips, tongue and hands. A beautiful girl who loves to get fucked, loves to suck dick and loves to swallow cum, can’t go wrong with that!

Natalie Lust


Amateur allure with natalie lust

We’ve got another sexy update from Amateur Allure for you today…Natalie Lust is a 20 year old redhead from Ohio with what might just be the prettiest pair of huge brown eyes you’ll ever see! The rest of her is no slouch either, with those perky boobs and a great round spankable ass as she strips nude and shows off her cocksucking skills. I guess she’s got some talent as well as her beauty because she takes two big loads in the mouth, swallowing twice and looking like she’s ready for a third helping of cream! Watch this sexy amateur get her tight shaved pussy fucked and licked in this hot POV video session…I can’t believe how hot some of the girls he gets naked and fucked on this site, I’m more than a little jealous I gotta say.

Ariana Big Mouthfuls


Ariana Marie Big Mouthfuls

It’s kind of funny how Bang Bros Big Mouthfuls site kind of ripped off Amateur Allure. They have the flat screen tv in the back and everything. I don’t really care and actually like it because that is one of my favorite sites. In this gallery you get to see Ariana enjoying a big mouthful of cum. The video in this gallery is really just focused on her giving head as that’s what this mini site of Bang Bros is kind of about. It also has some fucking so don’t worry about that. If anyone was wondering about that 15 on her shoulder I figured out that the 15 is her lucky number. She won the lottery with it (only $1000) so once that happened she figured she might want to carry that number with her the rest of her life. I would say we are the real lucky ones getting to see her suck and fuck but that’s just my opinion.

Pinup Belle


Belle for amateur allure

Belle is a beautiful 25 year old raven-haired pinup girl from Oklahoma with gorgeous eyes, a sexy ass and a nice wide mouth that is just perfect for deepthroating and catching big creamy loads. She gets plenty of practice at that in this Amateur Allure update, taking two blasts of cum and swallowing them down! It’s not all blowjobs though, she bends over to get that tight wet pussy worked by the cameraman’s big dick, and I think she about exploded when he fucked her doggystyle while fingering her tight ass. She’s enthusiastic, beautiful and sexy as all hell, so overall I’d say Belle is a winner! We didn’t get to see any anal but the reaction Belle had when she got her pucker poked by the guy’s finger makes me think maybe she wouldn’t be too averse to the idea…maybe next time, I hope?

Giselle Mari


Giselle mari on amateur allure

You might have caught a glimpse of Giselle (now better known as Giselle Mari) in the Amateur Allure preaudition #28 but if you’re like me you were hankering for her actual update! Well worry not, she was easily hot enough to merit her own feature and now you get to share in the bounty of hotness that is Giselle. This 20 year old Italian babe hails from Brooklyn so you know she’s packing some attitude to go along with that gorgeous face and sexy nude body! She blows the videographer away with her oral sex skills (get it, blowing) and her tight wet pussy before he unloads not one but two creamy loads into her mouth, and we get to see every moment of the hot hardcore action. She looks phenomenal in blue but looks even better out of it, with those perky 34B titties and her firm round ass! This is a girl who’s just sexy from head to toe, I’m sure you’ll love this hot fuck session almost as much as the videographer obviously did.

Mandi Threesome


Amateur allure mandi

Mandi has been on Amateur Allure before so this time there’s no need for intruductions, she just shows up and immediately starts grabbing the two dicks in front of her! She has been fantasizing about being the meat in a hot hardcore threesome sandwich for awhile and this seemed like the perfect opportunity so she enjoys every moment, sucking one huge cock while taking the other one in her tight fuckhole! She is wearing a silver dress but no panties undereneath so there’s easy access when these guys feel like jamming up her pussy with dick. This exotic Asian teen honey loves getting fucked in this hot update, taking two loads in the mouth, and looks like she almost wishes there was a third guy there to join in the fun! Maybe she could use a volunteer?

Stunning Kristine


Kristine for amateur allure

Say hello to Kristine Kahill, an absolutely gorgeous 20 year old brunette with beautiful brown eyes, a gorgeous smile and if you’re into petite boobies and smooth legs, a perfect body. She is here on Amateur Allure taking her early steps into the world of porn to see if the camera loves her…and I can tell you right here and right now that yes indeed she looks incredible on camera. Maybe I should open up my own casting company, it seems like they get to fuck the hottest women around like Kristine here! She sucks a load out of his dick and swallows it down before bending over to get fucked from behind and work another dollop of cream out of that meatbat…I guess she acquired a taste for jizz because she swallowed that load too.

Chloe Brooke


Chloe brooke on amateur allure

This is Chloe Brooke, 5’5 of pure hotness from Minnesota and she’s ready to melt the cameras of Amateur Allure…luckily we’re invited along for the ride! Chloe has been around a little by now but when she filmed this footage she was still pretty shy, but like so many girls once her clothes started coming off her shyness melted away and she was ready to rock and roll. She loves playing with a big dick and got her wish as the cameraman fed her a hard prong and she took her time playing with his balls and licking him from base to tip before pulling up her dress and bending over to get banged from behind in true Amateur Allure style. She took not one but two big creamy loads on her tongue, swallowing it all down with a smile…I’d say she’s a natural in this industry!



Amateur allure preauditions

They can’t just let any old girl onto Amateur Allure, they have to make sure the camera loves her and that she knows her way around a hard cock! That’s why they hold preauditions, and now we get to check out some of the footage as three sexy hopefuls show up and show their skills at sucking and, in the case of Alexis, fucking as well. Alexis, Jenna and Giselle all suck dick like they love every moment of it and I think all three of these chicks passed their preauditions with flying colors!



Amateur allure adriana

Are there any girls in this world named Adriana who are not drop-dead gorgeous? I knew one growing up and had a huge crush on her, there’s Adriana Lima of course, and there’s this chick Adriana Chechik on Amateur Allure! That’s 3 for 3 so as far as I’m concerned it’s a universal truth. This Adriana has long dark hair, piercing green eyes and a pretty smile, not to mention a great pair of tits and an ass you could spank all damn day. She gets down to business, pulling her boobs out of her dress and lifting up the hem to show off her sexy shaved pussy before giving a (slightly crosseyed) blowjob with some deepthroating, then bending over to get her hole pounded. She has a nicely shaped pussy too which is a plus, no extra long labia that looks like a handkerchief sticking out of her twat, just a beautiful fuckable hole that looks great getting penetrated. She yums down a big mouthful of jizz to finish things off, so she gets a big two thumbs up in my book!

Veronica Swallowing


Veronica Radke Amateur Allure

We just saw Veronica Radke on Amateur Creampies and now we get to see her on Amateur Allure. I must say that Veronica Radke is looking way hotter in this scene that she has in any other. I don’t know if it’s the makeup or this super sexy red dress she is wearing but whatever it is I am feeling it! This is a special little video for Veronica because Amateur Allure got wind that her birthday was coming up so they wanted to give her a extra special visit. So instead of giving her just one guy to please they gave her two cocks. From the looks of this video they couldn’t have gave her a better present! She works both of these dicks like a master and is able to make both of them cum. They don’t just cum anywhere though this is Amateur Allure she takes both loads in her mouth and swallows like a good little girl.

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